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Tuesday, 28 March 2006


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Roki of Shanghai

Someone said it on this forum that this lady Lydia Effimba was a blackleg.I thought it was just a bad joke.I now believe.You have a right madame to be where u want to be.I doubt if you'll do any better in the CPDM.Eat yours, it's your reign.


THESE ARE ALL BAD EGGS...I KNOW THEM ALL. TRUST ME! I'm happy she left the opposition. She would have spoilt others. History is always there to expose them. We're getting them one by each. We're waiting for Asonganyi, Ngwasiri and the rest to join the UPC or CPDM. Don't crucify me by asking whether they resigned or not...they all had evil intensions to join other parties for selfish interest from the very beginning.

Please readers,

For the sake of constructiveness and for the purpose of maintaining the very meaning why we've got this forum operational, I'd like us concentrate solely on the issues. Let's avoid calling names, deviating from the subject matter. Let's reason together for the betterment of our children.

You'll do us all proud to respect our comments. We await to see the first person go contrary to this.

I trust you guys. We can start...the ball's rolling!

I'm coming!

Eyes of A Tiger, Son Of Ako - London School Of Economics And Political Science.


kennedy Ejacha

Dear All,
Just below is my reaction to this Wizards resignation. I have always said that nothing hides under the sun. Efimba has finally removed her mask. The others will follow suite. This same Efimba who accused Fru Ndi of shady deals with the CPDM is now on board with the CPDM. The others will follow suite but Fru Ndi constantly will prevail. The bad grains will all fall before the time of harvest. Please re;read my reaction.

Dear Effimba,
I think you still need to go to the school of the Democracy you are talking about. Why you people afraid of elections? You say in the SDF when a leader of a political party merges he becomes VP. Where is that written? PLEASE stop kidding or fooling about with the Cameroonian people. What are the terms of you agreement before entering the SDF? Was the vice presidentship included? As I know you have never made your intention known as concerned your desire for the post of vice president. By the way democrats gain access to a post by election and if you think that you are popular in the south west as you will maliciously want us to believe you ought to have waited to face the polls of the SDF in just some months to come at the convention. Who told you that late Pa Luma who was vice president that you claim to want to replace was appointed by Fru Ndi? My dear charming lady let me tell you; he was reelected at the 1999 convention in yaounde. Gender equity is gained and not obtained in order for it to be able to serve the common course of humanity. So if you have nothing to offer blame it on your self. what is your personnal value. Only idiots who have nothing to give hide behind a tribe when they can't receive what is out of their natural measures. What has the south west got to do with your personnal ambition of being appointed and not elected vice president? By the way the south has always got its way with its democratically elected vice president. They don't depend on the magnanimity of a leadership. You want us to believe you that the leadrership of the SDF does no want the south west to occupy the position of the vice president. Under whose leadership was late Pa luma elected Vice president? I am glad with your case because it exposes those begots who are not capable of rallying the support of their clansmen but will want the world to think otherwise. Is Njoh Litumbe with whom you were at daggers drawn over the LDA a non south westener? You came to the SDF so that the SDF could forge for you a future and not to work to forge a future ahead for the SDF. That is why you seem disappointed. See it takes time to walk up the ladder in politics. Well this is not your first experience of quitting Faithful comrades. I turn to believe that you have to remove the peck in your eyes so as to discover that what you call a peck in the other man's eye is not a peck but perhaps his eyes brows. God bless you in your NEW ADVENTURE.
Kenedy E.

Posted by: kennedy Ejacha | January 16, 2006 at 02:28 PM

Nkafu Kennedy

I would like to know more about Mrs L.Tabe EffimbaI am a cameroonian from the souuth west who lives in France.We used to know each other when I was in her house in Mimboman Yaounde.She is a paragon of intellegence and humour.


COGRATULATION. Others should copy your example. I know so many who went astray but are ashame to come back and correct their action. Be careful as you join Meme politics. CPDM here is in camps. There is the main camp and a sub camp. My advice to you is that "join the main camp". If you make the error of joining the sub camp then you will have yourself to blame.


There is nothing wrong when someone leaves the SDF to the CPDM. They are all traitors. They have no meaningful interest in the children of southern cameroons and are only interested in their present financial interest. What has even Ni John Fru Ndi, Mbah Ndam done that is different from what she has done? We should understand the politics of la republique du cameroun. They have been using this people in the SDF to colonise us through meaningless politics that they term democracy (A ruling party headed by the CPDM and an opposition headed by SDF both of which are being sponsored by french agents). To hell with all this criminals.

Don man

what you have said here is true. perfectly correct. I hate comments that are centered against the CPDM and support the SDF with any realy thinking


She never got what she wanted from SDF. Remember the pasture is greener on the other side. Madam Chop No Flop!

Tumasang Nwana Paul

It is a pity for a Lady of Efimba's calibre to go this low if I may say so but what is the exact difference between doing it her way and staying within the SDF during the day and dinning with the CPDM at night as most SDF Senior Cadres do? Is Mbah Ndam not well known by the so call NEC and all MPS for leaking party secrets and strategies to the ruling CPDM? Did he not deliberately destroy the case of the SDF against Fon Doh after the 2002 elections so that the Fon could take up his seat in Parliament?Did the Parlaimentary group Leader of the CPDM not lpdge at Fru Ndi's house recently and has Fru Ndi himself not repeatedly taken money from the CPDM?When a CPDM Minister declares infront of World Bank Officials that the SDF Chairman is on the payroll of Government and the SDF is unable to clear lingering doubts on this?I feel sad for the most of Madame Effimba ,it hurts and discourages all those involved in the struggle for change but either overtly as she has done it or covertly like the Fru Ndi's,Mbah Ndam's ,Yoyo'S etc do it, there is not much of a difference.The present SDF leadership is a disaster and great calamity of great proportions for their treachery.The Cameroonian people have been betrayed and taken for a ride by them and there will pay the price sooner or later.

