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Thursday, 30 March 2006


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once again we're faced with the expiration of the mandate of an executive and this time around, not the extension of its mandate (because Fru Ndi knows that if he goes for extending the mandate his own person won't be the leader) but rather appoints people to run party affairs. Of course its only visible. the question to be asked is this: if Mr. Fru Ndi believes in extending mandates why didn't he extend the mandate of the Yaounde executive. Of course the answer is because he knows that the out-going Yaounde leader Mr. Zamboue is not on his side. so why not look for some other means to put him aside. In response to Mr. Zamboue's support for so called "endorsing illegality" Mr. Fru Ndi this time had no hard evidence to apply Art. 8.2 on him did he? What ever the case, extending mandates and appointing people to fill elective positions is illegal in light of the SDF constitution that can be found at I like Mr. Fru Ndi, a smart man, a smart man indeed. He'll do every thing to make sure his supporters occupy the positions, whether such actions are uniform to all or not, or whether they are constitutional or not. It's a matter of: what can i do to make my own person get this position. Again the best approach is to let the laws rule. And as legal experts will tell if there is a situation in which the rule of law won't be followed, then that action against the law should be applied uniformly. Not extending the mandate of this and then deciding to appoint some people to run that. How about appointing some people to run NEC's affairs from now until the convention(s). Besides, of course Zamboue's support for the actions of the NAC is not illegality considering that he had before informed the NEC of the expiration of the mandate and it (NEC) decided to act illegally by APPOINTING people contrary to constitional provisions. Somebody must stand up to fight illegality. Be it a rank and file member or a high-flyer. By the way the 2 custodians of legality in the party: National Chairman who coordinates the National Convention and the National legal Advisor have failed the party, i.e. legally speaking.


I hope Ni John Fru Ndi does not swallow most SDF militants before they discover the truth in what I have been saying. Pascal Zamboue may be doing the right thing, but the fact that Ni John Fru Ndi has strong blood relationships right inside Yaounde will give Ni John what he wants.

I want to remind readers that Ni John Fru Ndi (chairman of the SDF) is a brother-in law to M. Ndongo Essomba who is the CPDM parliamentary group leader. M. Ndongo is a close associate to President Paul Biya and a very influential personality in the government and in Yaounde. He can tell the judges to twist the law without even informing president Paul Biya. And of course, he wouldn't sit by and watch a "small" Zamboue challenge his brother-in law in public. So while Zamboue may be counting on SDF militants, Ni John Fru Ndi is, surely, using his family ties against Zamboue.

I do not understand why Ni John Fru Ndi and some of his blind supporters use the word THUGS to describe only those who stand bold to challenge them. How do they call the innocent youths that they drugged to burn down houses, business premises (Brasseries and women centre in Kumba), to beat up CPDM members (e.g., Late Pa Ngafor, etc) and to kill (e.g., a Political leader in Bamenda)? Why are these Ni John Fru Ndi sponsored criminals not THUGS? How do they call those people Ni John Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam hired to beat up Former SDF vice chairman and the rest in yaounde? How do they call those muscular men that Ni John Fru Ndi personally hired to come and bully Ben Muna during elections in Douala? How do they call those muscular people they brought into Yaounde to molest Prof. Asonganyi during his press conference?

Let Ni John Fru Ndi continue to use SDF militants as cheap guinea pigs for his selfish political interests. The fact is that, since everything which goes up must come down, Ni John Fru Ndi will finally pay heavily for all the devilish and inhuman things he is encouranging, sponsoring, and doing. When that time comes, all those that Ni John Fru Ndi and his prophets of intoxication are kicking around like footballs, will turn around - even in their graves - and vomit fire on them.

Ni John FRu Ndi knows that he is a FINISHED man, and like Sadaam of Irak, he wants to hold power till he dies. My prayer is that the Almighty God should grant this butcher of democracy LONG life so that he witnesses his judgment in his right senses.

I mean, the state of Ni John Fru Ndi's madness is already attaining an alarming proportion. If Ni John Fru Ndi is so confused because he has not got a "dear one" to be rubbing his back and "thing" on a permanent basis, I think it is high time he takes the bold decision to take the hand of Marie Solange Ateba. If his child could marry a Beti child, then we do not see any problems if he, too, take his beti counterpart as partner. The game he is playing will do him and the SDF no good.

... but who do these people think they are deceiving? They should know that God has never gone on vacation.



I will beg all to leave God out of this party political folly going on in Cameroon

Examine and cross-examine , make your party political gymnics, Ni Paul or Chairman Tom or Hon this fine but leave God out.

Ours is a nation that has a history of blasphmy.I remember Kontchou was said even God cannot change the decision of the supreme Court.

Now is this Forum Mr Man above drags God into party politics .

God Save Cameroon


fru ndi
sufer don finish
biya must go
i dont throway bible
make no chop french goods
make all man comot
just look at you mr fru
you are now fighting yourself.biya is there fine and good,after eating he throws the remains to you and mbah ndam.that is why you will continue fighting to stay
shame.shameshame which law you de apply now papa.tell me i no no.


You guys should not talk trash here. Anybody who wants to divide the SDF will be axed as their leader Ngwasiri was. Zamboué was out to sell the party and it was a quick and wise decision to replace him.
Mukete you have forgotten about your own madness. Before you say Fru Ndi is mad, think first of your own level of "craze" that no hospital can treat.
You are stupid to keep on calling Fru Ndi names. Your betters respect him. You are a lunatic.


Klemenceau, talk some legality for once. Ok no one questions the fact that Zamboue had to be replaced (and fyi he had to be replaced because his mandate had ended) and even if it were because he tried to divide the party,
(1) what means are provided for by the constitution? Even if one had to use means not provided for by the constitution,
(2)why not apply same rules uniformly?
If u decide to extend mandates apply that uniformly, if u decide to appoint people apply that uniformly too.

Just those 2 for now for u to test your legal knowledge. again again, its about legality. Respect for the laws. Even if Mr. Zamboue did something against the laws, does that mean an anticonstitutional method should be used to replace him? Hell No i think. Tell me if you think YES


tell us klemenceau
tell us
So your father is always right all the time.Of all what is happening fru ndi the only person who is right.just reason he mr right and the others mr wrongs.wowowoowo shame.i said you and akoson may be educated but may not be wise.just look at what is going on.everyday sdf looses one important what will your fru ndi be left with.mbah ndam and the rest shame.


This criminals again, this good product of the CPDM called SDF. There they come again with some fake stories. We all know you people have no plan for the development of any nation. All you are is to steal the resources of any nation at every opportunity. Dont just step your toes on the land of the Southern Cameroons, else, we will instruct our Soldiers to destroy you. They are prepared to fight till death. Your kondengui is meant to jail southern cameroonians who stand to the challenge of your moderous and parent CPDM regime and its masters France. We shall destroy you all. You bring all fake stories to get us crucified when we stand to the challenge of your regime. We will fight and die untill we wipe out all this products of colonialism. CPDM, SDF, UPC, UNDP, CDU, FRANCE, Etc, all criminals interested only in destroying the future of southern cameroonians and the poor and helpless brothers of la republique du cameroun. What development can you offer? Why dont you stand to the challenge to speak the truth about the current actions of france in la republique francaise du cameroun? Today fru ndi, Mbah Ndam, Ndam Njoya, etc. are collecting money from the CPDM or coperating with the moderous french mastes, the next day they are preaching democracy, etc. Criminals.


I'm back!


Mac Satan, I hardly reply to guys who use English names let alone those who openly conceal their identity. This explains why I refrain from letting "Momo" know that my personal definition of a fool is someone who does not know that he does not know.


You asked me to provide what you term "make-up stories" about my allegations that you're a CPDM sponsored agent. You can call them whatever names you wish. This wouldn't deter me from doing what I've already started doing. I promised this same forum. I must do it! You can't push me to provide incomplete truths. By the way you can't push me disobey the true words of my grand father - "The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it." I want nothing but the whole truth. Issues such as these are very important. I don't do sketchy work like you. When it comes to providing proofs, I provide hard ones. From my postings constituents of this forum's think factory such as the indefatigable Klemenceau, the no nonsense Fon the rest, and even some of your apostles such as Michael, AgborMbai and their likes can bear me witness. Above all, God's my witness. You told us to point out atleast something truthful you've ever spoken in this Forum. I can say without any fear of regret nor contradiction that the only truth you've ever written's the acknowledgement of the fact that God exists. I'm happy about that. But know that even the devil acknowledges this unquestionable reality.

Ashwell, I'm sorry to have "bombarded" you with words which you use everyday. If you don't want to think then I'm afraid this forum's NOT for you. I even got you differing against your master's(Mukete's) views. He wrote; "I still maintain that the struggle in the SDF is not for the weak". So you better just open the door behind you, go out, close the door and go back from where you came if you're not prepared to think for a second. Ask particular questions for clarifications. That's why we're here! I pull your ears; "do you hear me?"

My Dearest Cameroonians,

Like I said earlier, we don't support a particular name. We don't support Ni John Fru Ndi. Rather, we support ONLY positive thought. We support a positive brain and reason which is beneficial for the development of our great country. Gentlemen and ladies, let's sit back and think about this most pressing issue - a PROPOSAL for constitutional ammendment. One man "sins"...the other suffers. "Tiko drink, Kumba drunk". Ni John Fru Ndi's not a policy maker. Yoyo and others brought about an idea to change the SDF's constitution and NOT Ni John Fru Ndi. Today just because we have selfish interests and hate. Just because we are power hungry we're trying to do everything humanly possible to assasinate the character of Ni John Fru Ndi. Thank God all these masterminders' allegations are spurious. It is not confusion as such; it is malice, dishonesty, ill-faith and above all inhumanity.

Yoyo and the others have a right to their decisions about coming up with a constitutional amendment. Permit me quote Ni John Fru Ndi when he was interviewed sometime ago about this issue. This was his reaction :

"...remember every idea that comes up is tabled and debated at NEC. It is only when the issue is above NEC, that it is referred to the party Convention. To say I have a faction of NEC members who support me and others are in support of Professor Asonganyi is not true. There is no faction in the SDF. As Chairman, I am always very objective. If Yoyo came up with any such thing as constitutional changes, I just think it was his right to do that. To the best of my knowledge, no such amendment has been tabled before NEC over which I preside. Amendments in the party are not tabled in newspapers and debated in public seminars"...

I thnk that because we're in a democracy we must respect their views. Everybody has a right to their thoughts. Let's leave them to the mammoth task of convincing 1500 delegates. If more than half of these delegates can be convinced then let democracy take its course. From the look of things, this proposal came as a result of the current malice and dishonesty plaqueing the party. If I were a delegate, I'll vote for it giving the fact that it's not for the interest of Fru Ndi but for people of the party who gave powers to the Chairman. I therefore insist that the slogan "power to the people" will NOT be trampled upon. Remember that he's not going to be chairman forever. He's not unaware of this. If this proposal's not voted for, I wouldn't care.

