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Tuesday, 28 March 2006


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Please readers,

For the sake of constructiveness and for the purpose of maintaining the very meaning why we've got this forum operational, I'd like us concentrate solely on the issues. Let's avoid calling names, deviating from the subject matter. Let's reason together for the betterment of our children.

You'll do us all proud to respect our comments. We await to see the first person go contrary to this.

I trust you guys. We can start...the ball's rolling!

I'm coming!

Eyes of A Tiger, Son Of Ako - London School Of Economics And Political Science.



Look you either put an end to this column if you are the creator or stop limiting what people should write. We are in a democratic world. Every person is free to voice his mine.


Oh Eyes of A Tiger. Are you son of Ako the butcher in Memfe. So you are now in London School of Economics And Political Science. So you are already learning how to suppress people here to come and take over from Biya and continue from there. Just learn but you Economics which will help you teach your mother how to economise when cooking in kitchen. You have no space in politics.
Thank you.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

As SDF-Autocrats consolidates its stranglehold on the party, democracy dies in the SDF. Long live the Social Dictatorial Front!

Fon  Lawrence

Dear readers,I have two comments to make before some of us go wild.
If we are vigilant,we would have noticed that the post always introduce the SDF crisis in a way that will trigger it contentious.

When the post states,I quote "For example, the Chairman after being elected would simply choose other members of the NEC",this can make those who see only this statement go wild.
If the Chairman is really to choose members of NEC,he is limited in that most members of NEC,are by virtue of their positions in the SDF automatic members,e.g parliamentarians and provincial chairpersons,by the constitution are members of NEC.This include other executve members like the secretary General,organisation secretary,legal adviser etc.We should know that the chairman does not choose provincial chairpersons or parliamentarians.
The next issue is the venue of most NEC meetings.This is simply to cut cost and absolutely nothing is paid for using the premises of Fru Ndi.
Agbormbai,if you don´t have anything to contribute,it will be for your own interest to stay quiet.
I will be back

M Tamukong

This proposal, to me is anti-democratic and I condemn it. The authors failed to point out what is wrong with the present provisions of the constitution regarding elections; they also fail to give any advantages their proposals have over the present provisions.
The document states,"the National Chairman of the party, no matter who he/she is, shall be elected in the National Convention and he/she shall, after due consultations, ...." It fails to state who shall be consulted and the criteria to be used to determine such persons.
The words "appoint and dismiss" should not even exist in the vocabulary of the SDF. By accepting this proposal, NEC is playing into the hands of its detractors and this is not the time for it to happen.
BTW, the delegates at the convention represnt the people and power belongs to the people. If NEC summons the courage and tables this anti-democratic,proposal I trust the people will have to reject it. The May convention already has a full plate, and tabling a nauseating proposal like this should not be one of them.


The proposed constitutional amendments if it goes through will be a sad day for the SDF in particular and Cameroon in general. I am not an apologists of the anti-Fru Ndi Camp but the fact is that SDF is degenerating into a dictatorship of the highest order reminiscent of the Stalinist dictatorship in communist Russia. It is unfortunate that a power founded on "Power to the People'' is now founded on "Power to Fru NDI''.This tin god despotic mentality does not augur well for the party. The concept of political "strongmanisn' wherein the leader is seen as a super natural being with all the powers and cannot be criticised is very unfortunate and a political farce. Those sycophants deceiving Fru Ndi should know that the SDF is not a sole proprietorship with Fru Ndi as the sole owner. It is a partnership with those oppressed Cameroonians who saw in Fru a beacon of hope from the cluthes of the Biya Junta. Some of us demonstrated during the hey days of multipartism to bring about the necessary changes in the country. We stood by Fru Ndi, supported and sarcrificed for the SDF; all those sacrifices were made for a better Cameroon in the future. We did not do it for Fru Ndi, it was done for the party. I am still a chief apostle of the opinion that Fru Ndi has played a major part in the political life and democratic development of the country. However, its time he realised that he should gracefully surrender. His legacy as of now is wonderful but if he is not careful, his legacy for posterity will have nothing to write home about. He is the one who has much to lose, the Mbah Ndams et el. are merely by him for their political and economic survival.
Its really sad that the main opposition party in Cameroon has been reduced to a clique wherein if you disagree with the Chairman you are fired from the party. Everybody cannot be wrong; Fru Ndi is not the embodiment of political wisdom and knowledge nor is he a paragon of virtue. Its my humble opinion that its time for Fru Ndi and his "Man Fridays" to try to save the party from self-destruct. The only panacea shall be an open dialogue with all stakeholders in the SDF and those who have been expelled or frustrated into resignation. I still believe in the Social Democracy Cause and Fru Ndi et al should save Cameroon from degenerating to monolithic multipartism.

Tumasang Nwana Paul

I wonder if it is the SDF of 1990 that we are talking about or a complete different thing.Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.The vision of the amendment is not to strenthen the party at all but to ensure that incompetents are maintained at the helm so that they continue using poor Cameroonians as bargaining chips to get money from the ruling party.Come to think of it instead of the party trying to clear the air on allegations of corrupt practices,addressing issues which will make it stronger or jsustify why the people should continue to trust them ,what we find is agroup of incompetents who are so scred of the wrth of delegates trying to concerntrate powers in the hands of the Chairman.Mark my words top on the list of those to be appointed will be the likes of Mbah Ndam ,Yoyo and Tandap who have no shame to make such a proposal.What then will be the difference between the CPDM and the SDF?Should we thank God for saving us from an angel we did not know in preference of the devil we knew? God save Cameroon


So the SDF can raise money up to 50 million frs CFA.If parliamentarians have to give 23 millions frs CFA,I presume this is what they have been giving to the party each time.Is it from their salaries or micro project money that they get this money from ?Where has the past money paid in gone to?What has it been used for?can the SDF not raise money to construct a hall for its meeting in B'da or some other part of the Country?What project has this party actually raised money and carried out in the country if not of the convention where people come to eat while others benefit from it to over tax what ever they buy for the purpose in order to make money for themselves?I am really doubting if this party will come to do anything serious should it one day take power.From which budget will the 3.3millions frs CFA to be contributed by the SDF controled council come from.I know there's no place in the council budget which gives room to party financing.This is just what the SDF has been accussing the CPDM of doing and today they have follen in the same trap.We need those councils to be audited for us to know if actually they have effectively used their budgets as would have been in the interest of the communties that they represent.This is an unproductive party that can only put members against other just for some to keep eating fat behind the party name.The accounts of the party should be the most important item on the agenda of the convention.

Celestine Fosung Nke

Mr Ndi has been wrongful all the way. He has wrongly judged Cameroonians, based on the turn out he receives during party rallies. What he has failed to understand is, the grass root militants do not altimately decide the political faith and destiny of a nation. Few of them manage to go to the pools, reducing his chances of seriously competing and winning important political decisions in the country. Those who constitute the largest voting block, are those who have schooled a little. Regrettably, he seems to be undercutting that very base he should have worked hard to consolidate.

