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Thursday, 23 March 2006


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This writer should stop saying nonsense, are you writing the CPDM figures or you are trying to say that this is actually what our toll gate fetches in a day. Stop saying nonsense. Money for toll gate cannot be used for any meaningful development of cameroun, it can only be used as it is being used to enrich the pockets of a few CPDM stalwarts. So the lack of tickets should be a blessing to our poor and exploited population rather than a curse. So be glad and thank god instead, rather than analysing figures that will go no way to help us and our future.


Dear readers,
Cameroon is the most corrupt country in the world.I do expect nothing from you guys because everybody is there to enrich themselves at the expense of hard working Cameroonians.I really wonder, where is that country of mine heading to?
A proposal..
Couldn't the paymaster General and the provincial delegate come out with a temporal ticket or was it a sabotage?.My country definitely needs money to build the Mungo bridge that has been damaged for awhile and we are sick and tired of promises.Cameroonians should open their eyes and see what's better for them.I now see why some of us who came to the states in the 70's,80's don't think about pays for it's full of mess.
we go see oooohhhh!!!!


You tool gate fetches more than 4 times that amount. Me and my colleagues have made our own analysis and think the figures above of 1.1 million a day is false. I understand CPDM stalwarts and sympathisers will say i am lying but my analysis shows that it fetches far more than that amount. Cameroon is the dirtiest and most corrupt country in the world.


I support Rexons statament 100%. Toll gate tickets my ass. Useless government. good in collecting money, but in development they will think about south province.

courtney eko

What do we have to show for all that money collected? Nothing! The road from Douala to Sonara(Yes,not Limbe) is repaired even when there are no visible pot holes.Why not,it is the road to the farm! The money raised from the busiest toll gate in the country should be used to repair Mutengene-Kumba,even at the slow pace of 10km a year or even use concrete as the Douala and Limbe councils have shown us how.The country has trully gone to the dogs.Mutengene to Kumba is a nightmarish trip,not for the faint hearted or pregnant for that matter.How can you have a president who has never visited Kumba,which provides so much foreign exchange for he and his boys?! They should go see where the dough is all coming from!!!


Here is an perfect opportunity to raise one important question.
I guess it is surely to improve the everso busy stretch of our roads in the South West Province.
The Provincial Delagate of Transport for the South West Province is operating under fixed rules and regulations from Yaounde.As a Delegate, he definately contributes great ideals to butress the development of his jurisdiction and very much aware of the right things to do.Unfortunatly he is working under 'dictat' from Yaounde.As a gov't official you can make useful suggestions on how to improve a bad system but in most cases you are not given the lee way to carry out effective reforms.
This is a major set back in the system which most of our Delegates and other gov't officials face.
If south west province was being managed as a Federal State in Cameroon, it would be likely that road infrastructural crisis would not be as crucial, a desperate cry of attention for the people of the S.W.P. and perhaps cameroon as a whole.


CORRECTION OF ORIGINAL REMARKS ON ARTICLE ABOVE:'here is a or one perfect opportunity to...'(Thanks)


Hi concerned once! its a pleasure to know that the system of toll collection is failling. e should better be concerned in developing measures to solve such problems. Do you think we should continue to waiste valuable time on the roads to pay toll fee? Do we have to continue carrying tickets arround us? let us think forward and move ahead. Save the tragedy, let the Government have more money to provide for the facilities. Infact, we should be thinking of Electronic toll collection of which I have a design scheme for one that suits the Cameroon economy. Just send me a mail to and we see how this situation could be avoided in the Future. thank you

Fon Moses

I wish to say that at about 12 in the night of the date 17, a Wednesday. There was a woman and a man. Finally one female gerderm.This people like to sell ticket and put money in their bag. For this reason when you pay ur ticket the don want to give you. In fact the equip that work at 12 in night is the worst eyip

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