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Thursday, 27 April 2006


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If rumours that the sdf cheque has been handed to you are true,then,we should thank god.Used this money with an appointed member of NAC as treasurer organised a forum to bring together all sons and daughters of the sdf,with stipulated agenda of preparing for the convention and moving the party forward.

Get hold of Fru Ndi's supporters Mbah Ndam,Yoyo, and others and table these proparsals as the WAy forward as suggested by prof Asonganyi.

Remember that since the money is coming from the cpdm they have no good for our beloved party but destruction,they want to see the sdf failed, hence, they will do all to destroy the party.

Allow Fru ndi a say in the planning,you guys should even offer him the post of honourable chair with no potforlios,and do discussed with him the way forward.Mbah Ndam should be removed as legal counsel and parliamentary chair,get a new face.

At the end of the gathering prepare a financial statement and hand over the balance to the new Treasurer.

If you do this you will remain a hero of we sdf members who need changed in the country.History will always remember you.Make this very open and all inclusive,hide nothing at all.




Is it that you are confused or you just don't have anything more to say against Fru Ndi? I remember a couple of weeks ago you posted the pamphlet you have just copied and pasted above. Mukete if you realize that the tide is turning and you no longer have enough lies to write against Fru Ndi, you better stay and take care of your wives, children and your cyber cafes.
Mukete even a lunatic will see the emptiness in you. You claim you are fighting against Fru Ndi because he has become a "devil". If Fru Ndi really was the devil you want the world to take him for, I don't see why you should not expose him (Fru Ndi) here for readers to see that you got a genuine reason to hate him (Fru Ndi).
Mukete I will go back to my description of your person. You are an evil genius. You preach hatred against and innocent person.
If you claim you don't hate Fru Ndi and that you are just against his evil deeds, please do expose him here with solid evidence and I bet you most of those who stand strongly behind him will surely openly say they are disappointed with him.
It is unfortunate that you are failing in your plot against Fru Ndi and be prepared to vomit the money given to you to carry out your satanic campaign against Fru Ndi.

Your student Vally "the only Cameroonian in England" as usual comes in to write repeating what he has read from you. The only thing he adds is;

Quoting Vally "the English boy"

“Watesih,Fon Lawrence and co.

Please, spare us the trouble of crying foul to monies collected by prof Ngwasiri from Territorial Admin.Ths sdf saga is a fight and if Fru ndi and co are lossing, i have no querrels,fru ndi should have been expecting all this considering that others have learned his trade while my poor sdf is suffering.”

As readers can see, Vally now seems to have no quarrel with Ngwasiri for rushing to collect money from Territorial administration.
His master Mukete in his write up gave a blind eye to Ngwasiri's action. These are people who say they are bringing light here. Those who claim they are objective. Any objective mind will surely put a question mark on Ngwasiri's rushing to collect money meant for the SDF from the Territorial administration given the fact that the court stopped both the NEC and NAC from functioning and taking decisions for the time being.
Ngwasiri Legality Professor my ass. When we say this Professor has a vision for position and money, people will say we are Fru Ndi's blind supporters. They even don't comment when Akoson and I wrote one time in this forum questioning why Fru Ndi had to accept being the chairman of NAC. Momo who is assisting Ngwasiri Christopher as the family advocate, has made his normal commentary. We are waiting for our future PHD holder Prudence to come and congratulate Mukete. Shame to you all biased minds.



They even didn't comment when Akoson and I wrote one time in this forum questioning why Fru Ndi had to accept being the chairman of NAC.


INVITATION TO JOIN THE SCNC SWEDEN GROUP. has invited you to join the scncsweden group!

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

We invoke this declaration and its spirit, for the peoples of the former United Nations Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons under United Kingdom Administration, who are today under the colonial occupation of France masquerading as La Republique du Cameroun.



Thanks Mr Mukete for the truth you have been telling.These bamenda guys don,t just want any person to say anything that shows how shortsighted fri ndi is.But the are failing to understand that you can,t throw something through the window and you expect that thing not to fall.fru ndi is planting hatred and tribalism in sdf.when u hear of the present sdf ,u only see mba ndam,jua,fru ndi,muna,as to say the party is bamenda party.
Please tell me,how many persons from the NW are in a different political party in Cameroon except the cpdm where they are struggling to have their own share of the cake.These bamenda people all think the same way.So it,s very embarassing living with these type of people who don,t see their bamenda person sees anything wrong in what another bamenda man has done.but they will blow trumpets if the same thing is done by a person from a different tribe.
I now see why Nkemngu left the sdf,When i think of the prodical son.We don,t have a political party but we have our 99,9999% sense.It took Mandala decades to rule SOUTHAFRICA.Everything has it,s time.Bangwa people will one day rule this Cameroon.I HAVE A DREAM.
Keep it on Mukete.

mola BUEA

Down with Fru ndi. Fucking ni. ni my ass. long live Prof. Ngwasiri and mukete. I love you.
The day in December I will be in Cameroon I will GUN that shit of fru ndi



SCNC will be having their first legal meeting in Gothenburg Sweden Tomorrow Monday the 1st of May 2006 by 4pm.

Venue will be in my house, Månadsgatan 24 apartments 267.

Take tram 6,7 or 11 and stop at Runstavgatan the stop before KotedelaTorget, and ask for my street its like 3 minutes walk from the tram stop.

Call 0704086061 or 031 482567 if you get lost.

Please if you will not be able to attend the meeting just send us an e mail so we know you wont be coming.

Also inform other Southern Cameroonians you think they will be interested to join and become active members.

At the moment we already have about 20 members and for a start I belief it’s very encouraging.

Once more you are all welcome.

President Gothenburg – Sweden

Samuel Cumber


Time has come and is now it is.
There is or there isnt.Where do you stand?


Fru Ndi or No Fru Ndi the problem remains and the international community is "all eyes and ears to see & hear" from the anglophone themselves so before any comment on this forum please give us your stand.

Remember the anglophone problem is not equal to SCNC ,You may or may not be a sharer of the ideas of this group but then" DO U AGREE THERE IS AN ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM IN CAMEROON?

Will be right back

Fon  Lawrence

You try in vain to defend the fact that you are a sponsored agent.Where have you kept your conscience.No matter how you pretend,you will always be scourged by your conscience.

The opening paragraph of your posting of 29 April is just a window blind to make the gullible think that you hate Paul BIya.To contradict youself,you went further to give 22 fake points you think Paul Biya is better than Fru Ndi.Even a primary school child will understand that you are compaigning for Paul Biya.

The following statement of your is lucid enough to show that you hate Fru Ndi for nothing;it is simply the blood money that they have given that controls everything you do now.
"Paul Biya did not lost a political election and then out of frustration decided to join the CPDM. Ni John Fru Ndi was beaten in the one party-CNU-CPDM parliamentary elections and then out of frustration decided to create the SDF"

I think that the devil that has taken control over you has made you numb;all that you can think now is evil.
When you say Fru Ndi climbed on six innocent souls to launch the SDF,what do you mean? Is it Fru Ndi who killed the innocent children or your Master who sent troops to gun down these our beloved brothers?
How did Fru Ndi deceive innocent Cameroonians to pick up life grenades and what was he to profit from this act? In trying to give 22 points as weaknesses that Fru Ndi has over Biya,why did you not castigate your Master for the shooting of the six innocent children or hold him responsible for the grenades.Who is responsible for the death of these innocent souls;your master or Fru Ndi?

Last week you said when Late John Khotem was to represent the SDF in the historic meeting in Ndop,SDf officials took it as a golden opportunity to push late khotem in to his grave and I asked you what they were to benefit from the act;up to now no respond. Is that not simply a strategy to rally support for the the hatred you have for Fru Ndi to the advantage of your master?
When you go on deceiving people,you will always get hooked up in your lies.
Mukete,you said that you vomited out Paul Biya when the SDF was formed:
When Paul Biya stole the Victory of the SDF in 1992,militants of the SDF turned on CPDM militants for Vegeance,what was your opinion at the time as someone who had vomited Paul Biya? Remember by this time you had not known that Ndi was a devil.
I hold this question very important.This is where i want to expose you.If you can successfully answer this question,I will believe you and apologize for calling you a sponsored agent.If you run away from this question as usual,then know that you have been caught.
I have many things to draw your attention to from your recent postings,but I wait for the respond of the question above first.


Fon Lawrence,

I regret the fact that I have so far been taking you - mistakingly- for some one who reasons. You keep interpreting my facts in a twisted manner. I still have to understand if it is a deliberate attempt to deceive readers or it is simply because of your ignorance and poor reasoning skills.

Those who have read your most recent response would understand that you are 180 degree completely off what I am saying. The reasons behind the points are not far to fetch, except for those who have decided to be blind to the urgly side of their demi god:

1) The points I raised are simply to tell readers that I have never expected anything good from president Paul Biya and that he has never given us hopes, especially when he was becoming Head of State for the first time in 1982. So I do not find any reasons why I should be wasting my time asking him to deliver, when he never promised to deliver before becoming president in 1982.

On the other hand, since 1990 when Ni John Fru Ndi was becoming SDF leader, he promised before, on, during, and after the launching of the SDF that he will take us all out of our suffering. The slogan, "SUFFER DON FINISH" was never invented by me.

2) President Paul Biya can as well boost that he never needed our support, votes and sacrifices to become Ahidjo's successor in November 1982, and can therefore boost that he is not accountable to anyone except Ahidjo. Ahidjo merely picked him and imposed him on all Cameroonians.

Ni John Fru Ndi is accountable to us. Even to create the SDF, he consulted, worked and did the ground work with many other Cameroonians, especially the Founding Fathers. He did not sacrifice or risk his life alone. He was not the SDF militant who transported the SDF manifestor from Yaounde to Bamenda. It was not a single person who raised Ni John Fru Ndi to fame. Even the very day he came up to public fame (May 26.) six innocent Cameroonians died. Before dying, these innocent souls had also heard the promises of Ni John Fru Ndi - the SDF manifesto. Ni John Fru Ndi is bound to deliver.

3) Paul Biya never criticized any of Ahidjo's weak leadership skills before taking over office in 1982. Ahidjo gave him the post on a golden plate and as a personal gift. Unfortunately! So president Paul biya can boost that he never promised to correct any of Ahidjo's weaknesses before been given the presidency.

Before, on, during, and after the creation of the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi was a critic of the weak Leadershil sills of President Paul Biya. In fact from the start, Ni John Fru Ndi could not identify a single good with Biya. But after sitting on the high throne, Ni John Fru Ndi is the one practicing all what he was criticizing. Many of these things are in my previous article.

Readers will understand that I have NOT delared President Paul Biya as someone better than Ni John Fru Ndi. Nowhere in my contribution have I said that Biya is better than Ni John Fru Ndi as Fon Lawrence want to force readers into believing. This is how he reads my contribution:

"To contradict youself,you went further to give 22 fake points you think Paul Biya is better than Fru Ndi."

This other statement of Fon Lawrence is another indication that he either reasons up-side-down or he is just bent on playing on the intelligence of our many able readers:

"In trying to give 22 points as weaknesses that Fru Ndi has over Biya,why did you not castigate your Master for the shooting of the six innocent children or hold him responsible for the grenades."

Even the simple analogy I gave using a killer thief (President Paul Biya) and a Night Watch (Ni John Fru Ndi) is clear indication of the fact that I am holding Ni John Fru Ndi accountable BECAUSE HE HAS BETRAYED US, and not because Biya is better. How can someone who has been killing and eating Cameroonians be better than the Night Watch that Cameroonians themselves have selected for their protect? Cameroonians only started questioning the one they have selected to protect them (Ni John Fru Ndi) from the killer thief (Paul Biya) only when they discovered that their Night Watch is now collaborating with their killer, and is doing what he stood against before he was entrusted with the duties of protecting all of us. THIS IS MY CENTRAL POINT MR. FON LAWRENCE. Why do you try to twist the meaning and implication of a simply and clear write up?

Now Mr. Fon Lawrence, permit me to ask you some childish questions:

a) When you hand over your baby to the care of a babysitter who has promised to protect the baby from the malicious intention of a troublesome little boy, and then you observe afterwards that the babysitter and the troublesome boy are eating the little food you have kept for your baby, and that the troublesome boy is always having sexual intercourse with the babysitter while your baby is eating dirt from the floor, who do you hold accountable? The babysitter or the troublesome boy? Tell us!

b) In a match of Football, if Cameroonians select eleven players to defend our country and the players have promised to bring us victory, and then we realize that our football team was defeated because they had received money (bribe) to sell out the match to their opponent, who should we question? The Cameroonian players who had promised us victory and for which we have sacrificed or their OPPONENT (the team from another country)?

My analysis is not on whether or not Ni John Fru Ndi is better than president Paul Biya. My point is that Ni John Fru Ndi is not delivering what he promised us before we all accepted to carry him on our shoulders, sweat and blood to fame. Also, the fact that Ni John Fru Ndi is collaborating in secret with the one we want him to kick out, is not to go unquestioned. Worst still, Ni John Fru Ndi is now, instead, chasing away those Cameroonians who sacrificed with him, and in so doing is helping to make Biya our main opponent stronger and stronger.

Ni John Fru Ndi has taken a 180 degree turn and is now dining with the one we all consider a devil. Unless Ni John Fru Ndi takes another 180 degree turn to come back to us, our heart will know no rest. Whether people link me to Biya or not, this will not prevent me from sending through my message of truth.

Besides, who does not know the old story the blind supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi always use to blackmail those who dare criticize their god: HE IS A CPDM AGENT; HE HAS BEEN SPONSORED BY THE CPDM. I hope they should have by now realized that Cameroonians are already too used to this boring and preventive method of trying to silence opponents. And they even ignore the fact that if the CPDM has been buying or sponsoring anyone in the opposition, then that person is Ni John Fru Ndi. How about the huge sums of moneies he receives during elections in this country? This secret deal was made public by senior CPDM officials and has been repeated again and again by senior SDF officials, but Ni John Fru Ndi - the accused- is saying completely nothing.