I've not written it all. Even Christ said; if He could be persecuted for the tuth,who are we not to?. Crucify me for speaking the truth but before you do, remember that the truth shall set us free.

I love you all.

Twisted-thinking forehead - Son Of Ako, London School Of Economics And Political Science.




I would always want to talk about legality but this should not be done the Mukete way. Let him learn to give his points without abusing Fru Ndi. I have said here time and again that Fru Ndi might have done some wrongs but let Mukete not think that he can say anything against Fru Ndi and go away with it.
Hahaha, mans you got the right to say that Fru Ndi is my father. I think many people will see with you because of the way I have stood behind him. But the truth is that I only know this man as the leader of the SDF. As a matter of fact I have never seen him in person except on TV, and his photos on papers. But since I started reading Mukete's write ups about him, I discovered that Mukete have a personal score to settle against him (Fru Ndi). This has made me to sympathize with him the more but I will never accept any wrongs of his. If I had the opportunity to vote him (Fru Ndi) out come May I would have loved to do so. But I would have done so if there was someone who would effectively replace him.
Apart from the above, when people refuse to accept the fact that this man has done something great for our country Cameroon, I begin to see how biased such people are. Why should I follow those who don't want to be objective in their views?
The truth is that we need a change in the SDF but it should be done the right way. I totally disagree with Ngwasiri's approach and anybody who would want to follow him. We should not be doing the wrong thing while hiding under the umbrella of constitutionality. We should not mix constitutionality and rebellious actions. Some of Fru Ndi's actions might be unconstitutional but we must not allow the party to be divided because Fru Ndi went wrong along the line.
Ftroit, I can’t for now argue on the constitutional aspect of Fru Ndi’s decision. But I want to say that if I was in his place, I would have done the same i.e. replace Zamboue given the circumstances surrounding his actions. I think the decision to replace him was for the interest of the party. If Zamboue was already supporting Ngwasiri, it meant the SDF in the Centre Province under him was no longer part of the SDF we all know. So to avoid this disaster masterminded by Ngwasiri and his followers, the decision to replace him was timely. If he feels he has enough support, let him join Ngwasiri and others and open their own secretariat for the new version of the SDF led by Ngwasiri.
In fact if we are sincere with ourselves, we will accept the fact that, what Ngwasiri has been doing to destroy the party is 100 times worst than what Fru Ndi has been accused of. You guys may say no but that is the gospel truth.
If you guys want us to enjoy and learn from each other in this forum, you must call Mukete to order. He is the one provoking most of the insults in this forum. I would never insult anybody in this forum no matter how the person might have insulted me. But, until Mukete stops his insults and antics in this forum I will not stop attacking him.


Listen guys, I cannot understand why people like the son of Ako and Mukete keep preaching to us what the two know or do not know. No one doubts that these two are well educated Cameroonians who love their country. But please, let someone else sing your praise. Spare us the self-opinionated sermons; we are not in church here. This back and forth slugging match does Cameroon or Cameroonians no good. Be contructive and discuss issues, ideas, principles, not persons.

I think what the SDF is facing is a crisis of enforcement. The party cannot enforce her own resolutions because it doesn't have the means to do so. Instead of looking for better ways to enforce current regulations, the party has embarked on a path to increase and change their laws. In my opinion, that is wrong. What the SDF needs is oversight committees, not an absolute monarch who changes the rules. Shifting the goalpost is common feature of a dictatorship. I am not in any way calling any particular person a monarch.

Mukete, you are beginning to irritate me with your apparent stupidity. Someone with so much promise should not embark on stupid tabloid pursuits. So what if Fru Ndi is a brother-in-law to a CPDM member? Are we to lose the natural bonds that make us human, and Cameroonians because of party politics? Learn to separate the idea from the person. If Fru Ndi has done something wrong, it is because of wrong choices, not because he is related to Paul Biya. Is it a crime to be related to the president of the country.

Ako, people should voice their opinions and be allowed to do so without the fear of being labelled CPDM spies. I am sure one could rightly call you an SDF spy too, but it doesn't change what you say. What is the way forward for a better Cameroon? What are the policies of the SDF or the CPDM. That is what we should discuss, so as to allow some of us who know little to make informed choices.

Your SDF will continue to fragment and fight each other if you cannot enforce your own rules and regulations. You will continue chasing persons because you cannot handle simple ideas. And that is a truth I think most in this forum fail to pick up.



If I inform you that I became an SDF militant just a four days ago, you wouldn't believe me. Make findings; you'll know it.

My mission in this forum's to question those who charge Fru Ndi with allegations which're unfounded. Infact, this is one of the reasons why I decided to join the party. I was waiting to make my membership public.

Ako - LSE.



I think you are good have said all i have.if sdf does not put its house together then we shall blame fru ndi.
KLEMENCEUX you are now speaking sence.mukete is just angry may be because he has done alot for the both of you should not be at dagger drown possitions.dont be angry with mukete.
if you continue reasoning like you have just done then i will be with you and will appologise for calling you fool.but if you say there is nothing wrong in all what fru ndi does.then no appology.
fru ndi certaitenly has a wrong if not all these people will not be against him.he should organise the party or shall live in shame.i don talkam.


'when Prof Ngwasiri was send to supervised handing over from prof Asonganyi, no body told me he had resigned.If he had resigned why was he send'
Well, thanks we still have the likes of zamboue within the sdf who think sensibly.Dictator Fru ndi think people are stupid,he uses the constitution to suit his aims,thank god we all living this.

The centre provincial team must stand their grounds for they are right,some say if Fri NDI appoint his executive the convention will bring him to order if he derail.He is now appionting and there is total silence,who do think they are deceiving?


Ashwell Molaba

Ako, let the debate continue and let us all express our opinions. Indeed I have absolutely no reason to doubt you. What I notice in your logic for the support of Fru Ndi is however not correct. If people are trying to shoot the Chairman down, you should inform us if this is correct or not. Not simply because people are shooting him down, so we must support him? What if there are grounds to shoot him down? I must confess my ignorance of politics, especially those of SDF and CPDM. I am just trying to formulate my own honest opinion of the crisis.

Let me render my two pence advise to you Ako. Mukete seems completely bent on calling people names and insulting others in this forum. It is the type of backward mentality that feels, "if I denigrate everyone else, I will look good". It is shameful but not surprising. Please don't follow him down that route. Everyone else seems to have lost the plot and is insulting or praising Mukete. What is the issue at hand guys? Is it who knows better than who? Is it, who has dirtier linen of the other to expose? Or is it about our country and her people?

You have just joined the SDF. Please communicate simple ideas to its leadership. Instead of making more rules, they should try to find a means of enforcing current ones. What is happening is that the leadership appears to be losing control while everyone is interpreting the rules and regulations as they see fit. In fact, from a neutral perspective, I actually see no difference between Ako and Mukete, except for the persons they support. We may be bamboozled with big words but both of you appear to be just supporters of persons. I may be wrong and would gladly welcome correction.

In an open forum like this, we could brainstorm and come up with ideas that may unlock the problems of Cameroon and Africa. Democracy and development are buzzwords these days. What do those words mean for us as Cameroonians in the diaspora? BTW! Where are all the intellectual Cameroonian females out there?



Please, please! I'm very different from Mukete. He's a sponsored agent of the CPDM. And he doesn't use the force of argument to debate. Rather he uses ; pigs, goats, them. Everybody here can bear me witness.

You don't seem to get me well. I've always said that I don't support Ni John Fru Ndi but I support good and positive ideas. So far all what people have been trying to do is to, due to selfish interests, make him unpopular. They don't produce proofs. Let me just inform you that I support the chairman of the SDF and NOT Ni John. The chairman needs our support to push forward. Without us, "power from, to by and with the people", he can't succeed.

Again I support posiyive changes in the SDF.

Keep writing.

Son Of Ako.


The True Voice's around again...Akoson's..



I feel loath to address those who conceal their identity. However, I wouldn't sit back and watch you fail but deny to educate you on some issues I think are important for a fellow Cameroonian to understand. Besides, my conscience'll go disturbed for ages should I let you contaminate my friends and loves with premature reason. Now, before I offer a word I'd like you understand something about politics - that nomatter how perfect a democracy's the three wings that constitute a government CANNOT be PERFECTLY reconciled all the times. That is why in mature democracies like that of the US some powers are given to the president to veto at times in difficult and urgent situations. Your greatest worry is the uniformity of making appointments and applications. Hear you;

"If u decide to extend mandates apply that uniformly, if u decide to appoint people apply that uniformly too".

Hahahahahahaha...some of you guys make us laugh at times. You don't ask questions but you claim to know all. I don't know and will never know all, remember! Even when a constitution may not state a particular power, at times it is unavoidable for a leader to circumvent at a particualr point in time. That's why he's a leader. That's why you voted for him. That's why you must tolerate at times the deeds of the person you voted for. That is why there's hierachy. That is why you must respect and confide in the person you voted for.

That's why you see a journalist interviewing president Bush asks him; "what if your bill is denied to be voted for?" You'll often get him say; "then I'll veto".

This does not mean that the leader goes at their whims and caprices to do anything at anytime. Afterall howmany times has Ni John Fru Ndi gone against the constitution. Afterall when leaders do anything they want everybody sees that and they become unpopular and soil their own political career. But the SDF case is different. Like I've always said, it is malice, dishonesty, ill-faith and above all inhumanity due to excessive power thirst, and jealousy.

What I struggle to force into your brain is that there's no such thing as uniformity in politics. Because the president goes to work at 10 AM, you too want to do that. Because the president has more sick leaves, you too need same. Because the president can be more favoured by parliament because he's president you think it could be done for you too. Because the president extends his term due to some hitches you want it done for you. Howmany times in the life of the SDF has Fru Ndi extended his term as NEC chairman? This case is a different one. During a political turmoil within a party if the leader is NOT wise and firm enough the party MUST split. That's why we've got the UPC today in fragments. In the SDF now we know the camps. We know who belongs where? If someone does anti-party activities and is fired and another member who happens to head a responsible office of the party sides with them, what do you expect? That's endorsing illegality. If yiu're not in, you're out...period! He's therefore not fit for that post. Therefore any policy of uniformity to let him stay until elections will bring more palavar to the party. Bad eggs can easily contaminate others. If let to stay as Chairperson in the center, Mr. Zambou will spoil the minds of millitants just the way Mukete is doing here. It was therefore VERY RIGHT because of the present wragglings, for NEC, NOT Fru Ndi, in their last meeting, to have decided nem con - erecting a new coordinating committee for Center province. As a former principal of a school, that's why I could at times, dismiss a student without the DISCUM sitting...Again, leaders MUST circumvent at times to avoid confusion and commotion. Anymore questions?????

Klemenceau, going against the constitution at times to unplot a coup is not uncalled for. I hope you did understand my facts above. If you didn't then hit back. This struggle's not for the weak! We mustn't relent our efforts to speak the truth.

