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Monday, 24 April 2006


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LRC is hell-bent in her drive to commit hara-kiri in AMBAZONIA.The frenchification of Ambazonia by the French Cameroun Republic will need to swift repel from Ambazonia to to stop the Evil currently goig on.ONLY Ambazonians with determination.


Technical Education was part of a conspiracy to colonise us mentally. We accepted this form of colonisation (CAP, BACCALAUREATE, ETC) for several generations. It is time we achieve our independence and arrange our educational system in the anglo saxon way.


I really support this, there should be an advanced technical college with a status of polytechnique or even a technical university for the anglophones. Since technical education does not exist at the her level, it is very difficult for students at the lower levels to continue their studies.

It is really time for government and citizens to emphasize on technical education at the higher levels because this will produce more creative students capable of creating jobs for themselves.

What are the priority projects of this our country? So the president, ministers, and parliamentarians, none of these people know exactly what projects are most needed for Cameroon? God, please we need your help.



Pierre Messmer, a one-time French colonial governor of French Cameroun, said this of the Fumban "negotiations" with the Southern Cameroons that led to the so-called Federal Republic: "The Fumban Constitution was a sham that safe for appearance was an annexation of the Southern Cameroons ... [it] had been meticulously prepared by Ahidjo's French lawyers and experts" (In Les Blancs S'en Vont: Memoirs). With the British in cahoots, and in the exercise of their Entente Cordiale and instinctive racist tendencies, the Southern Cameroons was thereby sold to the French, and as De Gaulle put it, "became a little gift to France from the Queen of England."

It must be daunting to the French, the owners of la Republique du Cameroun, and their little domesticated ethno-fascist petainiste negroes who act as their vassals in the bush of Yaounde that after close to fifties of relentless and brutal assimilation schemes, the global and enduring Anglo-Saxon heritage bequeathed still stands tall in the Southern Cameroons. One must salute the good sense of CATTU and UPTA in continuing the battle against the institution of this French culture of theft, cheating, tyranny and death; and an inferior, primitive, colonial francophonic educational system of mediocrity in the Southern Cameroons.

The mediocrity inherent in the French system speaks for itself in the bastion where this evil emanates from, FRANCE: weakest economic growth rate in Europe, highest unemployment growth rate in Europe, inability to compete in the free market global system, cyclical involvement with massacres, genocides and tyrannical thugs in Africa. La Grande Nation -- France -- and her system have failed miserably and spectacularly in the market place of global values and ideas. All left for the wicked French to do is to use corruption and the force of arms in their colonies in Africa to subvert the rules of international law and trade against a defenseless and weakened African population. Sponsoring and protecting primitive tropical tyrants like Deby, Paul "Nnam Ngon" Biya, Bongo etc. and sponsoring surrogate wars as they did in Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cote d'Ivoire. In so doing France maintains her exercise of a "culture of opposition to the dominat norms" in the world.

The people of the Southern Cameroons should heed the call of CATTU an UPTA and fight against the institution of this burrowed system of abject failure in the Southern Cameroons. We are better than them by far, including the French Republican King himself and that thief and liar called Jacques Rene Chirac who currently godfathers the French culture of death and brutality in Africa.

Ambe Johnson

I think that even more than a polytechnique, what is needed is a solid Anglophone technical curriculum as solid as what we have in Francophone Cameroon which adequately prepare students for post secondary education in Institutes of Technology such as the reputable ITU Fotso Victor in Bandjoun.

Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Hello Brother and Sister,

This story support need for 4-State Federation where state control education.

Support 4-State Federation.

Support new Foumban Conference for defination of new federation.

Thank you.


Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

There are clearly many problems to be solved in the educational system of Cameroon, particularly with reference to the apalling treatment of Anglophones.

I do not think these problems will be solved by having separate Anglophone and Francophone institutions. The result will be that jobs will only go to Francophones.

What we need is a policy of running parallel Anglo-Saxon and French curricula at each institution in the country (to give equal status to the Anglophone and Francophone communities).

Within this context, bilingualism can be promoted throughout the country by requiring pupils to switch between systems from year to year, up to high school. At university students should be allowed more choice, to stick to one system or the other or to continue switching systems.

Bilingualism strengthens the position of Cameroon and Cameroonians in the national and international scene. English is the language of the world; therefore, all Francophones should be able to work equally in English as in French. French is the second language of the world; therefore, all Anglophones should be able to work equally in French as in English.

Cameroonians will then be able to serve not only their country, with ease, but also Africa and the world.

Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai,

I do not support your proposition.

It is wasteful and will achieve reverse of what you want.

In Cameroon if you require proof of bilingual capability before you get government, parapublic and other job, people will be bilingual.

If businessman know he or she must be bilingual to do business, businessman will be bilingual.

All structure are in place.

It is lack of will from authority in government that kill bilingual effort of Cameroon.

Look at Canada. You do not have wasteful and duplicate system like you propose.

But Canada is bilingual where it matter most.

Look at Switzerland. You do not have wasteful system like you propose.

But Swiss work in English, French, German and Italian without problem.

Government in Cameroon need action to promote bilinguism if they believe it.

Thank you.


Patrick Atem Ako

Dr Agbormbai,

French is NOT the 2nd language of the World. The 2nd place is taken up by Spanish! If you are after numbers, then the 2nd place is taken up by Mandarin of the Chinese.

Furthermore, be honest. French or no French in Anglophone education means nothing from an employment point of view. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for Anglophones to achieve equal status in LRC. The basic reason is that LRC is herself a neocolonial harlot of France. France seeks to assert herself in Africa through France Afrique and its possessions.

The ONLY solution is complete decolonisation of Southern Cameroons from French occupation and domination. LRC is a rapacious colonizer that has been emboldened by the peace-loving nature of Southern Cameroons People.

The 4 state federation does not resolve the conundrum because over 80% of federal deputies will be Francophones with greater allegiance to Paris than to Yaounde.


Hello Readers,
its nice what CATTU and UPTA is doing but i think what we actually need is a critical reforms on whole or part of our educational system. Technical education is more a topic for concern because its vocationally oriented but what about our university systems, they do produce a good number of graduates but what are their qualifications in relation to the labour market?

Moreover, Old Professors claim they are the Lords of the institute and are unwilling to give the young, talented, ambitious and more research oriented Lecturers the opportunities to exploit their credentials on grounds that they are inexperienced but what they fail to know is this, these people they underlook are still those who will take over them one day and what will be the outcome of this post-disciplines they claim are theirs? What the even fail to know is that the number of people they mould also counts for their professional achievements.

In 1993 when the Centre of Buea was given a full fletch status of a university, it was claimed that is ameliorating the anglophones problem of access to higher education but today with the influence of the English language what is happening? The francophones are again gaining more entrance into it and destroying the whole structure just because they want to take whole of the renowned job positions in country to the detriment of the anglophones who don't have equal opportunities into Francophone universities or technical vocational institutes.

This actually accounts for the high rate of brain drain backhome and all what the government is doing is to drive to everywhere to no where

Ejike Mouluh


Cameroon is not Switzerland.

Why should I study French when the French are better resourced, are neighbours to England and are already studying English to be able to communicate with me? Can any Frenchman speak Bafaw?

I don't expect an Englishman to speak Bafaw. I am into English purely as a medium to communicate with Europeans, Australians, Asians and Americans. It's nothing to do with the Queen!

Studying French or German is a waste of energy. Imposing bilingualism based on European languages on a poor African country is the apex of stupidity.

Bilingualism for the Cameroonian masses is expensive and a bad political experiment that was doomed and has failed. Paul Biya, through his actions, does not believe in bilingualism. One of his consitutions for LRC actually referred to the French version as "authentic".

Like the Swiss, I can work in Bafaw, Igbo, Douala and Bakundu without any problem. Does that mean I should be compelled to study Ewondo or a Swiss to study portuguese for political reasons? You the pro-bilingualists of Cameroon are crazy folk. You know not the priorities of your country. You make proposals that cost money and you aint got the means to implement.

The cost of importing French-English bilingual dictionaries to Cameroon exceeds the cash invested towards clean water supplies to the people. Leave that luxury to Canada.


Monsieur NAN,

Like Ejike, I take issue with your reference to Canada. Why are we Africans so stupid?

Canadians are basically Europeans. Implementing bilingualism in Canada is not difficult because both languages have the same root. In my native SW Province, most people know the languages of neighbouring tribes. I guess one can easily find a Douala man who can speak Bamileke and vice versa.

