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Thursday, 30 March 2006


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Silas Konate

I have known of some of these fake cooperatives such as this one.Beware of fake finincial institutions.They always start as money lending groups and end as cooperatives.It is same with those who respond to fake opportunities over the internet.Civil Servants be very carefull and be contented with the small salaries you have.It is overdraft etc etc that takes you to these institutions but before you open your eyes they are millionnaires over your salaries that you might never get.Be late than never.


Mr Governor,
The children of southern cameroons have a moral responsibility to shy away from any good or bad policies of your colonials regime. In this regards, you are not supposed to preach about your colonial banking and related problems to southern cameroonians. Go and do that in yaounde.


What is important is that this problem should be solved with immediate effect at least for the civil servants to be able to live their live and their love ones.


Why do people always write in this forum and constantly use the word "My Country"? Is la republique francaise du Cameroun a country? I need answers to this question from people like Agbormbai, Mukete, Akoson, Klemenceau, Dr Che Sunday, Frank Muma, Ma Mary, Don man etc. etc. and other lended person who want to defend this fake piece of land as an independent nation.

La republique du Cameroun is a fake piece of land with no rules, government, normal people, etc. It is a failed state with nothing to offer even to the future of the people who governs its.

States are ruled by legislations, its banking system forms the foundation of any meaningful development that can take place, its police are there to protect its people, its business structures are governed by rules, its government is there to defend its people, its citizens love their country and want to stay there, its women are the custodians of family values, and its traditional leaders are the custodians of tribal values especially in Africa.

On the contrary, in la republique du Cameroun, its banking system is habitually inexistent, corrupt and disorganised. Some are even fake institutions with no proper authorisation document. Its police force are the most corrupt in the entire universe and when they even go out to protect their citizens from criminal activities, they are more dangerous than the criminals themselves. Its ministers openly dine in public places with renowned “feymen” and sit side by side in official meetings. Its former prime minister (Simon Achidi Achu) once received money for operation “coup de Coeur” from a “feyman” (10 millions francs) and described him as “chercheur d’europe (struggler from Europe, if my translation is good) “in the eyes of the television camera. It business is not governed by any rule; instead rules are made with fake clauses so that corrupt government individuals can easily manipulate the suffering masses. It does not have any government that has any development plan; instead all functions of the government are habitually reliant on the very corrupt minded and evil policies of its ruling CPDM party headed by a certain tyrant called President Paul biya. It citizens are running all over the world, they don’t want to live there. This country is the poorest in the world in all respects. Yet some unscrupulous individuals call it heaven (Heaven for you whose family is corrupt minded and connected to the system). Its traditional leaders do not posses any value. They are there to collect salt, rice, meat etc from the CPDM or “feyman” to intimidate their subjects to vote for the CPDM, etc. Recently MBACUDA (Mbatu cultural and development association) received a Toyota tercel from a feyman and handed it to their Fon. Is that what we are supposed to encourage as honest citizens of this world?.

In fact, if la republique du Cameroun wants to govern itself one day, all its citizens, subjects, organs, etc. have to go through some form of moral purification. Even corrupt minded southern Cameroonians will have to go through some form of moral purification before we issue them a southern Cameroonian passport.

I will suggest to citizens of la republique du Cameroun that they fight for their government to hand over their barren land to modest francophone nations like Burkina Faso, Mali etc to govern. That will be of great help to them. At least, they will be proud of a future.

Once more, I need answers to some of the issues raised from southern Cameroonians like Agbormbai, Mukete, Akoson, Klemenceau, Dr Che Sunday, Frank Muma, Ma Mary, Don man etc. etc. and other lended person who want to defend this fake piece of land as an independent nation.

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