By shying away from dissent and political debate, he is telling us our top job is not for him. His political faith and destiny cannot, and should not remain chairmanship, which may interstingly enjoy unquestionable support from his grass root militants, but will slump at national level. Certainly, any politician hoping to ascend leadership must be through to type.

How stupid we were not to have understood at the time, the intense regionalisation which was ongoing in the SDF. If we did understand were this man was heading to, knowingly or unknowingly, we could have nib this issue before it materials, and convert a one time political hope of a nation into a group of selfish political arrogants.


It is unfortunate that dictators have taken the SDF hostage.All democrats are being expel from the party.It is really a sad thing for democracy in cameroon.Where are we heading to? GOD SAVE CAMEROON FROM ALL THESE DICTATORS


We saw it coming,hitler dictator Fru Ndi must now be smiling and rejoicing after succeeding in destroying the sdf we all sacrificed for.

Tanda,Yoyo,Mbah Ndam are dreamers goodluck to them.Now that Fru Ndi has finally crown himself a dictator let wait and see,he must be counting on Biya to give him seats come next oppurtune elections.The cpdm is quitely hiding their joker,Fru Ndi will be shocked.

Supporter Fon Lawrence,why border to explain the unexplanable?we are not fools rest assured.

History will prove us right,judgement day is not far.

Thank God for letting the honest revolt against Fru Ndi before this shame.I really lack words to describe this pathetic situation.

Goodluck to dictator Fru Ndi's sdf.


Amin Eta

Mbah Ndam, Fru Ndi and the rest have all made the SDF a communist party with all power vested in the hands of the so-called chairman. Thank god these men never took power in the elections they claimed was stolen. It is a same these guys think Cameroonians are fools, they should be locked up for embezzlement and fraud.Biya should stay on than hand over to these rogues.

Ndi O N

Dear All:
Humans are complex.Some must complain no matter the situation ie, good or bad. I think "table, debate and implementation" should be understood by most of us.I think from the other direction that one,s level of maturity is attained when he gets information, interpretes and react maturely in that, he either agrees or dissagrees, AND COMES OUT WITH A POSITIVE SUGGESTION. It is sad as someone commented earlier cos most of us here are from the other way not mature enough. It could be more dangerous if some of us are appointed or elected to various posts.My advise is that we better stay quiet and allow those who can better contribute to do so and by so doing, we will be respected. This is just the other way.


I will strongly suggest Fru Ndi step down 'cause he's been the chairman for 16 YEARS now and has achieved nothing.He has turned the party to the so call Bamenda clique and is ruling the party as a communist party whereby the politburo so call the NEC rules.If a leader cannot succeed in his first four years of his era,he is a failure and if he continues to rule he becomes a dictator and he becomes unproductive.
We have been carried by that fear factor which states that"without Fru Ndi there is no opposition to Biya".That's turn out to be false because there is really no true opposition to Biya.Biya is started to do what majority of his people have been calling..."the fight against corruption".
People, open your eyes Fru Ndi is there to enrich himself.Power corrupts absolutely and absolute power corrupts more absolutely.Mrs Effimba Makia just switched party and she is now with the ruling CPDM because she is sick and tired of the SDF mafia.Who says it won't affect the SDF?.If you say no,look at the past elections.It has affected the SDF.The ruling party is winning more seats in the house and more councils instead of loosing them because of too many defects from the opposition camp.
Fru Ndi,I believe you do not wanna have a state burial too.


shame fru shame shameeeeeeeeee
OH GOD where are you.?
just hear them
i have nothing to say but fru ndi will never see GOD


Mr. Fon Lawrence,

I laud your fanaticm for John Fru Ndi. this article is timely as it just goes a long way to better illustrate one of the arguments i've advanced against the illegal NEC. Big point of correction: Not most members of the NEC are NEC members because of their position. Correct me if i'm wrong there's only thirteen such ex-officio positions: which are reserved for: The Speaker and/or Leader of the Party in Parliament The President and Vice President or Prime Minister as the case may be if they are members of the Party and Provincial heads. Note: not all parliamentarians are members of the NEC. We cannot include heads and deputies of committees because the above article states the following: "The document further states that, "the National Chairman as Chief Executive, shall appoint and dismiss Chairpersons of Committees and their Deputies, who shall schedule meetings with him and tender reports to NEC on the progress of major departmental files." Now what are we left with? the only other positions left are not members of any committee or so. If the Chairman has powers to dismiss heads of committees then basically he runs it all. Go back, do the math and tell me how many ex-officio positions you come up with. the only people he seems not to have power dismiss are those in the government and provincial heads (note here that art. 8.2 can be abused against this group, particularly provincial delegates). Do the math. How many NEC members are there in all? Don't blame the POST, rather consider introspection vis-a-vis your party.


Dear Readers,

I have read the SDF proposed constitutional amendments and I got the following points to make:
-The constitution does not in my opinion reflect what I can term “strict democracy” because it will give too much power to the chairman.
If the chairman of the party has the right to appoint and dismiss, then he might at the end use this power in his favour to either dismiss those who are against him or appoint those who are in his favour. This of course will in a long run corrupt the chairman and make him/her the Alpha and the Omega in the party.
Again, the power for the people to elect their representatives will be limited. And this might make the slogan "Power to the People" useless.
The above argument gives the reasons among others why the opponents of the constitutional amendments may be right.
On the other hand, the reasons for the constitutional amendment advanced by the exponents of it are also convincing. To them it will enable the chairman to work effectively with those who will not oppose him/her because of either personal reasons or hidden agendas.
They also claim that as a socialist party, the SDF has to copy or emulate other socialist parties around the world. Again the amendments will make it possible for respect for hierarchy and no other senior member of the party (for example, the Secretary general) will have to say the chairman has no right to correct him or her because both of them were elected by the NEC or the national convention. These arguments among others are also convincing.
From the above light, I would want to remind us that Power corrupts and absolute Power corrupts absolutely. Any chairman already has the power in any given party and if he is given more powers to appoint and dismiss, he might do it well in the beginning but at a long run he/she might misfire given the fact that such a person will never be an angel or better still God who never makes mistakes.
But such a system can work effectively depending on the party structure or the laws put in place to oversee the activities of the chairman.
If the chairman has the right to appoint and dismiss, who will call him to order when he/she is going or wants to go astray? If the constitution has clear laws to stop the chairman or call him to order when he is going or wants to go astray, then I think a constitutional amendment like the one proposed by the NEC will be a good toll to keep a party firm and disciplined.
If this is put in place, I believe no one will out rightly challenge the chairman who appointed them. But if the law doesn’t affect the chairman, he/she will finally become the “I know and I can do all in the party.”
For now, I keep my fingers crossed. I hope the SDF or those proposing a constitutional amendment have in mind what can happen if they don't make sure the chairman is also put under the law. I also want to add that just saying that the chairman will after consultations, dismiss….. is not enough. Who will the chairman consult? What if he/she decides to consult those who are for him because of individual reasons?
The above are my humble suggestions. I am no politician neither am I a political scientist but I have given my opinion from the way I see it.
Is there any body to add to what I have said, say no or yes to my suggestions?