Now, can we expect an European country inhabited by French and English folk to set up and operate in Bamileke and Douala languages? This nonesense called bilingualism in Cameroon shall end.

We need one critical language to link up with the World. That language is English.

NAN's weak expression in English is the direct result of silly political experiments in Cameroon.

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

Forchive Njitam NAN,

To hell with your bilingualism.

We are sick and tired of you frogs and your antics. We are not interested in any union with you anymore. Two State, One state twenty state, four state or a zillion state federation my foot. JUST GO TO HELL BOZO. And tell your devil of a Sultan Mboumbou Njoya to go to hell too and leave us alone.

And remember this:

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.


Adios Froggie Snitch.

Paa Ngembus
SCAADIM (Southern Cameroonians Against the Annexation & DestructIon of our Motherland)

Philip Sama

CATTU and UPTA should take bull by the horns and tail. Campaign in Southern Cameroons for English speaking students to boycott French classes.

King EL

The ideas in this article are very good. However there is a mistake we should never make. That is to underextimate the importance of technical education. Techology, Engineering, Achitecture and handyman jobs are bred in the technical schools. If developed nations are what they are today it is because they made good use of technical education. Therefore instead of trying to let the technical colleges crumble it is wiser for CATTU or other organizations to clamor for drastic reforms to revamp technical education. Another way to look at it to incorporate technical education into what we call General education in Cameroon.Many cameroonians like me who have ventured into the diaspora can testify to the importance of technical education. If not, next time you take your car to a mechanic or your radio/television for repairs you will wish that you had gone to Ombe.


maurice bandeke

Given the state of technical secondary school education, I don't think graduates from Schools like Ombe can make it in an Anglo-saxon institute of technology like those that exist in Nigeria. That is where the problem is; the curriculum is outdated, irrelevant and not marketable.

so I agree with the writer who argues that while a Polytech will be welcome, that is like putting the cart before the horse. Let CATTU bring together anglophone technical experts to come up with a draft technical secondary school curriculum that will be relevant to the modern world and which will be marketable. At some point, we have to stop complaining and start coming up with solutions; even if they are not implemented immediately, they will at least be there for future generations to work on.

To have a clear insight into the state of technical education in Anglophone Cameroon, read The Post's Charlie Ndi Chia's interview in the catholic weekly, leffort camerounais at:


King El

It is true that Technical education is vital for the development of our country and CATTU and UPTA are aware of this fact. The problem is the puppet in Etoude will prefer to equip francophone schools and colleges with technical equipments necessary to let the students practice what they read and learn in class.
It is unfortunate that in the Anglophone schools, we do mostly theory without any practical because the equipments are not there for us to carry out the necessary practical work. The few equipments we had in Ombe are either outdated or no more functioning and the French government under the leadership of Biya is not willing to see that these equipments are either repaired or replaced.
How should they allow the Anglophones to compete with them are the same level? They know that if the Anglophones are given all the necessary technical and science equipments for practical within the Southern Cameroon, we might one day use our knowledge to make cars, guns, and bombs by ourselves to forcefully drive the occupation forces from our land.
Can we count how many colleges the government has equipped with computers and other technical equipments in the Anglophone section of Cameroon?
In fact let Biya and his master in Paris leave the Anglophones alone. Cameroon became a member of the common wealth because of the Anglophones. But we should ask ourselves how many Anglophone students benefit from the Commonwealth scholarships? The Francophone students benefit from both the Francophonie as well as the Commonwealth scholarships. If you happen to see any Anglophone who benefited from the Commonwealth Scholarship know that the said student is a genius, the father or relative is working with the Biya junta and is one of those Anglophones helping to sell us to the French. But you see dull and empty skull Francophone students benefiting from Commonwealth Scholarship.
I don't like separation but I think it is a necessity if the Anglophones want to maintain their identity.
This marriage of convince with LPC is bringing most of us Anglophones shame and disgrace in the outside world. I can count how many times Europeans and Asians have asked me the question to know why I speak English and not French. The world knows the Cameroon is a French speaking country and it puzzles many when they hear that Cameroon is a bilingual country.
With the above, I begin to see why Rexon is always very critical when it concerns LRC. To HELL with their purported Bilingualism.



...If we don't do it now, we're only forcing ourselves drunk and shifting the problem ahead...our kids MUST do it...TRUTH NEVER DIES!!!


I do support Babis's contribution in all its entirety. The world's "rulers" have always wanted to be supreme and trample on us. That's why they're scared of China's quick growth and they're hitting their heads and calling for friendships. That's why they'll never see a good thing in resolving conflicts peaceful. They hope and pray that a peaceful Cameroon be torne apart by war. I have actually studied and researched on Southern Cameroon's claim. These western powers too have done. The truth's clear. They all know it. But the sad news is that they're pulling their legs so that a war could be possible. They feel loath to separate us peacefully. THEY WANT WAR! Most people fail to understand that. They want war so that Africa can continue to be beggers so that they'll reap us of our God given wealth. They want war so that they'll send their modern colonial agents(NGOs) to pretend as though they've got Africans at heart. It's all deceit!

In America we can afford to trust, to some extent, the judiciary but trusting the executive is suicidal. The executives of America and many European powers understand the legitimacy of the SCNC struggle and afre well placed to positively intervene. Yet they fold their arms and sit quiet as though nothing is going on. This is too sad! If they think the SCNC claim is not justifiable then why does a certain judicial system in the concerned western countries and many more grant asylum to SCNC activitists?

My solution to this somewhat everlasting and very pertinent problem worth damaging our great continent for millenia, is that we must learn to eat with the devil with a long spoon just the way China's doing.

Once again, I advocate for secession but in a peaceful fashion. However, if the hard way is the only way then let it be - if we can afford to be that selfish by denying to sacrifice and die for our future generation(with population much more than what we're now), then that's shear naivity. I want us to note that the SCNC case is a legitimate issue...the truth. The truth NEVER dies. If WE FAIL TO DO IT, OUR CHILDREN WILL BRING BACK THESAME ISSUE IN THE FUTURE. So we're only getting drunk and pushing the problem forward. It doesn't help!

Rexon, your team needs more work. Infact I think that the lobying force of present SCNC leadership needs much be desired. I rest my case.

I'm afraid the points may be disjointed and may not be in a convincing fashion. I JUST BURST OUT OF ANGER.

Twisted-Thinking Forehead, Son Of Ako - London School Of Economics And Political Science.


Eric Montana

Yeah! the idea of creating an Advance polytechnique in the Anglophone speaking region is a great one. But I don`t accept with Nkwenti when he says presenting these certificates in US and Britain would be a sheer waste of time.
Are you insinuating that francophones don`t study in the US and Britain?
What is clear is that most schools have a specification of Languages in which your certificates have to appear in and french is just one of them.
I think the point here is to mount pressure on the Biya government to open up the Anglophone regions and not saying certificates would not be accepted.

I equally hold strong that time waits for no one and retarding the education of these kids by calling on strikes would not be a real good way. Nigeria has suffered from these strikes and we know. Calling a strike for year would not really change Biya`s mind.
In 1992 after the presidential saga I remember almost losing a school year and practically nothing was changed in the system. We should continue to manage with what we have till when the Almighty will grant us solace.
Montana China


All is struggle. A polytheque is fine idea.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

This is a very good remark, Hilda:

"In 1993 when the Centre of Buea was given a full fletch status of a university, it was claimed that is ameliorating the anglophones problem of access to higher education but today with the influence of the English language what is happening? The francophones are again gaining more entrance into it and destroying the whole structure just because they want to take whole of the renowned job positions in country to the detriment of the anglophones who don't have equal opportunities into Francophone universities or technical vocational institutes".

Anglo-Saxon education is attractive not only to Anglophones, which is why some people have complained that Francophones are flooding the Anglophone educational establishments. Since Francophones far outnumber Anglophones, and the number of Anglophone educational establishments is few, there is going to be overcrowding in these institutions.

To meet the entire needs of the country, we need a dual system at each establishment (where Anglo-Saxon education runs alongside the French system) so that people can make a choice.

However, ultimately jobs will be going only to bilingual persons; therefore, it is important to ensure bilingualism as a product of the educational system. This is best achieved if pupils are forced to acquire it by switching systems or switching the language of teaching, up to the level of high school. Post-high school they can be given greater choice.


Eric Montana when will God ever grant this solace, we don't achieve things by folding our arms and sitting waiting for manners to come from heaven. If we don’t fight we shall never achieve it.

