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Friday, 28 April 2006


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Biya don win lottery today oh!!!!

I am sure the will be dancing and wining in Yaounde today. Talk about a double victory for one of the most corrupt regimes on earth. Did the IMF and WB just get tired working with Cameroon or do they really believe that Cameroon has kept its part of the bargain?


All this is politics guys,This guys deal more with paper work than field work,they do trust popauls presentaion and give a damn to the poor citizens.They most have striked a deal b4 getting to this level only time will tell,but I can also smell some improvement on the way with some more innocent arrest.I hope the IMF n WB told them to build new stadias,increase salaries etc


we can't eat our cake and have it too. When these same institutions rejected Cameroon's first appeal for debt cancellation because of corruption and poor governance, no one called them arm chair analysts. Now, that the regime has been given a pass grade we disparage the same folks whom we hailed yesterday!!!!

Whatever the case, Biya has scored a psychological, economic and political victory. Whether anything will change on the ground after this is another story altogether. But for now, the victory parade is on and CTRV and Cameroon Tribune will milk it for all it is worth.

All opposants are advised to go into hiding for about a week:-):-)

Fon  Lawrence

People improve on their English by reading from sites like this one.When we use words that do not exist,it is misleading.
"All opposants are advised to go into hiding for about a week"
The word "opposants" does not exist,but since it is commonly used in a local context,put it in quote


Dear Readers,

What do this people want? This shows that the world banks has no interest in the southern Cameroons. What conspiracy? They are here talking about looses in the exploitation of petroleum when henchmen in the regime are making milions through the theft of our petroleum.

I think this world bank conspiracy to colonise the natural resources of the southern cameroons need to be addressed.

Mbu Hilary, Umeå

Mr Papa Professor Honourable Dr Rexon, say something please. Say something abouy SCNC, since that is all you know. Bird flu in kumba you preach SCNC, flood in Limbe you preach SCNC, prisoners break open their cell in Buea you preach SCNC, University games you preach SCNC, Landslide in Yaounde you preach SCNC, arrests of Ondondong and his cohorts you preach SCNC, Paul Biya is sick you preach SCNC, the national team lose a footbal match you preach SCNC, the founder of Nacho Comprehensive college dies, you preach SCNC. You always makeshift your comments for the SCNC palaver, no matter the subject under discussion. My brother, we know there is a struggle by that your SCNC outfit,so we ear them no go rest again?


Something no go change with this cancellation and so this one na just noise where CRTV and the other governement propaganda them go di bore people their ears with. WHat ever the case lets just fold our arms and see what POPO is going to do that show something has happened. Whether the debt is cancelled or not i do not see any better future
poor cameroon


Mbuh Hilary u get point oooooooooo because our man Rexon is just becoming a nuisance with this his SCNC stuff and i feel its high time we talk sense and stop making unnecessary noise.
hope to get a better comment from you pa Rexon and stop corrupting this forum with SCNC .






Mr Mbu Hilary,
I suppose just from your name you're from our dear Manyu Division.And if I may ask, which part of manyu do you hail from?
Whether you come from upper Bayang,Akwaya,Eyumojock,Central,Obang, or wherever,none of these parts are saved from the sufferings that have been inflicted on us by the wicked la republique regime.Manyu Division is nothing but a devastated paradise.What can you boost of in Manyu Division? Do you have roads from Mamfe to Bamenda?,do you have roads from Mamfe to Akwaya?,do you have roads from mamfe to Ekok?,do you have roads from Mamfe to Obang, to Bayibasibong?,do you have roads from Mamfe to Kumba? Just to mention this.
If truely you're from Manyu then,you should be sorry for the comments you've just made above against Rexon.There's no right thinking Southern Cameroonian who will say what you've just said above.People like you are surely from the Efiom Ndep Orocks'(The Grand Chancellors)family,that hails from an interior Obang area without raods,but have never seen anything wrong with La republique regime against the southern cameroonians,because they're feeding fat from our sweat and living in big villas in Yaounde.
Let me tell everybody in this forum,especially you Mbu Hilary that,Rexon has every right to relate anything in this forum to the SCNC.Can any of you tell me how the southern Cameroonians will ever stand to benefit from the debt cancellation of la republique? What would Mamfe , Mundemba ,Lebialem,Akwaya,Erat,Obang,Bayibasibong,Kumbo,Nyos,Ekok,Eyumojock,Ndu,Muannenguba,Tali,Tinto,Konye,Mbonge,Tokor,Isangele,etc, gain from the debts cancellation of la republique? I think there's nothing we (the southern cameroonians) have to celebrate about the debts cancellation of la republique because we stand to gain nothing from it. If we couldn't reap the benefits of matrimony with la republique for the past 40 years, i don't think there's any miracle we can perform to reap it now.
The debts cancelltion should be considered good news to the Effioms,the muketes,the Ngutes,the mukambes,Itohs,the Tabetandos the Tataws the Obenofondes ,the Nyandos,the okias,the Ndengis,the Mbiles,the Mnualipenjas,the Ngolles,the Inonis,the Musonges,the Endeleys,the Achidis,the Ngwafors,the Munas,the Imbias,the Bokwes,the Mokubes,who have been coniving with la republique regime to destroy us, and not by the southern Cameroonians.
Stop provoking us!

