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Friday, 05 May 2006


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Billy Nso

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I don't see why the death of this man should be ruled as suicide. I don't see any suicide in this death. The Gerdarmes should not jump into conclusions without proper investigation. How can this man use a knife to commite suicide? This is not possible. The Gerdames should carry out the investigation right in the company. How can a Cashier take a sum that large in even one year. Does the company operate on a cash basis? Are controls not in place to guide against financial fraud

The Accounting system should be investigated. The General Manager should provide some answers.

This looks like murder to cover the theft.



Billy Nso,

You really know how those criminals in la republique du cameroun operate. They may have decided to do away with the life of this innocent man to hide their very murderous intentions.

We need to scrutinise these criminals.


Guys, this is typical of Cameroon. Anybody can write a confession letter on behalf of whoever. I join Billy and Rexon in strongly advocating for a deep and thorough investigation. This will certainly expose a lot and save one of our economic institutions. The fabrication is so weak and baseless that even a moron can with no effort determine that it is a grand sheme that when unravled will implicate many. The big shots have a lot of questions to answer. I guarantee it will be a large entanglement. Let justice be upheld again like in the Doh case.


The Cameroonian Penal Code does not prescribe a life sentence for embezzlement. We even have people jailed for just 15 years after reportedly swindling billions. The big doubt is; Is it posssible for any normal guy like the deceased to commit suicide because he fears,something probably less than a decade of imprisonment or public disdain?
Moreso, people in our lovely country, do not feel any shame for embezzling public funds like someone will feel caught stealing an okrika shirt in Kumba market.
This is altogether a farce, this man probably touched bitterleaf but others took advantage of him.
This is similar to cases where a taxation officer will poison his hierachy, even ignoring the fact that Yaounde will send another boss...wickedness, jealousy.
The murderers of Ngu are those who know him well and master his activities. The investigation should start from there.


Rexon, Billy and Steve,

I can't agree with you guys more. The late Ngu might have been killed and the case might just be a very clear case that the murderers might easily be traced and exposed to face justice.
But I want you guys to know that the recent arrests and jailing carried out by the representative of the French province LRC was just a window curtain to blindfold the world so as to attain the HIPC completion point. Now that they have achieved part of their objectives, you will see them back in full gear with their fire brand corruption and embezzlement styles.
Remember Biya bought a new jet recently. He might have taken the money from his account knowing fully well that after attaining the HIPC trash, he will just swindle the money meant for paying the cancelled debts into his account.
In fact I have just been saying that the case of Ngu might just die a natural death. How I wish the case could fall into the hands of some born beautiful one who will hammer these criminals.


Could this late guy Ngu, be that weak to the extent of prefering suicide to escaping,after embezzling money?
It puzzles me!


Jonny Pipe

Hi All,
Late Ngu was involved in a 419 business with Mutengene Based feyman, Called Colonel and was duped. First of all the real cause of his death has not been identified wither it was suicide or murder. Unfortunately Colonel who was arrested and detained is being rumored to have escape to a border country.


I agree with u massa . Popo arrested the Mendo Zes, Tinga Georges and the rest just to please others and now.................that we have attained the HIPC, he has bought a Jet hahahahahhahahah that is smart mr popo

Christopher Cook

Hi Guys what an amzing story, somebody embezelled 34million francs, another smart guy/guys duped him and took the money and later the fromer took away his own life leaving a letter of confssion. The whole thing is full with misery,

Sverige Posten

"Could this late guy Ngu, be that weak to the extent of prefering suicide to escaping,after embezzling money?
It puzzles me!"
Wahow...that was an intelligent reflection !!!!!!!!!


Jonny Pipe,

Who is that colonel from cham. can you brief me. is it lamen le fer, or someone of that rank in mutengene?


We should all keep an open mind. This guy might be a murderer victim. We should not forget people do commit suicide. Maybe Late Ngu killed himself, it is possible .If he did killed lf with a knife that is a very painfull way to go.


Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Pipe, Washow, Tayong, Klemenceau and others,

First hand breaking news.

Let me tell you guys what really happened. The guys who duped this man is called colonel but his real name is Dixon. He was living in Mutengene and moved and constructed a house at Tiko douala road.

He duped this guy, then was arrested and locked up at douala airport. Now, he has escaped from the country. But how did he escaped? wanders shall never end my brothers.

This guy was jailed and all his accomplices ran away. The superintendant of the prison where he was being locked up became his personal friend (i mean friend of the feyman). In one of their informal discussions, he realised that the superintendant was building a house. He told the superintendant that he has toilet pots and other building materials and that he can offer them to him for free.

