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Monday, 26 June 2006


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Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

The idea for Cameroon to first meet its debt obligations, before the money is transferred to a special account 15 days later and made available for poverty alleviation projects, is a brilliant one.

It compels Cameroon to uphold its discipline in order to be able to pay its debts while putting a check on embezzlement of the funds.

It is the right approach for corrupt countries, which cannot be trusted to manage themselves financially.

It is good that it is not only France that is adopting this policy but it appears to be a currently universal strategy for all debt relief to corrupt countries.

neba funiba

Agbormbai, at times a little more research on a topic posted herein before comment can be helpful. Some of the topics posted on this website usually are only captions of the real story and when one reacts based solely on such captions, the write-up is factually shallow and ends up falling short of reality. France does not want to handle Cameroon HIPC money in a caretaker capacity; rather, France wants to get a share of the HIPC money as payback for money owed by Cameroon. There is even a posting on this website not too long ago to attest the fact. So, unlike Canada and Britain which are cancelling Cameroon's debt with no strings attached, France is more interested in shady deals. By the way in 2003, the US cancelled Cameroon's debts with no strings attached. If one develops a profile of France beginning in 1948 when the CFA was introduced to tie the colonies and later ex-colonies together after independence in the 1960s, it is one of hyperexploitation and imperialist recklessness. It is a pattern that ties Cameroon to France in a nonsymbiotic relationship in which France reaps all of the benefits. When Nigeria's debts were cancelled last year, France did not go to Nigeria to manage the incoming HIPC money. France did not go Ghana, Zambia, and Tanzania to manage their HIPC money. I know of 10 Cameroonian economists and scholars of political economy in the Washington, DC metro area (including those who work at the imf/world bank) who can help draw up a program to manage Cameroon's HIPC money. Citing France as a good example is ...... France does not have a good standing in dealing with Third World Countries.


Africans will never see the light with Neo-colonialists always breathing down their necks.After battling it out with the international financial institutions,here comes the eternal choir from France.The French are fully aware that the Americans and others through the IMF and World Bank are tightening the noose around Cameroon`s neck,and by so doing encouraging accountabily,something completely alien and threatening to French presence here.By straightjacketing us into another five year debt relief scheme,they want to keep on pulling the strings on the political landscape of Cameroon,which depends solely on them for survival.With France,we only learn of debt relief and loans the day they are signed,but the follow up,the success achieved and what`s left to be done has always remained a matter of conjecture.
Cropping up now with all sorts of debt relief schemes is only pulling the wool over people`s eyes.What did France not give Cameroon 70 Billion yearly when the country was bleeding to death ,but only wants to do so when the international Financial Institutions open a release valve on the country?Instaed of telling us that the are fighting for survival in Africa,and desperately clutching to old tactics of deciding the fate of our ailing economies and political class,they come singing a very old vague sing-song.
Only exceedingly shortsighted people will start celebrating the fact that by depositing our money in BEAC after it has sojourned with them for 15 days is stemming corruption.Which miracle are the French going to play with money after 15 days that it will not be divided up and dumbed in private bank accounts in their country.When others are cancelling our debts,the French are looking forward to casting a spell on 700 million after 15 days and sending it over to BEAC.
The writing is clear on the wall.The French just want to drown all the srutiny Cameroonians want to put on their government
about the completion point,by coming up with another paper tiger and distorting public opinion.The Prime Minister is still reiterating the beginning of a long journey for Cameroonioans.His master had once seen the end of the tunnel.If the French are serious about anything in Cameroon,let them make a rundown of all the projects they have carried out in Cameroon for the past 10 years ,before aiming for another 10 years.Of course the balance sheet is very negative ,and all we have always heard from them are songs like building a bridge over the Wouri ,as they are now happing about.
An audit of the Ministry of Agriculture for the year 2004 shows that Augustine Federick Koddock used the most advanced swindling methods in the world to cheat the Ministry out of its money,but instead of bringing him to book,he is still there peacefully savouring his status as a member of the 'Majoritaire Presidentielle'.Koddock was found to have put 38 ways to swindle state funds.In 2004 ,for example,the state reserved almost 29 billion francs for his Ministry,but he only used about 3.5 billion for investment ,and the rest used on the day to day running of his Ministry,which we know has to do with fictitious bills,incomplete projects,seminars only on paper,percentage system ,and you name them.
These are the type of people that will want their French friends to come in with more money to conyinue to indebt the Cameroonian people.

mbango mary

it will be judiciously spent on Inoni's kids in the U.S.


