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Friday, 10 March 2006


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Wango Francis

CMC sounds like a new arrival in the field.
Let's wait, watch and see what they have to offer.


Homosexuality is part of every human race. Except Cameroonians are not part of the human race, we should accept this fact, and learn to live and let live. We should also accept the fact that other people's sexual preferences and practices, between consenting adults, is nobody else's business. Except she is some kind of busybody with a pathological voyeuristic affliction, what goes on between consenting adults in the privacy of their homes is not Dr. Kilo's business.

For the likes of Dr. Kilo to feel they have some sort of a mandate, God-given or otherwise, to dictate the moral values of every Cameroonian is arrogance of the worse kind. She is a bigot, and it does her name no good for her bigoted sentiments to be published worldwide on the internet. The public expression of her bigotry, which she had every right to keep to herself, might one day just come to haunt her...and quite deservedly so.


PEOPLE Wake up!
I am hoping am not the only soul to find the above article offensive.
First thing first the above interviewee purports to be a doctor. In my eyes her view isn't worthy of her profession.

How on earth do we in Cameroon allow bigots, like "Dr." Vivian Asheri Kilo, represent an institution whose mandate ought to hold individual human rights and a balanced view, dear to their core.

She wrote and I quote : "The bible condemns homosexuality, our culture does not tolerate homosexuality. On the the contrary, our culture promotes polygamy. But a man should not go with a man. Without being judgemental, it is wrong for us. CMC is saying that it is wrong for Cameroonians to be practising this kind of habit. Those who are doing it should go and hide themselves in shame. "

[1] B*tch your bible is yours to subscribe to and it has no relevance to my life. All culture has the capacity to tolerate all aspects in life deemed compatible with the individuals' human rights.

[2] There you go again contradicting your bible. By accepting the fact that "our culture promotes polygamy", you have lend weight to the fact that Christianity form but a minority in Cameroon. If I follow that thread through then "we" are not a god-fearing nation. We are a nation of many cultures, many religions and belief systems. This monolith you refer to as "We" is myth and a figment of your narrow imagination.

[3] Can someone please enlighten me on what CMC is and what it stands for. If it represents the collective conscience of journalists in Cameroon then I suggest all forward-thinking and fair minded Journalists challenge this blatant abuse of power.

[4] There was a time when Albinos and others who look like Kilo where encouraged to stay out of site, for fear of bringing their respective families into disrepute. I do not condone such hurtful discrimination and we should all fight against such narrow-mindedness.

[5] The only folks who should "hide themselves in shame" are those officials with influence who seek to mislead the masses with their despotic views on how the individual should live their lives. What a cheek?

Ms Kilo I suggest you read the United Nations charter on human rights. It might come as a shock to you, it contradicts your stance.
Cameroon is bigger than any one religion.
Cameroon is more than just a culture.
Cameroon is more than just a sexual orientation.

Most of all Cameroon can look forward to a turbulent future if we choose to neglect whole segments of the collective, including homosexuals.


Let homosexuals go and hide in shame!

Give your true identity when you write let's know some of you.



Well, Akoson, in my book, it is bigots like you and Dr. Kilo who need to go and hide in shame! Give your identity so let us know who you bigots are, who think their morality makes them more of a human being than people who don't share the same moral values.

I don't know what you get up to in your bedroom in terms of your sexual preferences, and I couldn't care less. Try adopting that approach to life, my friend, you might find you can live happily without actually hating anybody. Try it, I recommend it, it's good for the soul.

Ma Mary

Use your head, Dr Kilo and not the crutch of religion. The probable crime in the recent spate of homosexual scandals is not with the homosexuality itself as much as unfaithfulness and endangering families through promiscuity and the further distortion of the damaged merit system with the trade in sex. How do you enforce a homosexuality law when consenting adults are concerned. You may have to engage in intrusiveness that injures human rights for everybody.

Dr Kilo, you are showing traits of not being a wise and compassionate person. Do not render interviews like this one. They hurt you and your organisation.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

It is on hot topics like this that we begin to discover those who think that 'freedom' means 'freedom to do anything one desires'. The satanic incontinence of these people come to the fore in the most graphic manner.

