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Friday, 28 April 2006


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Can all the naysayers stand in line for an Internet flogging?

Lesson No. One: Don't let your dislike for the Biya regime blind you to basic facts - facts and opinions are different and we should learn to separate the two.


Yes and just after 5 year Cameroon will go back and borrow 5x this sum and will be crying for debt cancellation again in 15 or 20 years time........
Africa/Cameroon Wake up from your sleeep and start transforming your economies.Productivity,Good governance,Nationalism or Africanism- free trade between african countries, Research and science can take you forward not the other way round.
Wake up Africa

Nkosi Jacob

I hope you believe the story now!

Like it or not it is a historic decision. Some would want to be triumphalists like celebrating a victory but others would want to be modest. Whatever the case I would like to react in this manner: Cameroon's admission to the completion point is purely a HUMANITARIAN ACT. It is hardly a fallout of a satisfactory implementation of the conditions set down by the Bretton Woods Institutions.
It is a recognition of the plight of the ordinary Cameroonian toiling and moiling everyday to scrap a living. Indeed it is a humanitarian act because if we have to consider that the present fight against corruption is rather cosmetic [discriminatory arrests of people]; that of the 200 Billion FCFA blocked in the BEAC meant for use in poverty alleviation projects, the Biya rulership rather uses some of it in lavish and ostentatious ventures like buying high-end cars [PRADOS] and paying fictitious mission allowances.
CONAC like the recently promulgated law [ARTICLE 66] on the declaration of assets is cosmetic. It is in this light that while admitting Cameroon to the completion point of the HIPC initiative, the stakeholders sounded a cautionary note to the Biya government in matters of good governance and purposeful use of HIPC Funds. To end, let me say that if the IMF & WORLD BANK were to grade Cameroon as per the satisfactory implementation of set conditions, CAMEROON will never succeed with Biya and his group in power.

Fon  Lawrence

Oh my God,Why should Cameroon be fighting to join the club of poorest nations? Shame to the Biya regime.


Bravo to the World Bank.

You have just shown us that corruption, every shade of public malfeasance and repression thus pay.
I guess the next step is for us to borrow more money, suck it away in foreign accounts and come back and ask for more debt forgiveness. This is our own version of '419'.

thanks alot


Wetin concern bicycle 4 petrol point?

The World Bank and La Republic du Cameroun should start asking for debts relief from the Southern Cameroons for the natural resouces they have been borrowing since the 40s.
The S. Cameroonians are not that hard hearted like what the W. Bank is doing but we will just increase the prices of our oil, banana, create back our Cameroon Bank and POWERCAM that will handle our electrical problems etc.

Aluta continua, Victoria Arcetia
The Fight continues, Victory is certain

Legima Doh (LD)

Let no one doubt that I receive this news with dismay.Cancelling the debt per se is a glad tidings but would be definitive had la Republique in the first place cancelled her debt owed the Southern Cameroonians.It is important to note als that the circumstances that circumscribe the attainement of the completion point and the incogent arguments put forward by Wolfowitz are objectionable.Which oil are they referring to?La Republique has non but is stealing others' oil and the world bank says it is her oil.I think they are financial literates and professionals and know what the law stipulates about oil ownership.I beseech them to go to the place where the oil is exploited and then tell us how well Cameroon has been doing for the past 6 years as they purport.The world bank therefore failed to carry out analysis with due diligence using its own principles which would refer to its ratings on transparency,accountability,and corruption,factors in which La Republique ratings would be scandalous.By the way,whose debt is Wolfowitz cancelling?That of La Republique I surmise.What then is the World bank going to do with the legitimate and sumptuous debt that La Republique owes the Southern Cameroons after looting her resources,oil,timber,rubber,banana etc for almost half a century.It must not be forgotten that La Republique has several billions of debt owed the Southern Cameroon citizens in the form of salary arrears as far back as the time of Ahidjo,money stolen from banks that belonged to the Southern Cameroonians,money stolen by Biya from the post office savings of Southern Cameroonians and money confiscated from state declared bankrupt banks with huge amounts appertaining to Southern Cameroonians.Until Wolfowitz in his capacity see especially by the proposed September that all these debts are paid back to the Southern Cameroonians,he is considered to have played a very vital and major role in building the edifice of corruption in La Republique which is the strongest contributing factor of the neo colonisation process.It follows from above that,if wolfowitz fails to lead Biya to pay back the aforementioned debts,then we hold him to be a stunch financial provider to fuel the neocolonisation and abject annexation of the Southern Cameroons.If Wolfowitz has a sentimental attachment to Biya and his regime,then let him assist also in paying the debts that La Republique owes the Southern Cameroons.


I can't believe what I am reading on this site! how many reforms have Cameroon met to qualify for this debt abrogation? I think anything to be done should be well done. If Cameroon is till smeared by a very dirty notoriety as far as corruption is concern, it is the place of the world bank to defy its debt cancellation because the reasons are very obvious. In this way the country could be able to clean its entire mess. I begin to think it is not the intention of this westerners to completely get us out of the gutter. All primary and secondary schools, computer literacy centers and other facilities built by the Japanese were concentrated on particular Towns. I think it is high time the World bank revise its corruption reforms and slot in equal opportunity for all citizens before a country should be moderated for any debt relief. who will let them know that they only took another step to provide funds for next year's election campaign. peculiar T shirts will be printed this time unlike those poor quality types during the previous year's election. Every Campaing manager for that vicious party will be able to reach his/destination with a Turbo Lancruiser 4*4. The world bank does not know what it is doing. LRC, y'all still got one debt to pay and not long from now you will surely pay.


Just like Julius above that is the best method of 419 and hope u have ears to hear because our country no go spare.


Just like Julius above that is the best method of 419 and hope u have ears to hear because our country no go spare.


If the World Bank can lay down principles and judge those to be accountable by sentimental approaches rather than the principle itself, there is no need therefore to blame people like Ngwasiri who defy the laws of their small political party in a local scale. To the best of my knowledge, the world bank is just turning its back on its own 'article 8.2'. wait for us world bank before Biya's regime elapses. We will come for further debt cancellations.

Andre Fokam

Bad mouth go kull una!
on monday, the post posted a wrong info, you all jumped on the story to say all sort of nasty things, now that you were proven wrong, you jump to the next story and continu to say nasty things, your pessimism is notorious, but while you mortify yourself in you negativity, some people are moving forward! your curses and bad mouth did not prevent the World Bank from satisfying Cameroon request, and now it is the Cameroonian people mission to make sure the money is used for the benefit of all.

to the Post, be humble to apologize for wrong and misleading stories, that is a sign of Grandeur.


Great news
Great News for party political whorshippers
Great news for great enrichment
Great news for more embezzlement
Great News for more unaccountability
Great News for those guilty of corruption to be released,set free and acquitted
Great News for the regime to advance diabolical plans to stay in place
Great News Great news Great News
God Save Cameroon

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

Well, as expected, Cameroon has made the completion point! This decision has been due to the huge strides that Cameroon has made in the last year alone. Particularly this year, we have moved from one improvement to another; and now the World Bank has shown its appreciation.