Neba Funiba, as a frequent contributor to this forum, you should know by now that, for some of us, the urge to hear our own voice or pontificate from on high, is too strong and is never hampered by our ignorance of the subject. We have no time for researching a topic we know little or nothing about, and certainly no time to cultivate modesty on topics outside our area of expertise.....we are too busy thinking about how knowledgeable we are.


The french are crooks.Why do they want the money paid to france and within 15 days the money is remitted to BEAC?the french have never been comfortable with the HIPC initiatives.They feel since must of cameroon's debt is owed to the french(paris club)their companies should share in siphoning back some of the monies.How?contracts that are awarded to french companies and not properly executed or poorly executed would of course benefit such french companies and the french.

Why is the composition of the committee to supervised the project?utilisation of the funds made of only French and some cameroonians?why is there no world bank?bretten wood member,to ascertain if really the funds have been justly used.

Crooks will only design funny scheme, at the end the monies will not be used or poorly used yet documented as used.Which independent body is there to justify effective used.

I have never trusted the french who want to see their companies fed with the HIPC Funds,they will start projects collect payments and later abondoned the projects like some of the roads we now see in cameroon and other abondoned peojects.

Why all the conditions attached?



Boy oh boy oh boy. Yam-head agbormbai has done it again. This guy calls himself an intellectual and he cannot analyse simple texts? Anyway it should not surprise us because he learns a lot about Cameroon from Mukete. The guy is the worst fake I have ever come across. My goodness, some of these Ph.Ds really don't mean anything. agbormbai, you are a moron of the first order.

Truemassa from Mundemba


These french people take us for fools.Why cant the ask Cameroon to put this moeny directly in the special account instead of sending it to France and then let this moeny make a detour back to us. I can scent foul already.

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

Boys and Girls,

It is not only France that is doing this! Go find out and you will see that all the countries that have cancelled Cameroon's debts as part of HIPC are following exactly the same procedure as France. Do your research before barking out your ignorance on this forum.

It is one thing to hate a nation because of its past evils but it is another thing to let your emotions cloud your sense of objectivity and good judgement. This is the key thing that distinguishes intellectuals from pretenders.


At least intellectuals who are cut off from reality fail to see what the other intellectuals see,that there`s no raison d`etre for money to be sent to France and expect it to make a detour after fifteen days.There`s a big difference between what other countries do as compared to France.You cannot compare somebody who cancels a debt outrightly to somebody who doesn`t ,but instead put forward new debt relief schemes with strings tied to them.Anything France is doing in Cameroon is completely different from what other countries are doing.France never reviews the old loans,never gives an inventory of their activities ,but keep forcing more loans on Cameroonians and getting them back ten-fold over long periods of time.When we ignorantly say France is not the only country doing this,we should therefore give examples of the other countries who want money to come back to their country so that they can impose their companies to projects tied to it before the money is returned in a forthnight.

Neba Funiba

Agbormbai talks about research and I am surprised that he did not do his research to tell us which other countries are taking a position of caretaker of HIPC funds for Cameroon besides France. He did not tell us which other country has an absolute chokehold on Third World nations through a currency that was introduced in 1948 to band colonies together (this is relevant historical fact). He did not tell us what research he did before coming to his conclusions about France.

****My conclusions about France's imperialist recklessness are based on the following:

*In the 1990s, France allowed National Sovereign Conferences to hold in some of its former colonies in Sub-Saharan Africa, but will not condone that in Cameroon.

*In 1992, when all countries refused to bail out Cameroon financially and “ville mort” was about to bring down Biya, France gave him more than $150 million which he used to pay soldiers (and not civil servants) who brutalized the polity and ville mort was crushed and he remained in power as the misery continued.

*When students at Buea University were being shot and killed, French soldiers were training Cameroon soldiers on how to shoot to kill at a secrete training ground somewhere in the South Province.

*At the international level, when Western countries placed an all-round embargo on Saddam Hussein in the 1990s, France was at the forefront of countries that continued doing shady deals with Saddam; France has been implicated in the Iraq oil-for-food scandal.

*During the Francophonie Summit of 2002, Chirac promised Sub-Saharan African countries that government subsidies to French cotton farmers will stop so that cotton farmers in Africa can compete in the World Market. But last year during the G8 Meeting at Gleneagles, Chirac vowed that France would never stop subsidizing its farmers despite his promise to the dictators.

*Despite the suffering of Zimbabweans and a travel ban on Robert Mugabe by EU countries, France invited Mugabe to France during one of the Francophonie Summits.