Zanda Luc


These are your words

’’ Please readers, For the sake of constructiveness and for the purpose of maintaining the very meaning why we've got this forum operational, I'd like us concentrate solely on the issues. Let's avoid calling names, deviating from the subject matter. Let's reason together for the betterment of our children”.

“THESE ARE ALL BAD EGGS...I KNOW THEM ALL. TRUST ME! I'm happy she left the opposition. She would have spoilt others. History is always there to expose them. We're getting them one by each. We're waiting for Asonganyi, Ngwasiri and the rest to join the UPC or CPDM. Don't crucify me by asking whether they resigned or not...they all had evil intensions to join other parties for selfish interest from the very beginning”.

My questions are:

Do you see any conflict on your quotations above?
Do you prefer somebody who declares and act in the open or you prefer those who act and shelter in the dark.
What do you say of Ni John dealings with the CPDM plus hosting one of its big dogs.
I look forward to hear from you. Thank You.

Zanda Luc

Asuambe Michael

Anyone who knows how Efimba, backed by the Biya regime, ignored a court order nullifying her illegal take-over of the LDA from Mola Njoh Litumbe will not be surprised by the turn of events. With the aid of the regime she hijacked the LDA and destroyed it, ran off to the SDF, caused confusion and went back home to the CPDM. Actually, she never left the CPDM. I am just surprised that the SDF, in its bid to get a SWNER for ethnic balance purposes failed to recognize this fact.


Hi guys
I knew this lady Effimba was going to be a real joke. It is amazing that after her political experience, she has not understood the roles of the game. Does she think it is going to be greener with the CPDM no lady I don’t think so. She has even forgotten the fact that if cake is to be sheared in the CPDM party now, she will always get the crumbs because no matter how hard she works, she will always be considered a traitor, and as someone who will go back when it gets greener in the SDF. Sorry lady, there is no place for politicians like you in our political setup today. By the way, a granny like you should stay home and take care of your grand kids and stop playing the dirty game you are playing right now. You are putting most of your children and grand children to shame.


There is no gain saying in refusing to be objective,derailing from your words for objectivity you immediately called for Prof Ngwasiri/Asonganyi to declare for the opposition.You even gave the parties you will like them to move on to.
Akoson,supporting the sdf is not just writing on this forum but having some qualititative llok about the party.

Let me be very honest and ask you some interesting questions.

* So you will stand tommorrow to blame Ngwasiri if for instance,being a founding father of the sdf, and staired the sdf course so far, tommorow dictator Biya knocks his door for some lucrative appiontment he turn his back?

*Akoson, to your type, money is only sweet to dictator Fru Ndi, is'n it.Others must spend their life, energy,resources serving dictator Fru Ndi and not question his deeds.He is the chair of chairs and brings total enjoyment to his generation unborn.

*Ngwasiri and co must seat and wait till dy kingdom come,when Fru Ndi must have been satisfied enriching his generation unborn then manna will fall from heaven.

*Politics is a game and calling, now that the sdf is failing peoples aspiration and beleives,taking them backward, they are bound to reflect and re-think their strategy.I for one, if Fru Ndi remains the chair of sdf after the bamenda convention, i will be gone for good.Knowing the truth and having seen the facts i will be deceiving myself following the sdf under Fru Ndi.I do not beleive in him any more.

Lydia Effimba decamping is a result of some of the mess Fru Ndi has created for the sdf.She could not be working for the sdf while Fru Ndi is busy enriching his family.
Today is Effimba, tomorrow it will Mbah Ndam and Fru Ndi decamping.If they have'nt done so already.Lets watch!!!!


Dr. Wilson L Eseme, Jr.

It brings me happiness to read this news!
I think Mrs Effimba who is probably the most capable politician my side of the Mungo has seen in a long time could have more impact with the CPDM than with the ideas-depleted opposition parties.
Let us remember change can come from without as well as from within. It doesn't really matter where you are, the most important factor is who you are and what you represent. I believe this Lady is not done yet!
We will be watching ama! and we will praying too.
I believe this is the time. Good luck!


Time for Chop!! Mammy Effimba, let no one deceive you. Its with the CPDM that you will have good contacts to CFA. No reason to get old like the chairman without having your mouth and Pockets full. Nonsense with Sofar Dong finish. Welcome Chop people them Money. I would be pleased to see you swell and get round overnight like Chantal Biya.


NOBODY IN THE NAME OF NI JOHN FRU NDI ACTS IN THE DARK...except you want to call other names.

My Dear Friend Mr. Zanda Luc,

First of all I must inform you that my two statements above are perfectly reconcilable. It amazes me when you show a raised eyebrows after having read them. When I talk about concentrating solely on the issues, avoid calling names, deviating from the subject matter, I mean that we should discuss about politics centering on SDF and the present turmoil. I mean that we should refrain from calling names like pigs, goats and so on which does no good. Do you get my point now? If you need further clarification(s) don't hesitate to hit back.

Secondarily you talked about others acting in the dark. Who acts in the dark? Give names and give us hard proofs. That's all we need!

My Dearest Vally(in England), I want you to understand that Chairman Fru Ndi has not yet spoken. By the time he finishes speaking some of us will shun this forum for ages. This is not my answer to your questions above. I'm coming for you. I beg for a moment.

