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Monday, 26 June 2006


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Fon To Reconcile Fru Ndi And Ngwasiri

By Peterkins Manyong

Fon Forngwa Forsuh 11, Fon of Mendankwe has promised to ensure that Fru Ndi and Professor Clement Ngwasiri, leaders of the two SDF factions, reconcile. The Fon made the promise when the SDF Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, visited him recently at his palace. Mendankwe is the village of origin of Hon. Clement Ngwasiri, who is at loggerheads with Fru Ndi.

Briefing The Post, Martin Ngafor, Coordinator of SDF wards in Mendankwe, said the Chairman was well received by the Fon and his notables.

When The Post met Fon Forngwa he confirmed what the SDF Coordinator for Mendankwe had said, adding that it was his wish to see the two SDF factions reconcile before the 2007 polls.Interestingly, the Fon saw nothing wrong in the fact that Fru Ndi, Ben Muna and Ngwasiri are in court.

To him, the cases in court constitute a brilliant intellectual exercise as they provide the warring factions the unique opportunity to educate each other so that all of them could better understand the constitution of the party.

The Fon said the SDF crisis was helping his "son" Ngwasiri to become a more mature and better politician. He said Fru Ndi was ready for reconciliation and he was sure Ngwasiri would not object to it.

He promised to do everything in his power to ensure that the two factions are completely reconciled before the 2007 elections.During the discussion that followed, Fru Ndi said the purpose of his visit was to greet the Fon who had been ill for more than four years.

The Fon, however, took exception to the fact that the Chairman had not come to see him since he (the Fon) returned from the US where he was evacuated when he was critically ill.

Fon Forngwa was, nonetheless, grateful that Fru Ndi visited him soon after he had a stroke and was admitted at Adeso Clinic Up Station, Bamenda.The Fon is said to have equally complained that the SDF invited him to cut the party anniversary cake on May 26, 2006, knowing that he was a patient.

To the Fon, that was an insult because the party and its hierarchy knew that because of his illness, he had exhausted the money he had on medication.The focus of the discussion, the SDF coordinator said, was however, the SDF crisis.Fru Ndi, who briefed the Fon on it, traced his relationship with Ngwasiri from its fountainhead.

The SDF Chairman said he first met Ngwasiri during a visit to London sometime in the late 80s, but without knowing that he hailed from Mendankwe. Later when he became President of PWD Bamenda, Fru Ndi said he met Ngwasiri in Yaounde. They became friends and Ngwasiri sometimes assisted him to transport PWD players in his car.

Later when the idea of forming a political party was hatched, he saw in Ngwasiri a useful ally.The Chairman said he even wanted Ngwasiri to head the party, but like all the other Founding Fathers, except Siga Asanga, Ngwasiri shied away when asked to sign the final document to be deposited with the administration.

Fru Ndi said it was thanks to him that Ngwasiri entered parliament. Even before then he had been living with him in his Ntarinkon residence. But today, he lamented, Ngwasiri, in alliance with Ben Muna, has become the greatest source of headache to him, Fru Ndi and the SDF.

Not only have the duo allied to destroy the SDF through lawsuits, but even organised a convention in Yaounde to divide the party.Quizzed by the Fon on the allegations of an assassination attempt on Ngwasiri by SDF vanguards, Fru Ndi said the incident took place while he was out of the country.

He assured the Fon and the Mendankwe people that his conflict with Ngwasiri had no negative effect on his relationship with them.

June 26, 2006 at 02:50 PM in News | Permalink


Ni John Desperate, Begs for Reconciliation

So who is desperate here? There was time for reconciliation, time when others laughed and sang songs of praise to almighty Ni John, while the mourner warned of doomsday. Now na who di go beg? Weti wona don see? If man want beg, make he beg openly. This matter is now an open public matter.

This story, "Fon To Reconcile Fru Ndi And Ngwasiri" by Peterkins Manyong, even needs no comment. It says it all.

Well, one more comment: They wanted Ngwasiri's fon to come to their convention to use it for propaganda headlines like, "Ngwasiri's fon distances from him, attends Fru Ndi's convention". Wona try next time.



Good message from the protestors.

"MINATD will do our elections no good", "No to DOs supervising elections in Cameroon".

Proof is that a governor (Koumpa Issa), whom the CPDM presents as neutral administrators NOT politicians, openly says "we (CPDM) too will oppose when the SDF gets to power." Can such a governor be neutral in elections? No! He must rig it for his party.

The only problem with the protest is, it is nothing but lip service, another well rehearsed drama to keep the people punching the air "pawa to de pipo" while Mbah Ndam and Ni John are enjoying the comfort of their dealings with Biya. When the masses say "Who has de pawa? We have de pawa" Mbah Ndam just looks at Ni John and they both enjoy a good laugh and whisper in each other's ears "Biya has the power and we are sharing it with him in ways only we understand".

