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Tuesday, 31 January 2006


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Chiefdoms or fondoms were well organised and act as independent bodies before independence. Each chief/ fon was accountable for his subordinators and with established rules that were strictly abided to. Looking at some of those rules now our days however, seem unthinkable like bury the chindas alive with the fon, slahing fingers of thieves, hammering a 6 inch nail on the head of criminals etc. Fons then, duelled in the palace, not in some urban city far away from his people and chasing young girl around. The truth is, the power of many chieftaincies has declined and almost extinct and we could only watch with admiration as part of the preservation of the African culture for them to act as figure heads. The Banbaki people act as acted as a matter of simple liberty, then question; should every fondoms bit the devil out of every fon to death as an act of liberty? What happened to the Banbaki people can be found in many fondoms today. What law should citizens obey? The law of the village or the state law?

Njei Moses Timah

I may not understand the details of what transpired but I certainly believe that the Babanki people must have been subjected to extreme provocation before they took such a drastic action on their deposed Fon. Unfortunately for Cameroon, we are likely to see more of such actions in the future as people continue to lose faith in the country's justice and administrative system. If people of a locality overwhelminly decide to depose their ruler, it is the duty and obligation of higher adminstrative and judicial authorities to ensure that such a decision is upheld.
That's the only way to avoid incidents like this.
Njei M Timah

Joshi  Mobs

Hi Mr. Azore
I admire your interlect to turn homicide into justifiable killing going as far as quoting literary works and history.It makes me wounder what type of knowledge you are giving to our young generation.Please remember nobody has the right to kill.If for any reason the Big babanki people carried out a revolution against their traditional authority it would have been view in a different pespective. Please may be i do not understand the culture of the people of big babanki usually if a fon dies or is temporally incapacitated his son takes over. what happen to the son of the late fon that it was his brother that was made the chief? Is that not depriving his son from his nature right. Can this not set a precedent for future conflict in the near future.It will be for the interest of the present fon to resign from the chieftency to protect his job with the international community Because this babaric incident will hurt and might cause his job.The fight for justice and respect for human right has just started. Let me remind the Babanki people seizing power from the late fon can be tolerated but taking away his life in a brutal and savage
maner gonna hurt the people of Babanki where ever the go. The people of Babanki should accept that they made a mistake and apologise or wait and see


To you Joshi Mobs.What do you know that you are talking that far about Babanki people.Shut your mouth and go to hell.If you like kill yourself to meet the person you called the former fon of babanki.Nonse man.Listen if you lack what to say stay quiet.What do you know about Babanki.Idiot


Do we have any Proof that the late Fon sold Land illegally or destroyed Village Property?
Had any of the Village Elders or the Nkwifon tried to talk ti the Fon before about this if they were sure he did it?


They should obey the state law , Willy. Such barbaric behaviours should be banned from our modern societies.


Well, all I know is that some rituals must be performed before the people of this village will ever be free from this abomination that they comitted. Tradition and politics are two different things and are by no means comparable.


Kamga, i think ur eyes face backwards,asking for evidence to proved whether the fon sold the land,what are u reading in the news everyday?,u look like somebody who is going to say,biya doing nothing wrong,u think the Banbanki people are fools to beat their fon to dead with no reason?u better get ur ass off the computer if u cann't see.


Ngwa, dont worry if it is indeed an abomination that the people committed by killing their Fon, their punishment will come. The Fon was already punished for his own abomination; taking land(livelyhood) from peasant villagers, selling out treasured artifacts etc!

Ma Mary

The horrible event at Babanki has many lessons. I am concerned that the proper lessons are not being learned and it will undoubtedly happen again on a larger scale. People use terms like civilization, law and justice without context. Cameroun in 2006 is a land without law and without justice except for the rich and powerful. The poor and dispossessed are locked up in a tight space with few or no options. I do not think any of the comfortable people with air conditioned rooms and access to computers here has any right to lecture the people of Babanki about being civilized. Read the whole sorry tale, Kamga and stop being a lazy dumbass frog. You cannot even begin to walk in their shoes. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE is not an empty slogan. It is compressed truth. It is history in 4 words. History is an open book; somehow human beings are too indisciplined to learn from it hence they are doomed to keep repeating it.

You can only create a civilized society when the least of us has an opportunity for justice, otherwise we are just sitting on a ticking time bomb. Danpollo and others are rapidly alienating huge tracts of lands from poor Southern Cameroonians through the agency of compromised traditional rulers and the complicity of the COG and the COF and a low cost Southern Cameroonian elite. This cannot stand. The greed of LRC honchos will rapidly accomplish what a decade of SCNC advocacy has not yet done. But the asshats will not learn; they will heedlessly continue until a fork in the road is reached. At that fork, they will either apply the French solution, extermination of all African vermin or they will themselves disappear into premature graves or into exile a la Baby Doc ou Bokassa, driving Bentleys in Nice and Cannes until their stolen wealth runs out into the coffers of Chanel and Hermes and the French tax man. That is the fate of dictators and pillagers no longer useful to the enterprise of franceafrique

Look at this picture, what the civilized people of Italy did to Mussolini's body after he was overthrown. There are many examples, but research for them yourself. When people rise against tyrants, they do awful things. The question is do the abusers of power learn and prevent these kinds of outcomes? Always rather stylish, the French started massive use of this neat piece of barbarism.

What is the calculation? How long will it be before Southern Cameroonians rise up against strangers nilly willy expropriating vast tracts of their land and then oppressing them? Like here or like here?

