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Thursday, 30 March 2006


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Good hope more people will be drag to court for similar reasons. The end also matters, the judges must be the straight and serious.


What ever his name is , thinks he is above the law. "Big People" as they call themselves should remain Big and should do the right things to be called big man. But if you tend around and messed up then u need to be punish just like any other person. The law was set up for all and not for a few. I hope the case will be delth with accordingly. It is not a honourable matter. It is a court case. We all need to look at it as the people v Namata... Shame on u Namata u are a feh man


In as much we arrest and detain embezzlers, we shouldnt forget that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander or better still the disease that attacks coffee might be the same disease that attacks cocoa.

Namata arrested ,good and fine if he is guilty but what about the arrester? Where was he when Namata and co plondered the hard earned currency of the tax payer?

It's said that as long as you wash your body without your head you remain dirty.

It's not long ago we heard the Big man's cousin was caught at the airport in broad daylight with a bag of money. Where is he? Enjoying his freedom.

Since all Lizards lie prostrate and we can't know the one having belly ache, let's turn ALL of them upside down then we will find out.

And as Former parliamentarian Hon Tamfu said some weeks ago "The Bigman should arrest himself if necessary" and of course its damn necessary he does,what a joke.

In any case keep on arresting .


Fake cheques, fake this, fake that, all products and teachings of the moderous CPDM regime. Namata is not new to corruption. His whole political career has been based on his corrupt ideologies and practices. That is why he has always been with this criminal gang called the CPDM. He belongs there and should stay there.

Have Namata ever been interested in the development of any nation throughout his political career? the simple answer is no. Has he ever been an Honest Cameroonian? the answer is also No. Then what do we expect from such a fool? just fake this or that.

This are the criminals of Africa. They do not have the interest of African Children at heart. All they care about is how they should steal the resources of Africa, intimidate people and make money through unscrupolous means. Then use this money to invest in their childrens future. They finance they education of their children in the best Universities in the developed world, at the expense of our suffering brothers and sisters. I have nothing against them, just that when this people sit in their CPDM meetings, all they discuss is how to manipulate our people through differnt ways. They organise how to tell us lies, steal our resources, intimidate our parents who want to genuinely oppose them (Not the SDF) etc. This are all criminals and southern cameroonians should watch out when having any business dealings with them.

Adrien, Västerås



Why do people always write in this forum and constantly use the word "My Country"? Is la republique francaise du Cameroun a country? I need answers to this question from people like Agbormbai, Mukete, Akoson, Klemenceau, Dr Che Sunday, Frank Muma, Ma Mary, Don man etc. etc. and other lended person who want to defend this fake piece of land as an independent nation.

La republique du Cameroun is a fake piece of land with no rules, government, normal people, etc. It is a failed state with nothing to offer even to the future of the people who governs its.

States are ruled by legislations, its banking system forms the foundation of any meaningful development that can take place, its police are there to protect its people, its business structures are governed by rules, its government is there to defend its people, its citizens love their country and want to stay there, its women are the custodians of family values, and its traditional leaders are the custodians of tribal values especially in Africa.

On the contrary, in la republique du Cameroun, its banking system is habitually inexistent, corrupt and disorganised. Some are even fake institutions with no proper authorisation document. Its police force are the most corrupt in the entire universe and when they even go out to protect their citizens from criminal activities, they are more dangerous than the criminals themselves. Its ministers openly dine in public places with renowned “feymen” and sit side by side in official meetings. Its former prime minister (Simon Achidi Achu) once received money for operation “coup de Coeur” from a “feyman” (10 millions francs) and described him as “chercheur d’europe (struggler from Europe, if my translation is good) “in the eyes of the television camera. It business is not governed by any rule; instead rules are made with fake clauses so that corrupt government individuals can easily manipulate the suffering masses. It does not have any government that has any development plan; instead all functions of the government are habitually reliant on the very corrupt minded and evil policies of its ruling CPDM party headed by a certain tyrant called President Paul biya. It citizens are running all over the world, they don’t want to live there. This country is the poorest in the world in all respects. Yet some unscrupulous individuals call it heaven (Heaven for you whose family is corrupt minded and connected to the system). Its traditional leaders do not posses any value. They are there to collect salt, rice, meat etc from the CPDM or “feyman” to intimidate their subjects to vote for the CPDM, etc. Recently MBACUDA (Mbatu cultural and development association) received a Toyota tercel from a feyman and handed it to their Fon. Is that what we are supposed to encourage as honest citizens of this world?.

