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Monday, 27 February 2006


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I have nothing against sanctioning members who carry out anti-party policies. All those who try to disrupt the progresds of the party should be rightly fired.

But why are you so tough on these guys and so weak on mounting pressure on Biya? You should use this energy you claim to possess to make Biya feel the heat.

You are sleepng when it comes to challenging Biya.


This criminals (disguising to be oppositions of the SDF), whose sole objective is to disrupt the SCNC struggle. They will have to account for their actions as anglophones when we get our independence soon.



Forget Hitler dictator Fru Ndi this man is using all his widow's might to pull some few left with him, Truly Hitler Dictator Fru Ndi will soon get back his real name when .....he days are numbered.

Why can a man not see the facts on the wall.How does he intend to go beyond all this,wounders shall never end.



Frustrated Fru Ndi, you are worth the trash cane now.People respected you in those days but now you must go or get back to zero point.SDF Bamenda party.I don talk wona go die

Tumasang Nwana Paul

It is unbelievable to note that after years of intensive struggle people with doubtful credentials have ruined the vision of the party.If the Chairman is not foresighted enough to notice over the years that cronies like Mbah Ndam and Yoyo have made nonsense of his legacy then I wonder if he will have the vision to do anything good for the country.People talk of Prof Ngwasiri been fired from his ward,and the decision confirmed by NEC,what happened to Mbah Ndam when he was fired in in the late nineties or does he think people have forgotten that his ward fired him because of his dubious relations with the regime?Of course the mafia around the Chairman overturned this.The same Mbah Ndam committed a monumental gaffe by using SDF MPs to vote for the CPDM in parliament when scars were still fresh from the vicious battles in the field and the massive rigging of the ruling party.Nothing was done to him, the same gentleman called Mbah Ndam, auctioned the parliamentary seat of Balikumbat to Fon Doh,by deliberately destroying the case the SDF had prepared against him.His incompetence both in and out out of parliament,this is a gentleman accused by fellow MPs of leaking strategies in the Assembly to the CPDM,it is this gentlemaen who ridiculed the SDF by exhibiting gross incompetence in the conduct of the trial of the former SG,Mbah Ndam is well known for his liasons with the CPDM yet he is the closest confidante of the Chairman.With the likes of Yoyo,Mbah Ndam ,Tebo ,Mbami etc manipulating the Chairman ,an opportunity for the SDF to rule Cameroon now will be a disater of enormous proportions.The present leadership of the SDF either gives way or may as well forget any hopes of ever ruling Cameroon,afterall the gentlemen cited above have been lining their pockets for years in anticipation of the dreaded rainy day which is close at hand.The struggle must continue but it must be admitted that the present leadership of the SDF has been a total disgrace and a dismal failure


Hey anti-SDF crusaders!

I feel ashamed when guys portray their negligence, and tribalism on forums such as this - terming a particular party "Bamenda party". That's too poor of us.

The Chieftain cum system of the frontline opposition party in our great country which you abuse so casually is the very reason behind the existence of "democracy" in our country - It is a system that has sounded it's whistle when the head of state or any other defaulter goes out of bounds - a system that has forced corrupt officials including Biya toe the line which I'm certain wouldn't have been the case today. Methinks the only reason why you can afford to lie back and insult the loyalties and allegiances of the present day staggering SDF is because this particular system and it's Chieftain has financed the idleness of your country's democracy for 15 years. Despite all your fashionable squalor, your inverted snobbery and your socialist affections, you're still no more than a gentleman of leisure, which, I'm afraid, is a phenomenon typical of the last millenia. I bet that Ni John Fru Ndi and SDF's present circumstances in no way reflect badly the things they hold dear. Yours, unfortunately, do. The only criticism I can make of the system you despise is that it's capable of producing intolerable ingrates such as Nguasiri....and yourself. Despite that I'd be grateful should you show a lil more respect for the values of the strongest opposition party in your country, however eccentric they may appear to your now enlightened mind.

I'm sorry if I may have over-reacted. I felt I was handling the situation calmly. I guess my conscience's clear. Cameroon expects everyone to do their duty. Thank God I've done mine.

Keep thinking gentlemen.