We must thank the International Community for the wonderful role that it has played in this attainment, and we hope that it continues in this spirit to help Cameroon.

At last we now have the money for our road construction projects, particularly in the Anglophone provinces. This will help tone down the justifiable animosity against the government in these regions.

We also have the money to help relieve the tax burden on the people. It is now possible to improve the salaries of some public service personnel.

The government also must take some credit. It has listened well and learned well. The Post and many of its commentators must take their due credit, for giving the government a helping hand through their articles and analyses.

The momentum of the country is in the right direction and we hope that this will continue to eternity. If this is the case then we can only continue to see better times ahead.

On a personal note I am looking forward to the tarring of the road linking Mutengene to Nigeria, through Kumba and Mamfe. I am also looking forward to the tarring of the Mamfe-Bamenda road. I believe that these roads are of the highest priority.


Andre Fokam wrote

"... and now it is the Cameroonian people mission to make sure the money is used for the benefit of all."

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!!!!

Charles Forkwa

At the surface it seems like a good thing but it isn't. How did Cameroon amass this debt? That same failed policies and enabling partners (G7-8) are still in place and history will repeat itself. This is economic enslavement.
It is like the person who runs up credit card debts and erases it through bankruptcy. The next moment they are out acumulating more debt. No safeguard has been put in place for that not to happend again.
It is time to match words with action.


Dr A. A.,

So Pa you still believe the above mentioned roads by you will be tarred by La republic gobernment?


Dr. you are still day dreaming your mother will give birth to your immediate follower.
Better join hands to build the new repiblic to be born soon

Celestine Fosung Nke


If we knew, we could have borrowed more, after all, the West will sympathize, or is it empathize.

Rexon, i hope you will not try to relate this debt relief to colonialism. Regrettably, your pupil see every word as strongly tired to colonialism.

Billy Nso

Thanks you Dr. Agbormbi,

I think we should give the Govenment a chance. The debts will be cancelled. we hope the Government will use the said money for the betterment of the Cameroonian people.

The roads will be tarred, but not with this money as it can not even tarr Mutegne Kumba road, the Goven't is sourcing for money for this roads, so keep our fingers cross.
Dr,; Mamfe Bamenda is under contruction and Mamfe Bacho has been completed.
Let's give Biya five more years, because if Fri Ndi takes power, I bet you he will tar the road from Bamenda to Nigeria instead. We should not forget that Foncha/Muna accepted for the Yaounde Bamenda; or Douala Bamenda road instead of Douala- Kba- Mamfe - Bemenda. They all believed that their relatives in the West were better served than the Anglophones in the South West.

neba funiba

Dr. Agbormbai:

The two roads you mentioned are actually some of the roads I mentioned in several write-ups some time ago. A word of caution to everybody--the amount of debt cancelled is only a fraction of what Cameroon owes the IMF/World Bank, so the country is not off the hook yet. Also, the debts that Cameroon owes to foreign governments, especially France--what is referred to as bilateral debts--are still outstanding. Partial debt cancellation is like "hanging washed blinds on old battered windows." Partial debt cancellation may be good news to the regime, but it does not mean anything to the terrain West of Mungo because it is being lumped into a problem which it has not been a benefactor. There is absolutely nothing to show as a result of these loans--may be collapsing bridges and a dry-up SONARA which is now importing crude to refine.

NB: Debt cancellation does not mean the availability of funds for immediate investment in infrastructure. My fear is that the regime will use this as financial credibility to go on a borrowing spree.


Celestine Nke Fossung,

Work with your lens, you will see that this is mere colonialism.

La republique du cameroun is not the only victim. Read about world bank conspiracies all over the world. In russia, Indonesia, Cameroon, etc. You will understand what they are trying to do. My colleagues have done a host of research here in the UK about this world bank antics. They have even came out with conspiracy theories about the chad Cameroon oil pipeline involving british churches. So i know what is happening there and have evidences from an accountant/banking researchers perspectives. Whether u like it or not, conspiracy theories are very difficult to understand.

Fon  Lawrence

The CPDM rustics have started surfacing again. "lets give Biya five more years" Why only five more years? shit.

Andre Fokam

Neba Funiba
i like your sense of caution and that is the attitude all Cameroonians should adopt, added to vigilance to make sure the money saved from debt repayment is well used. we all know it is a partial cancellation, it represent 1/3rd of Cameroon debt (estimated at 6 billions dollars) but it is better than nothing (considering that the borrowed money did not served us in the first place)! and tight conditions had been put in placed by donors to make sure it is used for the right purpose. and Mind you, it is not a loan per se, we will not receive any cents from the world bank, it is just the money that was meant to be used for debt repayement that will be used for poverty reduction and investment in infracstrures and at any time, if there is any deviation, the program can be stopped.
Dr. Agbormbai, thank you for your nice advices.


When Mandela vehemently decided to remain adamant to his convictions despite strides that way made by Frederick De Clerk to lessen the burden of Apatheid many were those who were quick to label him as a hardliner. Today you, me, Dr AA and other worshippers are eye and ear witnesses to his stand.
In the USA when Martin Luther King Jnr refused to give up his series of demonstrations despite advances made by some states to abolish racial segregations many be those who brandished him as Kunta Kinte,today you, me, Dr AA and followers are both eye ,ear and mouth witnesses of the success of his stands.
Look gentlemen of simple minds ,until the rotten tooth is pulled out the mouth must chew with caution. Dont think those who continue to press hard on this regime are less of Cameroonians than you guys. Completion of the HIPC point or not the struggle continues and singing praises to the regime doesnt hold water now. This issue was just like keeping food before a hungry child and asking him to dance without music, the child will do all to get that food.
The question you should be asking yourself is how on earth did we become a heavily indebted poor country? Now that the money has been gotten ,is the current arrest and dentention of embezzlers stopping ? will the money they embezzled be brought home? what happens to the HIPC money? another cycle of embezzlemets and self enrichment?

I even hear the embezzlers are now buying their way out of the detention camps,go read ,so praise singers dont be shortsighted and start counting your chickens before the eggs really hatch

God save Cameroon

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

We shouldn't also forget that if this cancelled debt, as expressed, is the principal amount then the actual amount released is much greater (if you take compound interest payments into account).


Let Paul Biya be praised. This debt cancellation is thanks to his effective application of the structural adjustment program!!

Bravo Popol!!


Dr. Agbormbai wrote: "The government also must take some credit. It has listened well and learned well. The Post and many of its commentators must take their due credit, for giving the government a helping hand through their articles and analyses."

EARTH CALLING PLANET AGBORMBAI!! EARTH CALLING PLANET AGBORMBAI!! EARTH CALLING PLANET AGBORMBAI!! Doc, your statement above indicates you are living in a different planet from the one 99.9999% of Cameroonians are living in.

With all due respect Doc, when was the last time you visited Cameroon? Some of your pronouncements on this forum are so detached from the reality of day to day Cameroon life, they can sound insulting and patronising towards those who have been unfortunate to be at the mercy of the ruthless dictatorship you sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally, seem to inherently trust and praise.