Ashwell Molaba

Dr A. A. Agbormbai,

One is yet to see a concrete idea with some merit from you. Either you are on about the biological basis of homosexuality or lack there of. Or you step up and talk of some imaginary good that is going to come out of bilingualism. When forced to reason with people, you simply take the fourth amendment (American Constitution). Tell us what you think bilingualism will achieve. Tell us now or forever remain silent on this bilingualism nonsense you are preaching.

The Bilingual Grammar School in Molyko has the same system you are now proposing. It was started in 1962. So you are nearly forty-five years late, in coming up with this proposal. In that institution, in Anglophone Cameroon, Anglophone Cameroonians were forced to take BEPC while the Francophones were given the choice of taking GCE O/Levels or not. Now, you go figure out your idea again.

The technical school system in Anglophone Cameroon is in shambles. It started off with the mistaken notion that students who didn't fair well at the Common Entrance Examination should be sent to Technical Schools. No one thought that Engineering requires more brains than brawn. If a child was good with his hands, he was immediately sent to a Technical School. That was the wrong foundation on which we now build.

Those advocating for Polytechnic in English are simpletons, I am afraid. That is utter nonsense. For how long are we going to continue begging for what is our legitimate right? When this polytechnic is granted we will start sending motions of support to god knows where. What kind of madness is this? Let it be known and quoted that Ashwell Molaba says, we do not need any Anglophone Polytechnic. What we need is to stand up and build our own schools. Do things for ourselves and not wait for someone else.

BTW! This blame mentality of conspiracy theories to colonise Southern Cameroon is becoming monotonous. Please say something new, we have heard that one before. Blame, blame, blame, blame, blame. When are we going to take some responsibility for our own actions. No one colonises you unless you willingly give yourself away. While you sit around leaking your wounds and crying, everythings is being taken away. Hold more meetings, call more names, blame more people. Do whatever tickles your bones. Fifty years down the line, you will wake up and see that all those took you no further than your own nose. And then, you will cry more, blame more, call more names, hold more meetings etc. And the vicious cycle continues.


This swapping stuff from Dr A. A. Agbormbai, leave one more confused than ever.

Maybe I got it wrong but I reason it this way. Assuming, I am now in form one doing everything in ENGlISH LANGUAGE,I then pass my final exams in form one and proceed to form two, then I am made to switch to study every single subject in FRENCH language.

If this is the postulate, Dr.A.A then, your guess is as good as mind. That system will be more than 500% RETROGRESSIVE. But if my thinking is wrong, then I thank God for your wisdom.

My 5 frs



Because someone like me does not want to be colonised for the rest of my life. I m highly interested in rooting everything that colonises me in the first place. And will keep preaching it as long as my people are still colonised by some imaginary called la republique du cameroun as you describe it. generations are still and will still be colonised. I can never be a puppet to any way of life of la republique du cameroun, neither can i accept that the problems of identity and constitutional rights of southern cameroonians is not being defended by the current constitution of la republique du cameroun. Because we are not Cameroonians, as the scots, northern irish and the welsh are NOT BRITISH as you and i know. Such worldwide conspiracy must be rooted.

Frankly, those who have accepted to be colonised are people who see nothing wrong with the current leadership of la republique du cameroun. who want to use words to challenge us, who look through the dictionary and pick words to lie to us on what we should do. Things that they genuinely know will not work etc,

1-Those who see nothing wrong in a system that makes it clear that they are not qualified to be presidents, ministers of finance, education, economy, justice, territorial admininstration,etc.

2-Those who see nothing wrong when their companies like tole tea are being undervalued and sold to oligarchs in a conspiracy involving even the presidency of the republic, the world bank, IMF, etc.

3-Those who see nothing wrong in a system that subjects them to pay their taxes in douala for some strategic companies in their region,

4-those who see nothing wrong in having no roads to mundemba, to mamfe to bamenda, etc.

5-Those who equate the quest for independence of the southern cameroons to some tribal problems like th laakam, the hausa, etc.

6-those who see nothing wrong when delmonte workers are subjected to unbearable working conditions, they are being paid in dollars and the system steals the money, divide it in yaounde, send some to the vichy regime in france, and pay them less than 10 percent of what the records at the head office shows. and place them hiddenly as contract workers under a fake company name (CAMFRUIT-CAMEROON FRUIT COMPANY) which you may be hearing now for your first time.

7-Those who see nothing wrong when intellectuals lie to their subjects during election times and sometimes even place caterpillars as evidenced that roads are to be constructed.

8- those who see nothing wrong when chief mukete and his gang of thugs are forcefully taking all bafaw land.

9-Those who see nothing wrong when Achidi Achu collected money publicly from a feyman and described him as chercheur d'europe (struggler from europe). And kontchu said the money has got missing in an airflight to the united states.
10-Those who despite all this, still believes in such governments, still believes southern Cameroonians are the cause of all their problems, still believes in reading Cameroon tribune, those who got fake scholarships to study abroad and are stupidly defending they system because of the culpability. The said individuals know themselves in this forum.


Below is the text of a broadcast on technical education made over Cameroon Radio on 5 September 1999 by this commentator. It is still relevant to the debate in the article above.
"We first invite our listeners to consider the following statement which has been made over and over again by people from all walks of life, that is, that the 21st century (the third millennium) will be the age of globalization in which the losers will be those who ignore the importance of technology. Such people will be cut off from the rest of the world.
We further invite our listeners to consider the place of technicians in our lives: water and electricity reach us through the work of technicians; we listen to the news, watch television or read the newspaper through the work of technicians. We are transported from one place to another by technicians. Our houses are built and roofed by technicians; our cars or radio and television sets are repaired by technicians. The clothes we wear are made by technicians. Even (this programme) always acknowledges the contribution of the technicians on duty to the success of the broadcast. /…/ This list, which is far from exhaustive, goes to show that the contribution of technicians to the comforts of life is indispensable. In the coming age of globalization in which technology will be even more refined, it is foolhardy for any society to be contented with half-baked technicians or with no technicians at all.
A closer look at the Technical GCE results which have just been published shows that the English-speaking Cameroonian is lost in the wilderness of technological advancement. The figures are alarming. GTHS Ombe, one-time Government Trade Centre Ombe, is now a shadow of itself. At the O/L; Ombe fielded 2 candidates for the Commercial section and 1 passed for a 50% score. It also entered 3 candidates for the Industrial section and obtained a 0% score. At the A/L, Ombe entered no one for the Commercial section but entered 2 candidates for the Industrial section where the score was 0%.
Out of 58 centres for the O/L Commercial section, 18 centres scored 0%; of 41 centres for the Industrial section, 21 scored 0%. For A/L, the Commercial section was encouraging. Out of 28 centres, only 1 scored 0%; and in the Industrial section, out of 17 centres, 9 scored 0%. At both O and A levels, Buea External entered the highest number of candidates: 125 for the Commercial section only at O/L and 87 for the Commercial section at A/L. Our listeners should not be deceived by certain scores. Some centres entered 1 candidate and scored either 0 or 100%.
The general assessment we can make from these results is that technical education in Anglophone Cameroon is dead. Most of the poor results were recorded in government colleges and external centres. Curiously enough, more emphasis was placed on commercial rather than industrial training, from where we should expect to draw our technicians. This programme has earlier observed that undue importance is given to the CAP, Probatoire and Bac technique, all of them Francophone exams translated for Anglophone candidates. We noticed that government colleges entered very few candidates for the Technical GCE, meaning that their interests must be elsewhere.
A case has been recorded in the past where, in the CAP examination, candidates were asked the function of the candle in the engine of a car. This was a mistranslation of bougie which, in motor mechanics is known as spark plug. We believe that this careless approach is extended to Probatoire and Bac technique, and also that the government education authorities do not send qualified English-speaking teachers to their technical schools.
In view of the golobalization earlier mentioned and the need for qualified technicians, we appeal to the education authorities to wake up, unless this is a deliberate attempt to keep a segment of the population in total darkness, and to reverse the current trend by injecting new blood into Anglophone technical education, so that we can face the forthcoming age of technology with confidence. They can begin by supplying the appropriate pedagogic material, and the custodians of the said material should avoid the selfish habit of appropriating teaching equipment and leaving students with bare theory and no practice.
To crown it all, the GCE Board should publish a syllabus for the Technical GCE, just as they have for the other GCE exams. Candidates and teachers very often do not know what is expected in the examination. In short, the syllabus accounts for 50% of the requirements for any examination."

