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« Ngwasiri Still Hell Bent On Y'de Convention | Main | One Killed as SDF Split Turns Violent »

Thursday, 25 May 2006


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You ability as a freedom fighter will never be doubted again ! You remember three days you calmly told me you were a freedom fighter.I did not kick against this and just two days after,your good work has produced the first victim on this forum.
Two days ago you threatened to spill the beans if Mukete continued misleading Cameroonians.I`m happy you used the word Cameroonians and not Fru Ndi,so you are taliking for all Cameroonians.When he discovered you knew his brother Mukete Ivo well,he nearly passed out,and immediatelt owned up.
He accepted that there existed and still exist a Cpdm mafia that murder Lawyer Esseme.I am calling on your as a freedom fighter and somebody who craves for the truth,to go to the end of your logic ,by asking Mukete to give the details of this Cpdm mafia to Cameroonians.If not let him shut up and look for a place and hide.Your father cannot be murdering Cameroonians ,yet
you want to pass for a moral voice.
Cameroonians are not fools and are not going to be dictated to by killers.
Thanks again Tayong for actually felling one of the dangerous Cpdm hitmen on this form.I hope you will keep using your trump card to bring all these Muketes of the world to book.

You go out there for the yaounde convention,and instead of giving us feedback on the issues at stake ,you keep telling us about Atangha.Atangha is our man ou the beat and is busy with our Bamenda convention.You mean he should leave important business and get excited about laptops and supersonic telephones or what?
You haven got anything doing in yaounde,thats why you can afford the time to wait in front of Polytechnique the whole day.Where would a delegate have time to go out there and wait for people the whole day?
All eyes and ears are on Bamenda,so Atangha will not entertain a heckler ,who is counting on him to brief him on the situation in the SDF.Where did you hand in your 500,000frs? To the Mberes at the Palais de Congres? You may leave Yaounde one of these days,have you taken off time to visit you gang leader Ngwasiri in hospital? Don`t you think your 500,000frs should rather be given to him,to settle his hospital bills? Yes,because there`s no convention!
Vally ,you would never make a good journalist or even emissary! Instaed of briefing Cameroonians on the latest about the Yaounde convention,you instead make a promise to come back to it,but spent time telling us about your idling at Emia.You seem to be as confused out there,as Fritzane and Momo.


valley of England,
We expected you to have been very busy with the convention.Why are you telling us you spent your time waiting for Atangha in a beer parlour.Atangha was busy with the convention in Bamenda.No time for him to spend idling in beer parlours as you did.Sorry sir.At one moment you were spoted reporting from palais de congres in Yaounde ,at another you were spotted drinking the whole day at an off liecence waiting for Atangha in Melen.This is history.Left England with a sattelite laptop only to be waiting for Atangha at Melen.Mr England are you mentally ok? Atangha is a very busy gentleman sir.He does not have time to play around with political nonentities.It's a pity you can't reason beyound your nose.However,Mr England did you succeed in getting Asonganyi's number? As stupid as you are you probabaly thought this guy though expell from the sdf does not know you are merely waisting your time.He is a seasoned intellectual and should be able to reason beyound his nose.

Awa George

Ni John, Ni Fru, Ni Ndi,

The lesson giver of Democrcy in the early 1990's is now correcting the sheet of Mr. Biya. Hanging up there by all means, even if it means violence and killings. This is what is said "You do not see the ass of a hen unless the wind has blown". It is a pity.


Your man Atangha requested meeting me in yaounde,read one of his mails earlier.I put my mouth were my head is i then gave him my itinary yet he failed as usual to turn up.Look you guys must grow up and be serious,you want to hear what is going on at the yaounde convention,why not tell us what is going at the bamenda convention.Boys we are equal to the task we know what we are doing.The sdf we come out with the best of alternatives with or without Fru ndi watch.

I now begin to realised that some are just noise makers on this forum.



I met prof Asonganyi at the convention venue who breifly came greeted guest then left.I am not a fool like you lots,we had a convention with close to 1000 delegates.Fru ndi's trouble has just started,the president of NAC prof Ngwasiri while sick address the congrss. Goats!!!!!!!!!!!We hard a convention and it was tremendous.
Mukete i will be posting you documents compiled for the convention on those useless loothers Fru ndi/mbah ndam and others.They think they are smart,but the sdf has smarter guys.