If you really believe that Biya's dictatorship actually listens to what Cameroonians or contributors to this forum have to say, and that contributors to this forum have somehow played a role in the World Bank cancelling Cameroon's debt, then it is time the people in white coats take you away, give you some strong tranquillizers, and put you in a padded cell! It might be for your own good, because you might just be a danger to yourself, and possibly otherrs. Doc, you might have just terribly lost touch with reality.

chris nanga

I agree with Dr A A. It is due to popol's policies that the debt relief was granted, period. I don't neccessarily agree with popol and usually don't, and for the record, I hate the guy, but I'll give him this one. No matter what we try to say,we can't take it away from him.

dango tumma

the world bank is saying its doesnt
recognise southern cameroons ownership
of its oil and drive for independence,

just wait. a few months when car bombs starts expoliding in that refinery
the same bank wil came to its senses as to whose oil it is.


Cameroonians will never get rid of their posturing.We now say we want the money to be used judiciously.The World bank and IMF
should arrest all our leaders ,get the blood in their bodies drained and replaced with new blood that gives people the ability to be transparent.A government that cannot even recuperate the money that has been starched away in bank accounts.Those who have given Popol this money know it will come back to them soon,either in the form of fictitious bills,or dumped in their bank accounts .The international bodies
are out to do business with dictators.When Cameroon was preparing to join the Common Wealth of Nations,it proved an insurmountable task,but when Chief Anyaoku
finished striking a deal with Popol,his language changed.Koffi Annan is on his way out ,but he has never really come up with anything for Cameroon.When the president of the World bank chastises Cameroon,it is because he knows that we have not done anything,but since this aid is tight with strings that bring them something at individual levels,they will never be categorical about anything.


The G7-8/IMF/World Bank , call it what you want are just playing the good old tricks of old. When a parasite lives off of a host, it does not kill the host because doing so would mean its own demise. This whole HIPC initiative is total bull. And to think that people in this forum actually applaud this nonsense. These guys are giving us only a tiny fraction of the interest that their banks and credit card companies have raised from the money our "super-embezzelers" had deposited in their banks. They simply want to propagate the vicious cycle of poverty and stupidity that basically defines the African politician. You are given debt relief worth $$$, you turn around and you buy a car worth $$$. Where does the money go to? Where have you created jobs? Instead of investing in infrasture and technology that would help us progress and actually compete, we sit there and act stupid. Rejoicing to have qualified as a heavily indebted poor country. It makes me ashamed to be a Cameroonian. While Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal is investing in useful infrastructure for his country so that in a few years they will take advantage of the current wave of outsourcing in developed countries, Biya and co. are buying the latest jets, cars, suits you name it. Meanwhile our "roads" are completely destroyed. Poor Cameroon.



Do ignore agbormbai. He is surely within his european retirement and wants to use this forum to gain favour from his masters in yaounde and exploit his own share of the cake.

You should also know that if truly he has a doctoral degree and has published in peer reviewed journals, he may also be interested in undertaking some paid consultancy services for la republique francaise du cameroun. Thus, he need to be modest in his criticisms of the system as he may be doing business with criminals in the system.

I think his positions and ideas need to be scrutinised in this forum. When it comes to the SCNC/SDF, he is always VERY critical, when it comes to the very murderous government of la republique du cameroun, he is always modest in his approach. Who then is better and at least can be relied upon, the SCNC/SDF or the government?

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


Thanks for your strong criticisms, but you seem to enjoy criticising just for its own sake. You ignore the signs and the subtle changes that are a pointer to a departure from past bad habits.

In the past year, the Biya government has been learning and we have been contributing to its education. There are more surprises in the right direction yet to come from the government, for people like you who cannot see anything good in it.

Remember that, from my commentary above, not all commentators can take credit. You may belong to those who deserve no credit. The intention of some commentators on this forum is to annoy and destroy rather than to build.






Dr Agbormbai,

What are you building from your write-ups in this forum?

Some of you should be careful when you allude to things that does not make sense. If you are building, you should be bold enough to speak the truth. How can we build from within a government that does not even recognise the needs of the people. At some points in this forum, i used to think that you have something meaningful to contribute in the development of Cameroon. But as time goes on, i understand that you are either ignorant of how cameroon operates or you want to take your own share of the cake through your modest approach.

You live in the UK, if i am not wrong. Then you need to know that all those things you are talking about does not work. You must have read meaningful research papers that proves that even UK churches are part of the conspiracy to destroy our future. You must have had evidences that the future leader of Cameroon or most african countries will not be elected by the people but will be decided by kingmakers in hotel suits in paris and london, you must have seen documentaries about the conspiracies of the oligarchs to steal the resources of eastern europe (Abramovich and co. in russia are cases in point). Thus you can easily sense danger and know what to say.

Agbormbai, why do you think there is no road to mamfe? why do you think powercam, cameroon bank, NPMB, etc was liquidated. Where do you think such resources ended up? Why do you think ministers who steal our resources are instead being promoted by the biya regime? You must have common sense when trying to address issues in cameroonian politics.

So to say, you have no idea of how politics operate in africa. Most people who write here, as Ashwell quotes are just saying things. Even when they take power, if any opportunity comes, we must scrutinise them to do the right thing. We need open development and the Biya regime which you are supporting should provide it. I cannot rely anything said by any cameroonian but can rely on what he does.


Dr. Agbormbai,

Therein lies the problem, Doc! You see "subtle changes" in Biya's kleptocracy while some of us see none.

There are two questions you should be asking yourself in relation to this issue, rather than praising a kleptocratic government. First, how did Cameroon accrue this debt in the first place? Second, have the conditions which led to accruing this debt changed for the better?

If Cameroon had accrued this debt by spending extravagantly on sophisticated hospitals, high speed motorway networks in the country and a well equiped public school system, Doc, I would be as optimistic as you, that debt cancellation will make a change for the better for Cameroonians; but, unfortunately, that is not the case.

Cameroon accrued this debt because Biya and his cronies have been pillaging the country's resources for nearly a quarter of a century, with no investment in the country's public services. For example, Doc, just go back to the primary school you attended in Cameroon, I bet you it is in a worse condition today than it was when you were a pupil there, possibly 30 years ago.

Worse still, this corruption Biya and his cronies have instilled in Cameroonians has seeped from top to bottom, to the extent that for a whole generation of Cameroonians over the last two decades, thieving is a way of life, an unwritten part of any job description. This culture of corruption will not change today or tomorrow, just because yesterday the country's debt was cancelled. Certainly it would not change while the man who has nurtured it, and survived in power because of it, is still running the country.

The factors which led to the debt in the first place remain unchanged, and have possibly worsened, considering that Cameroon is a more corrupt country today than it was 20 years ago, when the economy went into free fall.

The survival of Biya and his cronies depends on, and has been based on, political and economic corruption. Biya and his cronies have shown no "subtle change", in terms of intending to give up power. Therefore, what has kept them in power, corruption, will continue, because that is the only way they can continue to survive.