Twisted-thinking forehead - Son Of Ako. London School Of Economics And Political Science.



When our fingers point at someone, let's bring proofs to fish them out.



Hey Akoson, congrats, I wonder what these guys are really out for. They now say Mbah Ndam, Yoyo, Tebo & Mbami are manupulating the chairman. WONDERS SHALL NEVER END. The leave the real enemies(Ngwasiri & co) who are doing everything to split and ruin the our great, all the see is Fru Ndi. Keep teaching them, especially the other coconut-head call Vally besides you there in England. Try to teach him!

Long Live Chairman
Long live the SDF


Na you go die castrated corna, cornel or whatever. I can begin to name you guys. I did remind yourself moron partner and you now the impending crash that awaits your unholy and dry lips. Get in touch with Don man so you can perish together on the day of social and political reckoning. Bamenda is the peace maker, Your guardian Angel but will spill fire on the likes of you if you don't shot off your maggot infested lips. You look trouble we give you double.

Fon Lawrence

I have said it repeatedly on this forum that those who have not seen even one good thing in the leader the only opposition party in our country are CPDM agents sponsored to destroy the SDF.They have no membership of the SDF.You can see it from their write ups.To them,Ngwasiri hiring thugs to disrupt an SDF meeting is the way forward.Shame to them.Non of them has seen anything bad in Ngwasiri´s action.
To them any body who supports Fru Ndi is a thief.You only sit on the computer and write rubish,why did you not go to Douala to take over the duty of the thugs who surrendered?
We the youths,hopefully are the leaders of tomorrow and should use this forum to show that we can take responsibility.If we claim that we are members of the SDF and that our interest is to see the SDF grow stronger,we should be able to give a balance judgement of what is going on in the SDF.We should critise contructively and give suggestions where need be.
I am alterly bewildered at the irresposibility of some of us towards the struggle for democracy in Cameroon.
One point is very clear,Fru Ndi is not still popular as he was in the 90s but he remains the most popular in the SDF at the moment.The prophets of doom should believe this fact or not.



I have been shocked and surprised that since the Nigerian government declared that there were cases of the bird flu virus on its territory(particularly in Northern Nigeria),the Cameroonian government,the press,the Cameroonian people and particularly those in the diaspora and who I believe contribute most to this forum are keeping a deadly silence about an issue that has taken international proportions.Or is it gross negligence,ignorance?I learned from RTBF,a Belgian TV channel that cases of the bird flu virus were detected in Niger and Kenya and it is suspected that many other subsaharan African countries might have been affected.
The bird flu virus is a disease that is transmitted from wild birds which on seasonal migration from continent to continent.When these infected birds come in contact with domestic birds(poultry fowls;hens,cocks,ducks etc),they pass on the virus to these domestic birds.Symptoms of the virus in domestic birds can be seen when these birds get dehydrated quickly,general weakness,a sticky tongue an after a few days the animal dies.
Now,where do humans come in?When we manipulate such animals without taking the basic precautions such as wearing masks and protective gloves or even disinfecting areas where these animals are kept as well as quarantining them,we run the risk of being infected.The symptoms in humans are high fevers comparable only to that of Ebola victims,general weaknesses,running noses and general dehydration.Though many people who have been infected have been treated,cases of death as a result of the virus have been registered particularly in China and Indonesia.Children particularly in Africa are most vulnerable.Scientist say that for now the disease can be treated but soon the virus will become resistant.The disease itself doesnot have a treatment as such;thus patients are only treated for the particular symptoms they suffer from.The Belgian Minister for Health expressed his fears that the virus will become more deadly when it will start resisting the present treatments which are just temporary.He even claimed that the world may have to face another epidemic of the likes of AIDS.All the countries within the European Union have been affected with recent cases found in Germany and France.From 1st March all domestic birds in Belgium will be quarantined.The situation is worsened by the fact that Spring is on the way,and the birds which had migrated to Africa during the winter will start heading north.This has brought a plummeting effect on the sales of chicken as sales have greatly dropped.It should be noted that the consumption of chicken that has been affected does transmit the disease.
Who knows the extent to which the birds have 'dropped their deadly baggage'on that poor continent?.Immediately,I heard about the case in Nigeria,I immediately went to task to hear what our government and press have got to say,but to my greatest chagrin, I have not heard nor read a word any where on a pandemic that is hitting headlines all over the world.Governments have suddenly realised that their policies on the prevention of epidemics have been greatly challenged for example in France.How is the Cameroonian government planning to tackle the situation in case of an eventual out break in the pandemic?We spend time on this forum discussing barren and stale political issues which shall never be heeded to.Meanwhile our people's are under a potential and deadly threat.



