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Friday, 03 February 2006


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Atumche Lazarus

Bravo to the editors of this newspaper.
May God bless you for exposing these idiots.


Now is the time for our parliamenterians to act,i will see which party will come up with a bill to protect marraiges in Cameroon.Nigeria has done that ,will our money minded leaders do something positive this time.

Roki of Shanghai

This is a big blow to the already rotten nation. What a shame.Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga, you are doing the right thing. Even God is behind you and your co.


What 2 consenting adults do in the intimacy of their bedrooms, what sexual position they prefer, what they fantasize about should not be our business. It only engages the people involved.

These torchons of newspapers are a disgrace to journalism in Cameroon.



@ Henriette
mama you have a right to your saying but you most have lost you moral conscience that should help you look at the society.
Bare in mind that journalism is to redirect society by bringing out the wrongs of that society
Iam not a journalist but i envy how much they do. Even though the yaounde Military regime has given a new direction to journalism in cameroon.
Journalist never carry any good news for those who do the wrong things.
Keep up mr Bilinga


We are AFRICANS and not Europeans.

The journalists have done a good job. Not evrything practiced by the europeans or the West should be considered good.

Its immoral and even illegal in Cameroon. Even if it were legal, it does not mean that its not immoral.

They the Western countries and their Cameroonian friends have destroyed our economy, our politics and now they are destroying our culture.

Take the journalists to court if you feel you are innocent. These guys want to become whites in all senses.


We are AFRICANS and not Europeans.

The journalists have done a good job. Not evrything practiced by the europeans or the West should be considered good.

Its immoral and even illegal in Cameroon. Even if it were legal, it does not mean that its not immoral.

They the Western countries and their Cameroonian friends have destroyed our economy, our politics and now they are destroying our culture.

Take the journalists to court if you feel you are innocent. These guys want to become whites in all senses.


Articles like this one on homosexuals is important, because they help bring out the true nature of some of our brothers and sisters who think that everything from the West is best for Cameroon.

It is in this same forum that most Bush fallers have been devaluing almost everything in Cameroon, and giving us the idea that from DEMOCRACY, through transparency to everything, we have to copy from the West. This is a position I have been resisting for long.

Now just see how they are contadicting themselves. I would have expected them to tell us that since the West finds it the RIGHT of every person to engage in the marriage he or she prefers, Cameroon also should respect people's choice and allow them to engage in whatever marriage relationship they prefer - be it homosexuality.

Those Bush Fallers who have been preaching people's freedom of expression and activity in the West, should be advocating same here. After WESTERN parliaments, congresses, presidents and churches have authorized Homosexuality in the WEST, I expected these feeders of the West to tell us that Cameroonians, too, can simply copy the same thing from the West.

I think The Post Online Forum is actually exposing all those who defend what they do not actually believe in. In fact it is strange to find these same Bush Fallers condenming what has been accepted and legalized in the MIGHTY WEST.

Understand me, I am TOTALLY aagainst Homosexual practices, but I only want these Bush Fallers to be consistent in their arguments. Their arguments should NOT be circumstancial. We can not be saying today that black is white and then in another place and time, we say the same black is red. This is nothing less than pure hypocrasy!


Juke Box

Homosexuality has always existed in our African culture, though covertly. I personally do not see anything wrong with it if it sure brings the parties involved happiness and gratification.
It could be out of the norm in societal activities and practises, but that shouldn't warrant anything ILLEGAL or IMMORAL in its statute.
I am personally disgusted by it, but owe no restraint on the pursuiance of what makes other people happy.
And if I truly were gay, I'd be the first one to publicly affirm to the article on that newspaper, so all the haters can KISS MY BLACK ASS and GO TO HELL. FUCK Y'ALL.


Juke box,
From your response, i can firmly state that your are just one of them. The bushfallers who also sell their asses out here to the white guys in other to earn a living.
However, know that it is your personal desire and satisfication that counts first. Respecting that, i encourage you to go ahead for i do know deep inside you, you know and are ashamed what you are doing is totally immoral and unacceptable in our society.
There are basic societal noms that one should try to respect. How i wish God hadnt created the ANUS.
Do you know why moslems are demonstrating all over the world today??


More powers to your elbows Mr Belinga.Donot not be threatened.Those gays in your list can only bark but never can any of them bite.Hear them "although i am not guilty,i am not ready to take any court action against".
keep it up but very careful of your life for these guys may come for you.God will guide you through.


once again, we loose sight of basic and fundamental rights for any human being; the right to privacy. If journalists want to pursue their right of freedom of speech, they need not trample on peoples personal rights. What folks do in their privacy is their business.
If not for such nonsense, could anecdote suceed to sell their paper? They should be taken to court, and even be shut down!

Nkosi Jacob

Homosexuality has something closely linked to the OCCULT, if you care secret societies or some sort of NYONGO in local parlance. It cuts across the entire Cameroonian society, breeding in the ruling class. With it is accompanied a series of other rituals that are devilish and demeaning. To have money, power, and respect this days in Yaounde you need to belong there! It is a condition sine quanon to aspire to anything in LA REPUBLIQUE.


The devil has already taken control.The Revelation of the Bible accurately predicted and now we are the Thomases of the Revelation.
Enslaved by our sexual desire, enslaved by Material possesion.


hi every one,
i'm a cameroonian out of cameroon as u'll call it a bush faller. living out here doesn't mean we accept everything from here. every one has got his own moral code. unfortunately i'm disappionted by the way you fellows point fingers to bush fallers about this issue of homosexuality. i'm completely against this imoral show of fake love or fake gratification...
please the fact that we live out here those not mean we accept everything here. in my view, what's good we can learn from the WEST but things like homosexual acts have got absolutely NO PLACE in the African or Cameroonian culture. instead of blaming bush fallers, i'll like to suggest to your moral conducts that these issues be handled at the level of those practicing it... please stop insulting people who're not homosexaul. and to those that engage in such anti-moral and anti- social conducts, think again and see for your self the grand shame bestored on this rubbish called homosexaulity... we live in a society and are care takers of our neighbours thus the press has got the altimate rights to publish such rubbish from their societies. let's face morals and keep aside selfish conducts. HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN EVIL AND AN ACT OF INSULT TO EVERY FAMILY. THINK TWICE... BROTHERS STOP SUCH EVILS THERE'S NOTHING GOOD IN EVIL

Dr A A Agbormbai

This is shocking! At least the fight against immorality goes on. There is no natural or biological justification of homosexuality. As such it is a manifestation of mankind's tendency to abuse freedom, a tendency that has received widespread approval in the West.

This is one bad practice in the West that Cameroon and Africa should never copy. Greed is to money as homosexuality is to sexual pleasure. They both represent incontinent behaviour.

Martin Akalas

Terrible. I know Mbella Mpappe must be one of them


I am neither for nor against homosexuals, though it has always intrigued me how men can so enjoy each other’s shit hole when just a woman’s smile sets my nerves on edge (:). My curiosity here is whether homosexuality was part of Africa before the coming of western civilization.

An attempt to answer this question, in my opinion, may only take us to the age old chicken and egg question. The Judeo-Christian Civilization from which grew the current Western Civilization had a written language system that recorded all the ills and virtues of the society at the time. That is why sodomy is today a word in our vocabulary. Africans, at least sub-Saharan, were still to reach that state when Europeans came bombarding them with outside influences. However, I am sure that if we had a written language system there would have been evidence to prove that homosexuality was not and is not foreign to Africa. Homosexuality, in my opinion, is like many other natural human instincts and tendencies to deviate from the normal. While it would be justifiable to hold western liberalism to task for popularizing this deviation from the norm, it would as well be wrong to say that they brought homosexuality to Africa.

