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Tuesday, 30 May 2006


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You,re a digrace to all Cameroonians of good faith.How can you be so blind not to solv the multiple problems ranging from sex abuse by you and your so called men of God to tribalism within your God ministers(Awa/Etienne),hatred ,division...?
How many children is Awa having?how many do you have?I know you very well.How many married women have you made love with in Douala, Bamenda, Buea not to talk of Garoua?You,re a shame.Yet you cover your eyes and instead sees what Government Hospitals don,t have.
If you want people to go but to your so called catholic clinics then i see why you,re making much noise.
Look at Awa.He distroyed the Buea parish just because you wanted to put on a catholic structure in Bamenda.
It,s true that some Government Hospital are not well equiped.But you Tumi pointing fingers to others when we all know how tribalistic and wicked you are sounds funny.
The only person you know who has condemned corruption in Cameroon is your Brother Pius Awa.The other names you mentioned was just out of shame.We know you pretty well.You,re a disgrace to Cameroon.What type of Cardinal are you?Cardinal hijacking students and married women.
Please repent and stop chasing people,s wives and calling God,s name.Big Prostitute of your type.


Mr Bangwaman,

One can see that you know TUMI - Catholic Church - Moral integrity of Church leaders very well! Good for you!

But I am most certain that if you really knew them as you claim you would have found worse or perhaps better things to say about the Church and about one of the most respected prophets of our time, Cardinal Tumi.

I once heard someone say that if you know your ownself very well, you would claim to know others less! May be you should get to know youself more...just a suggestion...


NB: By the way...Buea is not a Parish! In the Catholic Church we call it a Diocese. Each diocese has a Bishop and a parish has a Parish Priest.




Please read again the article very very carefully. When you do just say you have done so then I will clarify you on some basic things.

Remember,"nobody has monopoly over what you call TRUTH".


I think if Cardinal Tumi wants to make publicity for his hospitals he shoiuld not just stand and criticise others. If he thinks government hospitals are worse he should tell Biya instead of announcing it in the public


I am not sure Tumi said anything new here. He just said what we all know and have once in a while said ourselves. I am suprised at the insults being thrown on him. Bangwan or what ever u call ur self, have slept with tumi or how come u have been following his private life to know all what he does in the dark. It is said that when dry bone are mentioned , the old woman feels uneasy, you have just told us what kind of a person you are, I am not going to insult you cos i was brought up by decent parents, if u know what that mean.
Tumi may have exagerated the level of irresponsibility of our gov't hospitals but to me he is tight to some extend cos when i go to any gov't hospital in this country even to visit a patient i sometimes feel like vomiting.


It puzzles me when people read and take offense even in matters that are clear. Cardinal Tumi just said what any true Cameroonian should know. It is not new to hear that government hospitals in Cameroon are not equipped. Is it new to hear that many patients die in hospitals in Cameroon because they didn't have money to bribe the doctor to consult them? A case happened even in Yaoundé where a guy was taken to CUSS and the doctor refused to attend to him because they didn't give him (doctor) 10.000frs. This guy who was dying asked his relatives to give the doctor money. The doctor took the money but it was too late as the guy gave up the ghost just when the doctor was about to check him.
Is it new that people put money in their consultation cards or "hospital books" before giving it to the nurses who take it to the doctor’s room? If anyone wants to try it, just go to CUSS or any big government hospital in Cameroon and see if you won't be there for twenty hours without consulting while people will come after you and consult.
The devil has possessed some of us and we just criticize anything. God help us.


Dear Readers,

No matter how we feel about our country, this are the kind of projects we should try to encourage.

I think Simo has done a great Job.


Dear Readers,

No matter how we feel about our country, this are the kind of projects we should try to encourage.

I think Simo has done a great Job.


tumi is a frenchman what the hell is he doing
preaching all sort of false solutions.
doesnt he knows hospital , roads, education etc are all program of sound
government responsiblity. AN SCNC GOVT.?


I guess many dont know this Tumi.If there is one man who is honest an ready to speak the truth even when surrounded by toops its Cardinal Tumi.
Tumi is one of those who have stood out tall and loud on the anglophone issue and the tyrany of Biya's regime. If some of you read international magazines u must have come across the famous interview Tumi granted openly saying "Biya has totally ignored the anglophone problem but I see it as time bomb".
He further said if "free and fair elections are organised in Cameroon those who govern us will not be there today" , a statement that pitted Tumi against the presidency for almost a year with Fame Ndongo granting press conferences to refuse Tumi's statements to the international press.

Please let's not rush to condemn a man on a single act. Judge a man as a whole for everyone has at least a blunder is his/her life



Hey All,

Ca someone show us where the cardinal has faulted?

