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Friday, 10 March 2006


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Ashu Loveline

Hon Clement Ngwasirri should immediately contact Ben muna and Akere for better tactical advice. We need to devise new plans else Fru Ndi and his boys will prevail. We don't accept this. Mukete help us brother!!

Nji Paul

Ashia mami loveline, harder days are still to come. Why don´t you go and wake up ST Muna from his grave to come and assist you. I don´t think Ben and Akere are up to the task. Lawyer Sama will out-smart them in any court of law.


Enough of all this nonsense!

Nji Paul's high time we start forcing sense into the thick brains of some guys On this forum. We've got clear facts. Nwasiri's wrong before God and man. Loveline could you please go through the SDF constitution and try to reason things out? The language used is very clear. However, should you face any difficulty understanding it, get back to us. We'll help you.

Son Of Ako - LSE.

JB Samba

Can someone tell me why Ngwasiri is trying to to do so many things (even after he has been sacked) on the eve of SDF National Convention, when it is known by everyone that this is the right place for him to have tabled his case against NEC, Mr. X or Mr. Y?
Whay is he so desperate?
Let those who see as though with their noses (like Loveline) continue to do so. Seriously speaking, I smell a rat in Ngwasiri's upheavals. I need someone (even Loveline's Mukete) to come up with a CONVINCING arguement to prove the contrary

SW Boy

Let me remind that son-of-a-bicth professor Ngwasirri or what,that he is playing with fire.SDF is the peoples party.Anybody who tries to distabilise the party will be handled by the Party.Except Ngwasirri will never come to Kumba else his bones will be bundled to Bamenda.Power belongs to the people and we must use it.


All what you say remain here.This will never help the CPDM nor the SDF.Keep worrying yourselves.Those people think only about their food in any deal they carry out.It is time for action.All those big fishes of SDF should step down and give room to younger ones.They have over stayed their time at the top of the party without any meaningful product.What can the SDF say it has given Cameroonians that without the SDF Cameroonians would not have had?Let anyone point it and explain it for all to hear.A small country of more than 250 political parties for about 18 million inhabitants.Every day you make noise and keep talking of this one being right while the other is wrong.Remember all those fools are running after food for themselves and some of their selected family members and not the people of Cameroon.How will you expect them to step down.Hear what Yoyo says "I did not appoint myself and why should the chairman change the winning team".Which victory is he referring to in connection with the SDF parlimentary group?Have they ever made any change to what the CDPM brings up or decides?Without them in parliament all bills and laws will be passed by the CDPM and its allies that make up the 2/3 majority need to pass any bill.In a party where people think for the interest of the people like the SDF cliams,Fru Ndi being the leader, would have come out clear to call all camps to table and hear what is going wrong but instead he stays home and says "say and do what ever you want I will remain Chairman".How do you expect the country to progress with this type of mentality.Fru Ndi WILL NEVER be president of Cameroon no matter how long he leads the SDF.




Shame to the SDF


Southern cameroonians, be warned. the SDF is a french product and their earliest policies of boycott of french goods was mere camouflage. You need to join your efforts in the current SCNC struggle to guarantee a future for your children. the CPDM and the SDF cannot guarantee any future for you as they all agents for la republique francaise du cameroun.


It surprises me to see people who have been reading this forum still doubting the decision of a Yaounde based judge. I had warned that the suing of the Ni John Fru Ndi camp was not something to rejoice over. I refer readers to look for that contribution in order to understand that the court verdict is a non event.

After Paul Biya and the CPDM government have been offered protection by Ni John Fru Ndi, who would expect CPDM appointed Judges to pass judgement against the Ni John Fru Ndi camp? As Ni John Fru Ndi and Paul Biya continue to have secret deals to the detriment of the common man, would we expect Biya appointed judges to pass a verdict against Ni John Fru Ndi? With Paul Biya considering Ni John Fru Ndi as a powerful buffer against all Anglophones and Anglophone freedom movements, who would expect government judges to pave the way for a different Anglophone to push Ni John Fru Ndi out of office? Who would have expected the government appointed Judge to pass a verdict against Ni John Fru Ndi when it is well known that Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi are all close associates of the devilish rosucrucian Society? Who would expect a Biya appointed Judge to pass judgement against Ni John Fru Ndi when even a primary school pupil understands that both Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi sent their wives to the same RESTING PLACE, even if the method of transportation was different?