I will tell you a personal experience here to bolster my point. I spent ten of my growing up years in the CDC camps. For those who read “The Good Foot” you can start building a mental picture. This was when there was no television. The only powerful western influences we had at the time were our books and the black and white films of Charlie Chaplin that the CDC recreational unit used to move around screening to workers. These films you will bear with me lacked all the gross carnal appetite of present day Hollywood. Yet, I remember this guy (he was just about ten or eleven then) who exhibited homosexual tendencies every time we went swimming. He would swim up from under you and grip you from the butt and start snaking into your asshole. At the time we thought he was just being funny. Guess what? Five years after I had left the camp, I returned to see my former pals. When I asked of this guy I was told he was in police custody for trying to rape a little boy.

I want to hold that homosexuality has not been rampant in our societies just because the traditional society was very strict on such orientations and even treated them as demonic possessions that could only be cleansed through sacrifices. To say the tendency was not there would be a fallacy. It has been there all the time, mostly latent maybe. These things now have a fertile ground on the fertile fields of western liberalism and are sprouting. A few years ago, who would have believed that a people could rise up and burn their own Fon? In Bangwa, there is the concept of “Lekot etroh” where women transform as men and have sex with other women at night. It is also reported of men doing same. This phenomenon is not only native to Bangwa society. Cameroonian humorists have explored this concept in some of their comic productions. Is this practice, however superstitious or dark it may be, not a signal that there have always been people in Africa who if given the chance would screw their own kind? The people named in the publication have been accused of using homosexual practices for occult purposes. I would like to ask if heterosexuality has escaped occultism. It is time we stand up, stop sensationalism, blackmail and fault finding and face our own realities squarely by providing practical African solutions to African problems. It is not in publishing names that would stop the encroachment of homosexuality into our society. There are many of this kind of people with such orientations lurking in boarding schools, especially single sex schools, and in areas we seem to neglect. Remember AIDS is gradually losing its stigma. Homosexuality will someday lose it as well but then…


Mr Mukete, "Bushfallers" is not an individual but hundreds of thousands of individuals. So please stop making an idiot of yourself with stupid generalisations.


Mr Ferdmbecha, Your analysis of this whole scenario is very insightful and perceptive, I wish other users would stop being overly emotional,and look at the facts and realities instead.


Hear this Namo:

"Mr Namo, "Homosexuals" is not an individual but hundreds of thousands of individuals. So please stop making an idiot of yourself with stupid generalisations"

Have you gone into the particularity of each homosexual to judge why they practice homosexuality? Do you accept that not all killings are bad, although we condemn killing as a whole? Killing is bad, but certain circumstances can allow a medical doctor to RIGHTFULLY end the life of a terminally suffering patient. Ending the life of someone is killing that person. This has taken place in many civilized countries, the USA included, with legal institutions like the Courts, Churches, CONGRESSES and House of Commons defending it. Even George Bush could not stop the courts from allowing a husband end the life of his wife. I mean, the President of the USA lacked the power and means to stop the KILLING of this woman. People are legally executed by using chemicals, firing and even hanging. When we condemn killing, do we imply that ALL killings are bad? Does the Bible make reference to the types of killings which are bad? When you, Namo, as a christian, condemn killing, are you not making an idiot of yourself with your stupid generations?

"Killings" is not a single process or situations, but hundreds of thousands with different rationales. Will you not be making an idiot of yourself when you make a "stupid" generalization of killings as being bad?

I am using some of these analogies to make some empty heads like you to see how dull and ignorant you may be. It is not because The Post is offering this service free that even people who know completely nothing (I mean NOTHING to offer), would want to hide behind a computer and call their elders and betters idiots. I expect you to use facts and cases to challenge what I have just written. Merely addressing me and diverting issues make you too mean.

When you condemn CPDM Ministers, are you nor making an idiot of yourself with your stupid generalization? Do you need to condemn the wrongs of the CPDM ministers and then make a list of exeptions with their encouraging achievements? Don't you know that, we are (un)fortunately swallowed by the saying that, "A cocoyam in a bag makes all the other cocoyams in the bag bad"? Where did you grow up?

When you were condemning Babanki people for the barbaric act of killing their FON, were you not making an idiot of yourself by your stupid generalizations? Were ALL Babanki people involved in this exercise?

If you do not understand the analogies I have cited above, and how they contribute in exposing your stupidity and ignorance, then kindly meet someone more educated and more informed to explain them to you.

For you, and there is no denying of this fact, I might be writing in parables. No, I have written in simple language for empty heads like you to understand. And when I write, I do not write for people to appreciate what I have written. Swallow my reasoning or simply vomit it. This, however, does not prevent you from stating your own facts as others are doing.

If all "Bushfallers" are collectively addressed, and you feel slighted by this, it would have been plausible for you to come out and identify yourself as different from the millions of other Bush Fallers.

You need not go back to school to know that we move from General to particular and NOT from particular to general. Neither do we move from the complex to the simple, but the reverse is true.

And when SOME Bush Fallers were using this same forum to tell us that we need to copy everything from the WEST, where were you? Why did you not carry your head into the air to criticize their stupid generalization? Why did you not point out some of those western practices that Cameroonians should not copy? Why did you not cite homosexuality as something bad in the west? It is sad that you seem to be seeing THE LIGHT only now that my reaction falls on the retina of your myopic eyes.

Does all this tell you something? Do you see any sense in what I am writing? Stop presenting yourself as a fool.



This is Juke Box again. I appreciate greatly, the strong comments that you've all contributed into this debate. But not even one of you has attempted to explain why and how homosexuality is immoral and evil.
Again I do not condone the practice and it may well be a biological disorder or a rarity within the humans and other livings entities.
My argument goes as such: an abnormality doesn't make something evil or illegal. We may despise it, but we may not refrain and deny others of their happiness as long as ours isn’t threatened. Yes, I mean just that.
I am not gay, but a realist. And If I were, then the Cameroonian community would be aware of it. How does someone's homosexual tendencies deprive any of you of your personal happiness and freedom?
Let’s not make illusion to the bible as to why homosexuality violates common values. Evil is that which deprives, threatens and affixes and ideology of danger upon others and I am surprised that even the learned Dr. A A Agbormbai cannot draw that line.
If it does conform to our values and culture, so be it. Just leave others alone. Anyone that wants my true identity can certainly and I have no problem becoming an advocate for homosexuals in Africa.


This is Juke Box again. I appreciate greatly, the strong comments that you've all contributed into this debate. But not even one of you has attempted to explain why and how homosexuality is immoral and evil.
Again I do not condone the practice and it may well be a biological disorder or a rarity within the humans and other livings entities.
My argument goes as such: an abnormality doesn't make something evil or illegal. We may despise it, but we may not refrain and deny others of their happiness as long as ours isn’t threatened. Yes, I mean just that.
I am not gay, but a realist. And If I were, then the Cameroonian community would be aware of it. How does someone's homosexual tendencies deprive any of you of your personal happiness and freedom?
Let’s not make illusion to the bible as to why homosexuality violates common values. Evil is that which deprives, threatens and affixes and ideology of danger upon others and I am surprised that even the learned Dr. A A Agbormbai cannot draw that line.
If it does conform to our values and culture, so be it. Just leave others alone. Anyone that wants my true identity can certainly and I have no problem becoming an advocate for homosexuals in Africa.

