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Tuesday, 30 May 2006


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Rexon, Massamoyo, Tayong et al,

Did you hear the moderator? "...I don't even know who the SCNCs are because in several different places, I have met different people claiming leadership and castigating each other..." How do you want us, the common man who suffers continue to have trust in the strugle? Don't be quick to label be as impatient. Impatience especially to gain independence is totally out of question. We all know what happened across Africa in the Sixtees. If everyone was impatient then no African country would've had their freedom by now.

YOU GUYS MUST DO SOMETHING FASTEST. You've got the responsibility to get uas informed of the second by second move of what's happening.

Who's saying what???

I rest my case.




Akoson, Watesih, Fon Lawrence, Klamenceau, Aaron Nyangkwe, Knganjo,

Please read the following piece from the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon, and try to link it to the situation in the Social Democratic Front (SDF):

"Talking to The Post shortly after the occasion, the Moderator expressed deepening fear on the government's cold response to the Southern Cameroon National Council, SCNC, activism.

Hear him, "If there is a group of people who feel that they are not having a good deal in the Republic, I think they are worth listening to, however minute or small their group may be.

I think even in a family of 10, if one is protesting, even if it is a handicapped or one who is less productive, as a father, you have a responsibility to listen to them..."

He said any little conflict that is not quickly looked into must result into a more serious one.

The Moderator said the government had abandoned the burning house and was chasing the rat from it. Furthermore, he said, he already anticipates a difficulty in their dream to intervene in the SCNC crisis. The problem of dialogue here, he said, would be on identifying the real leadership to consult."

If you consider the SDF as a house, and Ni John Fru Ndi as the "father", then you would agree with the moderator that Ni John Fru Ndi would have listened to, and addressed the issues raised many SDF militants and especially by the group of Professor Ngwasiri.

Before sating that I am off topic, hear the right reverend again:

"If there is a group of people who feel that they are not having a good deal in the Republic, I think they are worth listening to, however minute or small their group may be."

Does this fit well with the situation in the SDF?

Does the following statement of his relate to the sad incident in Yaounde?

"He said any little conflict that is not quickly looked into must result into a more serious one."

And is the following statement of his a direct reflection of what Ni John Fru Ndi is doing?

"The Moderator said the government had abandoned the burning house and was chasing the rat from it. Furthermore, he said, he already anticipates a difficulty in their dream to intervene in the SCNC crisis. The problem of dialogue here, he said, would be on identifying the real leadership to consult."

When I read, I reflect and seek for the necessary connections. I do not reason like a sheep!



You are right Mr. Moderator. Absolutely right, Cameroon has a lot of natural resources and one should be surprised to hear its rulers begging the world to classify it as poor. In like manner, the PCC is a Gold mine where those who play their cards well reap while the rest languish in abject poverty. It is not uncommon to hear Pastors embezzeling Church money even when posted to the nearest Congregation to the Synode Office. Is the Synode Office free??? I don´t think so. Poor Christians sell their property and build God´s house, which is good, and the fruits of their labour is constantly sent to Buea. I wonder how much the Synode Office contributed in the building of this Church in Nkambe. What i do know is that the Moderator must have had one of those old Landcruisers repaired in preparation for this journey to Nkambe. (What he drives in cannot enable him to preach to his dear Christians). God save us!!
The PCC primary school teachers go sometimes for months without pay; and how much are they even paid? Money has made some of our Pastors to continue preaching fleshless Sermons.
The Right Rev. Moderator should do well to right the wrongs in the PCC.




I hear the moderator so well but he is playing the role of the old fox here. Cardinal Tumi has many time vehemently condemned the attrocities committed by the regime against the english man. He the moderator is only trying to face-save since he has been confronted with the question.

Akoson, the anglophone struggle as whole is a legitimate issue that warrants all anglophones to put hands on deck. It is not an SCNC issue. You might or might not a member of SCNC but as an anglophone just speaking aloud even in the open is a message sent and sent far if u dont know.Its true anyone can come up to claim leadership of an anglophone movement. Thats not the the issue. Mandela and Manga Soto Botolezie in Incarta freedom party had two different approaches but yet common goal,freedom for blacks and end to apatheid.

I for one might not be an SCNC adherant but the anglophone problem runs in my vein like water. I declare it everywhere , i have been monitored even here in Europe on this but I cant be intimated , so Akoson its my problem, its your problem, its our problem, justtice must take it full course.