I'll be coming back to give a comprehensive reaction against Effimba's betrayal. This shows that women can hardly ever be trusted. Mimi, excuse me.

Will be back soonest!

Eyes Of A Tiger, Son Of Ako, LSE.



Ma Effimba reasons like a true Southwesterner indeed;living for today and not bothered about tommorrow.
I don't blame you. It is the stock of which your people are made of.While the Ijaws, Itsekiris and other riverain tribes in Nigeria are waging war against the government of Nigeria to get an equitable share of the countries' oil wealth,our own custodians of Cameroon's oil are in a race to the join the CPDM- the very government that has rendered this province/region, one the most underdeveloped in West Africa. ONLY IN CAMEROON. And "Dr" Wilson Eseme is allready offering prayers for her.
Take heed: He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.

Navigae Dungta

The forum just gave birth to Idelological Twins-another "Dr" this time this one has a 'Jr' at the end of his name. I think 'Jr' as in just joined the forum.

Ms. Effimba who had a noble idea of promoting gender equality which is much needed in Cameroon and the continent is nothing but a 'Very deep throat Politician"

A very capable woman who has lost it completely. A political prostitute!


Why did she leave the CPDM if she would go back some day? She didn't get what she thought she'll get so soon in the SDF and so reverted to the Money Party. For those who are not out for genuine change and are looking for a way to get a crumb of stale bread (at least) will always see the CPDM as the last comforting resort.

Change is not automatic; evil flourishes for long, but some day, when men think all is over, God always steps into the scene. Just watch--Cameroonians will wake up one morning to hear the news of change, a peaceful change, and not a viloent one.


An Epitaph:
Here lies the lady
who militated in the CPDM
frolicked in LDP
sojourned in the SDF
and returned to find fortune in the CPDM.


Its not suprising to get this type of behaviour from dis political prostitute. She was aiming at being the Registrar of the GCE board after resigning from the SDF. Can u guys imagine she's the chairperson of a big congregation in Yaounde? u need 2 see how she rules de church. i think 4 the wellbeing of dat congregation, she better be fired cause she's incompitent.


mbah ndam akoson
what did you want her to do?cpdm and sdf which is better?answer are a change can only came from the sdf .continue daydreaming very soon fru ndi will be in cpdm.though he is a hiden member.go ahead mama i wish you well.


"A hungry man is an angry man.i was hungry so i went to where i could get some food.i was in LDA and i hadn't food to eat,i tried SDF and the guys were draging.i could not bear the hunger.i cannot die of hunger in a country of abundance.i have now join Chop Poeple Dem Money.a go chop so tey dem go beg man go do".
Congratulations Madam Lydia.i have a basket of congratulations for Proff Ngwasiri,Asonganyi others which i will give only after they have chosen their new parties.
they is freedom in this our allow those who take advantage of this freedom in peace.nevertheless in this we can deduce the motives of opportunist.bravo Ma Lydia.chop



That name will definitely not be from Southwest and I see how you generalise an action or opinion to a whole province.

That name sounds Anglophone to me and if I am right, I will say from the Northwest. In this forum, we have seen heated debate on this SouthWest/Northwest debacle.

Of which Stock are your own people made up of and how do you own people reason like?
if they reason like you, then I say you are your people are worst than sheep and slaves put together oin what ever fashion.

Judge her for her actions, and if you are serious, go meet her personally. Some of us will not stand and watch some of you write TRASh against a people(SouthWesterners) whose hospitality has no boundaries. if you think Our hospitality has been foolish, then just wait and see, time will tell.

Have a nice day.



Remember that dictator Fru Ndi only gave us his side of the story not long ago.In july 2005 he gave his side to the POST to Mbunwe.

He talk of his fall out with prof Asoganyi,late ma Rose transportation to switzerland,how the money came about,the socialist international conference and food poisoning,why some members in NEC are against him.Fru has nothing else to convinced me on.I am an honest sdf member and know too well.

YoYo really started all this,the proposed constitutional amendment which has gradually been accepted by NEC,is the root caused to all the sdf demise,those who were opposing it were right by what we are now hearing.



Hello Vally,

I'm sorry I've been a lil busy all this while to make a talk back to your mails. I'm happy you're getting us revisit the late Ma Rose's incident. I leave you with an eyewithness narration of what happened in Switzerland so that you can tell me whether or not Fru Ndi took monies from the CPDM. Note that I'm not making any comment. Just read and make judgemnents.

Before you feed your eyes I've not yet given my own comprehensive reaction to Effimba's joining the CPDM. I'm still coming to that. I'm very busy these days. PLease bear with me.

An eye-witness account of activities surrounding the death of Mrs Rose Fru Ndi in Geneva in April 2005
If you want to respond or seek clarification on anything in this write-up please email Dr. Med. Shim Fru on:

I am writing to confirm how this character assassination of the Chairman has been perfectly masterminded by various quarters, based on spurious allegations. It is not confusion as such; it is malice, dishonesty, ill-faith and above all inhumanity.

These all describe the raison d뭙tre of Brice Nitcheu's statement which I would like to restate

''...nous voulons des clarifications sur la limousine du corps diplomatique mise ?la disposition du chairman ?Gen?e par l뭓mbassade du Cameroun, avec chauffeur et garde de corps...''.

You will certainly agree with me when I, as an eye-witness, narrate with precise but frank simplicity Mr. Fru Ndi's sojourn in Switzerland and the role Mr. Nitcheu played.

