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Tuesday, 14 February 2006


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Martin Fru

I write to praise the Azong-Wara and the Yembe Team for a job well done. The board and the University of Buea are the only 2 institutions left in our part of the country.
I remember how we faught hard in those days to get the board. I remember that day in Longla college mankon,when this same Dr Abeti brought a final-true copy of the text that created the board. He was almost lynched by our parents/teachers for the fake one that was created a week before. Thanks to pa Achidi-Achu, Arrey-Mbi, Azong-Wara and my former teacher pa Foche John, the baord was created.
It is time for our brothers of the SWP to take over the leadership at the Board.
God bless you all.

Martin Fru,
Baltimore, MD


This politics, this government and this same people. what can they really offer to southern cameroonians? they are all CPDM agents working for nothing but the interest of la republique du cameroun. after such political appointments, we will see them on the streets of our local government areas hailing praises to the colonial government of southern cameroons. to hell with them.

The boy

What a nice piece,however, when one reads throug it, one is sadden to learn that positions of this calibre are given based ONLY on tribal/political linings and NOT on competence!
Where do we go from here?????


what a sad state of affair in cameroon. Reading this piece makes you realise why our copuntry is 100yrs behind the developed world. All this article portrays is the cancer of nepotism and tribalism metastasing in our country. How can we built a better society when competent and highly qualified individuals are overlooked because of where they came from?
Until such practices are eliminated from our society, I am afraid, we will keep on going backward instead of forward.

neba funiba

The re-emergence of Peter (Awing Boy) Abety at the helm of the GCE Board is probably the end of the smooth functioning of the Board. If Biya dumped Abety from his ministerial post just a few years ago what has he done over these years to be put incharge of an agency such as the GCE Board? Why are members of the GCE Board not electing their own leader who can be voted out if he or she becomes incompetent? Who will Abety be answerable to? Anyway the answers are grounded in Cameroon's governing system--neopatrimonial politics: appointments are rewards for loyalty and not competence. This is the democracy that some ignoramuses and charlatans keep talking about. This sucks!

neba funiba

My best pick for the job is Bate Bissong. Check his writings and what he stands for.


I don’t really know what is happening to Cameroon as far as these political games are concern. Why should ministers keep going forward and back wards in the system. Do they ever retire? Have the President ever thought for one second that this people are tired and need some rest. Why should they keep going in circles when they are able Cameroonians who are energetic to take up those jobs? It is ridiculous. Look at Abety I don’t think he has ever been in a class room let along worked in the ministry of education. Now he will have to deal with the entire educational sector. Meanwhile, people like Dr. Yembe, Dr. Arembi and others are wasting may be on retirement or in some remote area teaching. With all these crap going on Cameroon will never progress.

k manga

Hey people
before we go ahead and draw conclusions, we should note that this was an opinion piece and not news per se. Lets be careful and be able to make a distinction between the two. Looks like everything we read, we take it to be what it is. Look at the UB situation, would anyone one in their wildest dreams had thought Lambi would be made VC?

Makolo Eseme

Country People,
I will go for Mbong Johannes (Poineer and Long Serving Deputy Registrar incharge of Examinations).Mr.Mbong has the expirence and a good personnality. He's always on top of his game and a man in the System.. And Please,,,Lets do ourselves a favour to stop tribalism at all levels...
God Bless ya'll

JB Samba

You are jealous of Dr. Bate Besong.


Dr Yembe and his team need to be praised for the management of the GCE board since its creation. Its a good idea for leadership to change hands, but we should try to differentiate politics from Education. The GCE board and University of Buea are two academic institutions that we (English speaking Cameroonians) should guard jealously. By the time Paulo appoints someone as the Registrar because he/she dances to his tune and might not be qualified to manage the board, we are finished. All we need is a qualified Southern Cameroonian for the post irrespective of where they come from.


