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Monday, 27 February 2006


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These unappionted and unaccountable colonial administrators answerable only to a French petainiste thief-stooge in Yaounde will have their work cut out for them.

After coming into the Southern Cameroons and destroying our institutions and the Native Authorities (NA) that took care of the wellbeing of our peoples, from running NA Schools, NA Clinics and the collection of taxes and fees without the abuse and corruption of the French culture of barbarism and death; after over 30 years of strolling in, shooting their guns in the air, vassalising these anachronistic artifacts called Chiefs and Fons, and having the people of the Southern Cameroons run for cover, fear is beginning to change sides. The people of the Southern Cameroons are begining to simply standing up to the French bullies, one village at a time, one gendarme at a time and one roasted Fon at a time.

Maybe the colonial authorities will go bring the new best friend, John Fru Ndi, as they did in Babanki and Santa in an attempt to stem the rising tide against decades of arrogant and brutal colonial edicts from thieves and corrupt bandits from la Republique du Cameroun. They will fail. The Southern Cameroons is becoming free.

Andre Fokam

if you don't join the real fight (for genuine democracy), you will be posting the same comments in 50 years!!

the choice is yours

Andre Fokam

Njei Moses Timah

Before readers are carried away by sensational opinions, it is worth noting that since the days of our grandparents, the market at Guzang has been acting like some sort of meeting point for all Moghamoans. I do not know of any area in Moghamo at anytime in history that did not identify itself with Guzang market. I was in Batibo over the week-end and listened to many ordinary people. What I deduced from the whole issue is that the mayor and the Fon of Guzang seem to be engaged in a power show which has been complicated by the current political climate in Batibo. The Fon of Guzang certainly knows that Guzang market like other markets in Cameroon is supposed to be run by the council. The real issue, I think is how a face-saving solution can be applied in handing the keys back to the council. Extremists around the Fon are exacerbating this problem and in the process alienating the Guzang people from the rest of Moghamo. This impasse has led to the D.O's banning order that is infuriating the ordinary people whose livelihood depends on business in Guzang market. I hope a solution will be found that will both respect the intergrity of the Fon and return the management of the market to the council. It is only normal that those interested in controlling the market should vote a mayor of their choice to control the Batibo council. Any other approach will certainly cast a dark shadow on the future of a market that we all cherish
Njei M.Timah


When colonisers come in, the first goal is to destroy what they find that gives the local people their sense of community. It was not by accident that Europeans first sought to destroy the beliefs and community of Africans, either by claiming there were worshipping false gods, or were on a civilising mission (mission civilisatrice). After destroying what gave the people their oneness, being and community, then they could proceed: slavery, colonialism. And not unlike the narratives and platitudes of "one and indivisible" we are subjected to here, they create tales laced with "scientific facts" and other untenable narratives to justify their actions.

The Southern Cameroons once had a government and her own institutions. Those have been systematically dismantled by brute and ruse to pave the way for what we have today. They were even so cruel and wicked to attempt to do away with our pedagogic system of the GCE in order to render our youths useless intellectually. Feeling pressed for time it seems, and having erroneously assumed that they are in total control, they are going down to the villages, using Chiefs and Fons to program them against their peoples. They use members of the ruling party's politburo and corrupted and co-opted "opposition" politicians like we are seeing in Santa and Babanki in attempts to disposess people of the land and the last source of the basic livelihood of a people who have been properly impoverished and their resources plundered to fatten men and women in Yaounde and Paris. The people are fighting back, they are now forced to sink or swim.

The Guzang market, as has been for decades is a place for free trade and exchange, a democracy of the people of sorts. The type of democratic space that is anathema to the jealous and wicked French. In that respect, the Guzang market represents more than Guzang and the peoples of Batibo and Mohagmo. Guzang may well stand for Abidjan.

