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Monday, 24 April 2006


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felix Mailiy

Thank Goodness, the High Priests have spoken.

It is sad that some priests have laid themselves bear to under world prowess of Great-Men/women.

I am sure reference should be made to the article published in L'Effort Cameroonais by Ngalim Aloysius of the University of Buea, History Department some weeks ago on the virtue of good priesthood.

One would expect such a well contructed essay to come from some well trained men of God.It should actually be given some wider spectacle in such cycles to remind them of who they (Priests) are to society.

We should all pray for these young lads who have given up worldly stuff to stick to the vows.

So God Help them.

felix Mailiy


There are many dishonest priest and pastors, and other individuals like police officers, customs, secretaries, colonial DO's, etc whose ethics are not of any moral standard.So we need complete moral purification. Our churches need to lead the campaign.

sama alice

cameroon is corupt.we are familia with the coruption and it is good to us.i cant immagine living without coruption. coruption makes things easy


Father Esua,

This feyman are part of the network that is managing the entire republique du Cameroun. It is not only the catholic church that has been duped. A few weeks ago, i cited the case of a petroleum baron (Yenwo)that was duped in this forum. Even previous prime ministers of Cameroon, presbyterian pastors, people working in synod offices, principals of different christian institutions in Cameroon have previously been duped. The truth is, this feymen are being protected by the government through the different heads of the countrys security services. So there is virtually no way you can stop them.

They operate in different levels. They do not only come to present money laundering issues as you may think. Some suggest genuine businesses and when you get involved, you realise that it is was all a scam. The truth is, this people are being protected by the system, the government of la republique du cameroun.

In europe, those at their higher echelons of these business like JPS, George weah (Cameroonian feyman), roger, dine with the likes of frank biya, your ministers and their subjects. When they run into problems, your own security agents working for interpol will intervene to defend them. Asians (mostly pakistanis and indians) all over europe have been their victim. In return, they share their proceeds with security heads of la republique du Cameroon. They protect them here and give them legal papers to operate and have visas to stay in europe.

Dont you know that Achidi Achu received money as contribution for operation coup de couer in 1994 from a feyman and described him as "chercheur d'europe"?

Dont you know that MBACUDA (Mbatu cultural and development association) received a toyata tercel from a feyman and gave it to their fon?

Dont you know that laakam and other bamilikie cultural groups and traditional palaces like fons palaces is being funded by generous donations from feymen?

Dont you know that the way James Onibiono duped the germans and took over sitabac amount to some "Arts of feymenism"?

Dont you know that even your very rich businessmen are still involved in this feymen business?

Dont you know that even your ministries is being headed by feymen who operate in different ways?

Let me rest my case. We know what that failed republic is up to.


And the glenn william wilson case was an art of feymenism by the Cameroonian judiciary headed by bayangi people in the judiciary and some in the media like the owner of the weekly post.


The Archbishop of Bamenda is absolutely correct. When I think of the priests of yesteryears and the awe in which they were held, I go down on my knees and pray to my God that the young men who take up such a major life-long calling should not fall by the way side or be found wanting.
When I think of men of God like Wankuy, Fontegh, Ndichia and Malonge or Losha who have been called to the Lord, I again bow my head and plead with the Almighty to watch over the young ones, whether they still be in the seminary or are already exercising as priests. Believe me a life of poverty, chastity, celibacy and obedience is not easy. Do not judge; do not ask them for money or material things. Just pray that they stay the course till the end.It is not easy.

Ashwell Molaba


Find this book. Global Politics in a Changing World by Mansbach and Rhodes, published this year. Specifically read Chapter 5 on Failed states. The book in general will contribute a lot towards your struggle in Southern cameroons.

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