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Thursday, 30 March 2006


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Fon  Lawrence

Some funy guys will be quick to link this to Fru Ndi.


There's nothing new in the SDF,all that is coming on now is "deja vu".So Fon all what you think of linking the odds of your Lord fru Ndi should be yours.Time has past when people use to think good of that party.It does not make sense any more.The people shall better clean the CPDM and make it a good party to follow rather than follow the SDF full of hungry and power monsters.After all the CPDM was there before the SDF.Keep wipping tears every day about the SDF.Where can it go with autocracy?

neba funiba

I met the Mayor of Bafut when he visited Washington, DC last year, I have known Akonteh for a very long time; I am familiar with the current Parliamentarian, Neba Aaron. He did not belong to any SDF Ward when he left the US, and went home to run for Parliament. How did he get his name on the ballot in the first place? People of honest minds should ask him what he has done with money for micro-projects ever since he became parliamentarian. He told one of his buddies that he is reimbursing himself for money he used during the campaign for election as parliamentarian--wonders shall never end. I hope the campaign against corruption in Cameroon shall soon focus on parliamentarians who misuse money for micro-projects. The mayor and everybody else cannot always be wrong and only the parliamentarian is right.


Mr. Fon Lawrence,
At least everyone who posts on here can read basic English. Fru Ndi (not English though) appears nowhere in that article nor is there any attribute to his title or portfolio. why would you expect anyone to link this to him. By the way no one doubts that such electoral fraud occurs under MR FRU NDI's REIGN in the SDF (funny how i linked it huh). Well you tell me if this is not fanaticm. your first reaction being about Fru Ndi. If you want, one can always make the connection, that is very easy to do. It's only axiomatic. Will take no more than a snap of a finger to connect the dots right upto ALMIGHTY FRU NDI. I'll say the reason why party principles and election methods cannot be followed even in the grass roots is because of the practice in the very top-most hierarcy of the party (NEC). Who won't copy NEC's example? It's just about same thing in Mr. Biya's government and elsewhere. If the bad practices are not dealt with from the very top then expect no better in the lower levels. You probably have heard how better of police officers have been in Cameroon lately. Not as good as we'd expect, but they're better. Every one's taken heed of the ongoing wave of arrests sweeping the high-ranking officials.


now you have nothing to say.where is klemeceuax or what.very soon only you will serve fru you write very little because everyone is against you even yourself.keep on you believe mukete now?

Che Sunday (Dr.)

Why shouldn't this be linked to Fru the almighty? Was he not the one who stormed out of the opposition coalition claiming that procedures were being side-stepped in an attempt to short-changed him? He simply copied and pasted the system within the ranks and file of the party. Its now flourishing.
Good job.


Very soon you people followers of fru ndi will be jojo dancers when there be no one to grandpa a ward chairman said when a jojo dances for so long even little children will identify its feet.that is what is happening in the sdf .fru must step down else he shall live in shame.


Here, another criminal comes again. This time the great Akonted the liar. You dont have anything to contribute to the growth of any nation so you should shut up Mr Akonteh.


I'm back!


Mac Satan, I hardly reply to guys who use English names let alone those who openly conceal their identity. This explains why I refrain from letting "Momo" know that my personal definition of a fool is someone who does not know that he does not know.


You asked me to provide what you term "make-up stories" about my allegations that you're a CPDM sponsored agent. You can call them whatever names you wish. This wouldn't deter me from doing what I've already started doing. I promised this same forum. I must do it! You can't push me to provide incomplete truths. By the way you can't push me disobey the true words of my grand father - "The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it." I want nothing but the whole truth. Issues such as these are very important. I don't do sketchy work like you. When it comes to providing proofs, I provide hard ones. From my postings constituents of this forum's think factory such as the indefatigable Klemenceau, the no nonsense Fon the rest, and even some of your apostles such as Michael, AgborMbai and their likes can bear me witness. Above all, God's my witness. You told us to point out atleast something truthful you've ever spoken in this Forum. I can say without any fear of regret nor contradiction that the only truth you've ever written's the acknowledgement of the fact that God exists. I'm happy about that. But know that even the devil acknowledges this unquestionable reality.

