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Thursday, 25 May 2006


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Is this not breaking news? Are we tired? Name callers OVER TO YOU.

Celestine Fosung Nke

John Fru Ndi needs to be halted on this delicate path he is taken.


26 – 28 May 2006

The under mentioned persons have viewed with concern the recent happenings in the SDF party as it approaches its anniversary Convention in Bamenda on 26 May 2006. Fearful that as the battle lines are drawn and the critical day approaches, some people of bad faith may opt for “dividing the baby” and, consequently, sign the death warrant of this party of hope, we urge the Convention participants to take a critical look at the proposals made below and to take whatever measures are necessary to rescue the SDF from the edge of the cliff where, in our humble view, it is being led like a lamb to the slaughter by some unscrupulous people bent on seeing the last of this great party.

To begin with, we hereby address a message of condolence to the entire SDF family for their departed friends and comrades. We address a special message of condolence to party Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, following the death of his wife and fellow combatant in the struggle for improving the lot of Cameroonians.

For ease of reference, our proposals are in numbered paragraphs.

A. Amendment of the SDF Constitution

1. The present Constitution of the SDF has served the party faithfully for the past 16 years. It would be pragmatic to say that the Constitution needs to be reviewed. Circumstances have changed since the inception of the SDF party. Article 8.2 has been invoked on several occasions to bring erring members and officials to their senses, and often to their knees. Of recent, Article 11.4 has been cited in the courts to try to draw the cover to one side, to the detriment of the other side.

2. A piecemeal amendment of the Constitution to give the party Chairperson more powers to appoint members of NEC would not serve the party’s interests since it would be viewed as a kind of gerrymandering. It would offer detractors and enemies of the SDF an opportunity to view the Chairperson as a dictator or as one who preaches virtue and practises vice. To be logical, an amendment in this direction would have to be extended to all the levels of the party, thus killing the spirit of democracy that should reign in the SDF.

3. We propose that, for the SDF to respond to the times, its Constitution should be amended; but it should be amended in a responsible manner. Consequently, the ongoing drive to amend the Constitution at the Bamenda Convention should be re-considered. Instead of amending the Constitution just for the sake of giving the Chairperson wider powers and exposing him or her to future accusations of favouritism, a Constitutional Amendment or Review Panel should be set up at the Convention to look into all the avenues of modernising the SDF Constitution.

4. The terms of reference of the Constitutional Amendment or Review Panel would be to sanitise the SDF Constitution. At the end of its mandate, the appellation “SDF Founding Fathers” should become an honorary position. The “Founding Fathers” are like midwives who helped deliver a baby. As soon as the baby can stand on its feet, the midwife should leave centre stage. Also, at the end of the Panel’s mandate, the roles of the NEC and NAC should be clearly defined so that they do not overlap. In general, the powers of an appointed body should not exceed those of an elected body. Clear provision should be made for transitional periods in the life of the structures put in place by the Constitution. This presupposes that the terms of office of the various officials and structures should be limited to avoid the effects of burn-out.

5. The place of women in the SDF should be re-examined and strengthened in the Constitution. Women should climb the rungs of power on the basis of their ability and not on an ideological basis.

6. An offshoot of the Constitution, the Standing Orders, should be used to expand on the major themes set forth in the Constitution. These could include provisions on:
(a) Transparency and representation: The affairs of the party should be run in a transparent and representative manner. All the provinces or regions of Cameroon should be fairly represented in the different organs of the party to avoid accusations of tribalism in the party.
(b) Finances: Checks and balances should be put in place to ensure that financial dealings in the party are not carried out by individuals for unspecified purposes. An audit bench should be set up to ensure that no person or group of persons should use the party funds for their own benefit.
(c) Parliamentary grant: All SDF MPs should present an annual report to the NEC on their management of the parliamentary grant, and the overall results of these reports should be presented to the National Convention. Cross-constituency checks should be conducted on the use of these grants as follows: Delegates from one constituency should be sent to another constituency to assess how MPs of that constituency have used the grant.
(d) Party property: Legally binding measures should be drawn up on the use of the party’s property. Any attempt by an official to cling to party property after being voted out of office should be resolved quickly under these measures to ensure continuity.
(e) Communication/Public Relations: The day to day communication work of the party should be left in the hands of the Propaganda Officer (Communication Secretary). This official should be the one to speak on behalf of the party at press conferences and issue party propaganda, unless otherwise decided by the NEC. In order to avoid cacophony, other party officials should not convene press conferences to advance their personal aspirations. The SDF could envisage a national radio transmission channel to which listeners, especially SDF grassroots militants can tune in at appointed times for party propaganda. This could be supplemented by a strong bi-weekly paper that will sell the party ideology as well as counter interferences that may endanger the reputation of the party.
(f) Bilingualism: To avoid conflicts arising from language use (see the argument surrounding the interpretation of the SDF Constitution where one side decided to use one version of the Constitution to advance its cause), bilingualism should be encouraged in the party, and there should be annual stints for party leaders to school themselves on one or the other official language and on other languages in general. The translation of the basic texts of the party should clearly indicate which version is authoritative in case of conflict.

