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Friday, 23 June 2006


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Shey Rene:
This is a lacklustre article fit for the comments column, not as a full article on the front page of a respectable newspaper like the Post Newspaper. Anyway, you should make serious efforts to defend your political science department of UB instead of piecing together scanty items about an issue as serious as the divide-and-rule palaver surrounding the SDF. Your article shows that you are a very lazy student/teacher. I don't know in which group you belong, but I hope it is the student group.
Did you not know that the 2-hour meeting held somewhere in Yaounde by Muna and his group was not authorised by the Centre provincial administration? When you say Muna was voted in Yaounde, can you add more substance to that claim? For example, where did the meeting take place? Who attended it? Where were primaries held? This point of primaries is very dear to the SDF, and it is an innovation in the political landscape of CMR. Who were the other members of the Muna meeting who were "voted" along with him? There are too many questions one could ask you, but since you did not do your homework before writing, I will go away with one impression, namely that Muna could, as you suggest, form a coalition with the CPDM. After all, was that not the whole purpose of that illegal meeting which the government seems to have banned, but secretly encouraged to hold? I leave you with the ire of other readers.


Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

In a country full of evil leaders, those who can change soonest for the better should end up with the spoils.

As I currently see it, Ben Muna has started well and I hope he continues in this vain. Only the future can tell whether he will be a successful leader.


Die-heart supporters of Fru Ndi still do not want to believe that power has eluded them. Go to all the four corners of Cameroon and climb even on top of Mount Fako and tell the world that Fru Ndi is not a leader again. Gone are the days when he decieved CMRs to fight and die for him to enrich himself. He is now a rich man, and what becomes of those who died during the launching of the party, or what has become of those who lost their arms in that struggle? Is that what people sacrificed their lives for?

He has proven his limits and and thank God, we all know who he is.

Who says God is not alive? The hand of God pushed him not to run for the Parliamentary elections of 1992 and pushed Biya to rig elections and not allowed the murderer Fru to be elected. We need change and let Muna try too. SDF is not Fru Ndi's party, after all, he was never there when the party was formed, but all he did was carrying the file to deposit at the SDO's office Up station Bamenda after coming back from Nigeria where he was fighting for a living. How can a errand boy suddenly claim ownership to a party he was never there when the ideas were conceived and put in place in writing?

Fru Ndi, go and sleep. You have stolen enough and decieved us much. go and rest. YAKO FRU NDI. Let Muna too try his best.

Aaron Agien Nyangkwe

Mr Rene Shey is failing to put his analysis within time and context. He, for reasons better known by him alone keeps out the key element of "awareness" of the masses when he essayed on the SDF wranglings.
The political context in the S.T Muna era was same to that of today. It is same with science, be it political or economic. You now see why the Keynessians theories in economics don't more solidly hold today because of development in ITC and so forth.
His allegiance to the split in the UPC and the UNDP is shallow because, the two parties do not have an ideological base like the SDF. The past flawed elections in Cameroon have shown the world, which party in Cameroon has that ideological base.

If we place every thing within time and context, Ben Muna will not succeed like his father. The reason is simple.
1. His father left the KNDP with Emmanuel Tabi Egbe who was the Administrative Secretary of UNDP. Who is the key SDF member with a base that joined Ben Muna?
2. France was the driver of Cameroon's political car and could state who to bord the car. Mr Shey, who should be monitoring world geopolitical movements, must have understood that France's leverage on Africa is fast ebbing out due to her obnoxious behaviour in Côte d'Ivoire. And Muna who should be counting on that axle is committing a strategic error out of a myiopic analysis. France is no more the key player in African politics anymore. A keen reading of the American Ambassador to Cameroon's recent political activities is a key pointer. The yalta accords do not more hold water. That is why you see the Chinese flocking everywhere.
Lastly, fallouts from every endeavours, be it political representation or a post resulting from some qualifications is always to the benefit of the immediate surroundings of he/she who inherits it.
Mr Shey would not tell us that he took his first salary as lecturer in Buea and gave it to the parent that sponsored him. No, he bought nice things for himself and wife first. It is same for political representation. failure to acknowledge that fact smacks of intellectual dishonesty.

Aaron Agien Nyangkwe

The political era of S T Muna was not same to that of today.


There is nothing as bad as being blind to the truth. come to think of it!! How can a cameroonian with an iota of brain say power has eluded Fru Ndi?? What do you mean by power anyway? We have one and only one opposition party in Cameroon, and that is the Social Democratic Front. This lone and strong party is headed by Fru Ndi. Who made it strong? Fru Ndi of course... So you believe someone can fight for a course as serious as the one Fru Ndi has fought for, just to surender at one point because a power monger (Ben Muna) got into the scene? Let me tell you that The fight has just begun and SDF will defend itself to the last. Let those who say they are authentic sdf go ahead. They will throw in the towel when the time of reckoning comes. I am truely sorry for those with contrary views. Kudos to the true fighters...


Stop the bullying tactics of some who must die with Fru ndi.Some of your questions are as childish as the word itself.. .....political revolution takes all sought of parth as long as the goal is achieved who cares.

You keep coming with this concept of convention holding in cpdm building in bamenda,with fru ndi's brothers and friends running the show yet, your lot clap, clap ,clap, like cpdm members normally do to Biya without asking fundamental question to Fru ndi,today he leads his fake sdf with very uncertain future.

Who told you that a convention must only hold in a building and for two days?when 1.5 million cfa is paid to hold a convention and the cpdm/fru ndi's fake sdf gangster connived to block the door from delegates.What do you do?You have your convention in the next available best place.The important point is to come out with convention resolutions and an executive to pursue your agenda.That's what the yaounde convention did.Muna is at the helm.

When the governor of the NW banned Fru ndi from the launched of the sdf in 1990,did he not continue with his launched?Is he not running his fake sdf today?Fru ndi this,Fru ndi that....Langai,wake up from sleep.

The concept of primaries can be modelled to suit needs, as long as we the party members are in agreement.Do you call the BOYO swearing,Pledging of allegiance to fru ndi primaries?Look,remember those of us against fru ndi have been sdf members all our life and understand our party better.



I am sorry for posting without acknowledging the thinking concept of Mr Shey Rene.It shows why you are in that unversity,nice to see some looking at things the otherway,moreso as we all gave Fru ndi his chances over the years.



Political adventurers

This may not be the right place for UB adventurers to display their ignorance of facts and figures. Total rubbish By Rene.

A political struggle for the leadership of West Cameroon had developed between Jua and Solomon Tandeng Muna since, constitutionally, Foncha could not be both Prime Minister of West Cameroon and Vice-President of the Republic. The struggle led to the expulsion of Muna and his supporters from the KNDP after Jua's victory .