Homosexuality, having no natural, biological, reproductive, or moral justification has no place in human society.

Advocates of this malpractice are those who possess severe internal weakness, which manifests externally as a lack of self-control or self-restraint.


Dr.Kilo's view represents the totality of expression of conscience,moral values and culture that Cameroonians in all their diversity hold. No arguments on the altars of tolerance,human rights and privacy will bear wisdom and acceptance for the offenders of Dr. Kilo. If you are living in Cameroon know ye that it is a punishnable offence; the reason why even the presumed homosexuals are seeking cloaky redress in our lame courts on grounds of lack of concrete evidence against them. If you have other scores to settle with Kilo please do not rely on the abominable act of homosexuality.For those of you victims of socio-cultural ppollution please remain in those countries where you are or drop the stinging habits when you come to Cameroon . You have no place here. please be guided.


"Homosexuality, having no natural, biological, reproductive, or moral justification has no place in human society."

A bit rich coming from a man earning a living in a society built on the back of tolerance to all, yes all, including those like himself for whom the language he uses against homosexuals was commonplace against people of his race. Now that British law protects him against the same venom that he now pours on homosexuals, he can selfishly proclaim his bigotry. Just goes to show that while travel and education opens the mouth, it is still to be proven whether it opens the mind. What a waste, what a shame!


Mohesieh, what has no place in Cameroon is intolerance of any sort. We would catch up with the developed world (including South Africa), sooner or later, in protecting vulnerable minorities from hate mongers like you.

The UN charter is against discrimination on the basis of sex, race, and yes, sexual orientation. Cameroon, by making homosexuality a crime, is on a collision course with the UN on this one. Although I am saddened that in addition to all the other undesirable things we are known for, corruption for example, hate mongers like you are adding bigotry to the list, I am delighted that you guys are coming out of your little corners and voicing your hate; it is the only way that the UN's attention can be drawn to this issue, so that they can force Cameroon to change this unfair law. So, something good might come out of your hate campaign.

Things are bound to change for the good, in terms of tolerance, they always do. Tolerance, always wins in the end, because human beings are rational animals. Eventually, even Cameroonians, brainless as we can be sometimes, will figure out that all adult human beings, no matter who they sleep with, are entitled to the same protection under the law.

South Africa, Europe and North America all went through this difficulty, but tolerance has won. The language against homosexuals used by bigots on this forum was commonplace against blacks in Europe and North America less than 50 years ago, but tolerance has won. The laws in these places now accept that, to paraphrase one of the bigoted sentiments expressed on this forum, blacks have a natural, biological, reproductive, and moral justification to exist, and have a place in human society.

South Africa has shown great leadership in Africa, regarding the principles of a true democracy and the spirit of tolerance, by making it illegal for bigots like you to express your hate against homosexuals . You are on the losing side Mohesieh, sorry! Think about finding something more productive to do with all that energy you are expending on hating. It might be good for you.

Chris Ngwasiri

To say that homosexuality is a part of every human race is an over statement because the developed world that is practicing it most has not really embraced it. They have simply been pushed to the wall by the continuous growing number of this self-inflicted phenomenon.Britain has only had its first homosexual(gay) marriage a couple of months ago which most of the people did not find funny especially as one of them was once married to a woman.
I share in Dr. Kilo's view that this is not part of our culture and we should not allow bent-minded people to push us into a borrowed culture. The simple fact that something has been practiced by a certain group of people for thousands of years does not forcibly make it right or subject to adoptation.
I appreciate that the world is fast becoming a global village but globalisation does not mean a total shift from one's way of living or doing things.
Human rights does not mean that human beings have got all the rights to do what they want to do with their body. Human rights have got limits and work within the bounds of society.If what you do with your body adversely affects society, then you are equally infringing on the right of society.That is why societally, a human being does not evn have the right to take away his own life.
It is quite silly for an ignoramus like Taintedchild to address Dr. Kilo a 'Bitch' for simply citing the bible. It calls for a simpleton like him to attempt to denegrate the bible and also pushing forth his half baked ideologies in promulgating human rights. He needs to do more homework on human rights before refering Dr. kilo to U.N Charters on human rights.It is also advisable to remain within the context of the subject matter instead of getting into people's privacy.