A. Che Mofor

The objective of this over-preached bilingualism in Cameroon have not and shall not be achieved by simultaneously dealing with the francophone and anglosaxon systems of education. As far as French-speakin Cameroonis concerned, there is no bilingualism in our country. This so called bilingualism is only for English-speaking Cameroonians who hope to get employed by the state that is dominated by our French-speaking brothers. It has all failed. It is high time we start thinking about the "anglophone" children in Cameroon, who have been frustrated by CAP, Probatoire and BACC exams. I completely disagree with the ideas of the learned Dr. Agbormbai, most especially as the system practised so fat, including the so-called Bilingue in some Bilingual high Schools like Molyko finally became an anglophone problem. Even though English is compulsory n French-speaking Cameroon, a significantly large number of our French-speaking brothers cannot make a complete sentence in English. Some don't even know whether Cameroon has an English-speaking part.

In my opinion, we cannot handle this problem by creating a polytechnique like the one in Yaounde. This is a bad example to copy ecause the same polytechnique in Yaounde has not been able show its importance in supporting its graduates and the society at large as far as technological development and self-sufficience is concerned. The whole idea of technical education has been shifted towards education for weak pupils who cannot go into the so-called Grammer schools, whereas, the best heads of the country equally need technical education to optimise the results of such a system. Our technical schools have finally become handicraft centers where people go to learn "hand work". Many graduates are either builders, electricians, carpenters without any qualification after having failed CAP, Probatoire or BACC several times. Many fail because they are not able to bribe. We know these things. Indeed, the whole technical educational system needs to be reorganised and the curriculum reframed towards a scientific approach integrated with vocational education. This should be terminated with a University of Technology that shall train young Cameroonians to meet the needs of the country and face internationally challenges as well. Those leaving the technical schools shall study Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Medical Technology etc.

This fisrt step taken by the teachers' association is a good one and they should go ahead. Some many of us support their course!!

Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Mrs Ma Mary,

I already answer you in SCNC article.

Here is what I say about the Sultan and Mr. John Fru Ndi and the Barrister Muna

Mrs Ma Mary (hope you are lady),

I did not answer question you ask before because Majeste Sultan Mboumbou Njoya was best to answer.

However since you ask again and again, I say this.

When Mr. Ibrahim Mboumbou Njoya become Sultan of the Bamoun, he become everybody Sultan.

Bamoun have all political party and Sultan is not Sultan of CPDM.

So Sultan can intervene in conflict between his children and brother and sister of SDF.

Do you know if it is Bamoun SDF who ask him to intervene?

Why do you see bad motive?

Would you think same if it was Chef Manga Williams or Fon Sehm Mbinglo or Fon Abuhmbi or Chef Mukete or Fon Gorji Dinka or Chef Ayamba that intervene in SDF?

Do you see bad motive because Majeste Sultan Mboumbou Njoya is Francophone?

I advice Majeste Mboumbou Njoya to continue peacemaker.

Since 1961 agreement take place in Foumban, I advice Soultan to play mediation with SCNC and Cameroon government.

I advice Sultan to organice new Foumban conference to renew federation.

I advice Sultan to talk to political leader like Mr. Bello Bouba Maigari, Mr Federick Kodock, Mr. Adamou Ndam Njoya and also Cardinal Tumi, to be in negotiation.

They negotiate for SDF 4-State federation that I propose modification.

If Sultan contact SCNC to negotiate with government will Mrs Ma Mary advice SCNC to accept?

Thank you.


Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


It isn't as retrogressive as you think. Studying in a language helps you think and gain mastery in the language. Besides it would be supplemented by French and English classes at each level.

The only downside is the expense, but if the government wants to achieve bilingualism I truly believe that this is the way forward. It would also help Anglophones and Francophones to get on better with each other through mutual interactions and better mutual understanding.

Remember that each educational institution would have both Francophones and Anglophones in the same classroom. The interchange of ideas would help smooth the pervasive tension dividing these groups. If Cameroon is to stay together as one country I believe this is a good way to keep the people together.

The alternative to this is splitting up into two countries and preserving the separate systems, but I don't see this as feasible given the direction that the world is taking.


Dr. Agbor Mbai,
What do you mean by,"This is best achieved if pupils are forced to acquire it by switching systems or switching the language of teaching"?
Mr. Dr.,does bilingualism has anything to do with forcing some people from learning a particular language as it's the case in your La Republique?
To the best of my knowledge, i think bilingualism should be ,the taking into consideration the two existing cultures,by the regime in place when drafting state policies in all the different sectors to cater for the well being of the citezens,and which must exist in the constitution where the two cultures are respected to exist side by side without any infringement by one culture over the other.So, the idea of "force" has no place here.
Furthermore,like the case of Canada that most of you are making mention of,i happened to have made some findings about how bilingualism works there;there's no such thing in their system as forcing either an anglophone to learn french or forcing a francophone to learn english in their educational system.Read what one of my Canadian friend answered me when i asked her whether she speaks french;"Must I".
Therefore, Dr Abgor Mbai, any regime that resorts to "force" in a bid to institute bilingualism into its system is no doubt having a devilish design against one part.And this is exactly what La republique regime is doing against the southern cameroonians.
As a matter of fact Dr.,i have this feeling that you're lobbying to eat of the CAKE in Etoudi just from the way you react to articles in this forum.Yeah, even babies know that the Etoudi regime in La republique is maint for celebrated dishonest stooges and cowords called Doctors and Professors.This is why i think you're late for this dinner,because there's nothing left of the CAKE,not even crumps that can attract the house flies.Haven't you heard that they can't even pay their debts for the past two decades despite all they've been stealing from the wealth of the southern Cameroon?
Dr.instead of running after what you'll never have to find ,i think you should come back home and let's contribute ideas on how to liberate our dear southern Cameroon from the dangerous claws of La Republique.

And for you Mr. NAN,
I advice you to please stay away from our trouble(the southern cameroon) because you can't be of any help.All you can do is make flimsy slogans about unity and four state federation which your betters have long ago made mention of.Thank you anywhere for your concern, but what you're proposing can't help our situation because it's application would be a suicide mission to La republique and France ,which you very much know.
I'll never stop asking you this question;why do you mostly make comments in this forum only when it concerns the southern cameroons?You claim to be a "progressiste" Camerounese, why don't you exercise the little english you know on other articles like those talking about the sdf crisis and the likes?
Brother please behave yourself!

Washow (Newzealand).


FYI the Fotso Victor Institute of technology, which now rivals Polytech in Yaounde and has the most reputable distance learning program in the country with students from all across Africa, the Middle East and even the French Antilles, was a privately-created institution which business magnate Victor Fotso created and then gave it to the University of Dchang as a gift.

We have read all the conspiracy theories about French actions, french stooges, etc. good and fine. Let Southern Cameroonians in the Diaspora and at home pool their resources together to a create not just a modern technical college but also an Institute of technology. I find it quite off-putting that folks who sing about independence everyday don't find it ironical that they keep begging the oppressor to give them the "right education"!!

Independence starts from within. Build your own schools with your own curriculum, your own management and your own teachers. Learn from Victor Fotso who is an illiterate...


Thatz good Lobilo,
It is time for anglophones in the diaspora and within Cameroon to pull their resources together and build a modern institute of technology and Science. In Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, there are more technical institutes built by the community and private individuals than there are government institutes.

We all know that LRC is not willing to develop Southern Cameroon and even if they want to, they will not do it fully for fear of competition or i don't know what. We can also contribute money and use it to tar the streets within our towns - it is very possible.

As for bilingualism, true bilingualism cannot be in a country where the french don't recognize the english. Why is that only the english cameroonians talk of bilingualism?

NB: By the time we start pulling our resources and building our own schools, constructing our own roads and hospitals, the govt of LRC will begin thinking twice. i will begin by pledging 200 US Dollars.