In fact, if la republique du Cameroun wants to govern itself one day, all its citizens, subjects, organs, etc. have to go through some form of moral purification. Even corrupt minded southern Cameroonians will have to go through some form of moral purification before we issue them a southern Cameroonian passport.

I will suggest to citizens of la republique du Cameroun that they fight for their government to hand over their barren land to modest francophone nations like Burkina Faso, Mali etc to govern. That will be of great help to them. At least, they will be proud of a future.

Once more, I need answers to some of the issues raised from southern Cameroonians like Agbormbai, Mukete, Akoson, Klemenceau, Dr Che Sunday, Frank Muma, Ma Mary, Don man etc. etc. and other lended person who want to defend this fake piece of land as an independent nation.

Clovis Morfaw


You are a rapist. You raped a 6 year girl in Tiko. Give us your location. We shall have you arrested. Immoral vagabon.


You criminal, i have never slept in Tiko in my life and your criminal parents know that. You say it was a neighbours child. who told you i have ever slept or lived in Tiko? You go with all sorts of names, but you know who you are, you know you are a liar and have nothing to offer in this forum. I live in UK. Because i said in this forum that i studied in GHS tiko, you automatically thought you could spread lies about what you called was a neighbours child not knowing that i have never lived nor slept in tiko even for one day. I hope you will not change your story and say Mutengene. If i can rape and your government allow me to go free, then i am a great man.


Just listen to the wordings of any anthem you mourn or look at the colours of any flag you pay condolence to and think if you can reconcile your philosophy and commitment to this wasteland-La Republique du Cmeruon.Not untill you are settled on your identity and liberty, can you talk sensibly on this site.People seem to have lost sight of the fact that La Republique has institutionalized the art of double talk and divertion when faced with burning state issues like civil liberty and freedoms, to corridow and backdoor gossipes,public show of stupidity while at the same time promoting corruption engineering as Governments hidden agenda.Its true it takes a bandid to catch one;but not until the boss himself dicides to come clear,the whole poblic demo of banditory continue to highlight CPDM shambolic policies and politics.WAAAATA SHAAAAMEFUL CTRYYYYY!!!!!!


I know Tiko boys like drinking mostly now that it is very hot over there.may be Clovis needs a drink.I will like Rexon to send him one where ever he is.When you hear a Tiko boy saying such things against you,it is easy to understand him,he needs "one Man" as they say.Please give him some.Or otherwise he might have loved that girl and could not get her while you came in as a "bush faller" and took her easily.

farnk muna

I'm sure if u take out the CPDM and Cameroon in your write up, it could be any of many African countries, Nigeria, Chad, Gabon, Eq Guinea, Benin, Burkina, Zimbabwe etc etc. My answer to you is that if u're right, then at least a third of African countries are fake pieces of land.

Elvis Molua

Rexon is a rapist. Where in the UK so that we should post flyers that you're a rapist. There you go hiding behind the computer. Where in the UK.

All you talk is just that talk. Tell where in the UK if you're not afraid, you shameless asylum seeker. You think we don't know.

attah oben

that man di work for a small fish and chip shop in London


Man Elvis,
You can say all sort of things about me. But i am not one of those who have ever been an asylee or something like that. But i respect my political values and ideologies and will fight untill death for my people not to perish.
Oben, if what you say is to me. Note well that i have never worked here in a fish and chip shop. So you should take note. But that does not mean that i pride myself for not having done that. My late father who used to be tortured by your colonial gerndarmes did not steal money to educate me in europe, so to say, i have done odd things also to finance my education. I have worked all over europe, from east to west and there is nowhere you can say what you are trying to say here. Children of corrupt and morderous individual politicians, creat as many email addresses as you want and say what you want to say. I will never be intimidated because your government cannot do anything to me. They know i have freed myself from their bondage. You have tried to intimidate strong guys like Mukete and they have not run away from this forum, do you think i can run? No way. I will fight untill death as i cannot eat and see my people dying because of your very corrupt and moderous intentions.


Wow Elvis,
You are encouraged to take your flyers to the BBC.


Elvis and others raise your right hand and look at yourself in the mirrow if you have never worked any odd job in your life.May be you like to steal rather than fighting for your self.Being an asylee is not a crime.It is a well recognised status of persons in the world full of dignity and respect.What can a thief say in public?