Washow (Newzealand).


The 3,9 Million dollar is not a gift!!!

Its simply money which has been borrowed to la Republique today. It will be embezzled and squandered by Betie Oligarchy in Yaounde. Then our children and children's children would have to pay back tomorrow. There is no reason to rejoice!!!

smartcalo, germany


Different people borrow money and eat and others (inoncent)are bound to pay or to beg like cameroon has just done for a debt cancellation. Where was this money first of all eaten?


Take the war to the adversary's Camp.When you win him there then you win the war. There is verbal war on the aglophone issue at .Join and let your voice be heard clear and loud.
God save Cameroon


Dear Readers of the postnewsline, i would like to find out if Cameroon is a Poor country?
I know most of your answers would certainly be a capital No!! Then many questions would begin to come into our minds. What the hell is the Cameroonian authorities doing with all the money from Oil and from others sources? Has the money stolen by the Biya Regime put back into the state coffers? This is a REAL mess and Disgrace to the BIYA and his Beti brother who have been stealing money from the state treasury and Biya does nothing to them.

In fact Cameroon has no future. Nothing good would come from the Biya Regime. Please lets stop wasting our time. Even if the Biya Regime is given Trillions of USD as AID nothing good can come out of the system.
Biya is a very shameless president. He has not got the people and the country at heart. He wants his people to suffer for the rest of their lives. There are high taxes imposed by the regime in place, high interest rates in banks to discourage business people from taking loans. No tarred road even in the Catpital Yaounde talk less about the farm to market roads and the area from which crude oil is extracted.No mordern infrastructure, very high unemployments,No mordern research institutions.The Biya regime has nothing to offer to an average Camerooninas and for the Anglophnes in particular. With mud everywhere in Yaounde(Capital), Douala(economic capital) Kumba, Bamenda.Talkless about Mundemba, Mamfe, Ekondo-titi etc.

We should not expect something good from the system. You fellow Cameroonians, have sold your rights and allowed Biya to continue with his misdeeds for decades without being ousted. You are being fooled time and again with fake promises. Have you not reaslized that you are being fooled? Come out and speak out your minds. Tell the world that you are being fooled and cheated by the beti people who are lazy and have emptied the state coffers with impunity and nothing has been done cuz this is been condoned by their fellow betis brother ,the president Paul Biya.

The IMF and WB know the game they are playing. Cameroon is still corrupt and the mmoney that has been stolen has not been brought back into the coffers.So my fellow Cameroonians,where are we heading to? We do not know our future yet.
The future is indeed too bleak and difficult for an average Cameroonian. Cameroon is too rich but mismanaged by unscupulous individuals from the Beti origin. The "click"


Thanks Harry for bringing in this world bank conspiracy theory.

marc donbon (nom du plume)

I consider the world bank money peanuts and not worth all the efforts that have been put into attaining it. We could have had far more than this if we were using our monies rightly in the first place. This money is not worth the shame and category that cameroon has been placed into to attain it. I guess this action gives some breathing room to the "stomach people" in Yaounde and their stooges. I don't believe that regular Cameroonians will perceive any change in their circumstances from this miserly amount that Cameroon will get from groveling like dogs in front of the world bank. The president should be ashame of himself for bringing Cameroon to such a low status. He does not merit the honor of the "red carpet" that he is always walking on


Great stuns by the BIYA regime. Get of couple of his friends in jail and then get some money.
I thougt Paul W at the world bank was more deligent than this.

Rene Murena F.

Cameroon badly needs this money at a time when prices of goods are skyrocketing with no simultaneous increase in salaries.

What is of great concern is the fear that this money might not get to those who languish in poverty.

IMF should play a regulatory role in seeing that these funds give rise to meaningful development. The IMF could release this money in installments and it should automatically freeze the rest of the funds when it realizes that the money is not being used to execute the projects the government outlined in its fight against poverty and underdevelopment. If the IMF and all other donor agencies put such a mechanism in place, the government will be more engaged in its fight against corruption and poverty.

Charles Forkwa

First the World Bank cancels 1.27Billion in "Cameroon" debt then the IMF lends "Cameroon" 3.9 million. Do I smell kickback?

It is time to match words with action!

Rene Murena F.

Please, I would like this forum to answer this question.

How can the world bank and IMF help fight poverty and corruption in Cameroon?