Here is the Question,
So if some elected members go lazy as it has also been the case that post will be dormant until the next convention? We have to make changes from experience. The constitutional amemdmends are perfect and allows the chairman to perform without excuses and if he fails, he is to blame, period. Why are some of you so over zealous? Thses are not rules that will be imposed uopon any one. They will be debated and voted upon. That is waht happens in the SDF, the only democratic party in Cameroon. I know it is had for most of you to understand this because no aother part does same. If am wrong correct me. Tell me just one party out of the 255 in Cameroon that have political debates, internal elections, and freedom of speech as it is with the SDF. MOst of you are blind and need to shut the F*** off.


Texam u better shut the F*** off, and secondly go play with your lonely self
hence you can burst a couple of nuts; dick face.
Why dont u accept the facts it is over for
SDF. Chance was given to them and they misjudged us who sacrifised our lifes, and many more to a bunch of losers, egocentrics, thieves, and you name it.
What we are seeing from Fru and his stalwarts is a blessing for it could have been worst if this bush folkes had been
given the chance to rule Cameroon.
Texam, u are one of the many followers of
Fru who will never see anything wrong with the man; that is extremely dangerous. Wake up and smell your upper lips, Texam.


This is Akoson. I'm back!


Listen to me Dearest Cameroonians!,

I beg to make this contribution a little longer than my previous ones. Before I react directly to that article, I'd like us learn something concerning a Socialist party with democratic ideals which's what the SDF party is.

If we refuse to think well then we'll be making a mistake in differentiating democratic socialism from a Social Democracy like the SDF. First of all many of those who describe themselves as "socialists" often argue that socialism necessarily implies democracy, thus making "democratic socialism" a redundant term.The terms "Democratic Socialism" and "Social Democracy" have often been used interchangeably, and, indeed, many have considered them synonymous until recently. Today, however, they usually denote two different things: Social Democracy's more centrist(professing or characterized by political or social beliefs that're not extreme). Now, the fact that it is more centrist doesn't mean that it is undemocratic should the leader be given powers to appoint the persons that he wants to work with as his subordinates. Remember that all social democracies which have ever existed or are still existing have used and are still using the method of leadership except your party, SDF. Experience has shown that appointed members of a cabinet with ratification from a strong body has always worked well. Biya's regime's failing cos he only dictates. When he appoints, no body ratifies. Ni John can appoint 100 times. Inasmuch as there's a strong body like the Convention to deny his suggestions he must dance to their tone until a favourite and competent candidate's appointed. Note that thesame constitutional ammendment does not allow him veto when the convention has a problem ratifying for long period of time.

Permit me equally draw your attention to the fact that Liberty is the responsibility a person is given, beyond the power of the a government, to handle each individual freedom. If we mustn't misuse the word democracy by excessively been drunk with so much liberty when dealing with office or some other work, then this is the right choice of the SDF especially now that some learned "founding fathers" think they can go out of bounds untouched.

My point's therefore very clear...that democracy wouldn't work well should everybody hold an elective position. And that appointments which're backed by ratification by a very powerful entity like the convention's the best thing for the SDF as it will check laxity and other forms of misdemeanours. By the way If you a body like the convention can elect a leader to lead NEC then they must be confident and trust the person they elected. If the trust and confidence wanes in the future, they can resist or even deny ratifying his appointees.

I'm coming back to react to individual postings. Meanwhile if you have any criticism or questions I'll get your raised finger when I come back.

Not yet gone. Still around!

Twisted-thinking forehead - Son Of Ako, London School Of Economics And Political Science.



Those who proposed this amendment also say some elected NEC members go to sleep and only return during the next convention to canvas for votes. This has been responsible for the slow growth of the party because the chairman has no powers to discipline these members.
To say that the party has not achieved anything would be dishonesty except for those who are not in SDF run councils. Firstly, before the coming of the SDF, the mayor's work was only to sign marriage and birth certificates. Today, we have a different image. What the SDF councils have done in their few years of existence is more than what the CNU/CPDM councils have done in decades. The same story goes for Parliamentarians.
I guess that is why grassroot militants only swear by the SDF and its Chairman. I must add that even laudable actions of CPDM mayors today are only a reaction to the SDF which is also an achievement for the opposition party which has forced the ruling party officials to sit up. All politics should end with the general welfare of the masses. Those of us who maybe hoped to be elected as General Managers or headmasters of Primary schools when the SDF takes over power will be frustrated.That is why we see nothing good in the SDF.



You've done me proud by reasoning like someone who didn't only go to school, but someone who bothers to sit back and think. I'm happy cos you think constructively and objectively. Infact, I'm thankful to God for having people like you on this forum. However, I wish to enlighten you a lil on some issues you got twinkled about.

Except I failed to fully understand your problem, then I think that your concern's the "excessive" power heaped on the Chairman. Giving the Chairperson of a party powers to appoint his subbordinates's not a disturbing issue. Ask me why? Instruments've been put in place to check his excesses.

Let me just quote you "If the chairman has the right to appoint and dismiss, who will call him to order when he/she is going or wants to go astray?" My Dearest friend, just get this straight! That very chairman who'll in the long run betray his conscience'll be called to order by that very Convention that elected him. A member of the party can only be considered dismissed when the Convention ratifies. Take note! That's to say that when the Chairman dismisses someone and the Convention denies to ratify it, then the dismissal is not considered. Extraordinary convetions could be organised to deal with such cases.

Any further question?

Son Of Ako, LSE.



Thank you for that detail analyses or explanation. I believe the fact that any body could do what ever they wanted and go away is the more reason why the constitution should be amended.
I thought there wasn't going to be any solid organ to oversee the chairman's activities. And I also thought the chairman will have the final say in his appointments. But if the Convention will have to rectify the chairman's decisions, then I don't see where the issue of dictatorship will come from. From what I know, dictators have always had to give instructions and the others say amen. I still believe and I am convinced that the SDF is in a good footing. After the amendment, we will have no rebels in the party and those who wanted to be will surely toe the line.
Who says no to my opinion?


Decentralisation of power structure is an essential ingredient of democracy.It is rather unfortunate that SDF has decided to move away from democracy to dictatorship.The proposed SDF structure is a disgrace to democracy.


akoson son you are a big fool.did you go to school.and which democracy on earth does that.YOU are mbah ndam.i know because no one will reason like you.fool we have no time to teach you because you cant learn.


akoson son you are a big fool.did you go to school.and which democracy on earth does that.YOU are mbah ndam.i know because no one will reason like you.fool we have no time to teach you because you cant learn.


