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Thursday, 25 May 2006


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Tita Mofaw

Purely nonsense.
By publishing a story like this that is completely based on speculation reduces the credibility of Cameroon post.

Which international reseacrh team are you talking about? It should have a name.

Second,the only Paul Sharp known in the academic world is a political scientist from the university of Minnesotta and his reseacrh work centres on deplomacy.He teaches courses on foreign policy analysis and political theory.Who is this Paul Sharp whom you claim is a professor of genetics at the University of Nottingham?

AIDS was first reported in Cameroon in the late 80s whereas other cases had been known in Europe and America as far back as the early 70s.

You say the reseactrh findings will be published tomorrow.What do you you mean by tomorrow and beside where did you get the story if it has not been published?

Even if it was a true story Cameroon post (just like many other news agencies around the world) doesn't have the competence to report a scientific finding because there are so many things [such as the research methodology,assumptions on which the reseacrh was based on which are very important when judging the credibility and validity] which the journalists themselves don't understand, meaning they don't even underatnd what the findings are.

Cameroon post has become renouned for circulating stories that are completely lies and based on remours. I remember before the news that Cameroon had been releived of their debts by the HIPC initiative, the post published another story based on specualtion and lies that Cameroon had failed to reach the completion point.Only to read from other sources and the post later on that Cameroon had reach the completion point.

I call on Cameroonians who are dying for news (I mean valid stories) to stop reading the post and turn to other sources unless they learn to check the authenticity of what they are publishing.

When stories like this are published the impression is that you consider readers to be a bunge of idiots.

Shame on the post

Agbor T

Please Mr. Tita Mofaw,
I would like to find out if you have a personal problem with the post. As you can see, this story has been published in The Times (A UK based credible News magazine) and the post merely posted the same story from the Times as such it is not an invention of the post.
Secondly, you mentioned that there is only one Paul Sharp in the academic world based in Minnesoto. Please next time do enough findings before posting a comment. There is a Paul Sharp at the Institute of Genetics, of the University of Nottingham. Just "google" the name Paul Sharp and genetics and you will find his picture, all his studies and he is a Professor of genetics at the Queen's Medical Center, Nottingham. He is also a member of very high profile academic and research organisations like EMBO amongst others.
- In 1993 he publishd this article "Bailes, E., Gao, F., Bibollet-Ruche, F., Courgnaud, V., Peeters, M., Marx, P.A., Hahn, B.H. & Sharp, P.M. (2003) Hybrid origin of SIV in chimpanzees. Science 300:1713." on the origin of SIV in Chimps. So the story is in line. Prof Sharp has atleast 138 scientific publications to his credit (visit
Also as a news paper publication, they can't gibe teh datails of the research methodolgy so maybe you go to the website of the scientific journal, Science were you can find this work.
So for scientific convininience, there is some credibility in this story and lets wait and see. Atleast humans and chimps have diverge some where along evolution and not all diseases affecting man would affect chimps and vice versa.
It's thus not a source from the post nor is the post inflamming any lies and there you never ask other people from reading what might interest them sir as you kept on reading the post even after the last so called lie on HIPC completeion point wahala.
Not personal anyway but this type of comments shouldn't be made public and maybe keep them for yourself. God bless u.

Uncle D

To them, anything bad must always originate from Africa but anything good has its origin outside Africa.

The only thing they have to prove is that, how comes the same Chimps do not suffer from AIDs and yet they are similar to humans? if they can not answer such questions, then they are doomed.

If these westerners are looking for mammals to carry out their research, let them apply through the right channel rather using terrorist methods to take away these animals. This is not the first time they have raised such an issue. At first they say it originated from Chimps in Congo, now it is Cameroon, very soon it will be Gabon. What happened to the research result carried out on the Chimps in Congo then? After transporting most or almost all of the Chimps from Congo to Europe and America, they now see Cameroon as the next target.
We are no longer interested in the origin of HIV, what matters now is the cure.

This is Research shit.


Hi Tita Mofaw,

Just some few questions for you.

Why did you shame Post? Do you know that you are commenting with very limited knowledge? Did you actually research to find out that there is only a single person by name Paul Sharp in the academic world? Do you know that Journalists are meant to report on what they think necessary for the public to know and understand whether the what they cover is a story for of lies or truth..?