Mr Namata has always faked everything in his life.It is still fresh in our minds ,
when a journalist sought to know how he went about his parliamentary grants.He told Cameroon Calling that he used his grants to send people from his area to the School Of
Education.The uproar that followed was unprecedented,for here was a man confirming
the accusations Cameroonians had always made
against a group of selected few,who used their positions to deprive the more qualified of everything.
To bring out his nakedness completely,
he did not even fake the cheque by writing out the sum of five million he owed,he wrote out a cheque of 4 million.All these colonial epicureans always exude arrogance,
but since in life evil only prevails for sometime,most of them always run into speedbreaks.Charles Taylor turned children into monsters,raped women,made his bed with
diamonds and gold,but when he was straightjacketed the other day,he looked like a frightened schoolboy.The question we are now asking is who next? This because we shall never forget what happened in Lake Nyos and all the extra-judicial killings.
Sierra Leonians and Liberians paid a price to see to it that this monter is brought to book,so we also continue dreaming.
"Happy are those who dream dreams and are happy to pay a price to make them come true"


This is just the begining of the collapse of one of the most currupt governments in the world in the mighty name of "grands ambition.

Fritzane Kiki

Most of us in this forum only tell lies and spray false accusations against people here.

If you come to this forum to levy falsy accusations against people without evidence then you should not be saying things because you want to say them.Where do you know Rexon?He said he has never been to Tiko.I know those of you in Tiko are mostly Campers and as Pascal mentioned you need some one 'man' or Rexon must have sampled your 'chap' when he came to Cameroon lastly....sorry.

How comes you brand Namata Ewanga as "always faked everything in his life"
If he used his parliamentary grants for children in his area it is better than to misuse it for personal purpose.Hon Namata has been a very hard working and devoted man as far as his political career is concern in his jurisdiction and in Cameroon as a whole.His nomination as Vice speaker is not as a surprise.He merited it...

It is very clear clear no one is above the law so if he engaged in any private financial dealings then he should be held responsible.This will be as an eye opener to those who think they are under the CPDM canopy.The verdict of the judiciary in this matter will determine the validity of the La Republique courts....

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


I`m sayiny that if you want to help the people from your area by depriving those from other areas of the rights,then you are faking everything.Why have the results of the entrance exam into ENAM not been published? Because those who pass for demi-gods use money and their influence to impose candidates ,to the detriment of the
poor who don`t have anybody.
Fritzane i thought you were going to buttress your argument with some palpable examples of what Mr Namata did during his tenure as House speaker.It doesn`t suffice to say he was a successful
politician.How successful was he?What made you think he merited his nomination as HS
more than other Cameroonians?

Neutral Thinker

Hello Gentlemen,
The Neutral Judge and Moderator is back.I have been watching and listening in silence as you guys engage in your verbal warfare.Rocket-propelled insults have been launched from both sides and I hereby declare a cease-fire.
But before the cease-fire is declared,Clovis Morfaw,Rexon,Elvis Molua and attah oben are all seriously warned.No insults or mails directed to individuals on this forum.Rexon,you are a long-standing contributor on this forum with respected views.Do not let just anybody jump in from the roadside and lure you into a verbal exchange of insults.Be mature for that.
I will be back...
Neutral Jugde/Moderator.

Fritzane Kiki

I understand your direction but the arrest of Namata Ewanga for this matter should not be as a stepping stone to expose him to that extent.His position as HS is a respectable one and he has always upthold to his calling.We call the CPDM stooges all sorts of names and accusations but there are some examplary seeds amongst them....

His arrest was due to his not going to court and not that he was imprisoned.We all know what befalls Ministers and Honorables today in Cameroon.The anti corrutption campaign drive is diving to a different direction when even innocent people will be victimised.
This is Cameroon today.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Hey brothas and sistas, Pa Namata is a well respected senior citizen of Cameroon. We should stop accusing him of fake stuffs. I think due to his age he forgot that he did not have 4 million in the bank account and just went ahead and signed a check thinking there was money in his account. More to that he did not ignore the court, he was on vacation to the US and so whats the point. Is that how we should start treating our founding fathers. Namata has contributed in nation building and does not deserve to be arrested. People make wanna open wanna eye. P a Namata is innocent and we all need to appologise to him. What a shame....

Marcus Akam

Mendo Ze stopped in Yaounde yesterday with billions in suitcases and a French Passport. This is the Government that banned dual citizenship yet its ministers enjoy dual citizenship. Hypocrits and thieves that deserve the Guillotine.