Asonganyi came to have a look at what fools and terrorists were doing.You know he`s an intellectual and always want to see things for himself.Zamboue said two days ago that Ngwasiri was getting better and will come to preside over the opening ceremony.Isn`t this a bad omen for somebody to welcome a brand new baby in a sick bed?
You should know Ngwasiri`s illness is self-inflicted,because he could not stand the results of his treachery when Jua was literally exterminated by Fru Ndi.
Vally,our convention took place in Bamenda at the Conference centre,where did yours take place? Are you also hiding the name of the venue from Cameroonians? Has Fru ndi`s problems just started because Ngwasiri addressed your comvention in his sickbed? Instead of poeting the resolutions of your convention to Mukete ,so that he can share the contents with all Cameroonians
,you want to post stories about looting that cameroonians have been hearing on daily bases.Vally,really you went to Cameroon for a convention,just brief Cameroonians on what you have seen and heard.Do you want to transfer your brains to Mukete? Things are not also easy for him,because he also accepted that his father murdered Lawyer Esseme ,but that it is a Cpdm mafia,that he dares not tell us.
Vally ,you and Mukete are telling us nothing about the Yaounde convention,but immediately you will get air of what has transpired in bamenda,you will jump out like mad bulls and start making fuss about Fru Ndi.You people did not send ideas to your congregation of nitwits and terrorists in Yaounde,but Mukete was so jealouse of the Memo we prepared for our convention that he spent sleepless nights writing fiction about it.
The son of England,its really a pity to grope in darkness,and be careful next time when you here people talking about the SDf and Fru Ndi.Yesterday Momo started weeping that Ngwasiri is a bad man,and that there were only 40 thugs seen at Polytechnique waiting for people the whole day.But you are now telling us that the number mysteriously rose to 1000.By the way how can the convention of a new movement like yours only have 1000 delegates.Wonders shall never end.Boy come back and meet your father Mr England and continue putting your life together,rather than being blown around in Yaounde by the wind.



The way you are just accusing Fru ndi of the killings in Yaounde brings no doubt if any one is accusing you of the killing of Esseme.

So Mukete you are supposed to be brought for justice to prevail because Im sure you led the thugs that your father sent to kill this gentleman.

SCNC fight for us and we shall surely win



The way you are just accusing Fru ndi of the killings in Yaounde brings no doubt if any one is accusing you of the killing of Esseme.

So Mukete you are supposed to be brought for justice to prevail because Im sure you led the thugs that your father sent to kill this gentleman.

SCNC fight for us and we shall surely win

Fon  Lawrence

Have you been cursed? Can you for one moment try to pick up an issue and analyse it as one who went to school? Each time you surface,it is to call names or throw praises to particular persons irrespective of the garbage posted

Dr. A:A. Agbormbai

Let it be known that I have not posted any article on this forum during the last several days. It is regretable that people are using my name to write all sorts of things. Please be courageous enough to identify with your ideas


It is close to a year since we started carting the way forward for our beloved sdf,by now we all know why we are so committed to this our child,the material and financial loss is beyound comprehension,that's why we are doing all to save her.

My travelling to the convention of my choice with all conviction shows my commitment to what i beleive and love,some of you lots are very dissappointing,making noise by day then shut your tail by night.

Watesih,sorry we have done what patriotic people must do in times like this,rest assured we are on course,we are not suilyman,maidadi,we are sons and daugthers from the NW with the same gene and blood as fru ndi.We are also very equal to all that will come,and are ready.

The sdf has lost the plot because some want to be eating with Paul Biya,and desperately too,if Mbah ndam does get his way the sdf will be in gov't tomorrow,with the same biya we have called all sought of names not long ago.Now they are sending him motion of support,prof Asonganyi as SG used to counter all their diabolical moves with another or the best that the sdf has,nothing has happen since he left because Biya should not be annoyed else he will withdraw all their new found priviledges.These are just some of the reasons why we must bring the party back on course.For this happen fru ndi can not be at the helm,for he has lost focus after 16 years.



