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Monday, 27 February 2006


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Andre Fokam

Mr Owona Gregoire

I hope you don't expect to escape from this wrath scott free. you will be next.

Andre Fokam

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

I can only continue to smile. Bravo!


Nonsense. Who accused these guys and for what?

Its all Politics. They should make public what these guys have been accused of. And they should let us know who is the State Council that is handling the case.

The Presidency has not right to arrest civil servants. You cannot sack a minister and the next hour you are arresting him. Its politics from the presidency.

He was supposed to be accused first by the judiciary, then asked to resign by the government (or he resigns volentarilly to defend himself like an ordinary citizen) or suspended by the government from his duty following the accusation laid on him.

I think Biya is just playing camufflage politics or just being stupid.

There should be a team of State Councils with no political pressure or influence to get this 31 illegal Billionaires to book.

Biya too should be accused, tried and condemned if found guilty.

In Biya,s case there is nothing like going free. He is already guilty. He should just be tried for formality. He to me he is a "prisoner in liberty".


Discussions here make me agree that Cameroonians and actually not ripe for democracy. If you think what has been done is not ok then tell us what you want. Make sure you have something to say to mature people before posting anything on this site. Don't waste our time. We have much to do. If you or your reasoning is below 21 this site is not for you. I will be putting up a test next week for all. A score of 70 or more will be required for you to use this site.

Thanks Chief Mboe-Kumba

Kumba Boy

Any anti corruption campaign which leaves Biya unpunished is in itself corrupt. I have been wondering why Biya's name is not on this list. I pray this list be updated.
If this is to be a serious anti corruption campaign, without political undertones, then an independent committee of lawyers and state counsels should be put in place for this.
If extended to touch the right persons, this can be a very good cleansing exercise and good signs of a changing situation situation in cameroon. For now, Biya's intention are still doubtful.

Forchu Alphonse Jong

Please,mr Biya who do you want to fool?You are suppose to resign after sending all these theives to jail.You can't sent them to jail and continue to reign afterall you are the number one thief in the Cameroons.
Forchu Alphonse Jong

alfred bame

fonjong, isn't the name of the state counsel known?


This illegal province of france "la republique du cameroun" should continue its corruption drive by removing its sous prefets, governors, and all other officials in all illegal land they have occupied in the republic of southern cameroon. Its governor, Mr Biya wants to please the bretton woods institutions, what has happened with those arrested who stole money before. How much has been recovered and where has it been invested?
The whole world knows that we want our independence from your very naughty regime and france.


Mr. Biya I will like you to start from the word go by arresting the ex.DG of the former Camsuco Nkoteng. Which is now Sosucam Nkoteng. By name Joseph Zambo and the rest who are ejoying what they fished from the State during thier time. If you are sure that you are fighting corruption to save this rich Country Cameroon.


What did you did to the judges that illegally confiscated the properties of Glenn William Wilson (The Australian), you promoted them for a job well done. Now you are pretending, you are corrupt as the people you arrest.

Jacob Tambe

Why is Owona running his mouth? These guys have only been arrested and until the due process is followed, they remain suspects. This is just indicative that these guys won't get a fair trial if it ever gets to that. We all know that one is only guilty when a court condemns them. But since our courts (judiciary) is still part of the executive, executive branch members can decide who is guilty. Let's not be fooled friends, YOU CAN PUT A THIEF TO CATCH A FELLOW THIEF.

dango tumma



Hello My People,

We shouldn't just go about excoriating. It's an applaudable move by Biya but we all know that it's still evil - the business is an unfinished one. All the ministers're corrupt. We want 2/3 of them brought to book.

Biya's just dancing to the tune of the drum played by the international community - he's trying to reach HIPC completion point. By the way where's all the billions this guy borrowed? Again, we can only think he means businness when more than 30 ministers're arrested.

Who says what? Are you with me?

Son Of Ako.

Navigae Dungta

Dear All on this Forum,

The people arrested are all Francophones and mostly from a very small and tiny part of the country (the Ewondos and Bolus).

What does this mean? Anglophones are more honest and better administrators? or just were never given the opportunity to come that close to the national cake (min of finance, government corporations etc)?

What does it mean, mostly people from the same tribe. Can we therefore conclude that the economic downfall and crisis that started in the early 80s has been brought about by a small group of people?