Your understanding might be enchanced if u browse the link below:-

For futher information, please do well to write:-

Read, Research and understand before you drop your comments!

Thanks for your understanding.

With Love I write,

Agbor T

Dear readers and commentators, sorry above on my reference to Prof, Paul's article. I meant to say in 2003 and not 1993.
Thanks for understand.

Tita Mofaw

Hey Mr Agbor T and Miks!
I am not out of my mind or holding anything against the post.Pardon me then if I sounded so hard against the post.

I sometimes expect so much from them that is why I easily get upset when I read stories like the one above on the Post.

I still have problems with the above story and I know it wasn't written by them.They are circulating the story and it is my opinion that they shoulder some of the criticism.

I came across the Paul Sharp in Nottingham you guys are talking about and I also read the nonsense that was published in the Times magazine However, my point is that this guy is still a novice reseacher(which doesn't mean he can't carry out good reseacrh) but that we should be more cautious (than would be the case if we are dealing with a pro in the field).

Don't you think that the little elaborations you have made Mr. Agbor contains more information than what is on the above write up? I expect that if a story that appears to be controversial and inconclusive from another source is to be published then the publisher should atleast tell us what they think about the story otherwise the readers might take it at face value.

The above story doesn not answer so many questions and fails to explain how AIDS originated in Cameroon and the first cases in Cameroon were reported some 10 years after the virus was already known to be killing people in Europe and America.

According to the above news this is the most credible research about the origin of AIDS while other research works which pointed to bioweapons laboratories are conspiracy theories.
I don't bye this. Not a single truth is in it.

maurice bandeke

Mr. Tita,

Go to Google news and do a search of Cameroon and you will find out that EVERY reputable news organ in the world is commenting on this story. It would have been a deriliction of duty if the Post had ignored a Cameroon-related story that is currently taking the world by storm - check BBC, CNN, Le Monde, AFP, Reuteurs, Washington Post, etc., etc.

By the way, The Post is a "news" paper so it is in the business of reporting the news "As is" and leave it to readers to draw their own conclusions.

Sometimes the irrationality of otherwise sensible Cameroonians boggles the mind...


A while ago, I took a course in the Sociology of Medecine at an American University. In that course we had a guest researcher-lecturer who, in my humble opinion credibly traced the advent of the human HIV virus to biological warfare research conducted under the auspices of the US Defense Department. I still rue the fact that as a poor student, I could not afford to purchase a copy of thE video cassette that came with his lecture.
But one thing he said that remains fresh in my memory was that there is no evidence of a relationship between primates in African and gay men in San Francisco, obviously addressing the prevailing notions about the origin of the AIDS virus in Africa, and the fact that the virus first erupted amongst the gay population in San Francisco.

Also, that fact that a UK or western-based paper is reporting this story, gives it no more credibility that if it was reported by our dear THE POST or any other African puplication. There was a time when these same western puplications reported on the scientific evidence that Africans had anatomically "smaller" brains!


Haba Magida,i saw this CODWALLOP this morning in BBC news bar.I just laughed ! Mr paul sharp should step forward and answer valid questions if he will want the earth to trow his fiction. ANYBODY,REPEAT,ANYBODY WHO CARES TO BE INFORMED MUST ACCES,REPEAT,MUST ACCESS ;

Mr Paul Sharp shoul also access the website,read,understand and be ready to answer questions.I also urge the Post to access and better understand what is in that site. To be continued.....

Henry (USA)

Other press are commenting on this issue and who are these other press you are talking about? BBC, CNN,etc all of them western media and they are propogating the same lies. Instead of challenging them and be critical to what they are reporting you are supporting them.

I aggree with you Mr. Tita the above story is rubbish and complete nonsense.The post should not blind our eyes with stories like this. When the traditional doctor about a week ago claimed that he had discovered the treatment of AIDS why did BBC or CNN not publish it.When they publish their own lies you are in a rush to have it a headline story.

A publication came up in India in the early 90s supporting the theory that AIDS was manufactured in the lab and everybody igored it.What did the western media do? They said scientist in india are not competent. A similar reseach was carried out in Russia around the same time and they came up with the same conclusion.What happened? The same BBC and CNN reported that it was a communist propaganda against the west.
So open your eyes guys before absorbing what you read.


what is cameroon?
please educate me
is there really a country as cameroon?