Ashwell, I'm sorry to have "bombarded" you with words which you use everyday. If you don't want to think then I'm afraid this forum's NOT for you. I even got you differing against your master's(Mukete's) views. He wrote; "I still maintain that the struggle in the SDF is not for the weak". So you better just open the door behind you, go out, close the door and go back from where you came if you're not prepared to think for a second. Ask particular questions for clarifications. That's why we're here! I pull your ears; "do you hear me?"

My Dearest Cameroonians,

Like I said earlier, we don't support a particular name. We don't support Ni John Fru Ndi. Rather, we support ONLY positive thought. We support a positive brain and reason which is beneficial for the development of our great country. Gentlemen and ladies, let's sit back and think about this most pressing issue - a PROPOSAL for constitutional ammendment. One man "sins"...the other suffers. "Tiko drink, Kumba drunk". Ni John Fru Ndi's not a policy maker. Yoyo and others brought about an idea to change the SDF's constitution and NOT Ni John Fru Ndi. Today just because we have selfish interests and hate. Just because we are power hungry we're trying to do everything humanly possible to assasinate the character of Ni John Fru Ndi. Thank God all these masterminders' allegations are spurious. It is not confusion as such; it is malice, dishonesty, ill-faith and above all inhumanity.

Yoyo and the others have a right to their decisions about coming up with a constitutional amendment. Permit me quote Ni John Fru Ndi when he was interviewed sometime ago about this issue. This was his reaction :

"...remember every idea that comes up is tabled and debated at NEC. It is only when the issue is above NEC, that it is referred to the party Convention. To say I have a faction of NEC members who support me and others are in support of Professor Asonganyi is not true. There is no faction in the SDF. As Chairman, I am always very objective. If Yoyo came up with any such thing as constitutional changes, I just think it was his right to do that. To the best of my knowledge, no such amendment has been tabled before NEC over which I preside. Amendments in the party are not tabled in newspapers and debated in public seminars"...

I thnk that because we're in a democracy we must respect their views. Everybody has a right to their thoughts. Let's leave them to the mammoth task of convincing 1500 delegates. If more than half of these delegates can be convinced then let democracy take its course. From the look of things, this proposal came as a result of the current malice and dishonesty plaqueing the party. If I were a delegate, I'll vote for it giving the fact that it's not for the interest of Fru Ndi but for people of the party who gave powers to the Chairman. I therefore insist that the slogan "power to the people" will NOT be trampled upon. Remember that he's not going to be chairman forever. He's not unaware of this. If this proposal's not voted for, I wouldn't care.

I've not written it all. Even Christ said; if He could be persecuted for the tuth,who are we not to?. Crucify me for speaking the truth but before you do, remember that the truth shall set us free.

I love you all.

Twisted-thinking forehead - Son Of Ako, London School Of Economics And Political Science.



I have often criticise your contributions but for this particular one on Akonteh, you are very right. This guy should shot up. It is time for him to understand that his political carreer is over. If you know the dirty things Akonteh has done, including his involvement in witchcraft, killing Dogs and burrying near the airport in Bafut as a result of their divide between upper and lower Bafut,thanks to a palm wine tapper who saw them doing this while he was on the palm tree, thiss evil would have gone without notice,You will not belief that he is trying to come back. How can Bafut people who know this story trust such an idiot to represent them. That is why NEBA FUNEBA who has been contributing constructively in this forum could not be objective, is from upper Bafut and also among those who propagate the divide and disrespect for the fon, but cited with Akonteh and Akoso, blaming Neba for being in the states and not a member of a ward. To be a parliamentarian in the SDF you go through a process, from district level etc and the Parliamentarian for bafut actually represents Bafut and Tubah, so Neba after going through the preliminaries also trounce his oponent in Tubah to be a parliamentarian. It is not strange the mayors report contains some of the issues Akoso raised. I know that mayor but I equally know he did not embrace some of the developmental proposals from Neba and out there in most cases when people don't agree, they hate each other strangely.It is not strange Akonteh will now criticise Neba, here we are talking about two former friends and Akonteh was shocked Neba who was abroad, came home put forward his campaign strategy and won. So please get informed. I learned that Neba will use is pick up some times while not even a parliamentarian to carry water and uses pipes to water the dusty road during the dry season etc, He preached water supply during his campaign although he has only fubnded a few projects. I am not saying that he is perfect, every one has their low points. I know Neba is not as Vocal as Akonteh, but Akonteh has to first of all apologize to Bafut people for preaching divide, disrespecting the fon, and go for cleansing in the Palace for the dogs he together with other fellows buried at Nsoh-Bafut, after which Bafut people will reconsider him for any political carreer. Nonsense.