Wednesday 20 April 2005: Due to flight delayance as a result of a technical fault in Douala, the Swissair plane carrying Mr. and Mrs. Fru Ndi (late), the neurosurgeon and the resuscitationist alights Zurich and consequently Geneva later than expected. An ambulance of the University Teaching Hospital immediately rushes the above persons to the hospital where a waiting Prof. Alain Reverdin urgently slots in Ma Rose into theatre. Following the operation, her clinical condition slightly improves.

At about the time of the operation, an emissary of the Cameroon Permanent Mission in Geneva arrives and introduces himself to the Chairman as Mr. Christopher Atangana to whom the government bond of 21 million Frs. CFA is handed to, by Dr. Tientcheu, the neurosurgeon. Mr. Atangana proposes to lodge the 3 men in diplomatic guest house, however, the Chairman prefers cheaper accommodation in Hotel AIDA (6 Ave. Henri Dunant), a Greek-owned 2-star hotel within walking distance to the university hospital, by making the following statement '' I came for the treatment of my wife not for state-sponsored luxury''.

Thursday 21 April 2005: Ma Rose's health deteriorates as a complication (vasospasm) sets in leaving her in a coma. The Chairman and his daughter, who had arrived the previous day from London, are in a deep state of agony.

Friday 22 April 2005: The waiting room of the intensive care unit is jammed full with friends and sympathisers of Mr. Fru Ndi. Amongst them Dr. Thomas Tata, a Swiss-based sustainable development consultant and Mr. Ngong Mbako Martin, who runs errands on behalf of the WHO in Geneva. Mr. Ngong had sought for leave of absence from work on his own volition to assist the chairman in transportation.

Saturday 23 April 2005: This day saw an increased influx of sympathisers and in-coming phone calls. In the evening during a bedside prayer session with a protestant pastor, Mr. Atangana shows up at the Intensive Care unit. He informs the Chairman that the Presidency of the Republic had on several occasions inquired about the state of his wife. The chairman asks Mr. Atangana to thank them on his behalf for their concern.

Sunday 24 April 2005: Ma Rose is pronounced dead at 09:58a.m. local time. Because of the influx of wailing mourners and phone calls apparently hindered the hospital staff from performing their duties, it was suggested that the Chairman be moved to Dr. Tata's Geneva residence where he had a short rest; also here an ad hoc office is set up to connect with the funeral committee meeting in Bamenda. That evening a friend of the Chairman, Dr. Sigam offered the mourners a meal in his residence in the outskirts of Geneva. Again to all of these invitations, he was driven by Mr. Ngong without any liaison whatsoever with Cameroon's diplomatic mission.

Monday 25 April 2005: Because the Chairman had been complaining of headache, Prof. Reverdin recommended a scan and a bed rest.

Tuesday 26 April 2005: A courtesy invitation to dinner is extended to the Chairman by Dr. Martin Chungong, an international consultant on democracy, who resides in France close to the Swiss borders. Mr. Ngong picks up the chairman and accompanied by several others including Dr. Tata, there is a convoy drive to Dr. Chungong's residence. The men waiting at the entrance of the house welcome Mr. Fru Ndi and those accompanying him and express their sympathy; a gentleman, Dr. Francis Ngantcha is introduced to Chairman as the Diplomat in charge at Cameroon's Permanent mission.

Wednesday 27 April 2005: Funeral service at M?ith Funeral Home opposite the UTH, Geneva. The mourners including Swiss friends from Helvetas etc. are invited for a wake-keep later in the evening at Dr. Tata's residence. After the service, Mr. Ngong drives the chairman to a rose garden at the suburbs of Geneva, where he buys roses meant for Ma Roses's graveside. It is during this ride that the first and only phone call comes from and on behalf of the government of Cameroon. The caller introduces himself as Prime Minister Inoni Ephraim and told the Chairman he called to extend the heartfelt sympathy of the government of Cameroon. The chairman thanks him for their concern and for the call which lasts for 1 min.32 seconds.

Back at the Hotel AIDA after a brief lunch at a Brazilian Chicken grill, the Chairman receives a call from Mr. Atangana who says arrangements for the repatriation of the corpse have been concluded and that he was ready to disburse the money for the airport bills to the chairman. Mr. Fru Ndi spontaneously made it clear to him that he had no intentions to touch even a single Franc of the government money. A consensus was reached that Mr. Atangana should pick up the Chairman to the airport so that the money is paid to Swissair in his presence and duplicates of the receipt made.

Immediately after Mr. Atangana's call, Mr. Brice Nitcheu calls from the airport to announce his arrival from London on behalf of the SDF-UK and the Chairman gives him the coordinates of Hotel AIDA, inviting him over. Mr. Nitcheu arrives at the hotel when Mr. Atangana had shown up to pick up the Chairman for the airport. A Geneva-based law student and I loaded Mr. Fru Ndi's check-in luggage into Mr. Atangana's car. When we were about to depart, Mr. Nitcheu dashed across the road to the Chairman to extend his condolence. The Chairman well appreciated it and requested that Mr. Nitcheu waits for a short-while while we rounded-up the transport arrangements at Geneva airport. On our return to the hotel, Dr. Tata had called to say about 50 guests of Cameroonian community had besieged his sitting-room wishing to extend their condolence to the chairman. Since about 10 sympathisers were still waiting at the hotel with just a single car at our disposal, Mr. Atangana opted to drive the Chairman to Dr. Tata's residence. I ushered Mr. Nitcheu and 2 others into Mr. Ngong's car and we left.

