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Tuesday, 30 May 2006


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Akam Gilian Akwa

When i read all these news about the postal systen in cameroon i begin to ask myself the question, what does the future hold for us young cameroonians?. Even if the country is as bad as it today so not even one sector can be fine?. Only God alone in heaven know what Paul Biya and his boys are planning to do with this beloved country of our fore fathers, But i know and strongly believe onething, That they shall never escape away from the hands of Divine justice. Who should we trust again in this country?.


Cameroon is a sinking nation,this situation about the Kumba post office is only an example of the national tragedy.West Cameroon is in the hands of rustics,so we are paying the price for an incongrious marriage.So sad that you can withdraw money from where you put it.Better put the old structure down since it is already in an bandoned state.

neba funiba

Who are the parliamentarians from Meme Division? What is the function of a parliamentarian if he/she cannot offer help to peasants in his/her jurisdiction? Anyway, Kumba is a town where the CPDM powers that be concentrate their energies on either belittling the opposition or making statements about crushimg SCNC with the hope of enticing the regime and being appointed to a government post. How can the regime claim to be fighting corruption when issues such as this go on without resolution? These peasants should take matters into their own hands. Government has never compensated customers of Cameroon Bank, be aware.


To the IMF/World Bank Representatives in Y'DE

The embezzlement of funds at the post office savings has been a matter since 2003, so why was its resolution not part of the HIPC completion package? Whose interest was protected when the requirements of the HIPC were met?


I pity these people. i sympathise with them though not with the actions they wanna take . as anglophones we stand to suffer at the end if the place is burnt down.
i have my own small money blocked in this bedeviled postal bank.

i pray a solution be found to this problem




...His orders were;"try to make sure that the Yaounde convention doesn't hold so that our baby we fought for shouldn't be killed in a second by belly politicians".

...BREAKING NEWS:I forecast this forum becoming more mature if we do better! the SCNC group led by Tayong breaks all records.

BenF, Klemenceau, Fon Lawrence and Mukete accelerate to Honour roll. When the final results are released this weekend for the second semester we'll know why. Note that Mukete's new come back has been very wonderful as it's almost void of abuses and he without fiction, analyses Colonel Chi's interview. That's great! That's what we want in here. I personally will be making a response to his reaction. I enjoin all his detractors to react to his posting. BenF, my God-son is making remarkable progress. He's trying to be neutral against all odds while Watesih and Mbu B slightly improve by +.25 giving them 17.25/20 each.

As Tayong now hits the ISSUES they stand for, he catapults that group, SCNC as the best recently. This group is breaking all records. They now top the forum with 18/20. Wonderful score!

Momo too is not left out. He now at least writes lengthly and manages to reason. However small his contributions're his improvement is worth my comment. He's improved by a tiny +.00001.

There's one sad case, TERIBOBS. He goes down the bottom to 0/20. We all know why. Read and read the comments again.

The full results for this semester will be published over the weekend.

Keep thinking!

Mukete remember that I'm coming to respond to your reason which I consider amature. Remember that as the head of the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi has the prerogative to have asked his suburdinate, Colonel to make sure that the Yaounde convention doesn't hold as the law states. He didn't advocate using force. He'd meant that Colonel, being in Yaounde should dust the corners and remind the administration prevent the convention. This is what colonel failed to understand. Instead, with the poor doctrine he's got for ages from the Biya government he interpreted Fru Ndi's words to mean VANGUARDS just as he interpretes the words of his commander in chief as TIRER. Where did Fru Ndi go wrong? Tell me! When something gets wrong in the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi suffers. When NEC says "A", it's Fru Ndi who said it. Let's think, men! I pitty this old man who's struggling to see Mukete's son in Sacred Heart College becomes something tomorrow.

You guys shouldn't forget keeping your contributions short, avoid insults and give HARD facts.

Will be right back.





To interprete what you just suggested in my own lil knowledge I guess you mean that the existence of SCNC activists in this forum is useless. Yes!...If everyone has to go to to read the daily progress of the SCNC then why should you exist in this forum? Secondarily, most guys here are busy and we sought this site hoping to meet guys like yourself to summarise whatever thing which has been happening to that GREAT struggle, in one sentence...I for one feel loath to go through the long novels posted on that site. Also remeber that the many Cameroonians outthere who happen to read on this site may NOT know the SCNC official website. I bumped into the site by chance and when I gave it to some of my friends who sympathise with the struggle, they were so suprised if at all such a thing exists. It is therefore the responsibility of this Forum's faction of the SCNC led by yourslef, Tayong and Lecigah,Massamoyo etc I guess, continue to discourage guys in this house who think that the struggle is a sham and or doesn't exist. I shouldn't also remind you that suppressing the forum and making it entirely become an SCNC forum is a mission you must strive to achieve if at all you hold the struggle in high esteem. I guess that's a difficult task but I think that should be one of your missions here.

Do you think that you'll be able to count your successes by the end of the day should you transform discussions in this house TO CENTER about the SCNC? Do you know the number of people you'll placade over should this forum adhers to the SCNC believe. Common on guy, you need a strategy and nomatter how small it may be such as this one, I bet things could happen. Nomatter how minute a thing that has been caused to happen, it is for the general good of the struggle, however small. Dismissing Mukete's views of the SCNC with a sigh or insults doesn't do the trick. Use your high level of persuasive skills to tell him and others why you think the SCNC struggle is paramount. If you make your case convincing enough, I think that the sky'll be your limit! One of Mukete's cry about the SCNC now is the legitimacy of the leaders. Leaders who just enjoy pleasure trips abroad...leaders who just want to satisfy their belly. Now go ahead and tell this forum and even the Presbyterian boss, Rt. rev. Nyansako( a man who doesn't even know the TRUE leadership of the SCNC - does that disturb you?) that the SCNC leadership is organised and working hard and what you need from them. Their support counts!

Massamoyo and Rexon, over to you both.

I humbly rest this case. But before I go remember that the present state of the SCNC is where it is today and not better cos all the youths who would've contributed the last drop of their sweat relly on a fragmented SDF that WILL NEVER TAKE POWER IN CAMEROON as the French swear. The SDF is there cos an opposition must exist.




AKO!!!! How can you copy an article and are not even able to place it under the right topic?

Definitely consequences of TOO MUCH copying and pasting

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

Dear Readers,
It's a pity that the Cameroon postal service is dwindling and the heirarchy is doing little or nothing to curb the high rate of mismanagement plaguing this domain.I don't see how the government should condone with such corrutptive adminstrations who think sitting at the head of a service is to perpetrate crude exploitation and overzealous corrutpive activities.What do they expect from their clients who after haven saved millions of francs yet they can't have even part of their monies??It's ridiculing that their poor viciousness and poor management has lead to financial abnormalities to what we are seeing today.

Little doubt the clients are planning to take to the streets for bieng treated unjustly claimed to be victimised by this system.I can't over emphasised on their reliability of their savings but if there are some financial misappropriation then there are most likely to be affecting majority of the clients who prefared to save in the post offices than in banks.

I guess the administration can take a rapid action to this euphoria before these angry mob put the small Kumba 'hut' in the name of a post office into flames...

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

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