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Tuesday, 28 March 2006


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What is this constant rush to the colonial master for validation. What is really going on? Are we anywhere near wisdom. To these guys we are a colony, or in other words a source of cheap raw materials. The good Lord knows his opinion accounts for nothing in this matter. If corruption is not a cameroonian problem, then there is no problem at all. We cannot be fighting corruption in order to satify western whims. That man is there to protect the exploitative interests of his poor country. Let him do his job in peace.


INTERPOL in Cameroon? Its not our priority for now.

How can the West be talking more about Interpol in Cameroon without doing anything to eradicate dictatorship in Cameroon?

How can interpol effectively work under such a system? They do not know those involved in financial scandals in Cameroon? They do not know how much monies have been stolen from the state? Does the INTERPOL have no idea where all these monies are?

The INTERPOL knows Biya is an "elegant" thief and they allow their Western countries to be recepient of our stolen monies. Why can,t the INTERPOL arrest all those Western bank managers accepting stolen monies from Cameroon?

I bet you. INTERPOL in Cameroon will be coming to defend Biya against any uprising from the mass. In 1997 the South American government of Nelson Mandela opennly rejected Clinton's call for a USA military base in Africa. The Amderican government claimed a military base in Africa was to defend the African continent from possible potential aggressors. But the South Africans were not stupid.

If the West actually wants to assist us in shaping our country, they should do everything possible to create an independent electoral commission, and help Cameronian to have the judiciary, the legislation and the executive wings completely independent from each other.

When that is done in Cameroon, we Cameroonians will be more effective to take care of our crises than their so-called INTERPOL.

Biya is not stupid to accept INTERPOL in Cameroon. Biya's govt talked of consulting other countries on how to come out with a modality for an electoral code. People were rejoicing.

You dont need to consult other countries. Consult the opposition. That is all.


Did Biya not call a TRIPARTITE in the early 90s when others were calling for a SOVEREIGN NATIONAL CONGRESS?

Now tell me. What came out from that Tripartite? Nothing good for Cameroonians.

Now this Biya guy, is arresting his political enemies for corruption charges. People are happy. Is Biya not one of the suspected embezzlers? Has he arrested himself? No. When shall he do that? Never.

As long as is Biya dictating the pace of events in Cameroon, that country shall never go the way the people want.

I will only "praise" Biya when he will declare that the concentarion of power is no longer in his hands. Powers should be in the hands of the judiciary (legal issues), legislation (reforms) and the executive (administrative matters).

Tony Blair and George Bush are aware of Biya's attrocities. They are both in support of all the nonesense Biya is doing. Biya is protecting the American and the British interests. Biya will always dance to the tune of these two leaders.

And the people of Cameroon will never be fully supported by Blair and Bush.

How many times have Bush and Blair opennly denounced Biya? None.

How many times have the dennounced leaders like Cheves and Morentes? Many times. Why? You now understand me.






Ma Mary

To quote Richard:


That is truth in a certain perspespective. The greater truth that this points to is that it is not natural resources that make a nation great, but its people, their quality as human beings, their education, their skills, their love for other people and country. If the people do not have this in them, and have a whole lot of natural resources, then they are cursed by those natural resources.

BTW, have you heard about North Sea Oil. UK is a major oil producing nation thanks to North Sea oil. They have natural resources, but they are about to get yours as well, because you are weak, aligned with the francocamerounese criminal gang.


Correction again PLEASE.

Sovereign National Conference (not Sov. Nat. Congress as presented above).

Sorry for the mistake.

Ma Mary

HTML KILLED Richards quote above:

"That man is there to protect the exploitative interests of his poor country. Let him do his job in peace."

Am I the only one who noticed that The Post pages slowed down a lot in the last two weeks, but has picked up again.

dango tumma


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