I have never felt pity and at the same time disdain for somebody like Muna ,as i did today when i saw his name at the top of the carricature of the list of a convention that was scorned at by sundry.I had always said it on this forum that Muna was dieing to bear that name SDF chairman and that he was even going to do everything ,even if it meant killing someone(Djiboule) to attain his goal.
Vally ,deep down you are also very disappointed and doubful of Muna`s designs.You remember you spent all your day infront of Polytechnique waiting for Atangha,and at the end of the day you went home,promising to send Mukete stories about
looting in the SDF.You yourself must really be surprised how a list came out with names without a convention held.Yesterday i asked you to tell me where your convention was holding,no answer.Even now ,you don`t have an answer,but Muna is Chairman of an imaginary SDF.Pitiful,isn`t it?
yeah,Vally you are right to talk of patriotism.By assisting in a coup d`etat that led to the death of a Cameroonian,really shows you are very patriotic! If i were you i will just put my tail between my legs and return to England.
You people just went out there to lose face for nothing.Agbormbai and many others were clamouring for a change of name at least for the dissident group.But you see what an eternal copy cat like Muna is doing.
You say Fru Ndi and the SDf are bad, but when they programme their convention on the 26th May,you people do same,and now you people will never want to take few steps from the name SDF.What a shame.
It is even good that you people have created your own SDf and now have your chairman.Stop talking about Fru Ndi and "our dear" SDF and talk about the policies you are going to implement in your new SDF.Yeah,Muna is at the helm now carry on!

Tabi (Sweden)

If I may ask, Is there no superannuation age limit in Cameroon? If there is then why do old people like Ni John Fru Ndi still anxious to rule the nation. I think Fru Ndi is only struggling to demonstrate his selfish desires. A man who cannot bring peace in his own house can without doubt not bring peace into another person's house.

fru Ndi nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Biya the betterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for peace.


Dr A.A Agbormbai, readers,

Dear readers if actually Dr A.A is saying the truth that he has not been posting any comment on this forum then I will like to advice people to use thier own name is posting their comments here. This is total defamation of character for I was surprised all the useless articles posted before were from a Doctor.

I was doubting its you praising Biya and the SDF faction and neglicting the SCNC course.

Dr. A.A please dont worry I know you reason very well and if actually someone is using your name here, I therefore count all the above comments by the ghost null and void.


defamation=deformation, name is...= using in..., neglicting=neglecting


"Dr" Agbormbai,
Where does your "last several days" begin and why have you not posted comments for the "last several days"?


Either disown or acknowledge the articles below.If you do recognise them,please let me know the meaning of the "last several days"

"Samleyin (Aloysius Galabe);
KNganjo (Kennedy Nganjo);
Fon Lawrence;
Klemenceau (Tadia Clement);
Watesih (San Ke);

With all the garbage that you lot have been posting on this forum regarding Fru Ndi, I must for once praise your efforts in coming up with a useful intellectual piece on sorting out the Bamenda version of the SDF party.

However, with the insecurity and dictatorship that underpin the behaviour of the protagonists of this SDF, I doubt very much that your important suggestions will go down well with them.

Nevertheless, I believe that the Yaounde SDF can, and will, benefit a great deal from your proposals. Ultimately you too may be forced to abandon the false SDF and join the true version.

Posted by: Dr. A. A. Agbormbai | May 26, 2006 at 03:13 AM "

"Advocates of the Bamenda SDF should be in Bamenda. What are they doing fighting the
Yaounde SDF in Yaounde? Who is the trouble maker here?

Are they concerned that all will abandon them and go instead to Yaounde?

Posted by: Dr. A. A. Agbormbai | May 26, 2006 at 07:57 AM


There is some considerable difference between me and you in alot on how the sdf has to move forward.Remember we all critised Muna in the yester years when he was derailing the party,he was brought back into the fold by the party hierachy through the reconciliation forum.

