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Sunday, 19 February 2006


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Quack doctors can only be effectively out of the corrupt and money minded CPDM regime and its sponsors france are completely out. They are the brain behind the existance of such quack doctors.

Ambu Bag

First of all Cameroon `s Paul Administration is quack.The government of Cameroon does not employ Doctors any more and the number of Nurses coming out of Nursing schools have dropped because they will not be employed.I think the quack Doctors are doing a great job.They are atleast treating minor ailments.


Who is a quack doctor and who is not in Cameroon? More than 90% of the doctors in this filty country are quack beginning with those trained in CUSS and working in public hospitals. Medecine in Cameroon has become a practice like traditional doctors do - everything has been reduced to talking and doing nothing. For a country that has a very high death rate, we need to do something and first thing is that the government, instead of embezzling and only embezzling should equip the hospitals. We die because our diseases are never dignnosed on time. We die because the doctors don't know what do do - they are ignorant. They cure patients by luck and not based on the illnesses they have. Medecine has become a gamble. They gamble with people's lives. How many doctors in Cameroon even know how to interprete a simple X ray? How many X ray specialists do we have in Cameroon? I am talking about something with is no longer in used today - the X ray. How many doctors have ever seen a CITI, not to mention an MRI? How many hospitals are even equiped with common equipment like an ecography?
For heaven's sake, what medecine are we talking about in Cameroon?

andre Fokam

Mr. Ateba
i think it is unfair to call CUSS doctors quacks! you have probably never taken a class in Cuss and you are probably not aware of the curriculum of that school!
the lack of operating equipment doesn't neccessarily make a Doctor a quack. the quality of a doctor is primarily his insight, his ability to learn and adapt, his personalty and his knowledge load.
in 20 years when the MRI and CITI will be outdated, will you call todays western doctors quacks? Many African Doctors who happen to move to the western world and discover new technologies for the first time are very fast to adapt and become better than the western doctors because after being equal on the ground of technology, they have a superior basic sciences knowledge! i say that because i am talking about myself.
our health care system is in a mess, that is what need to be targeted, not the doctors!
no western doctors can work in the kind of environment african doctors perform miracles.

Andre Fokam

Enow M .E.

Quack doctors are alternatives to the poor who can not affort it where we have few professionals, and few medical equipments.

Quack docs only want to survive....and their patient as well.They are not a problem likewise the professionals.

The problems of our dear motherland is cause by our greedy leaders.
***I FEEL SAD AS A CAMEROONIAN.We've got resources more than some Werstern country who are living better.


"I think the quack Doctors are doing a great job," according to Ambu Bag. Ignorance truly is bliss! A typical comment from a typical Post contributor...irresponsible, senseless and utterly ignorant, but typical.

In North American studying medicine, after an undergraduate degree, takes 4 years. That is, a minimum of 8 years of university-based education. In the United Kingdom it is 5-6 years of undergraduate work, after A Levels. After undergraduate education, there is 1-2 years as an intern (essentially, working under close supervision from experienced doctors without full medical registration as a doctor). In the Anglo-American system, therefore, it takes 8-10 years of medical education AFTER your A levels to even be eligible for applying for a specialisation programme. Then, depending on the specialty chosen, in the American system, the duration ranges from 3-4 years (for Family Medicine or Internal Medicine) to 5-6 years for most surgical specialties. In the United Kingdom, specialisation ranges from 4-5 years in General Practice (Family Medicine in the US)to 6-10 years for most hospital-based specialties. So, it takes on average approximately 15-20 years, after your A-levels for an average doctor to be registered as a specialist in the United Kingdom or North America. Some doctors are interested in sub-specialisation, and therefore need to do a 1-2 year fellowship in a specific area/disease/surgical technique etc. This amounts to fifteen to twenty years of competitive exams throughout, with tough on the job appraisal by senior doctors...your promotion depends on both and your professional integrity is part of this appraisal process.

Maybe these Europeans and North Americans are just stupid, according to Ambu Bag...maybe we have found a "better" way of training doctors in Cameroon who don't need to waste time with all this education. Or, maybe the Cameroonian life is just cheaper. It must be one or the other of these two possiblities on which ignorant contributors to this forum base their flippant remarks.

Ambu Bag

TO mr Dadiceman;
I hate to debate with immatured IQs like you.Where did you study? you say i am ignorant saying the ``quack doctors `` are doing a great job? You think the quality of education is based on the number of years spent in school?Do you know what the MD in britain and US study for those years? An average high school graduate in Cameroon will have a tough time at CUSS but an average high school graduate in Cameroon will sail through the medical schools in the US pretty easy.I do not know Britain but i know the US where i study.I still comment the quack Doctors in Cameroon for doing their part to keep most ailments in check.Do you know trained western surgeons who have killed patients in Cameroon unnoticed?The problem is equipments not lack of knowledge.
I have worked with MD from Russia US and Britain in Cameroon but some of the greatest dumps are those trained``abroad``.If you did not know ,now you know.So shut up.
Ambu Bag


Yeah, CUSS is the best medical school in the world, and its graduates are the best doctors in the world! As I said, ignorance truly is bliss.


Ambu Bag is funny, with the defensiveness of a person who has not had the opportunity to travel with an open mind, very defensive of his Cameroon. An open minded visit to an African country with a better developed health care system would likely make him change his mind or this could just be internet "njakri"

Ambu Bag

I am not defending a system that is dying but i am defending the quality of CUSS trained MD.If we call them quacks then all the graduates from all universities in Cameroon are quack.Alot of Cameroon trained MD have been licensed in the US.DO NOT DEBATE YOUR EMPTY SKULL WITH ME.I did not say Cameroon has the best you cannot be that mean saying i said it is the best.Watch your ideas.
Ambu BAG

Ambu Bag

To Atim
We can only develop if we use are values and not sit in New York watching planes fly and preparing to go and stand guard or clean``shit`.It is good to be open minded but if open mindedness to you is accepting the western values and ideas as the best then i am sorry.

Ambu Bag

Atim do not call me internet ``njakri``.In the western world you may be the ``njakri`` yourself.I just put forward facts that are real.The health care system is bad but we do have well trained medical staff who simply lack the equiptment and the encouragement to do the job.We should not term them quack as if we are any thing better.Do not admire the Hospital buildings in the US and Britain .Go in and see what the Nurses and Doctors are doing come out and call me internet njakri.

A P Geofrey

Quack doctors or not the medical sectore is has failed and if the doctors are part of the midical system then in the same token they have failed too.

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