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Sunday, 19 February 2006


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Hello Dear Readers of this Favorite article.I give appraisals to Mr.Kamgang for his piece of work and the analysis he has made so far about our beloved country,Cameroon.
Infact he has said it all.France is responsible for all our problems in that country.If France leaves us alone,Cameroon will go ahead,Cameroon will develop within the shortest possible time,infrastructural wise and otherwise. France is a very poor country and is responsible for underdevelopping Africa, especially Francophone Africa. The problem has been diagnoised,France!!!!!. LETS FACE IT OUT. Please they should leave us alone.It is Clear ALL OUR TIMBER/OIL HAS GONE TO FRANCE.
Hence we should be able to effect all those policies outlined by Kamgang. Having our own currency peged to a reasonable currency like the US dollars, will make our country grow faster.We should be able to identify our own priority projects.Develop our infrastructures both public and private. Encourage inverstors,by creating a condusive climate for foreign inverstors and... improve on security and punish defualters. Reduce TAXES,AND INCREASE SALARIES.This will curb corruption that exist at some levels of the public service.There should be also be checks and balances in the public sector and in the private sector as well. This will make Cameroon move ahead; but will remain on the same spot if the measure outline by Kamgnag are not implemented,and go into effect as soon as possible.
Shame to the Government of Cameroon: Paul Biya and Co. Big book for nothing.

NB: Cameroon was one of the countries that was giving aid to China a decade ago but China has grown overnight and the reverse is true.Is it that the Chinese are more intelligent than Cameroonian or what? Or they are better economist/managers than Cameroonians?
Cameroon should embark on scientific research.Put more more money (rather than paying huge sums of money to the army as salaries and bonus,) into this sector develop its infrastructure and then security. Create jobs. Organise her transport system and a host of others.

Food for taught Biya and Co!!

Hilary Awo o ndole

Indeed Kamgang has shot the bull's eye. You are not far from the truth. A total cancellation of Cameroon's debt without taking her economy out of the french grip is like giving her a basket to go and fetch water.
What do we need that can only be provided by France who cannot help herself?
They are scraping our economy to the bones,commiting alll sort of attrocities through the instrumentality of unscupolous french companies;GETMA,SGS,to name these two at the port of Douala, and diabolic politicians(BIYA and his Gangsters, as well as some opposition leaders who are cropping up) In a country where milk and honey flows the whole place is sheltered by misery. especially regions like The Grand west which the french has scoached through the Biya regime thus rendering it useless and hopeless.
Its high time for Cameroonians to start thinking of other measures that will help them take the country out of the economic doldrum,rather than hinging on the false belief that debt cancellation will be the solution.
May God bless Cameroon.


Good comments!!! should we talk like any other person and sit behind without sacrifising . IF we most succeed in anyway we most act. All the comments without proposals to move forward are all in vain.
Mr. Kamga has given the prognosis we need the medicament for the disease to get healed
rather than congratulating him let us give further contributions on how we can get forward from our stagnant position.
I propose civil strive and a seat down strike

Dr A A Agbormbai

With all the brains that Cameroon has it is certainly time that the country begins to take its economic matters into its own hands. The country should have able economists who can manage its monetary policies independent of France.

One cannot grow if one would not accept to bear one's own risks. So it is time that Cameroon begins to bear the economic risks that come with departing from the economic alliance with France and handling its own monetary policies.

This risk exposure will test Cameroon's economic mettle but it will allow its economists to come of age. At first, it would be like a child learning to stand. But we all know what happens with the child in later years, as, with experience, it develops into an adult.

Yes, it is time that Cameroon has its own currency! It is time for Mr. Biya to act.

dango tumma

kamga like many francophgone educated
fallouts, sees the goodness and benefit of the anglosaxon economic and political
layout , but stop shut in telling his brothers, that this is the way the whole
operates, apart from the french and their colonies in africa. as such all things became connected, by seeing the whole picture, things like monetary policy, are linked to freedom of choice of government, education, transparency and
democracy. as such the politcal. grillock
of the freedom and independence of 6,5 million southern cameroonians , cannot be
said to be omitted, as this territory never was and neveer will be part of a french colony, as such ,no economic properity without political freedom and democracy. this one starts with camerounese themselves and not france,
for no one will fly to paris and drop a nuclear missile on elysee to get chiracs attention, but paul biya, if he thinks right can call all his gerdames back home to french cameroun, and the southern cameroons can run their country their way.