It's rdiculous that Ngwasiri and co used money to bribe thugs to disrupt a NEC meeting.If this is what the learned proffessor has been crusading for then it is very unfortunate.I thought the professor was out to rescue the sdf from trouble? If he is using the same tactics the cpdm has used to accomplish its mission then how is he different from the Biya the sdf has been fighting for close to fifteen years? Do you change the image of the party by indulging in corruption? This gentleman should be arrested and thrown to jail at Kondegue.Afterall, he will meet his other comrades from the cpdm.The time is fast running out for these crooks be they from the sdf or the cpdm.The Mendanke people have not had a single project realised by this honourable gentleman for the number of years he has been in Parliament.Can he account for the micro project money in his keeping for the past years? If he cannot be a responsible MP how on earth can he run a party like the sdf? The sdf party has problems but its militants have to watch out for these wolves.He does not have the party but his selfish egoistic interest at heart.Cameroonians have grown to political maturity and should not be taken for granted by whoever.Big titles do not govern a country nor a party.If that were to be the case the cpdm would not have any problem.The greatest interllectuals in Cameroon are found in that party.Its twenty-seven years in power have been characterised by corruption amd mismanagement of state resources.Do we say the interllectuals have failed Cameroon? Maybe Proffessor Ngwasiri needs to think twice.Mr Proffessor, convince the people thAT you have a mission in the sdf and stop indulging in nasty and dirty politics.The population is intelligent enough to make a distinction.


Hi Rose,

You've done me proud by reasoning well.

It wouldn't be unneccessary to appreciate your fine comments. We know true patriotic Cameroonians in this forum.

You've not been very regular but I always do read your piece with all joy and concentration when you surface. I've been very particular about your presentation here not because our ideas are not parallel but cos I guess you're a formidable woman - surviving in a man's world.

If women like you were given a say in decision making, I bet things'll never be thesame again. Name your price!

I'm coming.

Son Of Ako - LSE.


Shame on you Ngwashiri!Shame on you! I thought you were a learned professor of knowlegde.Little did I know you were a professor of thugs.How can a professor resort to using thugs to overthrow a local bookseller.My dear Professor,let me remind you that leadership and qualification have little or nothing in common.All you have to do to be able to lead is first of all be able to reach the hearts of the people you want to lead.The real battle for leadership begins at the bottom not at the top.Go to the field first and win the hearts of the ordinary Cameroonian and you will find yourself at the top.Even if you use these your crude methods and get to the top, you will have atmost 10 supporters and the thugs you are using.NGWASHIRI,YOU DON'T HAVE THE QUALITIES OF A LEADER AND YOU CAN NEVER LEAD.The sooner you know that the better.
As for Fru Ndi,let him know that Cameroonians gave him their hearts and their blood for genuine change in Cameroon.If he and Mbah Ndam and Yoyo and the rest have sold these gifts for money then History will judge them.I still want to repeat what I said sometime ago;Let Fru Ndi hold a rally and tell Cameroonians what is happening in the SDF.Until that is done,a big question mark hangs in the air.
I am,a true son of the land.