Then the superintendant ordered warders to accompany him to his house for him to hand it to them. He now went with the warders, arranged with his wife who bought quality burning fish, wine, whiskies and other things for them to dine. As they were dining, he said he is going to arrange for the toilet pots and other building materials for the superintendant. As they were waiting inside, he escaped and never came back.

The warders were given 10.000 frs to go and drink somewhere and that dickson (colonel) will be coming. then they waited for several hours and he was calling them to say that he is somewhere to arrange for the building materials to be transported. they waited and waited, and he was not coming. Then they came back to his house and realised that all the house has been closed. there was nobody anywhere.

This is how the feyman escaped. Presently, he is in one of the asian countries. This is what la republique francaise du cameroun want us to doctrine our children. Alleged feymen, managing cameroun, what a shame?


Hey guys, nobody kills himself in la republique for any amount of money taken for his private use, not talk of only 34 million fcfa. The truth is somewhere else and needs thorough investigation. But my concern is, 'who is going to investigate the matter'? I can guaranttee you thank part of the 34 million fcfa has been conveniently set aside to take care of that investigation process and some judges will eat very fat one of these days.
However, one thing that must be looked into very carefully is the amount of money thrown around by the GM of CNIC. Proper investigation will not let the Gm very innocent of that murder.
Think well guys and that's la republic.



Hey guys

Can someone brief me on how these feymen operate? I have heard so many stories about Feymanism and I know any body who hasn't got too much hunger for money can't be a victim.
I sometimes tell my friends that no one can ever fey me and they laugh at me but I really think no one can ever fey me except there is a special way in taking money from people. I don't see how someone will tell me to give him about 1 million for him to multiple in whatever way and I accept. Anyone who falls into the hands of a feyman is himself a feyman.
I think it is useless to sympathize with those who fall victims in feymanism. I can sympathize with someone whose money was taken either by force or through applying drugs to induce the person to sleep.
I might be ignorant of how this feymanism is really done. I will be happy if someone can put me through.



I know several thousands of versions of feymenism. This is because, i have spent all my entire youth in a community of feymen, Mutengene and i have also in the process been studying how the business operate.

Note that, my story above about how the alleged feyman who duped this guys escaped is true.

Another truth that you dont know about la republique du cameroun is, most of its ministers, its top security officers, its police officers, its presidents, the delegates and provicial delegates of national security, Gerndarme officers, etc, are all feymen.

If you want to know more how this business operate, then you need to really meet someone who understand the inner core of feymenism. There are different levels and i believe i have much knowledge of all the different levels.

This Colonel (Dickson as i know him) is a very small boy. i have friends in europe who grew up with him in mondoni and Mutengene. He is from somewhere around Nkambe. He has duped even your prime minister (Name witheld) as he came to seek favour from Biya. That was in what they term spirit part of the job. But i am really glad i grew up in MUTENGENE. I know what many dont know. La republique du cameroun and some other countries in africa are being managed by feymen. What they do, what they say, etc. is all spilled with blood.

Only this feymen can tell you or in some cases, give you cassettes. When they are duping a guy like this one, they know they may run into problems afterwards. they will take him to the spirit part of the job where he will be asked to confess his sins. Klemeceau, what this people in government positions in Cameroon say to feymen, is really embarassing. Some will tell you how many sacrifices they have made, how many people they have killed, etc. Then when they realise that they have been duped, they cannot take the matter forward because of the revelations they made before. That is exactly what happened to Yenwo and his brother. La republique du cameroun is all spilled with blood and managed with blood all over, sacrifices all over. My dear brothers and sisters, lets just keep our hands in prayers, we need jesus in the heart of those managing our country.


Rexon, thanks for the light on feymanism. As I was rightly thinking, only someone whose hands are not clean will fall into the hands of these feymen. They fall either because they need more money, protection, positions etc. I believe someone who is straight forward won't easily fall into the hands of these guys.
I know a little about Mutengene because my cousin and the husband live there. I have met many guys who failed to dupe people or thieves caught by the peace keeping forces made up of young guys in the quarter. I even got the story that the feymen use to have their temple around Rangers Valley Home.
Some of these guys have been forced into doing all these evil because of frustration from LRC government. Some very intelligent but couldn't go to school because of lack of sponsors. They now use their intellect to deceive people. Who is to blame for all of these? God you are the only one to help us.