I thought CPDM was suppose to be a National party and SDF and the rest were regional?

Please readers, educate me!!


Long Live Fru Ndi.
Long Live Chairman.
Asonganyi had set the stage to distabilise our great Chairman and Party. If He was paid to do this then I am very sorry because people gave their lives for that Party for the existence of that party.


Long Live Fru Ndi.
Long Live Chairman.
Asonganyi had set the stage to distabilise our great Chairman and Party. If He was paid to do this then I am very sorry because people gave their lives for that Party.


Let’s face it guys, if this was to be for real then I am certain that just a hand full of government officials serving in the MBiya government will go free. In the past Biya only did this to recalcitrant whom he fell out with like Titus Edzoa accused of embezzling 30 million francs CFA, huh!!! what a joke, when we know there are many others there in the government who have swindled billions. What happened to the Mesi Mesi affair after his long interview in Jeune Afrique Economie in 1992? Melingi, one of the worst thieves the country had ever seen made away with billions of poor farmers’ money which led to the collapse of the then marketing board. All these guys Daikole, Kodock, Ndioro and list continues should be meted with justice. This is a mare proof of window dressing, like a NGONG DOG that has always been NGONG for too long trying to bark thinking that he can continue to fool the masses. Before Biya takes a new term of office, he is meant to declare his assets which he has never done. From 1988 to 1993, 210 million pounds (230 billion CFA francs) have disappeared; likewise, through tax evasion 1.8 billion pounds (2,000 billion CFA francs) have been spirited out of Cameroon like a ghost between 1983 and 1993. These are mammoth sums of money we are talking here. And from 1994 to present, who knows? The President is said to own an 18-hole golf course at Mvomeka'a (his Gbadolite), as well as idyllic mansions in France and Germany, notably at Baden-Baden. This were revelations by Edzoa as a former close colleague. What I can’t yet get my head round is drawing conclusions in the recent turn of events. We have to be very cautious, by asking the following questions
Is this Biya’s last term of office? Or is he planning to overwrite the constitution to buy him another term in office. Whatever the case after all the arrests, he will be the biggest fish to Kondengui fish pond.


My people,
Popol is looking for the completion point hiding somewhere in a hole, and the obstacles are those already in Kondengui and many others still siting in luxurious offices today. Unfortunately, he is the last obstacle he will have to remove to be able to get to glory. i go fit? wonna tell me.

JB Samba

"Let's not be fooled friends, YOU CAN PUT A THIEF TO CATCH A FELLOW THIEF" ( In a posting by: Jacob Tambe | February 27, 2006 at 11:51 PM).

If we were to follow this statement of yours, then all of us and me in particular would have allowed myself to be fooled. TRUE, you can send a thief to catch a thief, BUT the two have to be of different camps. HERE we have a situation wherein both thieves are of the same gang. To me this is nothing to ride home with.


Biya should first of all sack and imprison himself before the process would be seen as being objective.


Greetings.I am a keen fan of this forum as it allows people to freely express their thoughts in this oligarchy of ours called Cameroon.I have rarely ever felt the need to contribute because in my opinion,most of the comments posted here reflect both public opinion and at times my opinion.So it was particularly distressing for me to read "Chief" Mboe-Kumba's comments.I believe if we are to have a decent democratic nation,then we must begin by respecting others opinions.Furthermore,i believe this "Chief" is even more ignorant than the people he lambasts because if he had a slim idea of the functioning of the three arms of gov't,viz,the judiciary,the legislative and the executive,then he will realise like every other Cameroonian that our justice system is a sham and just another extension of Biya's powers.

Larry agbor

I think this is a good move by Biya and I am very impressed. Anyway he should be thinking of himself next.


All of you calling on Biya to resign should cool down. Many of you are out of Cameroon and you dont have a clue of the realities of the situation.

it is true the man has done well for himself by stealing and syphoning state wealth but is it not better to have someone who is already *bellefulled* than someone who will start *new embezzlement*?

the guy is fed up with wealth. he was relaxed and now he is regretting the liniency he gave his cohorts.

NOBODY can rule Cameroon Now except him. so PLEASE ALLOW BIYA CLEAN UP HIS MESS!

cameroon will soon be fine!