Very interesting. Absolutely wonderful reading. Especially the comments of the esteemed doctor and the one at LSE. Doesn't anyone here see that the SDF lacks structure? What is happening to Cameroon? Have we sunk so low, that educated people cannot discuss politics without calling others names? Almight Fru Ndi? What kind of cheap sarcasm is that? My oh my! I wonder what will become of our beloved fatherland.


Fon Lawrence,
Go tell your grand father that Dictator Fru Ndi is not involve in all this.Just as Akoson want us to beleive that Tiko is not drinking for kumba to get drunk.

We know all the plans of the dictator'get himself another mandate'then join Biya to enrich his family.

We are working seriously to teach him a good lesson,if he is not careful he will be bankcrupt after all this.Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The True Voice's around again...Akoson's..



I feel loath to address those who conceal their identity. However, I wouldn't sit back and watch you fail but deny to educate you on some issues I think are important for a fellow Cameroonian to understand. Besides, my conscience'll go disturbed for ages should I let you contaminate my friends and loves with premature reason. Now, before I offer a word I'd like you understand something about politics - that nomatter how perfect a democracy's the three wings that constitute a government CANNOT be PERFECTLY reconciled all the times. That is why in mature democracies like that of the US some powers are given to the president to veto at times in difficult and urgent situations. Your greatest worry is the uniformity of making appointments and applications. Hear you;

"If u decide to extend mandates apply that uniformly, if u decide to appoint people apply that uniformly too".

Hahahahahahaha...some of you guys make us laugh at times. You don't ask questions but you claim to know all. I don't know and will never know all, remember! Even when a constitution may not state a particular power, at times it is unavoidable for a leader to circumvent at a particualr point in time. That's why he's a leader. That's why you voted for him. That's why you must tolerate at times the deeds of the person you voted for. That is why there's hierachy. That is why you must respect and confide in the person you voted for.

That's why you see a journalist interviewing president Bush asks him; "what if your bill is denied to be voted for?" You'll often get him say; "then I'll veto".

This does not mean that the leader goes at their whims and caprices to do anything at anytime. Afterall howmany times has Ni John Fru Ndi gone against the constitution. Afterall when leaders do anything they want everybody sees that and they become unpopular and soil their own political career. But the SDF case is different. Like I've always said, it is malice, dishonesty, ill-faith and above all inhumanity due to excessive power thirst, and jealousy.

What I struggle to force into your brain is that there's no such thing as uniformity in politics. Because the president goes to work at 10 AM, you too want to do that. Because the president has more sick leaves, you too need same. Because the president can be more favoured by parliament because he's president you think it could be done for you too. Because the president extends his term due to some hitches you want it done for you. Howmany times in the life of the SDF has Fru Ndi extended his term as NEC chairman? This case is a different one. During a political turmoil within a party if the leader is NOT wise and firm enough the party MUST split. That's why we've got the UPC today in fragments. In the SDF now we know the camps. We know who belongs where? If someone does anti-party activities and is fired and another member who happens to head a responsible office of the party sides with them, what do you expect? That's endorsing illegality. If yiu're not in, you're out...period! He's therefore not fit for that post. Therefore any policy of uniformity to let him stay until elections will bring more palavar to the party. Bad eggs can easily contaminate others. If let to stay as Chairperson in the center, Mr. Zambou will spoil the minds of millitants just the way Mukete is doing here. It was therefore VERY RIGHT because of the present wragglings, for NEC, NOT Fru Ndi, in their last meeting, to have decided nem con - erecting a new coordinating committee for Center province. As a former principal of a school, that's why I could at times, dismiss a student without the DISCUM sitting...Again, leaders MUST circumvent at times to avoid confusion and commotion. Anymore questions?????