I will be writing ...



Mukete stop this bullshit between you and the other camp

Tell us now.Do you agree there is an anglophone problem? If yes what way forward?


you guys should stop all this Rubbish party politics.

We need to have answers to several questions:

Why are Sonara taxes being paid in douala? why are sonara cars and other cars of companies in the south west matriculated LT?is that giving money to douala urban council or to the southwest province?
Why is delmonte paying its taxes to douala?
Where are there no roads leading to mundemba and mamfe, and why are there no roads connecting major towns in the southern cameroons?
What is your constitutional rights as southern cameroonian citizens?
Are you eligible constitutionally to be presidents of that failed republic?
Have any southern cameroonian been a minister of finance, education, territorial adminisstration, defence and some other strategic positions?
We have soo many questions for you party fanatics. All this argument about Ni John Fru Ndi versus Ngwasiri has been heard and will still be heard. What you guys are up to is to have an opportunity to go to la republique du camerouns parliament and be talking rubbish.

Stop all this nonsense party politics. rightminded southern cameroonians are interested for genuine change for future generations. Not just party policitics.



You should not be blind to the fact that we need to be able to clean our little homes before we start mustering the courage to clean the space or entity we share with others. When it comes to politics my immediate home is the OPPOSITION and the SDF. The first entity I share with others is our Anglophone community and the larger entity is the CAMEROON which I share with my Francophone brothers.

Look Tayong, despite your "over-know" on this Francophone-Anglophone issue, you must have realized that I have neither supported nor opposed your views and maggic theories that will never work. A certain Paa Ngembus has been proposing solutions where no problems exist. You have been runing up and down in this forum trying to gather support for your own Anglophone strategy, even going as far as inviting us to join you in an aimless battle in a Francophone forum. That is your ways of seeing things and no one disputes the fact that there is an Anglophone problem. The Anglophone plight is even more than what some yopung people in your generation may think. If some of you having high bilingual skills can be having problems in benefiting from the national cake, then you can imagine the hell we your parents went through without a single french word in our mouth. Some of our selfish brothers sided with the other side and despite their lack of the french language could still dine with the other side. For some of us, especially those of us who did not go far in school, it was hell. I have no personal regrets though, although my thoughts go to the innocent Anglophone youths.

But young man, Mr. Tayong, I may venture to advise you. If you want to fly like a bird, you have to start by walking. A creeping child has to learn to walk, then walk, before even thinking of flying. You can not start to fly by immediately flying. That is not the way the Good Lord made it. The Anglophone plight has many parameters that require that we do not burn stages in order to get solutions to our problems. These are stages we have to go through before tackling the greatest of all, which is the Anglophone-Francophone issue:

1)Anglophones have to find a common ground for discussions and unity in diversity. Personally I find the SDF that common ground which we can use to push through our case. The reason for this is that even president Paul Biya has presented the SDF as an Anglophone party. With the results of the legislative, council and presidential elections in Cameroon, Paul Biya has been able to present the SDF to the international community and the United Nations as an Anglophone regional party. So while some SDF overzealots rejoice that it is only in Bamenda and North West provcince that SDF militants work hard for election victories, they must also understand that it is to the advantage of the CPDM and president Paul Biya that the SDF wins ALL elections in the North West province where the SDF was created and which is the native Land of Cameroon's opposition Leader (Ni John Fru Ndi). Biya has always presented the North West province and North Westerners as trouble-makers who fight only for their regional interests, and so he wouldn't mine negotiating with Ni John Fru Ndi for all the votes in the North West province to go to the SDF and Ni John Fru Ndi, while the CPDM and Paul Biya keeps the other votes in the other province. This is the secret deal between Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi. This is the message Biya would always want the International Community to have: The North West is against me, but the ten other provinces are for me.

I think you now see why Anglophones have to exploit the SDF to push through our case. It is illogical and a waste of time for Anglophones to be trying to use two fronts at the same time. Look at the current mess rocking the Anglophone SCNC, and look at the mess rocking Anglophones in the SDF. Do you know that the Youth President of the Anglophone struggle. Agwaga Ebenezer is nor far away from the center of the Anglophone? Just wait and see what will happen as he starts ...

We need a common and single ground to plan, and for me, unless another one ground comes up, the SDF seems to be the only opportunity for Anglophones, especially since Biya himself has termed it an Anglophone party.

2) After coming together in that common ground which for me is the SDF, Anglophones still have a very big obstacle to break down. The South West-North West divide is the most destructive virus within the Anglophone community. It is no secret that the greatest enemy to North Westerners are South Westerners, and the greatest enemy to
South Westerners are North Westerners. This is what we keep seeing everywhere, even here in this forum. While some misguided South Westerners may be looking at the North Westerners of The Post Newspapers with suspicion, North Westerners on the other hand are giving The Post Management sleepless days and nights by constantly accusing them for giving South Westerners the forum and space to insult their brother and son of the North West province - Ni John Fru Ndi. This intra-Anglophone hatred and unwanted competition is something we can not ignore. It is in our daily lifes.

We can not be pushing for our liberation when deep in our hearts we live with suspicious and fear of the other. Do you know that some of my brothers have been asking me not to waste my time and energy fighting for the survival of the SDF? I hear the following on a daily basis: "Mukete, allow them to fight and even kill themselves." Do you know that it is because of this that Martin Nkemngu and others finally left the SDF? For them, it was better eating with the CPDM than working in the SDF for the benefit of North

United we stand and divided we fall. Unless Anglophones come together in one house and with one heart, all those who struggle for our Anglophone liberation may be labouring in vain. Take this or leave it!

3) The last stage will be the real fight, for our autonomy, freedom or independence. For now I can not say which direction we are coming to take when it comes to deciding our faith with the Francophones. My reason for this is simply because we, Anglophones ourselves are either divided on what steps to take or we do not even know to what direction we are heading to. All is just centered on our selfish interests.

Let me continue to demonstrate my frankness on this Anglophone-Francophone issue, without any fear whatsoever. If the United Nations should come TODAY (I mean NOW) to Cameroon and ask Anglophones to vote for or against obtaining complete independence and to be a separate nation, I, MUKETE, WILL VOTE AGAINST OUR INDEPENDENCE. In our present dividedness, we are not ready for it. Let me tell you that with the present South West-North West divide, Anglophones have not yet seen anything. The real war will start when we are given independence and left on our own. The fight will no more be between Anglophones and Francophones, but it will be a war between South Westerners and North Westerners. The South West will be looking at the North West with suspicion and the North West will be looking at the South West with suspicion. In the absence of our Francophone brothers, the situation will be dangarious and alarming. Mind you that our South West-North West divide has not yet generate into open confrontation and war only thanks to the buffer effect from the Francophones. Unfortunately, Franciophones and Biya are using our Anglophone dividedness for their selfish interests.

For now, we Anglophones are our own problems. We should start by cleaning our house. This is what I am trying to do in our house, the SDF, which has been presented as an Anglophone party. Charity begins at home!

I think you now understand why I do not yet find the moment ripe to join you in your cry-die, when no one is yet dead.

Tayong, I have answered this question on the Anglophone issue now and for good, and unless meaningful changes take place in our Anglophone mentality, then my position against independence will not change. We can not obtain independence and then be engaged in killing one another simply because he or she comes from the North West or the South West. Presently there are nio guarantees that this inborn hatred amongst Anglophones will ever end. It is instead becoming alarming!

For now, I am not going to be involved in this Anglophone issue. My house is the SDF and I will do everything to expose all those who have conspired to drag it into mud. And in doing this, I wouldn't allow people to divert my energy into things which are not clear - like the Anglophone issue just discussed above. Period!

(Blood Anglophone)



This is the biggest embarassment i have got in this forum. Your analysis of the anglophone issue is the biggest dissapointment i have ever got in this forum. It is 1 AM UK time and i have to go to sleep. We will see. Since you people are planning to destroy our SCNC struggle, because you guys are looking for every opportunity to dine with Biya, We will fight you (SDF) together with the colonialist.

Let me speak to some local chapters that we need to prepare a strategy to fight also from within. Thanks Mukete for speaking your mind. That is also the position of every SDF militant and that is why many here pretend to love SCNC but give meaningless excuses why they cannot join.



You call a battle Tayong is fighting in an aimless battle? We need to investigate this Mukete. You can Pa Ngembus's statements as providing a solution where there is no problem?

We are coming. Massamoyo, Pa Ngembus, Dango, Washow, Samleyin, Tayong, You guys should take note.



I will WARN you to stop corrupting SCNC militants. That your SDF politics should not be discussed with SCNC militants. Why are you advising Washow in one of your postings to collect bribe from the CPDM and rigged elections.

We of the SCNC do not dine with the enemy or with blood money. We are Godfearing people and will manage the southern cameroons according to our Godfearing attitude. we shall not be playing politics of "goat di chop for place we them tie yi" as you guys do in the SDF. So stop intoxicating Washow with that fake politics that you people are practising n the sdf. He does not need blood money.



I thought you should be sleeping as per your contribution posted at 7.38 pm:

"It is 1 AM UK time and i have to go to sleep. We will see."

You know that the truth is bitter but most be spoken. I however, regret the fact that my position is giving you sleepless nights. It was never my intention! Next time, avoid reading comments when you are about going to sleep. Those of us who have the real "Anglophone hearts" can read comments at all times.

Hope you have a sound sleep and please do not see me in your dreams tonight.


Rene Murena

When I came to this forum, I had the belief that it was for sound and discreet debate and not a place for insults, advertisements or sending announcements for meetings. I think if some people want the post to add such features, do spare us the little time we have for meaningful facts and kindly request the post do that.

In addition, most of the comments have been derogatory than actually and soundly annulling the points others raise. If you feel you have something to contribute please, do the best you can. I feel a little ashamed to ask my friends to read and participate in this forum who are non-Cameroonians.

We might soon ask the post to limit the comments to 500 or 1000 characters and probably censor it too. Well, the post could equally give a maximum of two postings per email address. I think that way, individuals will write just the best from their minds. A word might suffice compared to a thousand rambled together. Dear friends, please let’s do the best we can with the best we have for the betterment of everyone.

This forum can scare some people away when they find that they do not gain anything but fill their minds with the worst information from the minds of others. We should not render useless our freedom of speech. Let’s use the little time we have to participate on this forum for the greatest we can achieve.


Rene Murena F.

When I came to this forum, I had the belief that it was for sound and discreet debate and not a place for insults, advertisements or sending announcements for meetings. I think if some people want the post to add such features, do spare us the little time we have for meaningful facts and kindly request the post do that.

In addition, most of the comments have been derogatory than actually and soundly annulling the points others raise. If you feel you have something to contribute please, do the best you can. I feel a little ashamed to ask my friends to read and participate in this forum who are non-Cameroonians.

We might soon ask the post to limit the comments to 500 or 1000 characters and probably censor it too. Well, the post could equally give a maximum of two postings per email address for every topic. I think that way, individuals will write just the best from their minds. A word might suffice compared to a thousand rambled together. Dear friends, please let’s do the best we can with the best we have for the betterment of everyone.

This forum can scare some people away when they find that they do not gain anything but fill their minds with the worst information from the minds of others. We should not render useless our freedom of speech. Let’s use the little time we have to participate on this forum for the greatest we can achieve.


Rene Murena


Well, the post could equally give a maximum of two postings per email address for every topic.

JB Samba

The verdict of Boyo: Hon. Paulinus Jua 07 votes.
Ni John Fru Ndi 462.
The details of the elections per division soon. Jua
got no votes from his Boyo constituincy.


JB Samba,
Welcome back.The base has spoken.Jua has now seen how his laziness,greed and dubiousity have landed him in a political abyss.He now know who is a feyman and who is not.Even when they were busy practising democracy,Ngwasiri was gunning for cheques.This is how Fru Ndi likes silencing all these political dwarfs.Free and fair elections!

Fon  Lawrence

Mukete the anachronism,you are garrulous.

Can you now accept to this forum that you have nothing to offer against Fru Ndi and that you will soon abscond?Why have you not responded to the crucial questions I asked you? You went on beating about the bush as usual.You tried to argue in your respond to me that you have not mentioned any where that Paul Biya is better than Fru Ndi; go over these words of yours and tell me what it means "(21) President Paul Biya is at least fighting corruption in his own way and is at least arresting those CPDM members who are involved with him in the corruption exercise. Ni John Fru Ndi is not only pretending as if no corruption exists within NEC, but he is actually protecting those who are involved in the process with him." If you diny that above is not a comparison that clearly shows a better side,then tell us that you don´t know what you write.
Why did you not answer the pertinent question I asked you?
Remember I stressed out clearly that I hold the question important and was waiting for your respond inorder to expose you and you evil deeds.

Your babysitter analogy does not in any way fit in the context of Fru Ndi.Give us the facts that Fru Ndi is dining with Paul Biya apart of the song that he collected money from the gorvenment to treat his wife and that the wife died because blood money cannot yield a positive out come.Let me also draw your attention to the fact that those against Fru Ndi in the SDF do not link him to embezzlement as you claim.

Above are just comments and let me go back to the real issues which you delibrately avoided.I wish to remind you before I conclude on who you are:
1.Paul Biya did not lost a political election and then out of frustration decided to join the CPDM. Ni John Fru Ndi was beaten in the one party-CNU-CPDM parliamentary elections and then out of frustration decided to create the SDF"
Is this not an indication of hatred for someone? How is this linked to the SDF crisis?
2."The SDF was actually created inside Ni John Fru Ndi´s bedroom" what do you want readers to discern from this statement?
3."Ni John Fru Ndi deceived innocent Cameroonians to Pick up life grenades" What did he stand to gain from this act?
4. When late John Khotem was going to represent the SDF in the historic meeting in Ndop before the last presidential election,SDF high officials took it as a golden opportunity to push late John Khotem into his grave:your words summarised;what did they stand to profit in this barbaric act?
5.Mukete,you said that you vomited out Paul Biya when the SDF was formed:
When Paul Biya stole the Victory of the SDF in 1992,militants of the SDF turned on CPDM militants for Vegeance,what was your opinion at the time as someone who had vomited Paul Biya? Remember by this time you had not known that Ndi was a "devil".
Again this last question is the most important;answer it to show that you know what you prattle.
I wait for your respond.Hope you don´t avoid the questions and take on insults as usual.