But the insticnt of these regressive francophonic peoples and their culture of brutality and death, that derives from the Cellule Africaine at the Elysee Palace in Paris, is to take away any African's ability to the exercise of democratic freedom of free exhanges in all aspects of life. We now know that nazi France started a war against the Ivorian government because President Gbagbo decided that Ivory Coast will embrace globalisation and free trade by going beyond the dictates and edicts of Paris which has imposed limitations on the aspirations of Africans for centuries now. In the small world of Batibo, a parachuted colonial officer, who ultimately emanates from the Elysee Palace in France, issues a colonial edict to hinder democracy in trade, assembly and community. Like in Abidjan, the people must resist.

"Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible; but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary." And let all know that ONLY with a Southern Cameroons free from the undemocratic and illegal brutal colonial rule and occupation of France masquerading as la Republique du Cameroun, can justice prevail. Only then can the poor folks of la Republique du Cameroun know democracy as well. And the day a truly democratic regime comes in Yaounde who respects law and order (if it does so before Buea becomes free), they'll have no choice but to limit the rule of la Republique Francaise du Cameroun to their borders at independence of January 1, 1960, since they have no Treaty of Union with a state and territory that was not part of them, niether at their independence or when the became a member state of the UN. The only UN member state that does not commemorate her so-called independence date of January 1, 1960.

martin tabe

Good one SJ, when does your assylum case come up?

Ma Mary

Tabe, do you drink three-three or ngangi? You are trying to be cynical. Do not imagine for one minute that somebody like SJ develops mastery of this subject matter just for asylum!

Ma Mary

Fokam: Southern Cameroons had a mature democracy when you fellows were still playing hide and seek with the french and their proconsul Aheejoe. Since then, we have pushed you folks kicking and screaming to adopt some democratic ways. We are tired of carrying your weight. We shall do democracy. IN SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.

You Camerounese have more important things to think about: such as your leaders who cheat on their wives. WITH OTHER MEN, whew!


Fuck up your dirty mouth so-called André Fokam, who do you think you are. I have been reading your mails for quite some time now, you air nonsence. You want us to be slaves forever, not at all. WHEN GOD APPOINTED TIME SHALL COME, WE SHALL GO WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. To hell, hypocritic Bami as yourself. True Bamilekes support the Southern Cameroon course.

Fon  Lawrence

Before an administrator is taking a decision,he should study the consequences of such a decision.Did he take into consideration how much it will cost to relocate the market? And who will be affected by his decision?
Indeed closing the market is completely no solution to the problem as the ordinary Batibo man will suffer most.
Fon Mbanyamsig III ´s action is completely out of place.For the interest of the people of Batibo subdivision,the SDO would have given Fon Mbanyamsig III an autimatum to hand over the keys of the market to the mayor or face the law.
If Fon Mbanyamsig III knew the right thing to be done but was afraid that his people will acquise him of "chopping Soya",then it means his people don´t have confident in him.Any leader,be it traditional who does not enjoy the confidence of those he or she leads should rethink.


Ma Mary, thanks for the putting some sense in their coconut head. Some folks here just want to argue by placing dim piece of garbage. I bet you this might be the first time these dudes are hearing of Guzang Market.


This colonial government that has no intent but complete destruction of our economy, social values and all that belongs to the good way of life of la republique du cameroun. their agents, the sous prefets wants our citizens of this local government area to starve and die.
You see here, this criminal gang, the SDF that is working for the colonial government of la republique du cameroun is still involved, they are the ones negotiating the sale of all that belongs to southern cameroons to la republique du cameroun. This SDF and its Mbah Ndam and co are all criminals.


This colonial government that has no intent but complete destruction of our economy, social values and all that belongs to the good way of life of la republique du cameroun. their agents, the sous prefets wants our citizens of this local government area to starve and die.
You see here, this criminal gang, the SDF that is working for the colonial government of the republic of southern cameroons is still involved, they are the ones negotiating the sale of all that belongs to southern cameroons to la republique du cameroun. This SDF and its Mbah Ndam and co are all criminals.

Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Mr Martin Tabe and Mr. Andre Fokam and Mr. Riccardo,

When you talk assylum, Rexon and SJ and Ma Mary and Paa Ngembus and Niba Funniba and other laugh.

They are brain of SCNC in America.

The brain of SCNC is not assylum seeker in Washington DC.

I know this people. I study them with SCNC.