What muna did some years ago is that worse than what fru ndi is doing today?i see no difference instead that of fru ndi is going out of hands.That nobody can rule the sdf better than fru ndi is all crab,if you ask my opinion as a man from the NW i will say the right successor of fru Ndi at the helm of the sdf should have been prof Asonganyi.
He tiredlessly served the party for 12 years as SG and did a woundeful job,when he question fru ndi and Mbah ndam of their secret dealings with Biya look at what they did to him,you think the guy does not love money or it must only be Fru ndi and mbah Ndam.This is why the sdf has not move on as we all expected because some think it must only be they and nobody else,they distort the constitution to do what they want and tell you there is no better person.If the sdf constitution is well respected any body can run the party,hence we developed the culture of training people to move the party forward,give them time to function,monitor their loyalty then you move them forward,while those who have served to the apex retire and only render advised.16 years is a reasonable time to lead,yet he is coming from bamenda with more years what do you think he will do rather than meet biya to stael.

Watesih do you think if fru ndi after serving 16 years,knowing that prof Asonganyi has been his SG for 12 years retires and he becomes the sdf chair while Fru ndi is in the honourary chair the sdf must have been divided today.NO.With the constitution of Sdf there would have been smot functioning with all the checks and balances.That's what the sdf need,not personalising the party.

What happen is, fru ndi realising that his SG and others have got wings of the deals Mbah took him into,started talking of changing the constitution so he can appoint executive,deviating from the constitution,he was getting scared organising a convention because he knew the challenged will be unberable,he started dismissing party members whom he is aware would be posing threat,what have we today two sdf.

You can not challenged fru ndi afterall he is chair for life,in democracy majority carries the day,i did not vote muna in the convention in yaounde but as a democrat you have to allowed the will of the people,i told him after the vote it is a chance to proof your worth and shame your doubters,if he does not i will still challenged him like i have just done to fru ndi,untill uou give somebody the chance you never know.

Watesih,if you ask me between Muna/Fru ndi who do you want i will choose Muna,why? because i have given fru ndi 16 years and he is got to the wall there's not more he can do.let me see what muna will be doing,untill i am proven otherwise i have to rest my case.



The very successful Convention in Bamenda has ended on a very positive note. All the teaming populations of delegates are now returning to their destinations.
The SDF has become stronger than ever before.
Muna and his dismissed cohorts held an illegal meeting to mourn their burial in a bacyard in Yaounde with hired holigans from Briqueterie etc which lasted less than an hour and he called it a convention, of whatever.
Ngwasiri himself boycoted. Asonganyi boycoted etc.
This muna is worst than his father. He has added salt to the injuries his father caused cameroonians.
Its a cursed family. Ndeh Ntumasah said it already..'there is no Meta person called Muna except this one and his progeny.'


I have no doubt that postings that have recently been made in the name of Dr. A.A. Agbormbai are fake. To begin with, Dr Agbormbai has never gone to any school in Nigeria, not to talk of the the University of Calaba. Secondly I know that Dr. A.A. Agbormbai graduated from CCAST Bambili in 1981 and therefore could not have been a PhD from calabar in 1964. Please lets stop all these childish acts of writing and using other peoples' names. This is shameful, to say the least.


I am amazed to hear that Dr.Agbormbai graduated from CCAST Bambili since 1981 and is still very very immature in his reasoning on basic issues as reflected on this forum. Lack of objectivity has crumbled him, leaving a skeleton of what his calibre should be.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


The comment containing 'last several days' was not posted by me. The comments that you quoted were all mine.

There is a clown in this forum, from your camp, who is taking delight in misrepresenting me, Mukete, and Momo.

You will have to judge for yourself which comments are real and which are fake.


So there is no democracy even with the SDF. Infact there is political victimisation going on in all political parties in Cameroon.I presume all these so call opposition parties are political clawms.From Fru Ndi,s he is more of a Hitler in the 21st century..Fru Ndi you better join charles Taylor in the Genocide Tribunal..I don,t think SDF is better than the CPDM....Charles ,Ireland.