This has been a cry to all Cameroonians. Bravo Mr Biya, but where is the money? I'll like u to get this budget from these guys and increase the economy of our country. I anxiousely await more from you.


This is just a scam Mr Biya is trying to play, by arresting a few innocent people to hide his atrocities. He has selected a few scape goats to make him look good in the eye of the international community. But gues what, his time is coming soon enough. They go on arresting people and putting them in prison for crimes they have no proof of. THESE MEN ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY BEFORE AN INDEPENDENT ENTITY. Mr Biya has been president for 24 years and acts as if its only now he see corruption. This is purely politically motivated and its WRONG.



Did you say the arrested culprit are innocent?You are probably one of them.Any reasonable Cameroonian knows that the Biya administration is one of the most corrupt on the globe.How on earth can you doubt that.I am convinced if you were in Cameroon you would be arrested like the above metioned thieves and thrown into jail.It is outrageous to sympathise with a devil. Are you revealing your true self ? A thief like the above mentioned.Needless to say that Minister Gregoire Owona should be on the next list.They are all corrupt,from the monarch to his subjects.

Son of the soil

Beloved brothers&sisters,its high time.La Reb has finally been what next?Benefits,gains,profits are all results for risk bearing so who is ready?


Hey Men

For all of you trying to quote or paraphrase the law. Don't you know that Cameroon has two operating systems.
Remember that the French, like their oversea territory (La Republic), consider you guilty until you prove yourself not guilty.
The reverse in true in Southern-Anglo-Cameroon.
This people in Biya's drag net are guilty until they prove the reverse if only they will ever be given that chance to do so.
The most important thing I am waiting to hear is how much of these embezzeled funds this move has recovered and where will it be invested.
At least, this new strategy, be it a scam or serious affair will send a message to those who have filled suit cases ready to go.

We are waiting for the end of this exercise,Biya's reign and Biya Himself.
Home Boy

Ma Mary

CPDM Disowns Thieving Officials = CPDM DISOWNS ITSELF

That is crazy. It is an oxymoron.


hey guys this is a good move by Biya but i hope his intensions are not differents from many of us here on this forum. if he goes right To the end fine if not he may face an up hill task with this guys.


Who is the most corrupt? Is it not Biya? After arresting those guys, we Cameroonians will arrest him and put him on Saddam-type trial. His end is drawing near. God is up to deliver Cameroon. Just wait and see.


cameroon is the richest french province, controlled by the dullest of its governors. there are trained french men in cameroon, who are specialise in promoting corruption among state officials. corruption can only be stamped out only if the governor begins by sending these french mechineries away.[ all the french in cameroon].

Mbu. B

There`s no difference between the CPDM and the gov`t. Almost every official from junior bureau heads to the top bureaucrats, wears the muffler and goes down or up for campaigns. It`s simply a system that needs to pass away.The shake ups, corruption suit here and there, electoral commission and so on, are just the symptoms that Biya and his massive clique will soon pass away.
The real job of corruption cleansing is meant for a fresh man. Biya himself is highly entangled and can do so little. I guess he doesn`t even know where to put the comma or full stop as to who to arrest or not - a very confused man he`d probably be.
Biya is that man who will have just days to spend in Cameroon immediately he becomes ex-president. A presidents whose hands are clean remains home after leaving power and could even influence the politics somehow.I really pity him for the trouble he`ll have.


To all Cameroonians with knowledge of corrupt government officials reveal their names, deals, banks, dates and times etc for all to see.

This is one way to call Biya’s bluff. After those names and the relevant information is revealed let us see what he will do.

Cameroon has no funds to pay its workers and needs the money, which will be saved by not servicing its external debt.

Also the Americans need oil and can no longer rely on the Middle East. They have set their sights on the Gulf of Guinea’s oil and they need a stable presence in the region.

Hence, the $54 million embassy in Cameroon and the Open Skies agreement to name a few.

They cannot afford to have excessive corruption or financial difficulties in Cameroon to lead to chaos in the region

The Americans have probably warned Biya that he has to clean up his act because they have an interest in the stability of the region.