Cameroonians and Africans are suffering today because of the west. They give us 10 FRS and take 2000 FRS. Let them leave Africa alone. The wind is already destroying houses in many countries/villages in Africa because almost all the trees have been transported as timber to the west. Now they are trying to invent new strategies to continue to enslave us.
West please leave Africa alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

maurice bandeke

Once again,the role of the The Post is to INFORM -- the good, the bad, the ugly-- and leave it up to the experts criticize. I am sure that if a reporter at The Post had made layman's analysis of the story, we would have massacred him for diving into areas beyond his competence. now that they do what any reputable paper would do, we still blame them!!!

Today the complete article was made public. Let the those with the requisite knowledge read the article and make an INFORMED REVIEW for The Post for publication. Short of that, EVERY reaction here is nothing but the emotional outbursts of those whose "national pride" has been wounded by a story which could very well be true.

It is funny that we are willing to back our outrage by citing obscure lectures from our college days but we are not ready to give the same benefit of doubt to the current claims until we read the article!!!

There are qualified biologists and other qualified scientists among us who can judge the work of the authors of this article. Let them talk when they have read the article, not before. Aslso, there is a plethora of scientists who are already commenting on the actual article in newspapers and the Internet. Check those out for valid critiques.

BTW, whether AIDS originated in Cameroon or was concocted in a lab is largely irrelevant to the common man. When virtually every Cameroonian family has been affected by AIDS in one manner or the other, what I am interested in is a cure or the affordability of the cocktails that keep patients healthy in spite of the disease. There is no place for national pride here but of survival.


Tita Morfaw,

I dont know why you decided to contradict yourself in this write-up by criticising the post for nothing. Paul Sharp's research is not the first. We have all known this old story that this virus originated from Chims in Cameroon. A young Nigerian student in Sweden first showed me this in through a research publication in one medical journal in the late 80's.

Charles Forkwa

What the researchers have done is go in search of the result that will fit their theory that AIDS originated in Africa. They have been at it a long time and sooner or later they were bound to find EVIDENCE to that effect.
It is only a matter of time for someone else to debunk this new finding.


Tita Morfaw and Henry (USA),

I do agree with you guys that the above story is absolute rubbish. Aids was manufactured in an american laboratory to be specific and has its first human host in the san francisco gay community.

Maurice Bandeke,

The origin of AIDS is not irrelevant. Its authors shall be tried in a military tribunal and sentenced to death by hanging. It is a grievous crime because it is man made. A crime committed deserves punishment especially agianst posterity.

For reasons only those who claim to know all can tell, how will they explain those doctors in Lybia injecting about sixty innocent young children below the ages of seven with this deadly disease. Why did they do that if they are really out to get a cure.

Prof Anomah Ngu has struggled to assemble a cure formula for this disease and what did they do? Through our own black brothers, his students turned colleagues, whose greatest predicament is to see such an octagenerian rise to such a degree of prominence, they do their best in shunting him down. In his own country, he is invited as a guest and normal scientist in an HIV vaccine seminar when he already got a formula for this shit. I know so many infected people that are living today thanks to this old Professor emeritus. It wont help anyway calling names but it is good pointing out that this ramblers should leave Africa alone. As somebody rightly said, they are out to steal our chimps and they keep looking for flimsy excuses. Is getting the origin of this shit in anyway getting a cure for the disease? Let them use this old man`s brain before he passes away. The world shall regret ignoring him this way someday.

Les gens n`aime pas les gens


this story just makes me wanna go yeah whatever! does anyone really expect the americans or europeans to hold their hands up and say yes we invented the hiv virus or that it started on their side of the pond?
one thing i've learnt from my academic experience - researchers can actually come up with a desired end result. the fact that these things tend to be carried out by non-african researchers also puts bias in the picture. u only need to look at history and see things that these bastards have done in the name of science. an american scientists once claimed that being black or the condition he named negritude was a disease and it was not our fault. he was supposed to have proved this scientifically!
ooooh and btw given the amount of bush meat we eat it africa, i'm surprised this thing hasn't wiped us all out by now.


