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Monday, 13 March 2006


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Mrs Njeuma could be the president of the world. But is that any reason for not trying her?

Another reason could be more intelligent. Nobody should be above the law in a democratic state.

Mola a-lute Bobe

Please, Mami resign or retire if is milder to use that word. You have served. We will certainly come along to visit you with some bottles on your deserved retirement. Must you continue? How far are you left to go from here? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Nature holds that nothing rises forever. Trees that bear sweet fruit must go baren sometime and die. Cann't you read the signs of the time? Wonders shall never end!

Pastor Mola a-lute Bobe

N G  Tebeck

Mr Judge , where did you get your training?.You are evidence of the corrupt nature of this country. People like you bought their way through to ENAM and then cheated all through your training or paid others to write exams for you. Thats Cameroon. Applying plain common sense is above you. Even my grand mum knows every body is equal before the law .A block headed fool like you say " Njeuma has been this and that so her carear should not be soiled.So if njeuma killed some one today you would let her go free cos she has been president of the world. I pity you.


Experience so far in most parts of the world has shown that people who think they are above the law always end up driving the society offtrack.

A human being = A human being
Everybody is important to the society

A car's exhaust pipe is as important as its break.

A man anus is as important as his mouth.

So no matter who Njeuma is or what she has to done to the Cameroonian government is not worth making her a tyrant.

She should keep her arrogance aside and know that we all used the same track to enter the world (from a woman's stomach) and will use the same track to leave the world (death).

"Nature holds that nothing rises forever. Trees that bear sweet fruit must go baren sometime and die. Cann't you read the signs of the time?" quoted above by Pastor Mola a-lute Bobe!

God bless you all


i can't judge anyone, but it appears to me that the judge in this case is uneducated and illiterate. Its sad to think that even the justice department in Cameroon is so corrupt that we all are not equal before the law, so where is the justice? why do we have laws if the rich and famous are above it? There are too many unanswered questions in Cameroon today and we are praying for a change.

Roki of Shanghai

When L'Anecdote published names of alledged government homosexuals, a minister whose name was included ran to the a corrupt courtroom in Yaounde so the publisher could be punished for leaking his secret.I still believe that one day, the truth will come to light about that case.Here is a country whereby people are judged according to their resumes and the connections they have with the presidency.So in other words, SYNES does not have the same legal rights as Njeuma.If Njeuma or her corrupt friend of a judge above have watched added features in the documentary Fahrenheit 911, they must have seen Condoleeza Rice answering questions before a commission about the September 11 attacks.If the commission resembled anything like the one we have above in the name of a court, they would have thrown out the case file and let her go scot free because of her rich resume and what she had done for the government and people of the United States.Njeuma is untouchable as we all can see but one thing remains for sure as a contributor has commented above, power is sweet but we can't have it forever.Njeuma can get away with it now but she should bear in mind that the evil mankind does, lives with them to the fourth generation.

Meadow Soprano

So if Njeuma killed another human being she will be forgiven because of her membership in the politburo?

Or if she stabbed and killed Biya the nation will forgive her and not bring her before a Court of Law to defend herself because she belongs to the politburo, ex-minister blah, blah blah!

Even Saddam Hussein today is being humiliated by Judges in a country where he served as former president...learn a lesson Cameroon the world around us is changing why do we keep clinging on to these false assumptions about the way things were or are?


its true let her resign, where is mukete he can not write on this issue only waiting to say nonsense things on Ni John

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