Proof? After avoiding press interviews, the only place Ni John feels comfortable to address the issues rocking the SDF is... where of all? Biya's "Inside the Presidency"! Shame no go kill wona so?


Posted by: BenB | June 26, 2006 at 03:29 PM


SDF Protests Amendment Of Electoral Bill

By Jeff Ngawe Yufenyu

Social Democratic Front, SDF, militants in Bamenda, June 22 staged a protest march against the proposed amendments to the draft bill on the independent electoral body, laid in Parliament by the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation.

Led by SDF Northwest Provincial Chairman, Bernard Tabali, the protestors marched from City Chemist Roundabout to the Northwest Governor's office.Koumpa Issa received the protesters at the esplanade of his office, where Tabali handed him a memorandum captioned "Memorandum on the Attempt to Deprive Cameroonians of an Independent Electoral Commission,"addressed to President Paul Biya.

The memo described the proposed amendments as "vexatious, outrageous, and incompatible."It said the amendments were aimed at frustrating the long awaited dream of an independent body to conduct elections in Cameroon.

The memo stated that the amendments were not only inimical to the principles of democracy and good governance, but also bordered on bad faith and dishonesty on the part of the government.

It called on President Biya to arrest the provocative situation before it goes out of hand.

Addressing the protestors, Koumpa said the SDF was playing its role as an opposition party. "The opposition must oppose and you are doing just that, Koumpa said.
"One day when you will come to power, we too will oppose," he said.

Koumpa said achieving perfect democracy was a process and not a race as the SDF seems to be taking it. He said he was not mandated to say anything concerning the memorandum.

The protesters carried placards with varied messages including "Our children have no future without free and fair election," "MINATD will do our elections no good", "No to DOs supervising elections in Cameroon", "Cameroon is not a CPDM property."

June 26, 2006 at 03:03 PM in News | Permalink


Why I Mourn for this Forum (II)

Poor fellows of The Post/Postnewsline. It’s like a golden ring they’ve put on the nose of a pig. What do the so-called young intellectuals here use it for?

See what forums like this elsewhere are used for. The best ideas are floated there. The most critical, non-complacent young men use it to make their voices heard. They are the intellectuals: they are the ones warming up to take over the relay baton. They ask the hard questions. They put their leaders on the hot seat over issues touching on their destiny. But not on this forum; not where those supposed to be firebrands are nothing but numbskulls. They’re all tongue-tight, these future leaders we are grooming on this forum.

I mourn for this forum because you only hear people sing loudest during songs of praise for their idols or when insulting the person they hate seeing in their dreams. Look at this story on the CPDM-dominated parliament dodging debate over independent electoral commission. Did any of the loudmouths on this forum say a word? You know why? At least two reasons:

1.) They know Mbah Ndam has no moral authority to question Biya’s foot-dragging over independent electoral commission. You must come with clean hands if you seek equity. My friends here know that Mbah Ndam’s hands are soiled not only with dirt but also with blood, as his calculated resistance to Asonganyi’s good intentions to put together an independent electoral commission within the SDF spiraled to his Diboule bloodbath.

If the SDF had its independent electoral commission, it would have had moral grounds to speak to Biya’s face. But Mbah Ndam would rather have people killed than have free and fair elections in the convention.

On what grounds could he challenge Biya’s foot-dragging? My young friends here see that but remain tongue tight because any word they could utter on the subject would shame their idols.

2.) My young friends here know that the Mbah Ndam-Yoyo walkout over the independent electoral commission was just drama to fool our poor people. They know that Mbah Ndam and Yoyo are Epeses – they’ve already sold the match. Every ball they kick is just an indirect pass to set up Biya to score, though they pretend to take sliding tackles.

My young friends know that these COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS, reinforced by Kwemo and Awudu Mbaya have since sealed their deal with Biya through Gregoire Owona and just have to continue acting drama to fool the people that they are fighting. This band of COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS know that if they make any genuine noise Mbah Ndam’s FEICOM file would be brought out (remember his motion of support to Biya after Ondo Ndong’s arrest?). An Epese won't continue being parliamentary group leader when this silly legal battle is laid to rest...soon. George (Atanga) no cry!

As for Yoyo, only a small state auditor fresh from ENAM would be sent to check his books as Questor (one of the financial controllers so to say) at the National Assembly. Let’s leave Kwemo’s case for now.

I mourn for this forum because of the calibre of people, so-called social democrats whom so-called young intellectuals on this forum condone. Those are the people they expect to bring change to Cameroon; the people they expect to speak to Biya’s face and wrestle with him for the independent electoral commission.

I mourn.

(Has anyone found an appropriate title for me?)


Watch out for George's (Atangha's) notes on Ni John's speech over CRTV's "Inside (Biya's) the Presidency" programme. Any coincidence? No. Biya is simply helping his man - Ni John. Muna is just too much for them.