Juke Box

You've said it all. Homosexuality has always existed within our African culture too and African values have done a better job of supressing such abnormalities through our individual family values.
I attended a unisex boarding school (now BHS- Buea), and I saw homosexual tendencies looming many dorms. Let me fast forward to the end of my tale before I even get started. I first learned and understood the concept of homosexuality after I left Cameroon at the age of 19.
At BHS and other boarding institutions in Cameroon it is common practice for guys or gals to have their friends come spend the night at their bunks for all obvious reason. During my third year at this college, there was this classmate of mine that liked me for no apparent reason. He started by buying me lunch and taking my name off the "noise makers list". Yes, I was a hell of a troublesome adolescent.
Then he moved to wanting to study together and then to sleep-overs. Being naive, I am there sleeping on this guy's bunk and he starts touching me around the groin area. So I jumped and ran as fast as my tiny legs could to my dorm. I ended up not telling any because to the stigma and embarrasment of having been violated. Over the years, I continued seeing other homosexual activities around the institution. An ex-girl friend of mine also attested that a "sister" at her Catholic all girls college in the Northwest province molested her in the same fashion.
These are realities of our time and it isn't just a thing of the West. And this guy that tried to prey on me years ago is actually gay back in Cameroon. I am not trying to create a new debate as to the role and usefulness of boarding institutions in Cameroon or Africa with the emergence of an aggressive and passive media that lashes all that's out there. I have also come to understand that it is the life style they chosed, something often associated with a natural occurence. I respect the views of those who so chose that route since its that which brings them sexual gratification. However, I caution that their public habits be respectful of those that are straight and descency around kids.
Again, I see nothing evil or illegal with homosexuality. My wife's brother is gay and that's cool with me. But I do have my reservations on homosexuals adopting kids.
And just a final trivia: Like Dennis Rodman (the former great NBA rebounder) said" Do I mentally think I could become gay? Yes, maybe. Would I ever try it in real life? OH HELL TO THE NO.
So let's leave those guys alone. They're just on the other side and that's all they like.


Mr Mukete,I thank you for your comments and for showing how stupid I am. You are a genius.I salut you.


Looking forward to the day a similar list will be put out on 100 GOVERNMENTS MOST CORRUPT OFFICIALS!!!






Little, I second your idea, many people just write because they want to settle scores and to show how narrow their thoughts are. How can something so bad be compromised. People,people, people... PLEASE!!!!!


This is terrible.Homosexuality from the top.That is why our society is so ridden with corruption.When the devils children govern a nation what do you expect? Thank you Mr JOURNALIST.As Africans we have our values.This immoral practice of homosexuality which is rampant in Europe and America must not necessarily be copied by our society because Western societies are doing it.


Little or what ever you call yourself. You call people fool! But you make a big fool and travesty of yourself. To begin with, you type all your comments in uppercase. Typing all words in uppercase has a strong effect on the legibility of the text. We read primarily by recognizing the overall shape of words, not by parsing each letter and then assembling a recognizable word. In fact Words formed with capital letters are tantamount to monotonous rectangles that offer few distinctive shapes to catch the eye. I am not an ally of Mukete and have never been. I do not buy some of Mukete’s thoughts, and have challenged him a number time in different forums, however you would agree there is some truth in what he says. Please try to be objective in your argument. Let’s be frank, I could not comprehend the message you were trying to lay across. Mukete has the brain and the skills, but lacks guidance. I made that known to him. He has been using part of it for the wrong reason.


Jukebox your logic makes very much sense, in fact, i couldn't make any other argument. however the point is this: homosexuality is illegal in Cameroon. the journalists are doing just trying to do their job particularly in a country where the the courts have and continue to fail the citizenery. so until there is a change in legislation, Cameroonians cannot speak of the so called "privacy rights" of marriage and sexual life. (as mentioned by Dan above).

Ma Mary

In our opinion, the real moral jeopardy is not homosexuality per se - defined as something that occurs between two consenting adults in their private space. This is not harmful to society. What is harmful to society is breaching that privacy in a witch hunt. The Catholic Church needs to reexamine its role and judgement in sexual matters and avoid starting another inquisition in Africa. The Church's track record is not good in matters such as adultery in its African priests; paedophilia in its American priests and preaching against condoms in the prevention of HIV. It should be very circumspect in the way it inserts itself into the homosexuality debate.

The real jeopardy in the case of la Republique du Cameroun is that the sexual activity reported by the tabloids, if true, is not consensual. People are using sex like prostitutes to buy and maintain positions and to have access to money. PROSTITUTION AND FORCED SEX is the real moral problem here. In this same category are people in powerful positions such as professors and government officials who force young girls to give it up for marks or women to screw with them for professional advancement. There is an epidemic of heterosexual prostitution and rape in la republique du Cameroun and its colony southern Cameroons. An epidemic of homosexual prostitution and rape are in the offing as we can see.

In prisons around the world, men exert power on other men by turning them into their personal bitches. It is a thing of shame and power. In Nigeria, there were rumours that one of the most brutal and trickish military leaders turned his subordinate officers into his bitches in order to dominate them psychologically for purposes of maintaining power. Is homosexuality used in this way in the big tribes of the North?

La republque du Cameroun is like a prison. It is a bastille state, held as a production prison by france. Could the web of ritual homosexuality described by these tabloids be rooted in the secret organizations of France that control franceafrique? Homosexual dominance plus a conservative traditional society in which homosexuality is a deadly taboo can be a powerful tool of control. This is a serious security issue. When there is a powerful taboo against homosexuality, it does not cause homosexuality to disappear, only to go underground. The soviet union used to carefully study the sexual habits of people in possession of secrets in America and Europe. If they found out that they were secret or closet homosexuals, they could then successfully subject them to blackmail. if homosexuality is being used as a method of control, dominance and state corruption in Cameroun, it will become a serious epidemic very soon. Can you imagine a society in which appointments and access to resources depend on sexual relations more than merit? Yes, it is called Cameroun. Southern CAmeroonians, let us run while we have the chance!


Ma Mary, thank you for your articulate contributions to this forum. As always, your integrity and character shines through your contribution. You bring rational thought to a forum with more than its fair share of crazies and bigots. Your adherence to principles rather than prejudice makes me proud to know there are Cameroonians like you out there, whose gut reaction to an issue is not to drag down the debate to the gutter by appealing to the dark side of our humanity, hate.

Thanks to the likes of your good self and Dr. Grace Odine, any foreigner coming across this forum can come away with the knowledge that there are articulate Cameroonians who can hold an intelligent debate without resorting to barely readable demagogic hateful language.

If you and Dr. Odine are products of the Cameroon educational system, it shows some teacher(s) in Cameroon did a job they can be very proud of. Thank you.

Bruce williams



mukete simon

Hi homosexuals,
what next in your least of evil. Killing humans for sacrifice? Leave cameroon anus fuckers if you want to practice this evil. Don't pollute our land with this evil.


i think the journalists have done a good job. our traditions were the stronghold of our society. we should be wise and mature enough to know what to copy from the west, and what not to.