B. Discipline

7. SDF militants from the grassroots through party vanguards to the top brass of the party should be schooled on tolerance and respect for public property, duly constituted authority, human dignity and members of other political parties. Criticism of the party hierarchy and of others must be constructive and devoid of insults, blackmail and misinformation. In return, those who indulge in constructive criticism, of the party, for example, should not be branded as enemies.

C. Post-Convention activities

8. Immediately after the Convention, and in addition to any follow-up action decided on by the Convention, the SDF should address the following issues, if these have not yet been included in the follow-up action as above:
(a) Upcoming elections: the Convention should empower the newly elected NEC to immediately begin preparations for the upcoming municipal and legislative elections. Emphasis should be (but not exclusively) on the SDF strongholds of the Littoral, West, South West and North West provinces. To avoid being branded as a regional party, the SDF should do all in its power to have representation, albeit limited, in the other provinces.
(b) Independent Electoral Commission: The SDF should be proactive. It should immediately produce, publish and submit its version of the Independent Electoral Commission to the National Assembly. This would offer the party an opportunity to begin mounting pressure on the government to create this organ before the organisation of the council and parliamentary elections in 2007.
(c) Voter registration: The Convention should empower the new NEC to ensure that militants are mobilised at all levels to register massively in the electoral registers. The new NEC should be despatched all over Cameroon to sensitise Cameroonians in general and SDF militants in particular to this issue.
(d) Voting in the Diaspora: The SDF should lobby the government and the international community to secure the participation of Cameroonians living abroad (the Diaspora) in elections conducted in Cameroon.
(e) Reconciliation: Dissenting voices in the SDF need not call for Article 8.2 sanctions all the time. The SDF should seek for reconciliation with its expelled members who show remorse and are willing to re-commit themselves to the aspirations and doctrine of the party.
(f) Shadow politics: As a leading opposition party, the SDF should be prepared with its answers to the various components of government business. The leader of the leading opposition party should always be in a position to show the weaknesses inherent in government policy and offer himself/herself and his/her team (shadow cabinet) as an alternative to the existing dispensation. In the event of any coalition with another party, the SDF should ensure that its political weight is adequately reflected in the coalition.
(g) Party house or Secretariat: A party house worth its name should be built in Bamenda or elsewhere to forestall criticisms of dictatorship, witchcraft and the like arising from holding meetings in private homes.
End of Open Memo

Contributors to the Open Memo to the SDF Bamenda Convention:
Samleyin (Aloysius Galabe);
KNganjo (Kennedy Nganjo);
Fon Lawrence;
Klemenceau (Tadia Clement);
Watesih (San Ke);


WE have forwaded this memo to the Secretary General of the sdf in Bamenda.It would be discussed at the convention.


WE have forwaded this memo to the Secretary General of the sdf in Bamenda.It would be discussed at the convention.



Les militants arrivent, depuis hier, par convois entiers. Au palais des Congrès, la salle est préparée avec un soin particulier. Les dissidents affichent leur sérénité.

“Le congrès va se tenir dans tous les cas. Si on ne nous permet pas de l’organiser dans cette salle du palais des Congrès que nous avons louée, nous la tiendrons dans les installations de notre siège à Olezoa ”. L’aveu de M. Zamboue résume les nouvelles dispositions sécuritaires prises à Yaoundé.

La police ne peut pas entrer dans les installations d’un parti politique, qui a le droit d’organiser tout événement à sa convenance sans autorisation, selon lui. L’ex président provincial du Centre, aujourd’hui rallié au clan dissident, conduit par Ngwassiri, est formel. Le 7ème congrès du Social Democratic Front (Sdf) va se tenir ce jour, 26 mai, à Yaoundé comme initialement annoncé. Même si, pour l’instant, des informations sur la santé du président du Nac, le député Ngwassiri sont inquiétantes. Il a un problème de dyalise, et un blocage de reins. Il sera représenté par Madame Mengue Mballa qui ouvrira les travaux, en cas d’empêchement.

