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Monday, 27 March 2006


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This is just an evidence of the sense of frustration that have plagued citizens of la republique du cameroun in recent times. those who says cameroonians are lazy, how can athlethes who have all the energy to do hard jobs be running away from their country of origin. everybody is frustrated with the system and the sense of frustration can still be felt at such a high level.

Fritzane Kiki a Hong Kong

The torment of human frustration, whatever its immediate cause, is the knowledge that the self is in prison, its vital force and "mangled mind" leaking away in lonely, wasteful self-conflict.Cameroonian are very aware of this stigmatised suffering and so must seek for means to better their standards of living.

Our frustration is greater when we have more and want more than when we have nothing and want some.Cameroonians can't stand it any longer.Going abroad today is nothing but a glorious and joyous family cerembration.Little doubt why these athletes saw this as a means to leave the country for greener pastures.

We are less dissatisfied when we lack many things than when we seem to lack but one thing; enrichment and improved our living standards.Which ofcourse La Republique can not offer them!!What next!

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


The 9 Cameroonians have easily "Bush fallen".Free transportation, free visas and al. The immigration officers should fine Cameroon and other countries involved for making living conditions for the youths just too mirable so much so that the desperate youths take risky leaps into darkness without a second thought. It's a shame.


Praise be to God to those you managed to run away and seek for a means to better thier lives in the future.This will prove to the world and Australia inparticular the leading members of the commonwealth nations that cameroon is a land full of misery and fraustration.The Autralian immigration department should not go and look for those claimed to been have missing the should question the cameroon gov't that why all this happenings.some years ago the junior under 17 squard did thesame thing 'wow' shame onto cameroon leaders who have mismanaged our country( na wow...) .But what i wanna say long live those who managed to run and SATAN PUNISH PAUL BIYA and his regime.


That's a good idea to the person who gathered his compatriots into the bush in Autralia.If na you how you go do?can you stand by the side of the river and soap gets into your eyes?it has come to the time where those who cann't talk beging to talk.that's a good idea to those who escape as the most recent bush faller.To me i'm also a bush faller i pray let all those who can run and allow cameroon to Paul Biya and his group to do so quick without any delay .Why i say so is cos i think they will soon privatise cameroon.ok bye bye man left eeee.. left.


What a disgrace for Cameroon of all. This will not only go a long way to tarnish the reputation of Cameroonians but also hit hard on legitimate scholars, business men tourists etc liaising abroad. Cameroon joining the common wealth, was because of Southern Cameroon history hence as a former colony of Britain. As such she was to benefit from all the advantages given to members of the union. Apart from the minister who is an Anglophone, southern Cameroonians have always been left trailing far behind like sheep and feeding from falling crumbs. I’ll bet you 99 percent of the delegation were francophones, who have intend tarnish our reputation. It is very irritating when you read the news stating “this French speaking west or central African country”. Have you heard of any Anglophone having any thing to do with francophonie? Participating in any of their events? Activities marking the common wealth day in particular and programs in general are normally held in the LA CAPITAL! Not Buea, what an absurdity and insult to Southern Cameroonians. Please open your eyes and see the truth for yourselves. There’s hardship in Cameroon no doubt, but when things take a turn as it did in Australia we have to retaliate with an equal but opposite reaction because as the Kenyan proverb states when two cow fight it’s the ground that suffers.


Funny! everso funny.This is a diplomatic humiliation.
It is evident that this gov't does not learn from its mistakes.This is not the first incident.
Two things:either a conscientious conspiracy by gov't organisers to endorse their disappearance, or a clandestine wilfull plan by the athletes to vanish immediately the game closes.
Its truely funny, dramatic,and disgraceful.(CALLOUS ARRANGEMENT TO MAKE EMERGENCY RUN ON OTHER NATIONS.(CAMEROON).This is quite a suitable abbreviation to best qualify the plan to disappear.


paye rough make them do how. Very soon them too go start write nonsense for this forum for support Ngwasiri he camp and then them sign under their writing say Texam from Australia.or Vally from England. Just give them few weeeks they will start positing nonsense on this forum, this is how most of the people supporting Ngwasiri in this forum found their way abroad.
Congrats my brother wonna too don fall bush.


9 Athletes! This na wunna year. You dong fall Bush, You no make Bankstatement, you no pay flight. You no Pay for Chop. Dem no publish wunna names. God can hardly be more on your side. I sure most of wunna already get enough doki for skin. Simply change from Nde to Monono or Eyole, then the asylum is yours.