We are soon witnessing the past game we once experienced in this very forum. It is interesting to note that many more "MUKETE"s are coming up again in this forum. Fortunately enough, readers can distinguish who is who from what the many Muketes are writing. Black can never be red!

People truly have something to hide ...

(The original mukete)

Che Sunday (Dr.)

The Bishop who started this siliness by using the pulpit to condemn homosexuality should have done an inhouse investigation before taking on society at large. It is a well known fact that many clergies within the Catholic church indulge in homosexual acts. But when confronted, the church will fein innocence and keep a tight lip. Shouldn't the church be examining its own pronouncements on priests in the catholic are prevented from getting married?
Why are catholic priests not allowed to marry, when it is not stated anywhere in the bible that its sinful for a clergy to marry?
The journalists were quick to go to the press in order to make a quick buck. I wonder if they will be that quick in publishing if the name of their editor in chief was on the list. I don't care if homosexuality is a mind set or a natural phenomenon. All I care about is, so long as you don't ask me to participate, and is not forcing anyone into doing it, I am well at ease with it.
We like to speak eloquently about protecting the moral fabric of Cameroon, what about corruption, intentionally spreading of the AIDS virus. Promiscuity in our society is running amock, and now, we bring up the guys.People think homosexuality is un-African. As usual, we like to hide the truth and wallow in lies. If you speak the Hausa language, go look up what "Dan Daudu" means and the class of people this reference is to
These are not Europeans You can develop a vocabulary for something that does not exist in your culture. The prevalence of the practice may not be as pronounced in Africa as it is in other parts of the world, but its not alien to the continent. We may want to enact laws pohibiting the act in Cameroon, but until such an act exists, our present attitude towards the practice only adds up to our long standing attitude of grandstanding on certain matters.
We dispise prostitution, but every big city is awash with prostitutes, we dispise corruption, but everyone practices it in some form,now, its homosexuality, yet no one is bold enough to ask their bishops if they know of any priests or reverend sisters who are practicing lesbians or gays.
Lets stop this hypocracy. Its making me very mad.

Ma Mary

TRADITION: Habits, rituals, ways, morals, customs designed by people of a particular epoch to give comfort and solve problems of that time and hopefully to provide a bridge of continuity for succeeding generations of that people.

Tradition must not be dismissed without aforethought, but it must also be continuously interrogated in good faith, because tradition can be the weight around our necks that sink us in the flood waters of the present. Tradition can also contain serious injustices that should have been buried in yesterday's world. Case in point, marrying out young girls as young as 12 years old, instead of giving them the opportunity to go to school and realize their potential. Some development studies show that the best investment a society could make is in the education of its women. Everyone benefits including the husbands, the children and the extended family and the entire economy.

One should never be allowed to get away with using tradition as a crutch for not thinking things through. "Our traditions" - so what are those? Be specific. May I equally suggest that we do not "copy" from the West. Even sacred cows like "free market", "freedom of the press", "globalization" should be held up to scrutiny and understood.

Take freedom of the press and freedom of expression. There are widespread demonstrations and violence by Moslems against European and Danish interests in the wake of cartoons that make fun of Mohammed the founder of that religion. My immediate reaction is that it is not possible to make fun of God if God is really god. If a little rat or fly shouts insults at me, I would not care or even notice and I definitely do not need other flies trying to shut the rude flies up for me. That is me, and I guess I am not even a fly compared to God. Man cannot hurt God, if God is God. IMHO the Moslem's interests would have been better served if they had just ignored the cartoons.

That is on the one hand. On the other hand, we know that historically cartoons have been used in the west to demonize and dehumanize
other racist and religions and to galvanize their people to war and riots. That is the dark side of free speech. On the balance I prefer free speech, but what that means is that we should equip ourselves to use it for THE GOOD or if not that for OUR OWN GOOD.


Hi Juke Box,
Let me come in here and attempt an answer to your question.Immorality has to do with that which appeals to the senses in a filthy and blown out way and which stands out against what decency is all about.Society is governed by social norms and when we stray perversely out of these norms,our behaviour becomes wanting.In as much as you would not want to have any physical rubbing of bodies with your cousin,sister or mother,you would even consider unthinkable seeing a man standing in a trance behind another man.An abnomality is not immoral,illegal and evil,until it becomes offensive to public taste.The immorality that oozes when a man hits home with a dog,pig,hen,horse is nothing more than when a man does so with another man.
As to the evil homosexuality constitutes,first it damages the souls of both the perpetrators and the victims.The beastiality that is refered to in animals is brought to bare on the lives of humanbeings.We keep dogs out at night ,because we want them to fight evil ,for we see in them the extreme of passions that could stand evil.Humanbeings resort to that which is strange,foreign because they want to achieve some supposed moral upliftment and self aggrandisement.It is evil to use one`s might,advantageous position ,to wreack havoc on the lives of less polished beings.The evil here is even more glaring ,because somebody lures you into what he or she knows will only bring ephemeral bliss to you,but will deprive you of all substance and leave you hollow and flaccid.
Finally all what we are saying hovers around stigmatisation. Some people are saying that the stigmatisation that has accompanied the advent of AIDS is losing steam and that that accompanying Homosexuality will do same as time goes by.They get it completely wrong! AIDS is got through sex,used needles,blood transfusion and all of these through normal societal behaviour.Homosexuality is done out of pervasion and the impact,weight of its nastiness,primitivity is overwhelming,so it is not surprising that the perpetrators and victims alike would want to break open the earth to hide themselves inside.An abnormality is not necessarily illegal,but an abnormality that threatens to drown our journalists,Singers,Ministers,husbands ,in short our society is abnormally abnormal,thus illegal!


It disappoints my conscience and imagination to read some of your comments in this forum.
Most of you are dressing yourselves in borrowed robes.I will always advice you guys to decieving yourselves, it doesnot mean because you are abroad you should copy everything you come across. I think a reasonable person copies just what is good and leaves out impurities.
I was embarrased when some people used terms like right to privacy, happiness and pleasure to support homosextuality.
What do you mean by happiness My Juke Box, is consuming cocaine not happiness and pleasure, don't you know that even rape people do it for happiness and pleasure.
When reasonable and morally upright people are frowning about moral decadence by trying to raise issues that will uphold the moral values of the society, you should be part of it instead of trying to stink in your comments. I know everybody has a right to his opinion but this doesnot mean any rubbish you say should be considered a right. Right means right. So you have to know that what is right is a right.
I think the Prosecutor or state counsels have to use the reports from the news papers and bring the culprits to justice.I know this can never happen because paul Biya himself before Ahidjo handed power to him they had to sleep together. Mendo ze is also one but he is the feminine partner you can easy identify this from his voice.
I will not conclude without honestly saying that i am very disappointed with Henrriet who raised the issue of right to privacy, it doesnot mean that everything you do in private you have a right to privacy to do that thing. People consume marijuana and cocaine in private so what will you say here about right to privacy and happiness.
Please lets help to build our society morally and refrain from borrowing or copying stinking attitudes. Homosextuality is an alien behaviour in cameroon people get involved in it because they and power hungry be it financial, political , religious power.
Lets frown against it. Peter moukoko claims to have attended prestigious schools is this a guarantee to be minister, do you know how many people are out there who also attended prestigious schools, why is it that only a special group of people are appointed ministers ,Directors , Rectors, Governors etc. The answer is simple , because they are homosextual partners.
People have always been pondering why the following people served so long as ministers Mbella Mbappe, Owona, ferdinand oyono, rene ze guelle, Mendo ze, etc
Denzel, Seoul


Ma Mary has spoken from Gods point of view.
Ma Mary I will need to ask you this question.
Do you belief that Homosexuality is offensive to GOD if a Cartoon is???
If not why did God Created Man and a Woman???
And what did the Holy Bible says about relationship between Man and a Woman, or between Man and Man or Woman and Woman???
I remember when the issue of Homosexuality first came up in this forum it was about a girl and I saw Ma Mary defending the Girls right to lesbianism. I also end up as Ma Mary secret gay simple because I was against Homosexuals. Many people in this forum have been label Frogs and other sorts of Names because they differ with you.
I had always thought that you were the Best liberal fighting against oppression of all sort, from freedom of expression, freedom of people to take care of themselves-Case SCNC, to freedom of sex and privacy. Today I see you standing against freedom of speech and expression in the West.
Why the turn around Ma Mary??