Muna and his group formed a new political party, the Cameroon United Congress (CUC), which pledged support for the Federal Constitution but advocated the creation of a single political party and a unitary system for the whole country.

Its popular slogan was 'one country, one government, one flag, one currency'. This programme matched President Ahidjo's policy well and, in 1968, he appointed Muna Prime Minister of West Cameroon in place of Jua. In 1970, the clause in the Federal Constitution which barred one and the same person from simultaneously occupying the posts of Prime Minister of West Cameroon and Vice-President of the Republic was overridden and Muna was appointed Vice-President of Cameroon in addition to his position as Prime Minister of West Cameroon.

Foncha who was the Vice-President before that appointment was thus eased out of office, and the way made clear for the introduction of a unitary system in Cameroon . On the 6 th May 1972, President Ahidjo announced in the National Assembly that he intended to transform the Federal Republic into a unitary state provided the electorate supported the idea in a referendum to be held on the 20 th May 1972.

Mr Rene learn to put the facts rights gentleman.



Unconfirmed news filtering into my ears from Cameroon says the chief "mourner",who at one time monopolised the forum is on stike.It is alleged that he was not only refused an extention of his contract,but was not fully paid for the work done so far. what he had as pay reminds the advance that he received at the beginning.

According to reliable sources,the abrogation was precipitated due to the fact that his work was not yielding any positive outcome to his employer,the political monster call Muna.According to my source,the chief mouner failed to scrupulously execute the program that was handed to him.The plan was that,he first start by fawning Fru Ndi to mislead the targeted audience,and later on launch a full slanderous campaign to complete blackmail Ni John Fru Ndi.As I am reliably informed,the fellow,although spent a lot of time for the assignment,but kept contradicting himself, day in,day out leading to the annoyance of his master who followed his postings closedly and related it to the comments that "forumites" made to point out the inconsistency in his write ups.The most disgusting thing to his master,as I got from the news is the fact that the Chief "mourner" ignored almost all comments made regarding his plot.According to him,ignoring comments that "forumites" made to point out his contradictions made his work tenuous and unproductive.

It is also alleged that while the chief "mourner" is still negotiating for full compensation of the work he did,he is threatening to use his pen in the reverse direction if he is finally not considered.As I am told,it will be difficult for him to surface on the forum again,one of his friends has said,"where will Ben B+F leave his conscience if he has to surface on the forum to use his pen in the reverse direction?"


Valley of England,
You seem so exicited with the Muna Saga.Slow down young man.As an excited and uninformed partisan supporter of Muna can you read the hand writing on the wall? I mean the mission to doom that Muna Iscariot has embarked on.We are on the eve of an election year and I can bet you sooner or later some you will will diappear from the forum with your heads down. We told the self proclaimed mourner this same story but he refused to listen.Where is he today the son of Enland? I hope you will not join him soon.The media politicians or call them politicians without any base will soon answer questions to the same press that is spreading their gospel.As an authentic Chairman Muna instead of talking of Fru Ndi should be delivering the goods.I mean changing the Cameroon that Fru Ndi's sdf has been unable to change for fifteen years.Useless talking on the media will not solve the problems of Cameroon.This useless talk of Fru Ndi has done this ,Fru Ndi has done that is but nonsense.He is already a Chairman let him be delivering the goods.It's easier said than done.This political lunatic will sooner than later answer questions to this same press that he has bought to spread his false propaganda.Politics is the grass root and not the media.Muna should start his mission by organising a public rally not only in Yaounde but in Ngembu.I can assure you the son of England that even his mother will not attend the rally.Go,tell your master that I have challenged him to prove his worth.


You are right Fon.This is a songbird we challenged to pick up the debate,but he always melted away,and instead came out as Teribobs to call people nitwits.But he will remember all through his life that we did everything to push the nivaquine down his throat,though he practised a policy of hit and run.Today TeribobsFB is unable to tell Cameroonians where his new-born genuis has gone to.
Did i here a political science student came to town? What is really wrong with this present breed of political Science students? When it is not Prudence giving readers eerie feelings with obscene outbursts,it is Shey Rene shamelessly trying to emulate eavesdropping MSN dishes out to the public on its miscellaneous column about artists.They will always have questions like;who is it? Paris Hilton,What?
was seen dancing naked.Shey`s new assignment as a political Science student seems to be directing people in a question and answer session in a Cpdm hideout in Mvomeka`a.
He starts chewing his gums that when you go to parliament and your status changes,you will only think of your family,and says this was the case with Fru Ndi.When did Fru Ndi go to parliament as Deputy and how did this change him ?Has Fru Ndi`s status as the party leader ever changed? Shey accuse Fru Ndi`s supporters of making empty noise and not able to solve the future at present.Pitifully enough for a Political Science student,the only way for his master Muna to solve the future at present is to merge his own faction with the CPDM to form the Presidential majority.
Acoording to Shey the Presidential majority is the panaece of all the ills we are living today.
This is simply the worst jumble we have read on this forum since the beginning of this year.We were thought in primary school that a paragraph introduces a new idea,not that you will sprinkle few points about Muna here ,and can`t follow through to the end with the same thought process,but will jump to the 1960s.People like BenFB have given a very bad example here ,and people are now jumping to their feet trying to emulate them .This is a piece of 'sublime mysticism and nonesense' and is not worth writing home about.


I can see that you read a bit of history but must have been the worst history student. You cannot even paraphrase correctly. You must have had good primary school teachers but you are a disgrace to them coz you state the rule and practice the contrary. Indeed as a grade 3 teacher turned SDF(JFN faction)scribe you are excelling. Get private lessons from Klemenceau and Fon Lawrence who belong to your camp.

Fon Lawrence has been learning a lot from Mukete and now he is putting into practice what he learnt.


This is politics, we should learn to attack the policies of the different parties involved, not crying over spilled milk of ancient politicians who weren't as enlightened as what we boast of today. Solomon Tandeng Muna is not Benard Achu Muna. They are different people, who have had different experiences to shape their ideologies. Aaron Agie Nyangkwe and Tayong, i think u are more myopic than those u claim are. Aaron, you are quick to admit that the Muna Sr. practised politics in a different era from Muna Jr, at the same time, quick to judge and condemn Muna Jr. on the basis of Muna Sr. That is ridiculous!! Fon, there you go with, what is common with those around Fru Ndi, 'hear says', ' reliably informed', etc, etc, by who? If you are sure of your source why not name it? Don't be a coward. As for, Mr. Wateshi, you go by attacking Shey Rene's personality, and not his ideology. That is what, is common with SDF today.Cameroon will never develop to political maturity because of ludicrous individuals, like these.

Yesteryears, Mr Fru Ndi could have gone on a nation wide campaign to protesting against the rising standards of living of Cameroonians, that was power to the people then. Today he waits when Barrister Muna cut's him with his faction of the SDF, to run to the courts he once defied, begging for justice.