As for Mukete, his piece contained virtually nothing for any forward-thinking and sanguine young Cameroonian to ride home about, let alone replying to it. Infact, it is as empty as Mukete himself. "Empty vessels make the loudest noise".

My hands are stretched for crucifixion. Nail me! But I wouldn't stop saying; "I love you", cos I truly do.

Trust me!

Twisted-thinking forehead,
Akoson - Son Of Ako,
London School Of Economics And Political Science.




I have the impression that some on this forum are agents of individuals and not of ideas and principles. How can one accept that fact that a Provincial Exco is dissolved and another appointed in a Democratic Front like the SDF? I challenge the ones drumming support for Mr. Ndi to tell us where any of these appointed persons have ever succeeded in the SDF. I challenge all those blinded by the past glories...if at all there were any...of Mr. Ndi to provide info of any Socialist Party where this has occurred. Are u aware of the fact that the entire Socialist family is condemning this Ndi's growing madness? Do u know that 6 Provincial Chairmen of the SDF met in Yaounde to condemn all what Ndi and Ndam are cooking? When the storm will arrive, there will be no hiding place..even for you.

Chris Ngwasiri


You are still passing down wrong messages to people. Your perpetual insistance that Prof. Ngwasiri has been thrown out of the party and consequently parliament is total rubbish.

I wonder if you can produce any text as to the effect. You are giving the impression that if Fru Ndi gets up in a wrong mood, he can just kick a few "arseholes". Try to read the SDF constitution. It is very highly democratically drafted even though its application is being tainted to satisfy certain personal ambitions.

Prof. Ngwasiri remains a staunch SDF and Parliamentarian. Him and his group are not creating a second SDF party by no means. They are simply redressing certain issues that have gone very wrong within the party, the yelling of which had fallen on deaf ears. While I do not know their objectives or game plan at all, don't even bother to ask me; I have a feeling that SDF will bounce back in full force if they accomplish their objectives.

This is what you call a family feud. There is only smoke in the house causing people to fidget. It is not a fire. The fear that some heads might roll as a result, prompts those with skulls in their cupboards to agitate. Negative signals are then emitted to dampen the air and diffuse any uprising. Sympathisers who refuse to give their brains a racking are then caught up in a negative web and if not careful, might only disentangle themselves late.

Note that a Parliamentarian will only be thrown out of parliament when he/she commits a crime that infringes on the credibility of the nation. Disagreeing with your party bosses is not a crime and does not even raise an eye brow in parliament. Note very well that if Fru Ndi writes to parliament to throw Prof. Ngwasiri and group out, that letter will find itself in the nearest bin.

Once in parliament, you belong to the people, not to an individual or an exclusive bunch and only the people can unseat you. It is easy to appoint but very difficult to 'unappoint'. The parliamentary system cannot be so loose as not to know that if loopholes are created, party leaders will exploit them and shove their stooges in at will and weed out those who do not dance to their tune. The present SDF machine would have maximised it, God forbid. What are some of you taking the Parliament for? A toilet where people just walk in and out? A toy for party leaders? No sirs. It is the power house of the nation.

You cannot count the number of CPDM parliamentarians who do not agree with Paul Biya, but their position in parliament does not come under threat. They do not belong to Biya. They are the peoples' representatives.

I earnestly share in your view that we must not allow the party to be divided. A fragmented party as Ashwell puts it is leading to nowhere. I still insist that instead of us spending precious time showering Fru Ndi with praises(due) and pouring scorn on Prof. Ngwasiri & Co(undue), we should emphasise to both parties that a disjointed group cannot achieve its objectives. I still insist that "the whole is the sum of the parts". I pertinently do not know what the Ngwasiri camp are trying to hatch. However, I cannot make myself to believe that big heads like Prof. Ngwasiri, Wakai, Jua, Asonganyi etc(just a tip of the iceberg) can all be stupid. Guys, these same people are the writers of the SDF constitution. You must be a day dreamer to think that they cannot read between the lines. Again, you must be a day dreamer to think that these guys will empty the contents of their own poisoned chalice.

The SDF system has gone wrong and needs overhauling. Someone has got to listen carefully to people and that person is Fru Ndi. It is very easy to say " I don't care, they are rebels, let them go away, they cannot cripple the party etc; but the price paid by such proliferations is very great.

If we keep on showering Fru Ndi with praises we all know he is due instead of advising him to solve in-house problems, we will only end up with a toothless bulldog (Fru Ndi) that will not frighten the weakest thief in the neighbourhood.

I must end up by confessing that the write ups are becoming very reasonable now as most of the drawn daggers are being shelved and people are now criticising ideas not peoples' personalities.

Let us keep up with this spirit. Let us simply make this forum Informative, Educative and Knowledge sharing and not a place to score off. Let's teach and be taught. Learning is a continuous process. It only stops when you die.


Chris Ngwasiri


Akoson, I always feel happy when I read such objective write ups from you. You have put more sense into my understanding of Fru Ndi's actions. Those who don't see anything good in what he has done or is doing will call us supporters of Fru Ndi. Well, you (Akoson) have said you are a member of the SDF and so should support the chairman. I want to make it clear that I, Klemenceau am an SDF supporter though not a member and a serious supporter of Fru Ndi. I support him both as chairman and as an individual. I will always stand and die in support of him but accepting any faults of his. The fact that I support him will never make me to be biased when talking about Ngwasiri’s actions. For now he is the only one capable of seeing into it that the SDF is not destroyed or divided.
Many people in this forum say he should speak and I remember I also said so. But I have discovered that people just want him to speak so that they take his words and amplify them to suit the evil purposes. I also was thinking that it was good for Fru Ndi to resign from the party but this would have been the greatest error he would have done given the present situation. He is a good father who would not abandon his house while on fire. He will surely put order in the SDF before leaving and this time with his head high.
Akoson, Fon Lawrence, Watesih and the rest of the objective thinkers in this forum, let's keep on being objective for God surely likes objective minds.
We will see what is wrong with Fru Ndi and say it as well as what Ngwasiri is doing wrong.


Micheal Valley,

Ngwasiri was never sent to supervise the handing over of the Secretariat by Prof Asonganyi.It was Mr Tebo.You like Mukete should always learn to verify facts before publishing them. This makes you look unformed and supports the emptiness of most of your postings.Stop being confused.Is your man Mukete running out of insultive words? What is his issue with the marriage palaver between Fru Ndi's family relation and the son of a cpdm zealot? If there is some other illness beyound insanity that we can say Mukete has contracted ?



This makes you look uninformed and supports the emptiness of most of your postings.



Is there some other illness beyound insanity that Mukete has contracted?


Why do people always write in this forum and constantly use the word "My Country"? Is la republique francaise du Cameroun a country? I need answers to this question from people like Agbormbai, Mukete, Akoson, Klemenceau, Dr Che Sunday, Frank Muma, Ma Mary, Don man etc. etc. and other lended person who want to defend this fake piece of land as an independent nation.

La republique du Cameroun is a fake piece of land with no rules, government, normal people, etc. It is a failed state with nothing to offer even to the future of the people who governs its.

States are ruled by legislations, its banking system forms the foundation of any meaningful development that can take place, its police are there to protect its people, its business structures are governed by rules, its government is there to defend its people, its citizens love their country and want to stay there, its women are the custodians of family values, and its traditional leaders are the custodians of tribal values especially in Africa.

On the contrary, in la republique du Cameroun, its banking system is habitually inexistent, corrupt and disorganised. Some are even fake institutions with no proper authorisation document. Its police force are the most corrupt in the entire universe and when they even go out to protect their citizens from criminal activities, they are more dangerous than the criminals themselves. Its ministers openly dine in public places with renowned “feymen” and sit side by side in official meetings. Its former prime minister (Simon Achidi Achu) once received money for operation “coup de Coeur” from a “feyman” (10 millions francs) and described him as “chercheur d’europe (struggler from Europe, if my translation is good) “in the eyes of the television camera. It business is not governed by any rule; instead rules are made with fake clauses so that corrupt government individuals can easily manipulate the suffering masses. It does not have any government that has any development plan; instead all functions of the government are habitually reliant on the very corrupt minded and evil policies of its ruling CPDM party headed by a certain tyrant called President Paul biya. It citizens are running all over the world, they don’t want to live there. This country is the poorest in the world in all respects. Yet some unscrupulous individuals call it heaven (Heaven for you whose family is corrupt minded and connected to the system). Its traditional leaders do not posses any value. They are there to collect salt, rice, meat etc from the CPDM or “feyman” to intimidate their subjects to vote for the CPDM, etc. Recently MBACUDA (Mbatu cultural and development association) received a Toyota tercel from a feyman and handed it to their Fon. Is that what we are supposed to encourage as honest citizens of this world?.

In fact, if la republique du Cameroun wants to govern itself one day, all its citizens, subjects, organs, etc. have to go through some form of moral purification. Even corrupt minded southern Cameroonians will have to go through some form of moral purification before we issue them a southern Cameroonian passport.

I will suggest to citizens of la republique du Cameroun that they fight for their government to hand over their barren land to modest francophone nations like Burkina Faso, Mali etc to govern. That will be of great help to them. At least, they will be proud of a future.

Once more, I need answers to some of the issues raised from southern Cameroonians like Agbormbai, Mukete, Akoson, Klemenceau, Dr Che Sunday, Frank Muma, Ma Mary, Don man etc. etc. and other lended person who want to defend this fake piece of land as an independent nation.

Zanda Luc

Chris Ngwasiri,

Could you please forward this idea to Prof? He should continue doing what is right for the SDF in accordance with the constitution and seek financial support even through this forum and news papers back home. Some of us are willing to make huge contribution for the sake of democracy and those who respect the constitution of the SDF.



Please please netters;
Let's not forget our basic morals and let's not forget that God is reading all our hearts.

Remember that what kills a man are the words that he speaks with his own mouth.

Before you think of insulting and relating God's creature to that of the devil think twice because you are indirectly linking up yourself with the devil.

Do not insult people or says things about them which you can't proove. It is bad both infront man's law and God's.

Stay blessed


Once more we can see that Fru Ndi has lost his sense of purpose. He has failed to live up to expectation and today he is fighting and destroying SDF rivals one by one instead of fighting Biya and the ills of Cameroon. Biya and the CPDM should be smiling as Fru Ndi is destroyong the SDF and opposition. Fru Ndi and no one esle has sold the SDF so let no one accuse anyone else. Fru Ndi has eaten soya and is finding it hard to contain SDF members who are crying foul. Thanks to article 8.2, he has succeeded to take the party hostage and has dismissed all credible opposition. Shame to Fru Ndi and his clique. You have exposed yourselves and God will judge you guys for betraying Cameroonians who believed in you.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

It is amazing how refined many commentators have become on this forum. Compare this with a year ago, when all that one could see was hatred and tribalism.

Nevertheless, in spite of the astonishing improvement, there are those who still wallow in uncontrolled anger and extreme negativity.

Men and women, please keep up the improvements. Cameroon can only get better!



