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Monday, 06 March 2006


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Glenn Wilson

Guilty verdict handed down in Paul Biya trial.

Visit this link to have your vote in the sentencing process.

H.O.S Supreme Court.


Biya Needs to be on. His colonial masters, france have no problem with him. why should he leave? His people, the citizens of la republique du cameroun sees no problem with his leadership since he has colonised a land whose resources they are exploiting for their own selfish benefit. then why should biya leave? He is happy, he has supporters like ricardo, janvier, agbormbai and all in his democracy advancee. So he needs to stay. But one thing for sure, he should leave southern cameroon. Otherwise, he is going to leave in a sad way.

Ndi O N

Hi, rexon,
I wonder if the so called leaders had actually got time to read these comments so as to improve. Infact, the image of Cameroon is so bad that getting a visa these days is a hell. I dont wanna mention peoples reaction in some Countries when u say u come from Cameroon. "OH, Football, Drunkards, Corruption" is all u could here.Am afraid, Rexon if people like Prof Ngwa founding father(baptisimal name),get to the darling SCNC with the drunkard gene inherited from LC, it could be indifferent. Let;s work harder so as to sieve Drunkards so as to have hope. Drunkards will not inherit the kingdom of God. Amen

Stone Hall

Cameroonians either do not know,or the donot believe it that in any country the real power belongs to the people.Those who have been following up world events should know what happened in Ukraine some time ago.Russia wanted to impose a leader on the people but the people all came out and said "No".Eventually Russia surrendered.
Biya with all his soldiers cannot stop the people.But sadly though,what matters to the people is only alcohol.As long as there is alcohol in Cameroon then there is no problem.It does not matter which way the country sways.
Cameroonians too have sold their consciences.People are paid to sing the praises of the regime and send motions of support when in their hearts the know the people are suffering.
Until Cameroonians will learn to stand up and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH", things shall forever remain the same.

Ambu bag

Thank you brothers.The problem in Cameroon is beer simple.As long as there is beer on the table,music and food,there is no problem We have sold our consciences just to get money for alcohol.If we can unite ,get to the street relentlessly for one month,Paul Biya and his cronies will go.Paul knows exactly who a Cameroonian is.SDF is fighting SDF.SCNC fighting SCNC but no man enough to fight Paul Biya.If you want to fight Paul Biya,he gives you some wine and you are contented.Is there any Army in Cameroon??NO.They are just a bunch of drunkards.Some Gerdarmes do not even know how to operate an ak47 or m16 guns.where are we heading to?If a good leader revamps Cameroon we will have one of the best economies and democracies in Africa.People are supposed to leave France and come look for jobs in Cameroon not Cameroonians going to Paris to look for job.we are supposed to live a better life than France.We continue to hope for the best.A leader will emerge one day.

Ambu bag

Thank you brothers.The problem in Cameroon is beer simple.As long as there is beer on the table,music and food,there is no problem We have sold our consciences just to get money for alcohol.If we can unite ,get to the street relentlessly for one month,Paul Biya and his cronies will go.Paul knows exactly who a Cameroonian is.SDF is fighting SDF.SCNC fighting SCNC but no man enough to fight Paul Biya.If you want to fight Paul Biya,he gives you some wine and you are contented.Is there any Army in Cameroon??NO.They are just a bunch of drunkards.Some Gerdarmes do not even know how to operate an ak47 or m16 guns.where are we heading to?If a good leader revamps Cameroon we will have one of the best economies and democracies in Africa.People are supposed to leave France and come look for jobs in Cameroon not Cameroonians going to Paris to look for job.we are supposed to live a better life than France.We continue to hope for the best.A leader will emerge one day.


My brothers and sisters, i stand to disagree with you,
the problem in Cameroon is not beer, its not food, its not music rather our problem is our thinking or dare i say our mentality. We need to think and reason on a different level if we are to make our nation better. As Cameroonians we are too passive, and lack the courage to rise above the huddle. We vent our frustrations on the internet and expect to be heard. Our problem has never been Biya our problem from day one has been Europe, if Europe is so tired of coruption in Africa why do they allow our presidents to own big investments in their countries they buy our leaders and ripe us off, then turn around and call us third world nations. Everyone wants to "fall Bush" the only reason for this is our country has become europes warehouse they come in take what they need to take and piss on the walls. To make Cameroon and Africa better we must come together against our common enemy.

Ma Mary

Ice, so how 'bout combining the too. Alcohol is one of the tools that Europe (France) uses as an instrument of control so that people do not think. It is also the educational system, an imposed dictatorship and Fake and irrelevant history, and much else.

Ma Mary

The best quality of information on the Southern Cameroons case could be found HERE.


