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Monday, 27 February 2006


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Leonard you have no reason to complaint about your job right now, because before you decided to take on that job, you knew exactly what you were getting into and what was expected of you so don't complaint. Leonard Please, next time try to look more feminine because I almost thought you were a man.(may be a good hair style or ear rings will do the job) If not,for the fact that the article kept reffering to you as a "SHE". Next time, do the girls on this forum a favor by giving the post a better picture for your article.(no offense, just an advice)



Did I miss something in the article? Where did she complain about her job? She said "Hard times and courage pushed me into the forest guard profession. But I seem to be ENJOYING it already." She talked of the challenges she faces in her job but I didn't hear her complain.

The world is a tough arena and it's even tougher there in the forest. As a forest guard, one's life is in constant danger from the hardened poachers who consider the guards as an impediment to their trade and livelihood. It is therefore necessary for the guards, men, but especially women to be tough and look tough in order to avoid being intimidated by the poachers who are men for the most part.

Besides let me remind you that some professions have strict dress codes and I'm sure that hers must be what is required of the guards. It is so easy for you and I to sit in our cozy room in some foreign country and criticize our brothers and sisters back at home because of how they look or dress up. I may be wrong, but from your comment, one can only deduce that you have such a barren heart with no compassion for other people, probably as a result of never having fended for yourself. You were spared the hard pangs of this life but please understand that not everyone is that lucky.

At 29, this couragious African queen, must have shunned the prospect of moving to the city to "sell" her body for a few CFA. A mother of one(after having lost another), I think her job is quite a dignified way of providing for her family!

Kudos!Leonad Berline, you're my true heroine.


Well said from Randy about Beri,

I just can't figure out how certain people find it so easy to critize others(I am adressing Beri). I think the courage of people like Leonad should be praised. Especially the fact that she does not back away from life hardships despite her sex to earn her living honestly even if involves doing a job said to be destined to men.
She is an example to many.
And besides she did not even complain of anything (though I believe she could rightfully have). Life is a battle, Maybe you got it easy Mr or Mrs Beri,and understand that no matter how Miss pretty and feminine I assume you would be(supposing you are a female person which probably the case is when considering your talk), the beauty of a woman comes predominantly from her bravery and heart simplicity. Don't just sit there and utter jibes unknowingly. It makes you look ridiculous.


Randy and Sylvain, I think you two got it all wrong. Telling some one to make up so that their real sex could be recognized is not criticism. I prefer to let someone correct what is wrong with them than talk behind their backs. Believe me or not if Leonard happens to read my article next time she wants to post an article, she will look much better than what she does now in the above article. Thanks to me if she does that some day, which I am very optimistic she will if she happens to read my posting. Randy you seemed to have bought may idea if not everything about it, because you said, Professions have strict dress codes. The statement tells me that you also saw something wrong with it before trying to remind me about the issue of a “dress codes.” Beside, Randy let me remain you, I have had female relatives and friends in the armed force and other jobs similar to what Leonard is doing but they always try to keep up not to let themselves get carried away by their jobs. Remember they also have dress codes as Leonard does. Point of correction Randy I don’t have a barren heart as you mentioned, I am just trying to be realistic. You also mention compassion for her. Wait a second, I’m I suppose to be compassionate for some one who chooses her way of life. Come on now, get real. She was never forced into the job she willingly accepted the job so if you want to feel for her do it single handedly don’t involve me or others.
As for you Sylvain I don’t know where you got your ideology from, to come up with the conclusion that a “woman’s beauty comes predominantly from her bravery”. You may want to go out again for another survey because that Ideology is wrong. A note of reminder, correcting someone does not make me look ridiculous. Rather, it helps build a good and conscious society. (Hi guys remember I didn’t mean any offense I apologize if it offended you, get over it.)


Hi Beri,

Thank you for saying my mind.

Girls like these're the kind of Cameroonians we want. Every profession's a noble one. It's better to struggle and fend for yourself this way than going about oppening one's legs for money.

Common guys! Encourage these girls. I love them very much.

Son Of Ako - LSE, lONDON


Hi Netizens,
I thought Leona(r)d, is a masculine name. Like Beri said, you can easily take the person on the photo for a man.
Now I know she is a lady. Fine.
Make up only makes a naturally beautiful lady more desireable. It can proof very tricky on a not so endowed woman. Anyway, she is doing a great job which she chosed to. I hope she will be provided with the necessary logistics and assistant to be the best. Also it beggars believe how these ministers in Cameroon feel when they know fully well that they have place people in positions of responsibility but fail to provide their salaries. Donot be surprised to find this same lady making a livelihood in poaching after some time without pay. Mr minister, you don't just inaugurate workers and abandone them to fend for themselves. Please, she has also got a family to look after. Make the right decision now and allocate money for their pay.


Hi Beri,
How do u expect her to dress well and look nice while she is working in the forest,maybe is her own way of dressing,like u do have ur own way,maybe she don't have,must somebody has to dress well before presenting herself?she looks beautiful to me,she is naturally made,without makeups,i think life is easy without makeups,she knows why she dress that way.
Thank u Randy and Sylvain,keeping this girl in her place,she deserves it.

Bar Tita

Seems many people are only interested in her dressing forgetting one bad thing that she said.She was alreading demanding for a gun.What for??? To chase animals or to chase the poachers.Perhaps,she wants to take a further step since payment is not flowing.If police can now use their guns for arm rubbering and for gunning down their fellow country men,will the above(boy)girl excempted??If not why ask for a gun??
Well,a corrupted system will always remain corrupt.Since it is from above and not below.Cameroonians watch out.
Thanks ...Loverboy.

Bar Tita

Seems many people are only interested in her dressing forgetting one bad thing that she said.She was alreading demanding for a gun.What for??? To chase animals or to chase the poachers.Perhaps,she wants to take a further step since payment is not flowing.If police can now use their guns for arm rubbering and for gunning down their fellow country men,will the above(boy)girl excempted??If not why ask for a gun??
Well,a corrupted system will always remain corrupt.Since it is from above and not below.Cameroonians watch out.
Thanks ...Loverboy.


I think you should go back to Berline's mail and read it over again.She looks masculine because she has no earrings on and no hair.YES, this is because she lost her child.We are Africans remember? Those are the characteristics of a mother mourning the loss of her beloved child.


Caroline before I say anything, I will want to spare giving you some nasty words because you have my name. For your information I have read the article more than you think I have. You misunderstood the phrase in the article which talked about the lost of Leonard’s child. In the article, they are trying to let the readers know that Leonard had two kids but lost one of them, not that she lost a child within that time period. Caroline, a mourning mother will not talk to the press about her job during her mourning period. May be you will, but many will not. Something like a (dress code) might convince me, not a lay point like yours. Hi Caroline next time do me a favor, to read an article between the lines before you attempt to interpret it to someone else. Thank you.


Beri, i thought you were a man if not for caroline's write-up. YOU CAUSE ME PAIN BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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