I appreciate your comment on homosexuality Dr.A.A. Agbormbai.

Finally, what is "Taintedchild, Dadiceman etc"? Free yourselves of cowardice and use your names. Or, is it 'human rights?'.

Chris Ngwasiri

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

It is amazing how some people on this forum have mastered how to abuse the word 'hate'. Their emotional bloatedness and self-indulgence have blocked their faculties from seeing reason, and they are now hiding behind 'hate' to sustain their compromised positions.

Homosexuality is illogical and indefensible by any imagination. Tolerance applies to logically defensible artefacts, not to illogical concepts.


It is unfortunate that somebody of "African" descend most especially will "advocate" for such a practice like homosexuality.

"Homosexuality is part of human race" does this make it right? Corruption one will say has been since the begining of human race, why do we fight against it?Why do we want to stamp it out, after all is a practice just like any other practice, Mr Dadiceman.

It is unfortunate that when we have personal scores to settle with 'some names' or individual, we go for their throats not minding even the issue at stake. Was all the insults on bigotery on Dr Kilo etc neccessary in this instance? My oipinion is No.She has made her point and drawn inference from the Bible which she believes in, whether it sounds good or not to you, what you should do is address the issue and not her personality.

If you are a homosexual, then declare yourself one now and your family back home will denounce you immediately, why? because is an abomination in our culture, belief, settings and even our perceptions.

A picture was painted and seem to make even the "exposed" believe that all that is good comes from the "WEST". even in England, spain, Sweden,you name them where these practices are permitted and legalized, HOW POPULAR ARE THEY?

Medically these people are considered to have psychiatric illness(DISORDER OF SEXUAL PREFERENCE). So in the first place is a behaviour not considered routinely "normal" even in the WEST, but because even the mentally derranged too have a right in the society, they are recognized and given their secluded corner in the society.

There is nothing right about this, Dadiceman, come to think of it. Anotomically is NOT complimentary. Psychologically is a state of delusion.In its self it has no recreational capacity. so what is really right about it Dadiceman?

Let's be careful about issues, a CULTURE is what makes a people

My 5 frs

manga che

It is hilarious to see educated Africans saying homosexuality is not part of African culture. Which culture are they talking about? The pre-christian/pre-Islam authentic African culture or the "new" culture tainted by alien religious concepts? We can argue about the morality or lack thereof of homosexuality but please Never say again that it is unafrican because it is as old as mother Africa. Go and read eyewitness accounts going as far back as the 16th century to understand what this is all about.

As for Dr. kilo, she should go back to her literature books. She is neither a sociologist or anthropologist.


The only people with compromised positions on this forum are those of us who are black, and who have benefitted directly or indirectly from anti-discrimination laws in Europe, to earn a living in a way we could not in Cameroon, and come on this forum to justify discrimination, and spread hate, yes hate...that word bigots dread.

Did any of you Cameroonian bigots living in Britain refuse your pay cheques in Britain, and stop using social services paid for by the British taxpayer (including homosexual taxpayers), when Peter Mandelson or Chris Smith, who are homosexuals, were British ministers? Have any of you left Europe because the same Peter Mandelson is European Trade Commissioner, performing trade negotiations on behalf of Europe around the world? Have any of you left Europe where you have homosexuals drive you in taxis, serve you in restaurants, provide health care to you, provide legal advice to you, or clean your rooms? Of course, you haven't; you haven't because the selfishness you exhibit in having your cake and eating it is the same selfishness you exhibit in being protected by law in Europe (from hate because of your race or nationality) and come on this forum to advocate discrimination and hatred of other people because of their sexuality. You haven't because it is all about you, isn't it? You are special aren't you? You have the right to be protected against hate because of your nationality or race, but others do not need the same protection from your hatred against their sexuality. Once you are protected by anti-discrimination laws, to hell with other vulnerable minorities! You are a superior human being, aren't you? Now that is being compromised with a dash of emotional bloatedness and self-indulgence blocking your faculties from seeing reason.