Chris Ngwasiri

I am not a political advocate by any means but a free thinker.I have just been motivated by the very illogical and narrow thinking of quite a number of writers on this forum. I think that instead of ranting about the place and putting copious good for nothing stuff on paper, the media should just tell us what the Hon. Ngwasiri and Co plot was all about i.e the objectives of the plot, benefits and detriments to the party. All the comments I have read do not redress anything at all. They simply give the impression that Fru Ndi is a 'live,infallable and undaunted chairman of the party'.If this be the case, then he has no case against Biya for clinging to power or fortifying his surroundings with his henchmen.The arguments also give the impression that SDF is not susceptible to changes. If so, then it defeats the objectives of democracy.It only takes a 'simpleton and ignoramus mind' not to appreciate Fru Ndi's contribution to the Cameroonian political arena; however,we must accept that what goes up must come down and that the passing of time usually necessitates changes in plans.We must not think that just because someone is performing well, some other person cannot perform better. If so, some very good presidents like Bill Clinton, Mandella,just to mention a few would have ruled forever. If we do not embrace change, then any attempt to effect one will be looked upon as a putsch. If we continue to be politically myopic and eccentric in the way we do things,then we will be overtaken by events. If we do not stop camouflaging and stupefying ourselves behind borrowed and non-progressive expressions like 'northwesterners, southwesterners, graffis etc',we will only be talking loud but saying nothing. Adherence to any one of the above separatist expressions does not make one a hero or a superior Cameroonian.Only a toothless bulldog will content himself with it.
The objective of this forum should not be sabotage and display of ignorance but constructive contribution towards problem solving.
Chris Ngwasiri

Nji paul

Chris do you really believe Jua and Muna will perfom better? Till we see a true alternative, i and the majority of the SDF militants will continue to support Fru Ndi.


My dear Chris,

I'm glad you gave a contribution from a global standpoint. Something I'd been planning to do. I'm a thinker like yourself, do not belong to any political party but I do sympathise with a body I THINK with all my strength and certainty can bring change to our beloved nation.

Thinkers speak cos they've studied a particualr situation on ground. Have a glance at the SDF and take an oppinion poll. You'll realise that 3 out of 5 SDF militants like Nji Paul'll want Chairman Fru Ndi to stay at the helm for now giving the fact that the others are just being power hungry( as evidence, see what's going on - guys hiring thugs to disrupt meetings - quite crazy and irresponsible especially from
guys who claim they're "learned" - NOnsense!). Permit me argue that the SDF is the healthiest and most democratic party in West Africa. Ni John Fru Ndi is not denying to release the grip. Rather, methinks he feels worried there's nobody as of now, to NEATLY fit into his shoes. This can be proven from the fact that he continues to file in his candidacy. If there's anybody, even you who feels that they meet the qualifiation criteria to challenge him , then do so and the ballot box'll tell. Let Jua, Muna and the rest vie for chairmanship (and, for the interest of the party, stop making anti-party declarations on media) and campaign and we'll see who's truly the "man of the people".

My dearest readers, sorry for this long piece. I beg to chip in a thing more before I go. The SDF has never failed as far as I'm may fail in the future, though. The fact that only after two years of it's creation in 1990 it was able to win preseidential elections of 92 speaks for itself. Who says the leadership's failing??? It never failed. Oh I expected Fru Ndi who was under house arrest to fight for your rights. We've got the responsibility in our hands. The leadership has done and they're doing their best.

Keep thinking guys. Love you all.

Twisted thinking forehead, Son Of Ako - London School Of Economics And Political Science.

Martin Tamukong

When the learned Ngwasiri convened and held his meeting in Yde, irrespective of the illegality surrounding the meeting; I saw a founding father struggling at the crossroads of disintegration to resurrect his darling baby-the SDF; yes I looked up to him at the time as one with genuine interest for the party and Cameroon at large but just overwhelmed with all what was going on with the anatomy and physiology of his baby to the extent that he committed a constitutional error.
But that the learned Doctor should hire thugs to disrupt a meeting brings to null any good intentions Dr Ngwasiri might have had; this action of his speaks for itself. People with vaulting ambitions will do everything within and without the law to attain their selfish ambitions. I will only be surprised if in addition to firing him from the party, the legal desk of the SDF fails to initiate legal action against him for this action of his that is not in tune with the present epoch.
It has been said before on this forum; it remains a fact-SDF is the only formidable opposition party in Cameroon today. In its 15 years of existence, this party has registered several achievements; it has also registered failures. Irrespective of the failures, we can not sit behind and watch the party crumble; if that were to happen it would mean victory for the CPDM. The failures of the SDF are all as a result of the ineffectiveness of the party leadership. In all legality, the leadership can only be changed through elections and so it is the onus of those challenging the present leadership to convince the electoral college come May 26th that they can do the job better-I hope they do so, I hope Akonte puts in his candidature