Join me and others ,one day,justice shall be ours. The problem is that alot of people want to see results in two months , thats not the way forward at all. It demands patience, perseverance and statemanhood to achieve these kinds of goals but one day I believe we will make it

So join me and others as anglophones to fight this ínjusttice that befell us.


Fon  Lawrence

You are absolutely right in the way you have linked the Moderator´s speech to the SDF.If you can remember,I have made it public here that I was not happy the way Ni John was handling the crisis rocking the SDF. But this does not make him the devil you want the world to believe.

I am so upset with you because you always frame up stories to blackmail. If you don´t like Fru Ndi,which is your right,and you go ahead to campaign against him,pointing out his weaknesses,I will not have angthing against you. But if you start framing up stories on sensitive issues like Fru Ndi organised for the Killing of John Khotem and Makoge;went to Batibo to organise for the death of Prof Ngwasiri and that he gives blood for people to drink and vote for him,then I see you as a devil and would not like to exchange with you in any debate.

The most recent case is about the memo; you already came up with a story narrating how the memo writers sent a covered letter along with the Memo instructing Fru Ndi and NEC how to eliminate opponents.

When you write these kind of things and stand by it,do you expect me to get into an argument with you to defend it? I will simply conclude that you should go ahead and accomplish your objective.

If I see you involve in objective and constructive criticism,then I will be able to react to issues that you raise.

Che Sunday (Dr.)

Ma Mary,
The moderator is not skirting around issues.First, he blames the Cameroon government for not giving the SCNC audience to air its griviances.
Secondly, he blames the SCNC for not uniting under a single leadership. If they have done so, that would have lend credibility to their image, and would probably allow for recognition both within and outside of Cameroon. If you were an SCNC sympathizer, who will you send your contributions to? The SDF and the SCNC are governed so half-hazardly that you wonder why they are out there for? With such tacky and loose manner of doing things, does anyone out there really believe that one has the capability of winning an election, no matter how fair they are conducted, and the other the mental fortitude to forge a new nation out of the present Cameroon, and make it a viable economic entity that will meet the aspirations of its citizen? Remember that Cameroon is poor today not for lack of resources, it is poor because its has an abundant supply of criminals, non challant leaders, and a deeply embeded culture of nepotism. Has the SCNC divorced itself of these short-comings? Has the SDF done same?
I would really love to have some one put some plausible reasons as why as a voting citizen, I should go out to the pools and vote in Cameroon.All the options are found wanting. I do not blame those whom have debased themselves by marketing their votes or selling them to the highest bider. Why be sincere when you know leadership is nothing but falsehood? It is neither prepared to get you out of your miseries, nor is there a foreseable future of having an honest leader in the horizon. Who is to blame here?



Though Fon Lawrence is not my mouth piece, I think all what he said concludes what I would have said in response to your write up. Talking against someone's weaknesses does not call for lies. You can't mix up truth and fiction and expect me to accept what you say. Objective criticism helps to build but biased criticisms, destroys. The memo sent to the Bamenda Convention tells you that we all recognize the fact that Fru Ndi has his weaknesses. You have made me and many others to see that you hate Fru Ndi. Your aim is not to truly criticize him as to correct him but to make sure he is killed if possible.
You know deep in your mind that you have been telling a lot of lies to blackmail Fru Ndi. I will never partake in such blackmailing.

Fon L.

Dear Che Sunday(Dr.),
I will like to react on the following statement of yours;"I would really love to have some one put some plausible reasons as why as a voting citizen, I should go out to the pools and vote in Cameroon."

The premises that led to your above conclusion are that;the CPDM has failed which is true,the SDF has not proven that if given the chance they will do better and that the SCNC is not organised. Now as one who is learned,are you insinuating that Cameroonians shouldn´t go out to pools again,because of the reasons that you have advanced,that they should simply abandon their problems to faith and destiny?

As one who is learned,don´t you think it is of paramount importance for you to make your own little contribution to the change desparately needed in Cameroon? I am totally bewildered, that your suggestion as a solution the problems plaguing our country is to abadon to pools without in any way stating an alternative solution.