Sleep no de for Ni John again. He go see Ngwasiri he fon (Fon of Mendankwe) night, night with tears for he eye. E don bad. Tam don reach!

Weti wona don see? Tif pipo!

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

It is about time this independent electoral body is introduced. All these election riggings should stop. I hope that the international community can exert the necessary pressure to bring about this important development. Without it Cameroon cannot truly be called a multi-party democratic nation.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

I don't know why The Post has completed inverted matters in this forum. It is causing great confusion to readers. I hope that they return to the original situation soon.


July 3 Bamenda court verdict

George (Atangha), watch out July 3 for Bamenda court verdict (in your favour?). Muna's lawyers yesterday objected to Bamenda court hearing case when Yaounde court is hearing similar matter. They say both courts have the same powers, so no escapist duplicity of cases. The Bamenda court will rule on whether to continue with the case or drop it and have all attention turned to Yaounde court.


C'wealth wants Indp. Electoral Comm. before next year's elections

Below is the full text of the final communiqué of the Cameroon and Commonwealth meeting.

1. The second meeting of the Cameroon Inter-ministerial committee and the Commonwealth Expert team on the establishment of an independent electoral management institution in Cameroon took place from 20 to 22 June 2006 in Yaounde.

2. The meeting was co-chaired by the Rt Hon Joe Clark, former Prime minister of Canada, representing the Commonwealth, and H.E. Jean Marie Atangana Mebara, Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, representing the government of Cameroon.

3. The commonwealth delegation comprised, inter alia:

- Mr Samuel Kivuitu, chairman of the Kenyan Electoral commission;

- Mr I. Abdool Rahman, chief elections officer of Mauritius;

- Advocate Edward Lambani, secretary to the provincial legislation of Limpopo, South Africa;

- Mr Tim Sheehy; electoral expert from the United Kingdom;

- Dr Victor Pungong, deputy director for political affairs, Commonwealth secretariat;

- Ms Charlene Lee Ling, administrative officer, Commonwealth secretariat.

4. The Cameroon delegation was composed, inter alia, of:

- H.E. Marafa Hamidou Yaya, Minister of State, Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation;

- H.E. Philemon Yang, Minister, assistant secretary-general of the Presidency of the Republic;

- H.E. Professor Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo, Minister of Communication;

- H.E. Gregoire Owona, Minister delegate at the Presidency of the Republic in charge of relations with the assemblies; - H.E. Professor Maurice Kamto, Minister delegate at the Ministry of Justice.

- The Cameroonian delegation was assisted by a team of six expert advisers.

5. The meeting received reports from Cameroonian ministers and senior officials following their Commonwealth-sponsored visits to a number of other countries to obtain a comparative perspective on the organization and functioning of electoral management institutions.

6. The meeting further considered proposals from the government of Cameroon for the establishment of an independent election management institution and agreed on a number of core principles that could further enhance the legitimacy, credibility and efficiency of the proposed institution.

7. The meeting welcomed the decision of the Head of State to organize consultations with political parties and civil society on this issue.

8. Both sides agreed on the need to continue to work together so that an independent election management body is in place in time for the elections now expected next year".

Done in Yaounde, this 22nd day of June 2006

For the Delegation of Cameroon

Relevant Links

Central Africa
International Organizations and Africa

H.E. Jean Marie Atangana Mebara

For the Commonwealth Delegation

Rt Hon Joe Clark

dango  tumma

the only solution is
let the camerounians rule their own country, while we 6.5m southern cameroonians (ambazonians) rule ours
our way.both on perfect mutual respect
not this appartheid hatred-filled french-cameroun type of mafia club, come government


Fru this,Fru that,.....
Well, we now fully know the man fru ndi he has only his interest at heart.Did he not say the sdf which was founded by the founding fathers belongs to him alone?Did he not appoint his friend and siblings to organised his convention rejecting prof. Asonganyi independent election commission for the convention through computerisation?the man Fru ndi think others are fools,he must remain chair of sdf for life.Idiot.



This is the moment for the people to act,we weant free and fair Elections,we all know what is happening in Chad ,CAR and Sudan,Cameroon is Next on the list.Those who are resisting Fair elections will pay for it dearly when time Comes.If NEO is to Organised Elections again,Any leader must be Killed before he decieves the Citizens again.We do not want war,but we will direct it to those who want war.

David Tita

It is absolutely lamentable and vexing that the Commonwealth team led by Joe Clark has to mount pressure on us to realise that an Independent Electoral Board headed by men and women of credibly unblemished and unequivocal moral standing is a necessary tool for free ad fair elections. I think how we shall arrive at selecting its members won’t be another bone of contention and hopeful Joe Clark won’t come calling again to get it done in a civilised way. But why are we always behaving like this, always pretending not to know the right thing? Yesterday it was “multipartism”, then a body to run elections, later on transparent ballot boxes and today an Independent Electoral Board. Let’s hope that this time around, the Board will really be independent and not another National Election Observatory. Our entire electoral process needs to be re-engineered right from the registration process through the proclamation of results.