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

So what do mean when you ask me to I quote:...."...stay quiet ......and that ...none of the sentences you directed to me answers any of my questions".The reverse is true.You haven't answered my questions too.Legally speaking who is the right person to collect the funds?The court has passed its "temporary" judgement and Fru must respect it.Ngwasiri is not a fool to collect money to make sure the party functions well.Why is it only now you criticise one of the Founding fathers (Ngwasiri)??He has been at the success of the party for years and how comes Fru Ndi just want to overcome him with his selfish ideologies to remain Chairman forever??

Enoh,do you mean to tell me NJFN can't call for a truce and settel this matter amicably?Do you think his strattegy is the best by using intimidation and falsy accusation?I believe the party is loosing it credibility thanks to the incompetency of NJFN.The SDF is not what it represented in the yester-years believe me or not.Compare his rallies in the early 90s and that which he recently held...Bullshit!!His strife for leadership and power is the major cause of this instability plaguing the party today....

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


mola buea,

Even Biya's top death squads with the likes of Jean Forchive, etc had that same goal of yours to kill Fru Ndi before having a rest. They all failed. Try your luck but don't commit suicide when you get to the dead end.


Fon Lawrence,
Why are you waisting your time with this mukete of a man,this guy and his master Ngwasiri are the most dishonest fellows you can find concerining the SDF crisis.They will never face the truth.Since I started reading mukete's posts almost 3months ago,he has been coining the same story,putting it in different words day in day out,all with one goal, to destroy Fru Ndi and make him look like a devil in the eyes of cameroonians.The reason is that Fru Ndi is a political giant who will be difficult to beat in any free and fair elections in cameroon.Since the international community is on the neck of the CPDM regime to grant an independent electoral commission in cameroon,the CPDM smells future danger from this man.It is therefore a long term strategy by the CPDM,to create confusion,destabilise and weaken the SDF and if possible split it into factions inorder to guanrantee victory in forth coming elections using the likes of mukete and Ngwasiri.The mission is two fold.Since Fru Ndi is the strongest personality of the SDF and has the confidence and trust of many cameroonians,mukete and team are charged with the duty of soiling this image inorder to reduce the public confidence and trust cameroonians have in him.Ngwasiri and team have as duty to find any flimsy excuse,and brand Fru Ndi as dictator,destabilise the party and probably split it.Then you can see the hide and seek game the courts are playing,declaring for Fru Ndi today,and for Ngwasiri tomorrow inorder to encourage the division,strengthen the stand of both camps to give way for the split.So you can see mukete will never go against his mission because it is clearly defined.An honest man will criticise but still give credit where it is due as the bible itself says "give to kaiser what is kaiser's and to God what is God's",but mukete will argue that Fru Ndi deserves no credit for taking the challenge and courage against all odds to re-launch mutipartism in cameroon,and even if he did,it means nothing to mukete as any other person would have done it, so he says.It is very clear even to the blind that he is on a special mission;would you expect him to accept that he is a sponsored agent or do you expect him to ever say anything positive about Fru Ndi? No way,that will be against his mission.We just have to keep on exposing their diabolical plan to hijack tha SDF and destry the hope of cameroonians.


can someone tell me,did Ngwasiri attempt to collect the money or actually collected the money?This is because I see some of the mukete song birds-The English boy and the Hongkong boy already justifying Ngwasiri's right of collection,although they admitted to the fact that the court took a "temporary" decision suspending both NEC and NAC.


News gotten from reliable sources says the crises in the SDF is sponsored by the French. All what is happening in the SDF is not by chance, money was sent to the Ngwasiri group to be shared amongst them with ultimate mission to distabilised the SDF since they are afraid Ni John who is so popular that he might win with the coming of an independent electorial commission. Pa Feko in Bonaberi-Douala, one of the founding fathers of the SDF who abandoned it long ago for the Southern Cameroons Struggle with the SCNC, was contacted by the Ngwasiri group to come and have his own share of the blood money from France with mission to pull down Fru Ndi and the SDF. Note Pa Feko rejected that in totality, he is not that type whose concience can be bought over by money. SO FELLOW SDF BROTHERS AND SISTERS ITS CLEAR, its a planned mafia right from Paris with Etoudi. Have no fear GOD is with the people, anyway the peoples power was expressed of recent in Fundong. Pa John still have the confidence of the people; he is still as of now the only one eye man to captain the ship to liberate Cameroon. Just thought to share this very important information with you all. Long Live Ni John Fru Ndi (the Strong man of Ntarikon). To true patrotic Southern Cameroonians, our struggle goes ahead whether Ni John oneday goes to Etoudi or not! All we want is our total and unconditional indenpendence as per article 72(b) of the UN Charter. God bless Southern Cameroons, its leaders and people!


fake fake
give us facts.information also reaching me says the election was mared with alot of froud.that fru ndi bought the delegates.can you belief this too
so take care of what you say.


This Muna, whose father was used to wipe out West Cameroon for his blackmail on Foncha, forming a camp with Ngwasiri. This Ngwasiri is really another goat. Muna will shit on you, just play for time. For now I will still through all my support to Fru Ndi than a Muna's camp-Hungry people. Ngwasiri keeps talking only about the constitution and one has heard nothing else like his plan of action in the party. Only heard of this damp name during the 2002 elections. "Founding father my lass". No one is pleased with the slow pace of the SDF but that doesn't give room for opportunists to come in with big titles. I wonder how many people know of the name Ngwasiri, for example in the North West where he comes from, let alone in the whole of Cameroon. There are lots of important battles Ngwa should be fighting instead of trying, with the help of France, to fragment the party.



Thanks for the information. I have tried to verify it and it is 100 percent true. I have called some who are close to Pa Feko and it is true. I have also had informations that the French are working with Both Camps merely to destabilise public opinion against any southern cameroonian Unity. So Ni john Fru and Mbah Ndam has been receiving money from them for long. But does are not things we can prove in this forum. It is just like if you tell someone the next Governor of the south west province will be this or that person, he will start arguing with you. But some of us know the truth. Just post your comments and ignore responses you will get from those who have benefitted form the alleged conspiracy to colonis the southern cameroons.


Referendum? Incumbent Chairman John Fru Ndi wins unprecedented landslide in Party Primaries
In an unprecedented internal election of the SDF, erstwhile Party Chair John Fru Ndi beat his rival Hon. Paulinus Jua by the widest margin ever witnessed in the Party in 15 years. Mr Fru Ndi gained 462 votes out of 470, in a secret ballot, Saturday April, 28, 2006, in the Boyo Divisional capital of Fundong. Mr Jua obtained seven votes in total. Mr Fru Ndi will be the North-West Provincial candidate for Party Chairmanship in the May Convention. Each Province is expected to hold primaries for its candidates.

Hon. Jua, son of late former Premier Ngom Jua and Member of Parliament for Boyo failed to get a single vote among delegates from his Boyo constituency. Out of 55 voting delegates from his Division of origin, Mr Jua obtained zero votes. He also failed to get a single vote in four of the seven Divisions. Mr Jua got one vote each from Ngoketunia and Momo Divisions. Voting delegates are chosen by each District Conference. Provincial and National Executive Members and Members of Parliament have automatic voting rights. In press interviews last week Mr. Jua said he had campaigned across the Province and was sure of a victory. Negative newspaper articles on Mr Fru Ndi’s leadership may have led Mr Jua to hope for a win, but there is a huge gap between elitist press politics and grassroots views. Most newspapers and media do not reach the grassroots and only face-to-face politics works. Mr Fru Ndi is renowned for grassroots campaigning. An eye witness of the conference vote said: "I have never seen such unanimity in the SDF since I joined in 1990; I tell you what, the Boyo verdict is so emphatic that anyone inside and outside SDF should get the message and accept that like the launching of the SDF in 1990, many high-impact decisions are made here in the North-West [Province]!"

Mr Fru Ndi got 100% votes from Provincial and National Executive Committee members as well 100% votes from Members of Parliament. "This is amazing coming at the time of huge challenges" said, an academic and a delegate.

This vote comes at a time when the Party is undergoing internal squabbles caused by high egoes of the candidates vying for Mr Fru Ndi’s post. No other candidate has gone through in properly organised primaries to oppose Mr Fru Ndi. One Celestin Djamen with doubtful membership credentials declared his intention to run, but has not been endorsed by the Provincial Conference in France. SDF-France Representative Jean-Paul Tchakote has characterised this candidature as ‘virtual’ alluding to the fact that it does not conform to Party Rules of coming from the grassroots structures. Another candidate former Bar Council President Bernard Muna announced himself candidate following contested District and Provincial Conferences in the Centre Province.

Saturday’s election is a referendum on the popularity of Mr Fru Ndi and will leave his detractors very worried indeed. Mr Fru Ndi has been criticised by his opponents of staying long at the helm of the Party, however, Mr Fru Ndi’s supporters point to lack of a trusted replacement and the fact that none of the Party leaders in Cameroon’s opposition have relinquished their posts. They see a plot to replace Mr Fru Ndi with someone who can play elitist power games and allow for the cooptation of the movement into the ruling government. Majority of the grassroots members are opposed to cooptation. The SDF with over 600,000 members has very strong grassroots structures with an estimated 80,000 volunteers ranging from Party vangurdas to Exco members accross the country. It will be very difficult to dismantle or manipulate this incredible machinery built over one and half decade.


Good Ace for your rapidity, was just about to post same here. Lets Fru Ndi's distractors see for themselves. WHO SAYS POWER DOES NOT BELONG TO THE PEOPLE!


Well momo, according to you, elections were rig! wonders shall never end. Can't we accept the truth at least once in life. Man you can't down play with Fru Ndi's popularity, whether you like it or not he is the man the grassroots have at heart. If you can downplay with the grassroots then you can cripple Fru Ndi but so long as you can't downplay with them know your insults at him will take you no where my friend. You can check out this link for more info


Hi Rexon,

You got me wrong please! Simply because of the fact that Ni John Fru Ndi is not on-board for our liberation struggle (Southern Cameroons) doesn't push me in anyway to blackmail or redicule him. He is somebody I know so well and to the best of my knowlegde I know he is faithfull to the people. Bro I have noticed you have a particular hatred for Fru Ndi, and the reason I can make out is because he is not supporting our struggle. FRU NDI HAS NEVER TOUCH ANY FRANC OF THE GOV'T, HAS NEVER BETRAYED THE PEOPLE as you think. Know Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam have not taken money anywhere to distabilised or block the Southern Cameroons Struggle as you may think that's pure lies. I think if we have our independence today Fru Ndi will be happy as well like any other Southern Cameroonian. Know he is like a father to all and must behave likewise, we shouldn't expect him to take side openly. For your information isn't he one of the advisers to the Southern Cameroons National Council? When I read your articles, the way you write about this innocent man (Fru Ndi) makes me feel bad. He doesn't deserves any of that. Believe me all those accusations are false. Well I have to go now!



Thanks for the clarification. But whatabout his business dealings with PMUC and the implication of that? If you read my previous postings, you will understand that i argue thatFru Ndi made a political blunder to rent his house to PMUC and that makes us sceptical of what he is up to. So i understand you bro. Lets keep the struggle up.


Where were the Doctors and Professors when Fru Ndi became the SDF chairman,as you called him illiterate?
Under what circumstance could it be possible that an illiterate Fru Ndi was chosen as the chairman of the SDF with your professors(Ngwasiri,Asonganyi)present?
Fru Ndi can only speak pidgin english,as you said, makes you the most learned illiterate . If not,with what language do you expect Fru Ndi to addresss the non educated masses in Cameroon?O i see,if you become a leader tomorrow you wouldn't consider the non educated class,isn't it? You'd go about pouring out all the big grammar you claim to know to the illiterate masses in the hinterlands.What's your qualification as an individual that you think you can go about calling Fru Ndi illiterate?I think it'll be a waste of time talking too much about your show of nepotism and primitivity in what you write here.

Please say something about the killing of Barister ESSEME and others by Chief Nfor MUKETE in KUMBA,if truely you're a lover of mankind as you always claim when demostrating your hatred against Fru Ndi.
Mukete,concerning the anglophone issue,there's no problem between north west and south west,except the one that you and your devilish la republique regime are trying to promote.Do you realise that your comments to your stands concerning the anglophone issue betrays you as the devil Biya is using to destroy the sdf ,and more especially the anglophones future? According to you north west and south west will never unite.This is glaringly proven in the way you hate Fru Ndi,but you're just being afraid to come out plain.
Mukete, if we trace the history of your Mukete family in Kumba,you're originally from the northwest province.You're all 'grafi pipol'who migrated to Kumba,and due to your long stay in Kumba you became Bafaws to the extent that Chief Nfon Nukete had to usurp the throne of the original Bafaw son(ESSEME).Moreover,your family succeded in doing this via ocultic manipulations and physical killings,reasons why the bad blood runs through you everyday,which is depicted in your writeups.So, can you tell me why you hate the GRAFIMAN,giving the fact that you're also originally from the north west province?
But remember that the south westerners have no problem with north westerners.I'm telling you as a fullfledged south westerner from Manyu and Ndian.And there's no way you can decieve me to believe that the north westerners are our enemies.Maybe you could do that to the unrealistic and ignorant ones.Instead ,you and la republique are the only enemies we have.
Mukete, stay away from instigating hatred amongst our fellow brothers and sisters(southern cameroonians)in this forum.If not i'll mention things here about the ills of your family in Kumba that will push you to visit a marabou to get me, as it's always the case in your family.But it's unfortunate that you can't get me even if you try it!
Why not talk about the legitimate sons and daughters of Bafaw that chief Mukete has rendered frustrated via giving them mystical madness? STUPID MAN!
People have been advising you to stop preaching hatred and jealousy in this forum,but you've failed to yeild to them.What do you think you are,Mukete?
If you know you're bold enough say something about what i've just mentioned above, I'll expose you the more.I know every detail about your family history.Do you think as you've been talking about peole,others too don't know what to say about your family?You started it,and if you continue,then some of us will continue revealing more evils about your family.I think you should seize from talking about people's evils because your family is one of the most evil families in Cameroun.Curesd people!