If Dr. Besong writes in plain regular grammar as you said, what is wrong with it.Why should you expect him to be complex in his wrtings to students.If I were you, before I take time to challenge or critize someone the way you just did, I should aleast have something to show for it. So what have you got we will like to see your own big complex or small grammar. The bottom line is, you are jealous. "Get real body".


The Registrar of the GCE board is simply the Registrar and it should be because of his professional experience. It should not be because he is from North or South West or Bakweri or any other tribe. Cameroonians should learn how to look at merit than tribe or province (or you can name the rest). We shall never resolve the present crisis in Cameroon as long as we think of it in terms of completion point. Deep down is an insidious and disintegrating moral crisis that is gradually bearing fruits of tribalism, corruption etc.While this article is not an acceptance of such vices, the insinuations of unwritten law there-in may continue to fan the flames of tribalism or North West/South West rankling.

Che Sunday (Dr.)

When the final choice is made known, this line of reasoning will be well proven. You can rest assured. We are governed so much by the "spoils system" that meritocracy is an alien concept in our administrative machinery. Often times, things like these compel one to reminiscence on the Ahidjo days. Gone are the days when grduates will glue their ears to the morning and evening newscasts waiting to hear where they have been asigned for duties. It did not matter where you were coming from or where you were being sent. All that mattered was, you were qualified and Cameroonian as well. It was the time when you could not come from Meme division and went to be recruited into the army in Bamenda. Just to make sure that every locality was well represented in the army. All that is gone. Today, severe deprivation has given rise to cut throat tribalism that credibility based on qualification has no place in Cameroon. Can Christ's second coming be of any use in Cameroon?


We hope Yembe's replacement will be an educationist with intergrity.The GCE Board should not be a place for politics.I believe an anglophone with seasoned interllectual and accademic experience either from the NW or SW should be nominated to hold that prestigious position of REgistrar.

Richard Sony Ngwa


The weblink is :

My email address is

Pascal Awah

We should all condemn this system of bycycle and re-cycle government reminiscent of Biya.
It is going to be difficult to manage a country like Cameroon without politics. Akoko's interview on who should be the next board registrar is very clear. There are lots of qualified candidates in the SW/NW provinces for the position. However, I personally think that the next registrar should come from the SWP since the chairman is from the NWP. We just need for Biya/co to look for a very strict candidate. Yembe was a very strict person. We have another strict person in the name of Pa Sumbele in Buea. I mean, Bonn for those who went through CPC Bali. Of course, there are other men and women of intergrity in the SWP. DR Yembe was CPDM, yet he did perfectly well at the board.

Pascal Awah

Hello Mr Neba Funiba
Bate Besong is a great scholar But he is not a good manager. He has no experience in leadership or management. Of course, he's a man of integrity. After drinking his guiness, he'll mess up all the files at the board. I don't think you know the guy you are talking about here. We need a level headed fellow at the board. BB should stay on campus supervising student thesis. He's good at that sir.If you know the late Albert Mukong very well, then you know Dr, BB. BB will criticize everything. All his friends knows him. Put him at the board and he'll resign the next day when Biya decides to starve the board of exam funds. We need a fighter.


Try to break away from the "conventional wisdom" of tribe,party and province in Cameroon and suggest Bonn without reference to SW as a criteria. He was appointed in Bali and I was there. He did a good job while there and his experience has not come from the fact that he is from SW.

Martin Fru

A. T,
The fact that I state that the next registrar of the board should come from the SWP does not make me a tribalists or a regionalist. If you have taken a Policy class you'll obviuosly come across a public policy concept known as Democratic Representation. U need to make that balance to be just. I am from the NWP but I'll not and will never support the domination of the NW over the SW because of our strength. We also have competent people in the SW who can manage the board. It is only just that the next registrar should come from there. Bonn was just an example of a man of integrity. That is just the point I am making. Switzerland is stable today because of their loose confederation system. We should either learn from the Swiss or the Presbytarian church.