You really need to get your reasoning together. You seem to disgrace the great institution you want everyone to know you represent.

I'll ask you this: so because Biya is Cameroon's leader, elected leader, it is Ok for him to treat a class of his citizenary (anglophones for e.g.) as second class citizens?

In your reasoning, you are saying Biya can circumvent established rules. Therefore while Cameroon's constitution provides for Equality and Equal treatment and respect of rights of minorities, Biya is in his right to treat others different from what is prescribed by the constitution. Man, get your house in ordrer. Pick up your books again. I've read commentary (without any comment) on here about relating your comments to the great institution you want us to know u represent. I'm flabbergasted. I've been reserved on that subject as that'z not what i'm here for. But i'll tell u this: I might only be a high school student at this time but the good thing is i read and grasp quickly what i read. i also use common sense. Now, coming back to the issue.

When i talk about uniformity. in fact if you read what i wrote above, i made it clear that EXTENDING a mandate of the NEC and APPOINTING to fill in a Provincial execsutiv are 2 methods proscribed (i.e. not accepted by the constitution)(that is the first bad thing that Mr. Fru Ndi has done). Now since that is settled, i went further to state that (the second bad thing Mr. Fru Ndi has done) even if he wanted to justify to his militants that it was ok to extend the mandate of the NEC (even though it is not consitutional), he could've shown the people that the practice is applied uniformly. Now those are 2 illegalities. In law (again like lawyers will tell you, ask) it is not at every time that people follow the laws they lay down. But most fact-finders (judge, jury or members of an organization) would be comfortable with an illegality that has become practice, or has become custom and is practiced uniformly. Now, this is not the case inthe SDF. The very fact that Mr. Fru Ndi accepted that his mandate was extended, and then he went further to appoint rather than keep on practicing the method of extending mandates would give any reasonable fact-finder or person believe that there is no standard (illegal) practice or custom and that someone is definitely using whichever means that is in his favor, as is seen here. So just so you know my greatest worry is not about uniformity, rather it is about LEGALITY, the law, the law the law. I only used uniformity just to see if one could at least look for some arguement in favor of Mr. Fru Ndi's actions and say: Ok, ok, ok, the NEC whose mandate was EXTENDED is LEGAL because it is customary and a uniform practice to EXTEND mandates in the SDF. If that were the case, then one could argue in favor of your Mr. Fru Ndi's actions. Nota that i've read all of the party documents found at and one of these documents (i can't remember which one right now) states that in interpreting the legal instruments, customary practice should be taken into account. Like for instance the SDF constitution is against voting by proxy but as you may or may not know, every organ of the SDF practices voting by proxy and it is practiced uniformly and so it is accepted.
Also you talk about some 3 wings of a government cannot be perfectly reconciled all the time. Please don't try to impress (well it's ok if you're not) anyone with your legalese. Everyone who attended primary school in Cameroon has studied some civics and knows the basics of components of a government. Come out clear and name me the 3 wings in the SDF. Please also refer me to a legal document that defines these. that is all i am about- legality.

In the mean time, you made reference to the dynamics of the governmnet in the USA. A topic i master. No constitution whatsover, allows the president to unilaterally go against an existing law or legal instrument. You di lie!!!!!!!
Veto is used by the US presidnet in opposition of a bill, which fyi, is not yet law. the president signs laws in the USA. and as u migh or might not know the constitution of the USA allows the president to veto. That right to veto is not something the president just things he has because he is president. It is aright given him by the US constitution. HMmmm funny right we keep coming back to : constitution, law etc. My friend it is always about what is in the legal documents and never, never about what whosoever feels in his mind that it is the right thing to do. Else Biya will kill us all. after all according to the theory of Mr. Akoson as taught in the London Sch of Econs and p. S, he can back himself up and say it is in the iterest of Cameroon. Damn, i just can't even believe you typed that. tell me its a typo.

you ask how many times Ni John Fru Ndi has gone against the constitution. if this were a civil suit, he'll pay damages and compensation for years. You know why. Because he is CONTINUING to do so. the very fact that he keeps representing himself as leader of that party is against the continuation. Every action he takes since 2003 as leader of the SDF can be counted as going against the constitution. Every air he breadths as leader of the SDF is against the Constitution (just kidding bout this one, but you know).

Your theories (most of which is common information known by everyone) are just so twisted.

I thought you'd be the one to teach everyone on this forum that the best approach is to let the laws run the organization. If you think the laws need some overhauling, then that can be done but not to the prejudice of some others. such laws cannot be applied retroactively. Hey democracy doesn't work for everyone you know, you must be very, very tolerant. Look at Hamas, considered a terrorist group. Now the # 1 democracy is against it, whereas they rose to power by democratic means. Too bad there's nothing they can do. it's the game of democracy. Democracy (sDf) does not alwyas mean Mr. Fru Ndi MUST fULLY get allong with everyone for it to work. All they all need is to learn to work together to push forward the party's ideals, whether Fru Ndi likes his democratically elected surbodinates or not. You're preaching demargogy, and autocracy whereby the laws and constiution don't rule, but rather give place for a system where the ALMIGHTY leaders uses his whims (whatever suits the ALMIGHTY, or whatever the ALMIGHTY (Fru Ndi) FEELS is in the party's interest - I wonder what magic he has to feel whatz in the party's interest so as to go against established norms).

You tell me that there's no uniformity in politics, funny man. who do you think is the 'enemy' to Fru Ndi here? Ngwasiri et al.? No my friend!!!!!! He rather claim the "there's no uniformity in politics" crap to Mr. Biya. We're talking about the SDF a political organization that belongs to many people and not one person, that has common ideals and goals and ideologies and a common platform It's not a government where every leader has a different platform on how to run the state. Mr. Fru Ndi is not yet in Yaounde and you know what, so, so far from being there. Who's he playing his politics with? His own party members? It's a shame. SECONLY AND MORE IMPORTANTLY ON THIS 'no uniformity in politics' crap: the SDF has established laws, and if those laws mean NOTHING TO YOU AND FRU NDI, THEN THE PARTY IS DOOMED TO FAIL AS NO ONE ELSE WILL RESPECT THE PARTY LAWS BECAUSE THERE IS NO UNIFORMITY IN POLITICS. What am i even saying. Your ideas do not even reflect any reasonableness that can be advanced in favor of Mr. Fru Ndi. I believe Mr Fru Ndi himself will disagree with you, especially on this last point. because basically u're saying 'to hell with the SDF laws, we're in politics and there's no uniformity in politics.

i know you still won't be able to see the light in spite of my arguments. i however welcome any criticism if they constructive and follow some reasonable LEGAL logic. thanx



I should come clean, I have always been in support of the idea of seperation of the two states of Cameroon... for obvious reasons. I have all the documents of the forces of arguments put forward by its erudite intellectuals, lawyers and rappoteur generals like Prof Munzu... and the arguments against by La Republics stooges. And if I were a judge i will say our case is well founded....but one thing should be well understood here, the decision should be political and not sentimental.

With all due respect to our leaders, I have come to the conclusion that, genuine as our leaders are, they have not forged recognised personalities of themselves in the international community, and their lobbying strength leaves much to be desired, thus I am of the school of political pondits - there are other options. Though if session could come now ONLY peacefully, then I'd be the happiest on earth.

I here by rest my case on the balance of probability, though not in a convincing fashion, but we are living on borrowed times.

Keep fighting for your children. My support is courage!

Eyes Of A Tiger - Son Of Ako, LSE.




Are you a lawyer? If then, could you please go back to school. I didn't bother to read through that novel after you failed to reconcile my reason with your stupid statement;

"I'll ask you this: so because Biya is Cameroon's leader, elected leader, it is Ok for him to treat a class of his citizenary (anglophones for e.g.) as second class citizens?"

My piece above could be well understood by primary pupils.

If you proof not to be able to understand simple write ups, I'll NEVER reply to your query. Nonsense! When I say "A" they say I said "B".

Son Of Ako - LSE.



What actually makes me laugh when I read some contributions is the mere fact that some readers are wasting their "precious" time and energy judging (praising or condenming) what I write, and even going the extra mile to suggest how and what I should write in this forum.

I would have expected those who are actually crying over what I write, to divert their energy and "resourcefulness" into reading only those contributions that make them happy or to attain internal orgasm. They are not tie by strings radiating from what I write. My contributions do not need their blessings. So why the cry?

I do not write to please people, but I write according to what my conscience and my GOD judge as realities and facts. While I encourage those who find light in what I post to go on reading the light I bring here, I continue to advise those who would only recoil like boneless snakes whenever they see my contributions, to please close their eyes and hearts immediately my contributions come up. It is needless reading things that make them go mad. My name, "mukete" is always, clearly, indicated before and after my contributions. So why not ignore them? Why not allow those who would want to waste their time reading them to so in peace? This is simple.

I have signed to bring the light here, in a language understood even by those who have clogged brians and myopic hearts. I will keep writing, whether criticized or not. I will keep bringiong the light even if it increases madness in people.

I am not sorry for all the facts I have so far written. Never.

Those who want to die can now die, but I wouldn't be the one to push them into the grave. Not me!



Mukete, don't you have anything to do with time? I wonder if you have ears. If this forum was a school you automatically fit for a class five drop-out. How can you learn when all your ears are blocked and your mouth keeps litering the air with filthy noise. Most mad people I know express a lot of objectivity in their judgement. All you know is negativity and I don't doubt that you are complete headache to any group in which you force yourself because none will accept your type. You have never got this simple "fact/opinion" lesson at all. If you're ready to die go alone don't ask anybody to come with you. If you listen you might do better.



You responded just like i expected. Nothing to say other than throw out irrelevant insults. i perfectly understood you. You have nothing else to say cos there's nothing else you can provide that will counter the points i raised against your arguments. Ok, let's assume i did not understand what you wrote, just like i think you have a hard time understanding legality, what LEGAL arguments do you have against what i wrote? Don't give me the usual bull crap that Fru Ndi is this and Fru Ndi is that. use the legal texts and explain "that nomatter how perfect a democracy's the three wings that constitute a government CANNOT be PERFECTLY reconciled all the times. That is why in mature democracies like that of the US some powers are given to the president to veto at times in difficult and urgent situations." (those are your words). Probably i might not have understood because you failed to relate it to the SDF context, rather talked about the USA situation and left it at that without making the link to the SDF. or do you want to tell me which veto powers have been given to the SDF chairman. Or better yet, coming to the topic, what powers have been given to the SDF chairman to appoint members of an executive rather than elect? That is what the topic is about, right? That is what the above topic is mainly about. i don't know of any legal instrument that gives the SDF chairman to do so. Doing so will be illegality, whereas the US president has a legal authority to veto. so what is the correlation between between both. Make it clear. You only put up a theory and failed to apply it to the facts of the case, which is Mr. Fru Ndi's appointing people to positions. Point me to where this is constitutionally allowed, please.