SJ is Medical Doctor. Neba Funniba is Ph.D. Rexon is MBA. Paa Ngembus is MBA. Ma Mary is Ph.D. and so on and so on.

This is SCNC brain. Many American citizen already. No need to assylum. Paa Ngembus and Ma Mary already say so.

They are dangerous. They provide SCNC money to Cameroon and to do legal battle.

They suppport SCNC radio.

When we kill SCNC in Cameroon they survive it in America. The center is Boston, Minnesota, New York, Delaware, Louisiana.

Washinton DC is many assylum seeker, including even Francophone who support SCNC to get assylum.

When you think this people as assylum seeker, you underestimate SCNC and they laugh.

These are dangerous element. They are enemy of Cameroon unity.

They are the one who recruit and brainwash and pay child soldier to fight.

Do not underestimate them. They are dangerous.

Thank you.



Stop limiting SCNC operation to North America. Lots of PhD's from the republic of southern cameroons have now developed SCNC network all through europe esspecially in germany,UK and the scandinavia. sweden, denmark, norway, finland, etc. We are strong everywhere and you need to know that. Asylum seeking has never been our intention as many try to portray us. We can never loose as our struggle before the eyes of the almighty God is legitimate. Only a fool will think killing us will kill our willingness to be a free and independent state. Our children know what we need and they are being groomed to replace us, likewise every rightminded southern cameroonian. Respect our independence.

Ma Mary

NAN, very good but we are also writers, musicians, nurses, carpenters and so on all over the world. What are you doing in Switzeland, NAN? Watching over stolen money from the Ahidjo days?

Colonization by anybody, black or white is evil. Switzerland is a country that decolonized itself long long time ago from more powerful surrounding countries. Did you read that history? Did you learn the legend of William Tell? Enjoy Switzerland but reflect. I also suggest that you research Republic of Somaliland (formerly British Somaliland), which had the same exact deal as Southern Cameroons. There is no question that their full independence will be recognized anyday now.

It is a damn shame that in your country, intelligence and aptitude are never valued, always viewed as a threat. You should become a Southern Cameroonian and fight the good fight. I said that before. There are quite a few good Southern Cameroonians of Bamoun origin. The most despicable thing that you Bamouns did was to head up Ahidjo's torture section to prove that you are good Northerner muslims, trying to please Ahidjo. That was a bad move, sending you long neck girls to seduce men to extract information and to lure them into torture and death. Everyone can learn from history.

NAN, perhaps you should start SCNC in Switzerland. There is a more vigorous SCNC in the city of Paris than in the whole of Switzerland.

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

Forchive Njikam,

You killer bastard.

You have now shown your true self. You secret service snitch.

You are the butcher of Ngoa Ekele who sold your fellow students to Ahidjo and Biya to be murdered. You killed Ondoa, Kamga, Ndongo and Nke. And you know what I am talking about you old devil.

Ma Mary, we will never ever grant a devil like Forchive Southern Cameroonian citizenship. I will tear up his citizenship application myself.

Forchive, if you think you can spy on us, be warned that we can also spy on you all.

I am warning all of you now from Fuck-Am to NAN, to Ricardo, to Henriette, etc. We know who you are and where you all live.

You consistently accuse the SCNC of training child soldiers. Those who train child soldiers will never go to court and register the victories the SCNC has scored in Abuja, Nigeria, The African Human Rights Commission, The UN Human Rights Commission, etc., etc.

If you continue accusing the SCNC, you are warned.

We are all in the US Ricardo, Janvier, Andre, Henriette, Tabe, etc. We will drag you to court and you will bring your evidence there. If you don't we will disgrace you and disrobe you to your panties in public. If you think this is a joke carry on with your false accusations.

Forchive, we know where you live in exile in Switzerland. We will track you down and bring you to justice killer.

We have minds of an elephant.

If you are dreaming of some genocide in the Southern Cameroons when the final phase of our liberation starts, think again Riccardo and Co.

Like the Jews, we will track you to the ends of the earth and bring the last of you to justice.

Why are you frogs running scared now.