Ce sont ainsi 2400 délégués issus des 338 structures de base du parti qui sont attendus à cette rencontre, qui devrait aboutir au bout du compte à l’élection des membres du Bureau national et des autres charpentes dirigeantes du mouvement.

En attendant l’heure H, les délégations des provinces du grand Nord et du Centre arrivent depuis le mercredi 24 mai, et par vagues successives. 600 membres arrivent du grand Nord exclusivement, à deux jours d’intervalle, simplement parce que la Camrail n’a pas consenti à mettre à leur disposition les 200 places nécessaires, selon Pascal Zamboué qui passe le clair de son temps à la salle de 1 500 places du palais des congrès à superviser, dit-il, le plan de salle.

Et qui se réjouit de ce que ces activités se tiennent conformément aux dispositions statutaires qui ont été soigneusement évitées par le clan Fru Ndi. “ Lequel ne peut s’en prendre qu’à lui-même face à la scission maintenant consommée de leur mouvement ”, selon les déclarations de M. Zamboue.

Au siège du parti à Olézoa, la salle située à l’entrée du bâtiment qui abrite habituellement les conférences, a été vidée de son contenu pour accueillir les militants qui sont attendus tout au long des journées du 25 et 26 du mois en cours. Un budget prévisionnel de près de 35 millions en recettes a été arrêté. Il proviendra des cotisations des députés Sdf qui ont rallié cette faction à raison d’un million de F Cfa chacun. Le même montant est attendu des maires Sdf et cadres du parti, et 7 millions des militants de la diaspora par exemple.

Les dépenses quant à elles, sont presque équivalentes aux recettes. Pour l’heure, la totalité de ces fonds n’a pas encore été collectée. Les candidatures sont déjà connues, qui devaient être validées hier 25 mai dans l’après-midi au cours d’une conférence organisée sur le sujet. Pour autant, celles du Président, de son 2è adjoint, du secrétaire général, et du chargé de la communication sont déjà connues.

Il s’agit respectivement de Bernard Muna, de dame Mengue Mballa, de Pascal Zamboué, et de madame Sadio.

Irène Sidonie Ndjabun
Publié le 25-05-2006
La Nouvelle Expression

Fon  Lawrence

The Memo was Coordinated/edited by Langai
The name Langai was missing


Wonna hear: CPDM Secretary general invited to Bamenda Convention. Which parties often attend SDF convention? Who knows the answer? Ally parties. So CPDM is ally of SDF FRU-NDAM.

Read in La Nouvelle Expression. Weh! We own don finish. Da pipo dem don spoil we party finish.


- Plus de 1500 délégués enrégistrés - Le dossier du challenger de Fru Ndi introuvable - A Yaoundé le camp Ngwassiri s’active

L’information qui circulait le plus dans les milieux du Social Democratic Front (Sdf), hier 25 mai 2006, a Bamenda: Ni John Fru Ndi sera candidat à sa propre succession. Les journalistes et certains responsables de ce parti se la partageaient, hier, à la résidence du Chairman, à Ntarikon.

En d’autres termes, Célestin Djamen ne va pas challenger Fru Ndi, comme il l’a annoncé à travers les médias, depuis plusieurs semaines déjà. Le candidat à la présidence du principal parti de l’opposition camerounaise, venu de France, s’est longuement expliqué dans la presse, battant campagne, sans vérifier si son dossier de candidature était arrivé au comité de validation des candidatures via le Nec (Comite exécutif national) du Sdf.

C’est du moins l’explication qu’il donnait, jusqu’à 17 heures, hier, a certains hommes de médias accourus aux nouvelles à la résidence de Elisabeth Tamajong, celle qui joue le rôle de secrétaire général du parti depuis un bon bout.

A la résidence du Chairman, en effet, l’information allait de bouche à oreille, le plus souvent sous cape. Car, en ce moment-là, une session extraordinaire du Nec se tenait, et a laquelle prenait part le militant du Sdf venu de France, Célestin Djamen.

Ce dernier devrait dévisager le circuit par lequel il a envoyé son dossier de candidature, qui ne serait jamais arrivé. ”Celui qui l’aurait distrait devrait être sanctionne”, bavardait un responsable du Sdf. Et, au moment où nous quittions Ntarikon, vers 18 heures, sous une pluie battante, rien n’avait filtré de cette réunion du Nec.