Mendo Ze : Le rouleau compresseur s’abat sur lui
[ Yaoundé - Cameroun ] ( 01/04/2006) AWC

Gervais Mendo Ze a été arrêté à l’aéroport international de Yaoundé Simalen au Cameroun alors qu’il s’apprêtait à quitter le Cameroun. L’ancien directeur de la CRTV et actuel ministre délégué aux communications a été arrêté top samedi matin, 6h 45, heure de Yaoundé, alors qu’il s’apprêtait à embarquer dans le vol FY85375MZX d’air France. Sa destination serait Rome, via Paris. Il était détenteur d’un passeport français au moment de son arrestation.

Des sources policières à l’aéroport, deux de ses trois valises contenaient une importante quantité d’argent en coupure EURO et dollar US. Le montant exact n’a pas été indiqué sur le champ par la police des frontières mais serait estimé, selon une source policière, à plusieurs millions de francs CFA.

C’est un agent des douanes camerounaises qui aurait fait la découverte en fouillant les valises qui, selon les déclarations de cet agent qui a requis l’anonymat, auraient été modifiées pour cacher l’argent.
On se souvient que Paul Biya a lancé, au mois de février, une opération mains propres dans ce pays de l’Afrique centrale, plusieurs fois classé parmi les plus corrompus au monde.
Un ministre et au moins trois directeurs généraux d’entreprises parapubliques ont déjà été arrêtés et sont en attente de leur procès. Mendo Ze est la personnalité la plus proche de Biya a être arrêté jusqu’à présent et pourrait indiquer que l’étau se resserre sur les plus proches collaborateurs du président.

La rumeur courait déjà que Mendo Ze ne serait plus dans le prochain gouvernement. Est ce cela qui l’a motivé à prendre les devants avant que son frère ne le vire? Plus de détails à venir.
© 2006 Source AWC News.


Agbor Arrey, if you have joined this forum only to defend the very corrupt, dictatorial and immoral objective of this CPDM stalward/steward called Namata, then you are making a mistake as no right minded southern cameroonian will listen to you.

I personally know him and will not dare describe him the way you are trying. He lives at GRA Bota and i have been to his residence during my youth in Cameroon. He is a serious criminal. I dont want to comment further but to describe him as someone who has assisted in nation building is like describing Mr Biya as the most honest Cameroon.
Thanks for bringing the issue of french passport and Mendo Ndze into this forum. We shall deal with them. All this window dressing by the biya regime will not solve our problem. we will all arrest all of them even biya in the near future. When we must have overthrown the very corrupt and tyrannic regime of Mr Biya, we shall deal with all this criminals.


It seems there`s a red line when exposing people.To what extent do you not want me to expose your respectable HS.You did not even answer my question as to the concrete examples of things Mr Namata has done to merit so much respect as HS and respectable citizen.Instead we see an elderly supposed statesman trying to behave like somebody trying to cheat his barber.How can he scorn the laws of the land he helped put in place.

These are just calculated moves to stay above the law.A respectable citizen would leave the US on time to answer present at his trial.Which is more important,
vacationing or the Laws of the country?The most important thing i will want you to know is that this our senior citizens with colonial mentalities would alwys want to take to their heels when the law catches up with them.Examples abound; Charles Taylor,
Mobutu,Hissen Abbrey,Mengistu Haille ,Akono Ze and may be Mendo Ze.

Don`t mind about the Mendo Ze story.Everything points to the fact that it was an April Fool by the Messager News organ.But this does not in anyway cancel the point you have raised;that they will be brought to book.

Fritzane Kiki

I don't have any family ties with Namata Ewanga but from my experience in Cameroon politics, I have seen him as a devoted parliamentarian in his area of jurisdiction.Not only in his various governmental positions he headed but other non-governmental organisations.He is one of those we can give merits as far as positive achievements in the ruling party CPDM is concerned.I don't think he is found guilty of any fraudulent financial dealings yet.Though he might be involved in some financial mishaps but the law being what it is in Cameroon.Who knows?

Most ministers today are not free from this anti coruption net.This story of Mendo Zee being caught,personally I don't think it's an April Fool.Look at what happened to Charles Taylor in his small hiding village in Nigeria.You cannot fool all the people all the time.The last person to be caught is Bi Mvondo when his kinsmen are going to reveal his financial statements and accounts in foreign banks.