Fon  Lawrence

Are you sure the election did not take place in Fru Ndi´s parlour where his muscular guards intimidated the parliamentarians,provincial and national executive members to vote for Fru Ndi? or that Mukete´s write ups are in vain? or that Valley of England who spent all his weekends to ensure that Fru Ndi is render useless failed woefully in his mission?

With the results of this referendum,I think Fru Ndi can now confortably call a reconciliation meeting after the convention;In body present in the reconciliation forum will know his position and behave well.

As I continue the fight against the likes of Mukete who do everything to black mail Fru Ndi who has so far not reneged,I must on the other hand aver that I am not happy the way Ni John Fru Ndi has handled the crisis rocking the SDF so far.I think the SDF should create an organ that can manage conflicts;this organ can even be external


Those who are underestimating the ability of The Post management by trying to tell the mangement how and what should be published in The Post Newspaper and in this forum, should know that The Post Management is made up of people who have brains and feelings. They should not be behaving as if The Post management is made up of robots.

Some readers have even gone as far as suggesting how many articles should be allowed for each e-mail address, without realizing the many readers who change names and addresses every day to send through their meassages. Some, still, are asking readers to stop all other "bullshit" and to discuss only what they think has to be discussed. Some of these so-called "over-concerned" readers want us to do it only the way they want simply because their non Cameroonians friends are reading what we write. What naivity! We are not writing here to satisfy "non-Cameroonian" friends, and if some of us are losing our non-Cameroonian girl friends because of what is published here, then The Post has no regrets.

We are writing here as a family in a house, and The Post is doing everything to bring Cameroonians together, irrespective of what they think. This is also unity in diversity.

The most disturbing thing is that when these over-concerned Cameroonians put everything under their thumbs trying to dictate on how a public forum that is offered free to everyone should be run, they do it with an undeserved air of authority. I think they better leave this forum and create theirs, where they can screen contributions so as to publish only what they like. These are people who would not allow others to open their mouth when they assume leadership roles.

This is unfortunately Cameroon, where everyone thinks that he is a genius. This is Cameroon, where people fail to understand that one man's meat may be another man's poison. We are dealing with a new breed of Cameroonians who think that because they are living abroad, they can just raise their tiny voiless voices to tell The Post management and its many other readers what should be published and discussed. They are deceiving themselves. Either they enjoy the free services offered them here or they go create theirs and limit the number of readers.

Leave The Post Management alone!

There is a sad message in the hidding. Stay tuned.



Le SDF - UK soutien sans faille à la Cellule des Conseillers

[ Douala - Cameroun ] ( 02/05/2006) Brice Nitcheu

Les membres du Comité Exécutif du SDF/UK se sont réunis en urgence le25/04/06 après l’annonce de la décision historique rendue par le tribunal de Grande Instance du Mfoundi, mettant une fin pathétique au stalinisme instauré comme méthode de gestion des affaires du SDF par un leadership corrompu. Le Comité Exécutif renouvelle son soutien sans faille à la Cellule des Conseillers, incarnée par son président actuel le Pr. Ngwasiri Nforti.


United Kingdom

Unit 107-108 Weaver House

19-21 Chapel Road

London SE27 0TP

Tel: (44) 0208 670 8008 email: sdf_uk_cameroon

Communiqué de la Province du SDF/UK

Les membres du Comité Exécutif du SDF/UK se sont réunis en urgence ce matin, (25/04/06) après l’annonce de la décision historique rendue par le tribunal de Grande Instance du Mfoundi, mettant une fin pathétique au stalinisme instauré comme méthode de gestion des affaires du SDF par un leadership corrompu.

Le Comité Exécutif renouvelle son soutien sans faille à la Cellule des Conseillers, incarnée par son président actuel le Pr. Clément Ngwasiri Nforti, et

1- réitère sa demande d’une Commission d’enquêtes pour faire la lumière sur la collusion avérée entre le président national déchu et le régime en place, et sur l’enrichissement illicite d’une poignée de militants véreux, à l’instar du président du Groupe Parlementaire, Joseph Mbah Ndam

2- Salut la décision historique rendue par le tribunal de grande instance du Mfoundi, qui marque un tournant décisif non seulement dans l’histoire de notre pays, mais surtout marque le triomphe du courage politique et de la vérité sur la couardise d’un groupe d’hommes incompétents qui usurpent le titre de Conseillers juridiques, et qui essaient, par des coups de forces, de légitimer tous les forfaits du président déchu et vomi

3- Demande que les comptes du SDF soient gelés sans délai (y compris les 20 000 000 cfa déjà collectés pour le congres) pour éviter le pillage par la clique de prébendiers de ce qui reste dans les caisses du parti

4- Estime que cette demande de gèle est fondée sur le refus obstiné du chairman à publier les rapports financiers du parti et ce depuis 16 ans, ce qui constitue une preuve palpable de détournement de fonds publics

5- Exige que les salaires payés à Ni John Fru Ndi depuis avril 2003 soient restitués par ce dernier au parti, y compris toutes les rémunérations liées à ses fonctions au sein du parti, de même que les tous les avantages liés aux fonctions de Président, d’autant plus que son mandat a expiré depuis cette date, tel que confirmé par la justice

6- Regrette que le président déchu se soit terré pendant sa récente visite à Londres pour échapper à la colère des militants qui étaient déterminés a lui demander des comptes

7- Rassure la Commission d’organisation du Congres de Yaoundé de son soutien et de sa participation effective, et appelle tous les militants, sympathisants et autres progressistes Camerounais à se mobiliser pour donner à ce Congres tout son aspect populaire et le succès qu’il mérite

8- Salut la bravoure des militants du SDF, particulièrement ceux de la province du Centre, pour leur résistance à l’autoritarisme

Fait à Londres, le 25/04/06

Pour le Comité Exécutif

Brice Nitcheu


Please grow up and stop being petty,your mentor dictator Fru ndi will looth your will want proof to beleieve,Prof Ngwasiri coolecting the cheque is a problem to you,what a standard.

I said it long ago that any election organised by Fru ndi and his siblings,we know the outcome,we also warned Jua to be ware,he has nw seen all.Fru NDI THINK OTHERS ARE FOOLS.If he thinks he can win elections let him allowed

Zanda Luc

Fon Lawrence: another invention from Akoson

Before I proceed,let me draw your attention to the fact that there is no English word "cristal" as you used in your "cristal clear",except it is a new word you have invented as you persue your PHD in political science. Fon Lawrence

My Dear readers, I don't know why I alawys develop a headache when I read from Mukete.



Didn't you read my comments above before posting yours?
I want you to comment on the killing of Barister Esseme by Chief Nfon Mukete.


Fon  Lawrence

Zanda Luc,
There is a big difference between Akoson´s error "alawys" and that of Prudence "cristal"
It can easily be discerned that Akoson mistake is a typing error as he simply interchanged the positions of a and w in always,but as for Prudence,it clearly shows a deficiency in her vocabulary.

Joshi Mobs

Hi Fellow Cameroonians
There is nobody who is above the rule of law if Fru Ndi disrespect the law by refusing to respect the verdic of the court he should be arrested and trown in jail.He might be popular amongst the grass root he is not indespensable when it comes to the rule of law.And if he is relying on using civil disorbidience to disrupt activities in the north west province and render the province into poorverty as he did in the ninties he will be doing that in jail.If he does not respect the court rulling.



Sorry i was in haste and never completed my points.

It beats my imagination that when dictator Fru ndi looths you need evidence to believe,but when Ngwasiri collects the cheque you immedietely developed thinking problems.What a standard.

You guys should try to learn how to start living without Fru Ndi,for his day are numbered.

The Boyo primaries he's conducted with his siblings and friends is another scam,what surprises me must is the fact that Jua never saw all this coming,you can not call people Faymen then turn to work with them they will never follow the truth.

If Fru ndi believes he can win elections why must the convention be run by his brothers and friends?he must win at all cost for the loothing to continue with his masters.Poor Fru ndi.



I read with sadness in hearts of all Cameroonians the many one sided discussions in this forum in support of the ant-democratic activities at the head of the SDF. Some of our SDF militants are either supporting what the SDF was created to fight against or they are pretending not to see the pit into which John Fru Ndi wants to push the SDF into. If one were to measure the level of democracy now in the SDF, believe me, even a primary school child will accept that John Fru Ndi has pulled it a million time backward compared to what it was on the 26 of may 1990. I think it was better we stayed at the level we in 1990 before John Fru Ndi came up with his false propaganda and pious wishes.

I have watched contributors write falsehood and lies in order to support the victory of John Fru Ndi in Fundong, when in reality they should have obtained details from those who were on the ground before coming here to comment on what they do not fully understand.

I will like to tell this forum that I was not only disppointed with what my eyes saw on the said election day, but I actually wept when I realized that John Fru Ndi has actually made the majority of our people in the North West real ROBOTS. Before, I was thinking that the blind supporters of John Fru Ndi using this forum were intentionally trying to tell us that black is white. With the events of Fundong and a critical look at what these disciples of John Fru Ndi do, I have come to the conclusion that John Fru Ndi has already rendered them blainless; he is using them as toys. They are just mere robots and John Fru Ndi, with his mystical powers and wichtcraft from the Rusocrucian society and River State in Nigeria, is sitting there in his Ntarikon palace and using his remote control (his magic walking stick) to influence his blind supporters against his opponents,and to actually control his nitwits who are blindly defending him here. I think we need another technique to free these enslaved people from the remote control of John Fru Ndi. Just look at them in this forum. Look at them ans smell the shit they write. Just look at them trying to tell this forum that white is black. Look at them for God's sake! Mean people who have sold their pride and consciences. Mean people who have lost their shame glands, and are prepared to walk naked in support of the man who has conspired with Paul Biya to actually use us.

The only good thing these blind supporters of John Fru Ndi express is their high degree of cowardice. When they realize that you are very difficult to be handled, they do everything to divert attention. When I asked them if they needed the true facts surrounding the death of a former respected secretary General of the SDF and a sacrificial lamb from Buea, these blind supporters are pretending as if they never read the question. After contacting their masters in Cameroon and discussing this question with them, they were warned not to allow the topic come up. "Ignore it and Mukete will not bring it up again", they were advised.

It is out of the respect that I have for the dead that I decided to give a rest to this issue, but if these blind supporters of John Fru Ndi continue to divert my attention, I will have no other alternatives than to tell them what they pretend not to know. People can not be using others blood and lives to maintain hold on power.

I am still watching readers beat about the bush on the so-called election victory of John Fru Ndi in Fundung. At the same time, our research right inside Fundung continues. What were we expecting from delegates who were forced into taking a traditional oath just days before the elections? What were we expecting from delegates who were invited, one after the other, to swear before sacred traditional gods inside death threatening shrines? What were we expecting from delegates who were forced into eating fresh flesh and into drinking cold fresh blood from an animal they did not know, only to show their allegence and loyalty to one of the candidates for the said election?

I do not even know from where I have to start this story, but when I recover from the shock and terrifying things we discovered on the field, I will keep readers informed. But to make any understanding on what I will be presenting on this election simple, I want to call on the blind supporters of John Fru Ndi to start - NOW - to call my findinds and research as fictions, even before I post them. They should not wait for my findings to come up before they start calling on other naive readers to declare my facts as fictions. They should start now.

But the good news I have for them is that even if they obtain the unreserved support of 99% of readers, this will not - will NOT- prevent me from bringing the hidden facts behind the minute and irrelevant victory of John Fru Ndi to this forum. The whole issue is far more complicated than this forum thinks. And if only one third of our findings is accepted by readers, then this forum should know that with John Fru Ndi and his gang of mafia NEC officials, our SDF is far far away from democracy.

What I do not understand even is the fact that these SDF militants who have been enslaved by John Frui Ndi have attained orgasm following this election, as if this is one of the greatest ambitions of John Fru Ndi. Before, I thought John FRu Ndi was aiming at the presidency, so as to be the president of ALL Cameroonians and Cameroon. It shocks readers to actually see John Fru Ndi planning to celebrate his election as SDF chair as if he has attained the apex of his political career.

Who says John Fru Ndi has not failed? Who says John Fru Ndi is not demostrating an inferiority complex in front Paul Biya? Who says John Fru Ndi has not given up the real fight? We never stood behind John Fru Ndi only for him to be the chairman of the SDF, but the place we all wanted him to occupy was the presidency of the republic. Who says John Fru Ndi has not betrayed us? Who says John Fru Ndi has not eaten soya?

God forbid!


Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

Amazing stories in Cameroonian politics as reported by Mukete. It's good that readers are seeing for themselves what is going on in the Fru Ndi faction. They must ask themselves if this is the way they want their country to be run. They must ask themselves if this is what democracy means in the Fru Ndi camp. Fru Ndi's SDF is now a secret society of traditional practices rather than a national affair.


What else have you got to say? Please, do well to convince Barrister Ben MUNA& Prof. NGWASIRI to form their own party since (according to you) SDF has failed under the leadership of Mr. FRU NDI. It appears the more you people insult him, the more he becomes popular among his 'blind supporters'.