America does not have friends, it has interests and right now it is in the interest of America to have a stable presence in the region, Biya or no Biya

Ngwana Mbiseh

This is another scam Mr Biya is putting forward to try to realize his fraudulent agenda in the international community. Charles Forkwa is very right that the post is unwise to not investigate the issue before publishing this story. There are many innocent people on this list and it’s ridiculous that civil servants who have worked all their lives to serve this corrupt government end up in jail for crimes committed by Biya himself and his entourage. He has been a fruitless and selfish president. Mr. Biya has done nothing good to the Cameroonian people and he tries to get a good name by arresting a few people and putting them in jail without a fair trial. This is futile because his tricks are coming out gradually.
Mr Biya should apprehend that if he is to fight corruption he needs to start with himself and his cabinet and go from there. Mr Biyas days are numbered and if he doesn't change his politics, he will end up like deposed kings in the Bible.
a word to a wise is sufficient.

Ngwana Mbiseh

Biya's days are numbered. This is his last futile attempt before he is deposed. He has been a very poor leader and has destroyed the solidarity and trust we young people have in the Cameroonian government. Many students in the US from Botswana want to complete school and go back to Botswana. The contrary is true of Cameroonian students. The students stay in the US and other developed countries not just for economic reasons but because they are running from such a CORRUPT and UNFAIR government whose leader Mr Biya is so incompetent that he rules like a deaf. How can he be so old and so immature? He imprisons people without giving them fair trials, it’s disappointing discouraging that he arrests some innocent civilians and put them in jail without a fair trial.


When people blame the government for the deteriorating business atmosphere in the country, they should, at least, say the plain naked truth. They should praise the tough measures that the government has put in place, even if these measures are against their selfish interests. Most Bush Fallers are blaming the government ONLY because the same government has put in place measures that prevent them (Bush Fallers) from coming home to promote bribery and corruption.

People should not be hanging on baseless excuses to defend their sad state of self-enslavement abroad and unpatriotism. True, Biya and his gang of thieves are doing harm to the country and its economy. But this is NO reason why some Cameroonians would prefer to become slaves abroad instead of returning home. It is sad to hear Cameroonians living abroad always presenting the "unfavourable business climate" in the country as reason why they prefer to die abroad. It is even disturbing when one realizes that the majority of these Cameroonians living abroad - excuse me - do NOT even know what it means starting and running a business. Some of them, unfortunately, relate business to the act of shipping down old and out-dated items they used to bring when white men used to throw their rejected items into the streets.

We all know of Cameroonians who have returned home and are doing extremely well without any connections with any power that be. I am talking of hundreds of thousands who have abandoned hardship and stress abroad and are doing great jobs here in Cameroon. I am talking of MANY Cameroonians who have returned home, are active members of the opposition, but are doing real business here in Cameroon. There are all over: in the Universities, Ministries, Companies and especially private businesses. Most of them run NGOs, private health centres, etc.

If Cameroonians who took the risk to resign from the government and are open opponents to the regime in place, can be doing extremely well in their businesses and daily activities inside Cameroon, then why should Cameroonians coming PEACEFULLY from abroad, with no threats to the government, not do the same?

There is no dying of the fact that the fight against corruption remains a big obstacle to some of those Cameroonians who have decided to remain slaves abroad. Before, they used to return home with out dated cars, refrigerators, computers that were manufactured before Christ birth, Television sets with insects, matrasses with bed bugs, radio-sized mobile phones, flying pans and pots still having traces of decayed rice and tomatoe source, women under-wares with signs of menstruation, breast-wares, waist slips, men's pants with traces of brown sperms, bed sheets with blood, pair of sucks carrying condoms loaded with sperms, etc.

At the Sea port in Douala, these unpatriotic Bush Fallers would swell the pockets of custom and security officers with money rather than paying them directly into state coffers. These very Bush Fallers were those corrupting police officers on the way as they drive their noise-generating and pollution-distributing cars from abroad. These were the very Bush Fallers who would used cheap Euros, Pounds, and dollars to sexually pollute our cities, deceiving our little girls in the University of Buea, taking their things" without pay" but with the usual promise that, "I will make you fall Bush when I return." These are the very Bush Fallers who return home only to dupe poor parents and take huge sums of money from them, with the usual promise that they will make their children fall Bush.These are the Bush Fallers who would return home and would not allow anything carrying a skirt, breast-ware, waist-slip go unchecked. These are the Bush Fallers who caused hearbreak and destroyed marriages whenever they return home.

