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Monday, 15 May 2006


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Someone here says Ngwasiri and his group have
committed political suicide; that after the
convention(s), they’ll be erased from the Cameroon political map. Possible. They’re on a suicide mission and I believe they know, more than anyone else. And we know of course, that people on suicide mission leave
nothing to chance. It’s either they make it or they fail woefully.

Ngwasiri’s group may, therefore, be putting in everything to succeed. They surely know the price to pay (their political career) would be worth the cause they would be sacrificing for. So, if they failed, the
consequences may only be regretted.

Now, only a fool would contend with the imminent death of suicide fighters (in this case the expected political death of Ngwasiri and Muna) instead of taking measures to avert the probable damage.

Except, like the wicked woman in the King Solomon story, the Chairman would contend with a bloody piece of a supposedly beloved child (the SDF), even if Ngwasiri cut off only one precious arm. And what if
the child were to be cut in the middle?

Which is why I continue saying that, even
one-and-a-half or one-and-one-quarter conventions will make 16 years of blood and suffering wasted years for SDF militants. The leaders won’t have any regrets. Some of them have already reaped enough. To them the
people can go to hell.

Someone, please bring those fighting elephants together. We have less that 11 days to go.

Cardinal Tumi, please!



Tempers flar and tension mounts

Which way forward guys? There is tension mounting in Kumba, Limbe,Kumbo,Mutemgene,Bamenda. anglophones tempers are hanging in short circuits in Bamenda as may 20 draw nigh also orchestrated by the continous arrest and detention of anglophones in their own land for venturing to demand for what belongs to them.

Repression is the oder of the day. These and other events are dragging many to extremes . Others are already advocating for a military option should the regime continue its brutal policy towards the population. Others want restrain at least for the maintime, others want peaceful negociation to the issue , others want a dialogue with the regime that be for a return to the federal states , etc

The question we are asking all anglophones in this forum is this? Which way forward? What (and why) will u say? As an anglophone your opinion counts. Francophones in this forum pls keep off.



It is only the very murderous colonialist, La Republique Francaise Du cameroun that knows what the outcome of this case will look like. They are playing with words, actions, etc. They will finally decide to either pretentiously jail the guy (while he will be sleeping in a hotel), or claim he is publicly innocent.

La republique, what a shame??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



Dr. Peter Aka

The decision on whether or not to release Fon Doh on bail will be made public on the 13th of June 2006. Watch out!

Henry Alex

I hate reading about articles relating to this murderer.He should be granted a bail,jungle justice await her.Take it as a threat.Bull Shit.Makes me really annoyed

Henry Alex

Jungle justice await him


Jungle justice awaits him

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