How would you expect me to give you a choice between Muna and Fru Ndi? They two are now comfortably in two different parties
.Now that you have got somebody like Muna to criticise ,i hope you are going to concentrate on him and please give Fru Ndi some breathing space.Don`t keep talking about 'our dear SDf".Fru Ndi has taught us future leaders of Cameroon never to trample on constitutionality,that is why those who thought they were University Dons and were untouchable were brought to reality.By ridding the SDf of witchhunters,he saved the soul of this party ,which still has to prove its worth in years and decades to come.Had the SDf accepted Muna to run for elections,that would have neeb the end of the legal framework of the party.He wanted to be chairman at all cost,that is why even after the government banned the holding of any convntion in Yaounde,he brought together thugs in a hideout and proclaimed himself chairman.Vally ,do you know why Asonganyi has been lukewarm about all the noise you people were making,it because he had nursed the idea of launching his own " centre of the universe" with the "authentic SDF militants".He does not really want to play second fiddle to this Muna whom he knows very well.You even saw how BenF was doing everything on this forum to highlight the fact that Asonganyi was the general coordinator of the activities of the Yaounde
convention.This trying to co-opt somebody who has his own course and shows little interest in what these two power mongers are doing.
Vally continue nursing the wish that Fru Ndi would have resigned and handed over the mantle to Asonganyi.The SDf is the people`s party and it is up to the people to decide who they want as their leader,and also how long he has to be there.They did this recently when Fru Ndi thunderbolted Jua in his own fief.This is the same Asonganyi who is only dispossesed of party property by the law,and you will want this type to lead a party like the SDF.
I`m very happy because constantly point out the terrible behaviour of Muna,but what surprises me is how you will be going after somebody you know is terribly dubious.The SDf is a national party and it is not your place to insist about your northwest origine.This does not give you more knowledge about the party than somebody who comes from the West.It is your right to have thought of Asonganyi as the best successor to Fru Ndi,but your choice would have been done democratically ,rather than cutting away and bringing about the death of a cameroonian.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

And Fon, don't you realise that your too much writing on this forum, with little content, has been all in vain. This applies also to your cohort consisting of Watesih, K Nganjo, Akoson, etc.

It is not how much you write, but the quality you bring that matters. From your writings one can easily tell the level of your intellect.

You are running a political campaign of distortion of evidence rather than an intellectual campaign of truth. Don't you know that truth always ultimately prevails over falsehood?

That is where your lot and Fru Ndi's faction had it all wrong. Soon you will be the only ones left in Fru Ndi's party.


Never - I repeat Never- will I praise the dictator Ni John Fru Ndi or the sham he organized in Bamenda under the name of a convention, with the highest attending personality been the Secretary General of the CPDM.

The fact that people are trying to use the name of Dr. Agbormbai and my own name is prove that we are writing sense in this forum and that we are doing everything not to allow people like Klamenceau, Knganjo, Watesih, Aaaron Nyangkwe, Akoson, Fon Lawrence, etc. hijack this forum with undeserved praises for people who throw blood to maintain power. Why have we not see people using the names of Klamenceau, Knganjo, Watesih, Aaaron Nyangkwe, Akoson, Fon Lawrence? Why try to distort the ideas and facts from Dr. Agbormbai and mukete? Who is afraid of losing? Who has something to hide?"?

We can now see these blind supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi, and especially the water-mouth Watesih happily discussing issues on Muna with Vally. This is what these nitwits want, and they will do everything to shift discussion away from this Ntarikon Taliban leader - Ni John Fru Ndi. They will only recoil from shame to talk about this misfit and "chop wipe mouth" only when some of us do not write.

The way events have been unfolding in this forum shows that I have been bringing light to this forum. Readers must have realized that the exaggerated and fake use of the name mukete started when I ASKED VERY PERTINENT QUESTIONS ON THE DEATH OF Mr. MAKOGE IN THE COMPOUND OF NI JOHN FRU NDI. This was the last straw that broke the camel's back. Why have Klamenceau, Watesih (Achu stomach), Fon Lawrence, Aaron Nyangkwe, Akoson, Knganjo not yet commented on my analysis on the arranged Murder of Mr. Makoge right inside the house of Ni John Fru Ndi"? ALSO, THESE BLIND SUPPORTERS OF NI JOHN FRU NDI ACTUALLY SENSED DANGER WHEN I ELABORATED ON NI JOHN FRU NDI's PRIMITIVE METHOD OF ALWAYS SHIFTING RESPONSIBILITY OF HIS ACTIONS TO SIMPLE SDF MILITANTS. THEY COULD NOT HOLD THEIR WORTHLESS BREATH WHEN I EXPOSE THE FACT THAT NI JOHN FRU NDI IS USING BAMENDA/MENDAKWE/MANKON/NkWEN youths and old women while his are living peacefully in his Baba 2 village. This has since thought someone like Klamenceay a lesson and the man is now reflecting.