I want to think that anybody with anything in the name of a brain will see that this is just a fantasy. let's not fool ourselves. What good thing has ever come out of Africa. When you read news from foreign media, how do they portray Africa?? I think we as African should learn to see the facts as they are. I'm gonna assk a question which I believe more than many will laugh at, coz most probably my understanding of medicine is limited. my question is this, ARE THE CHIMPS SO SKINNY OR WHAT?? DO THEY HAVE HAVE THE VIRUS?? pLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND. Please Mr. whiteman, let us be.


Here are the facts

Guys, a cousin of mine doing a PHD in Microbiology in Howard University called me yesterday to inform me of the publication from Alabama University. He told me what they used is what we normallly refer to in Engineering as backward Engineering which is unconventional. They went from early suggestions about the origin of AIDS to make their publication. There was absolutely nothing original in what they did. I personally think this is another cunning method to stigmatise Africa as they have always tried to do in time past.

I will publish the entire documentary here soonest when i get it from my cousin.

Tita Mofaw

You are right Charles Forkwa
Why was the reseacrh centred only around the equatorial rain forest?

Why is a similar team of reseacrhers not working on animals in the Amazone basin in America and the dense forest in the Far East? Because there is already a theory that AIDS is from Africa and probably from Apes since Africans like bush meat so much especially Apes meat.

I hope very soon they start trying to pin the origin of bird flu to Nigeria or evn the North of Cameroon.

Pity for those Cameroonian intellectuals who beleive that something is authentic simple because it was published in a western media. Who told you by the way that the UK Times is very credible?

For your information we don't have such things as national pride in Cameroon.Nationalism is a foreign concept that only became fashionable in the days of independence.What is so national about us by the way that one would give a dam about something happening in the eastern province of La republic?

John Kalowski

I can understand the furor whenever fingers are pointed to Africa when it comes to the origin of the Aids Virus. I am just a little too curious. Why is the prevalence of the disease very very high in Africa. Note is is not a genetic disease. Or was it also placed there by the West. Africa is a desperate, disease ravaged, poverty strickened one big pot of a mess.
African scientist can also carry their research and proof the contrary.
Stop crying like babies. You have all failed to hold your leaders accountable for all the mess you guys find yourself into. If the West decides to withdraw support and medicines to Africa, you guys will all die.
Despesrate eyesores of the world!
John Kalowski
Lewes, UK

Tita Mofaw

Why should somebody speaks as if Africa did not exist prior to the arrival of westerners? Africa was much more stronger,disease free, and richer before they came.

If they can stop sending us their what so ever don't you think that we would be more than greatful.Speaking as if the West has ever given Aids to any country in the world.They give with one hand and take with five hands.See for example France has cancelled the debt of Cameroon which appears to be good but first Cameroon has to pay them the money (so that they keep it in france) before sending it back to Cameroon. Does that ring a bell to your ears about this nonsense call Aids? When the money is in France they will give you in installment at their convinience and at the same time they will tell you what to do with the money.

We all know what France will want Popo to do with the money. Reform the cameroon arm force which mean the money will be use to buy old machine guns and military trucks to target the civilian population of big mankon (hahaaa)when they go out to catch grasshopper at night

But we are here crying that we want the Buea Kumba road or the Bamenda fontem road to be tarred.

Don't you see that we will benefit more if they decide to leave us alone for just one year.I am beginnng to suspect that when you guys live so long in Europe and America you start thinking like them.

Ebai James

John Kalowski
Please this is not a place for dim-witted questions like yours.A brute like yourself has the guts to throw insults on Africans because you are on the internet. The time has gone when Africans were conceived as cons. The same every where, racist ideology, The power to rule the world for ever. Unfortunately that’s all fading out now.
If the so called region as stated in the research as the origin of AIDS, why doesn’t it have the highest prevalence? Why is it the southern part of Africa with the highest number of people living with HIV positive as stated by the media. Eastern Europe is there with a high AIDS prevalence nothing is said about it, south east asia, Americas. Because Africans have always been accommodating, Researchers could go there at will to conduct any sorts of research and carry out outrageous activities because they source it out as the weakest link. They could not do that in Asia because the hash and strict system there never welcome any aliens. Luckily our borders have become very tight now especially for these aliens. You talk of Africa being poverty stricken, AIDS, etc who are those coaching our leaders, who siphoned Africa’s wealth, same west. They give you 2 and take 10. The Iraqis are suffering today still in the hands of this same bastards. They make up stories, spice it up and get what they want and destroy the people and their culture. They have tried unsuccessfully on numerous occasions to get into North Korea. What have we not heard about North Korea and Fidel Castro?
For your sake the contrary has been proven.