Biya and his cronies might be many things, but they are not stupid. They know that getting rid of political and economic corruption in Cameroon will mean the loss of their grip on power.

Therefore, the factors which led to Cameroon's debt remain in place, and if anything are more entrenched. Debt cancellation, I suggest to you, is good news in a more perverse sense than you are willing to consider. It is good news for Biya and his cronies, because it gives them carte blanche to now go and borrow some more money in the country's name, and spend it on the things they spent their last loot on; and it wasn't on better hospitals, or better roads, or better schools.

Doc, you seriously underestimate the rot Cameroon is in. All I can say is, there is no point us fighting about it in cyberspace; let us come back here this time next year, and you can tell us how the current debt cancellation has improved the lot of the man on the street or the lot of the average villager in Cameroon. That is, if they have better health care and better schools for themselves and their children, because of the debt cancellation which has just been publicised.

It is a great honour to me for you to say I deserve no credit in praising Biya's kleptocracy, because his corrupt regime deserves no praise from any right thinking Cameroonian. If you think the damage this man's governments has done to the lives of millions of Cameroonians is worthy of praise, then as I said before, you truly are totally detached from the experiences of the majority of Cameroonians over the last quarter of a century.


I think you should behave youelf.
How long does it take to learn?
Mr. Biya has used a tremendous 23 years just to learn, and now is the time for him to execute what you (ABGORMBIYA)has taught him!AGBORMBAIIIII!! ABGORMBAI please try and visit Cameroun and see for yourself what it is like today compared to what you left it years ago.Some of you just sit and assume things and say them without verifications.
AGBROBIYA, please be realistic!
You and some of your francophone dudes don't see anything wrong with Mr. Biya's regime, but you keep seeing wrong things in the SCNC and the sdf.AGBORMBAIIII!

Washow (Newzealand).

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


Stop crying over spilled milk. How long will you go on being a cry baby? Look forward to improve the mess that has already been done. That is the only way you can help the people, that you so claim to care about.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


Thanks for your support. I don't need to write on the SDF issue anymore because I consider it mission accomplished. Fru Ndi has lost his support, and Ngwasiri and democracy have won. We just have to give it time for the results of our efforts to begin to appear.

Fru Ndi's dictatorial tendency cannot be reversed. It is the only way that he knows. It is never easy to change the mind and outlook of a dictator. They tend to remain intransigent to the end.

Fru Ndi has lost because, apart from his faction, the whole country is embracing democracy; so he is working against the momentum of the country. This momentum will finish him off. He is riding on a wave of inertia that will only mean his end.

The people have seen that truth, openness, integrity, and democracy are good, and there is no turning back!


Dr. Agbormbai, Cameroon is worth crying for when despite 25 years of misrule, Biya can still find cheerleaders like you willing him on. Without supporters, like you, of Biya's kleptocratic regime, those who really are striving to "improve the mess"- by not just contributing to an internet forum from the relative comfort of Europe - might actually stand a chance.


Dr Agbormbai,

The reforms you adore in this forum are those of biya and not of fru Ndi. If you applaud the regime of Mr Biya for doing what you think are progressive movements, why dont you adore what you term the dictatorial actions of Mr Fru Ndi. Between Fru Ndi and Biya, who is more dictatorial? Who has done more harm to Cameroon?

Those who stand against Fru Ndi today are does who think that Fru Ndi has taken a very modest approach in tackling the regime. That is why he has befriended them through a conspiracy involving Mbah Ndam. Not that there has been any clear evidence that Fru Ndi is corrupt. Now working through your very modest approach to la republique du camerouns problems, then you should be of the opinion that the SDF is a better option to sort out the southern Cameroonian problem and la republique du camerouns problems than the CPDM.

Your interest in this forum is to sway public opinion into believing that something good can come out of the dysfunctional and very disastrous biya regime. My fear is that, some readers may want to believe you.

Your former student, Ashwell, had informed you frankly in this forum that it seems you do not have anything to contribute in this forum when you wrote blantant nonsense about the bilingualism issue. I suggest you listen to him and have a deep rest.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


You seem to belong to the SCNC camp, whose people-orientation is highly questionable. From the critical commentaries that SCNC advocates write on this forum, even against progressive activities, one can only conclude that these advocates DO NOT HAVE THE PEOPLE IN MIND!

If there is anything that I have discerned from their contributions on this forum it is that the advocates are pursuing a personal and selfish agenda that only uses the people as a front.

The contributions of SCNC advocates on this forum, apart from earlier ones that elucidated very clearly the nature of the Anglophone problem, generally tend to be destructive rather than being in the best interests of even the Anglophones that they claim to be defending.



Hold your fires! The WB has NOT given my Government $1.27 billion. The interest saving at 3% per annum on this forgiven debt is merely $40m or over $500m over 10 years. This is very good news but we are still in the woods.

All expectations should be measured. The cost of replacing the Banaberi bridge is $500m. Those who think $40m is enough to tar a road from Mutengene to Kumba have no practical experience of project costing. That is a $1 billion project.

My Government will use the $40m to pay import bills for medicines, chalk and writing materials for schools and basic materials such as bleach for sanitation. That is all.

The backbone of Cameroon is agriculture and I urge you gentlemen/ladies to return home and run farms or set up factories to make the things we now import. We need good jobs in our economy.

If you decide to stay abroad then send at least $10,000 per year to your family in Cameroon for economic assistance. If 1000 Cameroonians overseas do this, instead of empty rhetoric on news wires, then our treasury will collect $10m. A Cameroonian who sends money home is a true nationalist.

Imagine the IMF makes so much noise for sending us $3.9m. This is tiny pocket change. It is a disgrace.

And remember that we still owe the international Community over $5 billion. The interest is over $250m per year. The international community is taking away much money from Cameroon.

I want Cameroon to approach the position of Nigeria - completely debt free. However, unlike our great neighbour, Cameroon is not producing lakes of Ebony Light crude oil that are now filling the Nigerian treasury with over $5 billion per month at current record prices for crude oil.

I have challenged President Obasanjo to a golf match but he instead wants a wrestling duel.

Long live Cameroon.

Unity Palace.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


The crucial issue here is change, and the willingness to listen to and take good advice in order to bring about positive change.

It is true that Biya has been autocratic in the past and has been responsible for bringing Cameroon to its knees. But over the last 12 months Biya has shown an amazing capacity to take and execute good advice.

He has become much more tolerant and democratic, and as a result much of the news coming out of Cameroon has been much more positive (even though we, of course, still have many daunting problems to overcome).

On the other hand, Fru Ndi has displayed amazing inertia. He has portrayed a complete unwillingness to listen to good advice, and while the rest of the country is going one way he and his faction are going the other way. This is the problem for Fru Ndi!

Ekwese Irene

The International Community takes $250m silently and gives back a discount of $3.9m with trumpets blaring. That is a subtle definition for Dracula.

I urge the Government to try to balance its budgets and fight corruption with an iron fist.

There should be no grand projects financed by loans. Paul Biya who escalated the country's deficits has learnt a bitter lesson. He failed on macroeconomics.