*France is the only Western Country with the greatest ties to Sub-Saharan Africa dictators and guess what—those countries are the most indebted (See IMF/World Bank data) and the most corrupt (see Transparency International classifications). I know people will quickly jump and say what about Nigeria? Guess what? France has more investments in Nigeria than in any five French-speaking African countries combined.

*Check out the Elf Oil Scandal and see where SONARA money went. A book that was written on that scandal was banned in Cameroon.

Do you want me to continue with more facts about France? This is just a tip of the iceberg. These facts are not assembled in one book. You have to do vivid research to find out. I would rather let them identify what I know than empty boasting without backing.

Agbormbai, this is what you have proven so far:

1. In response to an article by Janvier Tchouteu sometime last year (2005), you acknowledged that it was from his write-up that you became aware that SONARA was now importing crude oil in order to stay operational.

2. It is from this forum that you learnt about the Messy Messy SCB-Biya Scandal

3. More than three times on this forum, you have requested to post an article on why the business climate in Cameroon is too bad (wow, Mr. Researcher and Dr. intellectual).

4. You have made generalized statements about how Black people are lazy (several times), but have not told us how you reached your conclusion and what constitutes “being lazy” and whether it applies to the Black people in your area of origin in Mamfe, and whether the miserable living conditions there are because they are lazy, and how you plan to use gas physics to help improve the conditions.

5. When you started writing herein (go back and check) you said that what you are doing will not only help Cameroon solve its problems but all of Africa in about two years. We are still waiting because two years are about gone since then. Please, go back and check your own intellectual promise.

6. Sometime last week, you cut (plagiarized) an article from and paste herein (Mr. Intellectual) about how Ben Muna is on the right track because he is complaining about fuel prices in Cameroon. Poor thing, Ekani Anicet of Manidem (political party) used fuel prices as one of his campaign slogans in the 2004 Presidential charade and thereafter on several occasions. Had it been you did a content analysis (research) on the subject, you would have noticed that Ben Muna was not saying anything new.

6. When you started writing on this forum, you emphatically made a statement that what you do in gas physics (statistical fluid flow) has never been done before. Lies. Go to Howard University, Washington, DC. Webpage, read the profile of Dr. Emmanuel Glakpe. He is “Professor” of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean for Research, Graduate School. He has been working with NASA engineers on ways to improve shuttle designs and his contribution is on gas physics. Also, a section of the work that Boeing Engineers do when they design planes is on gas physics. Gas physics is nothing new and if you made a new discovery in that discipline, you would have received a Nobel Prize—we are waiting.

You cannot become an expert on political economy by using your opinions to respond to online news articles and gloating that they constitute knowledge; and what applies to gas physics does not apply to the social sciences. Your claim to being an all-round well-grounded intellectual is a farce. I have more waiting including personal stuff too. Let the shots fly.


"People who refer to themselves as intellectuals are automatically committing a social crime and, also, usually an error."

Tracy Young, Vanity Fair, 1984


Neba Funiba,
I`m so proud of you here.This is what intellectuals should do.Time and again i`ve asked Agbormbai here to stop groping in darkness,but his Political torchbearer,pace-setter Mukete will treat it as an affront to Agbormbai`s person.Happing about being an intellectual also means producing the hard facts.People should not come here and ask open ended questions .It is abundantly clear,Agbormbai knows nothing about Cameroon,its policies,its relationship with France.He will never put up any good debate about Cameroon.He would always chip in two ,three lines showering praises on Biya and his ministers ,only to turn round two days after to ask the same Biya to dismiss these same Ministers.Imagine that Cameroonians are dying under the weight of oppression,but
AgborMbai will tell us that for the past six years things have been moving smoothly in the country.May be the smoothness has to do with arresting swindlers and not judging them,defrauding all elections,increasing the prices of all basic commodities,taxing the ordinary man out of his breath,not constructing a single sports complex, increase in the number of Aids cases,and what have you.
Agbormbai is a specialist at uplifting material from and there`s a picture of the deplorable nature of the Mamfe roads there for almost 8 months now.
This picture means nothing to him,because he lives in London and even goes to the extent of treating others of being unable to manage their lives,before criticising him.I thought this man should be at the level of craving for the welbeing of the people ,not rejoicing about his personal bliss.

Tabi (Sweden)

I suggest a special commitee be formed to manage this funds. I further suggest that 1\4 of this funds be used for Agricultural development while 1\2 be used for industrial devevelopment. We need industries in Cameroon to create jobs.
We should please use our consciences and make judicious use of this money for we have had enough for ourselves. We must die some day and where do we keep all that money which we embezzle?


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