We have professional Southern Cameroonians in all walks of life all over the world working for the cause. In the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerlznd, Nigeria, Japan, South Africa, Kenya, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Ghana, Russia, in fact everywhere.

We are not located in the US only.

The movement has reached the domino point and like I always say, nothing can stop us.

We will crush any of you that stand in our way and once again Froggies:

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.



Paa Ngembus
SCAADIM (Southern Cameroonians Against the Annexation & DestructIon of our Motherland)

Ma Mary

Camerounese agitators, including those looking at power in the l'apres Biya, such as NAN. Paa Ngembus has put you on notice. We shall not tolerate your nonsense talk about raising a child army. That is the trick you want to use to implement the usual francocamerounese solution to problems:::genocide. You smear, then you justify your genocide. This is Southern Cameroons you are talking about here, not Darfour, not Pool, not even Rwanda. We have smart and dedicated professionals all over the globe, and we are keeping records on you. We shall chase you into your cave in the Alps even when you are a toothless and blind old man and drag you to trial, if you even contemplate in your dreams what you did to the Bamileke in the 1960s. Do you know Ratko Mladic? Is that how you want to spend your days? Just you lay a hand on any Southern Cameroonian fighting for his or rights and we shall see.

Our case is firmly grounded in law. You can read it if you want. We shall terminate this colonial rule using innovations that have never been seen in colonial struggles. No criminal gang that raises child armies has ever gone to court and scored victories against oppressors!

N. G. Tebeck

It was wrong for the villagers to have collected the keys of the market in the first place though that not a good enough reason to close the market. The Guzang market is the bread basket for may Moghamo families and i think this issue should be resolve with care. We are not a fighting tribe and am sure non of us want to be tagged such a tittle.I want the SDO to understand that the "law"( conventional law) doesnt solve all issues. Sometimes we can use common snese or traditional methods to resolve some problems.Let that entire Moghamo people come together through their chieves to see how this issue can be peacfully resolved.


You should be careful when you try to accuse rightminded southern cameroonians instead of the colonial agent of la republic du cameroun. While should southern cameroonians bow to legal institutions of the colonial government of la republique du cameroun and france? Moghamo people cannot make peace with the colonial government of la republique du cameroun. They should leave with all their institutions like the sous prefets and allow our people manage their institions. Dont you see what our people in babanki did when the colonial chief wanted to sell land that belonged to the village to colonial agents? they lynched him and that is what will happen to the SDO if he wants to close the market. He does not have any right to even cross over to the territory of the southern cameroons without proper immigration papers.


Pa Ngembo,

I hope some of you do not go mad - I am afraid.

Excuse me for being honest, but I was wondering if fermented palm wine is sold in the United States of America. And if it is, I was doubting if only Cameroonians living in the US know where this toxic product is sold.

Not only that. I also keep questioning if only Anglophone Cameroonians living in the USA consume this fermented palm wine, and why is it that the toxicity seems to increase at an alarming rate only when our "over-concerned brothers" within the South Cameroon movement drink it.

This issue is very serious - the species of Southern Cameroonians who are showing their heads in this forum seem to need some medical check up. The level of this toxic and fermented palm wine in their brains has to be reduced. They are just dancing over and over the same thing, with completely nothing new and tangible to offer. Yes, we want to severe the bond that makes us slaves. But will talking and talking do this for us? South Africans never waited for supper powers before dismantling the white racist regime in their country. South Africans did not need people with PhDs, Doctors, etc. in order to effect change. They used blood and sweat to get their freedom. It was the common man in the streets of South Africa who took back their rights from the whiteman. They took it - the whiteman never gave them.

Please tell y(our) other brothers and sisters over-crying our die with you, that they should take it easy. If they are very concerned about our liberation, they should return home and push our enemies out of our land. That is what we expect of them. I am fully prepare to fight!

Stop this cry die here, for no Anglophone is yet dead. Your cry die has no effect.

Please stop undermining our Anglophone ability by begging for our liberation. Stop disgracing us.

(Southern Cameroonian)


The colonial government knows that its time is almost over, it is exploiting and carrying even its most delapilated resources, the police school and the school of pernitentiary over to la republique du cameroun.