I hereby, invite you all, to watch what democracy is all about and how political transparency can be an asset to the running of a political party in the upcoming CPDM congress. The SDF has been full of lies and malice, it's shameful to hear their so called Chairman say he single handedly formed the SDF, after all these years he has been mentiioning the names of the founders, this he did during the launching in 1990 and in preceeding conventions. Why is it that, it is only when he disagrees with them that he sees himself as the sole founder of SDF. I can just imagine him thinking the SDF is a private limited coompany. Another occasion was his encounter with one of their so-called founding father, who came to expose, the lies, Mr Fru Ndi can tell after a meeting with Fru Ndi. It's unfortuanate people are so blind to follow such an individual, and believe in him intoto.
This has continued with some Fru Ndi paid propagandists on the internet, being paid with the CPDM money which once was blood money according to Fru Ndi.

I now see why any reasonable academician will not stand him. Academics doesn't lie.

Aaron Agien Nyangkwe

Watesih, Tayong et al

Lt me share this letter from my frind John in Washington with you. The contnt is startling.

It reads:

"Nice to hear from you, Aaron. It is obvious to me that you ...

Can I share a secret with you? Ben Muna has let me down, and I dare say, many of us. After the cloud that hung over Pa S. T. for so many years, I had looked forward to Ben doing something to redeem some of his late father's name. Pa returned from the UN with the Elad/Munzu delegation and gave us a speech on the Kumba town green and from the bottom of my heart I decided that he was forgiven for whatever his past errors were. Then when Barrister led a fraternity of legal men in protest over the Yondo Mandenge Black affair, and actually paralyzed the courts in Cameroon until Mandengue was released by the regime, I said to myself: Here is another mile stone in Pa S T's redemption.
Why Ben Muna should now turn around and be doing what he is doing, beats my imagination. To gain what? To go where? See where the UPCs, UNDPs and others went with factionalization?
I weep for my country!"


Do I take your comment to mean you havent read what I have written or read and not understood or just a zealot of Muna ready to wave off anything against him with the back of the hand? To begin with if you knew anything about the history of Cameroon then you would have seen that our young political scientist from UB has totally misplaced facts.Im not in for your Fru Ndi Muna delima but fatcs.

Maybe you reread between the lines what I wrote before flaring


Doh Sikod (UK)

It is high time we the militants of the SDF party begin to understand that May 26th 2006 marked the beginning of the fall of Ni John Fru Ndi.Whether you accept it or not,just take it from me.
It is equally worth noting that Fru Ndi has been at the head of the SDF for 16 years with very little or no achievement to boast of.The father of democracy in cameroon as he purports is suppose to set the example for us to follow.He has vehemently refused to relinquish power for some other person to come up too and try.I must confess that I don't see any difference between Fru Ndi and Biya when it comes to sticking to power.I am sure that if he is voted president of Cameroon,he wouldn't hesitate to manipulate the constitution to stay in power much longer than expected.If Fru Ndi knows he does not have a skeleton in his cupboard,why is he afraid to hand over chairmanship of the SDF to some one else.Is he the only competent militant to head the party?
As for Muna and the Ngwas,I think they have taken the right approach to come up with a progressive faction.They just have to keep to the rules and lead cameroonians along the right track.I have the following advice for Muna and his group:
1. Transparency should be your goal.
2. Humility-treat each and every Cameroonian equally irrespective of tribe,academic qualification,profession etc.Always remember that they are all God's people.
3. People will say stupid things about you.They will condemn you.Careless about what says or thinks about you.So long as you are leading the people along the right track,only care about what God thinks of you.
4. Always accept you mistakes and make corrections irrespective of whether they were pointed out by illiterates or people who are not as educated as you are.No one is perfect except God.
5. Finally,always plan with God.Jesus Christ said "I am the vine,you are the branches.Any one who cuts himself from me can do nothing."His words are infallible.


I see nothing particularly wrong with what this young man has written. I think he is simply "indirectly" telling us that Muna is going to use "tactful ways of achieving his Personal interests, use dirty tricks, vague and pompous rhetoric's, back door deals and black mailing" throughout. This is very clear in Muna's face. Hon Prof Dr. A. A. Agbormbai keeps jumping from one praise to another. What has this Muna done so far as head of this group meeting in Yaounde? Don't call it a party meeting, for it will make you too mean. Dr. A. A. Agbormbai is already showering praises here and there. Like father like son, Amen.


Eyengue, Vally and Eddy (Including Shey Rene)

Nobody said Fru Ndi was perfect, in fact I can’t even swear that he (Fru Ndi) never received money from Biya and Co. And I said it here before, we all want change in the SDF. The problem is with the way Muna is trying to bring about change. First he decided to organize his own convention and after he was kicked out of the SDF he had himself appointed/elected as “SDF Authentique” chairman, today he is trying to gain publicity by issuing some communiqués stating the obvious, trying to criticize the Government. How will fractionalizing the SDF to achieve some self personal interest get us out of our messy political situation.

In politics anybody can do anything and if you end up being leader or whatever your goals, you can conclude that you’ve succeeded. Look at the neighboring Congos, Denis Sassou Nguesso went back with a coup d’etat and won, you’ll call that success but look at the state of Congo today. Nobody wanted Mbouboutou in Zaire (DRC) Kabila launched a coup d’etat and got rid of Mbouboutou, yes Kabila won but where is Zaire today, it’s like they instead went 30 years behind.

I sill think if Muna had Cameroon at heart he would just have formed his own party and if Cameroonians see him as the right alternative they’ll whole heartedly support him. His actions are a clear indication that he is out to destroy what appears to be the party that will be in power after Biya and his faggy friends are gone.

Shey Rene,
From the contents of your article, I’ll assume you’re a student, please stay in school.


Wew UB's political Science department needs some over-hauling. Would someone have Prof. Lambi ask his students not to expose their naivity in such a public forum. Rubbish, rubbish,rubbish. that piece is not even fit for this commentary section especially as it is beautifully signed-off as the work of a UB political science student. doesn't give the impression this person ever passed intro to political science 101.


Breaking News

Eyengue is inviting us to watch democracy during the upcoming CPDM congress. That was the joke of the week. Hear him,

"I hereby, invite you all, to watch what democracy is all about and how political transparency can be an asset to the running of a political party in the upcoming CPDM congress"

Mr Eyengue all these while you have been struggling to cover up yourself .The frenchman says "le mensonge n'a de longue jambres".
Eyengue no one even a blind man can take you anymore serious. Damn it man.