Eric Denzel,
It beats my imagination to see that you would conclude that people stayed in government for so long just because they had been having homo-relationships to keep them there. While claiming that attending prestigious schools guaranteed them their position is not logical on the part of the minister to insuate that they are there because of shady sexual deals would be outrageous except there is eveidence to prove it. In fact just the bare fact that they studied in Europe would have given them the chance to inhale the breath of homosexuality.

What we we should all condemn is the vicious use of this orientation.

Ma Mary

My dear Felix: Nuance, nuance. Read the material again, and you would not fall into the trap of simplistic interpretations. I never stated that you were a homosexual. I asked you to examine yourself and your feelings to see if you are a closet homosexual. People in politics, religion and press who are extremely antigay tend to have shaky sexual orientations. Have you done that self examination? So, what was your verdict.

Read my post on this homosexual scandal again. Have you slept with a female (or a male) below 16 years of age before? Have you promoted a woman (or man) in your office after extracting sexual favours from him or her? Have you fellated a man (or a woman) in order to get some kind of favour? This is the sort of trade that I condemn? I don't think the law should care if Francois an adult and Jean-Bosco another adult and/or Jeannette another adult get together in the privacy of their bedroom and did sexual things with each other if they are not trading favours and power and corruption with each other in exchange.

Perhaps the church should care or families should care or traditions should care, but if the law gets into it, the downsides by far exceed the upsides.

PS: I have no idea what is God's point of view.

Mvog-Mbi Akono

One report I saw several years ago on the internet and which was written by some one who grew up with Paul Biya states that he (Paul Biya) was probably the first cameroonian to be sexually abused by white priests with whom his father (Paul Biya's father) then a catechist worked very closely. The white priests found him very attractive. The report also adds that in order to make Paul Biya permanently under his control, Ahidjo was advised to have sex with him (Paul Biya). It was wrongly thought that this would make him so humiliated that he wiill have no stamina to reject any requests from Ahidjo. According to the report, most ministers who continue to bounce back into the Biya cabinet are his sexual partners. So i completely agree with Dr. Agbormabi when he speculates that Mbella Mbape could have been one. I am searching the internet to see if I can recover the full version of the report. Any time i find it, I will post it on this forum.

Fracis Kegbuma

Please fellow Cameroonians, what do we have that can make us proud and distinguished, in this world today? It is certainly not corruption, poor governance,embazzlement ,......Atleast what has earned us a name in the world to day is our great cultures the western world envies so much, our moral values and to some degree , football. Why should we let the western world steal the only precious thing we have? Homosexuality is the worst of nightmares we can ever have. Let us stand like individuals and like a nation and fight for our values. If the western world succeeds in contaminating us with this second virus after AIDS , then there would certainly be no reason to live. Just tas a remmindal for all this empty vessels in here: The highest ammount of AIDS cases in Germany and most of the western countries emerge from the immigrants seconded by gays!!!! So be careful. God help us.


Ma Mary,
I think you are running away from my question and trying to make a Case on Sex Trade.
I am sure you are either an economics on Sex Trade or Lawyer for it.
Sex trade is a huge market in Europe and America and maybe you are just worried about the value people pay for it in your country relative to that you received in USA.
Here we are dealing with Homosexuals Ma Mary Sex trade can come Latter.
Religion, culture, family values does not make sense to you as far as homosexuality is concern thus your assertion "Perhaps" the church should care or families should care or traditions should care, but if the law gets into it, the downsides by far exceed the upsides.
People in politics, religion and press who are extremely antigay tend to have shaky sexual orientations. Why do they have shaky sexual orientations if they do not have something to hide?
Let me ask you again Ma Mary Do you truly belief that shaky sexual orientated people best solution is for them to fight against homosexuals in public and even calling for a law to STOP IT, instead of promoting it ?.
Ma Mary what is the rational of condemning what you like and belief?
Are you also telling us that shaky sexual orientated politicians are above the law?
The Last question Ma Mary Do you Belief in homosexuality?
Do you use for trade?
I belief Homosexuality is not only wrong but evil to the eyes of Man and God and I will fight against it with zeal.


May I ask MUKETE; Is having sex with an animal both morally and legally wrong? Also what do you think of peadophile?
Why is it OK to KILL animals (for what ever reason, food included) while "MAKING LOVE" to them is wrong, even when people do it in the privacy of their home?
Most of the people who have sex with CHILDREN always defend themselves by saying, "they (the children) started or wanted it. Why can't we respect the rights of these children to do it with who ever they want?
TWO concenting ADULTS? come on, what about two adults taking heroin, what about the German adult who gave himself to be cut into pieces and eaten by a friend?
You talk of the Hausa "Dan Daudo", you know what? We also have thieves, rapist and people having sex with their chickens and goats in our communities; should we just accept it because "they" find it 'normal' and that's how they feel?
You sounded very educated in your posting BUT; ("I don't care if homosexuality is a mind set or a natural phenomenon. All I care about is, so long as you don't ask me to participate, and is not forcing anyone into doing it, I am well at ease with it"), MAKES ME QUESTION WHO YOU ARE. They came for the SCNC members, but I was not one, then they came for the SDF members, but I was also not one, they they came for Northwesterners, the n the southwesterners, but when they came for me, there was NO ONE LEFT to fight for me. Educated people like You should take stand and you'll help the conffused "minorities" to distinguish between RIGHT and RIGHT. You are in A VERY GOOD POSITION TO DO THAT.
I respect you man and you should keep it up, not by sitting on the fence waiting for it to happened to YOU before you take a stand!


it was quite interesting reading the names of some of the presumed Homosexuals published in the Anecdote news paper.For those of us who had the priviledge of reading that paper, what actually caught my attention aws the mentioned of two Anglophones amongst the presumed Homosexuals in the person of the Former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Musongeand the former DAG OF Public service Okie Jonhson Ndoh.we were indeed tempted to believe the story that these two anglophones were involve in homosexual practices because the former prime Minister for example could not justify to Southwesterners why he kept Mukoko Mbonjo another presume homosexual as his director of Cabinet for over 8 yeras when there were more competent southwesterners to handle such a position.Infact Ephraim Inoni appointment of Meoto paul Njie is a testimony to the fact that every prime Minister has the liberty to choose his director of cabinet.But on the contrary Musonge and his supporters decieved the Southwest that the choice of Mukoko Mbonjo was imposed on him .if so by who?was mukoko imposed on him by the homosexual network?or was he having sexual intercoure with his director of Cabinet?As for the case of Okie Johnson Ndoh his name did not come as a surprise.This is because prior to the publication of the said news paper it was already being rumored within the Anglophone circles in yaounde that he was a homosexuals and that some of his presumed homosexual parters who benefited from his homosexual connections includes amongst others Mr Humphrey Monono,present Technical Adviser number3 in the ministry of Secondary Education and former Director of Secondary Education in the former MINEDUC, Mr Ebuni paul Tiku, present principal of CCAS kUMBAand a host of other anglophones of South west origin in top positions whose names are being mention in the grapevine.It is infact really not suprising that despite the academic shortcomings of Okie Johnson Ndoh he was catapulted to various positition of responsibilitie to the disenchantment ofmost anglophones who felt they were more competent than him.