Mac Satan

This should not not come to you all as a surprise. These fugitives were not athletes.
It is the normal racketeering happening in some quarters in Yaounde. You only need to know the people incharge, pay a certain amount of money and you are included as one of the athletes. Remember Kualar Lumpur in Malaysia?
Same old story. The earlier the country is advertised for sale the better for all of us.
The Cameroonian Delegation was aware of the plan. Desperate times require require desperate moves.
This is not different from the racket going on at the British High Commission in Yaounde.
If you have ever passed through that building, then you will be familiar with this Bamileke lady who receives money and arranges for your visa. Cameroon is a disgrace.
I wish the so called athletes well in their struggle for survival in Australia.

Ma Mary

Mukete, where are you. You need to give these nouveau bushfallers are proper telling off.

Glenn Wilson, watch out for those "athletes". Trust me, they are not even Southern Cameroonians, the people who presumably brought Cameroon to the Commonwealth.

Britain, come clean your mess and quit pretending.

I hear that Australia has some awful detention camps for people like that, when they lay hands on them. Mess not with Australia. They are friendly, but can kick ass in a heartbeat.

Chris Ngwasiri

If you cannot find your way out,
If you do not have a god father,
If you do not have any 'kobo' to insert your name in a bogus athletic list,
If you cannot come up with an assylum strategy or any bugus exit route,
just stay quiet and stop mixing things up.

However, if you exited through the right channel, do not insult people who cannot. Fingers are not the same. Do not forget that you might meet an assylum seeker on your way back and cling on to. No condition is permanent.
These bogus athletic fugitives are no heroes of ours; we all accept, because they only continue to run down our already tarnished image, but they have not committed any murder. They have simply helped themselves. It is a better action than reinforcing the arm robbery band wagon that is growing by the day in our country. Some lives have definitely been saved by this action of theirs.
It is just a means to an end.

We continuously plead to people to write intelligently on this prestigious forum.

Calling assylum seekers supporters of the Ngwasiri camp is just one of those ignorant write ups on this forum. These guys are no enemies of SDF at all. If you have any qualms with Texan and Vally, please settle them more maturely. Fora like this one are not easy to come by; so, let us make good use of it.

Chris Ngwasiri

Roki of Shanghai

Ma Mary thanks for the reminder. I was almost forgetting that there ever was someone in the name of "Mukete" in this forum.

Mukete wake up from slumber wherever you are.I hope Mukete was not amongst the runaways. Mukete this is nothing personal.You've been quiet for too long.Speak out.


Two missing Cameroon athletes contact Perth officials

Check it out

Don man

After reading some of the comments I will like this forum to help me answer the following questions.
1) Does every body who leaves Cameroon for another Country do so because Cameroon is bad, poor or they don't just want to be there?
2) Where do we have the most successfull Cameroonians- in Cameroon or Abroad? and why?
3)Are those living 20 in one small room in Europe better than those who sleep in big beds back at home?
4)Do we really tell the people back home what is our condition and status here in America or Europe?
5)How many of us here in this part of the world can really boast that they have made it because they came to Europe or America.

There is alot of nonsense talk here on this forum, just because the majority of those who write here happen to get free internet in one way or the other. So we cannot really get the argurements of those back at home. We are not better than many of those back home. We are failling in many aspects to look at the reality, and point fingers at Biya. I do not support him, we all want Biya to feed us and cloth us, but there are many people in Cameroon who do not care about Biya, how come they make it. Rome was not biult in one day. I like my Bamiliki brothers because few of them think of Biya. Cameroonians we must learn how to think of other ways of making it in life rather than thinking that the government will employ us. The Government does not employ more than 100,000 Cameroonians, apart from the army, So we do not expect that we fold our arms and wait for the government to feed us.
The European Countries we are living in today took abóut 1000 years to be where they are. They had similar situations that are happening now in many African countries. So when we just jump to start blasting Biya and the Government, many readers do not really get anything usefull in what we write. Every body even the unborn know that Biya is bad, but life continues. Tell people other means of subsistence that you feel will better the situation or proposals. The UK has nothing, Western Europe has nothing, the scandinavia is a dead end, but they stayed and looked for ways to develope their country for their own good. If they all ran away at the very begining I do not think they could have been where they are today. We must love the country Cameroon where we come from whether Biya is there or not. Because we all will pass away but Cameroon will remain.