I at least appreciate Eyengue who is bold enough to make it public that he is here the defend the CPDM regime which has brought infathomable misery to our country.He is unlike others, like Agbormbai and cohorts who keep pretending that they are for the SDF but only against Fru Ndi,however,they deeply know their target is to enervate the SDF to the advantage of their dreaded CPDM regime.They fully know that the CPDM is evil but because of what they benefit from the regime, they hide under Muna and Ngwasiri to protect their devil.Truely,they know Muna and Ngwasiri has nothing to write home about.

Maitre ftroit,you are welcome after a long silence.
I think the short comings of Rene Shey´s article should be shouldered by the editor of the post news paper.


Mr Tayong and Fon,
I am for the prosperity of Cameroon, whether brought about by the CPDM or the SDF. I have always criticised President Biya for his lack of foresight which ended up bringing Cameroon to her knees. In the same light i criticise Fru Ndi for hiding his main agenda, sacrificing people and wasting valueable time and money, for his personal gains, thereby making the SDF to loss track of it's original ideas.
It puzzles me to find individuals to think only the SDF can teach lessons to people. In the same light the SDF invites CPDM members to her conventions, i call on those SDF die hearts, to watch and learn from the CPDM also.
I need not allude the fact that, the CPDM has learned alot from the SDF, why can't this be vice versa. It sums up your myopic views being expressed, daily on this forum. The SDF doesn't have the monopoly of political ideas in Cameroon.


Mr Eyengue

Whether you call cobra just Cobra or Mr Cobra it will still stink you. There is no amount of foresightedness you can preach on this forum for anyone to take you serious.Pause for a moment and listen to yourself Eyengue. Gentleman, the child of a frog is a frog period.Never a toad .

What lessons do you want us to learn from a regime that has mystified national life, tribalised politics,encouraged corruption , ramsacked state coffers and banked them here in the west, destroyed democracy and what have you.

Eyengue I had never known that there are still Cameroonians like you who in brought daylight are still shameproof and blatant. Now I know you simply go under Muna's cover to betray Cameroonians.
Valy,Mukete, Momo ,Ben F,Teribob hear your anchor man here very loud and clear.Do we take him for Muna's militant or just an opportunist in your course?

Just thinking aloud guys!!
May God save Cameroon


Mr. Tayong,
I wonder your comprehension facts . Running a political party is different from a running a country. The CPDM may have failed in running the country but it hasn't failed as a political party.
Besides, i do not associate myself with any individual or individuals who happen to express their opinion on this forum. Your allegations should be centred on me and me alone.


I say eh, dis cry-die nova stop? Or are you waiting to see the grave decorated? Keep lying to yourselves and believing your own lies. Truth is elsewhere. And you all know it. That's why you are crying. Cry louder!!! There's more crying ahead. Very soon. Bet.



My Eyengue
I want to beleive you have at least done some level of law or govt or even civics.Its amazing to read what you write gentleman.Just listen to yourself. The CPDM may have failed in running the country but not failed as a party.

In Cameroon who are the ministers , who are the secretaries of states, the directors incharge of cabinets, the governors, the SDOs, the DOs ,the chiefs,principals of schools right down to any post of reponsibiulity? All CPDM heavy weights. They all fail at national level and you claim they can now become professors of democracy to lecture us Eyengue?

Eyengue ,look history will judge me and you. Join your CPDM to plunder the sweat of the taxe payer.One day "Monkey go chop pepper".Dont worry its just a matter of time.

Thirdly I will prove to you very soon all your comments supposedly paying allegeance to Muna ,now that your real colours have been unveiled you deny any link to the Muna group. Stay put.You cant mess up here man.



Ben F
welcome promised me runnnig a tale of the Munas which i have been impatiently waiting for. come good as they say in up country language.


You guys have all acknowledged a great Job Shey Rene did.Here you are all bashing your head against each other with all your views.In his report he said time will tell,he spoke about Muna as well as Ni John.
Rene,good Job and keep doing what you are doing,and I hope to read more interesting article from you in future.Don't let people's personal political view deter you from your dream as a writer.There will always be opposing view in any topic,event or situation in life.

God Speed


Ben B,
In my write up,I said, unconfirmed news filtering into .....
You have just surfaced to confirm it,because according to my source,I was told,you are following all developments on this forum,but find it difficult to contribute because,you don´t yet know what to do.
News of the scandal has dug you out of your hole.If you have come to use your pen in the "reverse" direction,you are welcome.It is never too late to revail the truth.

If someone doubts my source,how can Ben B who was so regular as a mourner explain his sudden hault in contributions for a long time and only to surface,to tell us he is still around immediately I revailed news of his scandal?


There are many things that you don´t know and to pick up an argument with you is just to waste time.

"The CPDM may have failed in running the country but it hasn't failed as a political party."
Let me waste my precious time to tell ypu that if the CPDM is not in power,it will accelerate to its final end.This is not to be disputed!!!!


My Dearest Friends,

That was a good one from Shey. He has nailed Muna there. But for people like Vally who've vehemently denied to see beyond their nose think that he(Shey) wrote well of Muna. I wonder greatly how Shey reconciles the tittle of his article "Ben Muna Is Politically On The Right Path" and the fact that he indirectly describes Muna's willings and dealings as...hear him:"willing and dealings including tactful ways of achieving "Personal interest" ...use of dirty tricks, vague and pompous use of rhetoric's, back door deals and black mailing...". This gentleman unconsciously describes his lord(Muna) as a man whose primordial aim of doing politics is for his interests and not that of the people. You know when we write and try to pretend the truth hunts us so much so that we can't afford to hide it...truth they say never hides. He says that Muna is hungry to join the government. He attempts to paint the game dirty but soils Vally's master. Vally, didn't you notice that? My dear friend Vally, tell Shey to join us in school!

She has helped us show Vally et al how malicious Muna is. Thank God!!!

Tayong, you do me proud by always saying my mind. You're right gentleman in all what you wrote. Fon, you've pushed those who were hiding to resurface. Thanks so much. We'll "smoke them out of their molds". Watesih, Aaron et al, keep it up. Like I said sometime ago, don't succumb to empty threats and intimidation. Dr. AA is really a mess to that title. I hope I'd that title!

Ftroit, I've always admired your love and stance for legality. You know fully well the legal and true SDF. What happened in Yaounde is illegal. It even puzzles me why Vally and the rest keep talking Fru Ndi instead of talking about their chairman. I thought Fru Ndi is no more chairman of SDF and that he's disappeared from the political landscape. Am I dreaming??? Is Fru Ndi still SDF chieftain ot Muna???...I don't think I'm dreaming cos in the other article Mbah Ndam and Yoyo represented the "fake" SDF. I didn't see representatives of the "authentic" SDF. Can someone tell me something?

Stay blessed and have a wonderful weekend!

Arched eyebrows, Son Of Ako, London School Of Economics And Political Science.


Henry Alex

Benf shamelessly come on.Don't forget to mourn for my pet.ahahahahahahah.Shey Rene, u are not doing bad as a transporter of facts not writer.