Mr Biya and his entire cabinet failed to understand the disasterous consequence of raising civil service salaries at a time the country had inadequate capacity to meet the resulting increase in consumption through domestic production.

Imports ballooned and escalated deficits in Cameroons trading accounts with her international partners, notably France. The solution was shock treatment - 100% devaluation of the FCFA to burst the capacity for consumption of foreign goods in attempt to control fiscal deficits.

Those who want roads tarred shall return home and carry the stones. Some of these people are hypocrites who have abandoned their families in abject poverty and don't care about their regions. They think Government should do all.

Heaven helps those who help themselves.


We shouldn't also forget that the BIYA regimne is all but fools, so they would not spare any effort to crush down those who cry out against their corrupt sytem. They would go even as far as to setup satelits like Dr ABGORMBAI to fight for them. So let us not dance to his tune, we should go on with our constructive and objective crirismes which i think is bearing some fruits. ABGORMBAI should not soil the name of Doctors, coz a Doctor should be able to reconcile his analysis with realistic facts on the ground.
we should ignore him and go ahead , because i think his mission is to divert our attention from the real issues.


"EKWESE IRENE" Wrote "Those who want roads tarred shall return home and carry the stones"
I think IRENE has lost the notion of "Goverment and Nation". To you what is the role of the Goverment?? If people have to come back and carry the stones for roads to be built, it means that every Cameroonina has to buid his own Hospital,School and motorway. what is your beloved BIYA goverment doing with our taxes?? What have they done with all the loans that they contracted in the name of Cameroon??? Loans which now they are running behind the world bank to right it off?? How many Cameroonians benefited from those loans?? We pay huge taxes and yet we ccanot have good roads, good Hospitals nor good schools.
I think you are just one of those who are stealing our money and riding in PRADOS. But remember that you will be held accountable some day. You said it right that Camerooninans leave in abject poverty and blamme it on those who are outside and canot help theirs back home. How much do you think somebody can send back home to satisfy his African family?? I would have expected you to call on them to come back home and creat bussinesses so as to creat employment, but the huge TAXES that the REGIME has landed on investment will only discourage or turn investors away.


Ekwese Irene wrote: "Those who want roads tarred shall return home and carry the stones." Woman, the fact that knowledge of your entitlements as a tax paying citizen (hopefully you are one) has been beaten out of you, by living under a dictatorship, does not mean that everyone is as ignorant as you of the role of a government.

Or, maybe in your own perverse way, you are suggesting, tongue in cheek, that a government - in the real sense of the word -does not exist in Cameroon. In which case you are probably right. Otherwise, woman, might I remind you that, the right to be heard does not include the right to be taken seriously.

Ekwese Irene

Mola Fako,

I see your point but you are being selective and quoting me out of context. Remeber that over 95% of our roads were constructed by the Germans. All we have had to do is maintain and upgrade these roads.

The Biya Government cannot think straight anymore after two decades of witch craft, murders, demagoguery and stale politics at State House.

The Germans built the roads by holding our grand parents to "carry the stones" which essentially means the people dug the roads under clear directions from the Germans.

All the Government has to do now is provide the tools and empower the people to build the roads. War to those who want roads built by foreign companies and then expect fiscal sanity. These hypocrites cannot have it both ways.

Foreign companies cost $$$ and worst still, they take all the hard currency out, leaving the treasury dry. What they pay local labourers is peanuts in FCFA.

The huge taxation of businesses reflects the stupidity of socialists and communists in Yaounde. This regime does not understand how low taxation actually grows the private sector and boosts tax revenues.

Paul Biya an old ex-UPCist is a Communist whose simplistic liberal theories have ruined the Cameroon economy. A leopard changes not its spots.


Dr Agbormbai,

We have suffered for several decades in such a way that we are not prepared to tolerate any nonsense from the regime of la republique francaise du cameroun.

If Mr Biya wants to gain the confidence of any person (of which i am not sure he really want to), he should start by changing the rules that gave forest concessions like the one in the east to his henchmen, he should address the privatisation issue that have sold bakweri land in tole to baba danpullo, he should address issues raised by the bakweri lands claims commitee, he should construct roads to mamfe, to bamenda via mamfe, and above all, he should recognise our southern cameroonian cry for an independent nation based on our constitutional rights.

Dr Agbormbai, nobody is a fool here. Maybe you left Cameroon several decades ago and does not understand how that failed republic works. Let me give you a summary of how that failed republic is being managed;

Natural resources (petrol, timber, diamond, gold, bauxite, quarry, etc)-exploited for the interest of the beti's, the bulu's, some hausa's, etc.
Commerce-monopolised by a few bamilikie businessmen.

Joining this group is a few people from other tribes and regions like the inonis, the njeuma's, the nwalipenja's, the fotso's, etc.

Then the rest of the people have to battle for the few leftovers that does not contribute up to 5 percent of the national output. The government of Mr Biya is the organiser of all this conspiracy. Then what do you expect us to do? Rely on this criminal government?
Other families

Rene Murena F.

Cameroon badly needs this money at a time when prices of goods are skyrocketing with no simultaneous increase in salaries.

What is of great concern is the fear that this money might not get to those who languish in poverty.

IMF should play a regulatory role in seeing that these funds give rise to meaningful development. The IMF could release this money in installments and it should automatically freeze the rest of the funds when it realizes that the money is not being used to execute the projects the government outlined in its fight against poverty and underdevelopment. If the IMF and all other donor agencies put such a mechanism in place, the government will be more engaged in its fight against corruption and poverty.

Rene Murena F.

Please, I would like this forum to answer this question.

How can the world bank and IMF help fight poverty and corruption in Cameroon?


Rene Murena,
The World Bank and IMF can not in any way fight corruption in Cameroon. Have you ever asked yourself this question; why is it the world bank and IMF to fight corruption in Cameroon? Did the world bank and IMF institute corruption in Cameroon? We Cameroonians should fight corruption in our country and not the IMF or the world bank doing that for us. It is however a pity that the ruling regime sees nothing wrong with corruption. Biya has really outsmarted the world bank and IMF; just picking a few of his colleagues and putting them behind bars makes him millions of U.S dollars richer. Why do I say this? Rest assured that not even a penny from this money will get down to the suffering man in the streets. What a cursed world we find ourselves in today!!
The cancellation of this debt should not be any reason for anybody to go jubilating. In the early 90’s, this same world bank and IMF cancelled all debts owed by Sudan, where is Sudan today, about 14 years after all its debts were cancelled? Ironically, Sudan has moved about "20 decimal places” backwards after cancellation of its debts. Cameroonians should learn how to fish for themselves and not waiting for somebody to give them fish; sooner or later the fish will get finished and we will go hungry again. I can promise you this.


Hey Guys,Rexon, Massamoyo,Watesih and others

Just back from the battle field( Aaron)successfully published an article written by an eminent fracophone scholar on the differences between the anlgophones and francophones which had been sparking fire in there.