One aspect that has destroy the SDF today is too much of democracy.A party that is still in the struggle to take over power should not practice too much democracy that the SDF has been practicing.On slated elections may not be the best.Nevertheless to my opinion i think the chairman should appoint those he thinks he can properly work with.not those who are voted in today and the next there have disappeared eg Proff Kale in USA and some others.Provisions should be made in the amendments for some equality in that it should not be onesided.let all the provinces be represented in the NEC.
We regret that some of those we think are very competent,have left the party either through the way of article 8.2 or reseignation.all these and those who are still in the party have not delivered the expected goods.but one thing i know is that when a mango tree bears fruits and there are about getting ripe,some of the mangoes fall off.SDF is about getting to the end of the tunnel.that is why they are living no stone unturn in showing the door to rascal.many may be critising but it is a question of time.we shall all see the outcome of this.we are speaking already too much on a mere proposal.
we need new blood in the party.Ni John has to rest but who will take over.if a different party takes over the government today,thinks will change for the better even if it for a while.which is a hundred times better.each new government always want to do some thing that will make their regime to be remembered for. so those who think Biya should remain in power are just being short sighted.before this year ends power would have left him if he does not want to leave power.
it is time we depend more on God in this country rather than on Ni John or on man.we speak alot,comment,insult,criticise etc but we virtually do not go on our kneels in prayers for this nation.lets speak less and pray more.



It beats my imagination how fast Cameroonians can be in justifying what is not right. We were good at justifying the "Sans Objet" of the Sov. Nat. Conf. in 1991. Today, we areall sending motions of support to Biya for implementing all what that call entailled.
How can we be justifying dictatorship in a supposed Democratic Party with the slogan" Power to the People" with the excuse that some NEC members are lazy reason why SDF is stuck! Are we forgetting that after a new NEC is put in place Fru Ndi relegates the members to the background and tours the country alone never allowing anyone do anything... he fears they go to the field to insult him and sell their images.
Whatever we may say here the truth will soon catch up with us. I hear some inslting the Founding FAther in the same manner as does Fru Ndi. That is good. Nemesis will catch up with us. We will soon know why Police Inspector Yoyo proposed this Ammendment. Now that they have kicked off all potential opponents of dictatorship, this thing will sail through smoothly, and Fru Ndi will be the super NAC/NEC National President of thr great SDF. Suffer Don Finish!!!!!


A goat will for ever remain a goat,the constitution that has guided the sdf for 16 years is now being thwarted for personal reasons,suddenly, supporters of fru ndi are now giving us all sought of analysis to suit their needs.

We have used the constitution that supporters of dictator Fru ndi want us changed, from birth to the next convention.The reasons for the change is simple,the chairman came under heavy criticism for accepting dictator biya's favours.He had to twist and ben the constitution and rules to get members dismissed.Today, with his gang he is now throwing his joker.

Hear them''the chair in consultation will appoint'' and further ''can dismissed with the approval of the convention''

What a joke!!! Is this not this same chairman who has refused to organised a convention for lack of money?Where is the money coming from now?Dictators will always justify their evil and plant worshippers to help destroy the good.Finally but slowly we are all seeing the sdf being murdered.

If prof Asonganyi/Ngwasiri never brought his deeds to the limelight, do we think this chairman would have conducted any convention?

He over stayed his mandate by 3 years,and now accepting a convention at his convenience when he is chair of NAC/NEC, and his cousin the convention moderator.Supporters of dictator Fru Ndi who do you guys think you are deceiving?Fru ndi is only deceiving himself for not long he will have to managed a village party.

It it but normal that we revised a constitution when need be, but not the Fru Ndi/Mbah ndam type of revision.

Fru ndi and his supporters can do what they like but remember there is 'the isles of match' coming.Give him a gun to kill,to justify his powers.He will seat one day in Ntarikon and be saying Oh, Oh, had i known.




Why do you guys like double speaking,and quick to forget.You make me laugh all the time,Why did the convention not bring Fru ndi to order after he over stayed his mandate by three years?The convention will only bring him to order when he appiont and dismissed.

Good luck to you in LSE.Wounders shall never end.



The idea of moving the constitution away from electing members of the NEC and Committees to appointment looks a bit absurd bearing in mind the principle of the SDF party. Those pushing for this point to the fact that other socialist parties around the world follow this orientation. I am not quite sure what models they have used to come up with such arguments. The Labour party in the UK which SDF has always tried to emulate certainly does not have the delegates nor members of the NEC appointed (see labour constitution - I have not read this any where in its constitution. I might be missing the point somewhere, but my gut feeling is that if we move away from electing to appointing, we would risk dictatorial tendencies – are we prepared for this?


I do not know much about politics but just a little to put in. I have never seen where ministers are elected to work with the PM, say. He/she nominates a cabinet and then seeks for approval. But if it is true that more powers will be concentrated on the chairman, then my fears are not yet with the current chairman but the next one. These guys may have a hidden agenda and when their idea is put through, they will unvail the real thing. Hope all NEC members are keeping their eyes open. Fru Ndi has got very limited time left to head the party, so this preparation is for the next chairpersons.


and who is next is what might be hidding in their minds.


What the fuss are all these CPDM theorists making here!If some individuals tabled some proposals pending the convention ,where has Fru Ndi gone wrong in all of that.Those of you who have been shouting at the top of their voices for Ngwasiri to take over things are the same ones talking about the May convention.Just wait for May and contribute your sums ranging from 500,000frs you promised and also start making your own proposals,not only talking about money.
The Convention is the heart of the party and here Cameroonians are expected to bring out the best of them to make this party stronger.Nobody is wishing for Fru Ndi to start appointing everybody in the party.
Every single move should be democratic and should go through elections as has always been the case.But we should also acknowledge
the fact that all the posts in a party can
not be elective.We have been seeing how George Bush and Tony Blair have been
appointing party members to strategic posts.
There are some posts that are elective de jure .This is to ensure that democracy remains in the hands of the masses.So even if we were to copy other constitutions,we must make sure they should reflect the contentious nature of our budding democracy.
Again,we should rather go through some other constitutions and propose ideas that delegates will use to strengthen their
positions during the convention,than
castigating somebody who has not yet appointed anybody.

Go over to and read the full story about Messi Messi and improve your knowledge about Cameroon.I remember last year you craved on the indulgence of somebody to do some research for you to this effect.Its never too late to learn.

Mac Satan

Hello Mr Akoson,
If I can remember very well, a couple of days or weeks ago you promised exposing MUKETE as a CPDM sponsored AGENT to destabilise the SDF.
You said you had concrete proof as to this effect bank transactions inclusive.
I have been to my village for a while and have missed a few postings (no network).
I donot know if you have already made public your findings. If not CAN you please exposed MUKETE as planned. I rely on you, sir.
It is important you do this now.
If not then I will be inclined to believe some of MUKETE's postings.
I am not particularly interested in what is presently happening in the SDF. It has failed Cameroonians no matter how you see it.
Like I said before, soon the Crocodile will eats its own eggs. Its now a matter of time.