Worst of all, Klamenceau, Fon Lawrence, Watesih (water mouth),Knganjo and others are worried by the fact that I am investigating the original Memo they had sent to Ni John Fru Ndi's NEC and the instructions they had given in this Memo. I now challenge them to publish the cover letter that accompanied that Memo to Bamenda. Why do they publish only sections of the Memo without publishing the cover letter. Could such a Memo had gone without a cover letter? I will obtain a copy of that cover letter.

So long as Ni John Fru Ndi remains unrepentant, I will continue to expose his ugly sides. So long as this butcher of democracy does not ban his Ntarikon Taliban Militia, I will keep specializing on his vices. So long as this illiterate of the first order does not want to learn, we will put sense into his Bookshop brain. So long as this girl friend of Paul Biya does not stop intimidating able Cameroonians, I will chase him right into his ritual palace in Ntarikon. And if every one should surrender this divine duty, readers should rest assured that I have come here to stay. I wouldn't allow the idea of always taking Cameroonians hostage to continue.

They have used muketes before only to surrender. They should recall what a reader once said in this forum: If they cut off mukete's hands, he will write with his legs.

I have a divine duty here, and if selfish people feel slighted by the truth and light we bring here, then sorry, I have no regrets for writing. Instead, I will write more. Let them tell their Taliban Leader in Ntarikon to send his Taliban Militia from Ntarikon to tract me and kill me. Let them do this fast rather than using primitive methods here to divert readers from what we write.

Man pass man! Man no run!

(Investigating from under the Bed of Ntarikon Taliban Leader, Ni John Fru Ndi)


Fon Lawrence,
Before ,we gave a lot of worth to a lunatic like Mukete by debating with him.Now that we have sanctioned him,he has gone out yelling that i am only paying attention to Vally`s article.I think our strategy has worked as planned.Let him continue to spend sleepless nights chewing his gums about Fru Ndi.We are here to debate about all the issues in Cameroon and when it comes to the SDF,we are never going to fail to highlight the wonderful job Fru Ndi has been doing.
We are not frustrated and we don`t want to be seen or read at all cost,that`s why we will not call on any lunatic to read what we write.But Mukete has been begging us everyday to read what he writes and react.We are going to continue to sanction him until he explains to Cameroonians what he understands by a CPDM Mafia that ordered his father to kill Lawyer Esseme.There cannot be selective justice in Cameroon.
As for Agbormbai complaining about the number of articles we write,this is just out of frustration,because we countered the CPDM ploy to innundate this forum with anti-Fru Ndi propaganda.We stood up to them and they have now been humbled.He wants us to write few writeups ,so we can listen to the stories he reads from Cameroon Tribune.That will never happen.As cut off as he is from the situation in Cameroon,there`s practically nothing we can learn from him.Let him go back to his old self and continue sending motions of support to Mukete,whom he does not criticise despite his 10 kilometers write ups everyday.His intellectuallism is wanting judging from what he writes.there`s no lessons to learn from a Cpdm pimp.



I have concluded that you led the thugs your father sent to kill Lawyer Esseme. The saying gos that a thief hates being stolen so therefore you are vexed because someone (presumably) did your job.



Don't allowed me believe that your method of political followship end at the level of some staying as servant while others eat/steal with Biya.After 16 years at the helm what was fru Ndi's thinking,his SG serving him for 12 years for what?that's the problem the sdf has just got into,she is now failing to realised when to move poeple on,one of the greatest sins of Biya is his staying too long.Fru has just join him.

Fru ndi does not need to resigned, organising a convention and passing on the mantle,that's what people who knows and believe in democracy do,instead your man has another plans stay for life unfortunately it has been taken by force.

I will not be talking about Fru ndi anymore unless where he is trying to distort the truth.

The organisers of the killing in yaounde thought the organisers are week breed,they failed to realised we are NW stuff,this time around things have been very very ok.