Rene Murena,
The World Bank and IMF can not in any way fight corruption in Cameroon. Have you ever asked yourself this question; why is it the world bank and IMF to fight corruption in Cameroon? Did the world bank and IMF institute corruption in Cameroon? We Cameroonians should fight corruption in our country and not the IMF or the world bank doing that for us. It is however a pity that the ruling regime sees nothing wrong with corruption. Biya has really outsmarted the world bank and IMF; just picking a few of his colleagues and putting them behind bars makes him millions of U.S dollars richer. Why do I say this? Rest assured that not even a penny from this money will get down to the suffering man in the streets. What a cursed world we find ourselves in today!!
The cancellation of this debt should not be any reason for anybody to go jubilating. In the early 90’s, this same world bank and IMF cancelled all debts owed by Sudan, where is Sudan today, about 14 years after all its debts were cancelled? Ironically, Sudan has moved about "20 decimal places” backwards after cancellation of its debts. Cameroonians should learn how to fish for themselves and not waiting for somebody to give them fish; sooner or later the fish will get finished and we will go hungry again. I can promise you this.


Charles Forkwa,
I must admit that you are a great thinker. I have always said that the “white” man will never play a fool to the “black” man. As you rightly said, the World Bank cancels U.S $1.27 Billion to Cameroon then the IMF lends "Cameroon" $ 3.9 million. They know the trick they are up to. After about one year or so the interest on this 3.9 million will compound and bring us back to the neighborhood of $1.27 Billion. Effectively no debt has been canceled. It is so shameful how the white man thinks he can deceive us.

Christopher Cook

What has Biya's shameless regime done to deserve this loan and debt cancellation? Corruption, mismanagement and mal-practices by government officials is still very high and alarming. Unemployment is rate in cameroon, is amounth the highest in Africa, Qualified degree holders are roaming the streets doing odd jobs, others don't even fine odd jobs to do. Unqualified people bribe with high sums of money to gain access to administrative schools like ENAM,ERIC, or EMIA, they did not write the coresponding entrance exams. Armed robbery is common, rape, child sex abuse etc has reached an apex. Capital flight is increasing despite propagandas of the fight against it, Ghost workers still exist and work conciousness very low. Our shameless president Paul Biya is aware of all these. Marginalisation of the minority(anglophones) in Cameroon is the highest case ever racorded in history. Fraud at the level of universities is present. ghost students exist especially in the two Yaounde Universities, undeserve but rich students buy their way through the academic laddar, and shameless Paul Biya is aware of these. He has completely shattered all what Ahidjo worked for. There's nothing to be euphoric about WB debt cancellation or IMF loan. There are individual in Biya's government who've got twice that amount in their deposit accounts in European banks, and the WB and IMF knows perfectly well that these gestures are just "blindfool" the world that they are aiding Africa, they know very well that before the twinkle of an eye, Cameroonian greeady leaders headed by Biya will steal the money meant for us and take back to their deposit accounts in European banks, these backs will then use these money to develope their "whiteman" countries. Cameroon need something more than just a loan or debt cancalletion. we need patroitic leaders who have the people at heart not their stomach, we need to want the IMF to tell Biya to resign.



SCNC will be having their first legal meeting in Gothenburg Sweden Tomorrow Monday the 1st of May 2006 by 4pm.

Venue will be in my house, Månadsgatan 24 apartments 267.

Take tram 6,7 or 11 and stop at Runstavgatan the stop before KotedelaTorget, and ask for my street its like 3 minutes walk from the tram stop.

Call 0704086061 or 031 482567 if you get lost.

Please if you will not be able to attend the meeting just send us an e mail so we know you wont be coming.

Also inform other Southern Cameroonians you think they will be interested to join and become active members.

At the moment we already have about 20 members and for a start I belief it’s very encouraging.

Once more you are all welcome.

President Gothenburg – Sweden

Samuel Cumber


That sounds hhhhhhmmmmmm
But Im still at the battle ground for now. Rexon you give alot of details about your venue and stuff. I told you these guys ,one from france is trying to pursue me. Anyway this is an anglophone forum maybe its safe here



This guys cannot do us anything. We need not fear them. If chairman ebenezer was persecuted and he was set free, why not us? I dont fear them. Yesterday, i went right to a Cameroonian meeting and gave me memo to their president asking them to tell their government why Sonara is paying taxes in douala, the privatisation of CDC, and some other queries.
I dont fear them.


Christoper cook,

You need to lecture Dr Agbormbai about how that systems operates. I will be grateful if you can contribute more in this forum. We need guys like you to tell the truth not party fanatics. Only the SCNC can save us southern cameroonians.

Danny Ngwa

Your guys need to cool it down. The sum of $3.9m is peanuts. It is an extemely tiny sum for a country.

Paul Biya's target Albatros Boeing 777 for the presidency costs a cool $300m. The presidency costs upwards of $500m to build. What is $3.9m?

Dr Agbormbai will soon deny that he is from land-locked, impoverished and heat-oppressed Mamfe, three times before the cock crows twice. He is a London man talking grammar.


I think somebody called us 'bad mouth'guys because we did not appreciate the world bank's kind gesture. nonsense. Let me tell him that this WB and IMF thieves are just getting us to play their game. One day they shall live to pay back. by the way they only cancelled the interest so it is no help anyway. The interest of this extra sum just lended is growing exponentially. Can somebody compare the interest rate of this loan with the previous one especially at this time of the low dollar value? It is clear evidence that these burglars are lending this money by stealth. The robbers just want to get their etoudi brother on the other side of the bridge.