Here is it guys in French:
Ce qui n’existe pas, c’est cette concordance culturelle dont Mbembe affirme qu’il existe entre Anglophones et Francophones. Dire qu’il n’y a pas de différence culturelle entre les Francophones et Anglophones à cause de 40 ans de tutelle sous deux colons qui ont des cultures différentes, c’est aussi affirmer qu’il n’y a pas de différence antre la nuit et le jour quand bien même il y a équinoxe.
Sur l’angle de différence culturelle, je peux affirmer que le Francophone et l’Anglophone ne peuvent pas vivre ensemble puisque tout leur diffère l’un de l’autre. J’accepte la guillotine sans état d’âme!
A titre d’illustration :

Le Francophone déifie la fonction présidentielle, l’Anglophone regarde cette fonction comme celle d’un serviteur. En mars 1991, feu Eboa Lottin avait posé la question à Ngijol, reporter au journal La Vision de savoir ce qu’il était devenu et celui-ci de lui répondre qu’il était devenu journaliste. Voilà feu Eboa Lottin qui sursaute pour faire savoir à Ngijol qu’il faisait le métier des gens qui écrivaient contre le chef de l’Etat. “Est-ce que tu sais que le chef est le représentant de Dieu sur terre ?”. Et devant mon étonnement et le fait que Ngijol lui ait dit que j’étais Anglophone, feu Eboa Lottin s’est mis à me répéter la même chose en anglais-pidgin.

Chez les Anglophones, les policiers ne brutalisent pas les citoyens, ni ne font de calé-calé, pour soi-disant chercher les recherchés. Au contraire, ils procèdent par des enquêtes à l’insu de la population pour arriver à leur but. Chez les Francophones, la police est faite pour brutaliser la population. Ceci, parce que “ils font leur travail, dis donc” (te rétorque un Francophone si tu oses demander pourquoi ce comportement) de la part des gens reconnus en français comme les “gardiens de la paix ”.

Pour les Francophones, les fonctionnaires sont membres du parti au pouvoir. Il n’y a qu’à lire ce papier écrit par Alex Gustave Azebazé dans une édition passée du Messager où celui-ci disait que des membres du Scnc étaient “des anciens dignitaires du régime tombés en disgrâces ”. Il faisait allusion à Vincent Feko, retired Justice Ebong et autres Nfor Ngala Nfor qui sont des fonctionnaires retraités et actuels leaders du Scnc. Chez les Anglophones, les fonctionnaires


This forum seems to be attracting objective participants like Neba Funiba,PB,Ekwese Irene who are providing their analysis with figures.
In matters of economics, numbers and statistical data are farmore important than just the Cameroon way of politics.
I feel that Cameroonain Economics have been either sleeping since independence or have been overtaken by BAD politics.
Where are all the Statisticians,and economics in this country.While we are all calling about independent organs like Election Body,independent economic organisation are indispensable.
N:B Bad politics may justify a Bad economy but not vice versa.


Thanks Tayong

for the informations above. It seems great and will arm us more for our struggle. I have been writing behind articles at the icicemac website. I have some work to do for my own research and will come back to the post when new articles are posted.

Tayong, Mola Fako, Washow, Massamoyo and all true freedom fighters;

Thank you for giving your all to the fight for the liberation of all our land. The almighty God will bless you. I prayed for you guys today that we should be granted more strenght to drive out the terrorist.


INVITATION TO JOIN THE SCNC SWEDEN GROUP. has invited you to join the scncsweden group!

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

We invoke this declaration and its spirit, for the peoples of the former United Nations Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons under United Kingdom Administration, who are today under the colonial occupation of France masquerading as La Republique du Cameroun.




SCNC will be having their first legal meeting in Gothenburg Sweden Tomorrow Monday the 1st of May 2006 by 4pm.

Venue will be in my house, Månadsgatan 24 apartments 267.

Take tram 6,7 or 11 and stop at Runstavgatan the stop before KotedelaTorget, and ask for my street its like 3 minutes walk from the tram stop.

Call 0704086061 or 031 482567 if you get lost.

Please if you will not be able to attend the meeting just send us an e mail so we know you wont be coming.

Also inform other Southern Cameroonians you think they will be interested to join and become active members.

At the moment we already have about 20 members and for a start I belief it’s very encouraging.

Once more you are all welcome.

President Gothenburg – Sweden

Samuel Cumber

Fon  Lawrence

You try in vain to defend the fact that you are a sponsored agent.Where have you kept your conscience.No matter how you pretend,you will always be scourged by your conscience.

The opening paragraph of your posting of 29 April is just a window blind to make the gullible think that you hate Paul BIya.To contradict youself,you went further to give 22 fake points you think Paul Biya is better than Fru Ndi.Even a primary school child will understand that you are compaigning for Paul Biya.

The following statement of your is lucid enough to show that you hate Fru Ndi for nothing;it is simply the blood money that they have given that controls everything you do now.
"Paul Biya did not lost a political election and then out of frustration decided to join the CPDM. Ni John Fru Ndi was beaten in the one party-CNU-CPDM parliamentary elections and then out of frustration decided to create the SDF"

I think that the devil that has taken control over you has made you numb;all that you can think now is evil.
When you say Fru Ndi climbed on six innocent souls to launch the SDF,what do you mean? Is it Fru Ndi who killed the innocent children or your Master who sent troops to gun down these our beloved brothers?
How did Fru Ndi deceive innocent Cameroonians to pick up life grenades and what was he to profit from this act? In trying to give 22 points as weaknesses that Fru Ndi has over Biya,why did you not castigate your Master for the shooting of the six innocent children or hold him responsible for the grenades.Who is responsible for the death of these innocent souls;your master or Fru Ndi?

Last week you said when Late John Khotem was to represent the SDF in the historic meeting in Ndop,SDf officials took it as a golden opportunity to push late khotem in to his grave and I asked you what they were to benefit from the act;up to now no respond. Is that not simply a strategy to rally support for the the hatred you have for Fru Ndi to the advantage of your master?
When you go on deceiving people,you will always get hooked up in your lies.
Mukete,you said that you vomited out Paul Biya when the SDF was formed:
When Paul Biya stole the Victory of the SDF in 1992,militants of the SDF turned on CPDM militants for Vegeance,what was your opinion at the time as someone who had vomited Paul Biya? Remember by this time you had not known that Ndi was a devil.
I hold this question very important.This is where i want to expose you.If you can successfully answer this question,I will believe you and apologize for calling you a sponsored agent.If you run away from this question as usual,then know that you have been caught.
I have many things to draw your attention to from your recent postings,but I wait for the respond of the question above first.

Tabi Paolo

IMF again. Please as a solution to our problem, if there are any funds or benefits to be directed to cameroon, it should be geared towards the contruction of companies by IMF itself or else we dont need and of such benefits because we know where it will always end.

Rene Murena F.

When I came to this forum, I had the belief that it was for sound and discreet debate and not a place for insults, advertisements or sending announcements for meetings. I think if some people want the post to add such features, do spare us the little time we have for meaningful facts and kindly request the post do that.