You got the point. Dickson was the one managing the temple at rangers valley home. You see, most of them are very good guys by their nature. What pushes them into all this mess is the criminal intentions of those who come to do business with them. I am not saying that two wrongs can make a right.But the government of la republique du cameroun even encourages them to dupe others. Men in uniforms sometimes work with them in what they describe as a cutter. A cutter is a uniform man who sometimes get involved to scare away the victim. Police offices, Gerndarmes, and even soldiers like Lekunze for example are some of their cutters. So most often, you cannot do them anything.

guys like agbormbai will say that the government is interested in wiping out corruption. They (the government) know who are these guys, what they do and how to get them. But they cannot get them because they are also part of the alleged conspiracy. They want chaos to prevail so that they should have the opportunity to benefit financially. There are numerous peoples, men in high profile positions, businessmen, civil servants who have commited suicide or died of mysterious illnesess because of their alleged involvement in feymenism. Tendoh a communication engineer in sonara who have busineeses around half mile limbe was once a victim, many others have also been victims. In fact, all those managing la republique du cameroun in my view are all criminals. Sometimes they come for spiritual consultations, sometimes for money doubling. The way the busines operate is natural but mysterious.

I dont want to elaborate. But i will tell you, fear the government of la republique du cameroun.

Ndi O N

If there exist one good point about you, then here is it:
You always talk your mind without fear. one actually sees a greater degree of reality in most or all you say. Keep up.


Feymen, Mutengene "Colonel" or not (if that version of the story were even true) the suicide claim in the death of that cashier leaves many questions to be answered.

And as Rexon, Billy, Washow and Klemenceau suggest, maybe the hierarchy of the National Shipyard Company (Chantier Naval, CNIC) including its GM Zach Forndjindam has a few questions to answer.



Only God alone can tell if he killed himsef or not.


Hello pals!

It is with the greatest shock and dismay that i learned of the death of Mr Ngu of CNIC. I have known this guy personally for years of doing business in the shipyard. He worked first as the stores keeper of magasinier before being promoted to his new job of cashier less than two years ago.

Ngu was a guiet, humble, respected and respectable man. All the stories we read here are mere conjections and suppositions. They say that from the character of a man alot can be told. This guy was an honest and generous guy. Humble and far from being too money minded to be dubious. His humility and humbleness for those who knew him was certainly void of the courage to take away his own live: more so with a knife. What kind of a knife was it? how did he kill himself? Did he slize off his throat or pierced his own hand? Did Ngu cut his wrist? It will take a man with a mad courage or one with such a fierce temper to conjecture suicide and above all with a simple knife. Knowing what Cameroon is, they will tell us it was his wife kitchen knife.

I don't buy this crab about suicide. If they have raised this feymaniac story, it is intended tom dissipate the truth surrounding this guys death. Ask the Douala Mafia in the accounts and financial department to tell us what happened.



Hello Squinty,

This guy was duped, end of the story. I have called to get the truth about the story and all Mutengene knows that. For your information, never judge anyone by your understanding of him with qualities like humility, kindness, etc. Judge him when you are sleeping with him in thesame bed. Hope you understand.

Lots of much honest people even swedes,nowegians, finnish, have fallen prey into feymenism, so what will you say about an average cameroonian who knows nothing about humility, integrity or honesty?

He was duped and if you want to know more, then ring kids around Mutengene. They saw him fused with criminals and they know how the story ended.

If you want to know more, one young man in Idenau Oil mill (He was of Bali Nyonga origin and also something like a store accountant) fell prey like him when he sold idenau oil (CDC OIL FROM THE MILL) urgently for some millions, because he thought, he wanted to hand the money to spirits to guide it. The spirit was a python which was used to camouflage him. But he ended up realising he haas been duped when he was already locked up. Even many of your ministers, prime ministers have fallen prey to feymen, so shut up, you dont know how the business operat.

I cannot elaborate on the story here.


I'm Back!

THE PROBLEMS IN "CAMEROON" ARE MULTI - DIMENTIONAL. the way is there anything like Cameroon? If it exists, then what're the problems?

...Is La Republique Du Cameroon "illegally legally" occupying Southern Cameroons.

...Does History always hunt the perpetrators of livelihood?

My Dearest Readers,

I beg you share this view with me. I expect reactions from everyone in this forum. Let's do ourselves good! What I'm about to write is my thought. I don't want to give it any more support by quoting famous politicians or whoever. Please just share and see how we can tackle things out rather than turning about thesame issue day in day out. Moreso, it's void of rhetorics - no political terminology or reason - just the TRUTH...the best reason...very simple English too( I tried my best so that a grandma in Ekondo- Titi can appreciate what I wrote).