In the relationship between Ni John Fru Ndi and Paul Biya, Ni John Fru Ndi is the WOMAN. As befits such an unholy relationship, the husband, Paul Biya, has to defend his weak wife- Ni John Fru Ndi.

Presently we are busy gathering very important and sensitive information. Before I release my findings I would like our blind Ni John Fru supporters to ask Ni John Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam if they know anything about the "Special Statute" document that Ni John Fru Ndi is current fighting to see its realization. They should ask Ni John Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam if there is any burning document that Ni John Fru Ndi and the CPDM government are currently working on - day and night. They should ask Ni John Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam the content of the five (5) main articles on this urgent document that is delaying its forwarding to the CPDM dominated the National Assembly, to be passed into law.

If Ni John Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam tell them that they are not aware of any such document, they should come back and report to this forum. If Ni John Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam tell that such a document exists, they should be honest to report back to this forum. I am addressing this especially to those readers who have close relationship to Ni John Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam - their children, cousins, brothers and sisters, and relatives, and who are writing in this forum under fake names. They should know that we stand here for the entire nation and general good, and not for individuals and selfish interests.

Let the Yaounde Judges pass the judgements we already know in advance. Let them give the public the impression that the Ngwasiri group is simply out to cause disorder. Let them support Ni John Fru Ndi and present him as one doing no wrong. Let them perform the mockery of the court process they are used to. But they should know that times have changed drastically and that no matter what they do, it is for us, progressive SDF members and the common man, to pass the genuine judgement. That judgement may take long to come, but it MUST come.

... and it comes!

To all those who strongly believe in the truth and reality, they should rest assured that I am, presently, leaving NO stones unturned. My status gives me direct access into very senstive issues within the Ni John Fru Ndi gang, and if Ni John Fru Ndi himself could understand that I am the person his supporters are insulting in this forum, he will ask them to stop insulting and provocking me with immediate effect. Ni John Fru Ndi knows that I can make him to actually run naked in the streets.

I had decided not to play active politics but the more I see Ni John Fru Ndi actually taking all Cameroonians as fools, I have a divine invitation boiling within me and asking me to chase Ni John Fru Ndi out of the political scene. I have finally realized that if this divine invitation is for the benefit of the common man, then I will have to honour it. And if I join politics, and may this be very sooon, then my only objective will be to let Ni John Fru Ndi understand that he can fool some people sometimes but he can not fool all the people all the time.

I always have this good News for those who would never want me to stand up for the truth: REST ASSURED THAT I WILL BE WRITING. This will be very soon. Believe me!I can not fold my hands and close my mouth when I see Ni John Fru Ndi and his disciples of doom actually trying to swallow Cameroonians. My mission here is a divine one and if I fail to make justice and reason prevail, then it will be a failure of hearts and spirit. Curse be the suffering Cameroonians if we allow Ni John Fru Ndi and Paul Biya use us as their bed for the unholy sexual intercourse they practice in day time.

Consequently, I invite all those Ni John Fru supporters who have heart problems and all those with high blood pressure to be prepared to read the divine sermon I have for progressive Cameroonians. All those Ni John Fru "back door" female kissers, like Anembom Munjo, I invite them to fit in many pads and carry on many diapers, because on reading the sermon I have for this forum, they will, surely, have forceful menstruation - excuse me.

For now, let us allow the blind Ni John Fru supporters writing in this forum to give us more facts and points, of course to the detriment of their master - the Ntarikon Cat.

I will be writing. Stay tuned.



This paper tiger of a Mukete again...Cameroon oboso.


In trying to insult the Bayangis, the Bakossis, Bushfallers, the SDF etc, you insulted yrself a million times. Keep fooling yrself.