A participatory approach through consultations with all stakeholders like the Clergy, political parties and the Civil Society is a commendable step but this shouldn’t be cosmetic. I also hope that some of our ministers who visited some member states of the Commonwealth in order to gain experience with their election mechanisms really learnt something and did not just spend the tax payer’s money on safari trips.

David Tita
Uni. of Manchester


Mbah Ndam apologises in Parliament!

See how easily House Speaker Cavaye Yeguie Djibril made Mbah Ndam tremble and apologise in the National Assembly.

We told you that Mbah Ndam is eating with both sides of his mouth; blowing hot air here, cold air there. We told you he couldn't speak aloud in earnest. We told you he was only playing to the gallery; that he won't dare speak out in earnest because Biya's people would just pull out his file at FEICOM and others; files that would show how he chops with Biya’s agents by night and pretends to be koshing Biya by day; files that would bring out bare that the lead COMMERCIAL ACTIVIST has since traded Ni John’s SDF for 20 pieces of silver. He shares it with Ni John.

See what happened at the National Assembly on Monday: in trying to play to the gallery because journalists were at that plenary, Mbah Ndam insulted one of his CPDM friends. He called the fellow MP a liar.

The CPDM MP, Zondol Herssesse from Diamare in the Far North, was reading a report of the constitutional laws committee of which he is chairman.

Apparently Mbah Ndam had arranged with Zondol to mention in his report that Mbah Ndam put up a noble fight in the committee, demanding the independent electoral commission before he and Yoyo walked out.

That would have presented Mbah Ndam in good light to the press. At least, so Mbah Ndam hoped. Something like, OK let's reach a deal. You can block the debate over electoral commission but at least give me some "palmares". Present me to my militants as a devoted fighter for their cause. That was Mbah Ndam's wish.

But no, Zondol didn’t yield. Zondol got Mbah Ndam's wrath for failing to mention that in his report. At which Mbah Ndam rose from his seat like a tiger, gave Zondol a dressing down and called him a liar several times.

Mbah Ndam seems to be getting more and more hysterical (a sign of the times?), desperate for public acclaim that, he hopes, would bail him from revelations that he is spitting on the sweat, tears and blood of the people by dining with the devil.

In disapproval of Mbah Ndam’s over-dramatisation, Cavaye simply told Mbah Ndam in a no-nonsense tone to apologise for running his mouth. Cavaye did so in a tone and look that said something like "Mbah Ndam, you know noh?" Mbah Ndam understood. He quickly apologised.

You see how Mbah Ndam’s langa throat has rendered him toothless in parliament? That's how they've had Ni John tamed too. We told you. And they expected people of conscience like Ngwasiri, Muna and Asonganyi to stand by and clap for them or watch Mbah Ndam run down a party they gave their all to create and build? No way!

Atangha, you know everything happening at the Assembly. Tell this forum I'm a LIAR too. Na wona new kosh dat noh?

I mourn.


Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

David Tita,

Our country is so rotten that no one can trust the leaders to make any fair decisions without some pressure from the international community. That is why I have been a strong advocate of the interference of the international community.

Since our country is in the grip of politicians who have only their selfish interests at heart, if left alone they are only going to take decisions that benefit themselves and their party.

Only the international community has a string to pull over these people.

One day the overall ethical outlook of the nation will change, and all the crooks would have been phased out. That is when we will not need the international community to intervene so much.


Welcome back! I guess you've come back stronger? The best thing for you people is to rally militants to your will-be created party; it's needless blackmailing & mugslinging Hons. MBAH NDAM & YOYO. The two HONORABLE GENTLEMENT have been doing positively in the National Assembly and in their constituencies. They can win elections in their constituencies (even in Ngyen-Mbo Development Association), whereas Ni Ben can't win elections anywhere! They NEVER blocked Ni Ben from Ni Ben from his supposedly "senior status" in the SDF. Ni Ben resigned in 1996 & was readmitted in 2004, before being dismissed on May 22, 2006. Ni Ben has all along being trying to humiliate the SDF but at the end of the day he humiliated himself.

Haven't you realised that you aren't succeeding here? We all know who Ni Ben is and will never SURRENDER the people's precious gift, the SDF to him. I want to assure with an article of faith that we'll have the Independent Electoral Commission, IEC before this year runs out. We hope to compete with you guys as opponents and NOT enemies come 2007.

In my previous postings I've said that even a kangaroo court won't give the SDF to Ni Ben. I'm very sure Pa Muna is looking back at Ni Ben with regret - after believing that Ni Ben, brothers & sister will cleanse his image. I'm not George Atanga as you're thinking. Why worry about my name? You're BenF/B as I'm Atangha. I am here on the path of TRUTH. If you're here on a mission, to misinform, distort facts and propagate falsehood, then that's your business. Readers read our "facts" and know who's telling the story as it should be told.