Fon  Lawrence

Chris,I appreciate your piece above,but let me draw you attention to one thing! At this moment you cannot compare Fru Ndi`s longevity at the helm of a politcal party with someone who ruled as head of state (as you mentioned the like of Bil Clinton)
Fru Ndi/SDF has an objective,to attend power and introduce good governance.
Fru Ndi´s colaborators who are against him are doing it for pure selffish reasons.If it were not so,the objective of the SDF was to remove Biya from power,why is it that these persons cannot leave aside power struggle within the SDF and concentrate on contributing ideas to see that the SDF attain its objective? It means that their present interest is power within the SDF and not to lead the SDF eject Biya out of Edoudi.Ngwasiri has shown it openly here.
For now true militants of the SDF still believe it is Fru Ndi who can lead them to oust Biya.


Dear People.
Let's give all these to time. Was it not Fru Ndi who on 9th July 2002 violated NEC resolutions and signed a decree that SDF MPs should go to Yaounde? Why was he not sanctioned? SuperSDF>
Just wait and see. The fact that Ngwasiri is clumsy does not paint Fru Ndi white.
Let's go back home. I tell yo.


Hey Fonshe,
What do you mean by Fru Ndi signing a decree? Do you understand what you mean? Please, for your information Fru Ndi does not sign decrees.He is not in government yet.He might sign one the day he would become a member of goverment.For now he can only take decisions with regards to the sdf.


well what can I say, I know and that makes me happy. True patrots of change, still fine fru Ndi the best candidate to lead for now. power to the people, that's our slogannnnnnn... Yes power belongs to the grassroot, and as one contributor said it, theses dons instead of going to the people to tell where Fru Ndi has failed the clamour around trying to paint negative the image of the chairman. The grassroot people are seeing, they see everything, they still know that the strong man of Ntarikon is still the only hope!!! THE GRASSROOTS ARE FOR FRU NDI. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

Nji Paul

Martin Tamukong, i appreciate your objectivity. You seem to be the only one who sees something wrong with what Prof. Ngwasiri has just done though you consider Fru Ndi to be a failure. I have been waiting for those ten page analyst like Mukete and Dr. Agbormbai to come out and condemn this act of babarism organised by someone they considered to be the mesiah a few days ago when he trampled on the constitution of the party which he created.
I disagree with you when it comes to Fru Ndi's capabilities of moving the Party forward. The man Ndi has certainly made some mistakes within his 15 years reign at the top of the party but so long as i can't identify a new leader capable of opposing those who are looking for the least opportunity to deliver the party on a tablet of gold to the CPDM, i will prefer him to stay put.

Fonshe please don't talk about things you don't know. Fru Ndi carried out negotiations to keep the party united. Those who had won their seats were bent on going with or without the support of the party. To avoid a split in the party, Fru Ndi decided to open negotiations within the party to allow the newly elected SDF MP's go to yaounde.

Fon  Lawrence

Nji Paul
Your answer to Fonshe is exactly what happened.
Those who are totally against Fru Ndi don´t know what is going on the the SDF.


In fact what is going on in SDF is common with party politics. I think SDF is not first and cannot crown it all. Other parties will follow. In my own view, I think most of us are just commentators despite the fact that it's our problem. Really, one needs to be a leader first to understand what it takes to head just about people five people with different ideologies. Not to talk of the whole SDF party where the accusations and the counter accusations are instigated by the ruling CPDM pillars. As a Cameroonian who needs change when i look at what people like Prof. Asonganyi, Dr. Ngwasiri (all of them with big titles) it makes me think that we lack people with embed qualities of a good leaders. Truly speaking these guys are ruining their political career. I know that with their dismissal from the SDF they will soon become political bats as can be seen with Asonganyi Praising, eating, praying, dancing and sleeping with UPC which he never knew when he was the Sectary General of SDF. Fighting Biya regime should not take this trend. Who says that he thought Ni John will defeat the Biya regime as a person? Do you consider what you presume the Chairman has done more dangerous to the party than what the Profs and Drs have done? I think the role Fru Ndi played and he’s still playing in our political arena is enormous. Ni John is not the SDF. I think the militants of SDF are SDF. How far have the militants taken this struggle for the change? I think there are many more questions looming in the air for the militants to answer. Despite this division in the party I think he’s still the man the people. I think that we shall see the new chairman from the day he will raise his/her hand up(the reaction of the militant will tell)but for now Jua and Muna are not up to the task. One must be extremely be a powerful leader to win him in elections. He has of the good qualities a leader.