Top ranking personalities today are like rats who are under pressure from the Government,world Bank and other international governments and organisations so the scapegoats will be sorted out for their financial records and accountability while the culprits will be penalised.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Again we don`t measure a politician`s worth by his militancy in a party all alone,but by the number of water points,bridges,schools,hospitals,he has helped built,i say helped build because no one will single handedly do this.So don`t tell people that he was a respectable CPDM member because he was not accused of any financial improprieties.He is still a CPDM member today and has gone into forgery.
In other countries,he would have been taken into custody,the day he accepted that he was using his parliamentary grants to send people from his area to ENS,because that is bribery and corruption.So you see that this is somebody who has been living in
ignominy for a long time.


Massa, make dem lock yi up



Mes chers compatriotes

Suite à l’article de Amadangoleda qui critique les diplomates occidentaux en poste à Yaoundé, vos réactions traduisent surtout une farouche opposition aux conclusions de ce journaliste.
On pouvait attendre que sa position réveille la fibre nationaliste qui se trouve en chaque camerounais car en substance, le journaliste dénonce l’ingérence des diplomates occidentaux en poste au Cameroun. Que le sacro saint principe de souveraineté nationale qui pourtant est mis à mal par ces plénipotentiaires ne vous émeuve guère est assez décevant.

Que penser de ces réactions qui démontrent qu’une grande partie de l’opinion du Cameroun est peu imprégnée de fierté nationale et de ce fait susceptible de se faire manipuler pour des intérêts étrangers. Cet état d’esprit que je ne sais par quel malheur reste présent chez les africains subsahariens a contribué à reléguer ce continent à la place peu enviable qu’il occupe actuellement et que par pudeur je ne qualifierais point.

Il a toujours été aisé de renverser ceux des dirigeants africains qui osent tenir un discours désobligeant à l’endroit de l’ex puissance coloniale.

Quiconque mène une politique non conforme aux intérêts occidentaux en Afrique perd sa couronne. Il la perd avec d’autant plus de facilité que la trahison vient de ses propres rangs, de sa masse, de ses élites, des tous ces honnêtes gens qui réagissent comme vous.

Notre journaliste pourtant a étayé son analyse avec plusieurs exemples qui mettent en évidence le peu d’intérêt qu’en réalité les américains à titre d’exemple nous portent. De toute évidence les problèmes majeurs ne vont pas se régler au niveau de quelques puits creusés dans la forêt et inaugurés sous la lueur des caméras CNN. Cette gesticulation tient plus de la propagande que de l’aide au développement ou même de la coopération. Ce qui convient, et aucun homme de bonne foi ne pourra me contredire, c’est de redéfinir un nouvel ordre économique au niveau mondial.

Quelques exemples de mon propre cru.
Pourquoi les américains qui sont pourtant 1000 fois plus riches que les Camerounais ne renoncent-ils pas à subventionner leurs agriculteurs et de ce fait favoriser la vente du coton provenant d’Afrique à un cours plus juste ?

Pour quelle raison diantre ! L’oncle SAM se refuse t-il à augmenter le pourcentage de cacao contenu dans son chocolat comme cela est préconisé par les directives du commerce international ? Cette simple mesure à elle seule suffirait à garantir de plus amples revenus pour nos agriculteurs.
Les Américains sont prompt à ériger des codes des textes des lois qui leur sont favorables à tous les niveaux. Leur but, protéger leur économie et affamer nos agriculteurs. Il y a 300 ans les colons européens en partance pour la conquête du continent américain n’ont pas jugé amoral un enrichissement basé sur l’esclavage de l’homme noir. Le roi des belges Léopold II quant à lui eu recours à un régime des plus sanguinaires pour contraindre les congolais au travail du caoutchouc dans leur propre pays. Ceci lui a permit de bâtir une fortune que ses descendants n’ont pas partagé avec les africains. Les exemples de ce genre sont nombreux. Je déplore simplement que beaucoup de mes concitoyens soient encore dans l’ignorance de ces faits historiques. Cette carence justifie la faible argumentation de NDJANDJA qui est incapable de percevoir ce qui pourtant crève les yeux et parle d’une argumentation vide là même où les exemples foisonnent

Megde (Yaoundé) Nous parle de seuil sur les ingérences alors que de toute évidence le principe seul compte. Un diplomate en poste n’est pas n’importe quel fonctionnaire, le droit de réserve est plus que de rigueur en ce qui lui concerne.