Are you satisfied with Feli's answers on the Chairman's interview on CRTV? The Chair merely spoke on Bakassi & NOT the SDF. The Chairman NEVER went to Mendakwe to "beg" for reconciliation with NGWASIRI; he was being courtious to the FON who is convalescing & talking about SDF wouldn't have escaped their discussions.

Brother BenF/B, it's better you talk about your will-be created party and leave the SDF alone! Get this to Ni Ben, "He who does not heed the advice of the wise will one day be trodden upon by an elephant".

Cheers & let's keep pursuing the truth!

Tita Mofaw

Who is this BenB guy?
What are you trying to say Mr.? If you are so disappointed with Ni John and his faction, no qualms.There is another SDF in Yaounde.
People like you contributed to fragment the SDF. Your saviour Muna and Ngwassiri are in Yaounde and I would recommend that you direct your energy toward their achievement in politics.Did Muna and Ngwassiri form thier own faction of the SDF to fight Ni John or to change the statusquo?

Stop acting like a 13 year old girl who has been raped by her father.If Ni John has failed, bad for him.What we need in Cameroon now is not somebody telling us that X or Y has failed but what W and Z who claim to be the winners are capable of doing.

Do you thing the demand for an independent electorial body is irrelevant? If so, simple tell us that Mbah Ndam and his party are fighting for something that is of no relevance to Cameroonians.Rathe than telling us nonsense about how Ni John has failed to do what Napoleon left un done.

I suggest that we make remarks that are related to the article that we are responding to.
Stop running your mouth like a little bitch.

Tita Mofaw

By the way,whatis the position of France about independent electorial commission.We keep hearing of common wealth,USA,Japan and even China putting pressure for fare elections in Cameroon.It seems to me that the french government doesn't consider that an important issue.

What is more important for them is to make sure that all the HIPC fund are put in French banks so that they should reap the profit.
God go reward you one day france (surely with french france)

Ndam JER

I will like to support Ben B views as to what this forum is suppose to be.
About, the IEC, it is a shame that we should be dependent on International bodies to do what we know is good for us( This is pure BAD FAITH)
Another thing that worries me is the representation of Anglophone Cameroonians in National issues as IEC,Only Yang Philemon representing, so to speak 6.5 m people with integrity.(I wonder how much he will say)
MBAH NDAM and Co may be acting drama,-"all that glitters is not gold" however provoking the public to react also make whoever to be cautious of their actions.
It seems demonstrations took place only in Bamenda-if I am well informed. How long shall meaningful change in our beloved country depend on the Bamenda man.
I believe if there were Nation wide demonstrations the authorities may begin to take things seriously. After all " Les Bamenda! ´c´est sont les qui?, Ils peur allez ou diable?" will they say. Or is it that someone , somewhere is benefitting when the Bamenda man goes on strike for a National cause?.
It is time there are no "MORE Cameroonians" than others.If we do not support SCNC then we should strongly and actively decide which direction the so called "La Republique" take us to.All Cameroonian should be taking National issues serious. Or is it that only Bamenda has parliamentarians or politicians that educate the public on National Assembly delibrations.
We are all Cameroonians. In house fighting will not help us.It will only lead us to Chad . DRC,CAR or worse still Somalia.
Wake up Cameroonians, "Reveillez-vous, Les dormeurs doitent ses reveiller" Petit Pays said-He was not mad, rather Cameroonians are still under the opium given them by the Biya regime.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

Now we must read the series of commentaries from bottom to top. I wonder who is messing about with this software. I hope The Post can give us back our original situation.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

The post must check this hardware in order to remove bad softwares posted by few SCNC detractors.
I support the creation of an independent body that will guarantee a free election that will enable Ben muna to govern peacefully.He was voted by a national independent electoral commitee,so the SDF is on the good path.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai (HONS)


Hei, anyone remembers this and any lessons?

Posted Tuesday, 16 May 2006 at 01:52 PM.

That was just over a month ago.

I wrote:

We give away everything we should show off as our merit.

The Biya government has signed a deal with the Commonwealth to create an independent elecoral commission. We, of course, were instrumental in pressurising the government. So we want to beat our chest, but can we?

How can we when we preach the Gospel and practice magic? How much electoral transparency do we practice?

Let's talk about that later, including how that accounts for the present debacle in the party.

If something is not done quickly to bring our bickering leaders to the table in the coming days, then we have less than 10 days to jubilate a little (that OUR convention held) and weep a lot that we lost our great party after all.