Mac Satan

Dr Asheri Kilo,
Your comments are socially repugnant. We have to encourage a tolerant and just society.
People have different sexual preferences.
Your Religion that you so much harp about doesnot allow for SEX out of marriage. You have merrily been doing that until having a baby. So what do we do with you? Stone you to death?
Albinos were seen as a sign of bad omen a couple of years ago. Many people put their voices together so that you were not put into an anthill. Today, it is a norm bcos your condition and lifestyle doesnot affect me or my productivity.
Albinism like homosexuality are all considered as abnormal biological manifestation.It takes an abnormal hormonal imbalance to develop such not too 'natural' sexual tendencies. Do you mean we should 'cull' them? If your answer is yes, then the same applies to Albinos and Aldulterers and Fornicators like you.
So think twice before making such bold and silly statements in a public forum. Having a PhD doesnot always mean you are a good spoke person.
Morally, I donot see homosexuality as a norm but so far as homosexuals donot force their way of life onto me or my children, fine. Just like Aldulterers and Fornicators.
Take heart and have your Peace.
Mac Satan


First thing first Chris, I might be an Ignoramus but I have space in my sphere to give the likes of you the time and space to express your self. But I will draw the line at the point where the likes of you, Kilo et al choose to prescribe a moral code for me and the rest of Cameroon as though you are elected to do so. I will always reject your unilateral approach. So you best chill.

I Referred to Kilo as "B*tch", that was wrong of me and I take it back. It should have read BIGOT (Blind Ignorant Gormless Obnoxious Tit).

Everyone who contributes to this site does so freely, we equally chose our monica as we see fit. I shouldn't have to spell this out, this is implied. Tainted Child is an acceptance of my mental composition: trans-national and sometimes fallible; and I make no apologies. Though I am Cameroonian I am tainted with traits beyond my immediate environment.

BTW if it satisfies some need in you, then call me by my birth name Christophe Ambe.

Now you can unravel your knickers!

Ma Mary

Christianity is NOT African culture. It is a borrowed value system. It is not all good, nor all bad. Use your presumably God-given brain to espouse humane values. I did not know that Dr Asheri Kilo was albino. A hundred years ago, the mountain Bakweri from the land where Dr Kilo makes her proclamations used to drop albinos into the blazing crater of Fako mountain, to appease the Gods to spare them volcanic eruptions. Thankfully, that aspect of "African culture" is long defunct. "African culture" still allows men called chiefs and fons to marry dozens of women and to pass them down like so much property. This is a stupid practice that needs to be reevaluated and stopped. Please do not tell us about African culture. Question everything.

Tainted Child

I here by endorse DaDiceman and Ma Mary for the post of custodians of reason, henceforth......Your country needs you baby!

It is refreshing to bask in the glow of your eloquent gems in a cesspool of so much hate and vile mongers.


A tug of war with friends of dorothy and their adversaries.It is always good to show a modicum of tolerance.I think this Dr did not point a finger at any individual.But those involve are pouring a barrage of jabs at this lady.Why? Tolerate her opinion against it and vice versa.It will be difficult for homos to force their unatural acts through the gorges of society in to to.If it has to do with discrimination or anti,then this homo conundrum is a small case relatively.Hope this drama will soon rest and homos could be going about their business without impeling people to love or condone it.Equally christianity is also something we must not overlooked.Africa is been christenized and Islamized by would be missionaries and tippexing our cultures and values with theirs.Our Dr's should do something to ween us from this Alien cultural domination coming along with arrogance.There are more christians this day in Africa,i presume.And some of these priest and pastors are themselves friends of dorothy.Insane.


Hey Mr Ndiks I am one of those who are critical of Ms Kilo' stance.
As several contributors have pointed out before me, you don't have to be gay to
find the Doctors views repugnant. Hatred for any section of the community who
pose no threat to others, is unacceptable.

I find the act of gay sex (between men I must add) a turn off; however that isn't
a valid reason to abstain from protecting gay rights in the face of flagrant bigotry.

Kilo indeed pointed the finger at no individual, however her views are divisive
and sick. It is on those basis, that I decided to draw a parallel between discriminatory
acts against Albinos and bigotry aimed at gays. Sometimes to bring the message
home to those who dish out such treatment, it is necessary to personalise the

It highlights the scope of bigotry. Bigotry sees no boundaries: The target is
gays today, Africans in St. Petersburg tomorrow........and so on.