Everyday, I keep thinking about Cameroon. I keep pondering about the issues. All or most of us are not new to this forum. Atleast the most burning subjects and heated debate centers around the SDF and the SCNC. This shows beyond all reasonable doubts we want change. That's good!!!

Our doubts about the SDF saga'll soon come to light. Politicians can be very cunny at times. They may not expose all what's in their mind while presenting their manifesto or talking to the press. This explains why most of their answers to press questions're more of rhetorics. Now, we all know that the SDF came as a result of the fact that "there's an anglophone problem". Do we know that an "anglphone" can NEVER become president of "Cameroon"?...don't dream. NEVER EVER. It's a reality. France has vowed! The French and "francophones" don't want "Cameroon" to "split". They're scared that should an "anglophone" become president, he'll use his powers and influence to "divide" the two parts and then he(president) moves over to "anglophone" area and still rules...infact he'll cut out the poorer part and leave it to them...a tactic to avoid using money from "anglophone Cameroon" to share with the East. This will give "anglophone Cameroon" more and adequate resources to become an African Singapore. Was this Fru Ndi's intention?

Let me just intersect the following question to constitute my say on the SCNC case; "is there an anglophone problem?". I was ached to the marrow when Mukete, in one of his recent issues said there's no anglophone problem. We can remember his reason. Let me just interprete it...he meant that he can't support the SCNC claim JUST becuase the leaders are corrupt and NOT because they've got a case...what a naive reason! This showed me how backward and lacking his thought really is. The more reason why I've stopped reacting to his write ups. You must have noticed that by now.

I have thought hard. I mean hard about this issue. I've come to a conclusion that it's wrong to call it an "anglophone problem". There's nothing like "anglophone problem" and there's no political or geographic name like "Cameroon" to constitute "anglophones and francophones". Infact, even traitors like Mafany, Inoni and even some francophone "leakers" acknowledged this with ignorance. Ignorance in all it's entirety. Oh if I were a journalist??? Note that I have read all the forces of arguments put forward by both the leaders of the SCNC and those who oppose their claims. I've come to realise that IT'S A LEGITIMATE CAUSE. Anybody can go to anywhere!!! That's the simple truth! The international community - the UN, USA and even Britain...Biya and France too know this simple truth. There's no twisting of facts...Southern Cameroons is an African territory that has not yet gained independence. Southern Cameroonians NOT anglophones are just suffering from the small mistake Britain did by giving us as a "small gift" to France. This makes it very acheing...a small gift. Nonsense! One man makes a mistake, the other suffers for life..."Tiko drink, Kumba drunk". Why don't they correct this mistake? It's better to be late than never. Again, war could be avoided - is this another dream that'll never materialise? Southern Cameroons and La Republic are two separate entities with two different identities and cultures that are NOT compartible. We're more of brothers to Nigerians than La Republique du Cameroon. This explains why there's a clash between the cultures of La Republique and that of Southern Cameroons.

So for those of you who're playing politics and dreaming that "Cameroon" can EVER have an "anglophone" president, you're wasting your time and dreaming - you'll dream until you dream no more - you'll dream until thy kingdom come. That's the more reason why I keep on telling you that I'm just marking time with the SDF. I'm making hay while the sun shines. However, as an SDF militant our pressure on the CDPM-runned government is helping both Southern Cameroonians and those of an entirely different country, as our efforts force them to toe the line. We're humanitarians - helping others - those of another country. My dual membership in the SDF and SCNC should not be questionable. Many more are like me even YOU. But you're afraid to come to the open.

Lest I forget, readers should note that the SCNC issue did not come up as a result of the so-called marginalisation and didn't. It came up because it had to. Truth NEVER dies!!!. It didn't come up because they've realised that they can NEVER produce a president...rather it came up to correct came up cos its the truth. Note that if we don't do it, our children and grade grand children MUST do it...whether we like it or not. Let's not drink beer to get drunk thinking that we're solving our problems...we're only pushing it ahead. Because a people's identity and culture is very unique to them, they need it absolutely...I mean absolutely for their own destiny. History will always hunt us until this mistake's corrected WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT. These're the kinds of issues we should be discussing on this forum and Not Mukete, not people, not Biya etc.

I rest my case.

Twisted-thinking forehead, Son Of Ako - London School Of Economics And Political Science.



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