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Monday, 27 February 2006


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This is nothing but mere window dressing by la republique du cameroun. Southern cameroonians should learn to believe that nothing good can come out of that failed state and only an independent republic of southern cameroons can provide any answers to their current plight and future generations.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

I keep smiling.


It's pretty interesting how things unfold back home. I belief that was the first initiative of the Hon PM immediately after his enthronment but what happened later on. Just hope this time around we'll barg and bite.


How long can we Cameroonians continue to be fooled?
Since there is anti-corruption in Cameroon, how many monies have been recovered?
We only hear of people been put behind bars and of course after some period when excitments must have died down then we will understand that these same people have been made ambassadors to some foreign countries or even directors.
Let Cameroonians asked themselves if the Anti-corruption campaign will put back monies into the country coffers or will only act as a smoke screen for others to steal.



The authority shouldd make the names of those arrested officially known to the public, rather than letting the journalists and the public to guess who has been arrested or not.

The authorities should tell the public that their accounts have been spotted, blocked and the monies confiscated.

They should also seize the passports (of those suspected) and forbid them from travelling out of the country.

Biya should ask the judiciary to carry an investigation on him or to judge him if he feels he is clean.

These guys will end up being released and the monies will remain where they are or even in a more secured place, untraceable by the court of Cameroon.

What sense has this if these guys will not return the stolen monies? Prison means nothing if these monies are not got back.


Since when did thieves prosecute thieves successfully? From the top down,the government has for over twenty years been run by a corrupt cartel that has steadily plundered our treasury with impunity and has created an atmosphere of lawlessness,incompetence and poverty.To now arrest a few irrelevant scapegoats at the urging of another entity is worthy of a comedy show.Until this government is replaced and a completely new leadership is introduced even if by force,the monkey dance will continue and the future of our beloved country will continue in darkness.Our passive,makossa and beer - driven attitude in Cameroon will only guarantee the extension of our suffering at the hands of a few bandits.


When people blame the government for the deteriorating business atmosphere in the country, they should, at least, say the plain naked truth. They should praise the tough measures that the government has put in place, even if these measures are against their selfish interests. Most Bush Fallers are blaming the government ONLY because the same government has put in place measures that prevent them (Bush Fallers) from coming home to promote bribery and corruption.

People should not be hanging on baseless excuses to defend their sad state of self-enslavement abroad and unpatriotism. True, Biya and his gang of thieves are doing harm to the country and its economy. But this is NO reason why some Cameroonians would prefer to become slaves abroad instead of returning home. It is sad to hear Cameroonians living abroad always presenting the "unfavourable business climate" in the country as reason why they prefer to die abroad. It is even disturbing when one realizes that the majority of these Cameroonians living abroad - excuse me - do NOT even know what it means starting and running a business. Some of them, unfortunately, relate business to the act of shipping down old and out-dated items they used to bring when white men used to throw their rejected items into the streets.

We all know of Cameroonians who have returned home and are doing extremely well without any connections with any power that be. I am talking of hundreds of thousands who have abandoned hardship and stress abroad and are doing great jobs here in Cameroon. I am talking of MANY Cameroonians who have returned home, are active members of the opposition, but are doing real business here in Cameroon. There are all over: in the Universities, Ministries, Companies and especially private businesses. Most of them run NGOs, private health centres, etc.

If Cameroonians who took the risk to resign from the government and are open opponents to the regime in place, can be doing extremely well in their businesses and daily activities inside Cameroon, then why should Cameroonians coming PEACEFULLY from abroad, with no threats to the government, not do the same?

There is no dying of the fact that the fight against corruption remains a big obstacle to some of those Cameroonians who have decided to remain slaves abroad. Before, they used to return home with out dated cars, refrigerators, computers that were manufactured before Christ birth, Television sets with insects, matrasses with bed bugs, radio-sized mobile phones, flying pans and pots still having traces of decayed rice and tomatoe source, women under-wares with signs of menstruation, breast-wares, waist slips, men's pants with traces of brown sperms, bed sheets with blood, pair of sucks carrying condoms loaded with sperms, etc.

At the Sea port in Douala, these unpatriotic Bush Fallers would swell the pockets of custom and security officers with money rather than paying them directly into state coffers. These very Bush Fallers were those corrupting police officers on the way as they drive their noise-generating and pollution-distributing cars from abroad. These were the very Bush Fallers who would used cheap Euros, Pounds, and dollars to sexually pollute our cities, deceiving our little girls in the University of Buea, taking their things" without pay" but with the usual promise that, "I will make you fall Bush when I return." These are the very Bush Fallers who return home only to dupe poor parents and take huge sums of money from them, with the usual promise that they will make their children fall Bush.These are the Bush Fallers who would return home and would not allow anything carrying a skirt, breast-ware, waist-slip go unchecked. These are the Bush Fallers who caused hearbreak and destroyed marriages whenever they return home.

When real rigour and moralization was instituted at the Douala ports, these failed and unpatriotic Cameroonians had no other way to steal the nation's wealth as they have been doing before. Unwilling to put in deserved money into state coffers, they now sit back and make loud and careless noise. Instead of praising the government for doing the right thing, they are shedding crocodie's tears. These are people who only visited Cameroon only after having picked outdated items abroad to come and sell home, so as to generate the money needed, or to compensate for, their return flight tickets. These are selfish Bush Fallers who would collect dresses - free - from churches and charitable organizations abroad and come to sell them at expensive prices in Cameroon.

If they think that sound business atmosphere is only that which will permit them ship our money abroad, then to hell with the business they dream about making in Cameroon. If they think sound business atmosphere implies lifting the tough measures at the ports of entry for them to come and start bribery and corruption again, then to hell with their business plans. If they think sound business atmosphere means giving them the green light to come and corrupt our security, customs and little daughters, then they should remain slaves abroad for life. When we talk about business, we mean real business, and not coming home to sell the toxic materials they pick from streets abroad.

I am not saying that the government is perfect. Far from that. But I stand behind some of the important measures put in place, even if Bush Fallers have been prevented from duping the country and its people. I stand solidly behind any government measures aimed at preventing Bush Fallers from polluting our country with the toxin materials they used to bring home. I even hope tougher measures be put in place.


Jackson Nanje

Mr.Mukete called Cameroonians abroad who ship goods through the Port....who swell the pockets of custom inspectors as unpatriotic. My brother, if there's anyone who will not like to give out their monies to custom inspectors are diasporans. Most work very hard for their monies and do not see a vallied reason to donate such hard-earned monies to underserving custom officers.

I shipped a 40-foot container last year and was frustrated by custom inspectors to submission when at the verge of losing my goods. I had nobody to turn to to arrest the malpractices of these diabolic custom inspectors. I had no time to wait because the duty was rising. You know, a good system where you know what you pay in advance encourages impots.

Rest assured that these same "busherfallers" as you call us hate to ship things to Cameroon because of (1)the corrupt nature of custom inspectors, (2)the high duty set by government, (3)poor system of operation.

To sum it, we abroad detest the entire system at the port more than you do, but, we are pressed by personal demands to come and invest some of our well-earned monies in our country.

Jackson Nanje



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