Nko Mbengo

Ashwell Molaba:
The points you raised are well taken. You are a real Southern Cameroonian. ANC in South Africa was started in 1912. President Mandela was born in 1918 and he joined a ANC as a youth in 1944. It was in the nineties that the ANC achieved its mission. When Rossa Parks in 1964 refused to leave her seat for a whiteman, critics thought she was stupid---when she died last year the entire globe saluted her as a champion of freedom fighters. Anyone who is a trully Southern Cameroonian, should know that FREEDOM IS FROM GOD and not from any human being. All we need to do is to assert that we are superior and free people and impostors and those practising duplicity should leave us alone. If we do not accomplish our objectives, our children will. The children of South Africa did it and the children of black people in America reached the PROMISED LAND---with seriousness and commitments, truth buried 350 feet will swim around the world in stoneless seas. Nkombengo of Greater Washington



Do you understand the meaning of colonialism? Do you know how it manifests itself? Do you know the idea of colonisation, formally instituted at the Berlin Conference of 1884 came merely years after the outlaw of slavery in the Americas in in 1863 as another means to continue the benefits of slavery to the European and her few tropical interlocutors? So in essence under the tutelage of Paris, we have black Africans in Yaounde unwrapping the poisoned gifts of slavery on a defenseless group of Africans in the Southern Cameroons. This is no surprise because Africans also participated and became rich in selling other Africans into slavery. It took two to tango! And some made the same rationalizations that you are offering above.

It is cynical and insulting to ask people who have no authority over their life and property to to do what you demand of them. People living under a system instituted by the invaders and predators of Africa to continue slavery, albeit being practiced today in the Southern Cameroons by tropical negroes whose puppet strings are being pulled from France.

Some of the implications of this evil system is quite obvious:

-Do you know that many Southern Cameroonians have been frustrated in their willingness and ability to open businesses, clinics, and in one case a teaching hospital in their own land by the colonial ocuppier (out of privacy reasons I won't reveal the identity)? There's one well known MD in Douala who has revealed that the condition to get a loan to open his clinic was contigent on the fact it be opened in la Republique Francaise du Cameroun and not in the Southern Cameroons where he'd planned to open it.

-Listen to former PM Foncha talk about what happened to Ombe. Ombe was opened around the same time with similar technical institutions in Nigeria that later evolved to full-fledged degree-offering Technical Institutes. The French destroyed Ombe strategically. The French carted off materials not only from Ombe, but from the CCASTs (The "T" as in technology did mean something at some point in time)to la Republique du Cameroun. They halted the technical assistance the American government was offering technical education in the Southern Cameroons. They stopped the scholarships the Americans were offering West Cameroonians. They transferred technically-trained instructors to teach English language in the bushes of la Republique du Cameroun. They are a jealous, wicked and vindictive savages, and you expect them to allow us to build our own lives and institutions. That is exactly what they do not want us to do. That is why the Southern Cameroons is one of the most militarized "peace time" territories on earth.

-They did not end there. They destroyed the incipient business bourgeoisie of the Southern Cameroons: The Nangahs and Ches and Fomenkys. Do you know who constructed the campus of the University of Dschang and why?

-What accounts for the fact that roads that people in Southern Cameroons used in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s to commune and trade which each other are unusable today? While they construct roads to failed states like Chad and Central African Republic ruled by a Chirac-protected bloodhounds.

Lobilo, no one is begging the oppresor for anything. In their own way, CATTU and UPTA, the barrel of the French colonial gun at their heads, want the oppressor to leave them alone. That is their demand at the core. While international law requires that occupation forces take care of the "well-being" of those under their occupation, even under occupation, our people are rejecting the occupiers idea of a perverse "well-being" that's being instituted and meant to destroy and denature the Southern Cameroons and her people forever. They are in resistance, not begging the oppresor.

This schizophrenia in all spheres of life between the Southern Cameroons and la Republique Francaise du Cameroun, unlike what some cynical and less informed persons would want the world to believe is deeply rooted in history. It is a clash of cultures and civilisations whose only resolution is a complete separation of this two worldviews in the Cameroons: an Anglo-Saxon and French worldview that will never meet. And the brutality of the French-inspired culture in the Southern Cameroons in particular and in Africa in general, is a reflexive exercise by metropolitan France in recognition of the unstoppable ascendancy of the Anglo-Saxon worldview and its derivatives in the last 100 years. A fact that the French are loathe to accept; but in places where they've been conspiratorially allowed by their western cousins to flex their shrinking muscle like the bush of Africa with defenseless populations they go nuts: committing cyclical massacres and genocides and propping tropical and ossified negroid dictators.

Historians have noted tha in pre-revolution America, notwithstanding the fact that they emanated from the same European stock, the reigned "a long peroid of seething incompatibility between French and English settlers in North America." And has Richard Joseph duly noted in "GAULLIST AFRICA: Cameroon Under Ahmadou Ahidjo" when speaking of the supposedly "equal" relationship bewteen France and her "former colonies," as stipulated by France's Cooperation Agreements enacted to continue 19th century slave practices, "the same principle of free intercourse was now to be applied to the wolf and sheep."

This is crux the problem with the Southern Cameroons and la Republique Francaise du Cameroun. We can not approach this debate on a footing of some type of compatibility or equality of views. IT WILL NEVER WORK. COMPLETE AND TOTAL SEPARATION WITH A BERLIN-STYLE WALL IS THE ONLY SOLUTION.

Ask any perspicacious person of French trojan horse called the SDF (whose implosion all Southern Cameroonians must rejoice at) and they'll tell you. That is why Messrs Mukong and Anyangwe left when the recognized that it had deviated from their initial program of instituting the separation of the Southern Cameroons from the brutality and culture of death and poverti of francafrique. A wolf and a sheep can not have intercourse.

The Southern Cameroons will be free.



I used to consider you a kind of Southern Cameroonian "cyber-statesman" who in spite of his deep-seated convictions was able to go above the fray in his analysEs, unlike loose canons like Rexon and Dango Ntuma.

But I must confess that you seem to have been carried away by this vehement anti-French rhetoric which is becoming debilitating to the cause and your erstwhile objective analyses.

When you say there is nothing Southern Cameroonians can do to rectify the situation of technical education, that is the language of defeat of helplessness. worse it is paralysis based on lie; based on the easy way out. No my man, SCnians can thrive in that cesspool "in spite of" and not "because of".

Independence may not occur in our life time. so do we fold our arms and watch our territory and its children thrown to the dogs because we are afraid to dare IN REAL LIFE and not in cyberspace? You are a key player in the movement; start the mobilization of the technical experts in the Diaspora - you don't need permission of the French to do this; once this is done, commission them to come with a blueprint for technical education in Southern Cameroons - you don't need La Republique for that. past that stage, start a massive fund raising campaign for funds, etc.

We don't have viable technical institutions in southern Cameroons for 2 key reasons (1) the disdain that Anglophones had for technical education even before reunification - everybody wanted their kid to be a lawyer or doctor, (2) the unwillingness of Anglophones to invest in Technical education - creating a general secondary school is cheaper and brings in quick money...

Please don't blame this on any conspiracy -there might be a conspiracy to "colonize" Ombe but there is definitely no conspiracy that prevented the Ngafors and others from creating viable technical colleges.

It is good politics to blame the french for everything - but when it is done too much it demobilizes rather than mobilizes; it weakens rather than empowers.

Please, start talking of potential solutions to the problems of SCnians IN SPITE OF French and La Republique shenanigans - Remember, while fighting for the much sought after independence, it is our duty to ensure that our people thrive as best as they can in that system -- if not we will end up with an independent nation made up of a bunch of backward, uneducated, and poor people who will then really deserve the title of "anglofools".




I appreciate your input. But permit me to have an honest disagreement with you.

First, you could not tell me the erection of the CCASTs, Ombe, KTC and other such institutions do not betray the fact that SCians longed for technical education. Maybe in the class you grew up in SC, people disdained technical education, but not many of the kids I knew growing up. This also dispels your notion of "anglophones" unwillingness to invest in technical education for when we had the authority to do so, we did: CCASTs, Ombe, and who know what may have come next tells the story. What we invested in, by your own admission was "colonized" by the French. You know, many of our people after 1972 (and I know quite a few) even went as far to to pursue technical education in Nigeria and today many of them have stayed there living and working as Nigerians, so please do not make such sweeping generalisations.

Second, as for your REAL LIFE and cyberspace jab, I've got news for you: Cybersapce is real life. Until the invention of the printing press, the divine rulers of Europe where the only ones to read and "intepret" all texts. When the printing press came into being, and all and sundry could access the written word, the Age of Enlightenment dawned on Europe, and you know the rest. Cyberspace is another dawn for us; we use it to network, research and bring to the light of day what our enemies believed they destroyed when they chartered the archives from Buea in 1972; and I understand why the enemy hates it. To also demonstrate how real this cyberspace is, in November 2004, when the French attempted to overthrow Gbagbo in Cote d'Ivoire you know what they did? They attempted to disconnect all Ivorian websites with ISPs based in France. I wonder why.