We are all vulnerable to bigots, and voicing our concerns when ever a segment
of society is attacked, unprovoked, is the least we must do.


Mr Taintedchild, It is your cup of coffee whether or not you are one of those critical of the Dr in question or bigotry as you want to call.I do not need to know that.But note one thing,you are not void of it.Any of you who claim not to be one will be proven with time.

dango tumma

dadice man, I KNOW YOU ARE A HOMO


"Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." —Proverbs 16:18

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The black masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.

All you Africans get in line, assume your biblical status and start licking my boots, the boots of the the master race.


Take the Bible Slavery Quizz

Take the Bible Sex Quizz part III

Take the Bible Sex Quizz part I

Take the Bible Sex Quizz part II

Tita Mofaw

Applause to Ma Mary and Dadiceman!

It is a big shame to find a minority, whom others are fighting to protect, turn aganist other minorities.The struggle for racial equality in the world today is one that has not been fully resolved and those who promots it use the bible to justify their evil practice.

Today you meet a bunch of hypocrites proclaiming antigay sentiments and shouting that it is "our culture", "African Culture". Cameroon culture my foot.What Cameroonian culture are we referring to? It it the Bakwerie culture where albinos used to be sacrifaced on the mountian or the Bali culture where a man is allowed to marry 50 women most of whom are young enough to be their grand children,or it is the Younde culture where a man is allowed to make children with his sister in-law if his wife is barren,or is the Bamoun culture where a man is allowed to take over the wives of his dead brother,?

Who even told you that Christainity is Cameroonian culture? You need to be extremely careful with this thing called Christianity because anything that supports hate and intolerance is not christainity.People used this same arguement to justify slave trade and many chirstian right wing organisation in the USA still uses christianity today to support racial discrimination and segregation.I hope you will support that branch of christainity if your were being victimized

Kilo is a disgrace and I hope she will not take it as an offense if somebody were to stand and say albinos should hide their faces in a place where nobody can see them.

NB: I am a straight guy and personally I don't like the idea of mature men or women having sex with each other but that does not give me the right to hate them.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

All these homosexuals on this forum, who defend their acts vehemently yet are ashamed of admitting their homosexuality, should know that they are the real bigots.

They engage in logically indefensible practices for the mere sake of pleasure and self-indulgence, and actively promote their perversiveness amongst humanity.

They lack the inner strength to control and direct their sexual orientations, and are shocked to find that the world abhors their practices.

Homosexuality is an abnormality of the human constitution - a disease for which psychological research should be carried out to find a cure. Such research may proceed in two steps:

1) Identify the causes of the internal weakness that diminishes a person's propensity to control, direct, and check his sexual orientation towards acceptable lines.

2) Identify the countermeasures for these causes.

It is certain that homosexuality (with its anti-reproductive focus), the more widespread it becomes, constitutes a threat to human existence. The more homosexuals we have the fewer kids we would have (since a homosexual act can never lead to the birth of a child) and the more our population would decline, until we become non-existent!

Njikam Hen

Whatever people do in their bedrooms should not be any concern of ours. A few years ago in Texas, couples were jailed because they practiced oral sex, who are we to say it is right or wrong.

Dr??? I am not sure if in what, but look at yourself before condemning others.

The fact is whether homo haters want it or not, homosexuality exists and will continue existing in cameroon. It has been going on for years, just learn to accept and deal with it.

It could be your child who tells you I am gay. Will you disown them? I do not think the Bible says disown your children!

Wake up people, smell the coffee, EMBRACE HOMOSEXUALITY!!!

Tainted Child

So much rhetoric from individuals titled "Dr". In my part of the world the title "Dr" suggests one who is learned, wise and skilled.

"Dr" A. A Agbormbai, Heinrich Himmler would be proud of you.

Nazism declared itself incompatible with homosexuality, because gays did not reproduce and perpetuate the master race. For the same reasons, masturbation was also considered harmful to the Reich, but treated lightly.