Abi Francis

Thatis our Cameroon. We should not behave like idiots. We want to politicise anything Cameroon and call all in Government frautsters. Who of us is free?. We have all in one way or the other actively taken part in promoting fraudulent activities from family, village, education,etc to where we all are today (Bush). Are you clean even with the content of your passport, Names used abroad, supporting fraud by paying first at the airport before travelling?. Lets pray for mental adjustment for all of us Cameroonians. Me too i de bush but Cameroon na find place. Wuna no run go hid di only write big big book 4 here. All we brothers them di succeed 4 home oh. You go get shock when you go back after five years only di talk say cameroon bad, i better for de.We have ran away from responsibilities and support families if at all some of you do at your convinience.A small store man fo Cameroon getam pass we oh.Leave politic for politicians do business you too go succeed home my brothers and sisters. Me i di go back oh and i go makam 4 de.Wuna come we change we own small part.

Roki of Shanghai

Don Man,
Thanks for airing your views, your opinion counts but there are a few things i don't agree with.The very fact that people are talking about these things even you means that there is a problem that needs to be solved.It's today that Mr. Biya is chasing people involved in syphoning the country's money into private accounts.If this money was used for the purpose for which it was meant, then it would have reduced the number of youth hanging around Ntamulung,Travellers, Great Soppo,Obili,Mendong etc doing nothing.The fact that "bush fallers" who left Cameroon earlier have come back with money, goods and expensive cars shows that even if they are digging toilets,bathing corpses or nightwatches in cemeteries in Europe and US, they are doing fine and are satisfied with their "odd jobs".
If Biya leaves the country worse than it was when he took over, that is complete failure and we don't need a rocket scientist to figure that out.Economic conditions are degrading.Even when a few bushfallers try to invest in Cameroon,the taxes that are levied upon these small businesses is more than the capital of the business itself. Nothing is getting better in Cameroon.
It is true we cannot fold our arms and wait for the government to feed us so what do we do? We leave the country if we can.Some escape from sports competitions in Australia and other places as it's happening now.We are not saying that we like what is happening. Nobody likes this kind of news but yet, there's nothing we can do about it because our country is really rotten.Hear Don Man;

"We must love the country Cameroon where we come from whether Biya is there or not. Because we all will pass away but Cameroon will remain"

Don Man, it's our love for Cameroon that makes us say what we say.If we don't say these things who will? Cameroon was suppose to operate computers now like every other country is doing. But how can they when things are so rough, people are hungry, prices are climbing non-stop.How many people can afford computers in Cameroon. If a few Cameroonians can have access in some other person's country, that's an opportunity to tell the government what they think is right. Cameroon practices "democracy" or so it says doesn't it? Atleast it's better to talk from someone's country if you cannot talk from yours.We love Cameroon, we really do.That's why we are saying what we are saying.


This is a revealing sense of frustration that is found in Cameroon at this very moment.You may want to term it a disgrace or whatever but Cameroon is not the first to do this kind of a thing.It is the general frustation and poverty that is grinding the lips of Africans in search for a better life in the west.Many of you are now vomiting rubbish from your PC,s in a well furnished and comfortable home in the west but would have done same if such an opportunity were given to many of you.May the Almighty God protects and guides them wherever they maybe hiding but they will soon see the light.

Atumche Lazarus

I expect The post should be very objective.Give the names of the missing athletes.Journalism is meant to be very transparent.Even if your relatives are among publish the names.

Don man

Thanks for your comments. We all as you said love Cameroon. There is one thing that I wanted to point out in my right up, that is to mention the fact that it is not only in the western World that we can make a life. Also I do not refuse that there is a problem in Cameroon. I have seen many people in the western world who after being there for 5 to 10 years feel they could have been better back at home, and that number is high. It is true the chances are many in this part of the world, but then things are not the same as they used to be 20 years ago. I want us here to tell the truth to those back there.
What can we do? I feel that investing in some people back home is an alternative out of government dependence. MAny people have started realising that Europe and America is just a name. Things are changing every day not forgeting immigration laws and anti Africanism that is experienced my many of us. We are here to make the capital, we can invest it in those back there so that this permanent potential of leaving Cameroon can be reduced. Personally I feel Europe and America have lost the taste, they they had atleast 10 years ago. So we should start thinking of personal initiatives in CAmeroon rather than Goverment dependent initaitives. I feel is time that we all start giving ideas and proposals here so that the readers can learn something , not just talking about Cameroon being bad this and that, we all know that , but what solution to the situation do you have to offer. We all should make this place a place to ask questions and get answers. Every time I want to read something, the first thing I get is the government,CPDM, SDF , JOHN..., Paul,.., thats we know and do not like it . Lets share ideas , constructive ones.