Nice piece, Ricardo, Janvier and co, you are all southern cameroonians, dont be afraid. Read this. Thank you Ma mary for linking us to this site.

Compelled Repatriation of Nigerians: An Unfolding Drama in the Gulf of Guinea
Southern Cameroonians all over the world have been reading with great distress reports about our Nigerians neighbors, Nigerian friends, Nigerian family members and Southern Cameroonians of Nigerian descent resident in the Southern Cameroons being brutalized, uprooted and shipped to Nigeria under very difficult circumstances without due process. Some of these people have resided in our country for up to fifty years. If that does not make them Southern Cameroonians, what would? This is not surprising to us as the stories they take along with them to Nigeria are similar to those we have faced, reported and repeated to the world for over 40 years now.

The people of the Southern Cameroons and its Interim Government (IG) in particular, strongly denounce and condemn the French planted government of La Republique du Camerouns' actions in our land. This harassing, uprooting and tearing people apart from their natural homes, families, jobs, livelihood and communities in the Southern Cameroons is against our laws, must be against international law and falls short of any civilized behavior in this day and age. This barbaric policy of driving a part of our population out of our land is in pursuit of an "ethnic" cleansing and tribalization policy that the colonizer has been applying in our country for sometime now. This is illegal, it is unacceptable and is evocative of Hitler's policies upon captive peoples and their territories. We can assure the colonizer that this policy of depopulating our country of its natural people will not stand and will not result in maintaining a brutal colonization in our land. We want to assure Nigerians and all foreign nationals in our country that when we take our country back from the forces of occupation they would be treated as Africans should be treated in Africa and as we expect to be treated in their own countries.

It must be noted that as enterprising "Nigerians" are forced out, a primitive and uneducated French speaking population from La Republique du Camerooun is being shipped into The Southern Cameroons. They are enticed with higher salaries for the same jobs Southern Cameroonians do to settle our land, take the last remaining low paying jobs that were reserved for our people and crowd our schools with their breed. All of this is done in order to maintain a brutal colonial occupation in our country in the 21st century. We have rejected it and will continue to reject and resist it vehemently until the last of them is gone.

This social engineering and dehumanization in the Southern Cameroons has been our fate since 1961 when the UN and Britain imposed the brutality of an alien, uneducated and forsaken people on us. Since then we have lost thousands of our people to gendarmes and police brutality, millions have escaped to foreign countries and those who have not been able to escape the nightmare have continued to endure extortions and robbery on our poorly maintained highways, extra judicial killings, and continuous pressure to change from an English speaking population to a French speaking people in their own country.

The situation in the Southern Cameroons amounts to genocide, as defined by the United Nations' Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. It demands international involvement to end it. The Federal Republic of Nigeria has been ordered to table at the UN General Assembly, according to a judgment of The Abuja High Court (FHC/ABJ/CS/30/2002), the issue of the illegal occupation of the Southern Cameroons by La Republique du Cameroun). This must happen now before more serious catastrophes are visited on our peoples by colonizers who have shown that they have the will and way to wipe out entire populations without remorse.

The Nigerian Governments' attempts to work with the French planted government of La Republique du Cameroun, rather than obey the ruling of her Federal High Court, is futile. La Republique du Cameroun cannot be a trusted partner in providing any type of solution to the problems in our country and region. The Africans manning that government, even if they wanted to, cannot contribute to bring lasting peace and prosperity to our part of the world. The French, from whom they owe their right to govern and from whom they take their instructions to act, will not let them do any more than they are instructed to do. Even if they were left alone to act, they still will fall short of what it takes to be a contributing partner for what is needed to bring liberty and justice to our peoples. They lack the heritage: educational, cultural and otherwise to contribute in any meaningful way to our peace and stability.

As the Nigerian government and the Nigerian press have been seeking after the truth and taking the time to consider and deal with all the complexities of legitimate claims that need to be addressed in our region, the government of La Republique du Cameroun and her terrified "press" are totally absent minded about the realities on the ground, preferring instead to distract everyone with claims of "fertile imaginations," and "doubtful motives." These are the games they are specialized in, as their allegiance is to an enemy who thrives in chaos and illegitimate institutions. What is happening to Southern Cameroonians, their friends, relatives, neighbors and guests is real. It is this hash reality that has forced an honest man like Mr. Emmanuel Tataw, who writes for the Camerounese governments' daily mouthpiece, Cameroun Tribune, to lower his own personal misery index by working for an enterprise that peddles lies and cruelty as its commodity to our world.