Ernst Röhm, a man Hitler perceived as a potential threat, and the leader of the SA, the Nazi Party's first militia, was discreetly gay until 1925 when he was outed by a Social Democratic newspaper that published a number of love letters written by Röhm, as were some other top leaders of the SA, such as Edmund Heines. After 1925, Röhm was quite open about his sexuality and was a member of the League for Human Rights, Germany's largest gay-rights group.

In late February 1933, as the moderating influence of Ernst Röhm weakened, the Nazi Party launched its purge of homosexual (gay, lesbian, and bisexual; then known as homophile) clubs in Berlin, outlawed sex publications, and banned organised gay groups. As a consequence, many fled Germany (e.g. Erika Mann). In March 1933, Kurt Hiller the main organizer of Magnus Hirshfeld's Institute of Sex Research was sent to a concentration camp.

Tita Mofaw

If some of us claim to be logical in our arguements then we would be careful not to jump into conclusions that homosexuality is a threat to the human race.

First of, humans are not sheep and at no point in history was human behaviour uniform in the slightest sense of the word.Why should any reasonable person suddenly be alarmed that everybody would be gay one day?

Just as much as some people cannot bear to engage in straight sex despite the persecution that they face, so too would others renounce gay sex if majority of the world's population was gay.

Those making noise around about gays for what ever moral reasons have failed in their endeavour for moral-uprigtness because morality founded on intolerance and persecution is not so different from despotism and hypocricy (after all nobody is morally perfect).

Dr ........ and co,I am sorry to inform you guys that we are in the era of postmodernism. Please don't take us back to the DARK AGES.

NB.For the christian fundamentalist in Cameroon,know that Cameroon is not a state founded on any religion.Remember that about 20% of Cameroonians are muslims,40% hold fast to their respective African traditions, and there is no such thing as A CULTURE in Cameroon.In Cameroon we have cultures not one.If you really care about morality then speak up about the areas in Cameroon where young girls are genitally mutilated in the name of cultures.These are innocent children who are not given the slightest opportunity to decide for themselves.DRs like Kilo (who is a woman)and the rest are not bothered by this but are quick to stand up against mature adults who do their thing peacefully at night without bothering any body.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

Tainted Child, Tita Morfaw, and co.,

Apart from calling people names, showing disrespect, and advancing defensive arguments you are still to provide logical and reasonable arguments about why homosexuality should be accepted in society.

Comparing homosexuality to racism is off the point. The rights of all races are logically defensible on the basis that all races are equal. This has nothing to do with personal preference, which is the basis for homosexuality. The problem with personal preference is that a person might prefer to live by killing others. Does that make his orientation acceptable?

Making an emotional appeal for homosexuality is most unconvincing, only logical arguments can work. Yet, as far as logic is concerned, advocates of homosexuality have been most hollow!

Tita, the perpetuation of homosexuality is a sure trend for the ultimate extermination of humanity. If left unchecked this trend will only continue to increase.

Tainted Child

I have come across several apocalyptic hypothesis in my time : mass extinction as a result of the green house effect, termination of all life form as we know it, by a meteorite strike. But this is a new one: an extinction level event triggered by homosexuality. That is some logic! Give this good doctor the Nobel prize for science (or LOGIC).

Following this argument might explain why Africa remains the least populous of all the continents. WAY TOO MANY GAYS!

Dear "Dr" A A Agbormbai, the most stable societies on our planet are those whose laws take into consideration civil parameters such as compassion, reason, compromise, morality etc., not just logic. There isn't always a logical explanation why certain members of our community are born with specific traits. As far as am aware human emotion follows no tangible logical pattern.

In all my years travelling throughout the world, I have never met a homosexual who decided to be gay, in the same way that you as a doctor studied to be thus, however you didn't chose to be heterosexual, assuming that is your orientation. However I know one gay friend whose choice remain celibacy.

You will forgive me for not knowing what type of doctor you are, however I will assume you are familiar with the Kinsey Institute. Looking at the Kinsey Reports on sexual behaviour from 1948 to the present (2006), none of the findings and statistics (logic) for over 60 years on homosexuality supports your supposition
on the threat posed by Gays. Further more none of the studies suggests that anyone choose their sexual orientation.