Don man

Its with much respect that I address this message to you.
From your comments in the last few forums , I understand that you are a man of high academic standing, and a good repution for the work you are doing in your field. I am very proud of the fact that a Cameroonian is out there defending us. But one other thing is that after reading so many of your write ups as I take interest in them, I have hardly gotten from them a proposal, an idea that can be like a key to others who want to aspire like you. Waht I want to say is that while we say that this is bad we should try to put reasons on ways we could make it better. I will be happy if you can take some of your time to come out with a self-emancipating plan for the non-government dependent youhts in Cameroon. We do not think that Cameroon can be fine if every body runs away from it. Instead we give room to those there to hold fast to their activites.

Roki of Shanghai

Don Man, u are talking.We are brothers.It's all for our beloved country.


It has simply been alledged that nine athletes have vanished while two have recently reported their locations with legal visa pending expiration on or around April 2006.Six we assume are still at large.
Unemployed people in Cameroon without any form of support neither from the gov't nor their families idle dangerously.Thus remain potentially vulnerable to crime and other illicit means of acquiring money(Faymania-e.t.c.Thus, are worse than those leaving in Europe in any number within a supportive system.The difference is a lifetime crack down on criminals who commit the same offence over here;for instance, jail sentence plus criminal record.
I have not applauded nor personally characterised those who fled after the common wealth games because i understand the desperation of their predicaments to resort in such an ultimate resort.The reason is lack of employment.POINT!
A state is a human collectivity submissive to a gov't.This gov't as a matter of obligation owes huge service to its PEOPLE who are ALWAYS an intergral part of their country(STATE).The pressure on the Biya gov't must be intensified in order to provide adequate resources to trigger quick development in key or all areas of Cameroon active population.The solution to all our problems involves all those at home and abroad.Such is the objective point you didnot echo.
Note that Cameroon is not bound to go through a thousand years because their European counterparts had endure to get this far.We have figured a mentality crisis as one of the main block to our development in all ramifications,as such we must shurn the neo-colonianist with emphasis on an already ratified/approved independence. Renoucing and denoucing any dubious approach from such people is the way to success.
The achievement of cameroon gov't in 25years is humiliatingly below expectation in recent times.BiG time!An epitome of total failure.They are responsible for a whooping 44% of the brain drain and unremitting massive emigrant population abroad.To say Biya's gov't is not responsible for all these mess while evasively casting blame on your people is incorrect.
If truely these guys have vanished without trace, then it tells alot about the state of affairs back there.If the autocracy in Cameroon today bore vital fruits of development like Ghadaffi of Libya, perhaps opposition parties in Cameroon would be delighted to be toothless bull dogs and that would not be a problem.MENTALITY CHANGE AT HOME NOW IN PARTICULAR IS ALWAYS A CONCERN;a clear road block to progress.Finally, the correct and truthful things we say to our fellow brothers and sisters at home, about abroad constitutes that mental scope we hope to change for the better.

It is therefore unreasonable to even hypothethically advance any reflection of comparable living standards at any level.


Don Man,
Just give me your private email address and i will send you a business plan that i drafted, presented to some scottish agencies here. The plan was funded and the first exports that were to be sent here, actually arrived here in the UK and was sold in some shops around scotland. The plan was big, i had already organised women into small groups for them to assist in the preparation and packaging of the goods. I had not intent to benefit financially but knew my reputation was at stake in case your customs officers work with their madness. But then, my experiences made me understand squarely that, if i want to maintain a respectable image to my scottish and UK partners, i should avoid doing business with la republique du cameroun. That was the sole opportunity for me to avoid sending western Union regularly to friends, relatives, neighbours and other members of my community which i regularly support but now, i am still in that bondage.
I give business advise to people who do business and import things in all parts of the developing world. But i have never seen any country as corrupt and disorganised as la republique du cameroun. We have to go through a sense of moral purification before we can expect any change in most west african countries. La republique du cameroun is the most corrupt country and dirtiest country (concience wise) in the world.


Don man,
Just to add one more evidence to what i have just said. I can privately forward you addresses and private emails of partners in paris who were supposed to handle the tourism aspect of the business.
La republique du cameroun is a country whose governance policies is underpinned by an interest in frustrating the suffering masses. Ask yourself if those in power, from the president to police officers have any value that can be of help to the future generation of cameroonians.


I am ashamed to read certain comments posted on this site.
The truth we so love to hide shall be exposed. In The U.K for example many expats prefer to waste the small money they earn in organising parties, buying useless cars etc all to show off. Instead of helping their loved ones at home and their country. Then they come and moan about the gov't.
Even if you change gov'ts the problems will still be there. I remember whe popol came to power, we hoped for change that has not seen the day of light for 24yrs and counting. I propose we all learn to live in peace and do some good works for Cameroon b4 it is too late. We don't want end up like Cote D'Ivoire, do we?

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