Hilary awoo ndole

It is often said "gone are those days when God use to fight for others" as he did to the the israelites, but i think with Cameroon's problem this will happen. Biya is now writing the last chapter of his rigime eventhough with blood. He will never fight age. He is now a human vegitable. It is often said beside age everything that goes up must come down. The logic of age will apply and after this, if cameroonians don't fight it out then there will never come out of their crisis.


Sound Keynesian display there by the authur,surely if Cameroon must survive we must be ready for all odds.The Keynesian phylosophy holds true in Countries which have reach a given level of industrial openess and political maturity.This is a country that is ready and freely response to structural changes.However my opinion does not differ from what is said, but at least to be more practical, Cameroon will need to undergo more than just structural changes, to changes in mind sets.The popular development adage says that, there can be no major development without a revolution,yes only in such a case will it be possible to angrilly tell those perpertuators of Cameroon's poverty the truth,so shall it be possible to distabilise the charms and fictitious means some of our african bad administrators use.Infact the bitter truth is that, if we are ready for the best in the future we must fight to extremes in the present,we must at times give chances to violent check ups.This I mean will be verified even if we refute it, because of our love for peace.To be comparatively sure we will come to realise that all the countries that enjoy glory today have once taste a revolution: think of South Africa, USA, Germany, Japan, near by Gongo,et al,

Time to reluctantly embrass reality and stop controling the inevitable, otherwise HIPC will be another melting pot for our suffering in a shortrun yet sowing endless poverty for posterity.

Let this be the words of today Economist in but be keen and wait see it happen like a prophecy by you shortly.

Che Sunday (Dr.)

"Kamgang holds that such economic measures could only be possible if Cameroon gains its second independence, creates its own currency by denouncing Francs CFA, and scorning all monetary conventions it has signed with France."
In a recent post, I touched on this currency issue. For those interested in exploring this issue, please read the abstract of this dissertation, "The socio-Economic Impacts of Membership in a Common Currency Union:Sub-Saharan Africa and the CFA Franc-The Case of Cameroon. You will find the first 35 pages in Universty Microfische inc. (UMI) database, on dissertations on Cameroon. Without cutting off its umbilical cord of the culture of dependency from France, all CFA countries will continue to wallow in economic duldrums. Ahidjo succeeded in creating a foreign reserve surplus by refusing to allow the French Treasury lay its hands on oil revenues. He created a separate account for it. Well, we all know what happened later.


CAADIM applauds all Patriot Cameroonian on this Forum.
We appreciate your ideas to make our Country a Better Place to live for our Children.
English and French Speaking Cameroonians, together we shall over come indeed...
Together, we will build a peaceful, democratic and prosperous Country in Africa.
It is just a matter of time...


neba funiba

Addendum to the last Comment.

Dr. Che Sunday, you are correct--during Mitterand's last visit to Cameroon (I believe in the very early 1980s) he was very furious that Ahidjo banked SONARA funds in the US and not in France and was equally angry that Ahidjo had authorized American Banks to operate in Cameroon. In fact Mitterand had a compendium of complains including the fact that Pectin, a US Oil Company, was even operating in Cameroon instead of ELF Serepca at-large. When the Lion Man took over, Pectin's presence in the Oil business in Cameroon reduced in favor of ELF. Of course we all know what happened after that--both Mitterand and Chirac, and the Lion Man are embrioled in the ELF Oil scandal with huge sums of money deposited in Switzerland and the Cayman Island.


Razel is doing us more harm than good. They grade roads and they are bad under a year. just look at the roads in kumba. France must go, france must go

dango tumma


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