Some of us will be ashamed to come again on this forum to talk cos we wouldn't have any proofs about some fake documents we pupport do exist.

I guess will wait forever.

Son Of Ako - LSE.


I hope the learned professor of law Ngwasiri will not commit suicide.It is a regrettable situation.Cameroonians have all been waiting to see how this political lunatic will appoint a bureeau of the national assembly.It would be an international humiliation if this gentleman were to fail dismally.Is it not shameful that a law professor would be unable to interprete the constitution of a party he created? Now that he has been thrown out of court his disciples should continue to wait for his convention.Let no one including his children such as Agbonmbai,Mukete.Micheal,Vally not join him in committing suicide.The professor is now wandering in political wilderness as he does not even have a base.The sdf is not a upc.I hope all of them learn.Anyway,Ngwasiri can still go ahead and organised an sdf convention with cpdm militants.That too is Cameroon.The end will always justify the means.


To hell, mukete, what have seen? You so-called progressive SDF are out to turn the SDF into a UPC, no way my friend. You call yourself the people, which people. I bet you if you were to stand an election with Fru Ndi, you alone your wife and children will vote you, and maybe your whorshipers like vally, rexon will vote you too. guess what you will not even have up to 1% of votes. You are doom to fail! BEAST. WE SHALL CONTINUE SUPPORTING FRU NDI WHETHER IT PLEASES YOU OR NOT. As for Ngwasiri we are waiting him in Bamenda and or Kumba. Jungle Justice shall prevail upon him!


Mukete I Klemenceau is behind you just because you preach hate in this forum.
Blessed be Mukete for preaching hatred
Blessed be Mukete for using God's name to tell lies.
Blessed be Mukete for saying that Fru Ndi has love affairs with Animbo Munju without any proofs
Blessed be Mukete for saying that he can make Ni Fru Ndi to run naked on the streets when he is not even know by his own neighbors
Blessed be......
Blessed be......
Too much to continue but be rest assured that Satan will grant you the right blessings as you continue to frame stories against people. Mukete only those who are agents of the devil hate their fellow brothers and sisters. You are a typical example of a lost soul, a soul in Lucifer's chains. Please suffer alone for no one sent you to be were you are.

Listen to you "My status gives me direct access into very sensitive issues within the Ni John Fru Ndi gang, and if Ni John Fru Ndi himself could understand that I am the person his supporters are insulting in this forum, he will ask them to stop insulting and provoking me with immediate effect. Ni John Fru Ndi knows that I can make him to actually run naked in the streets."
What status do you have, that of a great liar and someone who fabricates stories because of hatred and frustration? As useless as your writings depict you to be, you claim to be so important so much so that Fru Ndi will beg you? If you really want Fru Ndi to be replaced, it is the more reason why you should expose his deeds with evidences. This will give us enough reasons to oust him as chairman of the party we all cherish and which you claim to be supporting. Please if you have been hired as a propaganda minister against Fru Ndi, you better change your tactics and write something matured else you will be doing a disservice to your master or employer.
I feel bad using harsh words on you but I have decided to as mad as you may be my madness can help put some sense into your empty skull.
Klemenceau against Mukete the liar


No!! Sam, saying jungle justice awaits Ngwasiri is not proper. The truth shall defeat him. It is true that Ngwasiri and his are not doing the right thing but they should be punished by law if they finally can't defend their actions by law. The SDF has problems and we need people with new and good ideas on how to solve these problems. If anyone feels that Fru Ndi is the cause of the problems, we won't say no if he has proofs of his case against him (Fru Ndi). I think if people like Mukete the liar and Co should proof all their allegations against Fru Ndi, no level headed man will continue to stand behind Fru Ndi. It is unfortunate that the chief liar and blackmailer Mukete is just writing fiction thinking that he is writing to his supposed wives and children.
Power to the People and Long Live SDF
Klemenceau against Mukete the Liar