En réalité, les choses ne devraient pas changer, au vu de la liste ”officielle” des candidatures que la responsable de la communication, Béatrice Anenmbong Munjo, distribuait aux médias.

En effet, à quelques heures de l’ouverture du 7eme congrès du Sdf, la résidence du Chairman est le seul point d’attraction. Le point le plus chaud, ou tout le monde se dirige. Arrivée dans la ville, La Nouvelle Expression a déjà aperçu a l’embranchement qui y conduit, un certain Oumbe Defo Sangong, celui qu’on nomme le ”madame Foning de l’Ouest”, au vu de sa capacité de mobilisation.

Il était 16h10 minutes. Assez proche de la tendance Fru Ndi aux affaires maintenant à l’Ouest, il était certainement prendre le pouls avant de conduire ses troupes le lendemain. ”La mobilisation est totale”, dit-il, annonçant 300 délégués et plus de 450 vanguards qui prendront le départ à Bafoussam, ce matin, pour Bamenda.

Quelques pas plus loin, c’est Jean Michel Nintcheu qui prend place dans son véhicule. ” J’arrive là. Je vais prendre mes comprimés”, explique le président provincial du Sdf du Littoral. Il reviendra d’ailleurs quelque 45 minutes après. D’un coin à l’autre de la résidence du Chairman, des hommes et des femmes vont et viennent, des responsables et militants du Sdf pour la plupart. Contrairement à certaines habitudes, l’entrée y est moins filtrée. Dans la cour, Ni John Fru Ndi se détend un peu. Il est approché par quelques militants qui ne manquent pas de faire allégeance. Une affaire de pouvoir.

Le candidat déclaré à la convention qui s’ouvre ce jour, est bien relax. Il cause bien un bout, avant d’aller rejoindre les siens dans la salle attenante de son ”palais” où se tient la réunion du Nec, pour les derniers réglages.

Hormis l’ambiance de Ntarikon, le congrès du Sdf n’est pas très perceptible dans la ville de Bamenda. Si l’on fait une comparaison avec les années antérieures, ce n’est pratiquement pas le branle-bas des années 90. ”La scission qui sévit dans le parti aujourd’hui y est pour quelque chose”, analyse un journaliste du coin.

Venant de Bafoussam, il faut atteindre Financial Square pour voir quelques vert-blanc du Sdf. Sur le ciel de Bamenda se dressent quelques banderoles, sans couleur. Même celui de Liberty Square, à l’entrée de l’Avenue commerciale, ou des citoyens étaient tombés sur des balles le 26 mai 1990, n’est pas trop parlant.

” Bienvenue à la 7ème convention du Social Democratic Front. Conférence de la Renaissance du 26 au 28 mai 2006”, y lit-on.

Cardinal Tumi
Au palais de congrès de Bamenda, à “ Back men market”, où se dérouleront les travaux, juste une banderole négligée barre l’entrée. Aucune disposition n’etait encore prise. Rien aux couleurs du Sdf dans les parages.

Mais, Emmanuel Pobdinga, le mototaximan qui y conduit le reporter rassure que ”les choses vont bouger d’ici demain (ce jour)” . Sur son deux-roues est dressé un drapeau aux couleurs du parti de Fru Ndi. Il dit appartenir à un groupe de mototaximen militants ”convaincus de la convention du Sdf”.

Selon le programme remis aux médias, le congrès s’ouvre ce vendredi 26 mai par un défilé au stade municipal de Bamenda. Ce sera à 11 heures et les personnes qui l’animeront sont les “vanguards”, les membres du Nec, les maires et députés, et les responsables provinciaux.

L’ouverture officielle est prévue dans la salle du palais des Congrès à 14 heures. Le clou de ce 7ème congrès est annoncé pour le samedi 27 mai, à 18 heures : les élections au Nec. Il s’achèvera le dimanche à 9 heures par un culte œcuménique, auquel prendront part plus de 1500 délégués.

Sont également attendus 173 personnalités invitées, dont le secrétaire général du Rdpc, Charles Doumba, le cardinal Christian Tumi, Benjamin Menguede représentant l’ambassadeur des Etats-unis, etc.

M. Kisito NGALAMOU, à Bamenda
Publié le 25-05-2006
La Nouvelle Expression

Fon  Lawrence

It would have been a terrible shame if the Ngwasiri´s gang complete failed to make Cameroonians know that they are still alive on as the day for the convention approaches.Any news coming from Y´de is Propaganda.