The Condolence Register shows the attendance of over 90 persons at this wake- keep; mostly from the Cameroonian community (SDF has no structure in Geneva/Switzerland). Dr. Aloys Fonje, a long-time friend of the Chairman successfully coordinated this solemn event in the presence of Mr. Nitcheu, who disguised himslef behind fashionable sun-glasses never uttered a single word. When we returned to the hotel close to midnight to prepare for the flight to Douala the next day, I asked Mr. Nitcheu whether in his capacity as a representative of SDF-UK, he would like to have an audience with the Chairman to personally deliver his message oral or written on his behalf or on behalf of the people he represents. He agreed but said he wanted to make a phone call at a nearby booth before returning. He never returned and the chairman waited for 2 hours in the hotel lobby in vain.

Now, I believe good leadership requires a strong spirit of fraternity and a good sense of responsibility in executing ones functions. All through it did not at any one time occur to me that Mr. Nitcheu erroneously considered me an agent of the regime or a bodyguard paid for by the state of Cameroon nor that Mr. Ngong is an employee of the Cameroon Diplomatic Mission. Indeed Mr. Ngong was formerly a driver at the Embassy, until the late 90s when apparently because of his anglophone heritage, he unwarrantedly got involved in intrigues that costed him his job and today he is still heavily at loggerheads with the Mission because of many months of salary arrears. Thus, contrary to Mr. Nitheu's claims there was no limousine, no chauffeur, no bodyguard placed at Mr. Fru Ndi's disposal by the government during his stay in Switzerland. And although the Government called the chairman to express their sympathy, so did individuals of other political affiliation like Messrs.Garga Haman Adji, JJ Ekindi, SCNC officials etc. as well as many of no political affiliation like Christian Cardinal Tumi, Prof. Victor Anomah Ngu, Ntumfor Nico Halle etc. or foreign citizens like from embassies in Yaounde, Frank Russell, Joe Ingram, Harley Brookes, Guy Labertit etc. Remember that even Nebuchadnazzar, the ruler of Babylon, sympathised with Jeremiah during his ordeal. The claims thus once more portray the repeatedly-exhibited extremely poor leadership qualities of Mr. Nithcheu and his lamentable journalistic instinct.

That some SDF militants in UK will use the death of Ma Rose to mastermind ill- purported plans to attack Chairman Fru Ndi shows a high momentum of wicked and criminal energy within some circles in the SDF. That a man of Ni Ben's calibre opts to flirt with this class of persons beats my imagination but confirms what the respectable Justice NYO WAKAI wrote about him and Mr. Chretien Tabetsing in his book 'Inside the Fence: Reminiscences as a Detainee' (published in 2000) following the House arrest of the Chairman and the State of Emergency the North West Province in 1992. I quote from chapter Sixtitled 멦he unending puzzle?(about Ben Muna and Chretien Tabetsing!) Page 46

''...The invocation of God about all the events that led up to my brutal arrest and detention, gave me the opportunity to see mankind in his most enigmatic nature. For, we had hardly come to grips with the strange events when news came that my old friend Mr. Ben MUNA with whom we had held the (post-election) meeting on the 27th of October 1992 was now playing the liaison between the authorities (of the state of Cameroon)and Chairman Ni FRU NDI to the extent that even Medical Doctors willing to attend to all the detainees in FRU NDI's house had to obtain his consent and authority.

This puzzle persisted to this date because I know that everyone who attended the meeting of the 27th afternoon was either arrested or was on the run. Dr. KIMBI ZAMA joined me in the cell; Mr Luke Sendze was on the run while the wife, Ophelia, was detained; Messrs John Chi MANCHO and Samuel ABAM were all on the run. Only Ben and Tabetsing enjoyed freedom of movement.

A week or so after my arrest and detention, Ben visited the BMM and asked to see the Lawyers, that is to say Mrs. Ophelia Sendze, Francis SAMA, Simon ABONGWA and myself. My colleagues wanted me to speak as eldest but I was so stunned that I asked Mr. Francis SAMA, as a member of the Bar Council, be the one to speak. On his part, Ben merely wanted to know what we needed in detention. We asked for mineral water.

It was on his second visit that I spoke more intimately with Ben since he had specifically asked to have a word with me. He informed that he was leaving for Yaounde the next morning as he had an appointment with Joseph OWONA- Secretary General in the presidency at 10 a.m. He promised to see me and give me an idea of their discussion on his return. I did not see Ben again until the eve of our transfer to Yaounde Central prison. By then it was too late and irrelevant to raise the issue.?

In this whole affair, Ben's role was so controversial that the columnist GOBATA in the Cameroon Post Newspaper No. 160 of April 29 1993 at page 5, column 6 wrote:-

봚hen we recall the Ben Muna, the campaign manager of the SDF was moving around freely and confidently during the state of emergency, while even floor members of the party were being hunted like animals everywhere, we need to ask whether he might not be playing a similar role to that played by the likes of Antar Gassagay and Gustave Essaka in the opposition before presidential elections. Only time will tell. To go by his vocabulary in his interviews, Ben Muna could be a potential member of the 멠residential Majority??

Justice Wakai continues ?..I think that the political environment in which Ben was displaying his true characteristics was such that any flirtation with the regime was considered to be collusion with an outrageous and capricious absolutism.....?

That this same Pa Wakai is propping the candidature of Ni Ben with the help of self-declared regime adversaries like Mr. Nitcheu to become Chairman of the Social Democratic Front today is not only treacherous but lacks political foresight. God forbid.

Now let us keep up the debate to modernise the functioning of the party. Such debates will serve our future NEC and Parliamentarians well. Let the interaction, the discussion and the debate go on. Without malice. Without personal attacks. Without acrimony.