Third, blaming the French is not politics to us. It is addressing the source of the disease rather than the symptoms. When you get chicken pox, the doctor doesn't just give you a lotion to get rid of the visible symptoms, a regimen is imposed to get rid of the virus that is really the source that feeds those symptoms. France is the virus, and this can not be pointed out enough. The French will remain front and center in the liberation struggle, not only of the Southern Cameroons, but for the entire continent where they exert their morbid influence.

They, the French, are on record as saying the Southern Cameroons "became a little gift to France from the Queen of England." They, the French, are on record as saying Fumban was a sham, which really was an annexation of the Southern Cameroons. They, the French, are on record, as the onetime SDF official Chief Alex Taku narrated, that when they visited France, and invoked the plight and status of the Southern Cameroons, the French foreign minister, and I quote (loosely), said "what you say about the Southern Cameroons makes sense, but the world does not work that way, we will never abdicate what was given to us by the British."

Fifth, you know Lobilo, I do not really know of any visible organisms other than maggots that will want to thrive in a cesspool, but I won't hold that unfortunate anology or Freudian slip too much against you. However, speaking of thriving in a cesspool, in the days of slavery in America, slaves in the South made more pecuniary incomes that industrial workers in the North and Europe, and lived longer in statistically (in "Our Time on the Cross"). In your logic they may have well been "thriving". But no industrial worker in the North or in Europe ever opted to switch places with the "thriving" slaves of the plantations in the South. Not only did that never occur, the salves revolted. This is the essence of my arguments and the spirit of the Southern Cameroons struggle. It is a very human argument and spirit -- about ideals of dignity, freedom and justice -- and the French are front and center, at the opposite pole of our ideals as the evil locomotive that powers what you want me to believe can be a thriving cesspool in the midst of shenaningans. "Inspite of" and "because of" rationalisations notwithstanding.

Last, as for "an independent nation made up of a bunch of backward, uneducated and poor people ... [or] anglofools," let's just say you and I have quite a different appeciation of the capabilities and potentials of Southern Cameroonians.

Once freedoms comes, the rest will follow, mutatis mutandis.



The National Executive Committee (NEC) members last Saturday in Bamenda assessed preparations toward the SDF convention.

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), Ni John Fru Ndi has called on the SDF militants to stop the practice of blackmail and work for the progress of the party. He made the declaration last Saturday, April 22 in Bamenda during the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting aimed at assessing the state of preparedness of the various committees charged with the organization of the national elective convention slated for May 26 to 28, 2006.

Ni John Fru Ndi frowned at some barons of the SDF who instead of working for the unity of the party, were fanning the flames of disunity by indulging in acts of blackmail. He cited three cases. He said that while in London, he received several phone calls from the country that some group of persons were about burning-down his compound in Ntarikon which was false information coming from some party members. Secondly, during a trip in Yaounde, a white lady of French nationality met him and begged him to resign from the helm of the party. When he carried out investigations, he found out the instigator. Fru Ndi also disclosed that recently, an SDF Member of Parliament came twice to tell him that he has a vision. This vision, he said was that Fru Ndi should resign from his position as SDF chairman.

It was in this same light that Hon. Jua Paulinus, made his position clear. According to the Member of Parliament from Boyo and aspirant for the post of chairman in the up-coming election, he has never belonged or supported the activities of the Ngwasiri faction. The SDF, he said was a party of law, and those who ascend to positions of responsibility must do so in respect of the constitution in place. The NEC members also tackled problem where some party barons from the West Province refuted allegations that they held a secret meeting to lobby for influential positions within the party.

With regards to the organization of the up-coming elective convention, the President of the organizational committee, Atekwana Joseph, said everything is going on as planned. The various committees are afoot especially that of finance where an additional CFA 3 million has trickled in from the various delegations making the total sum to CFA 20 million. He also revealed that, payments have already been made for the Bamenda Congress Hall where the national convention will take place.

By Eldickson Agbortogo

From ;
April 25, 2006. Posted to the web April 25, 2006.




Dear Mr. Dr. A.A.,

I do not put your intelligence to the test and permit me inform ourselves a little about your academic profile. If my memory is still good, I can remember you scored the highest grades (very rare at the time) at the 'A' Level GCE in 1983 or so and that earned you a government scholarship to study.This estranged you from the misery Southern Cameroonians have been subjected to for decades. The fact that you hold a Ph.D today is only a pointer to your brilliance. Question: did you ever have to be forced somewhere along the line to study in French?
As a matter of fact, you've been out of Cameroon now for close to 25 years. This keeps you very far away from the reality. I dare to say that if you could live just 1/10th of what Southern Cameroonians are going through in the hands of the Camerounese colonialists, then you would have been advocating outright separation.
All the merits of the abstract doctrine you've been preaching from politics to education are tantamount to fence-sitting.
What do you stand to gain or lose from la Republique when you're really cosy abroad?
Come on Mr. Dr., we're still looking up to you to be useful to the Southern Cameroons. Your Anglo-saxonism has not been used up one bit.

Ashwell Molaba


Thank you for picking up on my idea and giving it more meat. We should stop begging from the oppressor. Period.


It is good and fine to elaborate on the system of colonialism and how it has affected us. After all that is said, I ask you. Where to from here? And how do we get to the where? Use your enormous wisdom to guide us.

Dr A. A. Agbormbai,

Hosia points out that you got your A/Levels at time when I was in elementary school. If that is indeed you, then I am sorry to say, you appear to have learnt nothing since then. Your inability to state explicitly, what you think the benefits of bilingualism are is shocking. It appears you have a conclusion in your mind. And you are doing everything to find something to support your conclusion. Use the scientific method my dear doctor.

Charles Forkwa

This forum has provided us an unprecedented avenue to expound ideas on the betterment of and to discuss the ills that plague “Cameroon”.
Many eloquent people here have described the root causes of these problems but we seem to disagree on a solution path.
I can only speak for North and South West provinces, which are territories I have intimate knowledge of. Besides, I sincerely believe that the road to solving the problems of “Cameroon” must begin by implementing small steps and ideas that will in the end culminate into the grand solution: that of empowering Southern Cameroonians and providing them with the tools to shape their own future.
Here is a problem list that I have gathered from the various discussions on this site, which is by no means complete:
1) Dilapidated infrastructure – Poorly maintained or impassible roads, unreliable or inexistent power delivery and water supply.
2) Deteriorating Educational System – Few or no schools existing today that turn out graduates equipped with the tools necessary to compete at the local level let alone the global economy.
3) Economic Stagnation – The inability to obtain loans, to efficiently produce and market produce that feeds back into the system to stimulate growth and prosperity.
4) Marginal Health Care System – Limited access to adequate care and the lack of funding for such purposes.
I have listed four problem areas above which I believe many of us, or our relatives have encountered and which continue to be a source of frustration in daily lives. I also believe that many others have tried or continue to endeavour to tackle these issues.
I would venture that there are upwards of 200,000 , may be more, of those whose origins can be traced back to Southern Cameroons living outside of the territory. It is time to formulate a united strategy to defeat the poverty, stagnation and dilapidation that threatens to reduce this once vibrant community to a farm for opportunists.
What we need is to put our money and efforts where our mouth is.
The school system is an example of where we can make a difference. A group of SC’s can get together and figure out what is needed to get a well equipped technical institution started and fund it! If 100 people got together with a five year plan to contribute $50 US a month. In five years that amount compounded annually at a mere 5% would yield aprox. $424,000 ( about CFA 212,000,000 ). You will all agree with me that one can initiate a well funded technical institution with such seed money.
I would bet that more than 200 people post on this forum and about half of them can contribute $50 dollars towards a project. This is a strategy that can begin to tackle the problems at hand. Other groups can target the heath care, provide business loans and encourage industry. This will in turn provide jobs for graduates of the schools. Yes there will be roadblocks. But as history has taught us, many groups of people who have found themselves in the same situation, were able formulated a strategy and delivered themselves from bondage be it physical or economic.
It is time to combine talk with action!



I will like we give a go with your suggestions. Ashwell suggested something like that earlier. We can give it a try. But that will not persuade me to leave my quest for independence for the southern cameroons.


Thanks a lot, Lobilo, for your eloquent and wise presentation. I agree with you 100%. Unless we change from the victim mentally we shall always remain where we are today: a nation that boasts 15 million political science experts but is still mired in poverty.