When real rigour and moralization was instituted at the Douala ports, these failed and unpatriotic Cameroonians had no other way to steal the nation's wealth as they have been doing before. Unwilling to put in deserved money into state coffers, they now sit back and make loud and careless noise. Instead of praising the government for doing the right thing, they are shedding crocodie's tears. These are people who only visited Cameroon only after having picked outdated items abroad to come and sell home, so as to generate the money needed, or to compensate for, their return flight tickets. These are selfish Bush Fallers who would collect dresses - free - from churches and charitable organizations abroad and come to sell them at expensive prices in Cameroon.

If they think that sound business atmosphere is only that which will permit them ship our money abroad, then to hell with the business they dream about making in Cameroon. If they think sound business atmosphere implies lifting the tough measures at the ports of entry for them to come and start bribery and corruption again, then to hell with their business plans. If they think sound business atmosphere means giving them the green light to come and corrupt our security, customs and little daughters, then they should remain slaves abroad for life. When we talk about business, we mean real business, and not coming home to sell the toxic materials they pick from streets abroad.

I am not saying that the government is perfect. Far from that. But I stand behind some of the important measures put in place, even if Bush Fallers have been prevented from duping the country and its people. I stand solidly behind any government measures aimed at preventing Bush Fallers from polluting our country with the toxin materials they used to bring home. I even hope tougher measures be put in place.



Yeah Mukete,

Those Cameroonians who've returned home and joined politics live better than you do while you lament on burnt cocoyams. Those who're abroad are hardworking.

YOU CAN GO TO HELL. YOU JEALOUS POOR MAN. If you've got the means, go abroad if it's easy. I know you personally - you've tried all sorts of croocket ways to leave the country to no avail.



I might not have fallen bush before but I know it takes a day to register a business in a state in the U.S as big as Cameroon and it can take you a whole year to register the same business in Cameroon. I have examples of Cameroonians who own businesses in the U.S and who have tried here and failed.
Our young girls at the University of Buea and elsewhere fall for these guys even before they are given money and lied to. So who is to blame and do you mean these bush fallers are only men?
Biya is a weapon of mass distruction and as long as he stays in power, there is no way forward. If you must bribe to get anything, the bush faller is not an exception.


Brother Mukete,




Hello Mukete,
You seem to look only at the negative side of travelling abroad. You should try to be realistic. you failed to see the beautiful houses that has been built all over the country by this bushfallers, you failed to recognise changes in the financial structures of the country as a result of this bushfalling, you failed to read and understand that even international institutions like the world bank have realised that the contributions this bushfallers make to their economy is better than the amount of aid international bodies give to developing countries. I personally have held meetings with Western Union, moneygram officials here in the UK to discuss strategies of expanding and developing their businesses in africa. i therefore had the opportunity to read the figures of the amount of money sent back home by bushfallers abroad. It was huge sums of money. On a yearly basis, the figures are bigger than the values of several high profile institutions in cameroon. Tole tea for example was sold for small amount of billions, but remittances from cameroonians living only in leeds for example in a single year is more than 1.5 times that amount. Does the government exposes this statistics to you? the answer is no. they want to give the impression that this free people have nothing to offer to the country of origin.
There is no problem travelling abroad when things are hard for you because of maybe your colour, your race or your traditional backgroud. in sweden and other scandinavian countries, the swedes travelled in their thousands to several places in the north america when things were hard for them. Also in ireland, the irish emigrated to north america and to other parts of the UK when things were difficult for them. Then whats wrong with southern cameroonians and other citizens of la republique du cameroun when the political system is such a mess? as for the case of southern cameroonians, dont you think they need a passport at least that they can be pround of? dont you know even elisabeth bassong does not recognise any southern cameroonian who does not speak french in his embassy as a cameroonian? dont you know they call us nigerians in Moscow, Bonn, brussels, etc, simply because of our linguistic background?
As a southern Cameroonian who knew i can offer something to my country, i did not see the need to stay in a country whose system will never recognised the talents i possess and how it can contribute to the economic development of their country. I decided to move abroad. Fortunately, the systems i have met have developed me at what i consider a very high level. As a trained investment banker turned stock market researcher, i have more to contribute to my country than here in the united kingdom. But what should we do? Do you want us to rush into a system that does not recognise talents? that reduces academics like the Nejuma's, the chumbows, the endeleys, the lambis to mere handclappers for political appointments rather than active academic researchers? It is entirely a rotten system and we must admit that. I will be very proud if every southern cameroonian can run from that rotten system and concentrate on remittances from abroad.
Yes some bushfallers will come home and misbehave which is morally unacceptable. but we should not use the action of a few to reflect a wider network of individuals most of which will even be scared of moving around after coming from abroad. The few you see are those who want to be seen, but a reasonable majority will be concerned with meaningful projects they have back home, like building houses, investing on other businesses, etc.
Please Mukete, try to be realistic, you seem to suggest that bushfalling in this very hard times in a curse and not a blessing to cameroon. In my view, the soo called bushfallers of which i think i am not one have contributed more the economic development of their respectives countries.
I think you should throw your insults to ricardo and his members of caadim as they are the people poluting la republique du cameroun with outdated items.