$3.9 million? Biya's diamond and gold tooth pick costs that much. The golden commode in which he shits costs more. Bretton woods is playing games.

Tabi Paolo

Atimes I use to wonder whether the administrative bench of the IMF and world bank constitute amonsgt others members with right economic thinking. Today Cameroon is given xdollar for poverty sake, tomorrow its ydollar for the same poverty sake. I want to ask the IMF officials who think they studied economics, some of whom might be professors: Did you study in school that what you are doing is the right way to solve corruption in a nation by pumping raw cash into that country whose corrumption rating is almost at the top? what then do you expect to be done with the money? These sums of money I want to assure you contributes very negligably to national welfare for it is been squandered by some large stomarchs. You should rather use such sums of money and give it people from ethiopia as Cameroonian's contribution to their poor state if you dont know what to do with it because we are not poor.
Cant you use this money to undertake feasible investments that will benefit the masses directly rather than given it to the same group of persons you rank to be corrupt, then you are not serious. it makes me feel that you are trying to play some game with ourn officials.
Do someting now or never.


Hi Brother TAYONG,
Could you please give me directives on how to get access to Cameroon -
I've been trying to no avail to log in , but can't there.
I shall be very grateful if you grant me this favour.


Washow (Newzealand).



You are a very good and honest boy. The almighty God will bless you for standing for the truth.

You know, there are families and individuals who have benefitted from the alledged conspiracy to destroy the southern cameroons in such a way that, they dont have any concience. I see them all over, in this forum, in public places, etc. They are just focused in crippling the economy of any nation for the poor to die in hunger, poverty and diseases. My dear brother, they are everywhere. They know how to pick words in the dictionary and tell us to do what they know will not work. Some will come here and preach democracy, when at the end of the day, the winner of any election, presidents, governor, DO'S Generals will be decided from hotel suits in Paris and London.

My Dear Brothers Washow, Tayong, Samleyin, Watesih, Dango, Ngembus, SJ, etc

and all those interested in the liberation of the southern cameroons. Dont get disturbed when criminals try to use words to describe us. The network of mafia to destabilise the southern cameroons is very much organised. We should also organise ourselves to fight them. I know i write a lot in this forum and some of my postings may not be accepted by everyone. The truth is, we should just keep fighting for our common goal and we should not get disunited.

Dr Agbormbai knows what he is up to. That man does not really know what is happening in la republique francaise du cameroun. He says things that are impracticable and praises what need not to be praised. The irony is, he is a very big researcher at Imperial college in London. I am afraid, he may be doing illegal businesses in la republque du cameroun. Some of my friends who do not comment in this forum are really ashamed of what he says, being a doctor. He does not even know how the network of corruption works in la republique du cameroun. Despite all good things he reads in this forum, he pretend like it is either lies, frame-ups, etc.

But what wanders me is that world bank conspiracy to colonise several nations is known by researchers in different field of study. Us in accounting and finance, economics, and other business studies, researchers in corporate social responsibility accounting have proven this. Also research in globalisation, privatisation, etc, has proven that the world bank is part of the conspiracy to destroy developing nations and southern cameroons. I was shocked when a researcher here had information about several conspiracies to destroy the southern cameroonian by UK churches and charities. They will write in their ethis report that they dont get involve in several businesses that abuses human rights like the chad cameroon oil pipeline, yet, they will pass through different middlemen to invest in this same businesses simply because they anticipate huge profit.

Just last december, i was LUCKY to be in an informal meeting in London. That is where i understood how this network of criminals operate. They have their children, family and friends all over europe. They will sit with kingmakers in their suits in london, Paris, New York, etc and decide on who shall be the next president, mayor, governor, Ministers, etc. In return, who shall exploit this or that resources and how much kickback to pay to this kingmakers. That is how Baba Danpullo illegally took Tole Tea. and that is why you cannot progress in differnt businesses in africa because you are simply not part of this conspiracy.

Go for example, agbormbai, discover a land with much stones or quarry products in any part of the southern cameroons(I can show you some that the oligarchs have not yet discovered that are potentially exploitable), then file documents with the mininstry of mines and power which are your rights that you want to exploit such quarries, lets wait and see if you will be the one to be granted such rights. It is the business of a few bamilikie oligarchs. I dont want to dwell much on this topic. Timber, petrol, etc. We know the truth. Yet Agbormbai want us to clap for all this mess.


Referendum? Incumbent Chairman John Fru Ndi wins unprecedented landslide in Party Primaries
In an unprecedented internal election of the SDF, erstwhile Party Chair John Fru Ndi beat his rival Hon. Paulinus Jua by the widest margin ever witnessed in the Party in 15 years. Mr Fru Ndi gained 462 votes out of 470, in a secret ballot, Saturday April, 28, 2006, in the Boyo Divisional capital of Fundong. Mr Jua obtained seven votes in total. Mr Fru Ndi will be the North-West Provincial candidate for Party Chairmanship in the May Convention. Each Province is expected to hold primaries for its candidates.