All southern Cameroonians who call themselves progressive southern Cameroonians should ask themselves where all this whole argument about the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi, Paul Biya, Mbah Ndam, Jua, Ben Muna is leading to. It is an illegitimate argument that cannot help southern Cameroonians in anyway. We all know what the SDF is up to. They have no interest in the people of the southern Cameroon’s and are being financed by French mercenaries to give the impression that there is an Anglophone force in the country technically fighting for the interest of Anglophones. The SDF is instead anti-Anglophone, anti-southern Cameroon’s, anti-your progress. This entire people are there to satisfy their selfish desires. If we don’t want to accept this, we are just being stupid. What progress do you want in a country that does not even recognise you?

Last week, I wrote about this same issue, I am still reiterating it, if any of you think you are a progressive and want your children’s future to be guaranteed, then you need to accept that your future can be best served by the current leadership and affairs of the SCNC. You are just being fooled into believing that you belong to a country whose government does not even recognise you. Constitutionally, you are not recognised by that government. Its citizens think you are not up to managerial standards, even at basic levels. They think southern Cameroonians need to be managed as illiterate and illegitimate people in their own land. They colonised you, send their agents to destroy your natural resources, rape your women, destroy your anglo-saxon cultures, destroy your educational systems, etc. they really don’t have any respect for you southern Cameroonians, yet, you claim to think you are progressives, that is really a shame.

Why can’t you ask yourself why southern Cameroonians have not really been able to occupy various ministerial positions at a country where they argue that we are part of them? I wont like to keep a passport in a nation where my children would be called funny names like biafrans, les gens de bamenda, les Nigerians, etc. it is really a shame. We all know that even in their parliament, SDF fools there are not allowed to speak; even the Jua is known as a Nigerian. I am ambitious; I believe my future cannot be guaranteed by the current leadership of la republique francaise du Cameroun.

They know that our basic argument that they illegally colonised our land is real. Janvier for example always specify the one kamerun that spans as far as to many other countries presently in cemac countries and Nigeria. If his government wants to colonise land on the basis of one kamerun, then they have many land at their diposal as far as to this other places. They know our eyes are now open and we have been using international means to drive the colonialist away. So they are using different tactics to exploit all they can before time runs out. The southern Cameroon will soon be free. The earlier you join us to liberate our land, the better. We need your support and I can guarantee you that the SDF has nothing to offer to you. Ni john fru Ndi and all SDF sympathisers, is a criminal like biya. I don’t want you to believe in anything SDF as they are there to destroy our future. Do you want to be second class citizens? Not in my name and in my own land.
To conclude answer the following questions,
How many ambassadors or staffs in the embassies of la republique francaise du Cameroun are southern Cameroonians?
How many lion’s indomptables are southern Cameroonians?
How many of your ministers are southern Cameroonians?
How many of your international athletes are southern Cameroonians?
How many of your sous prefets, generals, governors, etc are southern Cameroonians?
How many of your director generals of state parastatals are southern Cameroonians?
How many of your children get scholarships abroad, and even the commonwealth scholarships we speak of?
How many of the large businesses in the country are owned by southern Cameroonians?

new man



You see! We were expecting Fru Ndi to give one of the " Baby Prime Minister"
Muna and Jua "une fessee nationale",but the
hybrid of a professor has stolen the show
and if elections were to come up today
Muna would surely have to go back to Rwanda to ferry in Bayamunyenges to vote for him,
while Jua will only use an old register of names of former customers of his defunct PRESSING UNIT in Douala to defraud elections
They have not yet seen anything! Jua who never attended meetings and paid dues,
shamelessly went on his knees in front of SDF officials in order for his dossiers to be accepted.Muna has become the latest
" Mbutuku" of the Betis in Yaounde.These
epicureans know he has got no political base
and have been shuttling him between Yaounde 3 and Yaounde 1,naturally cheating him out of the bags of money he is carrying around.
What he is doing is just too natural ,because he is taking money back to the people who made his father and them so
strange to Cameroonians.Since he has copied his father,cameroonians are waiting for the day of reckoning to settle the matter for once and for all.