Rexon I see Mukete and you at the opposite edge of your ideology but then whats the balance or net value.Who wins Cameroon or the West? If so how do we measure this.
Is technology ,entrepreneurship ,labour and a net flow of capital being transfered into or out of Cameroon to stir up the economy?.
The simple truth, is that Most Cameroonians abroad especially in Europe and America despise their country since they will spend all the times writing but will never want to sacrifices'personally to bring light to it.


Dear Rexon,

You have made false allegations about our Embassy not recognizing Cameroonians who speak English.
I was born in Kumba and I have lived in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, USA, Canada, Brazil and Argentina.
I have travelled in many other countries all over the world. There is no such thing... You Secessionists are well known for telling LIES all over the world to gain favor from FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS to receive POLITICAL ASYLUMN...
As a matter of facts, many Cameroonians used that many years ago to regularize their immigration status in many western Countries. Mukete knows about it. Because, they wanted to find prosperity abroad. Not really because they do not love their Country.
THE WORLD IS WITH CAMEROON TODAY! The world knows our potential. They also know our problems. USA, Britain, France, China, Brazil, South Africa, Russia just to name few... any country in the world (you name it) is with our Country today.
They are helping us clean up our mess. Time has come that you (Rexon) should think about getting on board to enjoy our future prosperity.
Progressive French and English Speaking Cameroonians are working hard to make our Country a peaceful, democratic and prosperous place where you will come and live for your retirement.
Just refrain from spreading your message of "Hate and Division". You will not want to regret in 5 years.
Rexon, Cameroon is "ONE AND INDIVISIBLE" whether YOU and I like it or NOT!
You and I (with all those chanting the song of "darkness and hate") will sunset with our Country being "ONE".
Your children or my children will live in ONE CAMEROON.
With your messages, you have helped the world understand how tolerant, peaceful and democratic Cameroon is.
You are indeed helping Cameroon...
If you think and care about your future, join the Progressive Cameroonians...
We are the people of hope...
We are the future...
We are those who believe in Justice...
We are those who believe in a true democracy...
We are the those who want a peaceful transformation of Cameroon into a Modern Society where talents and work of individuals will be appreciated and encouraged.
We are Patriots Sons and Daughters who believe in the republican values....



Ebai James

Do you think writing what you wrote will do you any good. I think you conscience should judge you on every single lie you write about Anlophones. Your claims have no backings at all. What Rexon said is a mare truth witnessed by many Anglophones abroad. You claimed to have leaved in Russia can you tell me how things are carried here. In the Embassy in Moscow there is no single English speaking staff and all documents and communication are in French. People are forced to speak a language they can’t and if you are not happy you don’t get what you want. Scholarships are awarded to people based on where you come from. At times people make joking comments here but please put this in your head this is not funny. If you are so patriotic why do you keep perching all over the world.

Ma Mary

The mofos would not be using English in Washington DC but for the vigorous Southern Cameroonian community here who need to use the services of the colonial embassy.


Ebai James,

Secessionists does not equal Anglophones...
I am an Anglophone or english speaking Cameroonian BUT IAM NOT A SECESSIONIST.
Does that Clarify it?

Progressive Cameroonians are English and French Speaking Patriots. Period



Take care Brother!


Uncle P.T.Northern Europe

Fellow Cameroonians;Long Live Justice and thanks be to God that the mentality of our bigguns in that great traingle is changing as 2006 unfold in its third month today.

