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Monday, 27 February 2006


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I want to heartily thank The Post management for bringing back this SDF issue to the light for discussion. I have watched some of us do everything, with pleasure, to give the debate a silent burial. Some of us were already breathing fresh air with the naive belief that the issue is gone for good. Those who have initiated the whole mess now in the leadership of the SDF were already drinking wine and preparing how they will take the coming SDF convention hostage. Secret meetings, arrangements, blackmailings, and positionings are already underway.

I have been reading through this forum, with the strong belief that The Post management considers the destiny of SDF and the future of Cameroon too precious not to allow the SDF issue die the way some prophets of doom have been hoping. If people were already celebrating the death of this very important discussion, then they should by now understand that we are very fortunate to have the Post here in Cameroon to get the needed information fdor us. The Post will never let us down.

Many thanks again to The Post management. Many thanks to all those who sacrifice their time, money, energy and resources to bring us fresh news, especially in exposing those fake political leaders and confirmed dictators who have conspired in their "Njangi houses" to use Cameroonians for their selfish enrichment.

Power to the people in the absence of goodness and virtue is of the devil, why democracy in the absence of freedom of expression and of diffences in opinion is of a dictator. Those who manage the leadership of the SDF are dictators, with little or no difference from Paul Biya.

Of course, I will be coming back to this SDF issue, with renewed energy and vigor. Of course, I will present the facts that I have been gathering and putting in a form that even the weak and uncomitted can understand.

However, I want to beg readers that the current discussion on our beloved SDF party should not be governed by our setiments. In exposing the ills abnd dictators within the SDF - our party- we must base oyur reasoning on purely democratic tenets. No procastinations or half truths should be tolerated. Those who live through pious wishes will fail! The SDF debate should be an ALL OR NOTHING discussion. Either we point out the wrongs and the wrong doers or we be contented to allow others write what they see or know.

See you shortly.



Akonteh, Mbah Ndam, Muna's, what can you offer to southern cameroonians? Your SDF leadership is merely there to assist the current regime of la republique du cameroun to terrorise our people. In your parliament, you never make mention of our current need to be liberation.

Fon  Lawrence

Honorable Akonteh,
I appreciate you in the interview.If you continue on this path,you will bounce back to the admiration of SDF militants.


The issue at stake is not such as require people to be taking sides.Solutions should be proposed without blames being laid on either sides. For the crisis to be resolved amicably, the ''Big Guns'' of the S.D.F should swallow their pride, come together and see what can be done.

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