John Kalowski of Lewes, England, it is hoped that you will leave us alone. Take your medicines and whatever inspired you to leave your shores and invaded the continent to settle there in the first place and leave us alone to die.

I think you can begin to use some of the savings from Africa to provide a comprehensive dental plan for the entire British population.

Who invited you to Africa in the first place? What are you doing on this blog?

Charles Forkwa

John Kalowski:
Your brothers (Pirates com explorers) brought STDs like syphilis to Africa, and Cameroon in particular. Following your theory that we must accept the findings of these scientist because Africa is infested with diseases, I would also theorize that AIDS is several mutations of the STD's that your ancestors criminalized on African's.
On your other point that Africans have failed to hold their leaders accountable: Is it not because of your "Western Countries"s hold and continued manipulation of Africa’s economies, coupled with continued support for her corrupt leadership that keep these countries poor and its peoples downtrodden?
If there was an uprising against an African dictatorship won’t your government be the first in place to help the corrupt government crush the revolt?
The first case of AIDS in North America was discovered in the 80’s on a patient code named “agent zero”. A blue eyed, blond haired Caucasian who had neither had any previous contact with the monkeys of Cameroon nor any traceable African connection. Where did your “researchers” trace his infection?
John Kalowski, get real!


Kalowski BASTARD.
Who gave you the guts to expose your ingratitude.
I`m very certain you`re a BASTARD cos 33% of "Brutalish" are born out of wedlock.Idiot,little pocket racist.
We`ve never asked anything better than the west leaving us alone.
Mind you, the thing you call west, will be nothing without the same Africa.
Don`t worry,I would personally take care of you in your little hiding in Lewes.
Maimed brains. The thing you call western researchers have not been able to find real medication for HIV AIDS that`s killing their homosexuals, which you are ofcourse one, their prostitutes and commoners(you still fall under this group) a responsible honky will not talk like you.

Christopher Ngosong

Posted by: Henry (USA) | May 26, 2006 at 11:22 AM

what is cameroon?
please educate me
is there really a country as cameroon?

Hi, Mr. Henry,
It makes no sense when you write such stupit things as above. It gives no credit to your USA, rather it only goes to show how colonial and remote your ideologies are with regards to the international community. How can you be in the USA (if really you are there), with the internet all around you to browse and know all you would want to know about the word "Cameroon", but you prefer to carry your ignorance to the media and make a fool of yourself? Make a trip to Iraq if you have nothing to do instead of writing rubbish !!!


This is NONSENSE.For all i care,AIDS originated in the USA and i studied that in my form 5 Biology man.Science is as EVIL AS THE WHITES ARE.They are trying to kill us blacks and now,that STUPID,GOD FORSAKEN WOMAN wakes up one morning with some dumb research and decides its CAMEROON.Who wants to know ur abt ur biased research?Abeg,wuna chill and go solve wuna Iraq problem first.SHWINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.In fact,i think all these stupid whites shld leave CAMEROON with INSTANT ALACRITY.All they know is to show negative things abt AFRICA.Our chimps are safe and if they became sick,ALL them white folks know sth abt it.Watch"THE CONSTANT GARDENER"
U'd know what i mean.
And u mrs researcher,u have overstayed ur welcome.LEAVE

Fritzane Kiki H.K

Actually nonse.If these so-called scientists lack topics for their thesis they should have looked for other pertinent topics rather than this insultive topic.Who even gave them Cameroon visas for such reasons.Who asked them to enter only in Cameroon and went straight to the poor pigmy area only to discover many Chimpanzees there so they concluded that HIV Aids originated from there!!!! Hopefully the governemnt should try and deny visitors visas to these researchers and ban them too from enteringt for such purposes.
This is crazy in deed....

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

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