Charles Forkwa

I will criticize the SDF or any organization for that matter as long as I have a strong opinion and am well informed about the subject of my criticism.
As for those within the party who want to replace Mr. Fru Ndi, I think the evidence proves that he has been able to maintain his popularity regardless of questionable methods.
That said, I agree with the writer in this forum who suggests that all those who want to dethrone Mr. Ndi and feel that they have the support of the masses should go on and form their own opposition parties.
If I were in “Cameroon” and wanted to participate in the sham that is “Cameroon’s” political opposition, and really believe that I have ideas that none of the current parties expound, I will form a party! Let any man who feels that they can do better form their own party rather than waste effort trying to wrestle leadership from current chairpersons.
It is a waste of effort and like I said in “Cameroon” all politics are EMOTIONAL. It boils down to who you are not what great ideas you have.
--- It is time to match words with action! --


DR. A. A. Agbormbai

It is really shameful to read what you wrote in support of Mukete's lies. How could you stoop so low to think that Fru Ndi could force more than 400 delegates into swearing and taking oaths. Many have said in this forum that the Dr. attached to your name sometimes does not reflect the way you really think. If the "Doctor" you claim to be should really believe that Fru Ndi could take people hostage through his mystical powers, then I feel so disappointed with the title of Dr. you always attach to you name.
Mukete who calls the name of Jesus time and again feels that those who support Fru Ndi have been influenced by his magic and Dr. Agbormbai accepts it. This is really ridiculous and childish.
Mukete you are really becoming something that I’m afraid if something is not done, no one will be able to stand your madness anymore.
Mukete, how could you lie that no one mentioned the fact that you should disclose everything secret you know about Fru Ndi? You said a few days ago that people should not make you to loose your temper and most of us who you call "blind supporters" of Fru Ndi asked you to go ahead and expose Fru Ndi. I even said if you should disclose all of Fru Ndi’s evil deeds, I will not hesitate to openly make a U-Turn against Fru Ndi. Why do you keep on telling lies? Are you not ashamed of yourself? Do you even consider your family including wives and children before making a fool of yourself in the public?
It is unfortunate that Dr. A.A. Agbormbai has been deceived by your fiction and useless narrations.
Mukete if Fru Ndi could be so powerful to manipulate almost 500 people into voting for him and even magically confuse some of us out of Cameroon to blindly support him, then I think he would have been the president of Cameroon before now.
Let those who always praise you come up to praise you for the rubbish you have written.
It is really a pity Mukete. You are a shameless idiot.

Chales Forkwa

If Mukete or anyone else has evidence of these magical antics let them produce it.
I find it hard to believe that “educated” people continue to attribute influence in “Cameroonian” society with membership to the Rosicrucian, Ogbony, Nungo or some other mystical affiliations. If the local person believes this I do not think that believe should be stated in this forum as evidence of what some leaders use in influencing their followers. And I am amazed that some other “educated” people here give credence to this thinking.
Politics is the art of manipulating facts and influencing people to suit the agenda of the politician. Successful politicians are chameleons. They would strive for sympathy but can be ruthless when crossed. The longer they are around the more audacious their behaviour.
Back to my point; there is no mystery in what is going on in the opposition parties. Mr. Ndi won Fundong because he outmaneuvered his opponents, period.
It time “educated people” stop attributing results they cannot analyze to supernatural powers. I am sure that the combined powers of all the Fundong people could see through and defeat Mr. Ndi’s, that is if he had any powers.

--It is time to match words with action!--



Dont you know that Agbormbai have nothing to offer to any rightminded cameroonian? If fru ndi is a rosicrucian, what is Mr Biya? Only fools who support the rdpc can listen to such accusations. is fru ndi more evil than biya? I doubt. Agbormbai is an intellectually dishonest person like the agbor tabis, the njeuma's, etc and he will be purnished by his demons.


Klamenceau and Other Blind Supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi,

Since you have given me the green light to give petinent facts about the irony behind the deaths, I will start with the case of Makoge. But before we all start beating about the bush, I will like you people to answer the following questions for me:

If a death (murder, assissination), whether intentional or accidental, takes place in a well defined place (House, Compound, school, church, shop, etc.) during a well defined activity (marriage, sporting event, death celebration, funeral services, birth day party, wedding or wedding anniversary, etc), and the person who killed (or murdered or assassnated) intentionally or accidentally is well identified, WHAT IS THE NORMAL LOGICAL, SECURITY AND LEGAL ACTION THAT HAS TO FOLLOWED? What should happen to the host of the activity (The bereaved, the one wedding or the one whose birth day is celebrated) that what taking place and to the person that accidentally or intentionally killed (murdered or assassinated)? What should happen to the house (compound) when the murder or assissanation took place?

I invite all those answering these questions to base their reasoning purely on LEGAL AND SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS. The CLEAR and OBVIOUS ANSWERS ARE THE SAME FOR ANY DEMOCRATIC, CIVILIZED AND LAW ABIDING COUNTRY. So all those living abroad should do everything to give this forum the obvious answers we all expect. Any twisting of realities will be noticed. I also invite all those practicing in the legal field to give us clear answers to these questions.

After receiving all the OBVIOUS ANSWERS, I will then analyze and demonstrate, in a chronological order, that Makoge's death in Bamenda was actually a staged drama. I will also like to know who the murderer was, whether the assassination was intentional or accidental. After the Magoge issue, I will bring up the next.

I think it has reached a stage where people can not go on taking our silence for weakness.

Over to readers for answers to my questions. Please let us be vigilant and follow up the responses very closely. The Almighty God should be our judge.



Ben Muna: Pourquoi je suis candidat

[ Douala - Cameroun ] ( 02/05/2006) Alex Gustave AZEBAZE

Né à Kumbo dans le département du Bui, Bernard Acho Muna, le 2e fils de la célèbre famille Muna est, à 66 ans, un homme qui peut s’estimer avoir réussi sa carrière professionnelle. C’est cet homme redouté par John Fru Ndi et son entourage que Le Messager a rencontré et qui se prononce sur les crises à répétition du parti qu’il ambitionne de diriger.'La première chose à faire est de prendre des mesures pour une véritable réconciliation. Que toutes les tendances actuelles dans le Sdf se retrouvent'

Né à Kumbo dans le département du Bui le 27 mai 1940, Bernard Acho Muna, le 2e fils de la célèbre famille Muna qui compte 7 enfants est, à 66 ans, un homme qui peut s’estimer avoir réussi sa carrière professionnelle.
Juriste féru, sa carrière au Cameroun débute en septembre 1966, lorsqu’il est nommé “ State Counsel ” (procureur) dans le cabinet de l’Attorney Général de l’Etat fédéré de West Cameroun de l’époque. Par la suite, il sera président du tribunal de première instance de Bamenda en 1969.
Esprit libre, il démissionne de ce poste et de l’administration en mai 1971 pour fonder son cabinet d’avocat. Il devient par la suite le secrétaire g dissolution et est élu au conseil de l’ordre du barreau national à sa création en 1977. Il a d’ailleurs le privilège d’être le premier à occuper le poste de trésorier dudit conseil.
Elu bâtonnier du conseil de l’ordre en 1986, il occupe ces fonctions pendant trois mandats de deux ans chacun au lieu de deux mandats comme le veut la règle. Du fait de son leadership dans le domaine des droits de l’homme et de la démocratie, le barreau du Cameroun lui accorde le rare honneur d’être élu par acclamation pour un dernier mandat de deux ans. Il est membre de l’Union internationale des avocats, association au sein de laquelle il occupe pendant six ans (1986 à 1992) la vice-présidence internationale et siège au sein de son Sénat. Il est actuellement président de l’Union des avocats de l’Afrique centrale (couvrant dix pays). Membre associé du barreau canadien, il a occupé de 1997 à 2002, les fonctions de procureur adjoint au tribunal pénal international pour le Rwanda (Tpir) dont le siège est à Arusha en Tanzanie.
Après avoir fortement contribué à l’instauration du multipartisme dans notre pays concrétisé par la promulgation des lois de décembre 1990, c’est tout naturellement qu’il fera partie d’un groupe de citoyens réunis à Bamenda pour mener des réflexions devant aboutir à la création d’un parti politique. Il aura le privilège avec 18 autres personnes de signer l’acte constitutif du Social democratic front (Sdf) déposé le 6 février 1991 dans les services du gouverneur à Bamenda.
C’est cet homme redouté par John Fru Ndi et son entourage que Le Messager a rencontré et qui se prononce sur les crises à répétition du parti qu’il ambitionne de diriger. Entretien-vérité.

Me Bernard Muna, la justice vient de suspendre le comité exécutif national du Sdf en reconnaissant que c’est désormais à la cellule des conseillers que revenait la gestion des affaires courantes au sein du Sdf. En votre qualité de militant, quelle réaction cette décision vous inspire-t-elle ?
Ma première réaction est celle d’un militant très déçu. Je suis déçu parce je ne comprends pas comment le comite exécutif national, l’instance dirigeante d’un parti de la taille du nôtre a pu excéder de 3 ans son mandat statutaire. C’est très inquiétant. Tout citoyen ou tout membre de parti doit se donner pour devoir premier le respect des statuts, c'est-à-dire des lois. Dans un notre parti ce sont les statuts qui font la loi. Cette sanction est bienvenue parce que c’est une leçon à tous les partis politiques au Cameroun où le non respect des statuts s’est érigé en règle. Les militants de ces partis savent maintenant qu’ils peuvent faire recours à la justice pour sanctionner leurs dirigeants qui violent les statuts.
Ceux qui ont élaboré les statuts du Sdf, et j’ai le privilège d’en faire partie, ont tenu compte du fait qu’il est très courant dans nos sociétés de voir des dirigeants s’accrocher au pouvoir illégalement. C’est ainsi qu’ils ont prévu un organe non électif, la cellule nationale des conseillers pour ne pas la nommer, qui peut prendre le pouvoir quand les dirigeants en exercice n’ont pas respecté la fin de leur mandat. Dans ce contexte actuel de crise née de l’expiration des pouvoirs statutaires du Nec que confère seule la légitimité issue des élections démocratiquement organisées, la mission principale de cet organe est d’organiser le parti et d’aboutir au congrès qui dotera le parti d’un nouvel exécutif national crédible et légitime.

Cette décision ne va-t-elle pas entraîner plus de problèmes et un risque de scission du Sdf ?
Je vois mal comment une décision de justice peut entraîner la scission du Sdf. Nous devons vivre dans une société de droit. Les partis politiques en premier doivent accepter les décisions de justice une fois que l’affaire est tranchée. On ne peut pas aller devant le tribunal en se disant qu’on ne respectera la décision de justice que si celle-ci nous est favorable. En tout état de cause, ceux qui tiennent absolument à imposer leurs décisions au parti ou qui ne peuvent pas se soumettre à la décision de justice peuvent bien décider de quitter le parti et créer une autre formation. Mais pour ma part ceci ne serait pas une tragédie parce que ce sont ceux là qui se servaient du fameux "8.2" pour vider le parti en chassant tous ceux qui n’épousaient pas leur vue.

Vous soutenez que cette décision est juste et bon pour la sauvegarde des principes démocratiques au sein du parti. Mais on ne vous a pas vu ces derniers temps, notamment pour soutenir le Pr. Ngwasiri, le président de la cellule des conseillers, qui a été obligé de demander l’arbitrage de la justice. Pourquoi ?
Le Pr. Ngwasiri est soutenu par les statuts. C’est le meilleur soutien qu’il peut solliciter. Nous autres qui rêvons d’un Etat de droit, et qui pensons que ceci commence par le respect de nos propres statuts, n’avons pas besoin de crier fort dans les médias pour dire que nous le soutenons. Nous avons admiré son courage et nous le lui avons fait savoir. Pour nous ça vaut encouragement. Vous savez que le Pr. Ngwasiri est soutenu dans son action par des milliers de militants. J’en suis un. Ces militants-là, qui ne sont pas le fameux Nec, représentent la force silencieuse du parti.

Une certaine opinion a estimé que l’annonce de votre candidature à la présidence nationale a été une des raisons de la crise que vit le parti actuellement. Certains membres ont d’ailleurs estimé que vous ne remplissiez pas les conditions pour vous présenter au poste de président national.
Le Sdf était déjà prêt à exploser à cause de la gestion désordonnée de l’équipe sortante ; à cause aussi du fait que les intérêts personnels prenaient le pas sur les intérêts du parti ; à cause du fait que les dirigeants utilisaient le 8.2 pour les règlements de compte ; à cause du fait que les militants ne voyaient les dirigeants que seulement au moment des élections. Le rejet de ma candidature par Fru Ndi, Mbah Ndam, Yoyo et autres n’est que la goutte d’eau qui a fait déborder le vase et a ouvert les yeux des militants sur les pratiques dictatoriales de l’équipe sortante. La proposition d’amender nos statuts de façon à permettre qu’on élise seulement le président national qui a son tour nommera les autres 59 membres du comité exécutif national, a trahi la véritable nature de ces dirigeants.
En ce qui concerne les conditions de ma candidature au poste de président national du Sdf, j’insiste que je remplis les conditions pour les raisons suivantes :
Je n’ai pas fait une demande de réintégration dans le Sdf. J’ai été invité à participer aux travaux du Forum de réconciliation qui devait permettre de discuter des conditions de mon retour au sein du parti. J’ai ainsi proposé un certain nombre de conditions, à savoir, entre autres j’ai par exemple dit au président du forum de réconciliation que la simple réadmission du militant qui avait démissionné à cause des frustrations qu’il subît ou qui avait été exclu ne sera pas pour moi une réconciliation. Le forum de réconciliation et moi sommes ainsi tombés d’accord sur le fait que je devais revenir au parti et mon militantisme daterait alors de 1990, quand nous avons commencé la lutte pour le changement du pays en lançant le parti Sdf.
Cette réconciliation m’a permis de présenter ma candidature à l’investiture du parti pour l’élection présidentielle d’octobre 2004, au cours du congrès extraordinaire du 11 septembre 2004 à Bamenda. Au cours des travaux de ce congrès, Yoyo, Tsapy Lavoisier et les autres, ont soulevé le fait que je ne remplissais pas les conditions pour me présenter à l’investiture du parti. Le Dr Bebey Njoh et le bureau du congrès qu’il présidait se sont retirés pour statuer sur la question. Quand ils sont revenus, ils ont dit solennellement à l’assistance que je remplissais toutes les conditions suivant les termes du Forum de Réconciliation. Le congrès a adopté à l’unanimité cette recommandation et ma candidature a été acceptée. Ce n’était pas une faveur comme Mbah-Ndam, Mbami Augustin et quelques autres du Nec qui s’agrippent sur de petits intérêts liés au statut de membres du Nec veulent faire croire aux naïfs. J’étais dans mes droits en tant que militant. Le fait que cette décision a été adoptée par les congressistes confirmait le fait que mon militantisme dans le parti datait effectivement de depuis 1990. Par ailleurs l’article 13.1 du règlement intérieur du congrès stipule bien que pour être candidat à l’investiture du parti à l’élection présidentielle, il faut être militant en règle vis-à-vis du parti et remplir les conditions de l’article 7 des statuts. En effet l’ancienneté de 5 ans se trouve dans cet article. Le congrès en acceptant ma candidature le 11 septembre 2004, reconnaissait le fait que par les termes du Forum de réconciliation, je remplissais les conditions d’ancienneté de 5 années requises.