I think it is time, we must come to reason and act responsibly. Criticism will never end. So no matter what is what, any person who is at the top need to fear no criticism.The SDF Boss is a good example that others must copy. He has a dream for all Cameroonians.
Lets give him a chance! And you will be shock of the changes that wii emanate from his aspirations.
We look forward to the SDF Convention.

Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA)

The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA) today calls on the Nigerian Government to immediately send Ex-Liberian leader Charles Taylor to the Special Court in Sierra Leone.

CHRDA praises the Nigerian government for its swift response in the arrest of Charles Taylor. However, the Nigerian Government should immediately send the indicted war criminal to Sierra Leone and not to Liberia as stated by Nigeria.

Charles Taylor faces 17 counts of war crimes at the Special Court in Sierra Leone. The Special Court was created in 2002 to try those who bear the greatest responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity during Sierra Leone's armed conflict. Taylor was arrested after he escaped from his Calabar residence.

In an earlier communique posted today prior to the news of the arrest of Taylor; CHRDA had vehemently condemned the Nigerian Government for letting Charles Taylor escape.

The CHRDA calls on the international community to put pressure on the Nigerian Government to find and arrest Charles Taylor in order that he should be extradited to Sierra Leone to face charges of war crimes against him at the Special Court.

In the words of Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla, Executive Chairman of CHRDA

''Taylor's escape is a sad day for Africa in general and to international criminal justice in particular.

Nigeria should do everything in its power to ensure that Taylor is found and brought to justice''. He goes further to state that:

"Failure to find and bring Charles Taylor to justice will not only seriously affect Nigeria's image and credibility but will also be a personal blow to President Olusogun Obasanjo".

For more information on the Taylor Saga visit the CHRDA Website at

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

There are three brands of commentators on this forum when it concerns the SDF party:

(1) True democrats who spotted Fru Ndi's dictatorial tendencies a long while ago and began to complain about it early

(2) True democrats who have been successfully conned by Fru Ndi's tactics into believing that at heart he is a democrat, but are beginning to see the real truth

(3) Autocrats who know what Fru Ndi is truly about and have been backing him all along. They are ready to produce justifications or palliatives for Fru Ndi's dictatorial actions.



I have been waiting for you to come up with any make-up stories you may generate against me. Readers have been waiting for you to "expose" me as you promised. I have already given you the GREEN light to go on. Your betters have used this same forum to threathen me with the prospects of evil which will NEVER happen. Many have linked me to different geographical locations in Europe, North America, Cameroon, and even in space. Some have located me everywhere and nowhere. Worst still, many have tried to divert attention from the light I bring here by trying to raise issues that have completely no bearings on the light I carry. Some have naively used my e-address to send me messages with hidden motives.

In all, readers have since realized that I remain the same Mukete. I have started using my real name - MUKETE Lewis - even before this forum went into "War". If I had something to hide, then in the face of all threats and provocations, I should have since changed my name.

I am still waiting for you to make public your findings about me before I tell you something. I still have much work for this forum.

Stay tuned.


Celestine Fosung Nke

We are back to the very beginning of one party rule. The youths have to reason better and get real with the problems we face. We are altimately the loosers. Mr Ndi, and his followers as well as the Prof's Asonganyi and Ngwasiri have nothing to loose or gain. I think they are fighting for us, and it is our responsibilty to identify real leaders and give them the support they deserve. Whenever they stray from the path, we give them a red card, and choose a new crop of leaders. The Cameroon of tommorrow, is what we want it to be, not necessarily these political adventurers.


SPAM ALERT !!!!!!! Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA). Is Spam. Pay no mind SPAM. Some folks tryna get noticed. Wrong forum. SPAM, JUNK, BOT and all that.

Fon  Lawrence

It is erroneous for you to call me a fanatic of Fru Ndi.Please moderate it and call me a fanatic of the SDF.I have once mentioned here that I don´t care who is chairperson of the SDF provided the person can deliver the goods.In the same like permit me address you as fanatical anti SDF.Hope you will also ask me to moderate and say you are fanatical anti Fru Ndi.

That said,when I made my remarks,I hold that the constitution of the SDF should be tailored to protect the interest of the party ,but not that of an individaual.The constitution can´t be for the interest of Fru Ndi because he cannot be chairman for ever.

Concerning the constitutional amendments; the SDF still in her infancy,must start from some where.The place point to take off is to copy from other constitutions of social democrats as they are trying to do.Amendment means the present constitution has been tried and there is a deficiency.

Most important,the amended draft will not be imposed on the delegates at the convention.Those who hold that the constitution is for the interest of the party will have to work hard to convince delegates at the convention.The 1500 delegates who will be present at the convention will have to take responsibity.I am sure all of them will not be fanatics of Fru Ndi as some of us will be fast to conclude.

While I embrace what my learned compatroit,Akoson has already explained above,I have the following suggestions:
1.Instead of the word appoint,the phrase nominate for ratification be used.
2.The constitution should clearly spell out circumtances that will warrant a dismissal.

I hope you will not react to the so call Momo.Allow readers to single out who is a fool between you and Momo
Let those who you think that Fru Ndi blocks from going to the field make themselves prominent in their constituencies.
Mac Satan and Mukete,
I don´t know what you are still expecting from Akoson? If you are current,you should recall that Klemenceau,if I am not mistaken made lucid Akoson´s objective.On the other hand,Mukete do you want to tell this forum that you are different from the other muketes.First you tell a lot of lies;some of them,I don´t know your objective. You once wrote on this forum castigating "Bush faller" that you have nothing to admire from them and mentioned that you were in Cameroon and happened to have employed some "Bush Fallers".But it is clear you don´t live in Cameroon.What was the objective of that kind of lie? What do you want us to discern from the fact that you have never gone beyound secondary school?
We should come of age!

Fritzane Kiki a Hong Kong

Cameroon has become a dangerous political arena today, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.From time and again we have been reiterating the treacherous influence of Fru Ndi and his kinsmen using their shortsightedness to change and transform the SDF constitution for personal reasons and favors...We are now seeing it coming out glaringly.Otherwise doing no good to the party.

If NJFN is given dictatorial powers then I doubt where the SDF is heading to.How comes Fru should be given the right to appoint and dismiss members of the NEC,Heads and Deputies of committees and even parliamentarians.I bet you this draft constitution is a sham and very degrading to the SDF.A big blow to the general "social democracy" it preached in the 90's.

Mr Akoson
Is talking of all democracies in the world except the SDF gives the president more powers!!I don't think NJFN as a chairman should be given such powers....the 'power to the people' is now 'power to Fru'?