Have you read basic economics? I suggest u may hve heard about something like macro and micro policies. So you need to think well if CHANGE will be brought by the peanuts you and Ashwell have been suggesting that we send to Cameroon. Note that, i am still and will still be sending money to Cameroon, but like foreign aid, is that where a solution to Cameroons problems will come? I now see that some of you guys dont know anything about politics. The japanese, koreans, malaysians, chinese did not develop because they were running to send money abroad. The had what we regularly describe in international politics as the "POLITICAL WILL". Most common southern cameroonians have it and even citizens of la republique du cameroun but the vampires in government (Biya and gang of criminals) do not have it. They are greedy and evil. If they are not rooted out, then you and ashwwell will be fighting a loosing battle.

Charles Forkwa

I suggest you read this book before lecturing me about economics ->
“Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle against World Poverty”.
Here is the synopsis:
“Muhammad Yunus is that rare thing: a bona fide visionary. His dream is the total eradication of poverty from the world. In 1983, against the advice of banking and government officials, Yunus established Grameen, a bank devoted to providing the poorest of Bangladesh with minuscule loans. Grameen Bank, based on the belief that credit is a basic human right, not the privilege of a fortunate few, now provides over 2.5 billion dollars of micro-loans to more than two million families in rural Bangladesh. Ninety-four percent of Yunus's clients are women, and repayment rates are near 100 percent. Around the world, micro-lending programs inspired by Grameen are blossoming, with more than three hundred programs established in the United States alone”.

I am for a free and independent Southern Cameroon. But while in the pursuit of this goal we may well begin to put in place a structure that will sustain that independence rather than start from scratch if and when that is achieved.

Yes change can be brought about by “peanuts” – many single nuts piled one on top of another makes a basket of peanuts and before long a silo full of peanuts!

It is time to combine talk with action!



I have read about the success of the author above.

I am not disputing that your ideas cannot work. But what i have told you is that when the political will is not there, nothing can work. People can have great ideas and the will to succeed, but they must be encouraged by those who make political decisions. We lack that in africa and that is why most countries are failing. Why do you think southern Africans are better off than us?

I have tried ideas like the ones you cited and have found that it cannot work in la republique du cameroun. The customs, the police, those in public offices will frustrate you. I cannot elaborate here as this is a public forum. Other unscrupulous individuals will start calling me names. So lets leave it like that.

I stick to my struggle to root evil out of the southern cameroons. If our brothers east of the moungo do not want to rise of to their own challenges, that is their problem. They think, we southern cameroonians are the ones to die in misery, but sooner or later, we will get our independence and instituted a government that will represent the will of the people.

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock


Camerounese jerks will carry their censorship all over.

If you go to and request a subscription approval, stating clearly that you are a Southern Cameroonian or an SCNC activist, they will refuse to approve your subscription.

I encourage you to try it.

I have asked the SCNC in North America to investigate this blatant censorship.

Kudos to The Post for being such an open network that lets all these filthy frogs talk here.

Anyway, whatever they do, they will never change this:

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.


Paa Ngembus
SCAADIM (Southern Cameroonians Against the Annexation & DestructIon of our Motherland)


Hi SJ,

The disappointment continues unabated!. You write: "Once freedoms comes, the rest will follow, mutatis mutandis."

This is the most frightening thing I have ever heard from any key figure in the SC nationalist movement and it brings back the worst memories:

In the 1960s at the eve of independence, when Africans called for democratic systems of governments but their leaders refused, saying building "the nation" was the sole priority "the rest will follow, mutatis mutandis." What followed was a shameful orgy of state murder and oppression.

In the 1990s, when the clamor for democratization was heard across Africa, we were again told that the economy was the sole priority and that all that talk of freedom was just a distraction - another excuse for blood letting by powe hungry leaders.

In Cameroon during the same period, when Anglophones tried to raise the issue of Anglophone marginalization within the broader coalition of pro-democratic forces, the Francophone partners objected saying that ousting Biya was the key and that "the rest will follow, mutatis mutandis." - of course it was just another technique to keep Anglophones under their yoke.

And today, SJ has learned from the "masters" and uses the same lame and bloody excuse not to be involved in the development of Southern Cameroons! What a disgrace!!

The development of Southern Cameroons MUST go on simultaneously with the fight for independence or that fight will be considered by true sons and daughters as nothing but a political ploy by some power hungry fellows who were unable to fit in to the francophone power play.

The last time I checkec, there is a SC interim government in exile with a full slate of ministers and secretaries of state. What is the role of the Minister of Education, for example, if he or she is not busy working with SCnians to craft a post independence educational policy? Or is it just for show. Please SJ, study the case of the ANC to understand why they could step in after years of exile and seamlessly pick up where the Apartheid regime left off. They had long prepared for that eventuality with white papers, strategic plans, etc., in virtually every domain - and most of these were in the public domain.

Until this posting I had faith in the SCNC, IG and the other alphabet soup of "liberation movements" in SC but now, I know it is all a big hoax. Final word on this topic.

Lobilo, a disgusted Southern Cameroonian


Hello Lobilo,

I have advised you not to make shallow generalisations. You've now escaped from your specious generalisation about "anglophones" and technical education to a new one about African independence.

Between Moumie and Ahidjo, who stood for genuine African independence? Between Olympio and Eyadema who fought for genuine independence? Between Lumumba and Mobutu who stood for genuine independence? Bewteen Boganda and the thugs that France have continually installed in CAR who stood for African independence? Have you ever imagined what the USA would have become if an overwhelming power stopped the American Revolution in her tracks? Or what the French Republic will be if same happened as the French Revolution was taking hold? Do you imagine what Europe would be if Hitler was allowed to triumph. In Africa, the Hitlers triumphed! The Ahidjos-Biyas, the Mobutus and Eyademas triumphed with the help of those who have been preying on Africans for centuries. The consideration that the American and French revolutionaries had never came to the African revolutionary but that fight and her priority must live until freedom is complete. Freedom First!

Please, re-examine what you know about the independence struggle of Africa, especially this French or Gaullist Africa that concerns us in the Southern Cameroons. I do not have the time here to discuss that with you.

But also note that when de Gaulle went to London (and I admire his nationalist commitment to his country), he did not go there to write white papers about development; he was there to build the Free French to campaign against an occupying power.

What type of development are you going to accomplish when even the fate of your national currencies is in the hands of a foreign power to begin with, and so since 1958? What sort of development are you really talking about when 65% of the financial reserves of African States of the CFA zone are placed in operating accounts in the French treasury?

I see where your lost faith lies; like that of Ahidjos and Eyademas and the Mobutus, who felt uncomfortable when others were addressing the source of the disease that plagues us - FRANCE. Well my friend, take what is left of your faith and you go ahead with your development plans of SC under France's rule and come back and give us an update. I'm sure you have your white papers ready.

We've seen and heard worse than an expression of lack of faith compadre, and always from those who claim to stand on an elevated platform of "disgusted" Southern Cameroonians. Be disappionted all you want. Tough.


Why should anyone be surprised, Cameroon goverment does not maintained or repairs public infrastructure. Douala Airport, Public Hwys, Mongo bridge and now the Ombe bridge. Which other major infrastucture failure will be next?(Worri bridge). Think about this, Cameroonias love football, but the gorverment can not provied a good place to play the game. Look at the Douala and Yoaunde stadium they are like a pigs house. Its a shame we can not go on like this anymore.


To speak English has nothing to do with the Queen.T speak has npthing to do with France. To be balingual has nothing to do with getting a job.Getting a job is about what you can do. Let us concerntrate on what we can do. Let us build the the technical education system that is able to teach our juniors what they can do.



A British High Commissioner to Yaounde in La Republique du Cameroun once declared that Great Britain, the administering Authority of the UN Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons had finished with the Southern Cameroons in 1961.

Political scientists would take this statement as 99% right, therefore 1% short of the Truth.

Some facts in history relate to this statement :

1. On 30th september 1961 the Admiral of the British Navy landed in Victoria and moved up to Buea, the Capital of the Southern Cameroons, and at mid-night on that same day the British flag, was brought down over the territory and Hon. John NGU FONCHA, Premier of the territory, proclaimed the independence of the Southern Cameroons.

Immediately after this ceremony the Commisioner of the Southern Cameroons, Mr J.O Fields, together with the Admiral of the Navy, left the territory and both on behalf of the United Kingdom Government said good-bye to the Southern Cameroons which thus became a sovereign nation until 10a.m in the morning of 1st october 1961, when Mr Amadou Ahidjo invaded and captured the nation politely and with ease in the very eyes of the very leaders to whom were given independence.