Hon. Jua, son of late former Premier Ngom Jua and Member of Parliament for Boyo failed to get a single vote among delegates from his Boyo constituency. Out of 55 voting delegates from his Division of origin, Mr Jua obtained zero votes. He also failed to get a single vote in four of the seven Divisions. Mr Jua got one vote each from Ngoketunia and Momo Divisions. Voting delegates are chosen by each District Conference. Provincial and National Executive Members and Members of Parliament have automatic voting rights. In press interviews last week Mr. Jua said he had campaigned across the Province and was sure of a victory. Negative newspaper articles on Mr Fru Ndi’s leadership may have led Mr Jua to hope for a win, but there is a huge gap between elitist press politics and grassroots views. Most newspapers and media do not reach the grassroots and only face-to-face politics works. Mr Fru Ndi is renowned for grassroots campaigning. An eye witness of the conference vote said: "I have never seen such unanimity in the SDF since I joined in 1990; I tell you what, the Boyo verdict is so emphatic that anyone inside and outside SDF should get the message and accept that like the launching of the SDF in 1990, many high-impact decisions are made here in the North-West [Province]!"

Mr Fru Ndi got 100% votes from Provincial and National Executive Committee members as well 100% votes from Members of Parliament. "This is amazing coming at the time of huge challenges" said, an academic and a delegate.

This vote comes at a time when the Party is undergoing internal squabbles caused by high egoes of the candidates vying for Mr Fru Ndi’s post. No other candidate has gone through in properly organised primaries to oppose Mr Fru Ndi. One Celestin Djamen with doubtful membership credentials declared his intention to run, but has not been endorsed by the Provincial Conference in France. SDF-France Representative Jean-Paul Tchakote has characterised this candidature as ‘virtual’ alluding to the fact that it does not conform to Party Rules of coming from the grassroots structures. Another candidate former Bar Council President Bernard Muna announced himself candidate following contested District and Provincial Conferences in the Centre Province.

Saturday’s election is a referendum on the popularity of Mr Fru Ndi and will leave his detractors very worried indeed. Mr Fru Ndi has been criticised by his opponents of staying long at the helm of the Party, however, Mr Fru Ndi’s supporters point to lack of a trusted replacement and the fact that none of the Party leaders in Cameroon’s opposition have relinquished their posts. They see a plot to replace Mr Fru Ndi with someone who can play elitist power games and allow for the cooptation of the movement into the ruling government. Majority of the grassroots members are opposed to cooptation. The SDF with over 600,000 members has very strong grassroots structures with an estimated 80,000 volunteers ranging from Party vangurdas to Exco members accross the country. It will be very difficult to dismantle or manipulate this incredible machinery built over one and half decade.

Legima Doh (LD)

Dear Southern Cameroonians,
Today,we the Southern Cameroonians come together under the chairmanship of Samuel Cumber,president of the SCNC,Gothenburg branch in Sweden with the following message.
'Declare yourselves now a barefoot soldier for the peaceful restoration of the statehood and sovereign independence of the Southern Cameroons.Implement the theory of SMO ie Sensitize,Mobilise and Organize and install SCNC structures all over the national territory of the Southern Cameroons and among all the Southern Cameroonians in the Diaspora.With SMO it is Education,Education of the Southern Cameroonians of their rights to self determination,their worth and what they will gain with a Free and Sovereign Southern Cameroons.A Politically conscious people,proud of who they are,have never been defeated by a foreign army no matter how formidable.A Sensitized,Mobilized and Organized people are a Victorious People.
Southern Cameroon will soon be free.Board the Liberation train Now'(DR NFOR NGALA NFOR,NATIONAL VICE CHAIRMAN OF SCNC.
I hereby implore all the Southern Cameroons wherever they are to apply the SMO theory with the spirit of loyalty and patriotism to the Southern Cameroons.


Thanks Doh for taking the courage to unite southern cameroonisn in gothenburg despite all the oppression of the southern cameroonian people. Nambile called yesterday and i extend congratulations to all of you guys there. Extend greeting to all freedom fighters there and i am glad for your very giant step in liberating our beloved motherland.

Ekpo Atiabva

Why are you so sure that Harry Mbu is from Manyu? Do you not know Mbu(s)/Mbuh(s)who come from Pinyin and Banso, and other parts of the Northwest? Even if you were very certain of Mbu's origin, why would you insult all Manyu people? That is not fair, my brother.

You present a long list of Anglophones who are supposed to have benefitted from the regime. On that list I see only 3 Northwesterners; the rest are Sothwesterners. Are you sure the list of Northwesterners should not be much longer than that of Southwesterners? Who led us into this mess? Since when did Foncha and Muna and Jua become Southwesterners? Who sold us to La Republique? Who bankrupted former West Cameroon? Who are those that took loans from Cameroon Bank and never repaid? Who bankrupted West Cameroon Development Agency? The answer is clear: Graffis.