Posted by: BenB | Tuesday, 16 May 2006 at 01:52 PM


Hey chief mourner,
Are you running out of tears or what?Remember you use to weep from part 1 to 4,but now I see you can only manage up to part 2,and now your tears look more like crocodile tears,for you seem to be weeping now out of shame because some guys forced you out of your mole hole where you were hiding in disgrace.Your tears lack the usual vigour man,weep harder!!

One thing that is clear about this "authentic" guys is that they know they can never do politics without Fru Ndi and SDF.Any blessed issue in cameroon they try to coin it to manifest their hatred for Fru Ndi.An issue like the IEC comes up which is very crucial in the political life of cameroon,and one expects the "authentic" guys to come up with an authentic analyses of a way forward,but all you hear from them is Mbah Ndam Yoyo or Fru Ndi did not do this or that.These are fellows who want to be leaders yet cannot stand on their legs but want to cling on the wings of others to achieve their vaulting ambition.You guys better get serious and lay down your political agenda and start working to achieve your goals and stop mourning,it will not help you.Also stop day dreaming because there is no court on earth that will seize a political party from its legal founder and hand it over to a power hungry adventurer who has nothing at all to do with its creation,but simply wants to use the popularity of the party to fulfil his wild ambitions.You can keep deceiving yourself with the founding father theory,then argue that Fru Ndi did not create the SDF but the "founding fathers",but what is simple and clear is that all legal documents creating the SDF are registered at Territorial Admin.with Fru Ndi as founding Chairman and Siga Asanga as SG.Since you guys are slow learners,it took you such a long time to realise that you have no legal claim to SDF property,and that the best option is to create your own party.we wish you good luck.


Let me put it this way?whether there is an independent electoral commission or not,can fru Ndi ever be president?If yes,let him tell us how.let him face the press.
It is now clear that no southwesterner will cast a vote for a graffi man.So who is going to vote fru Ndi.Even the graffis will not vote him.
The post of chairman is the apex of Fru Ndi.
I know klemenceau,BenF,Akoson,elake, will disagree.But the truth is bitter but must be spoken.
let Fru ndi know that he is a dictator.


CPDM Barons Angry With Biya

[ Bamenda - Cameroun ] ( 28/06/2006) Chris Mbunwe

Several senior militants of the CPDM party of the Northwest at a joint conference of the Mezam Section over the weekend at the Bamenda Congress Hall, lashed out at President Paul Biya for not appointing them into lucrative ministerial positions in the last cabinet shake-up.

As their mouthpiece, the Section President of CPDM Mezam III, Alexander Boma, said Biya had neglected the Northwest Province and consequently, the Province has not started receiving the fallouts from the HIPC Funds.
Boma said the Northwest would not receive as much benefit in projects because there is no full fledged Minister from the Northwest in Biya's current cabinet.According to him, there is no Northwesterner at the centre of decision-making, "because we longer have a prime minister or key ministers who can defend our interest."

Hear him again; " Northwesterners have received this news of reaching the completion point with mixed feelings and heavy hearts. This is because we do not have any "big brother" again on top the tree, as such, other divisions and provinces have begun benefiting from the fallouts, and here we are in the Northwest still dreaming and hoping."
A Disappointed Fon Angwafor

Apart from expressing disappointment at Biya for sideling the Northwest in ministerial appointments, Fon SAN Angwafor of Mankon, who doubles as the CPDM 1st National Vice President, also expressed indignation at what he termed deceitful attitudes of Northwest CPDM militants.

"I am still to make anything out of these lofty speeches you people have been making at occasions such as the one of today. This is because some of you are seen during the day dressed in CPDM uniforms and at night you are SDF.

When will you ever change? "Where are the fruits of the promises we have heard in lofty speeches year in, year out from you people in this same hall? So, I am right to say that I will take your promises with a pinch of salt," Fon Angwafor fumed.

He called on top party officials to weed out militants who pretend to sympathise with the CPDM party but during elections they give their votes to "those rascals who burnt my house in 1990."

Azong Wara Campaigns

One-time Registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board, TAC President, SCNC Secretary General, SDF scribe and, today, CPDM resource person, Andrew Azong Wara, pleaded with the CPDM to be the 'fisher of militants for the CPDM party.'

Presenting what he dubbed the GCE of CPDM politics, Azong Wara said the letter G stands for God, C for Conviction, and E for Energy, to win more militants from the SDF party.

He said his conviction and commitment, coupled with energy would help the party not to look elsewhere for help.He said in politics it is advisable not to stand on one foot because "you must be able to quit when the party or the movement does not satisfy your aspirations."

He was quick to allay CPDM fears, saying he would not quit the party soon as some people think, "because I decided in 2004 to join this great party so as to develop Cameroon, not to grab a job."

To those who were not convinced with his 'GCE politics' Azong told them; "I have been into all these circles, SCNC, and the SDF, and I know who they are and what they stand for."