Legima Doh (LD)

Dear comrades and commentators,
Accept my felicitations.I was on a two weak vacation and upon return,it is delightful for me to realise from your comments that we all have come to terms with the fact that the most legitimate, unequivocal and definitive solution of the plight of our motherland is enshrined in the SCNC struggle.
In response to the moderator,in actual fact the SCNCs are all the anglophones by defacto reasons.But Mr Moderator should know that in such instances,there are always black legs.We have blacklegs in the form of our anglophone brethren who because of egotic and vile motives take to themselves the derringdo to conspire with the occupational regime to put our course at nought.Blacklegs also exist in the form of some unscrupulous fellows who as agents of LRC are working hard to thwart the sublime course of sovereign independence by dishonestly purporting the demised and anachronistic federation.We know of the SCNC by chief Oben who was kept at the corridors in the Gambia when he tried to thwart the case of Human rights abuse between the SCNC and La Republique.We also have the Ambazonia which is prominent in the US because some blacklegs there under the canopy of the SCNC carried out extortion of money and usury.So I want to say here that let our brethren not be befooled.The SCNC which of of uberrimae fidei is that under the aegis of Chief Ayamba Ette Otun and the SCYl is under it.
So Mr Moderator,had u been well informed,u would have known that the SCNC has no intention to have a duologue with LRC.It can only dialogue in the presence of a third party like the UN and or other international organisation.
For any clarifications,I shall be delighted to explicate as well as I can.
May God's peace and mercy be upon us the SCameroonians.
Legima Doh,
SG SCNC Sweden


The results of the 1972 Plebiscite:The stumbling block before anglophones

According to Bongfen Chem-Langhëë, the results were as follows:

"At the national level, 3,236,280 people registered for the referendum. Of these, 3,177,846 voted in favour of the unitary state, 176 voted against it, 1,612 ballots were declared null and void, and 56,646 voters abstained. At the level of the state of West Cameroon, 731,850 persons registered for the referendum, 716,774 of whom voted for the unitary state and 89 voted against it, and 13,934 registered voters abstained, 1,053 ballot papers were declared invalid. In the state of East Cameroon, there were 2,461,072 votes in favour of the unitary state, 87 against it, and 559 ballots declared null and void, out of a total of 2,504,430 registered voters."

Now 34 years after that black friday vote, there is a widespread view, particularly among citizens of the former the former state of West Cameroon, that Ahidjo's reunification was nothing but a ploy aimed at the political subjugation, economic exploitation, cultural assimilation, and marginalization of the former British Southern Cameroons by the more populous French Speaking "La Republique du Cameroun".

What way forward?
(1)Press for another referendum today?
(2)Total separation from La Republique?
(3)Third and probably the most costly and damaging option(force)?



Well, i think the moderator can sense the danger looming and we shall all soon find out. Two things involved; abject poverty and total disorder or real peace and development, no compromise. Life's not worth it if you can't live it satisfactorily.
No point talking, we shall fight and fight to the last. God help the rebells.

Legima Doh (LD)

Hello Tayong,
The issue of a new referendum with La Republique is not something we can advocate for.Experience who is the best teacher has proved beyond any iota of doubt that nothing good can ever come on us the Southern Cameroonians in union with La Republique.We need no federation.It may be their tactics to implore for it because our motherland is their breadbasket.Had they benefitted from it loyally and honourably,we would surely not be devising things they way we are doing now.Note that anything linked to the oppressionist regime can never truly benefit us.Look at what is going on in the SDF.I can tell u that LRC is very happy with the SDF situation because it is using it as a medium to tear us further apart and to obscure the insight and farsight of our people about the SCNC.The SCNC is the only challenge to the LR regime.The SDF is her puppet and one could now consider the SDF to be treasonable to our course of sovereign independence.
Your second option is the ultimate solution.We are a distinct and separate nation and not an integral part of La Republique.We have to follow the motto of our mother SCNC to peacefully demand for the restoration of our sovereign independence by the UN and by La Republique withdrawing her occupational forces from our land.As gentle as we are, and as peace loving as we are and as patient as we are, let it also be known by La Republique that the love of peace is not the inability to handle harm.The smile of gentle strolling tiger is not an act of cowardice.What I mean is that ,when a goat is pushed to the wall ,it bites.That is to say ,if things are not taken care of appropriately and in good time to restore our sovereignty in an atmosphere of serenity,then Tayong your third option becomes inevitable.It is already bubbling in the minds of a myriad of our countrymen to embark on the Force Option.
When people fight for a just and righteous course,no matter how formidable the enemy may be,the enemy's defeat always come in a way that transcends human apprehension.We shall emerge victorious.
When people fight for righteousness' sake,it is God himself who fights for them.
Legima Doh,
SG SCNC,Gothenburg Sweden


Fon Lawrence and Klamenceau,

You people are hypocrites of the first order. You are the only people thinking that I write lies. Whenever you want to prove me wrong, please kindly address the issues one by one.