We are smoking them out of their moleholes,as Akoson will like it to be said.
We discovered that since BenF came out of his hiding yesterday,Teribobs also came out,and as usual went astray.So BenTeribobsFB the first time you came,you did not inform and threaten readers,so why should you do so now.Just stealthily come back!

I don`t mean to be tribalistic in anyway,but your name doesn`t give me the courage to debate with you ,just as that of Ateba has never done.Strangely enough these two names have always pitted themselves against Fru Ndi which goes a long way to confirm the accusation that there are the same people trying to keep it all for themselves.I`m sorry i don`t mean to be sarcastic,but i would prefer not to debate with you because the writing is clear on the war."A cooking pot for the chameleon is a cooking pot for the lizard".

That letter is very telling,and brings out the feeling the people have out there.
Somebody says we cannot compare the two Munas,but Cameroonians can`t help comparing the two because Muna Jr thought he was going to emulate Muna the father,by resigning and putting in place an endeavour,which he did and with the same display of treachery .People like Endeley and Foncha suffered a great deal as a result of the political incorrectness of Pa Muna,and the Fru Ndis,Mbah Ndams are suffering today because of the younger Muna`s greed.Lets forget for the moment that the elder Muna succeeded to form his own party ,while the younger one is clinging to the SDF like a bedbug,and lay emphasis on the idea of betrayal which the two of them share perfectly.



Haven't you realized that there are a few intelligent guys in your camp? Do you think Fon or Klemenceau are buying the idea that BenB is Teribobs? I wish I was BenB. Thanks for elevating me.

Only dullards like your china friend Akoson can buy your hallucinations.

We have better fishes to fry rather than waste our precious time on the net with people who think with their stomachs. I do selective reading on this forum.




Haven't you realized that there are a few intelligent guys in your camp? Do you think Fon or Klemenceau are buying the idea that BenB is Teribobs? I wish I was BenB. Thanks for elevating me.

Only dullards like your china friend Akoson can buy your hallucinations.

We have better fishes to fry rather than waste our precious time on the net with people who think with their stomachs. I do selective reading on this forum.



Please watch your language. I know you can do better than that. I am tempted to think somebody is impersonating. You do not sound yourself these days. Hope this comment helps.



I've always said that you're one and same person. That's my conclusion, period! Can you tell the forum what intelligent comment you've EVER attempted here? Everyone in the house is mature and know that JEALOUS ILLETERATES like yourself have got nothing to offer. You claim to do selective reading...don't read this one.

See a psychiatrist you half educated he-goat.

Arched eyebrows, Son Of Ako, London School Of Economics And Political Science.



Teribobs, I have been reading the comments but find it hard to res[pond. please when you write don't try to buy me away with your primitive tactic.My position about you writing as BenF is clear and I must not speak to let you know.The writing is clear on the wall.


Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


Don't mind the persistent negative thinkers on this forum. They cannot manage their own lives let alone contribute anything useful to the benefit of others. Their champions are destructive thinkers like themselves. They cannot impact anything in Cameroon, except make noise and expose their stupidity on this forum.


Call to order!!!

Gentlemen.Please let's not resort to insults. Let's agree to disagree without being aggressive . Insults disappeared and suddenly hell broke loose again.

We are all mature people in here I suppose.
The force of argument is not the argument of force. We can do better without insults.



I didnt expect that from you. Even when others throw slangs here and there you are inexcusable for doing the same.You know why I speak to you like this.

Meanwhile you and Eyengue hadnt made this forum know your political ideologies until recently when Eyengue came out point blanc to tell me he is CPDM. Now you also come out to tell us your leanings. All these while two of you have been feigning support for Muna faction of SDF .

Are you by this confirming allegations by the Pro Fru Ndi Camp that Muna's diehards are CPDM hideouts? Well lets not go into that now. Dr AA , can you now tell us your plan of action for Cameroon under the CPDM platform? Maybe you can make some people change their course.

Over to you and Eyengue.



please try to reason,this scnc think has make you to think that you know all.remember that we some of us are those trying to fight for the scnc on the ground.but people like you make us sad because you only sing everyday and have done nothing to bring people to the just abuse people who are not yet part of the group.know that many anglophones can be part of it.but with people like you who steal and uses the scnc think for your goals there is no hope.
I belong to the muna sdf but it does not mean that i am not for scnc.fru ndi has failed to say anything related to scnc and had been an enemy of mukong who stood for the scnc.You are with him canningly because you have you own reason why you join the scsn.Muna atleast admits that there is an anglophone problem unlike his father who later confess.
Tayong scnc is not for thieves like you but for people like us who have gone to jail for it sake.i have lost alot for it and do not like fake singers like you.I have been reading from you and raxon for about a year on this forum but i found no good proposals from you.instead of pleading with people to surport you attack what you are doing to doctor AA agborbia and the rest like mukete whom i see have pity for the scnc.
sorry for saying the truth.
scnc fighter bamenda



Let the person writing for Klemenceau not waste his time. No matter how you hide to write for someone, there always will be something to prove that it is not the original person who is writing. The person who is doing this should grow up. You missed the person you to write for. Klemenceau never play such games.



You are a butterfly that thinks himself a bird.By showering panegyrics on Fon Lawrence for quite sometime now,you have the impression that you are corrupting his innocence.Thats why you keep telling people to ask Fon whether you are BenFB.You are in a really pitiful situation.This is somebody who announced here that BenF was taking up the part of a narrator ,while he was to occupy himself with invectives,yet today he gives readers the impression that he has run into speedbreaks.Readers are so surprised that you have got other fishes to fry,apart from eschewing debate and innundating the forum with what your distorted mind cannot conceive.When you started a fight with us ,you did not know it was going to be long drawn-out.What we are asking you is to continue coming on in any capacity,BenD or BenG,BenTeribobs or BenMuna.Truth can fell even the baobab tree,thats what you are beginning to discover.You erroneously think that by laying emphasis that Akoson is in China ,he is going to stop making you have a taste of the bitter pill,lie!We are not representing countries on this forum.Even if we were to do so,what can China envy from your own country.You want to divert attention,but we are waiting for your return from self-exile!


I don`t know why people keep worrying about a politically lame and morally loose adult like Agbormbai.This is somebody who only came to terms with the fact that Messi Messi and Biya messed up the SCB in 2005,and will keep dirtying the columns of the Post here with things he can only see and do in the dream world.People like this are always very prescriptive and presumptious,asking the President to dismiss a minister.He has been saying here that for the past six years Cameroon has been doing fine,but we are surprised that he is now asking his president to dismiss the same Minisrers who have been bringing this fineness to Cameroon.Lasttime he celebrated the fact that Biya had sent some Ministers to take a respite from active swindling in Kondengui.How can you be jubilant when your President send the very Ministers who have brought a lot of honey to the people for the past six years to prison.
When he is not sending his high regards to apparently younger ,but equally slow learners as himself,he is uplifting material written by others in Cameroon Tribune and and posting it here under his signature.A Dr. who has never come up with critical analysis about the issues of the day in Cameroon.He thinks that writing on a public forum is a hide and seek game.He will chip in two three lines highlighting the virtues of the regime that has brought a lot to the people for the past 40 years.This type of macara parti really a moral plague to young minds looking up to their elders.

