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Monday, 13 March 2006


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I will like to say thanks to God for giving Africains strong blood. This bird flu will not kill any one from africa and will deal with the white people. And this bird flu will only deal those white, who never in the life like tio see a black man, God will deal with them one by one .


Hey Katty!

God doesn't hate anybody. God loves everyone - black or white.

I'm thankful to God for the SDO of the Dia-Marre who's implemented strategies to curb the spread of the virus. How'll that be effective? I suggest that medical experts in all the slums and ghetos must inspect these birds before they're sold in the markets. We need more edvice and expertise from them. We shouldn't look down at such situation cos they're viable to destroy - a soul's great!

Let's pray together for our nation.

Son Of Ako - LSE.



bird flu or not, man must callam. so the flu di do na e work


I agree with you Akoson. That let the medical experts in Cameroon come out and educate the people on the ills of this disease as well as inspect all the birds before the go to the market.

My fellow brothers and sisters who read and post comments on this site, i want you all to bear with me that it is good to shun those comments that either unteach or mislead people. Evident is the one from TOMMY which says whether "bird flu or not people go still callam". We all are aware of the fact that everybody on earth will die one day but is that enough to educate people to be careless with their lives? Tommy i guess you are the type of person who can infect other people with your HIV virus. Afterall everybody will die at the end.


Ngwana Kevin

When specimens have to be transported to France for Laboratory tests in a country that can create huge scientific potentials both human and material,tears feel my eyes.


Hey Katty, I do not know your personal circumstances, however please find it in your heart to love all, irrelevant of race.

Yo! This bird flu epidemic is no joke, thus far some 97 Chinese nationals have succumbed to just one stain of the virus.

Look at what happened to fellow Africans the last time we sneered at a major outbreak. Countless black folks die from preventative polio every day through out Africa. Many of these deaths can be attributed to several northern Nigerian MPs who wouldn't implement a course of free vaccination. All in the name of some spurious conspiracy theories and Sharia law.

As a child growing up in Buea, the only time chicken was served at our table, other than at Christmas; was when the bird appeared sick. Rather than loose the fowl to sudden death, my grand parents would employ one of us kids, to quickly catch and kill the chicken for consumption.

This scenario repeated itself several times during the course of a year, and we weren't the only family practising this ritual. Thankfully bird flu was absent from Cameroon 30 years ago, otherwise yours truly would truly be otherwise.

Fast forward to 2006. Think of folks who still carry out the practice of consuming sick fowls. Multiply this number by the average number in each household. Multiply this result by the number of quatiers for each town. Sum all the towns and cities in Cameroon.

The above is by no means an exact science, but I hope it illustrates just how challenging a pandemic of bird flu would be to our fragile population.

For this reason alone, it is imperative we all help our health officers to sensitise our people to the dangers posed by this dark cloud that looms large.


it puzzles me when samples have to be sent to france for testing. why can the government of cameroon not embark on a higher education strategy that will train its own personnel? at this slow pace, am sure we still having to be sending samples to france for the next 30 yrs. God help us


kevin and brown,
hmm I wonder why specimens for mad cow diseases need to be transported from the U.S. to England for appropriate tests? I'll leave it to u guys to figure it out.


I like your analysis. That is the painful realitry and with the advent of this bird flu, my fear is for the worst. When I look at the Cameroon medical landscape, tears run down my eyes. My disappointment stems from the quality of doctors, to medical facilities, to traditional beliefs, to the lukewarnness of the authorities that be, and to the mentality of Cameroonians. All these factors make our situation a desperate one. The only mitigating factor remains the fact that few Cameroonian families actually can afford to eat chicken on a regular basis - but practice of eating dead chicken or near-to-death chicken must be preached against with impunity. Otherwise, we may just heading towards a major disaster.


it feels so sad to learn about this disease. we need just to take precautions and abstain from those sick birds. i know with poverty we can't avoid eating them.

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