Dr Fultang,Dr Abongbai,Vally,Mukete....

Thank you guys for your commitment to instil into the minds of those Pro-Fru scapegoats, that the direction with which Fru and his propagators are taking the party to,is a betraying and humiliating one,not only to the Party as a whole but to Cameroonian politics in particular.

We all have been witnessing what had been taking place within the ranks of the party,with all sorts of dismissals,blackmails,counter-accusations,corruption and other vices that have plagued the party recently.Jean Ndi Fouda(NJFN)has been at the center of all these scenes.Victims of circumstance like Prof.Asonganyi,prof.Ngwasiri and host of others are living examples of Fru's dictatorial tendencies to remain in power(shamlessly he is fighting but with his party members no longer with Bi Mvondo of Etoudi the number one 'friend' of his)

This is the SDF we have been talking of.....Majority of the people want Fru to step down.He has failed in his duties.We all know of his fraudulent financial dealings with Paul Biya.If he was unable to manage even a footbal team in Bamenda,then how do we expect him to take over the presidency?His tactics in elimanating his educated rivals in the party is an open injustice in his capacity to click on power.

I'll rather be an open critic than a fable friend to Fru .....this is the only way to help the party....than blindly accept his misleadership,unjustified ratification of the constitution and his electoral fraud within the's a disgrace his ego.The once most respected,feared and adored polital figure in Cameroon is now fighting to be head of NEC,NAC,and SDF!! He has forgot his task to become the president of Cameroon...(if only he will be ready by then.....because the CPDM are coming up strong)

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Some of the commentators in this forum have issues,

A “Mukete” that is full of himself, and who thinks this forum is all about him.

“A learned man” like “Dr. A. A. Agbormbai” who thinks he deserves the title and won’t make any comment without putting “Dr.” before his name. And has gone as far as categorizing commentators in this forum.

A certain “momo” who has nothing to say but is asking others if they went to school.

Some funny “Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA)”, I’m sure this organization is made of Crackheads, that’s why it never occurred to them that we are posting comments on the SDF issue here and not Charles Taylor and Co. Why don’t you go and arrest Charles Taylor yourself.

Now back to our main issue, it is true that we want change in the SDF, correct me if I’m wrong, the constitutional amendment has not yet been adopted, it’s just a proposal that will be dealt with during the upcoming Bamenda convention (Ngwasiri & Co. will hold their own convention in Yaounde). I hear they are expecting about 1500 delegates, I think the future of the SDF is in the hands of these delegates. For now we can voice out our hatred or love for Fru Ndi, and the Convention will decide on who will chair the party and whatever proposed constitutional amendments would be adopted, rejected or modified.

I am scared of this FCFA 55 million budget the SDF has for the convention. I hope there would be some accountability after the convention.

mola fako

lets assume we cameroonians are all fools!!!
even some one from bonakanda will rise from his fallen house and say shit!!
look ahead of you
fight like Fru Ndi and or like Biya do no criticism for you do not have the potential to stand like any of them. i love cameroon but hate cameroon politics.
some use the word dictator as though its meaning reflects to what they discribed. goats.. who in cameroon is acting like Sadam, charles Taylor, E.Dada...
you should not invite Americans here oh!! for there are hunting for dictors and when there come there will not only go with a dictor but many will be sweep away..
watch out!!!


take note
I am inside the sdf and i know what many of you dont know.fru ndi is trying kill the party before leaving.he does not want anybody to enjoy like him.he is even trying to ask GOD to reduce his age so he can be everything.but GOD is just God and can never.
mukete we are happy you are back
we are waiting for the truth.
akoson i will keep on calling you a fool till fru ndi is gone.
mukete please dont think the war is over
we must keep on.



Why are you asking Akoson to come up with his findings about you? Remember you have made several promises in this forum to expose Fru Ndi and to the best of my knowledge, you only came up with what some journalists wrote on some news papers. Recently you promised to come up with the whole story of how the love relationship between Mr. Sama's sister's son and Ndongo's daughter started. Until now I have read nothing on this forum as a revelation of the evil underlying this relationship.
Akoson has the right to either publish his findings or not. It should worry you much and I believe even after the findings, you will never accept it as the truth. No one is a stranger to your lies except those disciples of yours.
Mukete has two wives, he own cyber cafes in Cameroon, and he never went beyond form five, and so on and so fort. You are deceiving yourself.
How can a level headed person believe what you say?


It is interesting to see those who are fortunate to be breathing in the same air we breathe coming to talk about "Mukete" only days and weeks after Mukete has posted in very convincing and revealing facts. When these beasts of no nation read what I post, they go into hidding, and only coming back to raise issues that have nothing in principle to contradict the very tangible facts I have presented. As if to try their outdated strategy of diverting the attention of readers, they start saying worthless things about my person, education, name, etc. These were "highly educated" people who had rejected anything academic about me: my level of English, my writing skills, my education, my grammar, etc. Why are they now trying to lift me VERY HIGH, and even trying to give the impression that I live in the HEAVEN they find themselves.

To add more studipity to this coward nick named Klemenceau, Fon (Metta version for FUN), and their fellow disciples of confusion, I am asking them to list any truth they find in what I write. I mean just one. And if they find none, they should list all the false facts I have presented here. They should be specific, rather than tossing their shameless hearts over the ocean.

I continue to tell them that they have not read anything here. They are still to discover more from me. The many mails I have got through my private e-mail address, and the fact that many readers actually see sense in what I write, are the passion and fire that keep me writing.

I still have many facts to post, and when they come, brainless people should not run. I still maintain that the struggle in the SDF is not for the weak.



Just say i know many of you making noise here will not be at the convention in yaounde or at the illegal one in bamenda.
But i will tell true petriots that i will personally go to cameroon for the convention
TO Those saying that the convention in bamenda is for the re.birth of the sdf they are telling a great lie.this is because the number one gambler,the PMUC fan will win and the situation will be the for those for the congress in yaounde, there is much to hope since these leaders will try their best to represent the ideas of the common man.
those will want to confuse great minds like mukete will only live to regreat.for the future is in the hands of great thinkers like mukete not highly educated for nothing like akoson fon lowrence or what and boo who find nothing wrong in a man who has no use for mankind.look at the fight against corruption ,fru ndi is o un able to say something because he is the second corrupt man in cameroon.GOD will punish you fru ndi.
mukete courage.


It's very unfortunate that pro Fru Ndi supporters don't want to accept the chaos their master has brought. I really feel sorry for these guys because the clock is running so fast against them.
What a disgrace in the name of a constitutional proposal. It did not come as a surprise. When you find people like Yoyo and Mbah Ndam being the authors of such a proposal, what do you expect. These two guys can't afford to let their master out of office, as a result, they are working relentlessly to get this garbbage through. With someone else at the helm of the SDF, Mbah Ndam and Yoyo will never see the walls of the glass palace in Yaounde. Mbah Ndam could not win primaries in his constituency, thanks to Fru Ndi their fraudelent mechanism took him through. Mbah Ndam was beaten hands down by one tutor of PHS batibo in 1997. Yoyo is a 419 politician who benefits from the connections he has with Fru Ndi. Fru Ndi benefits alot from the largess given him from his feymen deputies. In return, he must make sure these guys stay in parliament.
Democracy in the SDF is nonexistence.