My brother, it is people like you who make it difficult for all of us Anglophones to unite and fight for our rights. You bring theses typical divisive Graffi tendencies into play. Stop this childish talk and allow all of us to unite and fight. My brother, so long as one finger of the body is sick, the whole body is sick. So, do not imagine that you are well while Manyu people are sick. We are all in the same soup.




I think Washows list is composed mainly of southwesteners not because he think those are the only ones who have sold us to the colonial regimes of la republique du cameroun. What we plan to do is to merge different list and come out with a complete list of those who have sold the southern cameroons. He is not saying that those are the only people. i have not seen washow argue anywhere that southwesteners are the ones who sold the southern cameroons to la republique du cameroun.

Ekpo Atiabva

Then why the diatribe against Manyu? Is your reasoning so selective?



Washow is a Manyu man like myself. So he knows mostly Manyu people who have sold us. But he will also work with other northwesteners when we achieve our independence that will give him further names of families that sold the southern cameroons. It is not an issue of diatribe.

Ekpo Atiabva

Rexon and Washow,
You are from Manyu! Great! Why do you not use your Manyu names? Anything wrong with that? Are you cowards? Give me a break! fake manyu people!


dango tumma

manyu names or not
we are comrades at arms for freedom
people of southern cameroons.
brothers dont allow yourself to be limited

Legima Doh (LD)

Hi Comrade REXON,
Accept greetings from the Southern Cameroonians in Gothenburg.They all expressed appreciation for your unebbing effort to corroborate the course.The meeting was wonderful for the start and from all indications,in less than no time,the group will undergo a drastic growth because all of us are hell bent on working for the course.We have no fear for La Republique du Cameroon.I am elated by the way you explicate things about your writings to those whose aims are to use wishy-washy points as an attempt to ridicule the course.Let them know it as a matter of fact whether they like it or not that all the multifarious ills happening back home are ascribed to La Republique AND THAT BY THEIR COMMENTS,THEY MAKE A FOE OF THEMSELVES IE ENEMIES OF THEMSELVES.The solution to the plight of our beloved homeland is inextricably linked to the SCNC.


Comrade Doh,

Thanks for everything. You know that it has always been our cry to see that our land is liberated. As we are speaking here, sonara is still paying its taxes in douala, all its cars are still being matriculated LT., Delmonte workers are still being paid less than ten percent of what they are actually supposed to be paid and criminals in etoudi are sharing the rest with themselves.

We need to work. Congratulate Nambile and all other guys. We should put all our differnces behind us and work for our common goal which is the liberation of our land. We have suffered a lot in other peoples country and it is time we build our beloved southern cameroons. We now need to assist other local chapters organise themselves.

We need to control our destiny, tar the roads to Mamfe and bamenda, Mundemba, build technological institutions, drive all those stealing our petrol, develop powercam, open meaningful financial centres, develop limbe or Kumba to great financial and business centres like dublin, etc. We have great projects. The manpower is there. All honest guys in the scandinavia and other parts of the world will have to go back home to contribute to national development. The southern cameroons must be free from this illegal colonisation.

Thanks Doh and all other comrades in sweden.

Legima Doh (LD)

Comrade Rexon,
I will definitely divulge your information to all the Southern Cameroonians here and we shall educate them on the facts you mentioned especially on the next meeting come May 28.Once more thanks and more power to your elbows and to those of all our comrades in the UK,the USA,Europe,Asia and back home in the Southern Cameroons.
God bless the Southern Cameroons!
Legima Doh,
For SCNC-Sweden

Andre Fokam

think big too
think Cameroon, think Africa.


Shut up, Fonkam. Dango is thinking big. He does not want to be colonised.


Let me ask you guys, why is Cameroon always borrowing money from IMF/WORLDBANK? The government should stop all these borrowings and put mechanisms in place that would make the people to work harder, ber creative, be entrepreneural and with these Cameroon is going to pay back its debts in no time.
nb: please worldbank and imf u will do good to cameroon if stop giving loans.



I have warned many times that the game president Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi are playing will one day plunge the entire country into war. The very essence why Fon Ndoh was sentenced to death was a continuation of the secret deal that president Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi had signed. Those who saw Ni John Fru Ndi rejoicing when Fon Ndoh was imprisoned could not have understood that his joy was centered on a purely selfish victory. While poor Cameroonians were rejoicing that Justice has been done, president Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi were rejoicing that the death of poor John Kohtem and the subsequent imprisonment of Fon Ndoh have given the International community the belief that truly the SDF is a regional North West party.

Fon Ndoh was a thorn in the flesh of President Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi, but these two people found it extremely hard to dismantle the militia that he had established in Balikumbat. In a secret deal that Ni John Fru Ndi and president paul Biya signed, it was agreed that the SDF should gather all the votes in the North West while majority votes in the other provinces should go to president Paul Biya and the CPDM. This was a suggestion from France, and the reason for this was simple. The French did not like the idea of president Paul Biya sweeping all the votes throughout the country, because this would give the impression that there was no viable opposition in the country. This is something International donor countries wouldn’t like to hear.