Not only has state budget been syphooned and many other projects been abandoned because our bigguns with their greed and stone heartedness decided to plunge that beautiful country into abject misery and poverty which has made some of us in the diaspora to ponder when we shall have the means to stand the taste of time to repair the damages.

HIPIC and other related IMF funds have been channeled into non realistic projects and suit case NGOs to assist relatives and friends all in an attempt to keep them hanging in the net of the ruling party.

Many thanks to the US gov't for the pressure on Mr Paul and team mates.


Hello Ricardo,
I do not want to dwell upon any personal contribution you make in this forum as if i have anything personal with your you or your ideologies. Yes you are a progressive Cameroonian, but I am a southern Cameroonian and historically, we have lived separately as separate nations. But what is even wrong today if we are asking for our rights of freedom? It puzzles me that it is such a big problem to la republique du Cameroun.

If you argue that we have lied against this individuals concerned, then you are merely shying from the truth. Ask those who lived or are presently living in cities like Moscow, Bonn, Brussels, and who cannot speak French like you how they have been treated in embassies of la republique du Cameroon. Ask also readers of this forum if they have not more than once been insulted in the streets of French speaking towns in la republique du cameroun as biafrans, Nigerians, etc. Ask members of parliament if they did not witnessed a few months ago Jua being humiliated by a parliamentarian from the northern part of Cameroon as he was accused of being a Nigerian and he does not have the right to speak in the parliament. But how many francophone can claim to have evidenced being abused by any government official that they are Chadians, central Africans etc.

People always attempts to equate political asylum to the republic of southern Cameroon’s. Yes, southern Cameroonians have gained political asylum as a result of their insistence on their current problems with la republique du Cameroon. But do you mean you are more intelligent than this governments that grant asylum to this individuals after proper investigations? Governments all over the world know there is a legitimate southern Cameroonian problem that they wholeheartedly support. Besides, SCNC, individual southern Cameroonians without membership cards seek asylum based on their frustrations with the system. Governments in most European countries do recognise us like east Timor as an "unrecognised state". The actions of this international community do legitimise our struggle at least in the eyes of man.

Yes you can be born in Kumba, but do you really think like Javier, fonkam that you are a southern Cameroonian? You can be a southern Cameroonian by birth but by heart, you cannot be one. You can be used by la republique du Cameroon to fight against the interest of southern Cameroon’s simply because historically, you are from la republique du Cameroon. Don’t you know that our biggest enemies in this our struggle is not even citizens of la republique du Cameroon but children and people from bamilikie origin, moungo origin like the mbo's beti and bassa Anglos, etc. We know what justifications you have for your constant critique of the southern Cameroonian struggle but deep down inside you, you know we do not have a nation and we southern Cameroonians are living in hell under the colonial leadership of la republique du Cameroon. I was speaking with some citizens of la republique du Cameroon, they have progressive opinions like you, but that does not mean we do not have a right of self governance.

Ricardo, I will never regret anything from la republique du Cameroun. as an agent =of la republique du cameroun, Write my name, arrest me when I arrive at the airport of douala to visit my family in the southern Cameroon’s and see which government and employers will ask for my release from la republique du Cameroon. We are not going to be enslaved by you, we need our nation and our liberty restored.


Muketet, YOU ARE SAD


Mukete is like a toilet...he is always either full of water no one will dare drink or is full of SHIT. Poor thing.


What is the difference between stealing elections and embezzling public funds? Yet we did not see Gregoire Owona and cohorts came out to march against some of their "comrades" involved in hijacking election for the ruling gang. No one should be fooled by such gimmicks as suporting President Biya and son on.... Cameroonians should sleep with eyes wide-open.
It is not for nothing that the very authoritative Albert Mbida, who is Inspector General in the Ministry of Communication wrote an open letter in "La Detente Libre" Newspaper last week questioning why names of people like Augustine Kontchou Kouomegni, Joseph Owona and Edouard Akame Mfoumou were not in the list circulating as state embezzlers.
Those who have read Niccolo Machiavelli's book "The Prince" should have understood Biya's game plan with this rigmarole.
It is true that the US is very much interested in making Cameroon their focal point in the central African sub region. They (Americans) will want Biya to "disarm" those that could be potential arms poachers, because of their wealth, that could be source for instability after the demise of Paul Biya. By arresting all those gang men, Mr Biya should be shooting at his own legs, so let no oen be fooled. So Mr Biya is playoing on a slippery terrain and walking a tight rope. So not much should be expected.
A few scape goats with no CPDM clout will be arrested and jailed to satisfy external pressure and we will soon be back on sqaure one.
Note that 16 years after the La Baule, Cameroon"s democratization process hasn't progressed any way that much.