In addition, most of the comments have been derogatory than actually and soundly annulling the points others raise. If you feel you have something to contribute please, do the best you can. I feel a little ashamed to ask my friends to read and participate in this forum who are non-Cameroonians.

We might soon ask the post to limit the comments to 500 or 1000 characters and probably censor it too. Well, the post could equally give a maximum of two postings per email address. I think that way, individuals will write just the best from their minds. A word might suffice compared to a thousand rambled together. Dear friends, please let’s do the best we can with the best we have for the betterment of everyone.

This forum can scare some people away when they find that they do not gain anything but fill their minds with the worst information from the minds of others. We should not render useless our freedom of speech. Let’s use the little time we have to participate on this forum for the greatest we can achieve.



God save cameroon,we still need colonisation,if America can turn their eyes on us i shall be glad.


Dear people,
The things happening in Cameroon, if acted out into some movie will win a grammy award without any doubts.Real fun,little practice,alot of media talk,but the nightmare is still tall in just every conner of poor country.The is everything to remind us of how bad things are.Hospitals,roads,schools,ports,companies etc,are all what the colonial masters left for us.

The WB and IMF should consult Japan befor thinking of assisting Cameroon if they are serious.Japan is for now the country that truly has shown a sense of understanding regarding the true meaning of poverty,and how it should be handled in Cameroon.This issue of WB and IMF aid is getting us deep drunk,and i feel heavily provoked.

Unemployment,social unrest and bad roads have all gone worse for the past twenty five years.Yet,the world bank says,the government has been working hard,they have twisted the defination of hard work to suit their gambles and to smooth up their shady deals with the government and Biya.

Japan works on projects that are well written,they never make the mistake of leaving the implementation in the hands of the Biya or (Nvondor).The result is that,they engage Cameroonian professionals to work in various carpacities,thus reducing umeployment,then people benfit by getting salaries,and their lives are made better.At the end,we get to inherit the structures,though the cpdm fanatics will later sing praise to the old and sick Grand Pa at Etoudi.

The world bank and IMF all have sound and well trained experts from prestegious universities in the world.They can only convince us if we see practical rersults down in the field where me and you can travel in a smooth roads,see some of our elder brothers take up even part time work in some projects then we will say,yes something is happening.They have equally not shown theirability in concrete planning,so its all just news for the media.

We need to evaluate the progress of our economist by such distorted figures of growth rate,but by the number of companies,roads,jobs etc that are created say after a given period of time.The government shouldsubmit its strategicdevelopment plans forsuch sponsorship.These plans should be spread out towards a defined period,sectors should be identified where more attention is needed.

All the world bank does is to jump from the airport to the presidency,some coffee,a huge cigar,schampaigne,then they make thier report.When has any of their officials cared to see whats really happening wdown there with the masses,to even ask people opinions about how these funds should be managed.Just a sad thing,we have no future in Cameroon.Biya and his team of world bank friends are of no good.(Bushfalling) will increase every day progressively,don,tblame the fallers,blame the gorgeous parrots.

We have a population of less than 16mill,China has 1.3billion,but they are the fastest economy today.Every year,conpanies are forced to create a minimum vacancy,so atleast,someone is sure to get a job some where.Our country should be a heaven on earth if we were blessed by people that had just very little conscience at the helm.
Remember,life is short,trust God,atleast if we miss the good life we could have here,we should not miss heaven.We can never get help from the world bank,or IMF.Sadam persecuted Iraq,but Biya is realling killing even the Cameroonians that will be borne in thirty years from now.Why is Bush not sending his boys to help us like he did in Iraq for heaven sake?




You are a good man. God will bless you.


The WORLD BANK should not only cancel the debts and blow trompetes, its time they revise their policies of granting loans.
The IMF and the WORLD BANK should copy from the CHINEES and the JAPANEES donors. When they grant aide, they make sure that they send their technicians to effectively carry out the projects on the ground. Look at the shools and the hospitals they have been building for us.Example : the BUEA GENERAL HOSPITAL, and some shools all over the country.
Because if they continue to give the money as they have been doing to the goverment, the money will only land into private bank accounts of all those corrupte officials.


Manny Ajem

Ah Donna, Cameroon is no Iraq. If we had an oil field stretching from Mamfe to Bertoua then the U.S. will build the biggest embassy on earth in Yaounde. Americans in the words of the President are "adicted" to oil.

There are oil companies here that ring profits of $1000 million per month and share the loot with politicians through lobbying activities and donations. That is an entrenched and legalized form of CORRUPTION in the World. Even timid TI is too scared to maul these activities!

The ruling elite in Cameroon is big on politics and covert evil against critics but very short on dexterity and modern skills.

John Ambe


Paul Biya's problem is that he has over-stayed in office. This is a serious problem and is the direct result of complacency by his contemporaries to assert democracy and change.

Mr Biya has no tunnel vision, is disconnected from the savvy generation of younger/smart Cameroonians and is boxed in a very corrupt generation of self-proclaimed patricians. The country waits and wilts.


If you have attained an intellectual menopause,i suggest you have a rest and give way to vibrant youths to continue expressing their real views in this forum.
You claim that some Southern Cameroonians are preaching hatred and division in trying to ventilate their grivances.You as a southern cameroonian, how much useful ideas have you contributed to solving the anglophone problems in cameroun?All you know is using big grammar to criticise people here, but you haven't for ones highlighted any useful suggestion on how to tackle our problem. Why wouldn't you say rubbish against our struggle when you're in conivance with la republique regime to destroy your people? AGBORMBAI, you'll gain nothing for doing this,instead you'll pay for it! BUSH MAN!
I hereby ask you to analyse detailly how the anglophones are provoking war and division in this forum more than what your la republique regime is doing.
AGBORMBAI, remember that if you throw stones in a market place you'll end up hitting the head of your own mother.
AGBORMBAI, i'm impatiently waiting for your devilish reactions to my comments.For your information, i'm also from Manyu and i'm ready to face you word for word in this forum.AGBORMBAI react to this and i'll detail you about the plight of the manyu man,the very plights you're turning a blind eye to.

Washow (Newzealand).



You are a very good and honest boy. The almighty God will bless you for standing for the truth.

You know, there are families and individuals who have benefitted from the alledged conspiracy to destroy the southern cameroons in such a way that, they dont have any concience. I see them all over, in this forum, in public places, etc. They are just focused in crippling the economy of any nation for the poor to die in hunger, poverty and diseases. My dear brother, they are everywhere. They know how to pick words in the dictionary and tell us to do what they know will not work. Some will come here and preach democracy, when at the end of the day, the winner of any election, presidents, governor, DO'S Generals will be decided from hotel suits in Paris and London.

My Dear Brothers Washow, Tayong, Samleyin, Watesih, Dango, Ngembus, SJ, etc

and all those interested in the liberation of the southern cameroons. Dont get disturbed when criminals try to use words to describe us. The network of mafia to destabilise the southern cameroons is very much organised. We should also organise ourselves to fight them. I know i write a lot in this forum and some of my postings may not be accepted by everyone. The truth is, we should just keep fighting for our common goal and we should not get disunited.