Why have you people not responded to the many pertinent questions I have raised?

1.) By ignoring the many questions I have asked surrounding the death of Mr. Makoge inside the compound of Ni John Fru Ndi, do you people want to say my reasoning makes no sense? Do you want to tell this forum that the murder of Makoge in the compound of Ni John Fru Ndi was given the proper attention it deserved? Where there any detentions made after the murder? Were there any trials and judiciary investigations made? Was the gun that was used to murder Makoge inside the compound of Ni John Fru Ndi consficated or examined? Has the killer been tried or cross examined? Has the SDF as a political body set up any commission of enquiry? Has any reports or judgments been passed on this murder in cold blood? Would Ni John Fru Ndi had abandoned this murder the way he has done if someone else like Mbah Ndam, Yoyo, Sama, Dr. Cornelius Ndi or any of his children was the one killed in cold blood by someone from an enermy camp?

What are you people calling lies? Why are you people avoiding very important questions? Who do you people think you are deceiving? Can any civilized organization or country treat the muder of Makoge inside the compound of Ni John Fru Ndi the way it was done?

If you find this particular topic very challenging, can you please contact Ni John Fru Ndi himself and then give us answers to all the questions I have been asking on the cold blood murder of Mr. Makoge inside the compound of Ni John Fru Ndi.

2) Look, I want to remind you people that your main aim in writing that Memo was to bring a temporal peace and calm in this forum, until the Bamenda convention completes its deliberations. The heat was too hard for you people to withstand and you found the position of Ni John Fru Ndi on the balance. You people tried all means to sing your normal praises to Ni John Fru and even used primitive and outdated methods to do this. You intimidated readers, insulted them, told lies, blackmailed and even used people’s names to write out false stories. After exhausting all means to intimidate readers into not writing, you finally germinated the notion of writing a Memo that could push us into a wait and see position. You people miscalculated and failed woefully. Although some readers considered your move worth appreciating, I immediately dismissed it as fake and having a dubious intention. I clearly demonstrated that there was nothing new in the Memo you people wrote and asked if Ni John Fru Ndi with his gang of confusionists do not know what they are doing. Events have demonstrated that I had all reasons to completely reject it.

Now to make this Memo issue childishly simple for you the writers, I want to know if you people could have forwarded such an “important” document without a cover letter accompanying it. Do you people want to force readers into believing that you people merely forwarded the Memo alone? Readers are convinced you people sent the Memo with a cover letter accompanying it, but the problem disturbing everyone is the fact that you people have refused to publish the cover letter, even despite many requests for you people to do so. Even if you people decide now to publish the cover letter, readers would still want to understand why you people have taken so long to release it in the modified version that may be published.

3) When I stated that the events leading to the death of Gregoire in Yaounde give us reason to hold Ni John Fru Ndi responsible, I was merely stating something for even the blind to see. Had Ni John Fru Ndi not issued a public document openly warning anyone dealing with Professor Ngwasiri and that that person would be doing so at his or her own risk? Where is the lie in my write up? Was Gregoire not dealing with Professor Ngwasiri? Did the open warning from Ni John Fru Ndi exclude Gregoire? Was Ni John Fru Ndi not interrogated by the security Department in Bamenda because of this death threat he issued? Mindful of the existence of the public warning from Ni John Fru Ndi, is someone completely wrong to accuse Ni John Fru Ndi for masterminding the attempted murder on Professor Ngwasiri?

4) Concerning the election in Fundung against Jua, you people are pretending not to see reason in my analysis and you people have refused to answer the questions I raised. You have been crying fowl when readers write on the “private life” of Ni John Fru Ndi, despite the fact that I have done everything to educate you on the fact that there is NO boundary between the public life and private life of a public figure like the chairman of the SDF. I even went further to back up my arguments with the Presiodent Bill Clinton and Monica Lewisky sex scandal and court case and asked you people if Americans were stupid to have spent BILLIONS OF AMERICAN DOLLARS on this case.