A votre avis, pourquoi donc les décisions du forum de réconciliation pourtant validées par le congrès semblent-elles si difficiles à accepter par le Nec sortant ?
Le forum de réconciliation a été institué par le congrès de Buea en 1996. Les militants du parti regrettaient les exclusions et les démissions des cadres du parti. Les résolutions du congrès ont donc créé le forum de réconciliation, pour essayer de ramener la paix dans la maison. Il est évident que certaines personnes qui voulaient toujours gérer le parti à leur guise et pour leurs profits ; de leurs intérêts égoïstes, n’étaient pas très contents de ces résolutions et ont tout fait pour bloquer les activités du Forum jusqu’en 2003. Même en 2002, lorsque le parti reçoit une énorme somme d’argent de l’Etat, dans le partage, on évite soigneusement d’allouer un budget à l’équipe du Forum pour son travail qui était pourtant très attendu par les militants. C’est sous la pression que le comité exécutif national sortant a finalement cédé et a mis sur pied le forum national de réconciliation au cour d’une réunion le 17 janvier 2004.
Si les décisions du forum de réconciliation sont difficiles à accepter par certains membres du comité exécutif national sortant, c’est parce qu’ils n’ont jamais voulu que cette réconciliation ait lieu. En effet, le 8 septembre 2004, alors que nous étions conviés au "Bamenda Church Centre" pour les assises du forum, à peine le travail devait commencer qu’une forte délégation comprenant Kum Henry, à l’époque président provincial Sdf pour le Nord-Ouest, Francis Sama, un membre du Nec coopté par John Fru Ndi, et quelques autres sont arrivés et ont demandé que les travaux soient suspendus et reportés sine die. Le juge Nyo Wakaï qui présidait les travaux du forum de réconciliation s’est retiré dans une salle avec certains membres de son comité pour discuter de la question. C’est grâce à leur insistance et à leur détermination que les travaux ont pu reprendre et le Forum a pu finalement se tenir. Si aujourd’hui il y a des difficultés à appliquer ses décisions, c’est que dans le comité exécutif national sortant comme je l’ai précisé, il y a des gens qui n’ont jamais voulu que la réconciliation réussisse. Pour eux cela allait permettre de ramener dans le parti des gens qui critiquent les décisions prises arbitrairement pour violer les statuts du parti.

Pensez-vous que la cellule des conseillers a les moyens de gérer la transition née de la crise du Nec ?
Je suis confiant que les membres de la cellule des conseillers ont les moyens de gérer cette crise jusqu'à son terme. Ils ont besoin d’être d’abord des hommes nantis d’honnêteté intellectuelle et d’une reconnaissance de la mission que leur confient les statuts à travers l’article 11.5 et l’article 12.9 du règlement intérieur du Sdf.
La crise actuelle est arrivée parce que certaines personnes ne voulaient pas respecter les Statuts et textes du parti. On serait tout simplement allé aux élections à l’expiration du mandat du Nec en avril 2003 qu’il ne se serait posé aucun problème majeur. Certains membres du Nec élus en 1999 pour un mandat de 4 ans ont préféré multiplier les manœuvres pour que les élections ne se tiennent. Excédés, les militants qui ont attendu plus de deux ans sans voir une volonté véritable de les convoquer pour renouveler leurs dirigeants nationaux ont simplement saisi la cellule des conseillers. La cellule des conseillers s’est tout simplement trouvée obligée d’assumer ses responsabilités en vertu des articles sus-cités.

Dans son interprétation, la décision du juge Sonè remet en cause les résolutions aussi bien du Nec que de la cellule des conseillers. Ne va-t-on pas vers un renvoi du congrès du 26 mai convoqué par la cellule des conseillers à la quelle vous semblez accorder grâce ?
Les gens peuvent toujours s’induire en erreur quand chacun s’octroie le rôle d’interpréter le jugement du tribunal. Le jugement en effet n’a pas besoin d’être interprété. Le jugement contient trois choses principales.
Premièrement, il constate l’expiration du mandat du comité exécutif national depuis avril 2003 et constate de fait que ce mandat n’a pas été renouvelé.
Deuxièmement, le jugement a noté que les statuts ne contiennent pas des dispositions qui permettent au Nec dont le mandat est expiré à continuer à gérer les affaires du parti. Bien au contraire, il a fait un deuxième constat qui est le fait que les règlements intérieurs donnent les pleins pouvoirs à la cellule des conseillers de veiller au respect des principes démocratiques et donne le pouvoir à cet organe de gérer le parti en temps de crise.
Troisièmement, puisque le tribunal a reconnu la cellule des conseillers comme l’organe de gestion du parti en temps de crise, cet organe devrait continuer son travail qui inclut l’organisation du congrès de Yaoundé les 26, 27 et 28 mai 2006. Le Nec au contraire ne peut rien faire puisque son mandat est terminé. Ce jugement n’a donc pas remis en cause la reprise des pouvoirs et fonctions du Nec par le Nac. Le Nec ne peut donc pas organiser un congrès à Bamenda. Pas parce que le tribunal a suspendu ses décisions mais parce que son mandat est arrivé à expiration depuis avril 2003 et n’a pas été renouvelé. Il n’a ni la légitimité nécessaire pour sélectionner par exemple les candidatures de potentiels adversaires de ses membres ni la légalité nécessaire pour sanctionner ceux d’entre eux qui seraient entre temps devenus regardants sur la gestion du parti.
Pour éviter que le Nec soit juge et partie, les statuts ont donné à la cellule des conseillers pouvoir de procéder aux investitures pour les élections nationales et du Nec. Par le passé, tant que le Nec n’était pas allé trop loin dans les abus, la cellule des conseillers qu’ont présidé tour à tour Justice Nyo Wakaï et Clément Ngwasiri l’a laissé faire. Donc à mon avis, le congrès convoqué par le Nac est légal et légitime. Il ne devrait pas être renvoyé sauf si c’est dans une stratégie concertée de règlement politique de la crise. Or depuis la décision du juge, c’est encore le groupe qui s’identifie comme le Nec qui ne veut pas aller à un règlement politique. Toutes les médiations initiées par de bonnes volontés qui veulent éviter au parti un éclatement ont buté jusqu’ici sur l’obstination de ces personnes à revendiquer la validité de leurs décisions illégales et iniques.

On a appris que le même Nec dont le mandat a expiré depuis avril 2003 et qui a exclu le président de la cellule des conseillers le 25 février 2006 a annulé le même jour votre investiture par votre base comme candidat au poste de président national ? Où en est-on aujourd’hui ?
Ce n’est pas le Nec ou ses membres qui gèrent les investitures au congrès. Ils sont eux-mêmes devenus, depuis l’expiration de leurs mandats en avril 2003, de simples militants comme tout le monde. Selon les statuts du Sdf tels que modifiés au congrès d’octobre 2001 tenu à Bamenda, c’est à la cellule des conseillers que revient dans ces conditions les prérogatives de gestion des élections et du congrès. En ce qui concerne ma candidature, elle a passé le niveau de la province (du Centre) où je n’avais pas de concurrent pour une primaire au poste de président auquel je postule. J’espère alors qu’elle est déjà entre les mains de la cellule des conseillers. Je ne doute pas que cette instance, composée pour l’essentiel de ceux qui ont présidé à la création du parti et qui de fait en connaissent mieux l’esprit et les textes des statuts et règlements intérieurs, et qui a montré depuis février 2006 qu’elle sait mieux lire les statuts que le Nec, l’a enregistrée et validée.

Au cas alors où vous étiez finalement retenu comme candidat que proposez-vous de différent par rapport à vos autres concurrents déclarés que sont Ni John Fru Ndi et Célestin Djamen dont les candidatures ont traversé l’étape statutaire des provinces ?
Je propose d’abord ma longue expérience en tant que combattant de la liberté et des droits de l’homme non seulement au Cameroun, mais également sur le continent africain. Mon attachement aux principes des droits de l’homme et de la démocratie doit assurer les militants de ma détermination à veiller au respect de ces principes non seulement dans le parti, mais aussi dans notre nation. J’apporte aussi mon expérience dans la gestion démocratique des associations à savoir, le Barreau du Cameroun et l’Union des avocats de l’Afrique centrale. J’apporte aussi l’expérience d’une personne qui appartient à plusieurs associations à l’échelle mondiale chargée de la défense des droits et libertés. Mes participations dans toutes ces associations m’ont permis d’avoir une certaine connaissance des problèmes de gestion de la société, aussi bien au niveau national qu’international. C’est la somme de ces expériences que je propose aux militants du Sdf afin que notre parti devienne un parti qui défend les libertés, qui promeut la démocratie et qui gère ses affaires dans la transparence. Ce qui devrait préfigurer ce que nous ferions en cas d’élection à la tête du pays.

Vos détracteurs vous qualifient de militant trop bureaucrate, qui ne maîtriserait pas les problèmes de la base et les réalités du fonctionnement du parti. Qu’en dites-vous ?
Ne vous fiez pas à la manipulation à la petite semaine qui se fait dans certains milieux du parti. Ceux qui me qualifient de militant bureaucrate sont les gens qui ne me connaissent pas. Ou plutôt, ils me connaissent très bien mais veulent ainsi me diaboliser auprès des militants électeurs. Dans ce cas pourquoi ne laissent-ils ma candidature être sanctionnée au congrès par les militants eux-mêmes au lieu de risquer l’intégrité du parti comme ils le font depuis bientôt un an en voulant à tout prix écarter ma candidature avant la compétition ?
Pour répondre plus directement à votre question, toutes les personnes qui sont proches de moi reconnaissent d’abord mon humilité et ma simplicité. Ces qualités-là sont beaucoup appréciées des militants de la base. Militant bureaucrate, moi ? Non, ce n’est pas parce que j’ai des bureaux corrects qui accueillent tout le monde, qu’on doit m’opposer cela. Je ne vivrai jamais aux basques du parti. Pas hier pas aujourd’hui pas demain si je suis élu à la tête du Sdf. J’ai toujours mis toute mon énergie au service du Sdf notamment quand on m’en a donné l’opportunité. Je tiens ainsi à rappeler aux uns et aux autres qu’en tant que tout premier directeur national des campagnes du Sdf, de 1990 à 1993, c’est moi qui ai élaboré les grandes stratégies sur le terrain qui ont permis au parti de conquérir les militants au début du combat. C’est en bonne partie grâce à moi que le parti gagnera l’élection d’octobre 1992. Croyez-vous que j’ai eu ces résultats en restant simplement dans les bureaux ? Non, soyons sérieux.

En octobre 2004, vous étiez dans l’équipe du candidat Fru Ndi qui vous avait battu aux primaires un mois auparavant. Mais les résultats de 17 % seulement ont tout de même été décevants. Alors ?
Depuis que j’ai que j’ai été poussé à la porte de la direction du parti en 1993, les performances du Sdf aux élections ont chuté de plus de 50%. On est passé de plus de 36 % en 1992 à près de 17 % en 2004 pour ce qui est de l’élection présidentielle, le seul type d’élection auquel j’ai eu l’opportunité de participer entre 1992 et 2004. La première fois j’étais directeur de campagne du Sdf. La seconde fois, après ma réintégration le 10 septembre 2004, un mois seulement avant le scrutin, je n’avais aucun titre officiel pour organiser quoi que ce soit. Remarquez que j’ai montré toute ma loyauté au parti en participant de bout en bout à la campagne de celui qui m’avait battu dans les conditions que je me refuse de décrire ici.
Pour revenir sur la question de la méconnaissance du fonctionnement du parti, ceux qui disent que je ne connais pas les réalités du fonctionnement du parti peuvent avoir raison. En effet, je ne connais pas la réalité de ce parti où les dirigeants gèrent et l’utilisent à des fins personnelles ; je ne connais pas ce Sdf où les dirigeants ne supportent pas d’être critiqués ; je ne connais pas ce parti où les dirigeants utilisent les méthodes dictatoriales pour s’imposer aux militants et à la population ; je ne connais pas ce parti où les dirigeants excluent les militants par voie de ‘‘8.2’’ à cause de la critique ; enfin je ne connais pas ce parti que les dirigeants gèrent sans transparence et sans jamais vouloir remettre leur mandat en jeu à échéance statutairement prévue. Notez que depuis la création du parti jusqu’aujourd’hui, les comptes n’ont jamais été audités par un expert-comptable comme l’exige l’article 23 des statuts. De même, depuis la création du parti, les élections de la direction ne se sont jamais tenues à la date prévue. S’il s’agit de ces réalités, qui sont franchement mauvaises, je l’avoue, je ne les maîtrise pas. C’est pour y mettre fin que je me suis mis en ordre de bataille pour conquérir la présidence du parti et proposer une autre façon de faire, en m’appuyant sur les règles de la démocratie et de la transparence. Ce sont ces règles qui sont pour la réalité qui doit me guider dans la gestion des affaires du parti.