On occasion friends of homosexuals have been known to choose sexual ambiguity (example lesbian chic), however this charade is viewed like with many fads, as short term.

The homosexual population has remained in the 4% range in all societies, yes including Cameroon. At the same time the overall world population has tripled in the same time frame. So you see my friend, the homosexual population remains roughly proportional through time. We are more likely to go the way of the dinosaurs through lack of food and depleted resources than by your fears.

• 1 billion was reached in 1802.

• 2 billion was reached 125 years later in 1927.

• 3 billion was reached 34 years later in 1961.

• 4 billion was reached 13 years later in 1974.

• 5 billion was reached 13 years later in 1987.

• 6 billion was reached 12 years later in 1999.

the Earth's population hit 6.5 billion on Saturday February 25, 2006

Have no fear sir, man is more resiliant than you think, homophobia is not necessary.

Jeff Tanyi

Dr. A.A. Agbor...
Some homosexuality has a biological (molecular genetics) basis. Stop being a close-minded, half-facting, bigot. Does the liberty of others end where your personal values begin? Doctor my ass. I feel ashamed to use my Dr. title because of imbeciles like you.

Tita Mofaw

Dear Dr A.A.A.
If you truly beleive in logic,rather than asking for a logical reason why gays should be accepted, you should start by telling us why they should not be accepted.

What is logical in saying all races are equal and should be treated the same whereas, sexual orientations should be dictated?

I hope you are not just advocating racial equality because you are "black" and will be a victim of racism if not protected by the society.Well Dr, I am sorry to let you know that not everybody will agree with you that all races are equal.There are several Christain fundamentlist churches in the USA,skin head movements and other neo-nazists,neo-fascist organisations in Europe and the USA that will put a prize on your head if they hear that.They strongly beleive that the white race is the master race and at the bottom of the classification is the black race.They will argue that blacks are stupid,ugly,uncivilized etc and on this basis are an inferior race.

Hope you reflect on this before attempting to look for a so called logic why guys should be persecuted.I bet you that the same logic awaits you or your decendants some day.

The similarity between sexual orientations and races is that both are ascriptive traits.I wonder if it was your decision to be heterosexual!

I don't really know where you got this fear that homosexuals are a threat to human existence.The really threat to human existence are people like you who are so intolerant.I am sure by the time that you finnish persecuting guys, you will start attacking celibacy,impotence,and those who for what ever reason make the choice of not having children.


Dear 'TAINTEDCHILD, DADICEMAN' or what ever this might mean. Remember, charity begins at home. You have a very good leason to pass on, but if you will start by not hatting anybody in life, your leason in this paper might be more fruitful than you think. Unless you are.......!and quilty which I do not believe, knowing you very well. Remember provs. 16-18. (Blood that runs in a living soul will never change from red to white, black, green or.......what ever. You need not be educated to accept or denny creation. I might therefore be tempted to believe that common sence is not common for those of us illitrates. To conclude, POST MODERNISM, DARK AGES call it what......., will never change CREATION.


Sorry, I do not have a TypePad.


Hey MN, MANGAH, I feel privileged to partake in banter with fellow Cameroonians, irrelevant of our varying stance. We should all encourage at least one other Cameroonian to engage in airing our views on forums like "The post" and others. Such exchanges enhances understanding amongst our collective psyche.

It is quite straight forward to obtain TypePad just click on the link provided, its free.

To all those contributors whom I have disagreed with over the course of my postings (including Dr. Kilo) : thank you for expanding my view of my beloved Cameroon. For the record I hold no ill feelings against any of you, ou contraire, I LOVE YOU.


men who sleep with other men are cowards who are intimidated by women.that apart, the bible says that homosexuality is " an abomination to the lord".And in as much as it is not our place to stop gay people from this lifestyle,it is our duty to call it what it is; a sin.they have the freedom to choose repentance, forgiveness and eternal life in Jesus christ(who loves them),or damnation as the bible says.So fellow cameroonians,please do not encourage something that the holy scriptures clearly warns against. if you really care about these people, then you will intead try to save them from falling into hell, instead of pushing them towards it.