Consequently, France insisted that in order to help Cameroon get the much needed money and debt relief from International Financial organizations, it was important that president Paul Biya gives the impression that there is an opposition in Cameroon, but that this opposition unfortunately is a regional and tribal party. The Geo-political situation in the country was further complicated when the US Embassy told president Paul Biya that the North West province can not be totally for the SDF when Fon Ndoh, an influential North West Fon won almost all the votes in an important constituency in the North West. The US government has been challenging president Paul Biya’s claim that the SDF is an Anglophone party due to the election victory of a CPDM central committee member in Balikumbat. Fon Ndoh, although an important personality, was an obstacle for the confidence president Paul Biya needed from Western countries and from International Financial organizations. This explains why Biya needed the collaboration of Ni John Fru Ndi by all means.

France, therefore, advised president Paul Biya to do everything in his power to see that the SDF and Ni John Fru Ndi gain total control of the North West province. It is important to know that president Paul Biya has given the impression that it is the North West province that is Anglophone in the country. Most International organizations know that the South West province is Francophone. In order to unfold the plan of giving the North West province to the SDF so as gain International trust, president Paul Biya had no other alternatives than to strike a secret deal with Ni John Fru Ndi and the SDF. The first stage of the project, according to the deal, was to remove all CPDM officials who post the least threat to Ni John Fru Ndi and the SDF in the North West province. This is how people like Nkwain, Tamfu, etc. left the political scene. This is how the only Santa CPDM official who was acting as a buffer against Ni John Fru Ndi in the North West province, Simon Achidi, lost his job as Prime Minister of the country. Part of the deal made it clear that Ni John Fru Ndi should be the natural leader of the Anglophone North West province, and that no North Westerner – be it in the opposition or in the CPDM- should have any authority greater than that of Ni John Fru Ndi. This is how the post of Prime Minister has been shifted to the South West province. Ni John Fru Ndi insisted that for the deal to work, he wouldn’t like to have any North Westerner claiming authority over the authority he enjoys by the deal. That is how he personally suggested that the highest North Westerner in government should be someone who has no voice in the North West and who is not known in the North West province. That is how the name of the present Assistant Secretary General in the presidency came up. Ni John Fru Ndi insisted that the post been given to someone who can not claim any part of the North West province as his strong hold. When president Paul Biya asked Ni John Fru Ndi to suggest a North Westerner for the post of Assistant Secretary General in the presidency, Ni John Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam put forward only one name. That is how the North Westerner, Yang Philemon was pulled from Canada where he had been forgotten as Cametroon’s Ambassador to Ottawa for more almost twenty (20) years. As part of the deal also, Ni John Fru insisted that no authoritative government officials in the likes of Bell Luc Renne (former governor) be posted to Bamenda again. This explains why the successive governors have always given Ni John Fru Ndi the respect that the deal demands.

The only threat to the authority of Ni John Fru Ndi and the SDF in the North West province was Fon Ndoh of Balikumbat. President Paul Biya found it very risky disgracing Fon Ndoh, who was already a CPDM central committee member, with parliamentary immunity and a very influential Fon in the North West province. President Paul Biya was also aware of the fact that Fon Ndoh is aware of important government and CPDM secrets, and that he holds a strong militia in his area of control. Care was therefore needed. To the greatest joy of Ni John Fru Ndi and president Paul Biya, poor John Kohtem was murdered in Balikumbat. Ni John Fru Ndi and president Paul Biya received with total satisfaction the news that John Kohtem was actually murdered by Fon Ndoh of Balikumbat. While Ni John Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam were shedding crocrodile tears in public, in their hearts, the death of John Kohtem was just as if the Good Lord has descended from Heaven and has relieved them of all their sins. This is how the exploitation of the untimely death of John Kohtem started.

Ni John Fru Ndi was mobilizing militants in the North West province to protest against Fon Ndoh, demanding that immediate justice be done. When SDF militants wanted to cause destruction as a protest against Fon Ndoh, Ni John Fru Ndi immediately contacted Yaounde with the impression that the entire North West province was soon going to war. This was not good news for president Paul Biya and International Financial organizations. As part of the deal that president Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi had signed, Ni John Fru Ndi was expected to ensure that peace and order reigns in the North West province. When president Paul Biya reminded Ni John Fru Ndi of this responsibility of his, and promised that he, Biya, was going to contact the governor of the North West province, Ni John Fru Ndi immediately asked SDF militants to be calm. This is how the governor came in to tell SDF militants that justice would soon take its due course.
The next difficult step was on how to catch Fon Ndoh, a man who has fought hard for the CPDM and for president Paul Biya. Biya therefore had to assure Fon Ndoh that he should stand trial without any fear whatsoever. After all, even if he is sentenced, the executive still has much to do. This is the road that leads Fon Ndoh into prison. From the day that his parliamentary immunity was lifted, to when he was sent to prison, president Paul Biya contacted foreign embassies and International Financial organizations to ensure them that genuine democracy is in Cameroon, with government judges actually sentencing a CPDM central committee member and parliamentarian to jail. This was good News for France, because in it, the International community was made to understand that with Fon Ndoh in prison, the Anglophone North West province was now totally of the SDF and of Ni John Fru Ndi. The International community was deceived into thinking that with Ni John Fru Ndi in command of the whole Anglophone North West province, the rights of minority Anglophones will be protected. This is what International monetary bodies wanted to hear, and they actually believed it when they were hearing it from the mouth of Ni John Fru Ndi himself.