The Lord is our Shepherd. Though we now walk in the valley of the shadow of uncertainty and hatred, we should fear no evil. For the Lord is fully in charge.

Dr. Med. Shim Fru

I reserve my comments.

I'm coming.

Son Of Ako - LSE.



Lydia Effimba did not go to the SDf in quest of a post.She has always been a pound on the chessboard.She is a type of town crier ,who would get people envelopped in her choir and get them directly to the CPDM slaughter house.Her departure from the SDf was very timely.According to her opportunistic designs,it was the right moment to sink the ship.What she forgot to know is that ,the SDf is like a Well.People come,carry water from it and leave ,yet the water continues oozing out.It is interesting enough to look back at what she did to the LDP.Today ,Mola Litumbe is just the timekeeper.
What is even more interesting is how she was supposedly coaxed back into the "C".
As a politician,one needs that san-froid and intergrity,to be able to make far reaching decisions.But we see how a little above a month this lady has come crashing.
This shows she has never been a kilometre away from the "C".
Her appetite is wetted because she knows Biya will soon be picking some rusted
knees to occupy the vacancy left behind by
the college boys in "preventive detention" in Kondengui.We know she missed out at the GCE board and would not want to see another opportunity slip by.
There`s practically no lesson to learn from Effimba`s show,for we have seen much of this before and should braze ourselves for more,since the devils are lurking in darkness.

Ma Mary

CPDM, SDF no difference. They are both of the Camerounese establishment and wasting our time.


seems to be one of the few who has grasp the enormity of Lydia Effimba's actions. It is a lesson to all Cameroonians and our numerous political parties.

To SDF, CPDM, UPC, SCNC et al: take no member for granted. If you fail to sustain ones hunger for progress and fail to nurture ones aspirations then there are always other pastures and realms vying for your supporters.

To Cameroonians of what ever political shade : refrain from towing party political lines unconditionally. Embrace a sense of dynamism in your choice of arena, forum, stage etc. Too many of us give our votes to one party, ad infinitum, without thought. As the "electorate" we have got to make our respective parties work hard for our votes. Otherwise political parties become lazy, complacent and ineffective.

In all established and developing democracies in the world it is not uncommon for seasoned politicians to switch political parties, for one reason or another. Prime example of this; the Liberal democrats of Britain is largely remnants of disaffected Labour party politicians who had earlier defected to form the SDP.

I know little about Lydia Effimba. So I will say two things only:

[1] If she was competent and effective in her work prior to her defection, then there is no reason why this should change over night.

[2] The ambitious prosper in any environment. They invariably follow the action and eventually they become the action. Lets not mistake political ambition and political prostitution.

Case in point the Schwarzeneggers: wife is a staunch democrat from the Kennedy dynasty while Arnie is a republican governor. Result, a happy marriage and 4 children to prove it. The moral of the story: their lives is bigger than their political convictions.

So People Don't Get It Twisted!

Tainted Child


Watesih hits it straight and sharp.
My other fear is that Mrs Effimba can abdicate her nationality if an appointment was not forth comming from the CPDM. Her reasons for abdicating will be that CPDM does not want to recognize her resignation from a big party as the SDF and joining.
To say that this lady has no ideological conviction will not be moot.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

Good commentary Tainted Child!


In politics there are basically two entities, the individual, as a member and the party(made up of members).Belonging to a political party therefore will mean considering this two entities separately.

First as an individual. You have aspiration(s),call them goals and "gains" you hope to derive by belonging to that particular party.

Secondly, the party will have principle(s)and goals it stands for, obligations to its members and the community it wants to serve and lastly the future of the party, which is either to be the "Number 1" or a force to reckon with.

where there is conflict of interest between these two entities, then a member will either stay or quit at ANY point in time.

Having said this, one will then look at the decamping of Mrs Effimba from the SDF from various fronts. Remember here, she is not the first and will not be the last to decamp.

If Mrs Effima's aspirations and hopes etc were not met as she thought would while in the SDF, do you expect her to stay there? Remember she has the God given freedom to fine the place she thinks her goals can be met, for her at this time is the CPDM. can you say this is a coincidence?

Politics is about wining or loosing at every given point. The question one will ask is, just at which point can a party accept having lost, if at all?

If one goes by the "popular" saying that politics is about "scratch my back I scratch your own" then one would possible see why Mrs Effimba at this point believes she has done that for SDF and has had nothing in return. Is it not time for her to Scratch the back of her "brother" PM Inoni so that in return she can get something?

CPDM, UPC, UNDP, CDU, LDA name them, has any of them changed leadership in recent history of 10 to 15years?. Apart from CPDM that is now the ruling party. we have seen similar decamping when the leaders become uncompromising and extra ordinarily too powerful and autocratic. SDF therefore, was just waiting for its turn, so it might not be the making of Mrs Effimba after all, but the head that wears the cap of SDF.

To my mind, will there be any reason. staying in a party that has lost focus for a considerable period of time now? a party plagues with all forms of unanswered allegations and worst still not even have a glimse of hope of ever getting to the helm of power in Cameroon by its present status quo? If Mrs Efimba left SDF because the party has lost focus or missed its objectives or she has not achieved her ambitions, purpose and wishes, why should stones be thrown at her?

After 15years in SDF, Prof Asonganyi was THROWN OUT, not even demoted from a party he had served for so long, because of "Freedom of speech", will you tomorrow blame him for joining the ranks of CPDM? After all if Prof. Asonganyi were ever in the ranks of CPDM, then today he would have been a minister or at least a director and living more affluent life than he has now, that his campatriots are emjoying and empoverishing the common man.