Le conflit de leadership actuel qui oppose en front line des dignitaires du Nord-Ouest donne l’impression que le Sdf est d’abord une affaire des ressortissants de cette province du pays. Qu’en dites-vous ?
Depuis la création du Sdf jusqu’aujourd’hui, il y a une poignée des gens qui n’ont cessé de considérer le Sdf comme une affaire des Anglophones. C’est cette tendance que j’ai combattue depuis la conception du projet Sdf.
En effet, ceux qui ont lu le livre de feu Albert Mukong, ont pu remarquer qu’il me reproche d’avoir influencé John Fru Ndi pour que le parti ne soit pas un parti Anglophone. C’est vrai parce que dans une réunion restreinte à Bamenda en 1990, entre John Fru Ndi, feu Albert Mukong, Nyo Wakai et moi-même, Mukong avait proposé que le Sdf soit un parti anglophone. Fru Ndi a adhéré à cette proposition. C’était une vue très courte si la perspective est de conquérir démocratiquement le pouvoir. J’ai dû développer des tonnes d’arguments pour leur montrer les avantages d’un parti national pour les anglophones. C’est à la suite de ma démonstration que Fru Ndi a changé d’avis, me suivant dans ma proposition de faire du Sdf un parti national. Malheureusement, aujourd’hui, avec les événements à l’intérieur du parti, tout le monde peut comprendre que l’adhésion du président national à ma proposition était simplement opportuniste.
Ma vision pour le Cameroun, c’est une vision d’une nation unifiée et forte, composé en dehors des tribus et ethnies, ni de francophones ni d’anglophones, mais simplement de Camerounais qui croient en leur nation. Un pays dont les fils sont débout et fiers de rivaliser positivement avec les autres nations. Ceux qui veulent ramener le parti à une question anglophone, ou plus petitement, à une affaire du nord-ouest ont tort. Je voudrais rappeler que pour la victoire de 1992, le Sdf a eu besoin de tous les Camerounais. Nos résultats étaient certes bons dans la partie anglophone, mais aussi dans le reste du pays et particulièrement dans le Littoral, l’Ouest, le Centre. Nous avons pu avoir des voix sur l’ensemble de la République, ce n’est pas parce que notre candidat était un tel originaire du Nord-Ouest mais parce que notre programme de changement de système par une transition de deux ans correspondait aux aspirations profondes de la grande majorité des Camerounais.
Voyez-vous, déjà cette année-là, en 1992, pendant le premier congrès du Sdf à Bamenda, dans l’optique de faire que notre parti reflète ma vision nationale, j’ai suggéré à feu Siga Asanga de céder le secrétariat général à un francophone. Il a accepté, mais quand nous sommes venus voir Fru Ndi pour concrétiser cette proposition, il a refusé d’accepter qu’un francophone soit secrétaire général. Je crois au regard des événements qu’il reste sur cette position qui enferme à terme le parti dans son aire de naissance.
Pour moi, le Sdf ne doit pas être une affaire des seuls anglophones encore moins des gens de ma province d’origine qu’est le Nord-Ouest. Certes, cette province a toujours produit des filles et fils très dynamiques et qui se sont toujours sentis prêt à entrer dans la compétition sans peur. Ça ne date pas d’aujourd’hui. Par contre, je pense que si tous les autres Camerounais se comportent en gagneur comme les gens du Nord-Ouest dans la politique, le Cameroun n’en sortira que plus fort et gagnant.

Avec les convulsions successives qui, depuis 1993, ont vidé ce parti d’une bonne partie de sa crème capable de construire un projet alternatif et de l’adapter à l’évolution de la société camerounaise en particulier et du monde en général, pensez vous que le Sdf soit encore une chance d’alternance crédible dans notre pays ?
Je suis confiant que l’action des membres de la cellule des conseillers que préside le Pr. Clément Ngwasiri sera une action d’assainissement de notre parti qui doit permettre au Sdf de renaître. Cette renaissance permettra au Sdf de ressortir avec l’image d’un parti tolérant, démocratique, transparent et dynamique ; ceci nous permettra non seulement de gagner les militants qui avaient quittés le parti, mais aussi les autres Camerounais qui sont restés à la marge pendant longtemps par manque de confiance en la capacité du Sdf à gérer une société démocratique ; donc de mon avis, après le 7ème congrès, le Sdf sortira plus crédible, plus fort et plus dynamique, prêt à conquérir le pouvoir.

Si au lendemain des turbulences, les militants vous élisaient président national du Sdf, que feriez-vous ?
La première chose à faire est de prendre des mesures pour une véritable réconciliation. Que toutes les tendances actuelles dans le Sdf se retrouvent une fois de plus dans une grande famille afin que le Sdf devienne un parti fort et populaire.
Ensuite, ma seconde démarche serait d’entamer des pourparlers avec les autres formations politiques de l’opposition pour la création d’un véritable et honnête regroupement pour élaborer un programme commun à présenter au peuple Camerounais afin de le rassurer et pour une victoire en cas des élections.
Troisièmement, je mettrais en place un plan de développement conçu avec la participation du peuple comme objectif principal. Une telle démarche participative est une indication de mon attachement aux principes démocratiques et de transparence dans la gestion

L’actualité de ces derniers temps au Cameroun a été dominée par les arrestations des hauts dignitaires de la république, coupables de détournements des deniers publics. En votre qualité d’homme politique et d’avocat, qu’est-ce que cela vous inspire comme commentaire ?
Premièrement, en tant que citoyen camerounais, je me réjouis qu’enfin, les personnes qui ont détourné les derniers publics en toute impunité et qui ont manipulé l’argent de tous les contribuables camerounais comme si c’était leur propriété soient maintenant appelées à répondre devant le tribunal. En tant que homme politique, je peux seulement regretter que ça nous ait pris des années et des années pour arriver là. En tout cas, mieux vaut tard que jamais. Mais tous ces gens qui ont détourné d’énormes sommes qui appartiennent à l’Etat et au peuple doivent prendre sur leur conscience des milliers de Camerounais diminués parce qu’ils ne trouvent pas de travail, les allocations et les droits sociaux ne sont pas payés ; où les autres Camerounais qui malheureusement meurent dans les hôpitaux parce qu’il n’y a pas de médicament. Les détournements de derniers publics sont un crime contre la société et contre le peuple parce que ça freine le développement et pénalise ceux qui sont diminués. Dans notre société, il est commun de voir les voleurs du quartier qui faufilent dans les quartiers la nuit et qui cassent les maisons, utilisant la violence et les armes pour voler. Pourtant, le plus grand bandit porte le col blanc, la cravate et est installé dans les grands bureaux payés par l’argent du contribuable Camerounais.

Le Cameroun vient d’atteindre le point d’achèvement. Qu’est-ce que le peuple peut espérer de cette situation ?
J’apprécie positivement le fait que les partenaires multilatéraux de notre pays nous aient donné une nouvelle chance de mettre de l’ordre dans la gestion de notre pays. Mais l’espoir du peuple camerounais sera toujours déçu si notre économie et les finances publiques continuent à êtres gérés sans transparence et sans qu’aucun compte ne soit rendu au peuple. Si l’action entreprise en arrêtant des auteurs présumés de détournement des deniers publics continue, nous pouvons garder un certain espoir pour l’avenir de notre pays.

Par Entretien mené par Alex Gustave AZEBAZE

© 2006 Le Messager



Go ahead and tell this forum the drama in Makoge's death.
If such a thing happened in any situation, the police will have to investigate and question the people concern and the person who caused the death of the other.
So in the case of Makoge, the guy who shot the late man, Fru Ndi the owner of the compound and a host of those who were present, were supposed to make statements in the police and answer questions as to what happened.
Now you can go ahead and tell us what took place and how Fru Ndi killed Makoge. You should tell us if no legal action was taken.
In fact Mukete you should include evidence of the blood drinking and the meat eating that took place in Fudong during the recent primaries. I trust you for your "research". Bring us "light" on these issues.
Waiting for Mukete's reply,


Mukete, you call others "shit-no wipe-lass" that should be the best title for an ass-hole like you.
The earlier you stop polluting this site with your imaginary stories the better.
All your stories of mystical powers and wichtcraft from the Rusocrucian society are all evidence that you are a frustrated member of the society.
Anyway, no deal,freedom of expression, you can go ahead with your fairy tales.

JB Samba

What about the death of Eseme (May his soul RIP)

Fon  Lawrence

From the comments of Abormbai("Dr.),he is more useless and brainless than Mukete.He is a disgrace to the education family.

neba funiba

I am amazed at the level to which this website has sunk. The level of naivety, ignorance of the issues, and utmost subjectivity is embarrasing. One can hardly get a credible debate even from those who claim almighty. The sad part is that people who are not well grounded in the issues in Cameroon believe every lie being repeatedly told here. When it was posted on this website that Martin Nkemngu and other 300 SDF militants from Lebialem joined CPDM, people immediately jumped to unnecessary conclusions and made all sorts of claims. To their disgraceful surprise, two respectable people from Lebialem (one of them Prof. Asonganyi) stood up and disputed the claim. Postnewsline is a quasi-tabloid. You don't just read here that Jesus is coming tomorrow and start jubilating that you are on your way to heaven. This is what is happening to many who participate in this forum.


Dear Readers,

This is Part 1 of this important write up. Part two will be coming up with a chronological analysis (dates, time, change of names, etc)on how some readers are trying in this important forum to take our Anglophone conscience hostage just to make stronger the negotiating power of the Anglophone Leader they support.

The Holy Scriptures tells us that, “From their ways, you will know them.”

There are Anglophones using this forum to exploit our Anglophone problem for selfish gains. From their ways in this forum, we know them. Unfortunately for them, we, Anglophones do not just abandon important Internal Anglophone discussions here to jump into ships crying the Anglophone cry die over loud speakers. We are very careful this time.

NOT EVERYONE WHO SHOUTS “GOD, GOD, GOD” will enter the Kingdom of God. Those climbing on mountaintops to cry their own selfish notion of the Anglophone problems are still to obtain the tickets that would give them entry into the genuine Anglophone family. To obtain those real entry tickets they have to start by joining us in cleaning our Anglophone house. That cleaning has to begin inside our Anglophone house itself, with the intention of making Anglophones themselves clean as they are supposed to be. And when I talk about Anglophones who need some cleaning, I do not make reference to only Anglophones serving the satanic and anti-Anglophone regimes that have been operating in Yaounde. I also include quack Anglophone politicians in the opposition, like Ni John Fru Ndi, who are making a mockery of our Anglophone dignity and pride.

No one, even President Paul Biya would dispute the fact that Anglophones of Cameroon have a very serious problem. We are being treated as second-class citizens, little opportunities open to us, and our God-given resources are not used for our benefit. The unfortunate thing, however, is that some Anglophones are helping in our destruction and enslavement. Consequently, selfish Anglophones have been running up and down, crying about the general good of Anglophones, when in reality they are looking for opportunities to satisfy their selfish interests. Some Anglophones also bring up the Anglophone struggle as a tactic to divert Anglophones from discussing their internal problems – they do not want us to clean our own house. Whenever we attempt to criticize those Anglophones secretly collaborating with the Biya government against our interests, these self-centered Anglophones would immediately jump up with either the Anglophone-Francophone divide or they would start lecturing everyone about the SCNC and the Anglophone problems. The only time these self-centered Anglophones start calling on other Anglophones to join their own selfish notion of the Anglophone struggle is when they realize that Anglophones are discussing their own internal problems or when Anglophones are criticizing our Anglophone Leader who is working against our interests.

This is the situation we have in Anglophone Njangi houses, markets, churches, meetings, conferences, associations, schools, business places, Newspapers, discussion forum, etc. There are Anglophones who consider discussions on Anglophone internal problems a threat to their positions and interests. These selfish Anglophones have friends and relatives who are prepared to climb on any Anglophone who dare criticize those who are considered leaders Anglophones or who dare discuss Anglophone problems with objective minds. Since these selfish Anglophones want that the power in Yaounde to hear only their voices and meet only them for any NEGOTIATION, they feel uncomfortable when Anglophones start discussion their internal problems or start criticizing Anglophone leaders. They feel that discussion on the Anglophone issue will take away their voices and that the power in Yaounde would not be able to hear them and to contact them for negotiations. And we all know the benefits from such negotiations.

It is not for nothing that I am saying all this, and there is no deliberate exaggeration in me stating here that we have in this forum people who are out to protect our Anglophone leaders who are teaming up with the Yaounde regime to kill us as a cultural entity. There are people using this forum to deliberately kill down any discussions on our Anglophone internal problems. They do not want us to criticize the few Anglophones who are presenting themselves to the Biya regime as the eye, ear and mouth of all Anglophones. They prefer that we remain divided and to remain at the mercy of few Anglophones, while at the same time encouraging us to concentrate only with the fight they have with the Francophones. For these selfish individuals using this forum, the more we stand up against the Francophones and their leaders, the more the negotiating powers of their selfish Anglophone semi-gods become stronger.

President Paul Biya and France know that Ni John Fru Ndi is the eye, ear and mouth of ALL Anglophones, and according to them, negotiating with Ni John Fru Ndi is negotiating with ALL Anglophones. Biya and France know that our SDF is an Anglophone party and this is the notion they have presented to other International Organizations like the Organization of African Unity and the United Nations. It will be to the advantage of president Paul Biya and France if the SDF wins all elections at a hundred percent in the North West province while the rest of the country goes to the CPDM. They actually celebrate when results from the North West province come in favour of the SDF and Ni John Fru Ndi. It is an opportunity for them to confirm to the international community that the SDF is an Anglophone party, and that any discussions with the SDF leadership are for the interests and benefits of ALL Anglophones. This also explains why Biya and France would prefer to maintain the Anglophone leader they have bought over and cornered – Ni John Fru Ndi- at the head of the SDF they call an Anglophone party. Consequently, those who are here trying to kill any discussions on our Anglophone problems have the intention of maintaining the negotiating powers of Ni John Fru Ndi who think that it is only he who can discuss with the power in Yaounde on behalf of Anglophones. When these selfish individuals realize that we are attempting to criticize some of Biya’s Anglophone leader, they immediately come in with intimidations. They ask us to forget our internal Anglophone problems and to join them to fight the Francophones. They ask us to forget about our internal Anglophone problems and to join them in other Francophone forums, with the intention of increasing the bargaining powers of Biya’s only Anglophone Leader, Ni John Fru Ndi. The readers who are using this forum to propagate the selfish interests of their demi-god are using all strategies to do this. They are using different names to deceive us into going into an aimless battle with Francophones and in francophone forums, which will only help consolidating the negotiating power of their demi-god in Ntarikon. At times, they pretend to be carefully criticizing Ni John Fru Ndi, but a closer look into their contributions clearly shows that they are out to let us be at the mercy of their Anglophone god, Ni John Fru Ndi forever, while at the same time, increasing his negotiating power with president Biya and France.