Julius Che

Prof. Dr. Ngwasirri,

We are waiting for you in the SCNC. Because, this is where disgruntled or dismissed fellows of the SDF take refuge and claim loyalty.

Julius Che

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

Hello Anglofools,

Continue wasting your time on these sterile debates about the SDF, CPDM and La Camerounaise.

Listen to Rexon, the voice of reason, for you will never change this fact:

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.


Adios MFs.

Paa Ngembus
SCAADIM (Southern Cameroonians Against the Annexation & DestructIon of our Motherland)

Elvis Tataw

no guys are just wasting your time. cameroon will be cameroon and those that are fighting will came and go.One thing is certain,democracy is there to stay and only situation like this (SDF)will help to make our democracy stronger.long live cameroom

Ma Mary

Tell them, Ngembus. Tell them, Rexon! They are wasting time on sterile SDF internal squabbles. Southern Cameroons shall be free.

Jokwi Jokwi Joleju

After resigning from UB as lecturer and vice dean of Law, Prof.Ngwasiri took two hours to 'appologise' to students that he had actually transfered his grievances with the administration to the students. As a result, he awarded them arbitrarily marks and proceeded to state that no arbitrarily marcks could be pass marks. Those he managed to award pass marks to were those whose handwriting enticed him or those who introduced their answers in the first paragraph. But the irreparable damage had been caused to student's transcripts with the serries of Fs he had distributed.
With this history and conduct, his current actions and anti-legal reasoning approach is nemesis catching up with him. Ngwasiri lives in Buea. He is MP for Bamenda central. He is a lawyer and law professor. What has he got to do with Yaounde that he takes a suit there against a party whose registered headquarters is Bamenda? The simple reason is that the money he received from Muna has confused him so much so that he desperately has to keep attempting to justify his earning from the corruption groomed Muna.
This same Ngwasiri according to the 'Rey Bouba Lamido' of Balikumbat( Doh Ngwayin The Butcher)had claimed in 2002 after he signed the scandalous 'peace pact'with the CPDM in the presence of the NW governor afterwards stated that he was tricked by laymen like the ruthless Lamido. This caused the Lamido to wonder aloud as to how could he being a layman could trick a London trained PhD in law when it is Ngwasiri himself who drafted the pact with his law jaggon. Ngwasiri later on appologised to Fru Ndi, NEC and the founding fathers.
This self same Prof. invented and propagated false information about Mbah Ndam in March 2004 in his attempt to take up the parliamentary group leadership in the SDF from Mbah Ndam and submitted a false list to the assembly against NEC blessings. The founding fathers again summoned him in April and odered him to appologise to Mbah Ndam.
His native Bamendakwe people have dumped him because all he did with his micro- project grants was to build his house in Mendakwe.
Fon Angwafor of Mankon had even declared on National TV that he does not even know the MP for Bamenda Central. This is because he hadly visit his constituency since he is based in Buea.
The catalogue of Ngwasiri's controversies is elastic. He is very qualified for centre Jamot now. So Mukete, Agbor Mbai, Loveline, Prudence and the rest on Muna's payroll should do something to rescue this very confused professor. Take me seriously because there could be a knockout with his current ostracisation in parliament. He has since not showed up since parliament opened on Thursday.
Muna, Asonganyi, Nkemgu et all have already seen and read the handwriting on the wall. Ngwasiri will not because his brain is warped. Mukete et all this is an S.O.S.
The SDF can not be split, not by Ngwasiri.


Julius Che,
I dont think those who leave the SDF for the SCNC are disgruntled and dismissed members. Mind your words. who are those who have left after being disgruntled or dismissed? I need evidences. The few are know are those who have stood up to the challenge and ask the SDF for its views about the southern cameroons independence. then they resigned when they did not get any meaningful answer from the SDF hierarchy and realised the SDF is an agent of la republique francaise du cameroun.

dango tumma



dango tumma,
You are really a disgrace when written English comes to play. I strongly advise you to go on hiding.