We know the SdF family is in Bamenda evident in that all provinces organised their primaries and unanimously declared for Bamenda.Any noise from Y´de will be short lived


Pascal Zamboe, Muna and co.,
If proff. Ngwsiri dies, you guys will be held responsible for pushing a patient to dare 'Tyson'.
I am already trying to get in touch with the family of the proff who is 'lying in state' in the Yaounde reference hospital.
These fellows will not go unpunished.
I have just heard that at least one person has been shot dead this morning in Yaounde caused by Muna and Zamboe in an attempt to seize the secretariat sealed by gendarmes to abort their evil agenda against the Cameroonian people.
See what France through Muna's agency is doing to our country.
Agents! Agents! of the devil France.


bad news from bamenda
the post will tell you all about the news soon.i am not in possition to say it.
however all is well in yaounde though they have been doing everything to kill.
there is hit coming from bamenda,mass confusion,people grumbling about the feimen.
is finish lets only have hope from yaounde.


if you kill ngwasiri remember that he will be a hero.the man who freed us from feimen


Dear readers,

My regards to all those who contributed to the memo sent to the Bamenda convention. It should teach the forum that we don't have a "god" we adore as others claim. We stand for the truth. We stand for the better SDF.

One person shot dead? Look at the confusion Ngwasiri and his people are causing our party. What's the meaning of all this?

The fight is on and those who had and have bad intensions will NOT know rest. God's in control.

Son Of Ako.




Momo with childish propaganda,

Momo how old are you????????




Roki of Shanghai

Samleyin (Aloysius Galabe);
KNganjo (Kennedy Nganjo);
Fon Lawrence;
Klemenceau (Tadia Clement);
Watesih (San Ke);

Honestly guys, that's a job well done. I'm not a good politician myself but i must praise your efforts.Goodluck.




Fon Lawrence and co.
Objectivity and goodfaith demands that you guys address another memo to Clement Ngwasiri's convention. This is what we call statemanhood. U might not agree with his ideas but if u have "your" party at heart it would be imperative for you to do same. Who knows if u guys could strike a peace deal between these erring giants?

Tayong just reasoning aloud.


Stop playing the tortoise here!As i have always said on this forum,we don`t negotiate with terrorists.That will send a wrong message to would be hostage takers,and political problems will continue to bedevil the African countries.Which Ngwasiri convention are you talking about? You can contribute to a group that has got ideas of their own.The SDf programmes its convention on May 26th,they also decide to do same,the SDF mentions three names as invitees (Charles Doumba,Cardinal Tumi,The US Ambassador),these are also the three names they decide to mention.
Tayong i thought your sing-song about the SCNC has made of you a hardened respecter of constitutionality,but i`m taken aback,when you start preaching divisive tendencies.This is the second political blunder of the century an apparently young man like you has made.The first blunder had to do with BenF or B calling on Fru Ndi to go over to Yaounde and storm the Ngwasiri convention.Some of the thugs led by Muna might have heded to this call by BenF and actually started formenting trouble.By asking us to contribute to Ngwasiri`s convention portrays that you fully accept and encourages the splitting of the SDF.You want us to be accomplices to this hideous crime of ngwasiri`s,but we will never fall into cheap traps.What type of peace deal would you expect us to strike between these two warring factions? Our Contribution is based on strengthening the party and respecting constitutionality ,something Ngwasiri and his gang doesn`t want to hear.
How can we be contributing ideas to a dissident group? This is just like opening an arms factory in pakistan and asking Ben Laden to be the General manager!


Please u have misunderstood me man. If u read my comment well u would have gotten my point. U rightly stated my point somewhere.
This is what I meant. The memo you guys have written sounds good. If another highly worded open letter could have been sent to these guys in Yde maybe they could listen to you better since all attempts have failed. I didnt at all take sides . U know i dont militate so far in this affair Watesih.

Thank u


This is the news the pushed me to asking u guys to intervene in order to avoid bloodshed.I didnt mean to aks you to dine with your enemy as u put it. Of course I respect constitutionality Watesih.Thats why I fight the injustices and the unconstitutionl mariage forced on the anglophone by UN and Ahidjo.

Here is the news I gathered from that French website where we are fighting our battles.

YAOUNDE - 26 MAI 2006
© Jean Baptiste Ketchateng, Mutations

Grégoire Diboulé, 49 ans, secrétaire administratif du Comité exécutif provincial du Centre du Sdf, est mort ce vendredi matin autour de 5h à Yaoundé...