Despite all the heat put on you all these days,you did not go into calling people names.If it were that primitive man from a primitive family Mukete,he would have gone crazy.He`s now unhappy because i and you exchange ideas as brothers.He wants to enjoy this privilege ,but he doesn`t know that murderers should be living in Kondengui ,instead of trying to undercut free citizens.
Vally why on earth will you want the Cameroonian people to compensate Asonganyi for being the SDF secretary general for 12 years.Do you know that it is the SDf that brought him to the limelight?It is as if you want this people to be paid for serving the people .No sir!
Fru Ndi does not need to hand over the mantle ,but organise a convention and give way.If he organises a convention and is still given the confidence ,why would you want to use force to deprive him of his leadership.
very good Vally,don`t talk about Fru Ndi again.Talk about your new chairman.There
is nothing like unless where he is trying to distort the truth.Talk only about the truth Muna will not distort.Bye and enjoy your new SDF!


No developments yet in Bamenda as to SG/Shadow gov't.
Do not be worried that the Muna stuff took place. It ends there because legally, they can not do anything using SDF colours/logo/slogan/constitution etc. They will have to get theirs and it will end up being different from our SDF and will equally die like that of other adventurers before them.



We may be having dangerous elements here in this forum.

Readers should please note the following destroyers into the Cameroonian black book. These are the people who in a secrete cover letter (accompanied by a Memo) to Ni John Fru Ndi, gave clear instructions on how he can deal with his opponents without the public noticing his involvement. These sell outs and sponsored agents of Ni John Fru Ndi are:

Samleyin (Aloysius Galabe);

KNganjo (Kennedy Nganjo);

Fon Lawrence;

Klemenceau (Tadia Clement);

Watesih (San Ke);

Langai Thedon.

They will pay heavily for teaming up with dictators and killers against the will of the people. These are people who started using this forum with the aim of joining Ni John Fru Ndi to tell us that White is Black. Cameroonians should isolate them. Cameroonians must be careful of them. This forum will be shocked with the content of the cover letter they sent to Ni John Fru Ndi, in which they assured him that they are using the internet to gather international support for him. They even cited The Postonline Forum as a place where they are educated Cameroonians and the world on the devilish activities of Ngwasiri.

Cameroonians should watch out against Samleyin (Aloysius Galabe); KNganjo (Kennedy Nganjo); Fon Lawrence;
Klemenceau (Tadia Clement); Watesih (San Ke); Langai Thedon and Aaron Nyangkwe. And please let us share their information and photographs, so that we know the traitors we are dealing with.

Details will be coming up here on the relationship that Samleyin (Aloysius Galabe); KNganjo (Kennedy Nganjo); Fon Lawrence; Klemenceau (Tadia Clement); Watesih (San Ke); Langai Thedon and Aaron Nyangkwe have been maintaining with those who want to take the SDF hostage.

Thank God, we are now able to distinguish the genuine freedom fighters from those with purely selfish interests to defend.


Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


It would be useful to post that letter here as evidence, if possible as a scanned copy. This is very serious and these guys could end up in jail, as accomplices, if the letter can be linked to the killing of Mr Diboule.