Dr Agbormbai knows what he is up to. That man does not really know what is happening in la republique francaise du cameroun. He says things that are impracticable and praises what need not to be praised. The irony is, he is a very big researcher at Imperial college in London. I am afraid, he may be doing illegal businesses in la republque du cameroun. Some of my friends who do not comment in this forum are really ashamed of what he says, being a doctor. He does not even know how the network of corruption works in la republique du cameroun. Despite all good things he reads in this forum, he pretend like it is either lies, frame-ups, etc.

But what wanders me is that world bank conspiracy to colonise several nations is known by researchers in different field of study. Us in accounting and finance, economics, and other business studies, researchers in corporate social responsibility accounting have proven this. Also research in globalisation, privatisation, etc, has proven that the world bank is part of the conspiracy to destroy developing nations and southern cameroons. I was shocked when a researcher here had information about several conspiracies to destroy the southern cameroonian by UK churches and charities. They will write in their ethis report that they dont get involve in several businesses that abuses human rights like the chad cameroon oil pipeline, yet, they will pass through different middlemen to invest in this same businesses simply because they anticipate huge profit.

Just last december, i was LUCKY to be in an informal meeting in London. That is where i understood how this network of criminals operate. They have their children, family and friends all over europe. They will sit with kingmakers in their suits in london, Paris, New York, etc and decide on who shall be the next president, mayor, governor, Ministers, etc. In return, who shall exploit this or that resources and how much kickback to pay to this kingmakers. That is how Baba Danpullo illegally took Tole Tea. and that is why you cannot progress in differnt businesses in africa because you are simply not part of this conspiracy.

Go for example, agbormbai, discover a land with much stones or quarry products in any part of the southern cameroons(I can show you some that the oligarchs have not yet discovered that are potentially exploitable), then file documents with the mininstry of mines and power which are your rights that you want to exploit such quarries, lets wait and see if you will be the one to be granted such rights. It is the business of a few bamilikie oligarchs. I dont want to dwell much on this topic. Timber, petrol, etc. We know the truth. Yet Agbormbai want us to clap for all this mess.

Charles Forkwa

How many times will a combination of debt relief and debt restructuring occur before “Cameroon” is able to stand on its own?
Nigeria just paid off its debt to the paris club using its oil revenues. Why can’t “Cameroon” do the same?
It is well understood that because of the crippling econo-political arrangements that former French territories have with France and the oil companies, not all of the proceeds is realized by “Cameroon”. But whatever gains comes in to the coffers is more than sufficient for the country to maintain its roads and provide its citizens with a decent standard of living. There is no excuse for not doing this much.
“Cameroon” does not manufacture any hard goods so those prices are inflated by the developed countries who export these products. In turn they undervalue the natural resource products that they import from “Cameroon”. This is all designed to keep developing countries dependent. The worst thing is that the leaders of these countries go along with this scheme.
Like Nigeria, we all know what these leaders must do release their countries from this perpetual bondage.
They do not have a conscience.


Reading through some of the trash posted above one wonders if this guy call Agbormbai is in his right senses.I am not an offficial of the Scnc but to say that those who belong to that movement have nothing to offer but selfish interest is absolute nonsense.When Cameroon was booming from oil money why did the the different regimes represented by Ahidjo and later Biya not tar the roads you are telling them to do today? Let's not be pretentious .Anglophones have problems that are geniune and no right thinking anglophone should should used the language the learned Dr Argbormbai has adopted.Believe me or not the money will still be swindled by the powers that be. Glorifyng a regime that has deliberately decided to marginalise a particular portion of the national territory is nothing other than absolute cowardice. I believe Mr Agbormbai is not a coward. We can not solve a problem by shying away from it or by refusing to talk about it.If anglophones refuse to talk about their problem in Cameroon today, do you think the devilish and blood thirsty regime in Yaoude will ever ackowlegde the existence of such a problem? Some anglophones Agbormbai inclusive have chosen to be second degree elements.Shame to all of them.We must all rise up and fight like one man.In the 21st century nobody should accept to be to be treated like a second class citizen in his own country.The anglophone problem in Cameroon is a time bomb.When it will expolode nobody except God will stop it.It is for the interest of Cameroon and the powers that be to arrest this problem if the so-called national intergration were to succeed.I will be back later.

Andre Fokam

Dr Abgormbai, please do not (and i know you will not) respond to these people who have allowed their distorted emotions to crowd their reasoning. i know mature people like you know how to stand above the crowd. do not be influenced by the noise makers on this forum. more level headed people agreed with you but are not noise makers. continu the good work.

Andre Fokam



Dr Agbormbai is not a noise maker because
1-he agreed for Sonara to continue paying its taxes to douala,
2-he received illegal scholarships from la republique du cameroun at the expense of many southern cameroonians to study in london.
3-He conspired for la republique du cameroun not to construct roads to manyu and other parts of the southern cameroons.
4-He assisted in the theft of our petroleum and other resources for the interest of la republique du cameroun.
5-He aggreed for a few people to colonised businesses and other commercial activities in la republque du cameroun at the expense of the southern cameroons.
6-He designed the plan for delmonte workers to have their salaries slashed and less than 10 percent being paid to them and the remaining amount shared between oligarchs of the regime.
7-He is a traitor who does not even know how manyu people are suffering while their resources are being exploited by colonial bandits.
He should remain with the colonialist, we dont need him.


Andre Fokam,
You have every reason to support AGBORMBAI because he's joining you and your la republique to destroy the children of southern Cameroon.
And do you describe some southern cameroonians as pepole without level heads?
Shame to you! If you were as level headed as you claim you would have used that to objectively accept the truth that we southern cameroonians have been colonised by your regime.
Fokam,genuine intellectuals will always say the truth,even if it means doing that against his own people,just for the sake of peace and love.I don't see an intellectual as someone with PHD and Professors like you see AGBORMBAI.
I want you to accept the fact that your regime has colonised us ,and that AGBORMBAI lacks the moral responsibility to identify the plight of his people,which therefore makes him a distinguished caricature of what he's incompetently trying to represent in this forum.
Furthermore,I advise you to stop insulting southern cameroonians in this forum,because southern cameroonians granted you ,the Bamilekes asylum in the southern cameroon when you were chased away by your dangerous regime,at the time of Amadou Ayijoh.
Why can't you be as realistic as some other Bamilekes.




You can really be a great and realistic leader for the future. I like the way you address the intellectual caricature of Dr Agbormbai who does not even recognise the plight of his people.

He is supporting the biya regime to have his own share of the cake. On the other hand, he spends time meaninglessly criticising the SDF. I have asked him time and again. Between the SDF and the CPDM, or say Ni John and Paul Biya, who have done more harm to Cameroon and our future/future generations?

Washow, an intellectual stands for the truth and nothing but the truth. See the swedes, the nowegians, the finnish, etc. Those are nations we need to emulate. Dr Agbormbai studied only in the UK and he has been socked into colonial ideas in such a way that he does not want to even believe the truth. Nonetheless, the UK is a criminal nation.

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