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Thursday, 27 April 2006


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Then truly Cameroon is rotten

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

Money can make a difference in court Cameroon today the rich don't go to jail...!How comes!! You can get the judges under your control with $300 and they pass a fraudulent judgement against the defendant.Damn!!The court of law has become the court of money....Levying fines and giving bails cannot stop corruption and banditary in that country.

People accused should be in the lockup and not grabted bails upon bails....It's not a good idea....many thieves and corrupt policians go scot free becuase they can pay for their crimes!!! Bullshit...No justice for the poor...

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Prince and Kiki,
I believe both of you don't know what is meant by "accused".Let me tell you, in law when someone is accused it is similar to "may be".This means that it is not yet clear if the accused has committed that crime.It is until proven guilty that the accused becomes a criminal and serves time in jail if the law so provides following the nature of the offence. In most cases bail is possible with the exception of murder to a certain extend.This may still happen even when found guilty and the case is appealed.The judge remains the only person to decide the amount to pay for the bail considering the nature of the case and the doubtful character of the accused.Those auditors are yet to face trial and I personally don't see any reason why they shouldn't be granted bail.I believe the judge has see into it that they can present themselves in court anytime they are called up.That is the most important.I know you will cry if Fon Ndoh is set out on bail.laughs.It is not excluded until decided by the Appeal court, it remains another possibility for provisonal liberty until the final judgment of either the court of Appeal or Supreme court in his matter.This will depend on how far he can go with the matter and the capacity of his lawyers.

David Tita

I am devastated to learn that some auditors of the highly respected International Audit firm, Price Waterhouse got messed up in activities incompatible with their profession. It was not necessary bailing them out of detention, in this era of accountability and transparency, private and public auditors have to defend public interest. It is very bad that public enterprises in Cameroon do not published their financial accounts at the end of every financial year as it obtains in other civilised countries. For example, you can pay a small amount of about £15 to have the audit report of any public enterprise in the UK posted to you.
In a country such as ours, wherein public managers have access to public funds just as they wish; the tendency will be for them to corrupt auditors to falsify auditor reports. Cameroon needs to adopt legislation aimed at making it obligatory for all public managers to get their audit reports submitted at specific time to say the Supreme State Control for verification and publication. The public should also be given a greater voice and space in accessing these audit reports. The auditors involved in this scandal should be shacked and ONECCA should weed charlatans from their profession.

(DAVID TITA; PG student in Pub.Sector Mgmnt, UK.

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

I was reiterating the injustices people face when it comes to charges against a strong and renown CPDM cohort.I just know the media has theirs to declare and video tape the rulings but the people are betrayed when after a short while you still see somebody who has been senteced in jail already still roaming about the street!!!

This is not even before the judgement!!!After everything the law in Cameroon is call "money speak law".The kind of law that does not hamper the rich but bombard the poor even harder.Where is the justice they lawyers and judges preach then???Very ridiculous...!!

Can you name me a single CPDM strong hold member locked up for years??The president just sign a bail order and he/she is released with immdiate effect.I have good examples and samples of many of those CPDM militants who are set scotfree because of their affiliation....well this is Cameroon...we all know....Corruption is at all walks of life....A prostitute corrupts individual but a corrupt government corrupts the whole nation like Cameroon....many more years to go...

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


kooh 11 rings like the name of a feyman rather than an auditor. I wonder if they(auditors) did not learn anything from the bad examples of Anderson, Xerox, Enron, Wordcom and Adcom? Still got an 'exodus' journey to cover.

Dr Rahim Bakary

I think that Cameroon needs a Truth and Recovery Commission (TRC)to recover stolen money from these frauds and cheats, and deposit it into government coffers. It is ridiculous to see thieves buying their way out of jail. The government is feeding these rogues in jail meanwhile their fat accounts keep on accummulating interest in foreign banks. I strongly believe that at least 90% of everyone in a position of responsibility in Cameroon has embezzled i.e. from typist selling office papers through directors chewing budgets to the Head of State drunk with state cash (some ot it loans that do not even reach Cameroon but are chanelled to private swiss accounts)
In the name of Allah, the Camerooninan people shall be free of this nonsense.

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