Un de ceux qui partagent mon point de vue faisait allusion au cas Nicolas SARKOSY. L’actualité lui donne raison Dans la presse de ce matin, Le ministre de l’intérieur en partance pour le MALI fustige le Président du Sénégal qui s’est risqué sur un commentaire désobligeant sur l’immigration choisie.

INCA JOUSSE pense que nous n’acceptons jamais la critique. Le problème est que le négro africain s’illustre comme l’élève du reste du monde sans se préoccuper du fondement de ce qui lui est inculqué et du but inavoué de cette éducation. La critique pour quoi faire si c’est pour vous déstabiliser et tenir un discours condescendant à votre endroit et sous le regard de vos enfants. Les bailleurs de fonds ont beau jeu d’infantiliser nos élites pour justifier des mesures de rétorsion libérales et cruelles pour nos économies.

Ecq menn Pensent que les diplomates doivent aller plus loin en oeuvrant pour le retour de l’argent dans notre pays. Ce monsieur qui pourtant vit à paris est un parfait rêveur, et tant que l’Afrique compte dans ses rangs une majorité de naïfs de ce calibre, l’oppression se fera sans discontinuer. Les africains pensent toujours que leur salut viendra de l’extérieur, c’est une erreur grossière. L’exemple en est que les américains donneurs de leçon auraient mieux fait de régler les problèmes de pauvreté chez eux bien avant d’aller organiser la démocratie sous d’autres cieux et par la grâce des bombes pour les peuples insoumis que sont les arabes.

Ils pourront toujours manipuler les africains en faisant croire à leurs masses qu’ils ont un mauvais président tout comme ils nous ont fait admettre que nos chefs coutumiers étaient bêtes, que le christianisme devait régler nos problèmes etc…

Un peuple ne peut que mériter ceux qui le gouvernent. L'élite est une minorité qui est représentative de la masse.

D'une manière plus générale,à propos de la corruption, mon sentiment est le suivant.

Ce fléau qui gangrène le tissu social camerounais est l'affaire de tous et à des niveaux différents.

Les causes en sont multiples et chaque camerounais est impliquè. Chacun d’entre nous porte une part de responsabilité dans ce fléau.

Les responsabilités de nos dirigeants successifs sont certes plus grandes car le courage politique ici fait défaut. Mais souvenez vous un peuple mérite ceux qui le gouverne.

Lorsqu'il s'est agit de coordonner la rencontre entre un modèle social régit par la famille étendue et celui issu du monde occidental la tâche fut rude. Le but pourtant était la construction d'un état nation. le Cameroun n’a trouvé aucun homme ni femme suffisamment innovant charismatique et courageux pour le faire tomber dans les aberrations inhérentes à cette opération, entre autres la corruption.

L’entreprise est d’autant plus délicate que les enfants de cet Etat NATION en devvenir sont issus de diverses ethnies. C’est sur cette spécificité de nos sociétés que son excellence el hadj AMADOU AHIDJO va s’appuyer pour entamer un développement social et économique. Il s'en sort avec une mention honorable sur le modèle d’un développement séparé masqué.
La composition du Pays, la létimité même de son chef ne lui laissait pas une grande marge de manoeuvre. Cette option de gouvernance se traduira par une gestion des deniers publics spécifique avec les effets suivants.
. Les détournements ne sont pas réprimandés s'ils sont justifiés par l'impérieuses nécessité d'asservir des membres influents de son groupe ethnique au chef de l'Etat, l'équivalent de la "raison d'Etat" sous d'autres régimes. Ces détournements ont des motifs similaires au financement des partis politiques en France. D'ailleurs le colonisateur dans ce domaine n’a pas dû insister pour que le cours soit assimilé, Concernant les cent et une manières de détourner l’argent public, pas besoin de note écrite la mémoire est suffisante. Détourner pour raison d'Etat vous comprenez n'est pas un enrichissement personnel. Ce que l’on avait surtout compris c’est qu’au lendemain de l'indépendance, le vers était dans le fruit et le Cameroun mal parti.

Il convient maintenant de redresser la barre . C'est illusoire de penser que seule la pression extérieure est suffisante pour cette tache. Ne pas reconnaître le courage de Paul biya est une erreur que les camerounais risquent de payer au prix fort.

Souvenez-vous, un peuple ne peut que mériter ceux qui le gouvernent. Tant que vos raisonnements trahissent des dérives de tribalisme, corruption il sera difficile de passer aux choses saines et sérieuses.

BEKALE Georges-Martin (PARIS)

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