Am not an attorney. A high school student i say.


if you dont understand mukete stay.
know that many people see truth in what he writes.he may be vocal in his ways but what we want is the truth in dont be jealouse because you he nothing to tell us.
mukete we believe in your write dont give up.




I'm sorry if we insult people. We're just being human. When I read from someone's piece and see how they can't understand a SIMPLE point I try to make I go mad without a second thought. That's a weakness I've always confessed. I therefore wish to seize this opportunity appologise to whoever I've wronged with harsh words. As a christian my conscience'll not know rest without your forgiveness.

Although I still feel reluctant to reply because you've portrayed inability to fully blend between each sentence I write, the fact that you asked specific questions and made your query short is the more reason why I must bother to help you understand this very difficult situation our party is strapped in.

Before I proceed, I'd like you correct this - Ni John Fru Ni, better still, the Chairman Of the SDF didn't appoint that interim coordinating committee of the center province. NEC did that. What we're saying in politics is that WETHER OR NOT the constitution permits, a body or leader MAY CIRCUMVENT the law at times...but NOT AT THEIR WHIMS AND CAPRICES. That's why in every TRUE democracy there's an opposition to point out some of what they claim to be "wrongs" committed by the ruling entity as if they too would be PERFECTLY VOID of excoriation(s) because they trampled on one or two paragraphs in the consitution. I'm not denying that for the BEST democracy things such as these should by avoided by all cost. But I'm afraid it can NEVER be avoided! Even you. I mean even you...being one of the true members of NEC would've accepted to appoint this committee giving the present status quo.

I give you a lil example. Mindful of the fact that in Cameroon parliamentarians are the policy makers...and that wahtever decision arrived at by them affects our lives. They have the responisiblity to vote and promulgate a law. Now consider also that Biya is a "peaceful" and good leader. Consider that he always respects the law. Consider the Bakassi case. Consider that Nigeria denies to hand over bakassi to Cameroon. Consider that what comes from bakassi in the name of income is indespensable for the economic growth of our country. Now, because parliamentarians are not unaware of this, they vote to push Nigeria out of bakassi by force but Biya says "NO". Is he not going against the wish of the people? Is he NOT circumventing? By nature he's a "peaceful' man. He doesn't like war. That's the president. This case is a unique one. He's been respecting all the laws and denies this one. He will only tell the policy makers "I'm sorry!"...period! That's it. That's politics. Again, what I'm preaching is that we MAY circumvent at times BUT NOT at our whims and caprices. And again it will be for the BEST of the democracy should we try our BEST not to circumvent. Feel me please!

I'm giving you what people learn from school. It is politics, remember! It is dirty that's why we can't be perfect at ALL times by pleasing the constitution or by pleasing the law or policy of the country.

Should you have any more query feel free to hit back.

I love you all.

Eyes of a tiger, Son Of Ako - LSE.


Lion of Judah

Dear Readers,
Have a look at this and ponder about the future of Cameroon and Africa in general

Era of impunity wanes for African leaders By Abraham McLaughlin, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
Fri Mar 31, 3:00 AM ET

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - It could be the beginning of the end for Africa's long era of impunity, during which awful deeds committed by presidents, dictators, and warlords have gone largely unpunished.


The highest-profile evidence: This week's arrest of notorious ex-Liberian-president Charles Taylor on war-crimes charges, which follows the recent booking of former Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Meanwhile, former Zambian President Frederick Chiluba is on trial for corruption, and upheaval in Kenya over graft allegations has led three cabinet ministers to resign.

In fact, the Zambian and Kenyan cases may be more important in the long run, experts say, because they're home-grown examples of holding leaders accountable for misdeeds. By contrast, the arrests of Messrs Taylor and Lubanga came in large part because of Western pressure. Ultimately, observers say, the extent to which the toppling of impunity is done by Africans - not because of American or other outside arm-twisting - may determine how thoroughly impunity falls.

Either way, however, "The arrest of Taylor is really good news for Africa. It sends an important signal that impunity might be a thing of the past," says Peter Kagwanja of the International Crisis Group here. Furthermore, it's evidence that even if "you're protected by [continental] heavyweights like Nigeria or South Africa" - as Taylor and Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe have been - "you may not be protected" any more.

Taylor was arrested in Nigeria this week and is expected to appear as early as Friday before the UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone in that country's capital, Freetown on charges of committing crimes against humanity. He's the first African head of state to be put on trial for such crimes. The trial, which will probably not start for several months, is expected to actually take place in The Hague. The venue change is apparently due to regional security concerns.

"One of the problems of trying Charles Taylor is that there has been insecurity in the region for quite some time, and he has been at the epicenter," says the court's chief prosecutor, Desmond de Silva. "There is a lot of anxiety in neighboring countries that his trial in Freetown might produce some sort of regional instability."

Taylor's arrival in Sierra Leone came a few days after the March 20 appearance of Mr. Lubanga at the ICC, where he's expected to be charged with war crimes. He's the first person to come before the ICC.

In Zambia, meanwhile, Mr. Chiluba is on trial for stealing about $500,000 during his 1991-2002 presidency. And, in Kenya, a series of graft scandals has left President Mwai Kibaki weakened, and may lead to an investigation of the vice president. The central bank governor has been asked to step down, pending a corruption probe.

Yet one Kenyan politician with possible links to corruption, former President Daniel arap Moi, isn't likely to be prosecuted, says Kagwanja, because, in the African view, "the war against impunity should not be war against stability." Taking down a powerful man like Mr. Moi could create instability.

Likewise, left to their own devices - and given Taylor's still-considerable influence throughout West Africa - African leaders probably would have asked newly elected Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf "to cool her heels and stabilize herself before dealing with the question of Taylor," says Kagwanja. This would have given Nigerian President Olesegun Obasanjo time to "get his house in order" about possible plans to change the constitution so he can run for a third term - plans that may be affected by his actions on Taylor. It would have been at least a year, Kagwanja says, before African leaders dealt with Taylor.

Instead, amid strong US pressure, Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf announced at the UN headquarters in New York on March 17 that she was requesting that Mr. Obasanjo send Taylor to Sierra Leone to face trial. When Obasanjo demurred, saying Africa's leaders needed to be consulted, even more US pressure was applied. When Taylor escaped from Nigerian custody on Tuesday, there were hints President Bush might cancel his Oval Office meeting with Obasanjo on Wednesday. Suddenly, Taylor was found, arrested - and promptly shipped to Sierra Leone.

While effective, such outside pressure can be risky, experts warn. First, it implicitly binds the US to helping keep the peace in Liberia, should the trial of the still-popular Taylor spark unrest there. Also, if Taylor's trial is seen as biased - or a product of US pressure - it "has the potential of turning Taylor into a hero or a martyr," says Kagwanja, "and that doesn't augur well for Liberia."

Taylor still has many backers in Liberia, including the country's third-most-powerful official, Speaker of Parliament Edwin Snowe, who is Taylor's ex-son-in-law.

Johnson-Sirleaf addressed this Thursday, saying anyone "who would try to use these circumstances as an excuse for insurrection to undermine the stability of the nation" would be "dealt with harshly, without mercy."

Still, another sign of declining impunity is the fact that African leaders didn't overtly criticize Obasanjo for handing over Taylor, says Ayesha Kajee of the South African Institute for International Affairs here. In an effort to boost Africa's image in the west - and respond to grass-roots rumblings - African leaders have been moving away from impunity, she says. "There's a recognition that this is an increasingly globalized issue - the issue of justice on the basis of human rights."

• Hans Nichols contributed from Freetown, Sierra Leone. Wire services were used in this report.



this is turning to be a hen and egg debate, simply because u'r reasoning is foul in that u say leader can circumvent the laws (and act illegally) at times...but NOT AT THEIR WHIMS AND CAPRICES. Not at their whims and caprices, ok, so by what measure? and who set's this measure. According to you then laws do not mean anything at all if they can be circumvented for whatever reason. That's autocratic reasoning. I'd like for u to use the USA again. or any better democracy and show me how constitutionally laid laws have been circumvented.

Your example about Biya, Cameroon parliament and Bakassi holds no ground because if Biya vetos it, he is not going against a law, he is going against the wishes of parliament and NOT, i repeat NOT A LAW. In Cameroon if you dont know, it is the very Biya who signs laws. If he doesn't sanction them, then they are not law. There's some exceptions and i won't go into those polemics with u until you understand the basics. Again, about the Bakassi example, Biya will be vetoing parliamentary wish and NOT a law. In camerooon all 3 braches of government can make law. it is not only the legislature, just in case u're not aware. Once it becomes law, the only thing Biya can do is try to formulate another law. What is law is law to everybody. The constitution will explicitly tell you when to do what. Cameroon's and the US constitution details the president's rights in the event of a curfew. The constituion states everything. That theory of yours is just illegal and not even Mr. Fru Ndi will side with it especially as u say he can circumvent but not as his whims, but you do not give a standard measuring rod. U're wrong buddy.


Another SPAM ALERT!!!!! --------> Lion of judah. Beware. I wish the post edit contents on here and make sure postings are relevant to topics.



Or let me ask you this: so is it legal for Mr. Fru Ndi (or whosoever) to circumvent against the constitution of the SDF?

If yes? under what circumstances can this be done?

And if yes, WHO sets such circumstances and WHERE are they spelled out (or written out)if its not law?

and are you sure these can be applied uniformly in order to avoid differential treatment?

You tell me that it is politics, since when did politics mean illegality? Is that the Machiavellan politics u're taught at London School? To carry out illegal acts and then cover up and say "it is politics, and one can circumvent against the laws?"

And then why is it on Fru Ndi or NEC (as you insist) that can circumvent. What if the Advisory Council circumvents? Will this still be politics? If yes this is politics, now whos circumvention is the right one? and what criterion do you use to measure that, if it is not laid down in any law? Your circumvention theory that has no foundation on law is a theory that'll allow for subjective rather that objective and legal reasoning and actions. Subjective in that it is not based on any law but rather and the mind of the person(s) carrying out the act. They and only they can determine what is in the party's interest. whereas, the established laws can better determine what's in the party's interest. and there's nothing more in favor of party interest that following simple established norms.


I'm just so damned about the Machiavellan vernom u're spitting out in this forum. Upon graduation, i'm sure u'll get a high-flying position in Biya's administration, or better yet, in Obiang's administration. Teach them the London School theory of going against laws, and call it politics the dirty game. that's first of all wickedness to SDF followers who believe in respecting the laws, secondly its and insult to the drafters of the SDF legal instruments in that, their work can be side-lined in the name of "poltics a dirty game". why do we need these laws any way? It's not an easy task coming up with a legal instrument. Am not sure if u've taken a legislative drafting course, and u'll know. only for one to spend nites working on something for some (outdated) Machiavellan to come in with conspiracy "dirty-politics-game theories and think it is OK. No it is not OK. Modern philosphers will tell u such reasoning, as Machiavelli's is out-moded. The SDF is supposed to be a democratic party. correct me if i'm wrong its slogan is about power tot he people by the people, etc, and it is not by coincidence that its emblem is a ballot box with a scale. According to you these represent nothing, and any point and for some reason they term "best interest of the party" (without any further legal definition) just side-line all these. thatz absurd. i would have thought u attended Sorbonne in the 1960s.