Azong commented that Biya's diplomatic victory over the Bakassi Peninsula was "a serious blow to the SCNC because there will be nothing for them to hang on deceiving our people."

"Santa Mafia" Buried

As an elderly statesman, former Prime Minister, Hon. Simon Achidi Achu, said because all the four sections that make up Mezam decided to chart a new course, the derogatory appellation tagged on those of them from Upper Gemba tribe as "Santa Mafia" should cease to exist.

He said with the wrangling rocking the SDF, the CPDM should take advantage and win the hearts of more militants to win upcoming elections. Achidi Achu regretted that for 16 years the SDF has not been able to deliver the goods.

"We gave power to the wrong people 16 years ago. Don't make such a mistake next time as we go to elections," he said.Other speakers like former Transport Minister John B. Nde , Abel Ndeh, Henry Ntumgia and Regina Mundi, were optimistic that they would win senatorial, parliamentary and municipal elections next year.





Bakassi Students Invade Cameroon Consulate

Students of Bakassi origin in different institutions of higher learning yesterday invaded the Cameroon Consulate in Calabar, and pulled down the country’s national flag in protest against federal government’s decision to relocate them.
The students, numbering over 100, had assembled at the secretariat of the National Association of Cross River State students (NACRISS) worldwide, at 1,Park Lane, State Housing, Calabar, around 8a.m., with placards to demonstrate against what they described as inhuman decision by the Federal Government.
President of Bakassi Students, Comrade Emmanuel Asuquo, accused the Federal Government of being insensitive to the plights of the Bakassi people, alleging that President Olusegun Obasanjo’s decision to relocate them was to facilitate his (Obasanjo) quest to get Noble Peace Award.
Asuquo said a clear evidence of Obasanjo’s insensitivity was the choice of persons who represented the country at the International Court of Justice at the Hague, Netherland, that ceded the oil rich Peninsular to the Republic of Cameroun.
According to him, none of those that argued the matter at the World Court was an indigene of the area, hence they did not leave any knowledge of the history of the oil rich island.
Besides, Asuquo said those who masqueraded as indigenes of Bakassi at the national level, especially at the Senate, were neither from Bakassi nor Cross River State, while the traditional stool of Bakassi Local Government was occupied by someone from the neighbouring council area.
The protesters carried placards with inscriptions such as: “UN, be ready to relocate corpses or yourselves; the third term failed, proposal for handing over will fail,” “Obasanjo, Duke and their cohorts should go to hell, we are not relocating; we should defend our ancestral home with our last blood; Bakassi Peninsula; we say no to relocation, Bakassi is not for sale,” among others.
At the Cameroun Consulate at 21, Ndidem Usang Iso Road, the students held the staff hostage, while trying to untie the rope to bring down the flag.
Sensing danger of police re-inforcement, the students hurriedly left the premises and later went into hiding.
When contacted, the Consul General of the Cameroun Consulate, Mr Joseph Foe Atangane, said he was not going to react to the development.
He said there was an agreement that he should not talk to the press and directed reporters who had come to confirm the story to either go to the state government or the Federal Government for clarifications.
According to him, “on the 15th of June, I and Governor of Cross River State, Mr Donald Duke took a decision not to talk to anybody on that issue, because it is human beings that are involved.
“It was agreed that we shall react after seven years (when Cameroun must have taken sovereignty of the area ), because what we are concerned about is the human beings. If you want any information, go to the Governor, Abuja or Lagos,” Atangana said.
The Federal Government had penultimate week, given order that Nigerian Security personnel should be withdrawn from Bakassi within 60 days, in obedience to the October 10, 2002, judgement of the ICJ, which ceded the disputed area to Cameroun.
Meanwhile, over 30 armed mobile policemen have been drafted to the premises of the Consulate, to ensure peace and order.

Assistant Commissioner of Police at the CID Section of the state Police Command, Alhaji Abdulsalam, assured the Consul-General of the safety of the people.

BA in History,LSE


Midnight Cry-die

Even look at the times they post their comments. The timeline underneath your comment is EST - the time on the U.S. eastern shore (Washington DC time) which is five hours behind Cameroon and London time, six hours behind most of western Europe.

Well, except for our China man who might have posted during break from his teaching job. Akoson posted at 11 pm EST, Wednesday, June 28, which was already 11 am Thursday in China that is around break time in China.

That was 4 am Thursday early morning in Cameroon and London LSE. Well, except our LSE tiger woke up at 4 am for morning prayer and fasting and instead found himself koshing a little on his computer.

I'll check with my neighbour's kids who used to attend Kulu college in Limbe if their teacher was so disjointed in his thoughts. Or na bad politics don spoil he so?



Impersoanting BenB

Oho! hardly had i finished posting my last comment and the whole place is full of postings impersonating me. Someone is preparing the way to sing songs of praise to Ni john or to insult someone or make one of their consolatory declarations using my name.