Muki StoneHall

It's a lamentable situation that a mere student will get up one morning and assembly scanty and baseless facts and submit them to a news organ and it will be published.I don't think the author of this article is to be blamed.The whole blame goes to the editor of the post newpaper for accepting to publish such an article.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

As I currently see it, Ben Muna has started well,just like president bush and I hope he continues in this vain. in the future,muna can be a successful leader just like his father-ST muna,the great.

As i said ealier,SCNC is not the solution tthe anglophone problem.Ben Muna is the answer.Am reacting to a comment somebody wrote above.Fru ndi is no more intelligent as before,and ben muna is now a new genius. That is why i have accepted thae appointment. to serve as minister of livestocks and agriculture in his shadow cabinet.Me and my family will leave Kaduna university for cameroon in 3 months time,as i will have to be in the country for political activities.It also pays to teach in Cameroon to your own people.

In a country full of evil leaders, those who can change soonest for the better should end up with the spoils.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai
(Calabar 1964)-HONS


Are you surprise Arborgmbai has now openly professed for the ruling junta?.He like Mukete,Valley of England,BendTerribobs have opted to reveal their mission on the forum.When we told them the truth will always prevail they thought we were joking.This time around they are the very people exposing their diabolic mission to the world.Can the right honourable doctor tell the world the good thing this political monster call Muna has done which according to him is on a good footing? Doctors have never been as short sighted and as naive as the one we have on the forum.Is this not a humiliation to the institutions that these so-called doctors represent? Honourable Argbombai could have proven to the young generation on the forum that he is intellectualy sound and has the ability to anaylse and make sound judgement regarding the political situation in Cameroon.Professor Asonganyi responding to the fake cpdm MP for his constituency in one of his write ups posted on this forum demonstrated this ability.His admirers and non admirers appreciated that piece.Even the famous Argbombai ejoyed this piece.This is what we expect from people who want to project the titles they carry to the rest of the world.Throwing slanks and meaningless phrases left and right only exposes the naivity of such personalities.Can the right honourable Argbormbai prove the contrary?.


Dr. Agbormbai wrote: "Don't mind the persistent negative thinkers on this forum. They cannot manage their own lives let alone contribute anything useful to the benefit of others. Their champions are destructive thinkers like themselves. They cannot impact anything in Cameroon, except make noise and expose their stupidity on this forum."

Yeah, Doc, and you think that those who will make an impact in Cameroon are people like you living in the relative comfort of England for 30 years and pontificating on the internet about government policy in Cameroon. Give us a break, Doc. Why not take a sabbatical from your job in England, and spend a year working in Yaounde! You might just have a reality check of your delusions, or is it hallucinations, about the Biya regime.

As I said before you are on a different planet from 99% of Cameroonians, Planet Agbormbai. Spending some time in Yaounde might permit you to rejoin the rest of us on planet Earth.


you are the sdf man of the year.lets join forces with muna and talibam fru ndi now or never.


Seseko moh Tabiewube

''I sill think if Muna had Cameroon at heart he would just have formed his own party and if Cameroonians see him as the right alternative they’ll whole heartedly support him. His actions are a clear indication that he is out to destroy what appears to be the party that will be in power after Biya and his faggy friends are gone''. Seseko think the person who made the above statement have the solution to the SDF crisis. As popular and intelligent as he think he is, Ben Muna should form his own party (if he cares call it Social Democrate Frontier and try to see if he can have a share of the Cameroonian national cake. He should leave Fru and Co alone after all they fought alot to have their farm (SDF) matured. His old man tried this tactic and failed and after formed his own party and succeeded in the joining the Alhidjo camp thus enjoying the national cake. Muna should atleast see it this way, after all none of them have Cameroonians at heart. Selfish politicians.

Seseko moh Tabiewube


Using the name "mukete" in order for readers to read their write ups, naive readers are giving me an importance which I never begged for.

My only problem remains the fact that these people using others' names to beg readers into reading their worthless contributions, are indeed crucifying the Lord Jesus by doing this.

It is a sign of inferiority complex, and an indication that readers are attracted by the names they use. Unfortunately for them, readers already understand when the original mukete, ... write.


Biya's Toy

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Are you smart enough to get smarter?

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Thinkarete from arete self-actualizing and striving to reach your highest potential in ancient greek.


Why I Mourn for this Forum

Well, we all thank The Post newspaper for creating Postnewsline and making it interactive so that WE THE PEOPLE can have a voice, even those of us who have nothing to say; even those of us who just want to see our names on the forum; even those of us who want to “win” online while those with better ideas are winning control on the ground and rescuing our great party from the pangs COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS who had traded it to the devil for 20 pieces of silver; even those of us who “like BenF/B keep contradicting themselves on this forum”.

We thank The Post for giving a voice to people who had been denied a voice in a party for which they lost limb, life, family and career; those who had given all for the party but were pushed out by latter day freedom fighters who fooled Ni John – the people’s leader in the days of yore – into dining with Biya, causing Ni John to lose his voice in the process at the expense of the cause for the suffering masses.

We thank The Post because it won’t edit the stuff we post here; it lets our stuff go verbatim as we write it so we can see the junk some of us – professed journalists and journalism consultants – were writing when we were supposed to be journalists; when we laid all the blame for our failure in journalism on the shoulders of our “malicious” editors.

We thank The Post because our sloppy use of English and poor analysis on this forum now exposes us as some of the dullest journalists, political scientists, lawyers or jurists and social scientists that ever existed in Cameroon.

Some of us weep for the parents who sent some of us abroad because all we show on this forum is total failure in our careers: be it teaching in the east and feigning we are in prestigious institutions in the west or dropping out of school because we wanted to play life and looking for ways to blame Pa Muna or his sons for our failures.

Some of us think everyone has forgotten that we used to be propaganda stooges (hit men) and errand boys for Albert Dzongang – Ni JOHN’s bitter opponent – that we were simply sanctioned by our so-called malicious editors who wanted professional stuff not propaganda that we presented as news. Today, like typically frustrated hit men, we have found “last fight” in Ni John’s suicide mission.

We thank The Post because we know what to expect from such gutter journalists who are planning to bounce back in Mbah Ndam’s The Heron to teach Ben Muna the lesson of his life.