As you people were dancing “bottle-Dance” in this forum to celebrate the victory of Ni John Fru Ndi in Fodung,, I asked you people if Ni John Fru Ndi and his campaign team were not using the private life of Jus to buy over votes. One of Ni John Fru Ndi’s campaign directors even went as far as stating that Jus was attending the elections in traditional attire but without the traditional cap. What has his wearing a traditional cap got to do with elections in the SDF? Another campaign director of Ni John Fru Ndi cried out why Jua should be coming to the elections with rubber shoes. Why are you people blind when things you complain come up from your camp? And then, as if to express his highest degree of illiteracy and primitivity, Ni John Fru Ndi mounted the podium to tell the world that instead of attending to SDF assignments, Jus preferred attending to his private contracts and was giving out a hundred thousand frs for any member who carries out the assignment. Should Jus put all his energy into the SDF basket? What would happen if he one day leaves parliament and has to live on his private contracts to feed his family? Why didn’t you people criticize Ni John Fru Ndi and his congregation of doom for going so low in Fondung?

Look Fon Lawrence and Klamenceau, you people have been trying to prove as if you people are objective while in reality you people are one-sided. Either you people pretend to see some faults in Ni John Fru Ndi when the current is too strong for you to handle or you people pretend to see his faults only when you people want readers to go to sleep, while Ni John Fru Ndi swallows the entire nation. You may say that I have taken a radical stand against Ni John Fru Ndi and I agree. We supported Ni John Fru Ndi when he took a radical stand against Paul Biya. That was the moment we were all prepared to die behind him. Today, he had taken a U turn and is instead maintaining our thief president Paul Biya in power. Not only that. Ni John Fru Ndi is doing everything to chase out able people who can chase Biya out of the president. For Ni John Fru Ndi, it is either “I as the Chairman or no one else.” He has done this many times inside the SDF, where he has set up a propaganda and blackmail machinery against all those who have committed a crime by going to school and becoming intellectuals. He has also been doing the same outside the SDF. While other political leaders like Late Samuel Eboa, Jean Jacques Ekindi and many others would surrender from the race just to push Ni John Fru Ndi, Ni John Fru Ndi was the only opposition Leader who refused to support Doctor Adamou Ndam Njoya as the opposition’s candidate for the presidential. Mindful of the secret deal he has with President Paul Biya, Ni John Fru Ndi decided to break away from the coalition of opposition parties and then paved a bright way for president Paul Biya to match back into the presidency.

What disturbs me most is the fact that some of you blind supporters are now saying that you agree with me on some points and that some of my points are justified. Akoson even went as far as scoring me the “prestigious 10/20 mark in his worthless evaluation. You people see some sense in what Mukete the Madman is writing? You people can even grade the “Fiction” that mukete the CPDM-sponsored agent is writing? You people agree with the mukete who wants to take the post of Ni John Fru Ndi? May be you people thinking that by seeing sense in what I write, my mind will be softened. You people are making a big mistake. Readers expect you people NOT to see any sense or logic in what I write. Readers expect you people to award me a – (minus) 20/20. Readers expect you people to continue to call my write ups “FICTIONS.” I personally do not feel flattered by the fact that you agree with me or with my right to reason in my own way. When I see you people agree with me, I feel red hot bile flowing into my brain.

I have given you the green light to go on trying to drag me into mud, as Ni John Fru Ndi is doing to other Cameroonians. The only difference is that you lack the means and budget to see me into my graves earlier than the day that the Almighty God has prepared for me. Go and offer sacrifices in your Ntarikon palace against mukete; go and force old takubeng women into opening their sacred things into the air to curse mukete; go and ask Ni John Fru Ndi to mobilize this Ntarikon Taliban militia against mukete; go and tell Ni John Fru Ndi to request tear gaz from his fried president Paul Biya to send mukete to heaven; go and offer special prayers agains mukete. But be contented with the mere fact that my shield is the Almighty God. He considers me too precious to be left at the mercy of killers who have conspired with the CPDM government to throw the blood of innocent people. It is this same God who saved professor Ngwasiri from the hands of evil men.

I insist and maintain that history will judge Fon Lawrence, Klamenceau, Akoson, Watesih, Aaron Nyangkwe, Knganjo and those who have used that your worthless Memo to give instructions on how innocent freedom should be dealt with. No amount of pretentious hypocrisy will save you people from the judgments that await you. It may take long but it will surely come.

