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Friday, 03 February 2006


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We have got the experience and everything it takes to entertain the world.
Victory is close,the trophy is ours.Indormitable Lions of Africa remain indormitable.Bravo! Lions of Cameroon.
I predict a tough fight from Ivory coast nevertheless victory will swing our way.


We have to stop dreaming, Ivory Coast will win the match , and you will see it tomorrow. Eto' o talks too much , Drogba and Arouna Dindane are very strong, wait and see


So far, Cameroon seems to have the most complete and consistent squad in this tournament, a fact that doesnot take anything away from experienced squads like Nigeria, Egypt and Senegal.

At this level of the competition, however, other factors like motivation, team work, experience, playing pattern etc may far outweigh skill.

In other words, these other factors play into the hands of other experienced soccer nations like Senegal, Nigeria and Egypt and the Indomitable Lions may have to contend with the fact that she may currently not enjoy a monopoly of these virtues...that at the semifinal and final levels of the competition, she cannot escape meeting these equally great and experienced teams.

I tip Cameroon and Nigeria meeting in the semi-finals and Senegal beating both Guinea and Egypt and making it to the finals. In other words, Cameroon or Nigeria may end up meeting Senegal at the finals which to me would be unfortunate. I would have preferred a Nigeria-Cameroon final.

Cameroon's projected semi-final clash with Nigeria may end up being the finals before the finals and may take away all the fun from the finals.

But soccer sometimes is that way and it would have been great to watch these two great soccer nations represent the continent in Germany. But alas, it is too late.

I salute Cameroon's soccer prowess and the prolific skills of Eto'o. He is Africa's pride and he is the arrowhead on which Cameroon's attack is built. If he is removed, for injury or some other purpose, scoring may pose a problem for the Indomitable Lions unlike the free-scoring Nigerian team that has Mikel Obi, Obafemi Martins, Taiwo and the two old war horses Okocha and Kanu.

So Atur may consider building new strikers to complement Eto'o's skills.

Roki of Shanghai

It's going to be tough. Ivory Coast is not going to be an easy target.Ivory Coast is aware and trust me guys, they are tying their knots now. Cameroon needs to attack and defend perfectly, if not.....well we wait and see.


I hope Cameroon wins. But if we loss, we should not lament much. The reason is simple. We have lost the opportunity to participate at the biggest football tournament because of the gov,t. They have been heady. They sacked the blonde German coach so late. What do they want now?

Paul Biya did not make a statement on the national team at his new year speech. Why? We all know why.

I am just sorry for the palyers, the coach and Cameroonians.

The match will be tough. Although we a strong, we should learn to respect others. I respect the Ivory coast team. Even if we win, we should not make fun of the Ivorians as many people on this forum do.

If we loos, we should not insult our guys, but can criticise their playing style/system. Insulting and criticising are 2 different things.

Let the better side win. If we shall not win the cup, then it would be better we go home at this stage.

I would like Cameroon -Egypt for finals with Cameroon beating thse guys in their house.

linuss c mofor

Anyway,football is a game of 22players with each side having 11players each and the final result determined at the 90th minute of play and proving who is the hero of the day thus the cameroon/ivory coast encounter would not be an easy one but i am wishing that the lions make it so that should they bring the cup at home,it woould atleast calm and console some of us for our non qualifications of the Germany 2006 world cup

Fritzane Kiki

There is no doubt with the lions going home with the trophy.The Ivorians can only reduce Eto'o's goals but not hold us for a win.I bet you Cameroon will trash Ivory Coast 3-0 within the shortest time possible.
I am only pitying those we are to meet in the Semi-and Final matches.

tita espoir

lions would silence this guys like children.the coach is a tactician and hopefully would come up with a game plan and strategy to destroy the ivorians.i promise u guys ivory coast would be beaten like children.allez les lions,le nation sont devant vous.

The Anti-French

The Lions have been sent packing.
Let the people of la Republique go back to their daily suffering and corrupt and incompetent governance

Long Live a Free and Independent Cote d'Ivoire.
Long Live a Free and Independent Southern Cameroons.



The Lions of Africa, the Best Team in Africa and the Patriots have lost against the very fortunate Ivoirians.
Patriot Samuel ETOE, you lost a Penalty but brother you are still the Best in Africa.
You and your Comrades are True Sons of Cameroon!
We applaud and respect you!

Ennemies of our People can rejoice!



Roki of Shanghai

I'm glad it was Eto'o Fils who lost this penalty. One side had to lose and unfortunately, it was Cameroon. If it was some other person, the person would have been in deep shit now. Thank God it was Eto'o, easy to forgive because of the efforts he put in at the begining of the tournament. It was a tight match and happened. Let Eto'o peacefully go back to Barcelona and keep on raising our flag.Our team is still the best in Africa that's for sure.I guess Wome smiled wherever he was at that time.He had a reason to.


Some of you should stop fooling yourself that cameroon is the best time in Afirica. The best team that can't qualify to play the semi finals of the CAN? The best team that can not qualify for the world cup? We should always accept defeat and also feel how it is to be defeated. Point of correction, Cameroon use to be the best team in Africa and it is no more. I understand that we are struggling to console ourselves. Ivory Coast simply proof that they deserve to have qualify for the world cup.


with a little bit of luck we could qualify.However, we are still at the least, a better team in Africa not the worse,best nor the worst.
A crucial mistake on the part of goal-Keeping was glaring.We are not grounded but should learn to accept defeat and prepared to do better at next opportunity.Hope what befall Wome Blemn should not with Samuel Etoo.
Good entertainment for the Cameroon side so far.

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