We thank The Post because they have opened the way for some like BenF/B to have a job as Muna’s online propaganda officer for good pay, since Ni John’s njohs and Mbah Ndam’s bats speak out of conviction and only Muna’s mourners must be doing so for money. Short sense pipo!

We Muna supporters thank The Post because di money di sweet tam no dey. Man wey e vex make he cam chop wona he own too.

Yes we thank The Post for all this, the same reason why we MOURN for this forum.

(In search of appropriate title: Chief Mourner or Professional Mourner? Whoever wins the contract to find me an appropriate title will get good pay. I’m earning a lot from Muna for my propaganda work, you know.)

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

As I currently see it, Ben Muna has started well,just like president bush and I hope he continues in this vain. in the future,muna can be a successful leader just like his father-ST muna,the great.

As i said ealier,SCNC is not the solution tthe anglophone problem.Ben Muna is the answer.Am reacting to a comment somebody wrote above.Fru ndi is no more intelligent as before,and ben muna is now a new genius. That is why i have accepted thae appointment. to serve as minister of livestocks and agriculture in his shadow cabinet.Me and my family will leave Kaduna university for cameroon in 3 months time,as i will have to be in the country for political activities.It also pays to teach in Cameroon to your own people.

In a country full of evil leaders, those who can change soonest for the better should end up with the spoils.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai
(Calabar 1964)-HONS

john james wami

it is time for sdf to show that they are really democratic.i call on the two factions to reconcile their differences,nullify the decisions of the two convetions plan together and draw up modalities for another convention.give opportunity to whoever wants to be chairman to file his candidature.conduct free and fair electons during the convention.that is my humble opinion.anything other than that the the party is heading to doom.


The struggle for changed must continue with all pushing to exit Biya,While the momentum forward must also continue within the sdf.
We all knew evicting biya will not be easy that's why we decided to deversify our portfolios for the struggle.

We have all initiated the move to see a meaningful changed at the helm of the sdf.We decide to ditch Fru ndi for Muna,of course we do not expect Fru ndi to seat watch us easily take his purported sdf.

So rest assured that the process started will take it rightful course,as i always say in God we trust.


Che Sunday (Dr.)

Shey Rene,
You missed the mark by a mile. When Muna senior left the KNDP, he did not try to form a splinter party of the KNDP. As you rightly pointed out, he formed the CUC. His attempts at seeking public office under the umbrella of that party proved futile. Muna junior, even with the likes of Bonu on his defence team, the Fru Ndi faction will win. Not because of better leadership abilities, but the simple fact that Fru Ndi is the founder of the SDF. This may be debated in some quarters, but until better evidence becomes available, he remains the founder and head of that party.
Some one on this forum once alleged that Muna was ready to jump ship from the SDF to the CPDM in order to accept a ministerial position from the CPDM. If that allegation is true, then there is enough genetic linkage between father and son that goes beyond perception. If Muna is on the right track as you claim, he must be ready to decamped from the SDF completely and learn to fly on his own wings. The SDF is a loser organization so long as Ni John Fru continues to run it. Trying to get into Etoudi on that emblem is a fools dream .


Dr. Agbormbai,

They will bark and bark, as Ni John Fru Ndi did before Paul Biya reduced him from grace to grass, but they will never bite. They are just a worthless stone like their Ntarikon Jean Anglo! These are people who have been wounded by life and are merely crying out for help.

It is better for these prophets of doom to dive into the Mungo river and scatter their brainless heads than for them to be given the opportunity to take this forum hostage.

Knganjo, Watermouth Watesih, Klamenceau, Fon Lawless, Aaron Nyangkwe, Akoson and the other disciples of doom are merely crying out for help. They are not different from their 7 Bafut forefathers who carried the loaded lorry of a whiteman on their bare heads. What do we expect from people whose creation originated from sperms that were cultured in fermented palm wine in a 200 degree centigrade oven? What do we expect from people whose creation process took place on a Bambo bed with grass matress? Unable to climb on me, they are now trying out with you.

I will be writing about these beasts of no nation.




...Ours here're just sweeping the streets, cleaning toilets, and "pay-sex" the rest...mean money from ugly "jobs".

...If I were in China I'll raise my shoulders...I hardly barely have that opportunity to live and work in the world's fastest growing economy!

I address this to dullards and people who've not read! They don't understand the present trend of the world's economy. They fail to perceive that in twenty years to come only the US will compete with China economically and militarily. Dullards look at the present and fail to look at the future which is more paramount. Please don't give me the respect I don't deserve. Who taught me English to teach English? Please don't raise me!

Even the US is now scared and is panicking. How I wish I'd the opportunity to live and work in China!

"If construction and civil engineering were olympic sports China would break all records" Stan Grant a CNN journalist withnessing current developments in PRESENT DAY China who recently presented a documantary entitled "EYE ON CHINA". And even the outgoing president of the US Federal reserves Prof Allan Greenspan had China as his greatest worry as its economy grows at a rate of six times faster than that of the US economy and four times faster than that of the ENTIRE EU economy. It is only the naive and those who've not read'll point a finger at China and curse my brothers and sisters out there in China fending for themselves rather than sweeping the streets and washing toilets for meager sums like some of us...Again, I wish I were in China. Fritazane in HongKong can better give an eyewitness analysis of present day China.

I'm been encouraged to move over and work in China. I'd like to have an eyewitness on the development on present day China as it will jelp some of us in Politics. Thanks jealous HE-GOATS for making me think in that line.

Nerves Of Steel, Son Of Ako, London School Of Economics And Political Science.



My Dear Friend Vally,

I've noticed time without number that you always use some kind of tactic to dodge away from the direct questions I pose to you.

1. Can you tell your god and saviour( Muna) to organise a rally and tell us what his plans really are? I think he dares not cos just four people'll be present - himself and wife, Ngwasiri and wife.

2. Do you want to join government? The so-called "broad-based consensus government"?...Is that your quest? Tell me!

It puzzles me a lot when you keep thinking that some sort of a miracle can happen with your Muna and his "SDF". You can never win any court case in Cameroon. I know that you'll be forced to say that Biya and Fru Ndi are friends...But be sure that the thieving Biya regime knows that if they play foul, Cameroon will pick up flames. Have my words!


I admire Fon's tactic so much to pull out those hiding from their cages. If Fon wasn't speaking the truth, it wouldn't have touched them to a point so much so that they SUDDENLY came out just in time after WEEKS of hibernation. You guys shouldn't bow before intimidations from fiction writers and sponsored agents whose goal's to kill our country.

Ah! I feel tired to keep hammering facts into thick-skulled fellows and into the brains of guys who cannot think for a second!

Worried Son Of Ako, London School Of Economics And Political Science.


Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

As I currently see it, Ben Muna has started well,just like president bush and I hope he continues in this vain. in the future,muna can be a successful leader just like his father-ST muna,the great.