Fon  Lawrence

Before you call me a pig,goat etc,let me tell you that Teno Lawrence and Nyah Migrate who competed with Mbah Ndam in the SDF primaries in 1997;non of them has ever taught in PHS Batibo.

In addition if Mbah Ndam was not delivering the goods,the Moghamo man will not continue give him their votes since 1997.I know you will say Moghamo people are "blind supporters" of Fru Ndi since they keep voting for Mbah Ndam



Hahaha, so you have finally reacted to my postings. This sounds interesting and I hope you keep on.
I told you before now that you should make sure you come up with solid proofs of your allegations against any body in this forum. I keep on saying you are a fiction because your write ups are all fictions.
You claim to have posted "convincing and revealing facts" in this forum? I doubt the convincing facts you recently posted here. Are you still talking about what you have been pasting from the journalists talking against Fru Ndi? Or is there another "convincing and revealing facts" you have posted that I have not seen?
Please Mukete you are a visionary chasing your shadow. Please keep on deceiving those who can't read or can read but don't want to read between the lines with your fictions. Only such people will see your fictions as facts.
From your write ups and antics in this forum, I won't be wrong to describe you as a dangerous/homicidal lunatic. I wish to advice those disciples of yours to look for a lunatic asylum for you.
Mukete, you claim to know everything but I bet you, you only know one thing. Someone should ask me what!!---All you know is to go around, and gather "I hear say" info around the quarters or from your fellow drunkards, get back to your house and build them up to make them look convincing and factual.
Mukete, can you please answer these questions for the readers in this forum?

Between you and the so called journalists of Le Messenger et al, who has access into Fru Ndi's inner circle?

I remember you, almighty Mukete claimed in this forum to have access to Fru Ndi's inner circle. You claimed that Fru Ndi will even not be happy to see that some of us were asking you to expose him.

Mukete if you had access to Fru Ndi’s inner circle why did you have to rely on journalists to expose him (Fru Ndi)? You liar!!!!

We (those who are objective in this forum e.g. Akoson, Fon Lawrence, Watesih, Dylan etc) expected you to feed the journalists with information/facts about Fru Ndi and his evil deals. On the contrary, all you have been doing is spending your time either writing fictions or abusing others. I remember one guy (someone help me with this guy’s name, he is a journalist I suppose) posted something here in French against your friend the journalist of Le Messenger and his argument made your mental situation worst. I can't imagine how you abused this guy in your reaction to his posting.
For those who still don't know, Mukete is a liar. In fact he is a specimen of lie. Those who are carried away by his fictions should be wise. Mukete might have been disappointed in an attempt to get up to the top rankings of the SDF and so he feels Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam are to blame for his failures. If not then his mental state should be the sole cause of his biased mind. Please the boat of the SDF is already on high sea and you might not even be lucky to catch the boat meant for the late comers.
Expecting you to post your normal rantings all aimed at painting Fru Ndi and others black.

Fon  Lawrence

Moreover,there were never any crisis in Batibo after the said primaries.How ever opinion polls saw Teno Lawrence leading before the actual primaries.
The two,Teno Lawrence and Mbah Ndam are very popular in Batibo asmuchas the SDF is concern.The two continue to work hard together. Teno Lawrence remains the District chairman of the SDF since 1991.
Michael do a bit of research before publishing anything for public consumption.


It is particularly interesting to see Cameroonians in an open debate forum. The issues we discuss here are pertinent to the future of our country and people. What is disturbing is that certain people display their ignorance, while the others who know better, take advantage of them. It is important to note that, one person cannot know everything. And as such, we should seek to compliment each other. We should seek, to bring the various opinions, ideas and principles together. Rather than use our education and information to denigrate our fellows who know less, we should use it for the development of our country and people. If a fellow brother or sister is ignorant it reflects badly on us all. And you cannot teach someone anything by insulting them.

Having said that, I must admit my ignorance of Cameroonian politics. I know the superficial stories we read in the newspapers and the anecdotes we receive from family back home. I am not going to use that in a debate forum to fight people who know better and live the "misery" in Cameroon day-in-day-out.

I find it particularly interesting that people would use the idea that socialist parties everywhere in the world have centralised powers to change a constitution. Shouldn't we be concentrating on what works for us? Is it a point that since my parents have always worked on the farm, I should do so too? If there would be checks-and-balances, why not use the checks-and-balances now. Rather than give power to one man so as to check it later. Please Ako, do not miss the point. In party politics, these appointment nonsense is not really necessary. If it is, please make us see it rather than bombard us with "social democracy and democratic socialism". We neither have the time nor your education to understand it. Neither do the people at the convention and grassroots.

Mukete, you obviously know your stuff. This is actually my first time in this forum. And as such, I do not know what you guys have been on about. The first thing, I notice about you is that, you write clean English. Without, using the cut-paste-phrases that are typical of Cameroonians. It also appears that you reason certain facts properly. However, I haven't seen these facts. Your insistence on calling people names and insulting others, almost nullifies the good things you "appear" to write. Small minds concentrate on people as they say. If you could avoid calling people names like FON, Metta for FUN, then one can read what you say. Again, avoid nonsense like the fight in the SDF, is not for the weak. What fight are we talking about? Shouldn't democracy be an open process? If there are fights in the background, why keep them in the background, yet try to justify them in public?

I will conclude with this thought, let us state clear principles, which people can voice their opinions on. Let us discuss democracy and politics amongst our people, not persons. And when someone wishes, to limit the freedom of our speech we will discuss freedom of speech, not that person. Hope this helps.


I'm back!


Mac Satan, I hardly reply to guys who use English names let alone those who openly conceal their identity. This explains why I refrain from letting "Momo" know that my personal definition of a fool is someone who does not know that he does not know.


You asked me to provide what you term "make-up stories" about my allegations that you're a CPDM sponsored agent. You can call them whatever names you wish. This wouldn't deter me from doing what I've already started doing. I promised this same forum. I must do it! You can't push me to provide incomplete truths. By the way you can't push me disobey the true words of my grand father - "The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it." I want nothing but the whole truth. Issues such as these are very important. I don't do sketchy work like you. When it comes to providing proofs, I provide hard ones. From my postings constituents of this forum's think factory such as the indefatigable Klemenceau, the no nonsense Fon the rest, and even some of your apostles such as Michael, AgborMbai and their likes can bear me witness. Above all, God's my witness. You told us to point out atleast something truthful you've ever spoken in this Forum. I can say without any fear of regret nor contradiction that the only truth you've ever written's the acknowledgement of the fact that God exists. I'm happy about that. But know that even the devil acknowledges this unquestionable reality.