Look liars, do not push me onto the wall, because readers know that you are the people who forced me into taking the radical position I now find myself. I couldn't fold my arms and lower by voice while you people tell the world that white is black. No way!

Cursed be our Cameroonian identity if we forgive sellouts like you.


Che Sunday (Dr.)

Fon Lawrence,
Given the choices of leadership presented to the Cameroonian people, Political apathy is what should be the end product. Sadly, this has transformed itself into political prostitution where people profess to be members of one party but are feeding fat on the trimings of another party.They know that whoever gets in will make no difference to their lot. When you have a voting public so disenfranchised, and leadership so detatched of the realities facing the country, what meaningful purpose does a referandum of any nature serve? We can't stand Biya, he has proven that to us in no uncertain manner. We are warry of Fru Ndi and sceptical of yet an unknown SCNC leader. The opposition parties have failed to unite in an effort to oust the CPDM. Fon Lawrence, wither do we go now?
Its not my disdain for the philosophy of staying with the ballot box, its the hopelessness of our situation.Its tantamount to pounding your head against a concret wall and expecting to make a dent in it. You get my drift?


Dr Che Sunday
I react to your comment above not as a direct reaction to your response to Fon but rather a byproduct of that. To begin with, the English say u can know a man from what it takes to discourage him.
Gentleman I expect anglophones of your calibre to be devout denouncers of the injustices that befall us on daily basis. We dont need that much of SCNC as you claim to steer the course of the southern cameroonians. Remember Martin Luther was not the the leader of the black Caucus but he led the revolution in USA that changed America for good till today . Mandela fought his own battles from prison while the Incarta freedom party leader fought from within yet they had same goals.
Your voice, my voice, all and sundry talking loud everywhere the occasion shows up is a mighty step forward. So Dr C.Sunday we need you to pick up the mantle wherever you are .Together and one day justice will be done.



The Moderator who is on the ground in Cameroon does not know what he is talking about! Why? Because, Dr. A.A. Agbormbai, who lives in England, told us recently on this forum that Biya has been improving things in Cameroon for the last 6 years. Hence, since this information comes from Dr. Agbormbai it must be true!

The Moderator might want to contact the good doctor in England to tell him exactly how Biya has been improving things over the last 6 years; because, it seems mere mortals cannot see the improvements Biya is making, except "highly perceptive" superhumans like Biya himself and Dr. Agbormbai. We've all got to be missing something that only Dr. Agbormbai can see!



...His orders were;"try to make sure that the Yaounde convention doesn't hold so that our baby we fought for shouldn't be killed in a second by belly politicians".

...BREAKING NEWS:I forecast this forum becoming more mature if we do better! the SCNC group led by Tayong breaks all records.

BenF, Klemenceau, Fon Lawrence and Mukete accelerate to Honour roll. When the final results are released this weekend for the second semester we'll know why. Note that Mukete's new come back has been very wonderful as it's almost void of abuses and he without fiction, analyses Colonel Chi's interview. That's great! That's what we want in here. I personally will be making a response to his reaction. I enjoin all his detractors to react to his posting. BenF, my God-son is making remarkable progress. He's trying to be neutral against all odds while Watesih and Mbu B slightly improve by +.25 giving them 17.25/20 each.

As Tayong now hits the ISSUES they stand for, he catapults that group, SCNC as the best recently. This group is breaking all records. They now top the forum with 18/20. Wonderful score!

Momo too is not left out. He now at least writes lengthly and manages to reason. However small his contributions're his improvement is worth my comment. He's improved by a tiny +.00001.

There's one sad case, TERIBOBS. He goes down the bottom to 0/20. We all know why. Read and read the comments again.

The full results for this semester will be published over the weekend.

Keep thinking!

Mukete remember that I'm coming to respond to your reason which I consider amature. Remember that as the head of the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi has the prerogative to have asked his suburdinate, Colonel to make sure that the Yaounde convention doesn't hold as the law states. He didn't advocate using force. He'd meant that Colonel, being in Yaounde should dust the corners and remind the administration prevent the convention. This is what colonel failed to understand. Instead, with the poor doctrine he's got for ages from the Biya government he interpreted Fru Ndi's words to mean VANGUARDS just as he interpretes the words of his commander in chief as TIRER. Where did Fru Ndi go wrong? Tell me! When something gets wrong in the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi suffers. When NEC says "A", it's Fru Ndi who said it. Let's think, men! I pitty this old man who's struggling to see Mukete's son in Sacred Heart College becomes something tomorrow.