Peter Teno

The SDF constitution is the answer to the present debacle in the party. If the National Advisory Council and the National Executive Committee, all recognized organs of the party with specific powers and functions cannot agree on a common interpretation of some of the provisions of the constitution, then I am afraid the law courts that have jurisdiction in matters of interpretation of all statutes in Cameroon will have to come in. this is an unfortunate situation fora party that aspires to rule tomorrow. Shall the party not rule with a constitution?
Mbah Ndam has failed as a lawyer and as a politician.
Do you know that he has embezzled all micro project money put at his disposal in the last 9years for projects in his constituency? Do you know that his elite in Yaounde took him to task on this? Do you know that he claims credit for government projects in Batibo/Widikum whereas he has never been to see any minister for a project? Do you know that he is very sick and is Joshua's client in Lagos?
Do you know that Yoyo persecuted the SDF inthe early 1990s while still a policeman? Do you know that he sold Cameroonian passports to Nigerians in Douala? Doyou know that he is not sharp and consequently cannot interpret a law? Do you know that he left St Bedes with 2 'o'level papers at the GCE? Do you know that he is the main supplier of exotic cattle to Fru Ndi? Do you know that he plotted to unseat Akonteh in the last mandate as questor?
Do you know that Awudu who has not got a class 7 certificte and cannot make one correct sentence in english considers himself to be the constitutional expert of the SDF? Do you know that Abacha gave money to Fru ndi and Awudu together?
Can this team take us to Etoudi?


Ewane i de with u, u don talk.
Teno u fail to understand that the advisory councel and the Nec in no way has confliting functions. Just from their apelations their functios and clear.There is no situation where an advisory councel is more than the Executive councel.Go through the sdf constitution if u have any doubts.

Nji Paul

Mr Peter Teno, with all due respect, if it is hard to make proper analysis why don´t you just stay behind and read what others have to write. Though Yoyo might have left St Bedes with 2 O-levels, the interview he gave made more sence than this trash you have just posted. If i were to go by your measuring rode, i might not be wrong to say you never made it through the common entrance.
What is wrong for a police man to resign and join the struggle for democracy? Mind you Fru Ndi resigned from the CPDM to later on create the SDF with a few others. Even Ngwasiri resigned from UB to be more active within the party.
I see how sharp you are in interpreting laws as you get yourself mixed up over issues you don´t master. Mr Khingala has just made it very simple for you to understand the difference between NEC and NAC. All the other points you raised are bullshit and merit no comment.


You do not seem to understand why Prof Asonganyi has been writing the re-joinders on Tumazeh.It just show how we read, i thought the prof said he is writing what Tumazeh wanted from their days in london.
Please go read all the articles again.


It's a pity that the social democratic front the number opposition party in "UNITED REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON"is having a new breed of traitors and Judases.Our people say "the child of a monkey must definately be a monkey" it can't be a cat.Ben Muna can never be Ngom Jua.If the father was a Judas Ben can be no different.From all indication what Ben Muna is planning to do with the SDF is pregnant an nursing a baby.SDF delegates beware.As for my learned professor Ngwasiri he should think of the principal founding fathers of the party especially the late Albert Womah Mukong and others who have fought a good fight,sacrificed their lives for the course experienced torture for the liberation of the common man.Professor, please be an intellectual of integrity like Dr Carlson Anyangwe and Dr Gemuh Akuchu and a host of others which i cannot mention for personal reasons.Ngwasiri what goes around comes around,there will be a day of rekoning and judgement.For you Ben betrayal is genetical and a curse.GOD SAVE THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON AND THE RESTORATION OF OUR FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.AMEN.

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