Dr A A Agbormbai

To some people who still keep confusing names, please let it be known that authors' names are placed after (NOT before) a commentary!

Ma Mary

Felix: I do not think is germane to this discussion what my personal views are on this matter.I am more interested in how a society with laws reacts to it. Highly emotional reactions like yours are disturbing, because that is what starts witch hunts. A witch hunt is what happens when a segment of society is targeted for persecution on spurious or speculative basis with crime or offence not properly defined. To keep a society, free, crime has to fit a particular person and particular set of occurences. Once witch hunts become part of a country's mode of operation, they migrate from group to group. The consequences of witch hunts where ever they have happened in the 20th century have led to tragic consequences. I could give you a dozen instances from recent history, but I will respect your allergy to history this one time, and my relative lack of time as well.

I think it is quite OK to "out" secret gays, especially if you have proof that it is part of a power or criminal network. On the other hand, I think it is counterproductive and unenforceable to ban homosexuality per se and to start breaking into people's bed rooms without cause and it enters into civil liberties areas that have to do with individual's rights. Once you allow society or law enforcement to trample on one set of people's rights, it becomes that much easier to trample on another group's rights. It should not be done even if you believe that homosexuality is a sin or makes you want to throw up. Regarding the use of heroin, there is the legal doctrine or principle called "probable cause". So even if something is illegal, you do not go breaking down some body's doors to search for heroin unless there is evidence from some transaction or some informant that there is heroin in that location. That prevents police from just making things up and breaking down the doors of people they do not personally like. A judge establishes probable cause. This is all strange to you, because it is Common Law, as should be practiced in the Southern Cameroons, UK, Nigeria, US, India etc. Your police have more arbitrary powers do they not?

Why do I stick on the legal argument? I hear you, Felix talking about God wants this and God wants that. So which God do you want? Is it Catholic Canon Law or is it the Sharia? Or is the Oracle in Oku? The answer has to be a secular law under which everyone can live so that I for one will not be subjected to your notions of sin. Law deals with law, and religion deals with sin. There are many sins that are not illegal. If you lived under Christian religions law, fornicating with another adult in mutually consensual fashion could land you in jail. Is that what you want? Secular law does not get into it, unless you are going wild in public.

The crime in the cases being mentioned arises from the possibility that sex is being exchanged for public office, power and access to capital. These are criminal, and if there is such evidence, they should resign. For the time being, the newspapers should expose them. I want to reiterate that if you are exchanging sexual favors with women for the same purpose, you are committing a crime.

When I say perhaps religions might condemn homosexuality. That is their right, but they cannot persecute and imprison people on that basis. Preach against it at the tops of your lungs. Try to convert people, but no right to force people. Religion has done very bad things when it tries to force people. Again, your nemesis, history. There is a possibility that there are religions that are tolerant to homosexuals. I guess they should be banned and their leaders imprisioned. If cultures and families want to deal with those matters in their own way, it is their right as long as they do not infringe on the human rights of the person. If a wife wants to divorce and claim alimony from a man who has been secretly sleeping with other men, it is grounds for divorce. If you cannot stand homosexuals and would not be their friend, who can stop you? But you cannot harass beat somebody on the street just because you do not like homosexuals unless that person's homosexuality is a vehicle for an offence with actual victims, at which point the offence would be under trial and not homosexuality.

I'll humor you about my personal view because you have strained so hard. I think a man sticking into another man is disgusting. I will not have a religious discussion.

Regarding the sex trade. The sex trade in the Cameroons is HUGE. It is actually much larger than in America or Europe. I am not talking about pornography here. I am talking about the abundant sexual harrassment that dominates many interactions between the sexes in addition to the endless hookers on the street. I am talking about the loins that must meet before getting even elementary services which should be one's right. That is egregious sex trafficking, because the women (and now we know, male) victims do not have much by way of alternatives. It might not be as open as in America for example, but let us not be hypocritical and self-righteous about this.

In summary, in my view, it is assinine to BAN homosexuality. Sex used in committing crime and depriving the public of good officials and stealing money is crime. Outing prominent homosexuals by the press is OK, as long as there is proof and especially if it is being used as a system to create a corrupt society. Witch hunting is not OK. Outing a homosexual if the society is so extreme that the person could be lynched is not OK. Religion, culture and the like are good as long as they use persuasion and not coercion. Finally my personal distaste for homosexuality does not factor into what is best for a society and you keep your religion to yourself and I shall keep mine to myself.

jiggi Urbain Tah

I am a cameroonian and I live in europe. I see this great calamity daily amongst God-forsaken europeans. Dear people of Cameroon, if anyone s spotted with traces of this dreadful calamity, they should be anathematized AT ONCE!!!!!! I am so happy that this issue has been brought to the open awareness of the public. Down with ALL GAYS!!!!

atangana Jean-Claude Etoudi

Hello Cameroon. I am a cameroonian, and I live in the UK. The place is roten with gays. I grew up in Yaounde, and I know some of these gays. I have seen the list in question, and I this news has been known to most of the people of Yaounde. Let ALL the gays be burned...! All of them.


hey, what a shame to our leaders.bravo mr journalist am so impressed by your work. be not afraid for God is with you. these so call men and women in authority seem not to be satisfied with what they have got. you know what, when you want to extend your hand for more after having enough the result is on earth can reasonable and educated people go to their bedrooms undress and begin to fuck their anus i don,t understand. where do they keep their wives/children. what kind of money or enjoyment are they looking for.really my only prayer is that. one day your so call penis will remain in the anus, then, they will be no court but your public disgrace. go to court and shame yourselves devils in disguise. stop destroying this blessed country because you have already caused enough harm to it and its people.shame on to you .you need more money right? for what? so that one day we could sit somewhere and see the good works of your hands or someday we will boast of an industry or the employment of the youth. why do you fuck this anus for. to change the present cameroon to a beautiful place where one can sit at the beach and feel good. shame to these reckless men and women of this country. for you deserve nothing more but this shameful madness.for it,s madness and not enjoyment. Shame shame.remember that God watches you from above. wether you believe it or not.

Che Sunday (Dr.)