You guys shouldn't forget keeping your contributions short, avoid insults and give HARD facts.

Will be right back.




Dr Che Sunday,

Real freedom fighters stand for specific values and not for organisational objectives and individual interest.

You can blame the SCNC for not striving for perfect leadership and unity but you cannot defend what you have previously described as "Tacky" statements from SCNC ideologists in this forum.

No matter the divisions in the struggle vis Ambazonia, SCYL, SCNC, you will agree with me that there is no justifiable reason why some group of people will be subjected to unrealistic colonisation by la republique du cameroun.

You should stand for the truth in driving the colonialist out of the Southern Cameroons even if you dont belong to the SCNC. Our interest should be on judging every organisation on its ideological principles and i believe the SCNC value the most legitimate course that defines my identity as a southern Cameroonian.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


Stop misrepresenting me. It is true that the direction the country is now taking is the right direction. This does not mean that the problems will disappear overnight. If you need to refer to my views then do them justice, rather than misrepresent them. Besides, it is only in the last year that the direction has been right. It will take a number of years before the results begin to come through.


Akoson, Dr Che,

Look my dear all we belief is that there is a common problem we are facing. That is the marginalisation and maltreatment of the Southern Cameroonians.

If however the SCNC is not doing its good job very well then brother there is another way we can do.

1) apatheid was not fought by ANC alone. We had many faction with different tactics and ideologies to fight it and it succeeded.

2) In Eritia, there were many factions to fight for their independence from Ethiopia but with different ideologies and tactics but a common goal.

3) In Palestine we have the Hamas and the Fats which are all fighting to regain their land from Isreal. All have a common goal but different methods of approaching it.

Name the others.

So bros and sister if the SCNC's approach and methods isnt convincing, please either give your advice or join other factions like the Southern Cameroon League, the armed wing etc which differ with the SCNC in manners of approach but have a common goal.

Akoson I have asked you in another write up to please send me your email ID let me send you some latest progress the SCNC has gone through



To many

I dont find anything wrong with the moderator's speech. I think he is just acting as a neutralist, noting that a neutralist should always make argumentative statements not favouring either camps. An illustration will prove this fact; while the moderator recognises a faction amonsgt SCNC leaders, a situation which most writers are not confortable with, he equally acknowledges the fact that government has given deaf ears to the cry of the SCNC people a situation which according to the moderator might have dreadful consequences. So fellow people, the moderator should note be crucified for his neutralist behaviour.

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

OMG Rev!!
Rev Nyansoko,I know you personally and you should not preach your anti-corruption campaign without you being checked.I don't want to expose your private life in public but I do believe those of the clergy should up hold a decent and examplary standard of living and refrain from worldly things and politics of cats and dogs.

Let me start by your present positions.Head of AACC ,you are one of those who will cling to power even if you are the president tomorrow.Your leadership at the helm of PCC dated as far back as the early 80's from and you have amass enough wealth for the pass years.Again you have held many international positions:like that of UNICEF where and other present ones alike.Your present wealth is enough to tell how corruptive you are in your denomination.You and only you alone is holding more than 10 different positions at home and abroad,which I know.But I just want to implore you not to involve yourself in what doesn't concern you.Preach your gospel.

Also,as a God-fearing father,you could have been good enough to distribute some of your wealth to the poor.I think someone like you with more than 50 houses in the South and North West provinces(since the wife is from the North Western he has about 20 houses in Bamenda then in Buea,Limbe,Kumba,Muyuka) is too many for only you and you alone.Amongst your houses there are more than 30 storey buildings.You are here preaching of "the vices like immorality, social injustice and corruption in Cameroon" whereas you are amongst those who get richer and richer and even more corruptive than even governments officials.Where are all these riches from?I reserve my comments!!

Talking about your life in Cameroon you have been living all along as a 'Bushfaller'in USA with your family and children.You won the U.S DV lottery in the early 90's and you spend your life in USA.How can this be justified if you preach to your folks about helping the poor from poverty? I reserve my comments.

Then you are talking about the SCNC members as unknown to the government.What major help have you given to their plight.I think the clergymen in Cameroon sometimes play the game of cats and dogs which we all know.You guys are all under the CPDM train and you have full time jobs under the ruling party.But you come and preach the gospel to the poor folks who offer you tides and offering every Sunday in church.I reserve my comments.