Unless you benefit somehow in the good or spoils of a group or what ever you call it, you will not belong, you will surely defect.How then thus this surprise us?

If SDF doesn't put its house in order and right the wrongs from top to bottom, we are in to see more decamping and SDF fast turning even less than its counterpart, UNDP, UPC, CDU etc.

History is in the making.

My 5 frs

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


I think this is the time for the democratic portion of SDF to begin to think about its future. Do they now want to form their own party where they could practise exemplary democracy? They could call it Social Democratic Progressives.

If they do and they upgrade and comply with the constitution then I could easily see them carrying the people with them. The people are there for the taking, if only the right party will come up. There is a vacuum out there waiting to be filled.

One thing is for sure, with Fru Ndi's SDF getting more and more autocratic by the day, there is no room for compromise between the two factions.

Fon  Lawrence

On this forum,there were apparently two camps;namely those who claim they were members of the SDF but were against Fru Ndi and those who stood to support Fru Ndi.I say apparent because from the comments above one can discern without difficulty the camp that pretends to be sympathizers of the SDF but oppenents of Fru Ndi are strongly for the CPDM.
I now know where you belong.I am not surprised if you openly support Effemba joining the CPDM.Of course you have promised to join madam Effemba after the convention.


Greed is what always makes people to soar above their reach.I`m therefore very surprised to here people posing the question whether it would be a bad thing if somebody like Prof. Asonganyi joined the CPDM,for having been sidelined from the SDF
after a decade of militancy.It will be a good or bad thing depending on where you place yourself.Winnie Mandela fought on with the husband for three decades ,but her
heart was weak and she went after things of the flesh.From taking a young lawyer to her marital bed,to beating the head of the young
Stompie to pulp,she showed the world how
difficult it is for many people to tame the
monster in them.
With the turn of events in the past few weeks,we have seen that the monster in us manifests itself in many ways.Some people become exceedingly unruly,some exhibit inordinate ambition,especially when it comes to achieving political goals and getting rich. We should know that time exacerbates our greed,so it not always good to draw conclusions about people from the onset.

Vengeance is a blind justice ,but politicians have often used it ,either to assert their authority,or to prove their dog-like servility to the statusquo,as is the case now with Lydia Effimba.History has taught us that the even sought after greener
pastures have always been to make everyone
look like a chameleon,but with absolutely
no goods to deliver.
There are no half-baked measures in politics,no probabilities and to paraphrase my friend George Bush ,either you are for party X or you are against it.This implies that if you question the organs of the party
and organise a parallel convention ,as Ngwasiri did or you soil the party`s
reputation and holds on to its property ,as
Asonganyi did,you are against this party .
Your subsequent switch to another party will not therefore come about as a result of some offense committed by your friends,but from your deeds.

Fritzane Kiki

When things happen the way they turned for Effimba why not ask why she did resigned?Remember she was a devoted and staunch member of the SDF but the ungoing unroar amongst the party's heirarchy,their manipulation of SDF's constitution amongst other reasons, made her to resign.

You should be asking why the others resigned from the party and she followed suit.There must be something fidgeting going on.She made us to know that the party had no place for them.That the party has been made a 'graffi' party and so they from the south west had little or no room for any political future.

She also said that NEC,NAC was made only by Fru's men and kinsmen who had the audacity to admit and dismiss any opposition to Fru's powers.Among other things she made mention of,was the financial mismanagement of the SDF funds and the party's objectives had been derailed and that the party's future is bleak.

So little doubt she had no option than to leave.She made her choice.Why beat about the bush.In a democratic society political freedom is the order of the day.The dictatorial rule of NJFN in dismissing without trial of important and prominent members, is not helping the party.She too saw her position shaking.Fru might have also dismissed her.Who knows!

But this should be a lesson to the SDF not to be tribalistic or practice secterian politics but stand for the liberation of the whole nation as its prime objective.The more members SDF dismisses or accepts someones resignation, the more members the CPDM accepts and welcomes.....!!

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Navigae Dungta

Let’s not be Naive!!

Floor crossing or “crosstituition” in politics is a way of life. More than 75% will do it for personal and selfish reasons, particularly in Africa, and even some developed countries. The major problem is that too many people in Africa and Cameroon in particular do not join centre-stage politics by conviction or with a purpose.

Let me rather say, they join politics primarily for money and power. In a country where accountability is weak, recognition for dedication to course is almost non-existent and the only thing that therefore counts is loyalty to your master. The electorate does not count!!

That is simply why many CPDM card/flag carrying members in private really hate the party but will send motions of support at every twist and turn. The head of the party and head of government is viable (at the expense of progress) and will heavily reward loyalty.
I do not know any politician in Cameroon that is thinking of leaving behind a rich legacy. Gone are the days of Prof. Fonlon. Let’s say you want to rename Douala Airport (gateway into Cameroon) after a selfless, renowned politician (that is common in many countries), Can someone give me a name?

I say this to say, as long as the party head is not that viable expect more crosstituition. If the head of SDF had access to the government coffers, he will (without changing or even modifying any of the things he has done) receive unflinching support from Ms. Effimba, Profs Asongayi and Ngwasiri. Now you be the judge. As long as the electorate remains this poor, destitute and uninformed, that is how politics will be in Cameroon. Obviously we do not expect anybody who defects from any other party to the CPDM, to go the podium and say, it is because I want more money and power.


You see, the struggle was to be difficult and long.I am sure even late Ma Rose,having criss-cross the country and seen all would have prefer to die than be help by Biya.