Nji, Solomon,
You seem to be mixing up things here. I was the one who introduced the "Dan Daudo" phrase to this discussion. The only reason I brought it up is bewcause people keep saying homosexuality is a European activity and not African. I pointed out that in the Hausa language there is a thing or a group of people who are refered to as dan daudus. These are people ranging from tranvestites to homosexuals. I went further to state that it is not common for a language to evolve and include terminologies in its vocabulary for things that don't exist in the culture in question.And the hausa language has been around much longer than the advent of europeans on the continent.
Secondly, the defense of the rights of homosexuals does not mean the acceptance of homosexuality. If the act is outlawed, why are the forces of law and order not out arresting the purported offenders, instead, journalist are having a field day making money out of allegations?
What exactly controls sexual activity in living organisms? Science tells us its the pitutuary gland. So, why will this gland start confusing a man to want to have sex with another man, and a women wanting the nudity of another woman? If we can sit down and legislate legal codes that will punish such a behavior, why not also throw mad men in jail? If homoseuality is to be criminalized, then we should also be well informed to educate the world on the matter to the fact that its a learned behavior, not a natural manifestation. We are trying to play God on matters we know little about. All we know is that the activity is repugnant, so we rush to criminalize it.
I recall in the hay days of Ahidjo's rule prostitutes were being rounded up from Mankon and transported back to their respective villages and no sooner had they been taken away than they will come back in greater numbers. Who were their greatest customers? Law enforcement officers, (gendarmes police officers and soldiers).
Lets keep in mind that individual freedoms can only go so far as they do not impede or interfer with the freedoms of others. Often time, that region is very blurred. So, let be careful or else we end up like the Kalvinist who successfully influenced British society that poverty was a sin- a curse from God, which led to the imprisonment of manner beggers.


Homosexuality is considered a sin by some religions but it not a crime nor should be looked upon as a disease or a European "thing"! If we can explain why some boys prefere light-skinned girls or taller girls to darker-skinned girls or shorter girls, then we can explain homosexuality - it is called PREFERENCE! It beats me why this so-called "whistle" is being blown only now! How come no one ever blew the whistle to beastialism (sex with animals)? It is called choice! We choose what we don't like and impose it on others, lobby our ideas with decision makers so they become laws that govern the land - this is wrong! Lets ask ourselves this - are we blowing the whistle because we deem it immoral or because our selfish wishes were not granted? Lets be honest for once! While I was in primary school, I had guy friends whom we called "woman-man" (efiminine characteristics) or "man-woman" (masculine women). They were forced (peer pressure) to have partners of the opposite sex so as to fit in. Guess what? ALL of those whom I knew who are in the U.S, for example are 'out of the closet' and doing what they claim they claim they were born with, not what they were "forced" into. Bottom line is you don't "become" gay! You are either born that way or you're trying that route as an adventure to know how the other side of the fence feels like, and of-course the bi's are the ones who are still sitting on the fence! Some of my closest friends are "not straight" and worship the same God that I do (even better than me, I must admit) and I don't see anything wrong with them, and shunning them away is no different from any other form of discriminitation, and I won't do that just because I want to save face with the law-makers. Personally, I don't care what Tom and Jerry do between the sheets, so long as I get my paycheck and my peace is not disturbed!


To Be or Not to Be a Lesbian: The Dilemma of Cameroon's Women Soccer Players

This oct 2003 interview gives the insight of a kamer lesbian. She already mentions that newspapers with financial problem will cash on stories on homosexuality.
The much talk about paper from last week was apparently sold out within hours. The public gets its share of juicy kongossa, while taking a sweet revenge on the upper class.
Tabloid press is only going to get worse in Cameroon; the public is probably animated more by curiosity than disgust. The tabloids have found a niche market, Jean Pierre Amougou of l'Anecdote has already promised more revelations, probably w/ higher shock value, a good dose of salacious details to satisfy readers curiosity.




- Martin Aristide OKOUDA ( Ministre des travaux
- Benjamin AMANA (Ministre de la fonction publique et
de la réforme administrative)

- Philippe Mbarga Mboa (Ministre des sports et de
l’éducation physique)
- Robert Mbella Mbappe (PCA-ART)
- Grégoire Owona (Sga-Comité central RDPC- Ministre
chargé des relations avec les assemblées.
- Claude Njuimo Monthé Président de la chambre de
commerce de l’industrie et de l’artisanat du Cameroun)

- Foé Ndi (Intendant du palais de l’unité)
- Marie claire Nnana (Directeur Général de la Sopecam)

- Feu Réné Owona (ancien conseiller à la Présidence de

la République)
- Feu nicolas Amougou Noma ( Délégué du Gouvernement
auprès de la communauté urbaine de Yaoundé)
- Feu Ava Ava (député à l’assemblée Nationale)
- Ingwat II Joseph (Directeur Général SODECAO)
- Eketi Mboumoua William Aurélien (Président de la
Croix Rouge du Cameroun)
- Gervais Mbarga (ancien Directeur des programme

- Mayo Jean-Pierre (Directeur de l’hôpital de la
- M. Wamba (Medecin à l’hôpital de la caisse à
- Rabiatou Njoya (Cohéritière du trône Bamoun)

- Eyebe Lebogo (Ancien député reconverti dans les
- Paul Njankouo (Notoirement député feyman à Yaoundé)
- Siaka André (Directeur des Brasseries du Cameroun)
- Giacomoni (Ex DG PMUC)
- Jean claude OTTOU (Directeur général MTN-CAMERON)
- Essame Essame (Directeur Général BUCAVOYAGE)

- Mgr Akonga Essomba (Ancien viciaire de l’achvèque de

Yaoundé, Recteur du séminaire Ste Thérèse de Mvolyé)
- Père jean Hervé (Pricipal du Collège Vogt)
- Mgr Owona Mimboé (Eveque de Bafia)
- Engelbert Mveng (membre du clergé décédé)

- Charles loïc Benga (promoteur Evenementiel)
- Jean Pierre Sa’a (produtreur artistique Propriétaire

de la maison JPS production)
- Papillon (Artiste Musicien)
- Grace Decca ( Artiste musicienne)
- Zelé le Bombardier ( Artiste Musicien)
- Guy Lobe ( Artiste musicien)
- Paul Longo (Président de la Fédération Camerounaise
de Sports Nautiques)
- Yannick Noah (Ancien tennisman, encadreur
psycologique des lions indomptables)
- Bachot (encore appelé seigneur de la nuit gérant des

boites de nuits katio’s et César recemment décédé)
- Angoula Angoula (producteur artistique promoteur S
- Angoula Angoula (producteur artistique promoteur Sky

- Roméo Dika (Artiste Musicien)
- Jack palance (Artiste Musicien)
- Rosine Ebeessa (Artiste Musicienne, animatrice
- Wassy Brice (Musicien de la dispora)
- Manu dibango (artiste musicien)
- Petit pays (artiste musicien)
- Richard amougou (artiste musicien)
- Elvis kemayo (artiste musicien)

Jean Marie Atangana Mebara [SG de la Présidence du
Camer,(Journal Nouvelle Afrique)],
Liste additive L'Anecdote du 31/01/2006
-Ayissi le DUC,Artiste Chorégraphe;
-Dieudonné Bikélé,Promoteur culturel;
-Consty Eka, Animateur télé, PDG Cekam production;
-Nadia Daria, Directrice du Centre Culturel Français à
-Masseto, Promoteur culturel;
-Ondo Ndong, Ancien Dg du Feicom;
-Hon Din Bell, Député du Wouri;
-Christian Mure, Expert comptable;
-André Beng, Ancien directeur des projets au
-Alex Siewe, Directeur de la Communication de
-Amadou Abo, Directeur de l'Administration générale au
-Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, Ministre du Commerce;
-Peter Mafany Musonge, Ancien Premier Ministre de la
-Okié Johnson, Ex-Dag Minfopra;
-Richard Bona, Artiste Musicien;
-Père Biten, Responsable au Collège Jeanne Alegué,
-Menyié, Directeur à la Scb;
-Gilles Roger Belinga, ex-Dg de la SIC;
-Manga Bekono, Officier de police;
-Justin Djomatchoua, Secrétaire général du Minefi;
-Djang le Zappeur, Artiste musicien;
-Feu frère André Coté, Religieux au Petit séminaire
-Camille Mouthé à Bidias, Directeur du Fonds national
de l'emploi;
-Kack Kack Etienne Gérard, Notaire;
-Ndong Françoise, Ex-Fondé de pouvoir au Crédit
agricole, ex-directeur à la Cbc Yaoundé;
-Mandeng, jeune homme d'affaire

* liste publiée par certains médias camerounais.