God Gracious Hear Us!!

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Che Sunday (Dr.)

Please, lets stop equating acquisition of wealth with corruption. If the reverend owns property, be it in the millions, an audit into his possessions should be looking at how such wealth was amassed, not the simple fact that he is wealthy. Owning property in Cameroon is actually helping the economy. There must be caretakers employed to look after such properties. They need constant maintenance, and do pay some kind of property taxes. If these assets were acquired in foreign countries as is the case with a lot of "chop broke pots" parading as ministers, not a single return comes to the Cameroon economy. No religious institution holds more real estate assets in Cameroon than the Catholic church. Will you call that corruption? No! As a free person, the reverend has the right to avail himself to any opportunity to go abroad. He submitted his application like many Cameroonians do and was lucky enough to win the DV lottery. Why should his action be deemed irresponsible or out of the ordinary? Just because he dorns a preacher's uniform?
You write from Hong Kong but criticizes someone from the USA or "bushfeller" for not being close enough to the reality of corruption back home. Doesn't that line of reasoning also disqualify you since you are out of the country?
Nobody in his right mind can dare say that all is well in Cameroon. You seem to be of the machiavelian school of thought that says' "getting there is all that matters, how you got there is immaterial." That is where we differ. I respect the courage of those daring the odds to tell the truth to the powers that be that the king is naked, instead of fearing the outcome and lying that the king has beautiful clothes on. That is why I always listen to any voices of disent coming out of the country before I make a decision. Just because I find flaws in their approach to solving the problem does not mean that there is no problem. All I am asking is, at this level of less taxing responsibilities, we fail woefully, give me reason to believe that we will do any better when no one is looking over our shoulders. Lets not equate Cameroon with any other part of the world. Each situation calls for a different approach. In the case of Eritrea, the region offered little to Ethiopia except serve as a passage to the sea. South Africa fought to liberate the whole country from aparthied, not to carve smaller republics out of it. See Southern Sudan. It fought for years wanting a separate republic, but settled for a federation with regional governments. Look at Somalia, and Ivory Coast? Is that what you want for Cameroon? See how much the Igbo's sacrificed trying to carve out a Biafran republic. You do not have the slightest idea of the sacrfice they made to have that dream come true. It left a lot of them shattered beyound rebuilding. Do not drive our youth into an inferno under a scheme that is poor in management and resources.You speak of the Palestinians! Is that how you want Southern Cameroon to achieve freedom? It was the negotiating table that got them a country, albeit pseudo in nature. They had the financial support of rich Arab states, but that in itself was not enough. It was the PLO, with well planned and strategically placed offices around the world that earned them recognition. Hamas was, and still is a radical outfit that might command a following due to its militarism, but is nothing compared to the PLO.
Think again my brother.


Che Sunday,Dr
that was very brilliant, even from a doctor and I should be more impressed if commenting about such issues isn`t related to your field. You said it all,very explicite,coherent and convincing.
War should be the last thing and I implore the good God that it never happens, no matter who wages it.
A war can be more easily started than ended. Forget not also a bad treaty is better than the smallest war.


While a bad treaty may be better than a small war,it may not mean that blatant and physical abuse of a people by others decked unity and national intergretion should be tolerated or taken meekly ad infinitum.It will be wry when we fail to see the treatment caused by LRC troops in Southern Cameroons AKA Ambazonia shooting and killing unarmed civilians and getting away with it.The case of Biafra and Ambazonia are diametrically opposed.Biafra has no International Legal Boundaries,Ambazonia does.The pastor has failed to call the Occupier to respect HCB/28/92 High Court Bamenda, Ambazonia Vs Cameroun.Cameroun must withdraw from Ambazonia.Law 84/001 Seceding from the Illegal Federal republic.Is the pastor awair of this one Mr Dr Sunday Che.Or the Pastor chooses what to say?Has the pastor called on those who signed the law do do what is expected from them.What should be done as the killing militarization, plundering, imposing of french over English Asssinations of dissenting voice against the Colonial regime continues unabeted? Plead for dialogue?For instance,Mr Sunday,what will you do if someone begins to punch you with no good intentions,and you notice it?How will you deal with that?No one has the right to subdue and subjugate is already an abuse of rights.The victim must deal with it accordinly.Liberation should not be erred for multipartism or the hackneyed fight against corruption.It has to do with survival or extinction.It needs more than bold to tackle it not swithers.

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