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Monday, 27 February 2006


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Good article but..........

Its a good article. If one reads it carefully, he/she will understand where the Prof is trying to take us to. And he is trying to tell us that efforts have been relented by those who started fighting hard as opposition members.

But 1 question to Mr Prof: Why all this knowledge and stuff now? You were the SG of the biggest opposition party. you had the power, possibility to do what you have narrated others did but you did very little to follow the example of Mandela and the advice of Wandji to Mandela.

Now yopu are outside preaching sermons. When you were inside, you were secretly dinning with our enemy.

I am sure you are regretting that you did very little to force Biya seat on a hot iron. And i also believe you now see that Biya will be foreced out of Etoudi by the common Cameroonians (without your direct contribution/participation). This is disturbing you now.

Biya will leave. The pressure has just begun. They are fanning the flame gradually. You did not do it. Others are doing it in your absence and they shall fan the flame more and forcefully after the SDF Convention.

I think guys have learnt much from you and from others. THey now know what they want. THe party now knows what the people want. And they know the time has come to direct the people to where the people want to go.

There is corruption, names and surnames of thieves. This is going to be the foundation for our demontration that will oust Biya. We need these guys condemned. And we need these monies. Cameroon will witness 8MILLION Githongo in a different form.

Githingo did the investigation courageously. We have done our own investigation and we shall go to the streets and stay at Etoudi until we see that our monies are returened to us.


Good article,your timely withdrawal after advising dictator Fru Ndi to step down to no heal.Spend your precious time doing something different,cameroon will stay same until you joined the struggle back by that time dictator Fru Ndi must have gone.
You remained a highly respected cameroonian amongs many my type.You practice what you preach.Good luck.


Smith Elie

Thank you Sir for reviewing the book of Mr Ntumazah. However,you seem to have forgotten to mention that Bishop Ndongmo was the one who betrayed Ouandie Ernest. It must be pointed out.
Source of my information:Ndeh Ntumazah a conversational bigraphy pages 556.

Smith Elie

With due respect to Mr Ntumazah, I take his claims that, the UPC made suggestions to the ANC to be at best a mere grandstanding and at worse preposterous. Look at things, the ANC was created in 1912 and no where is Cameroon mentioned in the mythical book, longway to freedom of Nelson Mandela.
Hence, I did appreciate the way you took it and made mention of it in your review. Mr Ntumazah is a hero no doubt and has shown it his book through the revelations he makes. But the point of the ANC sounded a little presumptuous.


The UPC is dead and gone. It's got the worse leadership a political party can ever have. Power mongers; that's all. A party that openly dines with the CPDM.

Let's forget about them and concentrate on the most formidable SDF. Let's heal it's wounds and start anew.

Keep thinking. Last man Ako.


Thanks but I think you are just confused and struggling to keep your name in the political arena. You made the greatest mistake of your life. Change is coming. Live long and you will see for your selve. As for the other clawns who think that leadership comes with blasphemy, be ready for SDF convention come may. Ni John Fru Ndi will again bit you hands down through free and fair elections. Some clawns including you said Ni John took money to get his wife for treatment abroad, would you allow your wife to die when you have an alternative? If yes? Then maybe the love for your wife ends in bed or with the srvices she provides. Why do you think Ni John didn't run for Parliament or accumulate posts like Ndam Njoya? Or join government like those idiots called Kodock and Bello Bouba?. Remember that cameroon would have already experienced change from the first parliamentary elections, but unfortunately the selfish and wicket Kodock formed an alliance with the CPDM giving the an absolute majority. So please, stop intoxicating us with your UPC thing. we are a different generation and will change that country. You guys need to pack your bags and retire to you villages. i hope Kodock is arrested also for his management of SOTUC, Nonsense.


Get this right, the Professor is doing just his good job as an educator and not playing any politics here. He is educating not campaigning.

Dan Dagan

Jesus Christ, Mohamed and the others are long gone and the world still onay the as if the had secret police hovering around. How can a man be so myopid in thinking to say someone should be silent because he is of a different generation. Who is the spokeperson for that generation then. Difining intergrity at its simplest is to be strong and couragous enough to stand up for what you are convinced is correct no matter how difficult or/and unpopular that the circumstances might be, with an in dependent mind I see that in PROF.AND TO YOU PROF. KNOW YOUR WORK IS NOT IN VAIN ATLEAST ONE PERSON HAS UNDERSTOOD YOU, ALSO DO NOT FORGET "With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world IN WHICH WE ARE LIVING AND WHETHER IT IS CLEAR TO US OR NOT THE UNIVERS IS UNFOLDING AS IT SHOLUD. LETS TEACH BY EXAMPLE BY ACCEPTING EVERY ONE FOR WHAT HE IS EVEN THOSE WHO DISTURB. DO NOT GIVE UP

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