As evil people will always tremble as if someone is coimng to catch them, their hand trembled until they put 2Fs "BenFF" in this cut and paste below on bakassi students. No bi me oh.

Shame no go kill wona so?



Let me put it this way?whether there is an independent electoral commission or not,can fru Ndi ever be president?If yes,let him tell us how.let him face the press.
It is now clear that no southwesterner will cast a vote for a graffi man.So who is going to vote fru Ndi.Even the graffis will not vote him.
The post of chairman is the apex of Fru Ndi.
I know klemenceau,BenF,Akoson,elake, will disagree.But the truth is bitter but must be spoken.
let Fru ndi know that he is a dictator.


CPDM power brokers in Yaounde know very well that the Commonwealth is a toothless bull dog. This is the organization that failed to dismantle Apatheid, failed to stop coup d'etats in member countries and is generally subservient to the United States.

We must remember that Britain was the biggest investor in racist South Africa and protected that insanity on earth for decades. We have nothing to learn from Westminster.

It is no simple coincidence that Apatheid collapsed when General Colin Powell was elevated by George Bush to Chief of Staff. The US then issued an ultimatum to de Clek: end this insanity and free Nelson Mandela or the ANC will bring you down.

What matters in the gulf states now, i.e. Cameroon, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea, is energy. The United States wants stability and fiscal accountability in the region to develop the energy sector for mutual benefit. Only the United States can force Yaounde to make reforms. The Commonwealth is an irrelevant talking shop with a dubious record on fairness.

We should call upon the US Government to ease travel restrictions between Cameroon and the United States. US carriers should be able to fly direct to Cameroon.

Longlive Cameroon - United States friendship and co-operation.

Tekum Mbeng

Thanks Kumbaboy,

The mandarins in Whitehall and the lack-lustre politicians they recruit to their ranks always pray that Black Africans should have short memories.

We have long memories. The commonwealth is not responsible for the consequences of its advice. Britain's interest in Cameroon is limited to protecting wild life. This great european country and ex-colonial master has little or no interest in the Cameroon People.

How can one explain their apathy when Victoria was renamed Limbe?

Cameroonians should make their own decisions in their own interest.


You go hide for wusai? Daylight don break devil for outside. BenB please do not make Atangha to commit suicide. He is just defending his garri. He will come to his senses after the 2007 twin elections. Where are the other gangsters? Watesih, Klemenceau, Fon, knganjo, Akoson(the dreamer) etc
They must have realized by now that you are a heavyweight who knows more than they can ever imagine.
Watesih, can u give me the credits for BenB's brilliant ideas and postings.



I see with the come back of your master you are able to write more than three paragraphs now. I hope you did help your man BenB to negotiate the financial crisis he recently has with the lost politician in the name of Ben Muna.
I see you can now write with your foot firmed on the ground because BenB has come back. He must have tipped you part of the little you helped him to get from Ben Muna.
Teribobs, I believe you read a bit of 20th world history. If so you will recall Adolph Hitler's propaganda minister. This guy did his job and won Hitler's honour.
It is unfortunate that all of you who are working under the Internet Propaganda Ministry of the CPDM/Ben Muna, headed by the venerated liar and fiction writer MUKETE have proved your incapability in this forum time without number.
The above explains why your master Ben Muna had to call BenB to order and some more training. Your leader Mukete have been given verbal warnings by his CPDM masters several times but he can't give up the fight else the Cyber Cafes he has will be closed. In fact Mukete has decided to be spending sleepless nights to make sure he reads every comment here, analyze them well so as to get a proper response to them. It is unfortunate that great and objective minds in this forum like: Fon Lawrence, Watesih, Langai, knganjo, Akoson, Atangha, Samylin etc have been giving you guys’ sleepless nights. In fact someone like Mukete always prays that the objective minds in this forum should not write against his fiction that is why he always claims victory before posting his fiction.
Teribobs, I don't know if BenB told you that he was insulted by Ben Muna. In fact BenB could not believe he was the one Muna was speaking to. He swore to give it back to Muna through his pen but when Fon got the unconfirmed story and posted here, Ben Muna became more afraid and had no choice than begging BenB who shamelessly came back. BenB and Ben Muna had an agreement which Muna might never fulfill. It wouldn't be long from now, BenB will go for good. He is here again firstly thanks to Fon who exposed him here and secondly due to the agreement they concluded with Ben Muna. He will soon go for good when Muna will refuse to keep his promise again.
Someone like Mukete will never give up because he is truly on a mission to destroy Fru Ndi while protecting himself and his family. Mukete though protecting the image of his family, has been given much money so much so that he wouldn’t be able to refund the money if he wants to give up his job of blackmailing Fru Ndi. The best Mukete can do is to vent a bit of anger on Biya once in a while not because of how bad Biya is as such, but because Biya is serious with the agreement they had with Mukete and his family.
Who says what?

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