As i said ealier,SCNC is not the solution tthe anglophone problem.Ben Muna is the answer.Am reacting to a comment somebody wrote above.Fru ndi is no more intelligent as before,and ben muna is now a new genius. That is why i have accepted thae appointment. to serve as minister of livestocks and agriculture in his shadow cabinet.Me and my family will leave Kaduna university for cameroon in 3 months time,as i will have to be in the country for political activities.It also pays to teach in Cameroon to your own people.

In a country full of evil leaders, those who can change soonest for the better should end up with the spoils.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai
(Calabar 1964)-HONS


If the CPDM as a party had failed, her followers could have been having a congress in Garoua and another one in Yaounde. Of all the vices you guys accuse the CPDM of, is the SDF any better? How many contracts the SDF parliamentarians are awarded, is ever executed to completion? I can site examples of contracts given SDF parliamentarians which were never executed but were paid for. Does that make the SDF any better than the CPDM? Atleast, President Biya can keep his party and Cameroon in one piece, and that is a success compared to the SDF, UPC, UNDP and others. In the same light you supporters of Fru Ndi find nothing wrong with him, supporters of Ben Muna and Bouba Bello, and President Biya, will find no faults in them either.

I am sure whenever and if ever the SDF gets to power journalist should start escaping for their lives and all opponents of "Lord Fru Ndi", then, he will need not send thugs, but will come physically to kill his critics and opponents. I am not interested in attacking Fru Ndi, i just expect him to be clear to those of us, he has let down, that; "that was business as usual, why were you all so blind not to see".

These Fru Ndi's cohorts and propangandists; are these the people who want to rule Cameroon but will not debate with Cameroonians of different origin? I guess, if it's to get clubs and axes to attack me you will. That is the SDF, Fru Ndi and his supporters are clamouring for. In anycase, i am not interested to debate with brainwashed and unprogressive individuals, who say they are not tribalistic, but yet are. Wonder if they really understand the what tribalistic is. If people of this nature ever venture to power won't the world see another Rwanda in Cameroon? We thank God it didn't happen in 1992, when we all supported SDF.


... but why are they beating about the bush?

There is this question readers are, still, waiting for answer:

"Between remaining the Chairman of the SDF and becoming the president of Cameroon, which is the current ambition of Ni John Fru Ndi?"

In order words,

"Is Ni John Fru Ndi contented with the post of SDF chairman- the apex of his political career?"

Putting it in other words,

" Does Ni John Fru Ndi consider it completely impossible for him to become the president of Cameroon. And if he still dreams to replace president Paul Biya, can he please tell us how this can ever be possible?"

Recalling it in another way,

"Did Cameroonians sacrifice their lives and properties to see Ni John Fru Ndi remain the Chairman of the SDF or to see him become the president of Cameroon?"

Concluding in this way,

"Is there any possibility for Ni John Fru Ndi to become the president of this country, even if he remains SDF chairman for life? By remaining chairman of the SDF has he completed the job that his god sent him to do on earth?"

This is the question needing urgent answers.




what kind of song are you singing? Even the blind know that if Fru Ndi wanted power at all cost, he would have asked the people in the 90's to take arms and flush out that murderous regime of rdpc. The people wanted Fru Ndi to just give the go ahead. You stand now and talk rubbish. Mukete, I see you love Fru Ndi so much, that is why no article of yours does not carry his names 101 times. Even with your Ni Ben, you haven't sent him motions of supports as the likes of Agbormbai. More grease to your sing song.

Vally the only english boy,
you should be very happy with the SCNC because you have stolen their identity to seek for asylum in the UK. The francophones benefit more from SCNC nowourdays. Your lord Ni Ben is just copying from you to steal the id of the sdf for his glory.


Who are the people, who could have picked up the arms and where could have been the origin of the arms? I can see the handiwork of Fru Ndi's brainwashing acting on you. My friend, wake up.



Nobody beats about the bush here! It is rather unfortunate that you're the one who doesn't know that Ni John Fru Ndi is NOT the least contented with just being the chairman of the SDF. By the way I thought it is Muna who's SDF chairman? I'm glad you're seeing with us that the Munas and the Ngwasiris are just playing drama - using a tactic to win CHEAP populatrity like yourself and the Vallys and later on, form another party. I know such strategies!

Ni John Fru Ndi aspires greatly to become president that's why he still insists that THERE'S NO ONE at the moment capable of fitting nicely into his shoes and point a direct finger into the eyes of a brutal and demented dictator like Biya, witgout any fear of threats, contradiction and or intimidation. If he wouldn't have been eyeing the presidency he would've since resigned and abandoned the child in the claws of power mongers like Muna et al. This guy has the SDF at heart.

I can remember you said sometime ago that Fru Ndi never had the intension to ever become preseident. This is a big fat lie. Since before running for the position of a parliamentarian we could see him about taking a questionaire - asking people what change they'll want should he become president.

This gentleman as brave and courageous as he is has a good blue print in the days ahead. Watch him and give your full support.

Think about this!

Arched eyebrows, Son Of Ako, LSE.




There is this sad observation that has been hitting the heads of those who have respect for human blood and souls. It is sad that while we, christians, offer money and material things to church, there are unrepentant leaders who offer but human beings to their secret societies.

We are reliably informed that "special" members of this devilish rosocrucian society each have a month during which they "chop Njangi", and that during this month, each member is expected to "offer" a goat without a tail.

In the month of MAY, the first wife of a certain Cameroonian opposition leader was offered in the province from where Cameroon's father of reunification come from. In MAY 1990, six innocent souls were again offered in a certain town in an Anglophone province during the lauching of the party. In the month of MAY again, the second wife of this same leader was offered in the province where the life of Professor Ngwasiri was to be offered. In the month of MAY again, a certain Makoge F of Buea was also offered to accompany this second wife. More recently, in MAY 2006, a certain Gregoire of Yaounde was forcefully offered.

In short, since 1990 especially, at least one official offering is made.


1) Should SDF militants go into hidding during the month of MAY, when our man's turn to eat njangi comes up?

2) If an individual can make it a habit of offering innocent souls when he has not yet attained NATIONAL POWER, then what would happen when he becomes the number one personality of the country? Will the city where our great party was formed be saved? Will militants of "his" party sleep with their eyes closed during the months of MAY?

3) Should we declare the month of MAY "HIS" own month of harvest thanks giving?

Is it a coincidence that these offerings take place in the month of MAY?

Who can help, even with more specific information without calling names at least for now? We need information to complete this important research.



i don't read novels.even mukete's
comments.Another reason why i don't
read from mukete is because i have from
unconfirmed sources that mukete is
a homosexual.i resign fro this forum
becuase it is a bemenda will
never see me here again.

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