Selon divers témoignages concordants, il a été battu à mort par un groupe de personnes non identifiées qui ont pris d'assaut le siège provincial du Sdf au petit matin. Une dizaine de blessés, dont deux cas graves, ont également été enregistrés dans différents centres hospitaliers de la ville à la suite de cette attaque. Des sources policières qui ont requis l'anonymat révèlent que les personnes interpellées sur les lieux du crime à Yaoundé (une trentaine), au quartier Olezoa, en contrebas du Mess des officiers, viennent sont établies dans la ville et dans des localités environnantes, mais aussi du Nord-Ouest. Ce qui laisse penser à certains que les assassins de Grégoire Diboulé ont été commandités par les adversaires de Clement Ngwasiri, le président de la Cellule des conseillers du Sdf qui a convoqué un congrès électif du parti à Yaoundé ce 26 mai. En effet, ce même jour, s'est ouvert un congrès du Sdf à Bamenda, sous les auspices du Comité exécutif national (Nec) emmené par John Fru Ndi.

Au Palais des Congrès de Yaoundé où devait se tenir le congrès de la faction Ngwasiri, les militants ne s'étaient pas encore réunis jusqu'à la mi-journée. La présence des forces de police anti-émeutes était par contre remarquable. De sources officielles, l'autorité administrative de céans, l'adjoint au sous-préfet de l'arrondissement de Yaoundé II, a par ailleurs pris des dispositions pour que la convention de Yaoundé ne puisse pas se tenir. Dans les rangs des militants du Sdf qui avaient choisi de se rendre au congrès de Yaoundé, l'on a enfin pu apprendre qu'une partie des principaux organisateurs de cette rencontresouhaiteraient reporter la tenue du congrès.

Les violences au sein du Sdf sont souvent enregistrées à l'approche des congrès. En 1998, à l'initiative de Mahamat Souleymane et du Dr Takoudjou, un congrès du Sdf convoqué à Yaoundé avait également été empêché par des violences perpétrées sur ces deux anciens militants et sur leurs biens.

Baye Francis

Gwasiri go ahead, you are better than Fru Ndi. may be tthrough you we may have change in Cameroon.


99.999999 ~= 99.998
Bangwa ~= Bafut

The second english speaking town(village) to Bangwa (99.9999999) is Bafut (99.998) just a difference of 0.001. So if Ngwasiri is from 99.998 then no one should doubt that the struggle being metted by the SCNC is the final solution to our problem.

brethren ans sisters open your eyes and ears.


Dear All,

The Solution to the Southern Cameroonian Problem can only be provided by our beloved SCNC.

Mr Biya and his gang of criminals of the SDF are winning from all fronts. I hope now that the SDF is completely destroyed, this party fanatics in this forum will realise that their true future lies with the SCNC.

Long Live the SCNC.


Watesih and co,
You are nchindas of these FEYMEN who have taken our party hostage and we will not negotiate with them. You must be a dull grade 3 teacher who has been eating crumbs from these FEYMEN. If you were eating well from the JFN mangeoire, you could have been very busy these past days. We are going to unmask all of you. We have already unmasked some who claim to be teaching and cannot spell their names. Did Fon Lawrence leave Unibam to chase some deutschmarks out there? You deserve face spitting coz you and your clique are really disgusting. Despite the assasination your likes have carried out you still open that stinking mouth to blame Ngwasiri. Who has come to Bamenda to disrupt your 'play-acting' in the name of convention?


Teribobs, Dear comrades,

To further prove that the Southern Cameroon does NOT belong to Central africa has been released when all the newly printed coins (1fr, 2frs, 3frs, 5frs, 25frs, 50frs, 100frs etc) has no ENGLISH word inscribed on them.
I have all the samples posted to me here.

Let's leave this SDF issue and join the SCNC ideas.

So Mukete and Dr. A.A Argbornbai etc you all will believe that we dont belong to to the East Cameroon talkless of the whole Central Africa.

SCNC fight for us.

Aluta continua, Victoria Arcetia



...I condemn the dead of Gregoire Diboule with all my strength. It was barbaric, inhuman and criminal;
...This act, I strongly believe, was perpetrated by frustrated SDF militants (NOT MASTERMINDED BY ANY BIGWIG) who couldn't fold their arms and watch the baby they all laboured for be split by some "belly politicians" and selfish persons;
...However, may his soul rest in perfect peace...