More than 90% of all those bringing Cameroon down to its knees and actually killing the economy of the country are former BUSH FALLERS. From president Paul Biya, through almost all the ministers, Governors, District officers, senior divisional officers, Directors, Sub-directors, chair persons of Companies, University Chancellors, and many others who are destroying the economy of the country, more than 90% had lived abroad as BUSH FALLERS before returning home.

And when they were living abroad, they too, used to send pounds, Euros, German Marks, and Dollars to Cameroon. They too used to criticize the government and the degradating business atmosphere in the country. They too used to complain about the mess in Cameroon and presented the government of late president Amadou Ahidjo as inefficient and destructive. They too, used to write volumes about the sad financial and managerial situation in Cameroon, and gave the world the impression that they left the country because the opportunities weren't there. They too gave the impression that their main problem was the giovernment in place. They too gave the impression that they have many business plans and initiatives with them, but when they returned home, they diverted all these original intentions into stealing.

But when they returned to Cameroon and took up positions of responsibilities, they used the seemingly high knowledge they have picked abroad just to play over the intelligence of Cameroonians and to kill the economy. These returned Bush Fallers are those who know better how to steal and export our monies abroad; they know better how to manipulate figures and accounts; they know better how to divert state money from abroad into private foreign accounts; they know how to use big words and financial concepts to deceive the innocent; they know the principles and they know better that the computer gives back only that that which it receives.

Where is the guarantee, therefore, that the current BUSH FALLERS who are shouting in the wilderness abroad will not do the same when they, too, happily, return to Cameroon? Where is the guarantee that these very Bush Fallers who are using this forum to propose solutions that they can not apply, will not also rush to eat state money immediately they return home? Should we merely believe the tons of cry-die they write, when we know that those presently killing the country and its economy were BUSH FALLERS who were crying the same way before retuning home? With the high Computer literacy of the current Bush Fallers, should we not, instead, be afraid of their return? Will they not manipulate the computers and figures better than their uncle Bush Fallers like the Biyas, Owonas, etc. when they are given positions of responsibilities in Cameroon? Will they not know know better how to bite and blow at the same time?

What is the difference between Bush Fallers of yesterday and Bush Fallers of today? What makes the current Bush Fallers harmless? It is no secret that the situations that current Bush Fallers now find themselves abroad is worst than the ones that former Bush Fallers passed through. Who can therefore be the most dangarous thief? A former Bush Faller or a current one?

I have no problem with Bush Fallers, even if it is my patriotic responsibility to refuse my fellow brothers and sisters from becoming SLAVES in another man's land. My main concern here is to let people understand that Bush Fallers do not carry the keys of Cameroon's salvation, and that those who presently kill our country and economy have been experienced Bush Fallers before returning home. So telling the world that they live in the USA, Europe, etc. does not add any credibility to their managerial skills. Instead it sends shock waves through the spines of those who have love for our country - and there is no secret that my country comes first even before myself. True!

I challenge Bush Fallers to give detail description of the business ventures they claim to have in mind. Writing volumes about business and stating that Cameroonians are doing business abroad does NOT give the guarantee that the same Cameroonians would do the same in Cameroon. Success in any venture is strongly influenced by the geographical location of the business. It is not because a Cameroonian has a tomatoe or protitution business in the USA that he will do well in business in Cameroon. People like Fotso and many other billionairs here in Cameroon did not need to start business abroad before becoming what they are today in Cameroon. These are people who started by selling cigarettes in the streets. Do not ask me how many of such people are in Cameroon, because I would ask for the number of Cameroonians doing successful business abroad.

We have Cameroonians based here in Cameroon, who have never been Bush Fallers in their lives, but who are not only doing real business here in Cameroon, but are doing same all over Africa, Europe and even in the USA. I did not need to start business abroad before being blessed to be employing Bush Fallers here in Cameroon.

Please kindly spare us this outdated songs on "Bush Fallers are doing this and that..."




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