Guys could call me names if they like; Machiavellan followers. Nothing...absolutely nothing will stop me from differentiating between practicals and theories.

Eyes of a tiger, Son Of Ako - LSE.



Look Ftroit,

I've done everything humanly possible to avoid using abstract political concepts here. It's like you're pushing me to the wall. Afterall when I do, guys will either say I'm "bombarding" them or I'm twisting political concepts to suit my interest.

Away from the topic one moment. Let me give you summaries of some of my works which have been confirmed. You could go and verify. I can even tell you and give you EFFECTIVE reasons why I think a country doesn't need a president. It can be very difficult for you to understand. I think that the parliament can rule a country, but how??? Note that it is parliament's ineffectiveness that makes the president an effective leader. Again I don't think you can understand without me getting into greater details. Moreover, years of research have been done to show that the president is actually irrelevant in politics, but I can Show an appreciation for presidential leadership. Again it needs that I elaborate with political jagons for you to see well.

I tell you a thing; parliament can be viewed as cattle and the president as a "Fulani". In a time of crisis, such as a storm, the cattle become scared and knock down their fenced enclosure. It is job of the "the Fulani" to rein them in.

A crisis, like coup plots, hatred, betrayal...etc presently rocking the SDF makes a president powerful and any other body ineffective.

Again, I'm refraining from getting into chronic political concepts others may find abstract and hard to understand. If you push me to the wall, I'll do just that.

Ruffled Lion's Mane, Son Of Ako - LSE.



Hey Ftroit,

This is my last reaction to your questions. There're other important queries I've got to reply to. You're not the only one giving me queries. I'm sorry!

Akoson, LSE.



akoson you are begining to be the bigest fool on this forum ask you self why?you are living the constitution to another thing.i dought if you are really educated as you say.the constitution is the number one law and anything against it is are really fru ndis fool.he will be happy to have pigs like you who call a chair a table.keep on fooling are worst than need some rest to thing even if writing on this forum is your only job.



You should not start it against Akoson please. He has been answering Ftriot and I don't see why you should only come in to insult him.
Please Akoson don't answer Momo. I have been following your arguments and I think you have been talking sense as usual. Keep up the spirit and don't give in to provocations else you will be giving the devil a chance.

Chris Ngwasiri


I appreciate your suggestion and would have been very willing to pass it on to Prof. Ngwasiri, but unfortunately some people who have refused to think straight will misconstrue it.

Let me tell you frankly that the Ngwasiri camp are in no way trying to oust Fru Ndi. These guys have total respect for him and are still very prepared to work with him. They are simply putting some illegally twisted records right. Prof. Ngwasiri confirms to me that there have been quite a number of illegalities within. He affirms that his camp is working within the strict constraints of the SDF constitution.

Bear in mind that this particular group is the backbone of the SDF constitution. Take it or leave it, the SDF constitution is their making and they are strictly adhering to it. Just accept that these guys could not remain stooges for ever. At one point in time they must say that things are going wayward and failure to adjust or bring deviations back to normal necessitates action. Action does not mean destruction.

As to why their presentation to the court in Yaounde was not accepted if they were working within the constitution, he simply says that the judge saw it as an in-house issue and requested that they go and tidy up their house. It was not a win or loose issue. To respond to this, the idea of the Yaounde Convention in May was reinfoced. Hopefully, this will help tidy up the house.

Talking of his own students outsmarting him in court, he says that they have not come close to it yet. There was no battle to be worn. A request was simply referred back to the house. However, he insists that you teach students to go out there and excel and that his students are simply doing what he taught them and those who are in his camp are doing same. Outsmarting him at any point in time is an indication of classroom time not wasted

Chris Ngwasiri

Neutral Thinker

I think is enough.I'm glad you are making great improvements.Your debates were more objective and contained very few insults.Keep that up.However,I have the following verdict to pass:
1)Ashwell:You received the highest(9/10) mark this week for your very objective contributions and high respect for the rules.
2)Akoson:You are a regular and well-respected contributor on this forum.However you were almost mislead somewhere along the line.Some traits of anger were noticed in your write-up to ftroit.Have a firm grip on your anger.For that you earn a -1 and so you score 7/10.
3)ftroit:You went very far from the rules.Your arguments were powerful but check your tongue and moderate your temper.Don't insult.You have a below-the-average mark.(4/10)
4)Momo: You seemed very neutral and you advanced your points generally and did not insult.You therefore earn second highest mark to Ashwell(8/10).
5)Mukete:Though with your foreign philosophy and a great mis-use of God's name,you still stick to the rules.For keeping to the rules and not abusing others,you earn a 5/10.
6)Others: all other contributors for this week are greeted.You opinions are respected and we commend your maturity.
Keep the debate alive.Keep the articles coming.Above all,observe the rules.
Thank you all.I will be back...
Neutral Judge/Moderator.


Neutral Think,

For demonstrating neutrality in a world which is not neutral, even when the Lord has asked us in the book of Deuteronomy to choose between good and bad;

For taking up an undederved position of judge in this forum and showing the highest degree of pomposity;

For claiming unnecassary superiority by trying to evaluate others;

And for showing the highest degree of ignorance,

You scored a ZERO percent (0%) in all aspects. Now change your name, and make another judgment.

On behalf of all readers,


Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

Chris Ngwasiri,

All the evidence shows that the Ngwasiri camp and the Fru Ndi camp are on divergent paths. When this happens the only practical solution is to split (which should not be confused with fragmentation).

All this talk of coming back together is nonsense and impractical. The Ngwasiri camp and the Fru Ndi camp can NEVER agree, and therefore there is no basis for staying together.

It was not for nothing that I named the Ngwasiri camp 'the democratic camp' and the Fru Ndi camp 'the autocratic camp'. The fundamental belief systems of these camps are different and are moving apart by the day.

When Ngwasiri made his move he may not have realised what he was doing, but it was for good (i.e. no coming back!). It was the right decision and I was quick to see this and to back him. If he ever thinks that somehow he is going to persuade Fru Ndi to tone down, he is wasting his time. Fru Ndi has chosen his own path - the autocratic way.

Ngwasiri, as democrat, must start building now for the future and must use the Yaounde convention for the birth of a new democratic party, with the aim of showing Cameroon how to practise democracy.

If he uses these two months well the new party will quickly absorb all the many SDF militants who are disheartened with what Fru Ndi has become. And I promise you that there are a great many!


Chris Ngwasiri,
Reading through your posting one gathers the impression you are trying to play the role of the devil's advocate. I am not in anyway saying that there are no problems in the sdf but that your brother took wrong direction towards resolving these problems.We cannot replace illegality with illegality.What makes your brother believe the sdf problems cannot be solve at a convention in Bamenda? .The convention offered that opportunity. Why did he opt for another one?.He cannot justify his claim that Fru Ndi could not be dislodged from his position if the convetion were to hold in Bamenda. By summoning his own convention in Yaounde your brother demonstrated his group had a hidden agenda.If the base was properly moblise Fru Ndi given the existing circumstances could be ousted from his position even in Bamenda.This is what your brother and his group would have been doing than to resort unorthox means to oust the incumbent. BY organising a coup d'etat and hiring thugs to disrupt a NEC meeting in Douala your brother erred.There was no need for him to resort to violence.If your brother and his group are right the sdf militants wouLd reason with them.He cannot forced anyone to see or support his move.By bringing in thugs he was trying to force people to accept him.This is wrong.From information gathered from his Mezam constituency, he is one of of the worst representatives Mezam has had since independence.That is why even in Bamenda no one takes him serious.Can he boast of a single bridge he has constructed with his micro project money for the years he has been in parliament? Tell me how such an irresponsible person can be allowed to head a party like the sdf.Believe me or not your brother's political carreer has ended.There was nothing wrong for him and his group to fight and make sure the problems of the sdf are resolved within the confines of party regulations or at the Bamenda convention.As one who has been part of the existing illegality can he say he too is not part of the mess the sdf is currently experiencing? Your arguement that he cannot be fired from parliament because he has been dismissed from the sdf does not even hold here.For your information when Madam Victoria Ndando defected to thsdf in the early 1990s she lost her parliamentary seat as a cpdm MP.If the law were to be applied your brother must lost his seat.



you do not need to respond. this is no test. of course you can't respond if you have nothing to back up your point breaking legality is RIGHT. Of course, i see the responses you've made to other contibutions on here since you read my last reaction.

I reserve my comments regarding the Neutral thinker. i insult no one. u must understand that one gets frustrated at some reactions on here, particularly when they come from certain quarters, like the minds of the LSE&PS.


Again, you might have written all these publications and scholarly articles and had platinum PHDs, but the matter here is applying that to the facts of the SDF case, and citing EXISTING SDF laws that provide for this, if legality is anything to you. Don't tell me what should be or what should have been or what can be if you won't point me to an instrument in the SDF providing for it.


Why would Mr. Fru Ndi even cite to laws if he has the DIVINE (Natural power) which is not granted him by any laws of the SDF, to go against the SDF's constitution. why don't he just do whatever and call it "it's politics a dirty can circumvent the laws". Why does he even bother quoting any of the SDF laws like he has recently done? If he has this NATURAL power to circumvent the constitution?


If we can share contact information, i won't mind for us to finish this over phone. i can't highlight an email address for you. If you dont mind to shoot me email and so we could possbily talk this off of here.


Hey I just found this online makossa station. Radio Makossa Station



Let self-pity not carry all the CPDM theorists on this forum to their graves.
There`s no need trying to be apologetic here.All the fake DRs,all those who are mouth pieces of their disavowed family members,all those who represent the colonial and neo-colonial mentalities of their families should not feign any moderation.They have already chosen a path;that of running down Fru Ndi and dragging the image of the SDF in mud.Now they are just trying to show us all the dubiousity they have learnt from their French puppets in Yaounde.This policy of presenting an olive branch in one hand and concealing a bayonnet in the other cannot work here.I`m calling on those who have been telling the truth here not to fall prey to these cheap wits.They should continue on the same wave length ,until we would have flocked all these CPDM apologists out of their moleholes.After the convention in May all these praise singers will look like Brazilian football fans who would always refuse to come to terms with reality when their team is beaten in a World Cup final. Before i slip into any reverie about these CPDM theorists,they and
their hitman Mr Zamboue should give Cameroonians answers to these questions:

1. When " The Foolish Politician", Ngwasiri
and Zamboue disrupted NEC meetings in Douala
on what capacity was Mr Zamboue acting considering that his mandate had expired as he rightly claims?
2. Can Zamboue and the CPDM theorists on this forum tell us why Zamboue should be arguing that an Elective Conference should be organised knowing fully well that he has no capacity to make such a claim?
3. Can the "Thug Leader" Mr Zamboue and the CPDM theorists tell us which body should renew party structures.Is it the national Convention or an Elective Conference?
4. This is somebody who is trying to serve two masters at a time.Another Jua ,who says it is incorrect to say that he is supporting the Yaounde Convention,but contradicts himself ,by saying that he is waiting for information from the Convenor of the Yaounde Convention,Ngwasiri,"The Foolish Politician",on when an Elective conference can be held.How could Mr Zamboue
disrupt meetings in Douala,seek for the green light from Ngwasiri,but says he does not support the Yaounde Convention?
5. Mr zamboue is another Prof. Asonganyi ,
who is trying to prevent the party from carrying out any activities within the premises of the party Secretariat.How can someone who claims his mandate had ended be
giving directives about how and when the party has to use its property?Why are this people always hanging on to party property
when their treachery is proven?
6. How do Zamboue and the CPDM theorists on this forum reconcile the fact that they want
an elective conference to be organised,may be to retain Zamboue and his group,whereas
their Convention has been slated for Yaounde
in May?
7. When Zamboue says he is looking up to
"The Foolish Politcian" to give the green light to convene an Elective Conference,can
he tell Cameroonians whether it is Ngwasiri
who gave instructions when he was being voted into office some years ago?