I think the journalists did a good job.I know that whatever sexual likes and preferences people chose,shouldn't be our concern.But the fact is, our culture and legal code doesn't permit Homosexuality.
I think i like what the paper did not because it talked about homosexuality,but because what it did proofs that there is some freedom of speech in Cameroon now.The Administrators and government officials should know that Cameroon is no longer in the era where people are killed and Koncho just walks to the Tv station and says "zero mort".For this i am happy.


I think the journalists did a good job there.I know that whatever sexual likes and preferences people chose,shouldn't be our concern.But the fact is, our culture and legal code doesn't permit Homosexuality.
I think i like what the paper did not because it talked about homosexuality,but because what it did proofs that there is some freedom of speech in Cameroon now.The Administrators and government officials should know that Cameroon is no longer in the era where people are killed and Koncho just walks to the Tv station and says "zero mort".For this i am happy.

Fritzane Kiki H.K

The desire to propagate ones own kind is natural. It is rare in nature that this drive is limited. The question is, does nature cull out those it finds unfit for reproduction? Homosexuals must be encouraged to separate their lifestyles from the community at large. Homosexuality must not be taught as a positive lifestyle. The homosexual population is quite small and not the major threat to African/Cameroon's survival. Those who condones and supports homosexuality will be pretty much be betraying their innocent brothers and sisters who have been obsessed with this subject,and surprised to see the top ranking officials are the perpetrators of this illegal ussue.

Closet homosexuals have existed for thousands of years in the West.The best that African heterosexual society can do is to limit their collective influence and keep the closet door shut.This issue must be approached from a genetic view.But tolerating this will be riculous and abnornal in the African context.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

jimmy Ate

A debate about this issue is raging between Cameroonians and foreigners on
Your cents will enrich that debate


As a child growing up in Buea it was very common to walk hand in hand with another male friend. An "uncle" strolling to "The field" with arm around the shoulders of a male companion was never a sight out of the ordinary. So it came as a culture shock when I later arrived in the UK and was subsequently discourage from male to male holding of hands.

From as early as age 6 in Buea: It was common to see men dancing with a partner of the same sex. This too was frowned upon in my new surroundings in London.

In Buea town in amongst those colourful characters who were a boon to the vibrancy of the place, Mbella Kake, Okeke, Asikori, Mama Sarah et al; there were also transvestites whom the community lumped together with hermaphrodites and referred to both as "Woman Man".

In addition to the above we all knew at least one "Aunt" who was a prostitute, I knew several who solicited from a series of addresses adjacent to family store, Babuti quarters. We were also aware of male prostitutes whose clients were other males.

In all these activities, I do not recall any level of intolerants for any of the above actors. Buea as a community was small and everyone just got on with life; because no one felt a threat from, a "crase man", "A woman man", "An ashawo" etc. What has changed?

I have vivid memory of my male peers having anal intercourse with older boys behind the cinema hall in Buea town, in return for any number of gifts, age 11.

In numerous occasions after "Doctrine" at the catholic school in last town the priest would invite a group of us back to his quarters on the south side of the Catholic church. What transpired during some of those evenings was nothing short of homosexuality and child molestation.

1979: I was a pupil at BBSS a Baptist school in Great Soppo. To avoid punishment from returning late from Sunday outings, some of my year 1 contemporaries were coerced into sexual intercourse with older male students, whom you reported to when you returned from a day out. These older students were your assigned mentors whom you referred to as, Grand.

In my short time at BBSS I also noticed that, in addition to a small band of older students abusing their position through sexual indiscretions, a mate and myself had witness full blown male on male sexual intercourse by two older students, in bushes behind our dormitory. Our reaction to this was to run off laughing, but never to speak about it. Don't ask me why we never spoke about the incident again, we just didn't.

All this shit was simmering underground until it all came to the fore when non other than the principal’s son raped one of my classmates. I should point out that we were year 1 pupils and the culprit was a year 4 student. Incidentally the guilty was one of the said students we had previously spotted in the bushes engaged in homosexuality.

The principal back then was a short northwestern fellow of advancing age with a penchant to physical strike pupils at the drop of a dime. I recall he had 2 sons who were both several years ahead of us. Both sons were of different personalities: one was rather cordial and the other, a bully by all accounts. One of the sons may have been called Ernest

Prior to this episode, though I was well aware of male-to-male sexual encounters I had never heard the word homosexuality mentioned before.

It strikes me as odd that many of us who subscribe to this forum are blatantly living in denial of a social norm that has always been part of all societies the world over. Many may not be familiar with the terminology but are certainly aware of the act.

To all you nay Sayers: the reason you walk down the street hand in hand with your buddy of same sex is because you care for them.

The reason you put your arm around them when you sit down in the cinema hall is because you share a bond that goes beyond that which you share with your girl/boy friend.

The reason you choose to dance with your buddy is because there is meaning in that song that you both connect to and subscribe to.

You enjoy each others company because you are buddies and that bodes well for all humankind and the world. After your walk down the street; after the cinema and after the dance; you go home to your respective partners and what goes on in the confines of your home is your business, as two consenting adults, period.


Aseh, if two people them do their thing, how that one di disturb the next person weh e no even be involved? Why we no di "hyper" for other atrocities them for society? Why we di pretend like seh na our first time for hear about this issue for Cameroon? The truth is, we pretend a lot. It shouldn't bother anyone if it's not his/her lifestyle. Don't hate them because they don't find you attractive, someone else will find you attractive, they just happen to like people of their kind, so let them be! I just don't get it why everyone is so hyped about an age-old lifestyle!


Personally, whatever an adult does with his/her pinky winky in his/her beddroom is his/her private affair. The seriousness of the issue hits a high note when others are forced into homesexual prostitution in order to gain promotion, jobs or contracts. How can that be concentual? It is a crime!

Richard Sony Ngwa


The weblink is :

My email address is [email protected]


i want to believe that journalist have just started. i look forward to more expositions. i think some names are missing. And big ones of course.

Celestine Biami

Societal norms is being dragged into the mud by some stupid individuals who are abusing their position of trust. It should be noted that in Cameroon not all the parties are may have given their consent in the sexual act, but because the system is so corrupt beyond believe, homosexuallity is being used to give or gain promotion or apointments.
If we do believe in the Bible or in God I think homosexuallity is wrong because the Anus is for passing out human waste (shit).Maybe some people do love shit, there are lots of toilets around.

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