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Monday, 20 March 2006


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Madness in Cameroon Again. If you government want to block private banks, he(gov) should issue checks to the civil servants. They have the right sue both the government and amity bank. I guess law prevails in Cameroon.


Please, I want to know if Jeff Nwawe Yufenyi is the same person as Jeff Ngawe? He should please write to me personally at I have a surprise for him. Thanks.

Billy Nso


Your article is not explicit, tell the facts and don't confuse the readers. Amity banks is not affected in the Ministerial order. The unknown Bank or Cooperative called Toproc is the affected institution. Right? TOPROC has an account with AMITY bank and that is the account blocked.

The Ministerial Order actually is to protect the small investors who are deceived by these cooperatives. SO do your research well before writing.


BREAKING NEWS - MUKETE IS A CPDM SPONSORED AGENT!!! ....nothing hides under the sun. We've caught him...

My dearest readers,

We are undergoing much research presently to affirm allegations from very reliable sources that Mukete's a CPDM sponsored agent. His mission, acording to the allegation's to poison the minds of SDF and Cameroonians in general living in the diaspora inorder to get the indefatigable Ni John Fru Ndi unpopular. This is coming at a time when the CPDM has tried all tactics but failed. The Ngwasiri incident is also a very important instance. I was shocked when I got this!!! I didn't believe it at first but when I was fed with just the preliminary proofs I decided to get into research about this traitor of a person. Fortunately enough, the results I'm getting are positive and I'm bent at exposing Judas Iscariots on this forum. Enough's enough!!! We're going to disclose his full name. He'll be shocked. And shame will befall all those who've been blindly supporting a man who's been enjoying and licking his lips from the proceeds of the CDPM. Remember that nothing hides under the sun.

Thank God everybody knows that I've never sided on this forum. I've always supported Mukete, Vally on the one hand, and on the other hand, Boo, Mimi, Nji Paul...whenever they write well, I applaude them. But Mukete's NEVER ever praised any Fru Ndi supporter who for once spoke the truth or decided to go neutral due an unclear argument. Ask yourslef why???

Read some paragraphs of my last contribution in the previous postings of the which came as a result of the fact that I was almost taken away by Mukete and his false utterances:
1. "Let's not crucify Vally, Mukete and their likes!!! I argue that after so much reflection about the present status quo, the situation needs a careful look and scrutiny.."
2. "I write with total disatisfaction with the election of Ni John Fru Ndi as Chairperson of NAC. I'm glad everyone on this forum has always understood my stance as not only a sympathiser to the SDF but an admirer of Ni John Fru Ndi..."
3. "Hello Mukete, Your piece and reason is good and coincises nicely. I've not had time to think. Regarding Kenedy's comments, they're also good. Most of us will take a final decision as to stone whoever's wrong when the dust finally settles. But when? Dual elections are near..."

By the time I finish writing after my investigation some of us will go mad. By their writings, their words and even their deeds we shall know them.

Readers should note that when I talk of proofs I mean hard proofs. We'll disclose all bank transactions, meetings(private discussions etc), fax documents and even tapped telephone calls to expose Mukete. The evidences're there.

I'm coming!

Eyes of A Tiger - Son Of Ako, London School Of Economics.



Akoson when your proofs are out then we shall see the authenticity in them.if good then we may need you to investigate the homosexual cases in cameroon.
Mr Jeff does Amity Bank operate salary accounts? nyamfuka.where did you read your own journalism.from furawa i guest.


Whether Mukete is an agent of CPDM or not what has it got to do with the Amity Bank issue?
Is this forum for SDF sympathisers only?


Whether Mukete is an agent of CPDM or not what has it got to do with the Amity Bank issue?
Is this forum for SDF sympathisers only?

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