I disagree with Azore Opio on one point. La Republique's Occupation government cannot ignore the murder and let the perpetrators go scot free but its hands are dirty, having started this course of events by turning traditional rulers against their people as a matter of government policy. Fun is I do not think the frogs understand what I am talking about here. They are completely are conditioned to mistrust any kind of autonomy, so institutions that are best left alone shrink into nothingness or morph into parodies of their original selves leaving their people dispossessed and enraged. The fingers of the COG must always be in your soup, because like some dense schoolyard bully, they must always have the meat. Be careful, asshat, your finger is about to be chewed off.

I must share this picture with you which illustrates the frog situation. Frog is oblivious to the pot boiling around him and is still trying to eat Southern Cameroonian goodies with his long and sticky langa tongue.

Joshi  Mobs

Hi Mr.Mbu
Please do not take emotion in to and interlectual discussion thus exposing your stupidity to the international community.This dialogue page is reserve for constructive criticism not primitive and emotional jagons.
The reality is that the new fon will never be recognise by any given authority in the world and Big Babanki will loose future tourist.
Also if the new fon would have refused the position as fon of Big Babanki the late fon will still be alife today.The fact that he was still alive he remain a threat to the present fon, that is one of the reason why he was kill.
It will be for the interest of the present fon to resign before the whole truth comes out. Presently a movie based on this tragedy is in the preparatoy phase. Please before you start writing stupid comments wait for the reality to come out.
Meanwhile the present so call fon should be ready, six human rights groups are preparing a civil law suite against him and the Big Babanki people. They should be ready to sell their properties to settle the case and should start looking for lawers to defend them.
Just a point of thought Has any political party or leader support the kill of the late Fon? If the answer is none Then the Big Babanki people are alone in this.
Time will tell.

 Hosia (Shandong-China)

Mr.Joshi Mobs and detractors,

You seem to be living in a dream world. Far from condoning the killing of a human being, I must remind you that you're struggling to sustain a lame argument on this matter where reality had already prevailed.

The outsider that you are may never understand the magnitude of what pushed the Kedjom Keku people to extinguish the life of one who'd terrorised and dispossessed them of their very source of existence for more than 25years.If there was any law in Cameroon, then the government would have forestalled the commission of this ''crime''. Unfortunately, Cameroon is a lawless society. Needless to say that this was the resultant of the administration's intransigence in the face of a thousand and one complaints lodged by the Kedjom people over the past 15years. So they did justice to get rid of a canker worm that'd eaten too deep.

I'm glad that seasoned scholars like Ma Mary, Azore Opio, Dr, A.A.Agbormbai, Neba Fuh etc have advanced very cogent arguments on this matter with a lot of historical precedence. So if we fail to learn from History which is a corrective supplement, then the same events will take place, even in immeasurable proportions.A stitch in time saves nine.

The Kedjom man was in the face of a fait accomplit with only Hobson's choice.

As for the recognition or non-recognition of the present Fon,I'd like to know in whose voice you're speaking when you sound so categorical as if sent by Emperor Paul Biya to inform us the Kedjom keku people.

Get this clear down your rusty brain; Kedjom Keku is a well organised society and before the death of the tyrant, full allegiance was already being paid to the new Fon and whether the administration recognises him or not is of no consequence

Also get this right; if you've been sent by Popol, tell him that any attempt to impose a fon on this peaceful community of people will stir nothing more than violence. Nobody toils with the people's will and goes scot-free.Sooner or later, retribution must come knocking. Good warning to Popol and his cohorts.

At long last peace can reign in Kedjom keku.


Hello Mama Mary.Think well before you write.I think we are here to write the truth and only the truth.What do you know about tradition.Do you think the crowning the new Fon of Babanki was his desire.That is done by the Quifon.You also is claiming to know law.Oh my God,What do you know about Law.You are really writing nonsense my dear.Let no tourist come to Babanki,let the Government not recognise the New Fon but do you know what.The people of Babanki will now live a happy life with their New Fon without those nonsense points you where bringing.I think you where connected to the evils of the former fon of babanki just from your writen words.If you like go to hell and meet him there.

 Hosia (Shandong-China)

Hi Mbu,

I have the impression that your bullets are misguided. Even so, it is strongly advised that you tame your tongue or you may be exhibiting ignorance of the highest order and consequently ridiculing yourself.Don't have an egg-shell brain my brother.

I think this forum is for brainstorming and not for settling any ''scores''.

As a son of that soil, I've hailed all those who found the slightest justification leading to the Kedjom keku incident and Ma Mary is one with very incisive analysis which you failed to grasp.

I hope that you wear your right head on your shoulders next time in order to give room to reason and not insults.

Njiekebeng Ghogah (Fah nteh Kenkung)


Why talk like you alone know what Human Rights Organisations do. Victims of tyrants and armed robbers do not have rights. Only these killers have rights when their victims rise against them. Recognition is not what the people of Banbanki want. They want their rights respected and the prospects of harmony within their fondom. Let me tell you something. The Fon in the North West is a sacred institution. That is why the Fon never dies. If a people should rise against their Fon, then, he must have acted beyond bounds. Tell me, he was on exile in Mankon, what made him to leave? I believe that his death is only linked to the famous saying that "the evil that men do lives after them."

JB Samba

Hello Mbu,

As Hosia has observed, your bullets are definitely misguided and ill-advised.

How can you be castigating someone because of H(is/er) comment and at the same time writing along the same line as the person.

If you didn't understand Ma Mary's comment, go back and look at it again. It is the most insightful piece on this Babanki issue well presented with illustrations (open the hyperlinks) that are glaring.

Thumbs up Ma Mary


Mr Ngwa, my eyes are not looking backwards. I am a babanki man and spent some weeks in Babanki 2003/2004/2005 when i was home. What i gathered from the people were all rumors. I didn't see anybody who claimed publicly his land was seized. Why keep it secred only to wait for things to escalate and kill the Fon?


very nice.

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