Pascal Awah

A. T,
The fact that I state that the next registrar of the board should come from the SWP does not make me a tribalists or a regionalist. If you have taken a Policy class you'll obviuosly come across a public policy concept known as Democratic Representation. U need to make that balance to be just. I am from the NWP but I'll not and will never support the domination of the NW over the SW because of our strength. We also have competent people in the SW who can manage the board. It is only just that the next registrar should come from there. Bonn was just an example of a man of integrity. That is just the point I am making. Switzerland is stable today because of their loose confederation system. We should either learn from the Swiss or the Presbytarian church.

I mistakenly posted my comment without changing my roommate's name who posted some comments today.

Pascal Awah.
Posted by: Martin Fru | February

Monik Awasum

It is kind of a good thing to see how the only Academic Body incharge of Secondary education in English speaking Cameroon is given such national consideration, even by the administration.

My dear leaders, grandparents, parents, colleagues brothers and sisters, could we for once stop seeing things just in terms of Southern Cameroons, and also lay to rest this philosophy of appointments based on tribal and/or political leanings. I think that an experienced teacher with some experience in education administration both in and out of Cameroon will be a valuable asset, nomatter his/her division of origin. The practice of alternating the two heads with one from the NW and the other from the SW province seems to be working well.

How about considering a women for this position. I agree, somewhat, with some of the commentators that every qualified Cameroonian should be given a chance. Some of those projected in Dr Wache's report might still have something to offer, but a completely new face might also usher in some new ideas.

neba funiba


You know why we are in a political mess now? It is because intellectuals of 'yesteryears' sat and watched and Ahidjo built a police state that has continued into this era. The reason why western societies function well is because leaders are open to even harsh criticism. Scholars, interest groups and even the clergy criticize every policy that government makes. It is such criticism that shapes society. Public opinion is public criticism (See Alexis Tocqueville in "Democracy in America" or John Stuart Mills in "Liberty"). It is always in authoritarian systems that critical scholarship is suppressed and/or criminalized. It appears Marco has a long way to go.

Cam Tribune

SDF Divided Over Elective Convention

The National Advisory Council plans the convention in Yaounde against the NEC decision scheduling it in Bamenda.

The members of the National Advisory Council of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the second organ of the party after the convention, have stepped in to resolve the crisis in the party and put it back on the rails. Four of the council members personally met in Yaounde on February 13, and two others by proxi under the chairperson of its President, Hon. Ngwasiri Nforti Clement, examined problems rocking the SDF and came up with pertinent decisions.

The decisions were later on disclosed in a press briefing given by Hon. Ngwasiri in the presence of the National Advisory Council members such as retired Justice Nyo Wakai, Adama Power and some of the party officials. Hon. Ngwasiri quoted the SDF constitution which states that the council can deliberate when a quorum of a third of its 17 members is attained. He also stated that before their meeting the SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi wrote to him stating that Hon. Ngwasiri resigned from the post of the President of the National Advisory Council on May 12, 2003. Consequently, Ngwasiri must transmit to SDF National Executive Committee (NEC) any complaints or concerns that he might have received from militants of the party. According to Hon. Ngwasiri, the party chairman’s reaction who was also invited to the meeting was embarrassing because "Mr John Fru Ndi had refused the resignation of Hon. Professor Ngwasiri and at the same time instructed him to himself convene the next meeting of the Council for May 31,2003", he said. As such , the Council president said that he convened the meeting for May 31, 2003 as requested and John Fru Ndi personally attended it.

Members of the SDF National Advisory Council met in a peculiar context in which some party officials addressed a 20-point memorandum to it stating the problems that are rocking the party. They examined the points raised in the memorandum, controversies over the organisation of the elective convention on May 26, 2006, resignation of the interim Secretary General and repeated violations of the party constitution by NEC, and the deplorable financial situation of the party. Hon. Ngwasiri stated that the mandate of NEC expired three years ago and "the current NEC has deliberately refused to respect the duration of its mandate, by refusing to organise an elective convention for three years". He further added that, "the current NEC has endangered the life of the party by trampling upon the fundamental principles of democracy on which the party stands".