Cecilia Nangah

Wow, this is interesting...What blows my mind is the reaction of some pple here... I do agree with Dr kilo to a point that, we are notvery open minded to stuff like that. Our culture and society...Two wrongs don't make a right...I do agree that it is not a good thing..I'm not passing judgement on any one...And if u are gay and proud to be oh well ...Just don't come here insulting and cursing... oh and erm this is for u DADICEMAN: u take it so personal. why? If u are a cameroonian and have westernized and have the upportunity to teach pple about being open minded, or u are gay why don't u be a proud Gay man and put your name ? why hide under a fake identiTY?
As for all the haters!!
Dr asheri kilo earned that title of
Dr most of u writing in this place don't even have half of the qualifictions she does....Go read a book or something...

Dr Ash! u go gurl.....Goood topic........

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Ras Tuge

Homosexuality is a criminal offence in Cameroon. No need for all the useless noise. The laws that govern Cameroon WILL not change to accomodate this rotten practice, so why would homosexuals not be welcome in countries where the practice is allowed? All homosexuals in Cameroon should move to the various Babylon countries where women have wet dreams, and where a man has a husband!

Polygamy is illegal in the country in which i live, and this baffles me! Are people in polygamous unions not consenting individuals? If i get a second woman, i'll break the law. But if i really must get a second woman, then i must move to Cameroon, period. No more comments about homosexuality in Cameroon.

If i was the president of the country, i'll arrest and charge this Alice Kom for inciting an uprising of immorality, and for wilfully transgressing the laws of the country. It is about our cultural values as Africans. Debate closed.


Hey, Ras, why close the debate? I would like to hear some more about this phenomenon of homosexuality.

I'm not taking sides until I really get the details.

Can you guys educate us on homosexual practices, before one can take a stand: I find it is not really good to condemn someone or a group without giving them a good chance to say in detail what it is that they do, and why...

And I would really like to see a distinction between homosexuality and pedophilia since they get confounded at times. What do "homosexuals" think about pedophiles?

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

Gentlemen truly we're in a very Secular World and Secular humanism is gaining grounds.
I will not accept the fact that smaller nations should begin to copy what the Great Babylon is herself doing.
If we now have the Male wifes and female husbands in Cameroon, and the law prohibits such practices ,then let them be punish.
But I will further comment that who ever these folks are, let them be treated fairly in the society. The law should only take charge when they're caught on the very act as the Constitution stipulates.

Peter Kwemoh

Ms Cecilia Nangah, we are not here to evaluate the credentials this bitch in the name of Dr Kilo has. We are here to comment and analyze her statements. Who cares if she has ten Ph.ds' or whatever.. I consider what she said a hate speech against a group of persons without any justification. She has no brains and I wonder how she even became a doctor. Dr my ass....

Who made her a moral judge of the Cameroonian society? Anyways, that is what you get from whores in the name of doctors who sell pussy to get a name in our rotten society. I am not gay and will never be, but I don't see anything wrong with being a gay person. You Cecilia Nangah, do u run away from gay people you meet at work? Do u tell them to go and hide? Why come here and try to be defensive when truly u act like a hypocrite outside?


It is ill informed to say that homosexuality is a western tradition. Homophobia is the western tradition and until recently, it was a punishable offense to be homosexual.

Hateful speech against gays used to lead to violence and murder in the West. It is leading to the same thing in Africa now with countries like Uganda sentencing people to death or threatening to do so. Homosexuality used to be illegal in the West, and many people were lynched. In America, it used to be OK to beat up homos for no reason at all, and the police would just laugh it off as a joke. Adolf Hitler even sent them to the gas chambers. That was found not be be acceptable by enlightened people. That is why they backed off from getting into people's bedrooms during the later half of the 20th century.

Dislike homosexuality all you want but take it easy about persecuting people. Do not practice it if you do not like it. Somebody could be persecuting you for any excuse they can imagine.

Some people say that African tradition is against homosexuality. How do we know that? Where is it written? We are merely reciting the teachings of christianity and islam and calling it African tradition. In most cases, real African tradition has nothing to say about the matter. It was a secret practice that they did not want to talk about and there was no word for it.

If Dr Kilo were a scholar of international standing, she would be more mindful.

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