Why are we Camerooninas like this? What did he say that even the Grand ma in Akwaya that is "almost Nigeria doesn't Know about Hospitals in CAmeroon?
Was it not almost about a 2 months now that even the Minister of health said something in that direction?

We shouldn't write because we just want to do so.

"Touch not the annointed and do my Prophet no HARM"



The way you always respond to write ups here gives me a positive impression about you. May God bless you and may His goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life. I can now guess who you are (a true Christian) and I know God will never abandon you. This is my prayer for you in Jesus name.


This bangwaman is really a frustrated being. Your write-up about cardinal Tumi shows stress and signs of backward reasoning, worst of all about the man of God, too bad for you. If only you can reflect for seconds abou what you have just written, my friend, you will tore your garments in pieces and repent. Better remove the plank from your eyes before you can see the dot in another persons. What was odd or new in what the cardinal said, you are a typical example of the murderers of democracy and freedom of speech. You claim to know a lot about Tumi's private life, good for you, does that add a second to your life, anyway negative thinkers like you must always exist to pull people behind.

if you don't have anything to say about someone keep your mouth shot.



Its rather unfortunate the level of ignorance and denial some people will like to live in; even in this present day Cameroon.Its rather unfortunate that smart minds and forward thinking Cameroonians have to waste priceless time and effort to address ignoramus like the gentleman on those claims....What did the Cardinal say or do which is not true or well known????
As it goes even fools have their own stories so let anyone who so conscienciously thinks there is any Cameroonian who has better voiced our issues, all Camerooninas included, fearlessly and truthfully as the Cardinal has so often done have a reflection of direction and mindset.You are lost and indeed a waste to civilisation.Too much to waste reason on ...but have a great one in the dark!!!but do try not to expose your stupidity, ignorance and lack of comprehension so vividly and clearly!!what a shame......
Find a better way and medium to vent your frustration, retard!! you donot belong to the league of Cameroonians with intergrity.


some dogs like that name called



Ma Mary

Mr Simo is a good man for not forgetting his home town. FYI "hometown" is not someone's place of ethnic origin, but the place where he was born and raised and has his memories. I could bet that Mr Simo is a stranger in the place from which he has ethnic roots. The ethnic definition of hometown which la Republique puts on ID cards has been extremely destructive in this regard.



...His orders were;"try to make sure that the Yaounde convention doesn't hold so that our baby we fought for shouldn't be killed in a second by belly politicians".

...BREAKING NEWS:I forecast this forum becoming more mature if we do better! the SCNC group led by Tayong breaks all records.

BenF, Klemenceau, Fon Lawrence and Mukete accelerate to Honour roll. When the final results are released this weekend for the second semester we'll know why. Note that Mukete's new come back has been very wonderful as it's almost void of abuses and he without fiction, analyses Colonel Chi's interview. That's great! That's what we want in here. I personally will be making a response to his reaction. I enjoin all his detractors to react to his posting. BenF, my God-son is making remarkable progress. He's trying to be neutral against all odds while Watesih and Mbu B slightly improve by +.25 giving them 17.25/20 each.

As Tayong now hits the ISSUES they stand for, he catapults that group, SCNC as the best recently. This group is breaking all records. They now top the forum with 18/20. Wonderful score!

Momo too is not left out. He now at least writes lengthly and manages to reason. However small his contributions're his improvement is worth my comment. He's improved by a tiny +.00001.

There's one sad case, TERIBOBS. He goes down the bottom to 0/20. We all know why. Read and read the comments again.

The full results for this semester will be published over the weekend.

Keep thinking!

Mukete remember that I'm coming to respond to your reason which I consider amature. Remember that as the head of the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi has the prerogative to have asked his suburdinate, Colonel to make sure that the Yaounde convention doesn't hold as the law states. He didn't advocate using force. He'd meant that Colonel, being in Yaounde should dust the corners and remind the administration prevent the convention. This is what colonel failed to understand. Instead, with the poor doctrine he's got for ages from the Biya government he interpreted Fru Ndi's words to mean VANGUARDS just as he interpretes the words of his commander in chief as TIRER. Where did Fru Ndi go wrong? Tell me! When something gets wrong in the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi suffers. When NEC says "A", it's Fru Ndi who said it. Let's think, men! I pitty this old man who's struggling to see Mukete's son in Sacred Heart College becomes something tomorrow.

You guys shouldn't forget keeping your contributions short, avoid insults and give HARD facts.

Will be right back.



Tita Mofaw

What more do you expect from the name BANGWAMAN? He/she is just confirming what everybody is thinking right now.

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