2. Previously, when the UK was considering independence for Nigeria, Her Majesty’s Government made a report to the Trusteeship Council of the UN, saying that the UN Trusteeship territory of the Cameroons under UK administration was not lagging behind Nigeria for independence. “But”, the report further asserted, “the territory is economically unviable to stand alone as an independent entity.” And in the reccomendation that followed “the inhabitants of the territory have to choose to achieve independence by joining either The Federation of Nigeria or the Independent Republic of Cameroon”.

The Trustteship Council was convinced and sponsored the plebiscite of 11th February 1961 and the independence for the Southern Cameroons was fixed for 1st october 1961.

Before we can put up the many questions and problems that hold the 1% truth that fall short of the British declaration we should like to review the legal instrument which gave the territory in trust to the United Kingdom administration and how that legal instrument was executed and teminated.


The main and basic objectives of the Trusteeship Agreement giving right to colonial administration of the UN Trust Territories are clearly stated in Article 76 (b) of the UN Charter :

…..“To promote political, econonmic, social and educational advancement of the inhabitants of the Trust Territories and their progressive development towards Self-Government or Independence as may be appropriate to the particular circumstances of each territory, and its peoples and the freely expressed wishes of the peoples concerned and as may be provided by termes of each trusteeship agreement”.

Question I :

Article 76 (b) of th UN charter gives right to a Trusteeship Territory to choose freely between Self-Government and Independence. Which other article in the Charter imposes “independence by joining” it depend on economic survival?

Question II:

Is economic viability a measuring rod for sovereignty? If it is, why should terroteries such as Equatorial Guinee, Mali, the Central African Republic, Tchad and even La Republique du Cameroun herself, territories much poorer than the Southern Cameroons, became sovereign independent states without joining themselves to more poweful econonmies?

Question III:

What is the economic situation of the Southern Cameroons today? Which of the two territories, La Republique du Cameroun or the Southern Cameroons, survives because of the other?


1. Great Britain wants to run away from her responsibility of setting things right in the Southern Cameroons where she induced the UN into error. Of course, the errors committed by Her Majesty’s Government are not as formidable as those in Palestine and the Indian administered Cashmire.
2. Great Britain prefixed independence for the Trust Territory of the Cameroons under UK administration for 1st October 1961. This was no coninsidence. The British thought and were erroneousely convinced that the Southern Cameroons were to walk into the poling booths and indorse British wishes for intergration into the Nigerian Federation and therefore would celebrate 1st October with Nigeria as Independence day.
3. When the Southern Cameroons did not vote for Nigeria the British were furous and both business and civil administrative personnel packed off from the territory within the twinkling of the eye. It is unfortunate that ever since, the UK administered the territory of the Southern Cameroons as part of the Federation of Nigeria, she had never noticed the hard things Southern Cameroons suffered in the hands of some Nigerians.
4. It is implied in the statement by the British High Commisioner to La Republique du Cameroun in Yaounde that Great Britain finished with the Southern Cameroons in 1961 by granting independence to the territory in the same manner she does to other colonies and never returns to meddle in the internal affaires of these colonies. According to the statement it was Hon. John NGU FONCHA who allowed Amadou Ahidjo to capture the Southern Cameroons without any legal instrument to justify this act.
5. The above stament is null and void. The UK made a mistake in the method of terminating the trusteeship agreement.
6. The fact that she refused to send the three experts in constitutional and administrative law to draw up a treaty of unification which should have obviously been based on the illegal framework of the plebicite which brought about the so called unification indicates that she should avoid committing more and more errors of greater magnitude.
7. To Her Majesty’s Government: the Satement of your High commisioner has to be reviewed. We hold your Government responsible for our plight. Help us to peacefully have what we deserve in the light of the letter and spirit of Article 76 (b) of the UN Charter. It is possible. Let us avoid unnecessary loss of human lives. We are peace-loving. Let the world emulate the examples of the leaders of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) who have choosen “The Force of Argument, Not the Argument of Force”.

Victoria Southern Cameroons


CATTU and everybody under the banner of Anglophone, don't mind what Dr Agbormbai is saying because if he understood the gravity of offences this french led gov't is causing to our children and society he won't be up to what he just said. This is the right thing to do. Look at even the University of Buea and the Socio and management sciences, it's just a nightmare. No further comments, i took my children out sometime ago.
Lets fire on with the pressure.

dango tumma



Abangma Peter


I sense your frustrations with your exchanges with Lobilo but I think they have been very fruitful and have raised a lot of key points that we must address one way or the other, if this movement must go to its logical end, viz., the role of France in our predicament, the obligations of SC liberation movements towards the people of SC while fighting for independence, how to improve education in SC while still under occupation, the need for an effective and relevant Government-in-Exile with clearly defined roles and expectations, how cyberspace can be used as an effective tool for liberation rather than an empty talking shop, etc., etc.

These are vital questions/issues that should not be drowned out by unecessary grand standing and personal acrimony. Let us try and answer them honestly.

I have my views on these issues, but I will rather we all take a breather to think them through first. And since you are apparently a top leader of the SC movement (based on what commentators have been saying) I think you have a bigger duty to listen to these voices on the margins for the betterment of the cause.

Best wishes


The Anglophone system of education must restore with our legacy. Let fight together and have ANGLOSAXONE SYSTEM. Yaounde should not deceive us. This is the continuation to restore our statehood.


Mr. Abangma,

I am not a top leader in the SC movement, whatever that means. Other than that I agree in toto with what you said and your manner of expressing it. I'm also sure you know well enough that the struggle does not end here on The Post Interactive page.

The obligation of SC liberation movements calls for certain specific actions; and for other SCians, it inspires them to go carry out their development plans and form human right groups in SC, that is their right, but so is mine and others to point out that we should not loose sight of the main enemy - France - and the history and methods of her colonial rule in Africa in general, and the Southern Cameroons in particular.

When a leader of a country condemns you and I, our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, and all that in our native environment that makes us whole by the will of God as "a little gift to France from the Queen of England" it calls for particular attention. The implication of a de-humanizing declaration like that is very vivid in our daily existence.

However, I'm sure it may not come as a surprise to you that a few (very few for now) Camerounese officials who some of us have been fortunate to dialogue with now believe that a separation of both the SC & LRC will benefit both peoples, but helas, that is not yet in vogue in Yaounde and their country remains a colony of France in this complexity of the Cameroons where the French have been heard to refer to the Southern Cameroons as "une colonie d'une colonie"

However, the challenge that some of us in the struggle have faced is not knowing who the real enemy is and how he operates. For us the enemy is not the people of LRC, but it is what I refer to rhetorically as "la Republique Francaise du Cameroun and their petainiste junta." Having identified what we think is the virus that enables all these debilitating symptoms, we have made a decision to highlight it at every opportunity.

Our detractors will like us engage in their programmed narrative that has Africans going at each other while they carry the loot in the background, in a minefield they themselves programmed. NO. The benefit of time should make us see better than the generations that came before us, I sincerely believe.

Sir, we can not have an enemy before us, who has publicly acknowleged her engineering of our de-humanization and arrogantly lives off the misery of our existence and allow "disgusted Southern Cameroonians" tell us not to focus on that enemy. This is part of that obligation that I hope all SCians should have.

dango tumma

lobilo or who
you are a new comer,first let me tell u
some tin.he who cannot be trusted in little
things, must never be trusted in great one ( albert eistein), to know god and what ye thinks is man ultimate reason for living.
man was born free and must live free and die free.

religion without philosophy will render
mans souls only a rubble of the earth ( al senay)
now caming to this egg head of lobilo,
tell me why any people shouldnt determine, whether to be a free nation or to form unions?
the case of southern cameroons in easy.
if at all they did choose to join LRC
then the world is expecting them at any time to choose independence. IE IF THE UNION DOESNT SUITS THEM. FREELY






Dango Tumma,

when you're able to write comprehensible English, we will talk. Until then you can crawl into your hole and wax lyrical about spilling blood from the safe distance of your computer.

dango tumma

lobilo , its u who can write comprehensive
lly, its not dotting the i and crossing the t,
but whar substance are you advocating.
you are a real egghead,
great minds never narate, ,common clarity, eg (shakepeare)

how lucid, how noble, how holiful
you are, is only and only in the substance of what you say, my dog.
you are not fit to clean my house
in mc lean, va usa.

dango tumma

what is your full name?
your occupation?
your address?
your telephone/email address..?

low life idiot

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