Klemenceau, going against the constitution at times to unplot a coup is not uncalled for. I hope you did understand my facts above. If you didn't then hit back. This struggle's not for the weak! We mustn't relent our efforts to speak the truth.

As for Mukete, his piece contained virtually nothing for any forward-thinking and sanguine young Cameroonian to ride home about, let alone replying to it. Infact, it is as empty as Mukete himself. "Empty vessels make the loudest noise".

My hands are stretched for crucifixion. Nail me! But I wouldn't stop saying; "I love you", cos I truly do.

Trust me!

Twisted-thinking forehead,
Akoson - Son Of Ako,
London School Of Economics And Political Science.



the TIGER eating his own words and playing "Peter" of the Bible.
Its too late my Boy, Mukete the cock had cried more than thrice in this forum.
The is no need to asked for Crucifixion, its no justification to clean your thoughts and beliefs your have for Idol Fru Ndi.
My hands are stretched for crucifixion. Nail me! But I wouldn't stop saying; "I love you", cos I truly do.
Trust me!
Question ..Who will now TRUST YOU?
FRU NDI......?

neba funiba

Mr. Texam or whatever you call yourself:

You are one of those who believe that things such as "nyongo" exists and that the "killing of dogs and burying them so as to..." means something. My name is Neba Funiba; so Texam is what? Is the watering of a dusty road a major accomplishment? How long does the road remain dust-free? So money for micro-projects is being used to water dusty roads? Is the watering of a dusty road a project? This is naiivety at its worst. The reason why I am even respondimg to you is because I want to show how ill-informed you are concerning what is at stake. Do a content analysis of my writings on this website and do same for yours--the difference is tremendous. Go ahead and express yourself, I will not even waste my time for any reason. I now see why you are the subject of so much ridicule.


Why do people always write in this forum and constantly use the word "My Country"? Is la republique francaise du Cameroun a country? I need answers to this question from people like Agbormbai, Mukete, Akoson, Klemenceau, Dr Che Sunday, Frank Muma, Ma Mary, Don man etc. etc. and other lended person who want to defend this fake piece of land as an independent nation.

La republique du Cameroun is a fake piece of land with no rules, government, normal people, etc. It is a failed state with nothing to offer even to the future of the people who governs its.

States are ruled by legislations, its banking system forms the foundation of any meaningful development that can take place, its police are there to protect its people, its business structures are governed by rules, its government is there to defend its people, its citizens love their country and want to stay there, its women are the custodians of family values, and its traditional leaders are the custodians of tribal values especially in Africa.

On the contrary, in la republique du Cameroun, its banking system is habitually inexistent, corrupt and disorganised. Some are even fake institutions with no proper authorisation document. Its police force are the most corrupt in the entire universe and when they even go out to protect their citizens from criminal activities, they are more dangerous than the criminals themselves. Its ministers openly dine in public places with renowned “feymen” and sit side by side in official meetings. Its former prime minister (Simon Achidi Achu) once received money for operation “coup de Coeur” from a “feyman” (10 millions francs) and described him as “chercheur d’europe (struggler from Europe, if my translation is good) “in the eyes of the television camera. It business is not governed by any rule; instead rules are made with fake clauses so that corrupt government individuals can easily manipulate the suffering masses. It does not have any government that has any development plan; instead all functions of the government are habitually reliant on the very corrupt minded and evil policies of its ruling CPDM party headed by a certain tyrant called President Paul biya. It citizens are running all over the world, they don’t want to live there. This country is the poorest in the world in all respects. Yet some unscrupulous individuals call it heaven (Heaven for you whose family is corrupt minded and connected to the system). Its traditional leaders do not posses any value. They are there to collect salt, rice, meat etc from the CPDM or “feyman” to intimidate their subjects to vote for the CPDM, etc. Recently MBACUDA (Mbatu cultural and development association) received a Toyota tercel from a feyman and handed it to their Fon. Is that what we are supposed to encourage as honest citizens of this world?.

