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Monday, 27 February 2006


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To those who have, more will be given onto them. To those who lack, more will be taken away from them. In fact, all what the holy scripture preaches do take place today.

Among all the people of Ossing, it is only GENERAL Tataw who can replace the late Chief Arrey. What a mockery of chieftaincy in Ossing! On reading this article I was shocked beyond all reasonable doubts to learn that Genearl Tataw is from Ossing. This is because my visit to this semi- village gives me the impression that it has no important sons or daughters in high positions. What has General Tataw done for Ossing? Why has Ossing continued to remain stagnant, with all its children either haoppily living in the cities in Cameroon or using all means to fall bush? What has General Tataw done to raise the standard of living of Ossing people?

The only good thing about Ossing is that Ossing people give a good image of their semi-village just by talking big about it. These are people who become excited once they see the realities of development in other places. Excited and drunk with what they see in other civilized and developed places they never expected to step foot on, they start planning to build massions and buisinesses through their mouths. They make the loudness noise while their village remains stagnant. They are contented with life elsewhere than thinking about their village.

The first time I visited Ossing and the other semi-village, Bakebe, my heart was actually struggling to jump out of my body. I couldn't believe what I saw. They continue to be dead places, with the inhabitants living the same way abandoned pygmees in the east do. Tima Tabong is ruling Bakebe right from abroad! And the way he was made chief of this "small London" is still doubtful!

I know Ossing people will want to climb on me for writing all this about their "civilized and industrialized" city, but as they scream for my blood, they should do readers justice by honestly addressing the following issues of importance:

1) I have stated in this very forum that in the Banyangi lands, chieftaincy has been cheapened, with almost everyone becoming a chief. Is becoming a chief something heriditary in the Banyangi land? If yes, then how is General Tataw related to the late Chief Arrey?

And even if General Tataw has blood relationship to the late Chief Arrey - as some would have us to digest-, is he the closest blood relative to take over the throne? And even if he is among the closest, what "traditional or culrural criteria" was used to select him?

2) Is General Tataw picked to be the Chief of Ossing because of some of his works? If yes, I would like this forum to know the good works that General Tataw has been doing for Ossing since when he was serving in the Nigerian Army through all the decades that he has been holding important offices in the Cameroonian Army. This is a man who has been living on huge BUDGETS from the Republic of Cameroon. Alone, General Tataw has the means to tar all the tiny streets in Ossing; to build a hospital and Institutions of learning.

3)Since General Tataw left the village and became an Army officer in the Nigerian Army, can we know how many times he has actually slept in Ossing? I am not talking about Mamfe.

4) Some villages do give traditional titles to elites who have shown some bravery - not making them chiefs. Even here, what courage and bravery has General Tataw shown ever since he was nominated General in the Camerioonian Army? Even during the April coup in Yaounde - the most difficult war General Tataw might have experienced in Cameroon- no one knew about his whereabout. While other military officers were either fighting to kick Biya out or to keep him in power, General Tataw was hidding.

5.What has General Tataw done to free Bakassi from Nigeria? What is his stand on the plight of Anglophone. This is one of the many Anglophones who have been made slaves with money and positions.

6. When a General in the Army talks, the president takes it very seriously. In what ways has General Tataw pressed on Paul Biya and the Government to help tar the roads leading to Manyu division? While his people from other parts of the South West province are passing through Nigeria to go to the Many division, General Tataw is busy accumulating riches from the government, without complaining about the plight of his people. What little concern has he shown on this most important plight of the Manyu man?

I wouldn't be the one to inform the world that people actually buy chieftaincy in the Banyangi land. If not of always wanting tio accumulate riches and preventing younger people from replacing them, then what is General Tataw - at his age - still doing in Yaounde? Couldn't General Tataw have realized that it was high time for him to return to his village and help develop it as people like Pa Foncha and Muna were doing? Couldn't he have learned from the shameful fact that E. T. Egbe died in Yaounde while eating from remains on the tables of Paul Biya?

I know most of these selfish people only think of their villages - their resting places- only when they are quarter to go. Exhausted by the atmosphere and life in Yaounde, General Tataw is now looking forward to enjoying the life in the village.

In the North West, Western and Northern provinces, Chieftaincy is not a matter of money or the position one holds in government. It is determined by blood.

It is sad for the Ossing village to go so low. They are now preparing to feast, just like hungry people. And General Tataw will provide the food and drinks! But as they feast, I expect the educated Ossing people to come out and question the rational in making General Tataw the Chief of all Ossing people. It would never be washing their dirty linens in public, but trying to wipe out any future shocks that their village may go through one day.

It is a pity!


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