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Thursday, 25 May 2006


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Dear Ambasonians,

Every Ambasonian working in East Cameroon should take his bags, empty or full and go home. For forty years and over, we have been treated as prisoners and will remain prisoners in that land. Why is it taking us too long to know our status in LRC? Do we enjoy being slaves forever?

All of us hurt with our brothers detained from Kondengui. Let us not forget them when we eat. At least LRC now recognizes something is smelling in the air.

Ambasonia shall be free come what may!
Stay strong and resolute.


When are we going to be able to stop all this suffering by our people? It is better we consider going to the bush to liberate our people than to allow a minority suffer at the hands of la republique francaise du cameroun. We cannot keep believing in the force of argument when we are still being jailed for our rights.


God should help us. The devil is at work and if we are not careful, things will go out of hands soon. Those who believe that there is a God who listens and answers prayers should go on their knees and cry to Him. Only God is the solution to what is going on in Cameroon. The devil has planted his agents in top places and we are getting the effects. No child of God will make others suffer for their rights. The devil never negotiates. He is always proud and out to dominate, steal and kill. All what is going on is the work of Satan the devil. When the Lord is leading the way, Satan the devil will run away.
Almighty Father, please deliver us from the hands of the oppressors. That one day your children will sing as Martin Luther King, Jr. said "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!" Amen.


What is this country turning into? How can these innocent citizens be tried at a military tribunal? Another Al catraz in LRC. they went as far as declaring them guilty of murder, theft and possession of fire arms. What did they steal in the name of God. Has defending their part of posterity become stealing? Is this any reason for chopping off somebody`s toes? Should this paris sponsored feudal Junta take the laws into thier hands and violate the right and dignity of the human person as they wish. God give us justice! Now I believe what Legima Doh said - `if a goat is push so hard against the wall it must turn to bite`. This is really true. Let them know that the bowl is already full. It will surely overflow soonest. We shall soon regain this our rights they use the way they want to execute your odious pulpit. Human BUTCHERS and murderers.

truth crush to earth shall rise again.


you kill someone, you get 15 years in jail, when you protest, you are sentenced to life imprisonment. Cameroun na Cameroun! man no run!




Fellow commerades,
We will never go to rest if and only if, the sons and daughters from Oku, Bonadikombo, Batibo, KumbaRoad or whatever corner in the Southern Cameroons Are completely free and allowed to practice every right as a human being. My beleive is that: At the end, it is not the years in your life that matters but the life in your years. We shall win. One love and spirit.


Unbelievable. Horror!!! Homicide!!! Terror!!! Interment!!!

All the words in this world are too soft to describe the torture, victimization, intimidation, murders, ruthless and arbitrary arrests, and the inhumanm designs perpetrated on our people by the foreign government of Mr. Dr. Pr. B. Mvondo a.k.a voodoo lynch-man. Pr. Mvondo has not only preyed on the endless resources of our motherland, but has gone on a rampage of capturing and victimizing our peceful "buffalo soldiers". Since the invasion and occupation of our country in the sixties, the impact of the occupation has taken toll within the last two decades when the "Bulu" hunter left the chimpanzees in Sangmelima and captured "God's people" in the land of milk and honey.
Unfortunately, we have waited until today for some godfather to lunch the counter-offensive and grant us the chance to take back our nation. The eleven matyrs who have lingered in isloation in dispair in the Yaounde concentration camp alias Kondengui may be dying a physical death, but their spirits stay high. like Nelson Mandela, they may experience pain and all degrees of torture, but their dreams shall come true one day. But they cannot come true if we keep bearing passive witnesses. If I have ever had a sullen heart, it is with this news. The news of the transportation of these disciples of freedom. For those who are out in the diaspora, let us convert suffering and torture as our people experience into a symphony of hope and glory. Can we create a special fund to assist the victims back home. Imagine: the Catholic church had to assist to pay for the transportation of these captives to a prison in their native land.
Thanks for attention,
Think Man.


He he heee, the Colonial Junta may just be wimping out of AMBAZONIA in a pussyfooting style.Did LRC and Rottweiler Biya know that,Senatus Consulta 84/001 will certainly be a bobsy-die?So why this current twist?Can AMBAZONIA/AMBAZONIANS be STOPED to bundle these colonialist out?Me no think so.Right Vs Might!The quondam sempre precede.The colonial boys may just have come to understand that,Colonialism and subjugation is,and will sempre be friable.Be pulling out.You violated the fourth Geneva Convention by Transfering persons from Ambazonia to LRC quod for trumped up charges.After being obstinate with International Law,by keeping them in your quod,you suddenly become reasoning to re-transfer them back their territory in a quod still under your jackboot.Huh,LRC,begin to bundle out now. The presence or your colonial woodentops and viceroys are problematic.Bundle them out forthwith LRC.You have constructed misery in our Land,plundered and pillaged enough.Bundle out.Thieves.


Aluta continua, Victoria arcetia.


Dear comrades,

To further prove that the Southern Cameroon sdoesnt belong to Central africa has been released when all the newly printed coins (1fr, 2frs, 3frs, 5frs, 25frs, 50frs, 100frs etc) have no ENLISH word inscribed on them.
I have all the samples of these coins posted to me here.

So Mukete and Dr. A.A Argbornbai etc you all will believe with me that we dont belong to to the East Cameroon talkless of the whole Central Africa.

Please join the SCNC bros

SCNC fight for us.

Aluta continua, Victoria Arcetia

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

La Republique is preparing for the inevitable.

They know the independence of the Southern Cameroons is coming, so they are gradually sending back our innocent victims of their colonial army.

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.


Paa Ngembus
SCAADIM (Southern Cameroonians Against the Annexation & DestructIon of our Motherland)

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