One of such unfortunate Anglophone player in this forum, and surely readers must have realized this, is REXON WASHOW alias TAYONG. He has been running over all articles in The Post online crying his notion of the Anglophone death, inviting Anglophones to leave this forum and its important discussions to join them in discussions in other forum, and has openly asked readers of what they think about his selfish notion of the Anglophone problems. The sad thing is that he does this only when he realizes that we, Anglophones, are trying to criticize our Anglophone brothers who have not only teamed up with the power in Yaounde, but who are behaving even worst than the Francophones we accuse. I am not the one to warn readers that as Anglophones, we have to consider this REXON WASHOW alias TAYONG as the real virus we have in this forum.

I am going to demonstrate in a chronological order that REXON WASHOW alias TAYONG has a secret agenda in this forum and readers should not fall into the temptation of joining the suicide ship he was Anglophones with objective minds to join. Anglophones are by nature honest, objective, sincere, orderly and critical and they practice what they say. That is what we are pointing out in this forum, and that is the price some of us are paying, although without regrets. We are trying in our ways to clean our Anglophone house – the real Anglophone image – and those who are not comfortable with this should merely leave The Post – the house we have selected to effect change in the mentality of some of our Francophonized (CPDMized) Anglophone leader – Ni John Fru Ndi. Ni John Fru Ndi can not be making a mockery of our Anglophone image, culture, Education and upbringing in front of Francophones and the world and we smile over it. Let those using this forum to divert our attention from our Anglophone internal discussion go and cry their own selfish versions of the Anglophone problems where they feel comfortable. No one would dispute the fact that the current mess rocing the SDF has a serious Anglophone implication. Here what a failed Republique du Cameroun is saying: “C’est sont toujours les Anglophones- Ni John Fru Ndi contre Ben Muna, Ni John Fru Ndi contre Ngwasiri, Ni John Fru Ndi contre Martin Nkemngu, Ni John Fru Ndi contre le Journalist Motomu, Ni John Fru Ndi contre ses Freres Anglophones dans le SDF …” This is a shame to all Anglophones! We must fight against it!

In Part 2 of this write up to follow, I invite readers to follow the sequence I present and then judge for themselves if REXON WASHOW alias TAYONGdo not have a selfish interest in what he stands for. Readers should follow my analysis with a sense of Anglophone patriotism, putting aside any madness that Mukete possesses, and then find the ugliness of those who are projecting our many Anglophones problems just to make stronger the negotiating power of those they defend.

Stay tuned for my chronological analysis in Part 2 with dates, time, change of names, ideologiues, etc)…

God should be our witness.



I have warned many times that the game president Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi are playing will one day plunge the entire country into war. The very essence why Fon Ndoh was sentenced to death was a continuation of the secret deal that president Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi had signed. Those who saw Ni John Fru Ndi rejoicing when Fon Ndoh was imprisoned could not have understood that his joy was centered on a purely selfish victory. While poor Cameroonians were rejoicing that Justice has been done, president Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi were rejoicing that the death of poor John Kohtem and the subsequent imprisonment of Fon Ndoh have given the International community the belief that truly the SDF is a regional North West party.

Fon Ndoh was a thorn in the flesh of President Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi, but these two people found it extremely hard to dismantle the militia that he had established in Balikumbat. In a secret deal that Ni John Fru Ndi and president paul Biya signed, it was agreed that the SDF should gather all the votes in the North West while majority votes in the other provinces should go to president Paul Biya and the CPDM. This was a suggestion from France, and the reason for this was simple. The French did not like the idea of president Paul Biya sweeping all the votes throughout the country, because this would give the impression that there was no viable opposition in the country. This is something International donor countries wouldn’t like to hear.

Consequently, France insisted that in order to help Cameroon get the much needed money and debt relief from International Financial organizations, it was important that president Paul Biya gives the impression that there is an opposition in Cameroon, but that this opposition unfortunately is a regional and tribal party. The Geo-political situation in the country was further complicated when the US Embassy told president Paul Biya that the North West province can not be totally for the SDF when Fon Ndoh, an influential North West Fon won almost all the votes in an important constituency in the North West. The US government has been challenging president Paul Biya’s claim that the SDF is an Anglophone party due to the election victory of a CPDM central committee member in Balikumbat. Fon Ndoh, although an important personality, was an obstacle for the confidence president Paul Biya needed from Western countries and from International Financial organizations. This explains why Biya needed the collaboration of Ni John Fru Ndi by all means.

France, therefore, advised president Paul Biya to do everything in his power to see that the SDF and Ni John Fru Ndi gain total control of the North West province. It is important to know that president Paul Biya has given the impression that it is the North West province that is Anglophone in the country. Most International organizations know that the South West province is Francophone. In order to unfold the plan of giving the North West province to the SDF so as gain International trust, president Paul Biya had no other alternatives than to strike a secret deal with Ni John Fru Ndi and the SDF. The first stage of the project, according to the deal, was to remove all CPDM officials who post the least threat to Ni John Fru Ndi and the SDF in the North West province. This is how people like Nkwain, Tamfu, etc. left the political scene. This is how the only Santa CPDM official who was acting as a buffer against Ni John Fru Ndi in the North West province, Simon Achidi, lost his job as Prime Minister of the country. Part of the deal made it clear that Ni John Fru Ndi should be the natural leader of the Anglophone North West province, and that no North Westerner – be it in the opposition or in the CPDM- should have any authority greater than that of Ni John Fru Ndi. This is how the post of Prime Minister has been shifted to the South West province. Ni John Fru Ndi insisted that for the deal to work, he wouldn’t like to have any North Westerner claiming authority over the authority he enjoys by the deal. That is how he personally suggested that the highest North Westerner in government should be someone who has no voice in the North West and who is not known in the North West province. That is how the name of the present Assistant Secretary General in the presidency came up. Ni John Fru Ndi insisted that the post been given to someone who can not claim any part of the North West province as his strong hold. When president Paul Biya asked Ni John Fru Ndi to suggest a North Westerner for the post of Assistant Secretary General in the presidency, Ni John Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam put forward only one name. That is how the North Westerner, Yang Philemon was pulled from Canada where he had been forgotten as Cametroon’s Ambassador to Ottawa for more almost twenty (20) years. As part of the deal also, Ni John Fru insisted that no authoritative government officials in the likes of Bell Luc Renne (former governor) be posted to Bamenda again. This explains why the successive governors have always given Ni John Fru Ndi the respect that the deal demands.

The only threat to the authority of Ni John Fru Ndi and the SDF in the North West province was Fon Ndoh of Balikumbat. President Paul Biya found it very risky disgracing Fon Ndoh, who was already a CPDM central committee member, with parliamentary immunity and a very influential Fon in the North West province. President Paul Biya was also aware of the fact that Fon Ndoh is aware of important government and CPDM secrets, and that he holds a strong militia in his area of control. Care was therefore needed. To the greatest joy of Ni John Fru Ndi and president Paul Biya, poor John Kohtem was murdered in Balikumbat. Ni John Fru Ndi and president Paul Biya received with total satisfaction the news that John Kohtem was actually murdered by Fon Ndoh of Balikumbat. While Ni John Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam were shedding crocrodile tears in public, in their hearts, the death of John Kohtem was just as if the Good Lord has descended from Heaven and has relieved them of all their sins. This is how the exploitation of the untimely death of John Kohtem started.

Ni John Fru Ndi was mobilizing militants in the North West province to protest against Fon Ndoh, demanding that immediate justice be done. When SDF militants wanted to cause destruction as a protest against Fon Ndoh, Ni John Fru Ndi immediately contacted Yaounde with the impression that the entire North West province was soon going to war. This was not good news for president Paul Biya and International Financial organizations. As part of the deal that president Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi had signed, Ni John Fru Ndi was expected to ensure that peace and order reigns in the North West province. When president Paul Biya reminded Ni John Fru Ndi of this responsibility of his, and promised that he, Biya, was going to contact the governor of the North West province, Ni John Fru Ndi immediately asked SDF militants to be calm. This is how the governor came in to tell SDF militants that justice would soon take its due course.
The next difficult step was on how to catch Fon Ndoh, a man who has fought hard for the CPDM and for president Paul Biya. Biya therefore had to assure Fon Ndoh that he should stand trial without any fear whatsoever. After all, even if he is sentenced, the executive still has much to do. This is the road that leads Fon Ndoh into prison. From the day that his parliamentary immunity was lifted, to when he was sent to prison, president Paul Biya contacted foreign embassies and International Financial organizations to ensure them that genuine democracy is in Cameroon, with government judges actually sentencing a CPDM central committee member and parliamentarian to jail. This was good News for France, because in it, the International community was made to understand that with Fon Ndoh in prison, the Anglophone North West province was now totally of the SDF and of Ni John Fru Ndi. The International community was deceived into thinking that with Ni John Fru Ndi in command of the whole Anglophone North West province, the rights of minority Anglophones will be protected. This is what International monetary bodies wanted to hear, and they actually believed it when they were hearing it from the mouth of Ni John Fru Ndi himself.

Even before the court suit against Fon Ndoh, president Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi have been giving the impression that a Minority Anglophone Leader, Ni John Fru Ndi is actually collaborating with the government of Yaounde. Whenever Ni John Fru Ndi was abroad and visiting foreign bodies, he secretly used cars of Cameroon Embassies, with the flag and name of “Cameroun” and the photograph of president Paul Biya inside. Ni John Fru Ndi was accompanied on all such secret visits abroad by Cameroonian security men carrying their Embassy accreditation badges on their chest. Mindful of the danger that would result if these secret deals reach the Cameroonian public, Ni John Fru Ndi treated them as confidential missions and would even avoid been taken photographs with government cars and security officials. Unfortunately for Ni John Fru Ndi, when his wife (of blessed memory) was taken abroad on CPDM government budget, he was so confused that he could no more hide some of the secret benefits he has been enjoying abroad from the CPDM government. Abroad, before his wife died and even after she died, Ni John Fru Ndi was actually seen by Cameroonians been driven around the town, hotel, and hospital by CDPM government drivers, in CPDM government cars and was openly protected by CPDM government body guards. Thus as Ni John Fru Ndi deceives Cameroonians by using SDF vanguards inside the country, abroad, he uses the services of CPDM security men who killed six innocent souls in Bamenda for his personal protection. Abroad, CPDM agents who molested him in Cameroun and killed Cameroonians during the 1990s protect Ni John Fru Ndi. Who would have imagine Ni John Fru Ndi sleeping with his eyes closed in a foreign hotel protected by CPDM security men! . The most disturbing fact is that Ni John Fru Ndi was fully aware that he was merely washing the image of president Paul Biya and the CPDM abroad. We see how money and power can change a person.

Let me come back to the hidden facts behind the exploitation of the death of John Kohtem. Fon Ndoh was going to prison knowing fully well that he will be released one day, and that it was a temporal measure to gain support for Biya and the CPDM. Even Ni John Fru Ndi knew this, but they merely wanted Fon Ndoh to go to prison so as to gain International confidence and to project it as if it was victory for Ni John Fru Ndi. However, as an ex-convict, even if he leaves prison on a bail that will never end, he wouldn’t be able to go back to parliament. This explains why SDF is putting everything in place to take over Balibkumbat. This will complete the plan of making the SDF a North West party and presenting Ni John Fru Ndi as the eye, ear and mouth of Anglophones. We therefore understand why during the trial of Fon Ndoh, the government media were over blowing the fight against corrupt government officials. It was during that period that important CPDM officials were arrested and detained on corruption charges. Even a CPDM minister was dismissed and then immediately arrested on corruption charges. It was a ploy to attract foreign governments and International organizations into the “historic case” in Bamenda. Since that historic verdict, the anti-corruption fight has died down. Ni John Fru Ndi was fully aware of all this game, and he was part of it.

Thanks to Ni John Fru Ndi and the deal with president Paul Biya, the World Bank and other donor countries have canceled Cameroon’s debts and Cameroon has passed the exam to be one of the world’s poorest country on earth. This means more money with strings is flowing in and more money is going to president Paul Biya and the man who has washed his political image abroad. With Cameroon having passed the exam of becoming one of the poorest country on earth, and getting the benefits attached to this exam, it is now time for all those who were locked up to be released. It is also the turn of Fon Ndoh. Even if Fon Ndoh is released, the plan has worked because Fon Ndoh can no more go to parliament. The parliamentary seat for Balikumbat is waiting for the SDF.

Consequently, those who think that the SDF convention in Bamenda will not hold are making a bid mistake. This time around, even if Ni John Fru Ndi lacks the funds to organize it, the CPDM government will supply the money. Any government administrator trying to stop the SDF convention in Bamenda would be signing his own death warrant. Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi can ignore the Yaounde SDF convention because they know it will have no bearings on foreign governments and International organizations. As the North West Anglophone Head he has accepted to be, Ni John Fru Ndi has nothing to lose in Yaounde.

Let readers wait to see how the next parliamentary and council elections in Balikumbat will unfold to the sole advantage of Ni John Fru Ndi and president Paul Biya. And before I stop here, for today, I want to ask readers why the other Butcher of Ray Buba was never taken to court?

Who says Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi are not using Cameroonians for their selfish interests! God should open our eyes and hearts, so that we can see and feel the pains they are injecting on us.

The anger in my heart does not allow me to re-read this contribution. Pray for our country. Pray for those who have lost their eyes, their hearts and their conscience.

Stay tuned.


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