There is nothing wrong to fight and write about the needs of your country from a foreign country. My intuition is that it is as much better as those living in cameroon. Note well that Thabo Mbeki was involved in the ANC struggle while mostly abroad. He started here in London, lived in the flat with the previous vice president of south africa while militating, moved to moscow and only returned home almost at the time of their liberation. However, the ANC government did recognised his significant contribution from abroad and that is why he is president of south africa today. So you should not undermine even our media campaign even here in the post as that also have a significant impact on our SCNC struggle. At least to the best of my knowledge, the media campaign have enlightened and given southern cameroonians enough mastery of their current demise. Dont underestimate us abroad. There are even the destructive CPDM's here, sponsored by the colonial regime to fight against us.


My movement abroad was for further studies. Those who know me know i fought the colonial agents like you in the streets of mutengene. I stoned them and i am always prepared to do that even here or in cameroon. So i am strong like you. But i will always encourage anyone who wants to have education to move abroad.


Massa,these Southern Cameroon struggle is a dream far fetched.We all know how there is marginalisation of the highest degree in Cameroon but secession is not the best solution.
We should fight to stop corruption and marginalisation and forget about this nonsense in the name of SCNC.Paa Ngembus and co.,you guys should change the course.Thanks'''


The primary justification of our course, the southern cameroonian struggle is not what you cited above "marginalisation to the highest degree". It is the illegal occupation of our land by la republique du cameroun through extant manipulation of some individuals in southern cameroons.

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

Ekeke or Ekete,

Go tell you frog masters this:

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.



Paa Ngembus
SCAADIM (Southern Cameroonians Against the Annexation & DestructIon of our Motherland)

dango tumma

its is quiet ok for the people to collect the key to their market,
since the market belongs to them. not to any
other entity, democracy is just that ( government of the people,by the people and for the people.) if not the people of buea
should have a right to collect the key to their university, their police station, their power station , the motor park etc,
of course,they do thats just how democracy runs all over the world, except in this
appartheid francamerounese government , where theirs is the other way around,
they thinks , they few thieves owns all around us, and we just dont have ownership interest in what is ours by birth,
that surelly is soon to be changed

Ma Mary

Ekeke - do not be a lazy boy. Go study your history then let us talk. It will elevate you to a new level of understanding. When you assume cocoleaf postures then marauders from the Camerounese frogdom will run you over, put you in chains and turn your country into part of the frogiverse. One other thing, Ekeke avoid those Camerounese beers. Keep you brain clean and your muscles strong. There is hope.

What is the frogiverse? It is the french universe, imagined by some psychopaths in Paris. Most of the world has rejected that rubbish, the Vietnamese most completely and utterly. Google something called "Dien Bien Phu". Frogism is forced down the throats of some Africans in a weakened state of mind. Those peacock megalomaniacs at the Quai D'Orsay need deprived Africans with their fake black gaullist presidents to project themselves as a world power.

Unfortunately many poor people of la republique received a french education, which is the equivalent of melting brains out and replacing them with cheese. That is why they have not been able to learn anything from us these past 5 decades. Hence we must say adieu to them before we fully submit ourselves to the cheese transplant.

These mofos will not change, Ekeke and there is a grievious danger that your kids will be more confused than you upon further exposure to cheese fumes, and we must not let that happen.


Well,all has been said by my brother Njei M Timah about the said Guzang market and other funny happening in Cameroon starting from the so call the head of state or the corrupted CPDM organisation.
The Chief of Guzang I mean the Quarter head so call who???Tried to bring down the pride of Batibo by corrupting and bringing down G H S BATIBO which the most well known public school in Batibo sub division and momo Division as a whole,from there,he suffered the consiquances and it was only God who pitied him,he could have been in hell fire now.
He want to try now again with Guzang market.He will die in the hands of the corrupted French Cameroon.He will not only be burn and likewise his Leader,but he should take note of what happened with Samuel Doe.Guzang market has been existing before he took over the foolish position which he things he is next to his corrupted leader.The Batibo Rural council built the market and control the market like any other markets in Cameroon.
Tita Baron

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