In fact, if la republique du Cameroun wants to govern itself one day, all its citizens, subjects, organs, etc. have to go through some form of moral purification. Even corrupt minded southern Cameroonians will have to go through some form of moral purification before we issue them a southern Cameroonian passport.

I will suggest to citizens of la republique du Cameroun that they fight for their government to hand over their barren land to modest francophone nations like Burkina Faso, Mali etc to govern. That will be of great help to them. At least, they will be proud of a future.

Once more, I need answers to some of the issues raised from southern Cameroonians like Agbormbai, Mukete, Akoson, Klemenceau, Dr Che Sunday, Frank Muma, Ma Mary, Don man etc. etc. and other lended person who want to defend this fake piece of land as an independent nation.

neba funiba


I did not want to respond but since you wrote etc., etc...., I want to take a crack at it. A country is any piece of land within defined international boundaries. This definition alone is simplistic; therefore, you have to include other criteria such as the existence of a constitution, diplomatic relations, a military, etc. A country remains a country whether or not its sovereignty is being violated or whether forces inside that country make themselves slaves of outside influence--what is often referred to as neocolonialism. In serious political discourse, there is a distinction between a country and a nation-state except when expressly stated otherwise. For example, in a write-up, the author can at the beginning say that the words nation and country are used interchangeably to mean the same thing. A nation-state is represented at most international organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, WHO, and regional alliances such as NAFTA, CEMAC, EU, ECOWAS, etc. However, a geopolitical entity such as Somalia remains a country without most of the above qualifications (not even a currency) due to protracted warfare. Some other countries may not have the chance to represent themselves because of various impediments, in that case international diplomacy comes in to sort things out or force becomes inevitable. I hope this provides some insights as to what you are looking for.



Thanks Niba, your ideas seems great. So to say, what if i define la republique du cameroun as a country but a "Failed state" that need to be recolonised by moderately organised nations like Bostwana, Namibia, Mozambique, Mali, Burkina Faso, etc? Would i be correct with this proper definition.

Fon  Lawrence

The fight is on and we must not relent our efforts.My approbation for the piece above.That was praticals and not theory.
That said,

I simply set the ball rolling and I could see the effect.This is the time for me to react and I will simply critic the issue at stack.

I was an admirer of Akonte and when I see him being in derison,then something is wrong some where with him.

If he used his parliamentary grants well,he would have won the favor of the Bafut man and should have still been in parliament.He claims that people preferred ground money to genuine development,if he went in for genuine development when he was in parliament,it would have been evident. If Mba Ndam is still in parliament since 1997,it is because the Moghamo man has seen that he is equal to the task.It is always very difficult to beat an incumbent who has worked well.

If Aaron Neba was able to manipulate the masses as Akonte claims,then it means the people of Tubah are satisfied with his work in Parliament.

I see a contradiction in what Akonte called "ambulant voters" since he again said the participation was low.If those who were dissappointed and went away as he puts it were really for him they would have stood firm to push him to victory.One would have sympathize with him if he said his supporters were not allow to vote.
I still admire Akonte but I thing he has to work hard to win back other admirers of the past.


I think people should learn to accept defeat and work harder.Akonteh should accept that he has lost all his popularity and can never win an election in Bafut.
He should talk of the person who defeated him in the elections and not of Hon. Neba.It is clear that he is angry with Hon.Neba for taking over from him as the parliamentarian of Bafut/Tubah.Those who are close to the SDF in Bafut know for sure that he and the mayor of Bafut are birds of the same feather.It is therefore not strange for the two of them to have the same story.
I wish to extend my congratulations to Patrick Ngwa Tafuh.


Akonteh is just reaping the fruits of a system he helped build. Unfortunately, he has found himself on the wrong side and no one will believe he is saying the truth since he and the others used the same tactics against their opponents. Sorry pal. See how it feels....