...Out of the main subject but in the ISSUES, note that Fru Ndi even pleaded with NEC members to grant the candidacy of Djamen but it was overlooked.
...An advocate for democracy, MUKETE plans to kill the think factory(Klamenceau, Fon Lawrence, Watesih, Akoson, Aaaron Nyangkwe, Knganjo, Ndi O. , Murena Rennee, etc,) by enlisting them into his "black book" for speaking the truth. What an irony!!! These guys will be sent to exile should this "social democrat" becomes president. Primitive politician!

My Dearest Cameroonians Of Good Faith,

Before I make a comment on this sad incident I want you to note that the arguments in the SDF is almost similar to that between evolutionists and theists. I'll talk about this sometime in the future. But first begin thinking about it; Hitler and Stalin all held steadfast to the doctrine of evolution to eliminate the "unfit". Was this a good policy? I'll relate this to the present SDF imbroglio soonest.

To the issues. To me it's dull and unthinkable that Chairman Fru Ndi has got a hand in this shit. This is something we should never believe. I understand that his ENEMIES and detractors'll do everything humanly possible to frame up stories and say irresponsible things they cannot even back up(before the court of law), against his person in a bid to get this metador in Bamenda, the Conscience of Cameroon, unpopular. Because good and evil exists we shouldn't doubt what's happening. Ni John Fru Ndi has, since his political career condemned violence in all its entirety.

I do not adore people. I don't adore humans. I adore ONLY God. Everyone has got a mind to reason though some reasons of a school may be stronger than others. The fact that you reason harder than another person and that yours is founded upon more reasonable grounds doesn't contain ABSOLUTE truth as its the product of the human mind and not GOD. If any court of law finds anybody guilty, then let justice take its course. Again I don't adore people as EVIL men want people to believe.

I have never seen a leader in the whole wide world as unique as Fru Ndi. Note that Fru Ndi is not yet a leader but he only heads a political party. Let's just call him a leader. We all have eyes to see good qualities in a person. That's why Fon Lawrence doesn't bother to argue with an embecile like Samelyin cos he saw a bad personality in this guy. People with bad personalities don't govern well. The man, Ni John Fru Ndi has good personality and as of now, he remains the best candidate to tailor the affairs of the best party ever existed in African politics. Some like MUKETE THE EVIL MAN and an illiterate in disguise call him an "illiterate". I wonder how an "illiterate's" candidacy for the position of president could be granted in a country which has all sorts of intellectual giants especially in THEIR field of political science. I wonder how a body like MINEDUC, full of the best intellectuals could accept and still accept an "illiterate's" file for the post of president. What are the criteria that qualifies someone to become president in Cameroon? Does the man, Fru Ndi meet them? If I wasn't a christian I would ask God to curse the mouths of illiterates in this forum who dodn't even know how to use a dictionary to see what the MEANINGS of illiteracy really are. It wouldn't be superfluous for me to educate some of you on my personal findings of what the personality of Ni John Fru Ndi is. When you go through it, curse your reason if you fail to REASON well that accusing the man behind such FINE personality about the recent killings or many others is shear naivity.

There are some clear characteristics that are found in good leaders. These qualities can be developed or may be naturally part of their personality. Ni John Fru Ndi's got an exemplary character. It is of utmost importance that we trust him to lead us. A leader needs to be trusted and be known to live their life with honesty and integrity. A good leader “walks the talk” and in doing so earns the right to have responsibility for others. True authority is born from respect for the good character and trustworthiness of the person who leads. Fru Ndi has always had a good character and he openly denounces violence. Why do we label him with all such bad descriptions cos of hatred? We've got our consciences! I've got many other characteristics and proofs that Fru Ndi is a good leader. For the purpose of time and without much ado. I'd love to summarise them in point form.

1. A good leader is enthusiastic about their work or cause and also about their role as leader. Does Ni John Fru Ndi Lack this?People will respond more openly to a person of passion and dedication. Ni John is a source of inspiration, and is a motivator towards the required action or cause of the SDF which I could summarise as the PLIGHT OF THE COMMON MAN ON THE STREETS..."Power to the people". Although the responsibilities and roles of a leader may be different, the leader needs to be seen to be part of the team working towards the goal. How has Fru Ndi not worked towards that goal that we want him to step down and destory in one day the Rome he's been building for ages. I wish to tell VALLY OF ENGLAND that should Fru Ndi step down, then all his efforts in the past will be counter-productive. If it were you would you do this? Fru Ndi is a leader who'll not be afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty. He's the mostly seen politician in Africa by his people. He goes to the slums and ghetos. What has this man done? Why do we sit on our consciences?