Hon. Ngwasiri justified their decisions, by stating that, "the National Advisory Council, in the exercise of its role ensures checks and balances in accordance with section 11 (5) of the SDF constitution". The council members therefore decided to take over the convening and organisation of the SDF elective convention stating that it will take place in Yaounde on May 26, 2006 baptised "the renaissance convention", instead of Bamenda as earlier decided by NEC. They also created the finance and convention committees to ensure the proper organisation of the convention and expressed the desire to propose to the convention the creation of the Political Ethics Committee. According to Hon. Ngwasiri, the "National Advisory Council will meet on March 4, 2004 to appoint the SDF members of the Bureau of the National Assembly, members of the Parliamentary Committees as well as members of the two committees created".


The GCE board needs some fresh blood. I hear some people mention of Cameroonians at the diaspora to be thought in nominations. I will totally disagree with them because they are the very people who have escaped from Cameroon for just the simple fact of suffering and today, had it been every person ran from Cameroon ,then who are those to build the country for them to return just to enjoy?

Secondly, rotation of the positions have served the Board a great deal. Since creation all registrars of the board have always come from the Nw, let the Sw too try without giving particular reference to any particular tribe. But just a rejoinder here, the Bakweris should not think that the SW is just for them because they have not served any good for the country from the past. Take a look of UB when it was totally in the hands of the bakweris and now look at it now that "a novice" Lambi took over. All we need is new and fresh blood at the helm of the board.

Foty Cameron

Let's forget about all this regionalisation stuff and look for a computent anglophone to takeover the post. We have to move forword and fast!

Jean Akwa Bell

The GCE board belongs to all Cameroonians. It is not an anglophone property. I am totally against the position of those who think that only a North westerner or South Westerner can be registrar. Any Cameroonian who is well qualified in the anglo saxon tradition should be made registrar. You have Cameroonians like Zack Nkwo, Julius Ngo, Monekoso, Wete and many others who have proved their worth in ango saxon tradition. The board should pick up a qualified Cameroonian to be registrar.

Jean Akwa Bell,

Ma Mary

Let the masters pick Jean Akwa Bell. His English is impeccable.


why should the GCE board members not vote the person to head it.things will never change as long as the sme person is there as president of the country

Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Hello Mr. Jean Akwa Bell,

You look for trouble if you make Francophone Registrar of GCE Board.

Anglophone secessionistes will use as excuse to separate country.

The SCNC will exploit such good intention for excuse to secession, becuase it is not Anglophone.

Please do not make Francophone.

Thank you.


Ali Buba

Congratulation to Dr Abety who people should not mistaken is from Bambili and a teacher by profession. He was appointed minister by Biya right from the classroom. He is the best for job and I believe will do a very good job. After losing his post as minister he went back to teaching. Again congratulation Dr Abety and you have the support of the cameroonians.

JB Samba


That's soooo.... nean.



Ruffled Lion's main

Hey People!

Good day. Although not in law, the normal system of anglophones sharing power on a 50-50 basis in terms of leadership at our prestigious ango-saxon entities should continue. It's over for Northwesterners. Let's give the floor to our brothers. Methinks these two pronvinces're heavily filled with competent erudite intellectuals at all times. It's now a question of selecting the finest person. A presidencial decree should do. But the million dolar question's "will it fall on the right person?"...if it wouldn't then we'll frown at it but if it does we'll all heave a sigh of relief. We know what Paul can do at times - guess you feel me.

See ya.
Eyes of a tiger - Son of Ako



iS simeon Emeyous, Connected to the University of Buea, Cameroon. Please let me know.
Thank you very much


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