Nyamfuka'a  --UN(Rwanda)

AYAMBA,you are not prince .you are tif man like paul biya are veri idots.saluad!embecile.chien!
you are fooolisch man.swine"


Rexon and co,
Your idea of an Independent Southern Cameroon is lofty and very cherished. I will like to live in a free Southern Cameroon but I fear that people like Ngwasiri, Muna, Mukete, Loveline and your likes will never give room for that nation to develop economically, politically, socially, culturally etc. You will spend your time quareling insulting and dividing. The nation will never know peace.
Let me tell you that what the SDF has achieved in its short history is more than what you Southern Cameroonians have achieved since Foumban. One of them is the freedom you now have to talk about the SCNC even in Public.
But what do you see in the SCNC? Factions here and there like the ones you want to create in the SDF now. Convince me that you even have a strategy to free Southern Cameroon and show proof that the Northern or Southern regions will not start fighting for their own independence after that. I will be ready to fight for independence but for now, I'm afraid you are not heading anywhere near freedom for Southern Cameroon with your dream, dream and dream. I also regret that you do not even know what you are talking about. Don't tell me that Eto'o, Makoun, Saidou, Atouba, Webo Kameni, etc play for the Indomitable Lions b/c they are francophones. Where is the Southern Cameroonian you think merits a place and has not been given. If the SDF took over this government, I assure you will have a Quebec in Southern Cameroon. Paul Biya is the curse on SC and he is being aided by people like the Ngolle Ngolles, The Muketes,Achidis, Inonis,Mafanis, Agwafors etc. If there is a real Southern Cameroonian fighter for now, it is Fru Ndi since Akwanga has gone to sleep since escaping from Kondengui.

Guka Wumbo

What I have notice in the whole show of SDF is that some people who have in party for long and have not benefited anything from the pary want to become rich or distroy the pary.

Guka Wumbo.

Andre Fokam

i pulled this from "journal chretien". it seem interesting and i want to share it on this forum.

Paul Biya organise son départ du pouvoir

Après la publication prochaine de son nouveau « gouvernement des mains propres » ainsi que la désignation du président du Sénat, Paul Biya compte disparaître pour un long séjour privé dans un lieu inconnu, avant d’user de la plus grande surprise en annonçant sa démission de ses fonctions de président de la république. Mais il y ajoutera un vice diabolique...
Selon nos sources proches de la présidence de la république à Yaoundé, le combat à tête chercheuse engagé par Paul Biya contre la corruption ne viserait qu’à préparer son départ du pouvoir.
Après la publication prochaine de son nouveau « gouvernement des mains propres » ainsi que la désignation du président du Sénat, Paul Biya compte disparaître pour un long séjour privé dans un lieu inconnu, avant d’user de la plus grande surprise en annonçant sa démission de ses fonctions de président de la république.
Deux noms sont avancés pour la succession, toutes deux du Nord Cameroun.
Selon une source, Ahmadou Ali, celui que Biya vient de charger de la mission de couper quelques têtes soigneusement sélectionnées depuis un an, est celui que Paul Biya semble vouloir faire avaler à la communauté internationale comme le Monsieur Propre.
Tandis qu’une autre source se montre formelle que le successeur est Hayatou, que Paul Biya fera bientôt revenir de la BEAC pour le poste vacant de président du Sénat. Et Hayatou sera lui aussi présenté sous l’étiquette de Monsieur Propre.
Mais quel que soit le choix qu’il ferait, nos deux sources conviennent que Paul Biya chercherait à imposer un successeur Foulbé. Une sorte de retour du pouvoir au Nord, tel que décidé par Paris, suivant la tradition néocoloniale.
Nos interrogations sur ces préférences tribales quand il s’agit du pouvoir au Cameroun ont rencontré des arguments crus. Les réseaux néocoloniaux essentiellement basés en France préféreraient les ethnies qui ont collaboré avec les Blancs depuis la traite négrière.
C’est ainsi qu’à défaut d’un Foulbé ou Haoussa, les préférences des réseaux néocoloniaux sur un nouveau président de la république du Cameroun iraient pour un Douala, un Bakweri, ou encore un Bulu.
Il semblerait cependant que Paul Biya y ajoutera un vice diabolique. En effet il compterait, en sacrifiant certaines brebis galeuses parmi la multitude que forment ses courtisans et proches, se retirer du pouvoir en laissant le pays dans un panier à crabes qui rendra son successeur incapable de gouverner.
Ceci en droite ligne de la préparation du chaos, qu’il avait promis depuis 1992 lors d’un discours de campagne à Monatélé.
Il est également avancé que la sortie médiatique, en janvier dernier, de l’ambassadeur des Etats-Unis n’était pas gratuite. Niels Marquardt aurait en effet consulté Paul Biya et reçu son feu vert avant sa fameuse conférence de presse, au cours de laquelle il exigeait que des têtes de hauts placés camerounais tombent sous la lame de la justice.
Il semblerait donc que l’épouvantail américain est l’une des meilleures stratégies, adoptée par l’Elysée et Paul Biya, pour exécuter tranquillement leur succession à la française, en laissant le successeur paraître comme l’homme des Etats-Unis.
Mais la plus grande crainte en est que le chaos serait inévitable et le sang coulerait. Car les tribalistes inconditionnels au sein de l’armée, notamment parmi ceux qui ont remis le pouvoir à Biya en Avril 1984, n’entendraient pas voir le pouvoir passer entre les mains « des Nordistes ».
Sans compter que les barons et officiers :cameroun autres ethnies, malgré la forte corruption qui les a jusqu’ici maintenus muets, n’entendent pas non plus voir le pouvoir retourner aux Haoussas. Leur réaction reste imprévisible.
La tension serait très vive actuellement au sommet de l’Etat et dans les casernes de l’armée.