8. If Zamboue did not ask Ngwasiri to determine that his term had come to an end
until he was forced out of office for anti-party activities,why does he want Ngwasiri now to give him the go ahead to convene an Elective Conference?
9. How would Mr Zamboue want Cameroonians
to make a distinction,between his life of thuggery and that of a social democrat? He has been at the forefront of disrupting party activities at every turn.
10.Are Cameroonians not seeing double-standards when Zamboue is calling on his master to convene two elective bodies within a one month time span?
One thing is certain,that there can and will never be a party within the party,as far as the SDf is concerned.Those who think thugs can give them physical energy,without
foresight should know that they are dicing with the devil.Zamboue should know that Ngwasiri is trying to come to terms with his foolhardy and seems to be gravitating towards Fru Ndi again,but the dice has already been cast.Therefore Zamboue should learn to read Ngwasiri`s Epitaph,which goes
"Here lies a"Foolish Politician"
whose intentions were impure and
who had the blindness not to see
all his primitive designs misfire"


Hi Ftroit

I have been reading you arguments about the illegality of Fru Ndi's actions with kin interest and I from your facts, I see a learned person as far as constitutionality (legality& illegality) is concern.
You have been able to give a good explanation to defend the fact that Fru Ndi's actions are illegal. You have talked much on how Fru Ndi or the NEC has been going against the SDF constitution. I am not going to argue or give any points to defend Fru Ndi and the NEC's actions. But I would want to ask you to look into Prof. Ngwasiri's actions and tell us if there is any illegality there or not.
I have decided to ask you this because I discovered that you are capable or you have a good knowledge as far as legality and illegality is concern.

Chris Ngwasiri,
You said Prof Ngwasiri, Jua, Wakai, Asonganyi and the others are not stupid. You are certainly right. They drafted the constitution and they of course should know how to abide by it.
If I understand you very well, are you therefore saying that their actions are all constitutional? I would be glad if you can tell me that the actions of your brother and his group are constitutional or otherwise.
Will be glad to get a response from you guys


sdf will come like upc if fru ndi is not removed. can fru ndi say anything about Biya? He fru ndi is a mess


Hi Ftroit,

Keep doing the good job!

However, do not be flattered by the hypocrasy that Klemenceau carries along with him. He has tried this on many ocassions without success. Nitwits will never see anything constructive in what enlightened people bring to this forum; they will prefer to remain in black nocturnal darkness and would always want to trap those who bring light to this forum. It is a pity!

I would advise you to simply go on giving your facts - as you see them - than wasting your time and energy trying to give answers to questions coming from "FACES BEHIND THE MASKS." You may be wasting your energy trying to make stones to reason the way we, the real human beings, do. Know that even stones, too, have things to hide. Stones also cry! Except we speak in a language understood by the hearts of stones, those who try to take stones out of darkness labour in vain.

To those who feel that stones do not cry when dust is removed from their surfaces, invite them to come and see for themselves how stones are actually using this forum to cry. And now that these stones - excuse me -have realized that their master and god in Bamenda is sinking into the sea, in their usual confused manner, they are struggling to grab everyone for support and stability. They are just crying every day. Too late for them and their Ntarikon cat!

As befits all primitive battles - and these stones are now bringing purely primitive battles into this forum-, I have decided to watch them freely demonstrate their ignorance and high level of chronic stupidity - excuse me again- . When they themselves finally eat what they have vomited, then I will make them to go back into their mothers' wombs and be born again. That will be the only way for them to get the purity some of us already have. That will be the only way for them to regain their freedom that our man in Ntarikon has taken away from them. Poor stones!

Look Ftroit, if you find me writing now in parables, please excuse me. We have done everything to make these stones - I mean real stones- to reason, but the more we try to put reason and sense into their dry dark heads, the more they become stupid, childish and primitive. We have tried in broken English, pidgin English, French; we have used common sense, science, christianity, Islam, the languages understood by the blind supporters of our man in Bamenda; we seem to make exhuasted all means and methods of communication; but believe me, these stones have decided NOT to grow and to remain in total darkness. They have decided to remain in the unconsciousness that our man in Bamenda has pushed them into. The only thing they do is to sleep with their mouths wide open, always ready to spit shit on anyone who dare criticize their god and master in Ntarikon. I couldn't imagine finding Cameroonians going so cheap and mean.

But how can we make these stones to attain the level of reasoning and understanding most of us have already attained? How can we remove them from the dark they "happily" find themselves? Should we go up to heaven? Should we petition God? Should we write in their dielects? Should we actually perform surgery on their heads, then remove their already degenerating brains and inject some of our blood into them? Should we allow them to remain with their "coconut heads"? Should we just fold our arms and see them go directly into HELL while our match into HEAVEN continues? Should we allow their master push them into destruction?

Please who can help? I am very worried about these our brothers and sisters, who have demonstrasted again and again that some Cameroonians may be completely different from the Homo sapiens (wise men) that you and I belong to. Excuse me again.




You are so stupid to feel that I am practicing hypocrisy here. I have been thinking that you were wise but I now know that you are wise when it comes to sowing evil.
It puzzles and amazes me that you could not understand my write up. I wrote in simple language for you to understand but you sheepishly interpreted it you own way. So in your opinion, I was praising Ftroit for all he has been writing? You are an idiot of the first order.
If you don't understand simple English except what contains your propaganda stuff, I will like to let you know that I was merely passing a message. Fru Ndi's actions are unconstitutional but Ngwasiri's actions are not!!!!! You guys will only fool fools. You moron!!!!!
Mukete it seems to me that your mind is full of hatred that you can't even realize that we have to read between the lines sometimes to understand or get the meaning out of what we read. I remember someone wrote in this forum a couple of weeks ago (Ashu Loveline if not mistaken) and fools like you could not understand what she meant. You are really a blocked head. You reason only when you want to write against people you hate. But when it comes to sincerity, hatred drains the little sense left in your skull and you only think with your ass. You lunatic. I am sure you took an over dosage of the medication that sometimes helps to calm your madness and so you reasoned the way you did. Though I will not stop to insult you, I will still be good to advice your disciples to seek a lunatic asylum for you before things go out of hands.
You claim to be pure? What an irony for the almighty liar Mukete to say he is pure.
Mukete, no one is a stranger to your incurable disease in this forum. As a matter of fact you are a deadly virus in this forum. You have succeeded to contaminate even those who were wise here. You are always looking for someone to abuse and you feel you are bringing light? A couple of months ago you were writing rubbish in this forum against "bush fallers". You claimed you had cyber cafes in Cameroon and that you would prefer to take your two wives and children and dive into the Mongo River rather than go abroad or better still "fall-bush". At that time you were hanging on DR. A.A.A. Agbombai as if he/she had a hand in your frustration and consequent madness. Today is Fru Ndi and all who write for him. You should carry your cross alone please.!!!!!!! It is in this forum that I have seen mad people using the internet.
If you are a stone head don’t think that others are like you. You have proved to readers here time and again that you are as useless and irresponsible even more than a dog that will turn to eat its own. The drunkard that you are still don’t realize that it is impossible for you wipe Fru Ndi’s name from the history of Cameroon as one of the best political leaders that country has now.
It is said in the Bible that the devil knows and believes that God exist and he uses God’s name to achieve his evil and dangerous plans. It is exactly what this thing so called Mukete is doing. Maybe the blood of those your father (relative) have made to suffer in or have killed with his tugs in Kumba is haunting you and your only way to find solace is to always write against people and carry out empty and nasty propaganda. Let’s keep aside the Fru Ndi issue- your insults on “bush-fallers” a couple of months ago explain my point here. (Those who bear the name MUKETE should forgive me but I am talking to a specific Mukete) If truly you were normal, you wouldn’t have taken upon yourself to say all you said at that time and even attacking individuals in this forum. In fact you are a shame and a disgrace to those who answer the name Mukete. I pity the woman who carried you in her womb for nine months. This woman suffered to bring into existence a dickhead in the name of a child. I am sure the woman would have committed abortion if she knew she was carrying a shit for brain in the name of a child in her womb.
Mukete you are such a jerk that I really pity those who are closed to you. I don’t know if you have any friends apart from those with whom you drink in those places that you get your stories to write your fictions.
I am always there and I told you in this forum that I will stand by the truth and will be objective to the end. Fru Ndi and the SDF are marching forward and only May 26 will tell. Mukete you should be preparing to go to a place that will be more than hell because even Lucifer might be afraid to welcome you that you might over power him as far as evil, hatred and dangerous schemes are concerned. Your wickedness is more than that of your master Lucifer.
Long Live the SDF.


The drunkard that you are still don’t realize that it is impossible for you to wipe out Fru Ndi’s name from the history of Cameroon as one of the best political leaders that country has now.

My correction. I won't correct any more, Mukete the liar can hang on any.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


Thanks for that Makossa radio station. Through it I have been able to turn the clock back to my days at CCAST Bambili in the late seventies to early eighties. It's been all music and dancing at home.


Knganjo,please read through my posting i am quoting ok.

Back from meeting this weekend on sdf issues.

Chris Ngwasiri,kindly inform prof that my group in the Uk has some special funds for the convention in yaounde.

The sdf is seriously sick,the course being dictator Fru ndi and his gang who think we are all stupid.We need to end fru ndi's reign for peace to return to the party.




Klemenceau, Knganjo and Watesih,

You guys have done me proud by responding objectively(just the way I would've done if I were present) to some of the hatred guys post here. Just keep it up! Like I've always said, it's a long struggle for the truth to prevail.


Any convention which will hold in Yaounde is illegal by law. Quote me anywhere.