Even before the court suit against Fon Ndoh, president Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi have been giving the impression that a Minority Anglophone Leader, Ni John Fru Ndi is actually collaborating with the government of Yaounde. Whenever Ni John Fru Ndi was abroad and visiting foreign bodies, he secretly used cars of Cameroon Embassies, with the flag and name of “Cameroun” and the photograph of president Paul Biya inside. Ni John Fru Ndi was accompanied on all such secret visits abroad by Cameroonian security men carrying their Embassy accreditation badges on their chest. Mindful of the danger that would result if these secret deals reach the Cameroonian public, Ni John Fru Ndi treated them as confidential missions and would even avoid been taken photographs with government cars and security officials. Unfortunately for Ni John Fru Ndi, when his wife (of blessed memory) was taken abroad on CPDM government budget, he was so confused that he could no more hide some of the secret benefits he has been enjoying abroad from the CPDM government. Abroad, before his wife died and even after she died, Ni John Fru Ndi was actually seen by Cameroonians been driven around the town, hotel, and hospital by CDPM government drivers, in CPDM government cars and was openly protected by CPDM government body guards. Thus as Ni John Fru Ndi deceives Cameroonians by using SDF vanguards inside the country, abroad, he uses the services of CPDM security men who killed six innocent souls in Bamenda for his personal protection. Abroad, CPDM agents who molested him in Cameroun and killed Cameroonians during the 1990s protect Ni John Fru Ndi. Who would have imagine Ni John Fru Ndi sleeping with his eyes closed in a foreign hotel protected by CPDM security men! . The most disturbing fact is that Ni John Fru Ndi was fully aware that he was merely washing the image of president Paul Biya and the CPDM abroad. We see how money and power can change a person.

Let me come back to the hidden facts behind the exploitation of the death of John Kohtem. Fon Ndoh was going to prison knowing fully well that he will be released one day, and that it was a temporal measure to gain support for Biya and the CPDM. Even Ni John Fru Ndi knew this, but they merely wanted Fon Ndoh to go to prison so as to gain International confidence and to project it as if it was victory for Ni John Fru Ndi. However, as an ex-convict, even if he leaves prison on a bail that will never end, he wouldn’t be able to go back to parliament. This explains why SDF is putting everything in place to take over Balibkumbat. This will complete the plan of making the SDF a North West party and presenting Ni John Fru Ndi as the eye, ear and mouth of Anglophones. We therefore understand why during the trial of Fon Ndoh, the government media were over blowing the fight against corrupt government officials. It was during that period that important CPDM officials were arrested and detained on corruption charges. Even a CPDM minister was dismissed and then immediately arrested on corruption charges. It was a ploy to attract foreign governments and International organizations into the “historic case” in Bamenda. Since that historic verdict, the anti-corruption fight has died down. Ni John Fru Ndi was fully aware of all this game, and he was part of it.

Thanks to Ni John Fru Ndi and the deal with president Paul Biya, the World Bank and other donor countries have canceled Cameroon’s debts and Cameroon has passed the exam to be one of the world’s poorest country on earth. This means more money with strings is flowing in and more money is going to president Paul Biya and the man who has washed his political image abroad. With Cameroon having passed the exam of becoming one of the poorest country on earth, and getting the benefits attached to this exam, it is now time for all those who were locked up to be released. It is also the turn of Fon Ndoh. Even if Fon Ndoh is released, the plan has worked because Fon Ndoh can no more go to parliament. The parliamentary seat for Balikumbat is waiting for the SDF.

Consequently, those who think that the SDF convention in Bamenda will not hold are making a bid mistake. This time around, even if Ni John Fru Ndi lacks the funds to organize it, the CPDM government will supply the money. Any government administrator trying to stop the SDF convention in Bamenda would be signing his own death warrant. Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi can ignore the Yaounde SDF convention because they know it will have no bearings on foreign governments and International organizations. As the North West Anglophone Head he has accepted to be, Ni John Fru Ndi has nothing to lose in Yaounde.

Let readers wait to see how the next parliamentary and council elections in Balikumbat will unfold to the sole advantage of Ni John Fru Ndi and president Paul Biya. And before I stop here, for today, I want to ask readers why the other Butcher of Ray Buba was never taken to court?

Who says Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi are not using Cameroonians for their selfish interests! God should open our eyes and hearts, so that we can see and feel the pains they are injecting on us.

The anger in my heart does not allow me to re-read this contribution. Pray for our country. Pray for those who have lost their eyes, their hearts and their conscience.

Stay tuned.


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