Dictator Fru ndi should know this,the effort and sacrifice he and his family have made so far merited continuity.So is Fru ndi telling us that the support we gave him during his house arrest was not worth the salt?Did he not say then that he was ready to die for the course.Why has he changed?If he has changed the message to some of us is he is feedup.

Using the death of Ma Rose to get aid from cpdm was really an ongoal as prof Asonganyi said,by doing that you kill all the effort and achievement so far.This is just what cpdm were looking for the venerability of the chairman, then destroy all his work.Rightly they have got him,he is more than vulnerable and now toothless.

Watesih/Fon Lawrence,

Prof Ngwasiri/Asonganyi talented sdf members have been dismissed from the party, what do you guys want them to do?Seat and see Fru Ndi enriched himself and family?

Creating another party/joining another party has no effect with the sdf for they have been dismissed.If they want to continue their political life do you stop them after dismising them,that's not possible.
This is were i have problem with NEC,they do not seem to think beyound greed.Somebody like prof Asonganyi,the guy is too talented to throw away like that.He's been the SG for 12 years and know too well the party,you discipline such senoir members by being tactical.

I am very sure the cpdm will quitely be trying to pull these talents quickly,the part played by thses talent for the sdf to win elections can not be undervalued.

The likes of mbah ndam/Yoyo/Tebo seems to very limited in strategy,they will make noise during NEC meetings and thats it.To move the sdf to another level you need strategists.
Let ne say it one more time, If Fru Ndi remains the chair after may i am gone.Not to join cpdm but gone for good untill he leave,he is the problem.



Former US House Speaker,the deceased Democrat, Tip O'Neil, once told the Late President Ronald Reagan during a full session of the house that: "it was a sin for America to have this man (him) as President" And instead of ramming tit for tat, Reagan just told him: "Mr Speaker, if you lack new ideas for the American people, you just shut up"
When someone bearing the title of 'Dr' decides to call a blogger on this forum a "tainted child" meaning corrupt child without any justifications, I bet that this is not a forum for mean people like me. I have no PHD to throw to the mud.
I understand that people who are found wanting some where always result to insults when it comes to debate. But then, Dr Agbormbai. Et te brute?


Hi Vally,

I beg to feed you with thoughtful food. Reason with me.

Like I said earlier, we don't support a particular name. We don't support Ni John Fru Ndi. Rather, we support ONLY positive thought. We support a positive brain and reason which is beneficial for the development of our great country. Gentlemen and ladies, let's sit back and think about this most pressing issue - a PROPOSAL for constitutional ammendment. One man "sins"...the other suffers. "Tiko drink, Kumba drunk". Ni John Fru Ndi's not a policy maker. Yoyo and others brought about an idea to change the SDF's constitution and NOT Ni John Fru Ndi. Today just because we have selfish interests and hate. Just because we are power hungry we're trying to do everything humanly possible to assasinate the character of Ni John Fru Ndi. Thank God all these masterminders' allegations are spurious. It is not confusion as such; it is malice, dishonesty, ill-faith and above all inhumanity.

Yoyo and the others have a right to their decisions about coming up with a constitutional amendment. Permit me quote Ni John Fru Ndi when he was interviewed sometime ago about this issue. This was his reaction :

"...remember every idea that comes up is tabled and debated at NEC. It is only when the issue is above NEC, that it is referred to the party Convention. To say I have a faction of NEC members who support me and others are in support of Professor Asonganyi is not true. There is no faction in the SDF. As Chairman, I am always very objective. If Yoyo came up with any such thing as constitutional changes, I just think it was his right to do that. To the best of my knowledge, no such amendment has been tabled before NEC over which I preside. Amendments in the party are not tabled in newspapers and debated in public seminars"...

I thnk that because we're in a democracy we must respect their views. Everybody has a right to their thoughts. Let's leave them to the mammoth task of convincing 1500 delegates. If more than half of these delegates can be convinced then let democracy take its course. From the look of things, this proposal came as a result of the current malice and dishonesty plaqueing the party. If I were a delegate, I'll vote for it giving the fact that it's not for the interest of Fru Ndi but for people of the party who gave powers to the Chairman. I therefore insist that the slogan "power to the people" will NOT be trampled upon. Remember that he's not going to be chairman forever. He's not unaware of this. If this proposal's not voted for, I wouldn't care.

I've not written it all. Even Christ said; if He could be persecuted for the tuth,who are we not to?. Crucify me for speaking the truth but before you do, remember that the truth shall set us free.

I love you all.

Twisted-thinking forehead - Son Of Ako, London School Of Economics And Political Science.



Sincere apologies to Dr Agbormbai for my comments above. Actually, abhorr that adjective tainted, since it was used by my class teacher in 1968 in reference of a class mate who was invovled in dubious activities during exams. And since your comment came exactly after mine I thought that you played Mark Anthony on me.
I could not actually believe that "tainted child" was really the title of a blogger on this debate.
I actually gave a blow to the windbag and my hand is now hurting me.
Can you bear with me?


Hey Mr. Aaron NYANGKWE, Just to clear the air and shed light to the misunderstanding. I am indeed the Tainted Child. Its a name that is self inflicted and as you pointed out not a derogatory by the good Dr. A.A. Agbormbai.

I am perfectly comfortable with this name. After all a self deprecating term, self critique and self ridicule never killed a man. If we learn to laugh at ourselves occasionally, it renders us less uptight.

Your apologies to the good doctor is commendable and I believe Dr. A. A Agbormbai is big enough to accept your retraction.

Tainted Child

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