Andre Fokam

thank you Abakwaboy!!

you said it all.


No one else can say it bette, Julius Che. All those rantings on Ngwasiri and Fru Ndi should be left to the Camerounais. How can you guys keep shouting and making noises about how the SDF will remain united under Fru Ndi and how Ngwasiri will be lynched etc? What a shame that Mr. Biya and his cohorts can sway us to this end.
I had once stated on this forum that the truth about Cameroons is simple . She has been cursed. Camerouns leaders started manipulatuing with the so many constitutions they had brought up, and thus failed to implement any correctly. Even the 1996 case is used to suit only the Prince. Thus Le Cameroun will remain cursed, until she hands off Southern Cameroons.
The SDF had a Holy Mission to address the Anglophone Problem* . As soon as the Bamilike euphoria caught Pa John, he cast off the Anglophone coat and started eyeing Etoudi. He was so blinded that he had to kick off those pillars on which the SDF was built. Today, he hangs on the Ngoa Ekele bandits..the police boys and the laewyer drummers...including Ngwasiri. Only a stupid man will not accept that ever since SDF stepped foot in Ngoa, all hell broke loose on Mukong's SDF.
Ask Ngwasiri and Fru Ndi how they arranged the Peace Pact affair, they will cast down their heads. Ask Col. Ateba Nkoa, Kouambo Adrien etc. Why did a certain Yambe who was the NW Provincial Chairman left out of the show? Why did he resign from that post shortly after? It is all wrapped up in the Bamenda Mafia.
Make all the noise. All will come to pass. Southern Cameroons will soon be free from all this mess.Let Mbah Ndam be Group Leader for life, let Ngwasiri be NAC Chairman for life, let John be National Chairman for life. Southern Cameroons will shame them all. God's curse is strong to beat.


Mukete it seems u got no work to do, cuz u always write nonsense. What u wrote was childish there is no sense in it I know u're CPDM in disguise but u should try to change the tactics cuz this one has failed total bullshit u wrote. This Mukete of a man is so childish ur wife and children must be suffering, cuz of ur childishness, he keeps on writing non interesting things.

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