2. Fru Ndi is a confident leader. In order to lead and set direction he has always apeared confident as a person and in the leadership role. He doesn't shy away and give in to coup plotters. By so doing he inspires confidence in others and draws out the trust and best efforts of the team to complete the task well. A leader who conveys confidence towards the proposed objective inspires the best effort from team members. We all know that there's a split cos of selfish interests. He is just like a mother hen who'll first protect her chickens when there's danger. He doesn't stagger in fear. He's confident. That's why he, Fru Ndi even pleaded with NEC members to grant the candidacy of Djamen but it was overlooked. This tells us that he's NOT the Almighty of the SDF and NOT a dictator. If I were a NEC member I would've constitutionally and intelligently denied Djamen since the contrary was unconstitutional and would've paved the way forward for similar things to happen in the future. Feel me! Fru Ndi ha always functioned in an orderly and purposeful manner in situations of uncertainty. That's why everyone has always looked upon him during times of uncertainty and unfamiliarity and found reassurance and security as he's always portrayed confidence and a positive demeanor.

3. Fru Ndi has always been are tolerant of ambiguity and remained calm, composed and steadfast to the main purpose. Storms, emotions, and crises have come and gone but he takes these as part of the journey and keeps a cool head. The more reason why everyone EVEN ME kept on urging him to run helter skelter to the media to deliver his story. No! He wouldn't. That's just him - a good leader. He doesn't panic. He's in control! He'll visit the media when the right time comes.

4. Ni John as well as keeping the main goal od the SDF in focus is able to think analytically. What has Fru Ndi not done for us to crucify his leadership qualities? Is it cos of selfish interests?

5. Fru Ndi is always committed to excellence. Second best never been in his dictionary as it doesn't lead to success. The Matador in Bamenda only maintains high standards, but also is proactive in raising the bar in order to achieve excellence in all areas.

Are these qualities we should all dismiss with a simple sigh? He needs our support. Let's forget about coup plotters and those who're only interested to join government...a government full of corruption, nepotism, laxity, marginalisation, subjurgation, wanton human rights abuse and other forms of white-collar criminality. Is this a government we clamour to join? Or we just want to be called minsiters? Oh belly politics?

Gentlemen, you've got your senses. Look at the situation and study the field then DRAW A LINE. I love you all...EVEN YOU MUKERE who wants to kill me by putting my name in the black list. This is someone who talks about democracy and freedom of speech, yet he puts names in black lists. Nonsense!

Don't go away!

Twisted-thinking forehead, SON OF AKO, London School Of Economics And Political Science.



Hey Massamoyo,

Do you want us concentrate on the SCNC issue solely cos some coins you have doesn't have English version insribed on it? Do we eat English? Your claims're lacking for us to concentrate on the SCNC now. You should rather change a tactic and write more sorrowfully to arrest the conscience of people in the house. Tell them in a convincing fashion like BenF that we've got to surrender every palavar and talk SCNC. Tell them that we are a people of a different cultural identity with different destiny...tell them more and not coins. I bet they'll certainly listen to you. You could meet Tayong, Rexon and the rest for more spices. Be sure NOT to forget consulting BenF to direct you on the writing style which will certainly cajole the reader.

Got me?

Stay blessed. I LOVE THE SCNC STRUGGLE. But the lobbying force of the leaders need much be desired.

Have a nice day.





It puzzles me that you argue that we do not eat english, thus justifying the fact that the coins should rightly be printed without English inscriptions on it because it is merely used as a medium of exchange. It is a fact that it is merely a medium of exchange, but if you see every coin, there as an inclusion of the cultural heritage of the country where it is to be used. Thus, you cannot see a standard british coin in another language other than english (and or gaelic, welsh, etc). But it must be in English as that is the language that unifies the british. If our own coins does not have any english inscription, then it is not our coins. That goes one way to comfirm that we are not part of la republique francaise du cameroun which your SDF is linking us to.

Tita Mofaw

Forget and forgive should be the motto of the SDF.
Ngwassiri is sick now and he looks pale and hungry.The SDF should contribute money and help him.After all he is one of the founding members.



My dear comrade thanks for the advice. In fact I have realised you are a new comer in this forum. If not you would have realised my many contributions since 2002/2003.
Others can testify to you based on your ignorance of how I do write here.
The English issue on the new coins is just a mile stone on the many issues I have been writing.

If we do not eat English, you Akoson is using this very language to express yourself here and not the Njari vernicular of Ako.

Any way thanks for thr criticism and I am glad you have declared your stance concerning the SCNC.

Aluta continua, Victoria Arcetia

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