My Dearest Cameroonians,

Like I said above, the weekend was very eventful cos as a young militant of the party, I'm happy that I was given the opportunity to talk to party bigwigs on phone. I beg to make a confession - to be frank with you guys from birth I'd a supernatural gift from God to feel any malice or good when I talk to someone. You may not understand me but for True christians I guess you feel me. You can call me names if you wish... I don't want to quote names of those I spoke to but be rest asured that I spoke to all those who matter in the SDF. Guess what???...I felt truth and nothing but the truth. I've come to realise that these TRUE guys who lead the SDF are really simple and down to earth - ready to talk to any militant at anytime who can give advice and contribute to meaningful change in the SDF. We engaged in lengthy chat, but as my normal habbit I wouldn't want to keep you reading and reading. Just get the summary below...

-Firsly, as a new SDF militant I just fought to push NEC report to the Cameroon Law enforcement body that any gathering of people in Yaounde on May 26 in the name of the SDF is illegal. They could therefore be considered as a terrorist network or an illegal meeting planning to plot a coup d'etat against Biya. And that the Cameroon Social Democratic Front Party doesn't recognise any such body. And that the SDF is giving the government a go-ahead to act within the confines of the law by arresting all those that constitute an illegal gathering - those that will not have permission signed by NEC.

-Secondarily, I advised NEC to organise a youth wing of the party that MUST tour the whole nation prior to the twin elections coming up rather shortly and STOP wasting their time responding to press conferences organised by coup plotters.

You might be interested to note that they took particular attention to my points and promised to take them into consideration IF AND WHEN NEED BE.

WE MUST FIGHT TOGETHER AND RENDER HARMLESS THE EVIL DEEDS OF THESE EVIL MEN!...just writing here wouldn't do the trick. Trust me!

Ruffled Lion's mane - Son Of Ako, LSE.




That you have just registered with the party and have been able to talk to party big-wigs is interesting.Remember all what you have been writing about MUKETE,must surely come to hunt you soon.

Authorisation has been granted for the yaounde convention in palais de congress.

6 provincial chair met in yaounde on the sdf saga they were seriously dishearten with Dictator Fru Ndi's leadership so far.More to come.

Akoson,to your type who thought mere writing in the net will do the trick should watch out.
The progreesive and honest sdf militant have been doing their job to get the party back on track and are succeeding.

If dictator Fru ndi thinks he can eat his cake and have it then he must be joking,too late dictator.

Stop preaching about the illegality of the yaounde convention prepare and organised your convention in bamenda.Time shall prove the right from the wrong.



I said akoson was a sheep.
FOOL OF THE thing cos sdf has a problem you can just came in and get your have been fooling yourself.
I said this guy had no job body will help you go back even fru ndi ok.hear him an idle usless and a foolish praise singer.sorry for you boy.this are the true traitors of want you wing so you can came and make your own money.


Hello Vally/Momo,
I do not think Akoson want to use the SDF as a means of tricking himself into the Cameroonian political set-up and get rich. But i think he is one of those rightminded Cameroonians like Agbormbai who still think something good can come out of the SDF. It maybe because they have not been in the inner circle of African politics before.

So to say, they dont know the politics of la republique du camerouns tyrants. These tyrants are big criminals and i mean real criminals. I have been close to most of these guys and know they do not have the interest of people at heart. Dr Tchwenkwo (previously of SDF victoria) was one of the few Africans who fought and died with the interest of people at heart.

previously, It does not matter to me where someone belongs but what is important is that people should have development goals at heart, think of the poor and suffering masses, and work to develop their own lives. That is what socialist doctrine reckons. Unfortunately, we have in our own country, two moderous leaders in politics.

The SDF which does not want to practice what it preaches and the CPDM that is the most dangerous party on earth. Then they both are headed by criminals of the first order, respectively Ni John Fru Ndi And Paul biya. Two real criminals whose strategy is to exploit any meaningful opportunity to get rich at the expense of any cameroonian/african. We must deal with them.

Mere politics cannot save africa. We will talk and talk and they will not change as they are not prepared to change. African tyrants are grooming their children to continue the destruction they have started. That is why we have the sons of Bongo, Frank Biya, the Sons of Obiang Busy destroying the resources of Africa disguising as fake businessmen. We will see if you guys will go free.

the soo called progressives in this forum are day dreamers. Mr Biya and Fru Ndi know too well this disguised terminology and how to deal with people like you. they dont fear you, all they fear is hard people like us. Who will be prepared to confront them at all course. I remember i confronted Inoni when i was very young in a rally In Mutengene with some questions and all he could tell me is that he will send colonial gerndarmes behind me if i dont stop talking.
Akoson, you must grow up in understanding the politics of la republique du cameroun if you have an interest in the suffering masses.

Ashwell Molaba

Interesting comments once again. I very much appreciate the debate going on between ftoit, mukete and ako.


I am sorry to say but your theory is indeed wrong. Read it again and you would understand why. More importantly, you seem to be falling for the dangerous trap of blowing your own horn (excuse the pun) when cornered. It is a simple fact, it is only when the president approves a piece of legislation, that it becomes law. That law applies to every citizen including the president. Executive powers to protect the integrity of the state do not fall under such laws. It appears that you are writing a constitution to give your Chairman executive powers, but everything is muddled up.

Secondly, I enjoy these names people keep calling each other. In that line I must add that I like ftoit's clear expression of his views without getting entangled in these personal insults. Michiavillin just denotes the views of a certain philosopher. Ako, no one needs you to state your religious views here. Again it appears as if you are singing your own praises. I can slap you and tell what a great Buddhist I am and ask for forgiveness. It doesn't change the fact that you have been slapped. Period.

I don't know why people get interested in Mukete. If anyone asked me, he displays the qualities of an ignorant (blissfull) person who has a marvelous grasp of the obvious. Because, the blind (no slight to the visually impaired) will normally follow the blind, it gives him that comfort that someone is actually listening to him. In my experience, even Einstein never sang his own praises as Mukete does. One reads a whole long passage of Mukete talking about himself bring light to people. A whole passage in which no objective idea is presented yet he talks of light. Forced to say something he calls tabloid nonsense facts (like who Fru Ndi should get married to). Is this madness or is this madness? He uses cliches that are too old for normal people like "internal orgasm" to spice the rubbish that he writes. It appears to me that because of his small mind, he reasons that everyone's mind is that small. God save us from this ignoramus.

I do understand that I have walked down the route of responding to what I consider utter rubbish. However, for us to get to the stage where we discuss ideas and principles not isolated facts and self-conceit, we need to separate the boys out. I have stated previously that the SDF has a crisis of enforcing her own rules and regulations. For me, that is the crux of the matter. That is what supporters of the party should be looking at. Not defending particular persons or offices. A person or an office serves absolutely nothing if his/her powers are purely imaginary. Increasing laws will simply do nothing. More laws, less justice as one philosopher put it. So Ako, if you know anything, it should be about justice for all. I have little or no knowledge of Cameroonian politics and I very inclined to say that I am not actually interested. Ako, you seem to have a conclusion in your mind, for which you are looking for facts to support. You conclusion may be right but I think you should start with observation, collection of evidence before you make a conclusion. Just my two pence opinion!

Ashwell Molaba

Goodness me! What are we? A bunch of superstitious morons? Ako, what are you really going on about with having the ability to detect truth? Now, if there was ever a lie, that is it. If no one has ever told you, let me take the opportunity to. There are no gods and demons. No abilities to tell truths that support only your opinion. Give us verifiable facts not abilities that one cannot justify in any way. Truth my friend, is something that has baffled the greatest philosophers of all centuries. I suggest you stick to the basics of your studies.

Now, to you contacting bigwigs of the party. That should be your private information. It serves no purpose in an objective debate. All it does is expose your ignorance of the focus of our lively debate. You miss the the target by a long way. I am not nullifying your views here. You have said a few things that suggest thoughtfullness. But you are sinking to the depths of over-inflated opinion of yourself like your detractors. And to conjure backing for your views, you invoke inexistent gods and demons. Show me a thing that a god or demon has ever done then we can have a debate. Before then, keep such views to yourself.

Ashwell Molaba

I am a slow reader. I take back every word I have used on Mukete. I have just finished reading his "stones" comment. To call Mukete a fool is a waste of words. But he is a clear demonstration of how depraved some of our countrymen are. The state of Mukete's mind shouts for the liberation of Cameroon. His mentality is lower than that of our ancestor homo erectus. And something needs to be done for our beloved nation. I don't even know what factions there are in SDF but somebody has done something terribly wrong to this boy/girl/man/woman. To say he is mad is an understatement.

Ngwasiri Christopher


I have never cultivated the habit of dressing myself in borrowed robes and I will try to maintain it. Frankly speaking, I am not into politics and I will not get into it.

I am not in any position to say whether the actions of the Ngwasiri camp are constitutional or not. I can only tell you that I asked Prof. Ngwasiri personally over the phone whether their actions were constitutional, and he clearly told me that they have not infringed on any part of it and that it is simply a tug of war between benders and straighteners of the constitution without any intention ton jeopardise the party.

He insists that quite a number of the national papers are writing things that are not correct and that a lot of people are confused between the wrong and the right. However, people who make up their mind to know the truth are getting it.

I do not know how far our friend Ftroit has mastered the SDF constitution. If he has, let him come to our help. I must confess that he has written some meaningful write ups. If he cannot help, ask those who have been chanting so much about the illegalities on the constitution. SDF braggadocios like Watesih who pride themselves of knowing all what is cooking in the Ntarinkon kitchen can be very handy now. Since they see no light at the end of the Ngwasiri camp tunnel, they would have had the illegalities handy for brandishing. He has given me a very long list of the professors who have taught him English, so I am confident he can read and understand, unless he is just one of the impostors on this forum.

Chris Ngwasiri


THANK YOU!!!! @ Ashwell Molaba. Marvelous and thorough


In my humble opinion, only if it can be asserted that the extension of the NEC's mandate is acceptable to the SDF and its institutions can one say that Prof. Ngwasiri's (Advisory Council) actions are illegal. If the SDF has a practice of extending mandates (and these have for the most part been accepted by a general consensus in the past)then the Advisory council (Prof. Ngwasiri) would be out of line to find issue in the current extension of the NEC's mandate, even though this is proscribed by the SDF's constitution. So in this light, it would be about 'what is acceptable unconstitutional practice' in the SDF? For e.g. voting by proxy is against the constitution, but it is a usual and acceptable practice in most organs of the SDF including the NEC and the NAC.

But if it is determined that extension of mandates is not a usual and acceptable unconstitutional practice, then there is no need to even go further to determine if Mr. Fru Ndi's actions after the Advisory Council's take over are legal. In this case, they would be illegal.

This of course should be understood in tandem with the constitutional provision that states that the Advisory council shall ENSURE that party principles be respected. Note that the constitution uses the word ENSURE and does not provide any limitations to this power to ensure. Neither does the constitution define what ensure means in this sense. So it would be wrong to limit its scope if that scope is not a previously defined in legal texts.

****I'm not a member of the SDF and these words shouldn't be construed to be expressed in support of any faction or individual of that great party.

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