Which other person could confirm the use of propaganda,lies,
intimidation,divisive tendencies,thirst for blood, than this fiendish entity called Mukete.Can there be a better way of political victimisation than what the lunatic Mukete is trying to do?He is just mainly transposing here all the eerie deeds Cameroonians have been accusing him and his family of.Or how do you reconcile the fact that a simple Memo that young Cameroonians thought wise to contribute their own quota to the strengthening of the SDF is giving sleepless nights to lunatics.
Vengeance is a blind justice and for somebody to be calling on cameroonians to post our pictures and share information about us confirms the way his family hunted down lawyer Esseme.These are the thugs Nfon
Victor Mukete has trained all his life,and instead of hiding from civilised society,they dare come out to express their primitive instincts to rundown others.
We have refused to engage in any discussion of any nature with him,so his frustration is clearly visible.To vent his anger he is now exposing his primitive desire to kill us.What has a Memo we wrote and published many days before the convention has to do with cover letters.He thinks by pretending to expose us we are going to engage him in any formal debate.Lie!By pretending that there`s a cover Letter is not going to coverup the fact that Mukete accepted for the first time that the murdering of Lawyer Esseme was a Cpdm Mafia,spearheaded by his father.He should come out clearly and explain to Cameroonians what a Cpdm mafia is all about.
Let this hobble-di-hoy take a look at our names again and see whether his whole family and their thugs will even accept to have something doing with any of us for a minute.I Watesih,i`m ready to hand over my pictures to Mukete ,let him see the bone that has been giving him sleepless nights.All he has to do is come out openly with his e-mail address,if he is courageous enough.I even want him to publish this pictures on-line.He may have the notion that we are hiding.We can be out to fight for freedom and criminals like him and be hiding.Is Fru Ndi hiding,Did Mandela ever hide?
We have made up our minds not to give Mukete the honour he enjoyed last time by debating with us.Let him continue writing fiction and Momo,Vally,Fritzane ,Agbormbai
,BenF will read and send him motions of support.
Agbormbai if all this time Mukete cannot prove Fru Ndi`s dealings with the Cpdm,cannot accept to discuss the murder of Lawyer,something he partook in ,on a bootlicker like you will open your eyes wide when he starts talking about cover leters.Let him take a look at our names again and know that had it been any of these names were scratched as they did to Lawyer Esseme ,their slaughter room which they term palace in Kumba would have been
stormed and all criminals taken to Kondengui.

Fon  Lawrence

Mukete may succeed to lure you to react to his madness. His main objective is to trick us to get into an argument with him since we took a decision to abandon him.I will not be a victim because I know where he will end if we donĀ“t deviate from our stand.


Namondo Elangwe,

And not just the deplorable English language mistakes....the lack of ideas, the stupid excitement, the childish reactions.....make me wonder if these guys have ever passed through a school, any school for that matter. To say they are idiots is an understatement. I doubt how a serious student in LSE, as Akoson claims, will have all this time to post rubbish on a forum like this one which is meant for the exchange of ideas that can help Cameroon move forward. Watesih, Fon Lawrence and roxon must be the most idle Cameroonians living in the western world. The time they spend on this forum can attest to that. Time will tell.



Again, you have portrayed that you are just a bootlicket in this forum. Compare the amount of comments i have pasted and see if it is more than what some of your cohorts whose names you have not cited have pasted.


I'm afraid Fru Ndi has turn the worst of two devils and as sleazy as the Biya regime or any other instutition of such character and standing but he shall face his doom sooner or later. God help us root out these political zealots from our community. War, we shall fight and do it to the last. Anyone who fears death should not be born.
Rebell faction in the making.

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

Dear brothers both Pro-Fru and Anti-Fru,

It is with deep regret I write to you this sad note.Considering the fact that the two long awaited conventions(Bamenda and Yaounde)all came to pass yet we have no positive answers,no dynamic changes to the troubles and logger-heads,no new leadership and new draft constitition,no new image as expected.Therefore,what are the major programimg to set the party into its force as before??? The billion Dollar question that leaves many if not all the militants go mad......There are many more key issues that trigger our brains and make us to cogitate and come to a conclusion that we the militants and sympathisers, have become strangers in both LRC,The SDF and even in the SCNC.

My point of view is that there should be a joint congress for peace and reconciliation to be held in a neutral ground or venue.In this congress there should be invitee from the ruling LRC and CPDM,there should be members from home and abroad who are both dismissed and present members,should be a meeting aimed at ending this stalemate.I truely believe in the genuiness of the ruling of the party which can be achieved by this and only this means.If not then we are considering the SDF party as a two different states in one country.

Again, there are issues which should not be further tolerated mostly ones that go as far as tarnishing the image of the party at home and abroad.Look like the recent manslaughter which resulted to the killing of the devoted and active member Gregoire Doubele in Yaounde.This incident drove every militant crazy, until most and latest feed-backs reaching us involves Fru Ndi in the murder.

That notwithstanding, this is not the SDF we hoped to be before and after the long awaited convention.There are many burning issues that needs to be channeled so as alert the innocent militants to be aware of the latest developments.We all know when two elephants fight the grass suffers.....

'Power to the People'

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

Sorry Point of correction omg!
Neither CPDM invitees!! Nor Biya's stooges should be invited.They claim to love multipartism whereas they are in jubilation to see the SDF in disarray.

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