Thanks Mouteh,
If i am not seen as a silly man, i never learn to grow to higher levels. As a fighter, i like being seen as silly so that i will have the choice to grow further. So you can say all sort of things and the day you will get to know the Rexon, you will surely shut up.


you see what is happening to akonteh.woooow it is the same thing that will happen to fru ndi.he was very popular even more than fru.he failed us let fru ndi is doing.fru ndi your will be wost than akonteh.
just waite and see.



I should come clean, I have always been in support of the idea of seperation of the two states of Cameroon... for obvious reasons. I have all the documents of the forces of arguments put forward by its erudite intellectuals, lawyers and rappoteur generals like Prof Munzu... and the arguments against by La Republics stooges. And if I were a judge i will say our case is well founded....but one thing should be well understood here, the decision should be political and not sentimental.

With all due respect to our leaders, I have come to the conclusion that, genuine as our leaders are, they have not forged recognised personalities of themselves in the international community, and their lobbying strength leaves much to be desired, thus I am of the school of political pondits - there are other options. Though if session could come now ONLY peacefully, then I'd be the happiest on earth.

I here by rest my case on the balance of probability, though not in a convincing fashion, but we are living on borrowed times.

Keep fighting for your children. My support is courage!

Eyes Of A Tiger - Son Of Ako, LSE.



Mr Neba Funiba,
Do not worry about my credentials as much. Know that I am Texam, Period, but don't be too over zealous, take your time, read articles and digest them. You were even unable to understand that my article says that even before neba was parliamentarian, he use to do things in public like watering roads during the dry season. Yet you jumped to micro projects and money etc. How do you have money for micro projects when you are not yet a parliamentarian. I very much doubt your level of comprehension. You praise yourself for analysing situations. Let others praise you ok, the "JUJU that dances well does not praise itself self". I will not go into a fight with you. Everything that goes around comes around.


My dear countrymen,it is true that the world is coming to an end.If akonteh the Judas is standing today to criticize the SDF which he sold for 30pieces of silver it means even the dogs want democracy.Thank you andrew for the shamelessness in you.This writer thinks you owe a ledger full of apology or you commit suicide as your senior bro Judas Iscariot did.



Klemenceau, Knganjo and Watesih,

You guys have done me proud by responding objectively(just the way I would've done if I were present) to some of the hatred guys post here. Just keep it up! Like I've always said, it's a long struggle for the truth to prevail.


Any convention which will hold in Yaounde is illegal by law. Quote me anywhere.

My Dearest Cameroonians,

Like I said above, the weekend was very eventful cos as a young militant of the party, I'm happy that I was given the opportunity to talk to party bigwigs on phone. I beg to make a confession - to be frank with you guys from birth I'd a supernatural gift from God to feel any malice or good when I talk to someone. You may not understand me but for True christians I guess you feel me. You can call me names if you wish... I don't want to quote names of those I spoke to but be rest asured that I spoke to all those who matter in the SDF. Guess what???...I felt truth and nothing but the truth. I've come to realise that these TRUE guys who lead the SDF are really simple and down to earth - ready to talk to any militant at anytime who can give advice and contribute to meaningful change in the SDF. We engaged in lengthy chat, but as my normal habbit I wouldn't want to keep you reading and reading. Just get the summary below...

-Firsly, as a new SDF militant I just fought to push NEC report to the Cameroon Law enforcement body that any gathering of people in Yaounde on May 26 in the name of the SDF is illegal. They could therefore be considered as a terrorist network or an illegal meeting planning to plot a coup d'etat against Biya. And that the Cameroon Social Democratic Front Party doesn't recognise any such body. And that the SDF is giving the government a go-ahead to act within the confines of the law by arresting all those that constitute an illegal gathering - those that will not have permission signed by NEC.

-Secondarily, I advised NEC to organise a youth wing of the party that MUST tour the whole nation prior to the twin elections coming up rather shortly and STOP wasting their time responding to press conferences organised by coup plotters.

You might be interested to note that they took particular attention to my points and promised to take them into consideration IF AND WHEN NEED BE.

WE MUST FIGHT TOGETHER AND RENDER HARMLESS THE EVIL DEEDS OF THESE EVIL MEN!...just writing here wouldn't do the trick. Trust me!

Ruffled Lion's mane - Son Of Ako, LSE.


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