Mr. Emmanuel Tataw, in the obscurity of the dark world of those he serves, finds it necessary to lay blame for the atrocities of the Camerounese government on the Nigerian press. The crimes of the Nigerian press being the reporting of the truth through documented stories of the victims. "The government refutes allegations of expulsion of Nigerian residents in Cameroon," Mr. Tataw reports, editorializing that the reports were "vehicled by some media outfits in Nigeria recently, it is evident that the stories are unfounded and based on extracts of the fertile imagination of rumour peddlers with doubtful motives."

Mr. Tataw displays his command of the English language, a la Pravda, but the views are conceived in French, a foreign language debased by the thought process and actions of those who speak it. To them the facts of the story do not matter, even if they are the same as reported by the press in Nigeria, as long as their imagination does not sit well with it and the last word does not come from them. Mr. Tataw reports that, "In the [Camerounese] government Press Release, it is observed that the departure of Nigerian citizens has to do with decisions of Consular authorities of Nigeria in Cameroon." This fact is not different from Mr. George Onah's report, in The Vanguard newspaper (November 19, 2005), written from Calabar, Nigeria, where some of the victims from Cameroun arrived. Mr. Onah quotes one of the victims, Mr. Dere Anthony, as saying, "our maltreatment had been reaching our Consul-General (CG) there in Cameroon. The current Consul General there is Harry Briscoe. He is from River State. One is in Duala and another Buea. For some of us, we were lucky because they did not come into our homes to push us as it happened in other places. But action speaks louder than words. Their harassment, beating, intimidation and cheating had become very unbearable. So, we told the CG who organized our leaving. The torture was too much." This report shows no "fertile imagination" at work anywhere except in the minds of French agents ruling Cameroun and following orders to prepare Southern Cameroons for what is coming next. No body is being fooled here by what is going on, which explains why the Camerounese establishment is already guilty and defensive of crimes committed even before they are accused. As This Day (Lagos), writes in its editorial page of November 29, 2005. “In this 21st century, it must be a rare place indeed where death is what illegal immigrants get as was the case of Gokana Friday from River State who was shot dead for non-possession of a resident permit.”

There is a drama that is unfolding between La Republique du Cameroun on our eastern border and The Federal Republic of Nigeria on our western and northern borders. In this drama the Southern Cameroons remains the focal point. The Nigeria government, distant from the mindset and upbringing of those she is forced to deal with in the colonial state of La Republique du Cameroun, must seek a better understanding of their negotiating "partners" from Southern Cameroonians. We are uniquely qualified to inform on these “Frenchmen,” having seen both sides of them and understand their "soul." They are not from the same mold as Nigerians and Southern Cameroonians and must not be fed with the same spoon. They are a people who have been handicapped by their French cultural heritage and education, leaving them with inabilities that must be carefully understood and managed before engaging them in any endeavors where worthwhile outcomes are expected. If this advice is not heeded, this drama is going to end in a tragedy for everyone involved. This will be the case because we, in the Southern Cameroons, are not going to continue under this brutal colonial bondage. We are going to free ourselves one way or another and would rather all die doing it than fail ourselves and our God who very evidently intended a better life for us.

We, as Africans, looking at our standing in the world and the deprivations that our populations are forced to continue to endure in the midst of plenty and in the 21st century, must all agree that we have not reached the final status yet in our continent, our different countries and across our different borders to then go to our different corners and expect the best. Just as we all fought against apartheid and defeated it in South Africa, we must all fight against other evil subsystems that are eating into the fabric of our continent and sapping away the substance of our wealth, our people and our humanity. We in the Southern Cameroons cannot take it anymore. The Nigerian government knows the way forward and must now gather the courage to pursue it, not only as a matter of law but also as a regional leader who must do what is right for herself, the peoples of our region and serve the cause of liberty and justice which are the true guarantors of peace and stability for all. Without the courage to take on the enemies of our liberty we will unjustly remain at the tail end of human achievement on earth, doing disservice to our selves and the God who intended a better life for us all.

Augustine Ambe,
Secretary for Media and Communication,
Southern Cameroons Interim Government.

max tangyi fominyen

though alcohol is one of the problems facing cameroon,i think the biggest problem is tribalism.untill cameroonians outgrow this narrow concept of tribalism,i am afraid we will fight till eternity and nothing will happen.francophones fighting anglophones,southwest against northwest is what is keeping biya in power.our inability to present a common front is the reason why biya is still there.


For those who don't know, Paul Biya is in a powerful secret society in which he was initiated years ago. He asked for the power to keep Cameroonians in his pocket no matter the provocation. It is a spiritual problem, and the evil men have Cameroon and her people in their hands. They can sway the nation and the people to any direction and there will be no resistance. Only the power of prayer can break such devilish powers.

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