Ashwell, I'm sorry to have "bombarded" you with words which you use everyday. If you don't want to think then I'm afraid this forum's NOT for you. I even got you differing against your master's(Mukete's) views. He wrote; "I still maintain that the struggle in the SDF is not for the weak". So you better just open the door behind you, go out, close the door and go back from where you came if you're not prepared to think for a second. Ask particular questions for clarifications. That's why we're here! I pull your ears; "do you hear me?"

My Dearest Cameroonians,

Like I said earlier, we don't support a particular name. We don't support Ni John Fru Ndi. Rather, we support ONLY positive thought. We support a positive brain and reason which is beneficial for the development of our great country. Gentlemen and ladies, let's sit back and think about this most pressing issue - a PROPOSAL for constitutional ammendment. One man "sins"...the other suffers. "Tiko drink, Kumba drunk". Ni John Fru Ndi's not a policy maker. Yoyo and others brought about an idea to change the SDF's constitution and NOT Ni John Fru Ndi. Today just because we have selfish interests and hate. Just because we are power hungry we're trying to do everything humanly possible to assasinate the character of Ni John Fru Ndi. Thank God all these masterminders' allegations are spurious. It is not confusion as such; it is malice, dishonesty, ill-faith and above all inhumanity.

Yoyo and the others have a right to their decisions about coming up with a constitutional amendment. Permit me quote Ni John Fru Ndi when he was interviewed sometime ago about this issue. This was his reaction :

"...remember every idea that comes up is tabled and debated at NEC. It is only when the issue is above NEC, that it is referred to the party Convention. To say I have a faction of NEC members who support me and others are in support of Professor Asonganyi is not true. There is no faction in the SDF. As Chairman, I am always very objective. If Yoyo came up with any such thing as constitutional changes, I just think it was his right to do that. To the best of my knowledge, no such amendment has been tabled before NEC over which I preside. Amendments in the party are not tabled in newspapers and debated in public seminars"...

I thnk that because we're in a democracy we must respect their views. Everybody has a right to their thoughts. Let's leave them to the mammoth task of convincing 1500 delegates. If more than half of these delegates can be convinced then let democracy take its course. From the look of things, this proposal came as a result of the current malice and dishonesty plaqueing the party. If I were a delegate, I'll vote for it giving the fact that it's not for the interest of Fru Ndi but for people of the party who gave powers to the Chairman. I therefore insist that the slogan "power to the people" will NOT be trampled upon. Remember that he's not going to be chairman forever. He's not unaware of this. If this proposal's not voted for, I wouldn't care.

I've not written it all. Even Christ said; if He could be persecuted for the tuth,who are we not to?. Crucify me for speaking the truth but before you do, remember that the truth shall set us free.

I love you all.

Twisted-thinking forehead - Son Of Ako, London School Of Economics And Political Science.



Fon Lawrence,
What is Teno's occupation?


I thought after being disappointed with this forum and people whose signatures here are their locations (as a way of "showing off" their emptiness) should read this. This is what makes Cameroonians proud, not the ignorant dudes who specialize in insulting others. You can become a celebrity two things: good or evil. Where do you want to belong?

Mbah a Moute is UCLA's royalty

By BETH HARRIS, AP Sports Writer
March 31, 2006

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- No need to bow or call him sir. He carries his own backpack and walks around campus without security guards.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is royalty on UCLA's basketball team, even if a lot of folks stumble when it comes to saying his regal-sounding name, which is pronounced Luke Ree-SHARD Umbah-a-MOO-teh.


In Cameroon, Mbah a Moute is a prince whose father is chief of a small rural village outside the capital of Yaounde.

"It's an honor," he said, explaining that his own royal duties are limited to participating in ceremonies, dances and festivals while wearing traditional garb.

"When I'm done with everything, I want to go back to my country," he said. "I love my country. It's a beautiful place and it's home. You always want to be home."

His father, Camille Moute a Bidias, oversees life in Bia Messe, where about 4,000 people look to him for help with jobs, construction, weddings and funerals.

"He goes to the village every weekend, making sure everything is going all right, there's no problem with anybody," said Mbah a Moute, whose family lives an hour or so away in Yaounde.

Eventually, Mbah a Moute's father will choose one of his six sons to succeed him. Typically, it would be the oldest son, and Luc is third-youngest among his brothers and sisters.

"Being in charge of a lot of people like that, it's a hard thing to do, so it has a pretty big significance," said Alfred Aboya, Mbah a Moute's freshman teammate, who is from Yaounde. "His dad has to do everything."

Mbah a Moute grew up passionate about playing with a round ball. Now, five years after trading soccer for basketball, his innate rebounding ability has helped UCLA reach the Final Four.

The freshman is shooting 59 percent from the floor, although only 52 percent from the line, and leads the Bruins in rebounding and steals during the NCAA tournament.

"His No. 1 attribute that makes him great is his toughness, competitiveness and his pride," coach Ben Howland said. "He is unique."

Mbah a Moute has given the Bruins an improved presence in the paint, leading them in rebounding in all but seven games. When he's not inside using his long arms to grab a rebound, he's guarding opponents out on the wing.

"I never worked on rebounding; it just came naturally," he said. "You've got to have a feel for the ball. It's something you're just gifted with."

Mbah a Moute has done a lot for the Bruins (31-6) in the tournament. He had 14 points and 10 rebounds in their surprising comeback win against Gonzaga. He made a tough catch on a lob pass in traffic and scored the go-ahead layup with 9 seconds remaining and then scrambled for a loose ball to give UCLA possession with 4 seconds to go.

Exciting stuff for a kid whose journey from Cameroon to UCLA began in 2003, when he arrived in the United States speaking little English but knowing basketball could earn him a spot in college.

Mbah a Moute's parents have yet to see him play in the tournament, although his friends in Cameroon have caught some games on replay.

"I explained that this is kind of big," he said, smiling. "They really don't know."

His infrequent calls home -- Cameroon is nine hours ahead of Los Angeles -- contribute to Mbah a Moute's homesickness. He commiserates with Aboya, especially when it comes to food.

Mbah a Moute's favorites include sanga ndole, bobolo and kpen ke baze -- foods derived from corn, maize and cassava, whose roots resemble sweet potatoes and are the source of tapioca pudding.

"I heard there's some place in LA, but I haven't had time to go out and look for it," Mbah a Moute said.

He and Aboya are each other's support systems, usually speaking French when they're together.

"Back home, people are really, really friendly. We grew up playing the same games and doing the same things," Aboya said. "It's different here because we don't have the same connection with kids. We're homesick most of the time, but we know we're here for a purpose and you try and make your dream happen."

That dream includes adding another national championship banner to the 11 already hanging in Pauley Pavilion.


"celebrity for one of two things"

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