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Monday, 26 June 2006


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This offer is not free and might come with another 20 year toll gate with funds going to France. Bids should be out there including China. That place needs multiple bridges over that river.

Ekwe John

That is a cheap trick by France to grant contracts to French firms and leave Cameroon with a heavy debt.

Alternately, France would seek petroleum for payment - a keyhole to Bakassi. France is already the largest exporter of hard wood in Europe - most of it illegally logged by French firms from Cameroon.

Cameroon should cooperate with China and Japan to build the bridge, using steel imported from Brazil or South Africa.


This would be a good time for them to jilt France, because France is very weak now. When France is rejected in Africa it does stupid, irrational things like starting a civil war in Ivory Coast or Congo or supporting genocide in Rwanda. Now is the time like no other to kick Madam France in her fat, thieving backside.

In Ivory Coast it was the fact that the President chose to start giving contracts to China, US and others with competitive offers that led to the civil war. In Congo Brazza was that the former President wanted to give oil contracts to American companies instead of Elf because the Americans gave better terms. Cameroon should draw the US close and then give France the boot, if it will have any chance of coming out of this mess.

but will these Cameroon francophone government take the opportunity? They are addicted to their gay holidays in France or go to get expert fellation by the hos in Pigalle so they do not want to piss off France. We have pictures of those going to Pigalle and there are many so dont even think about it.


We can now see why the HIPC fund must have all attached to France.France want to siphone 70% of the funds through funny front french run companies.

They will be given contracts collect monies then disappear in thin air.Must of these companies are registered in off shore countries with no credibilty of proper persucution laws.If you stand in any french court you can not bring these companies to account.

Who said the french are helping cameroon.Foolish


Coco Mbende

Tell the french to go to hell! We mortgaged our petrol to them-we cannot do same every bit of contract to them. I thought france claimed training engineers in the name of study abroads in their universities. Why then give every bit of contract to them. If France have become that cheap then I can give them a contract too to construct an ultra modern pigsty at my Nkwen property especially as this swine fever is around the corner!



magprince from copenhagen denmark

I will like to know if France is helping constructing the wouri bridge or it is what they surposed to do without letting cameroonians to know? so up to now france is not satisfied. I do beleive wouri bridge is not our immediate problem that france should be proud to say that they want to finance, is that their money or is just a plough back? Cameroonians should be happy if this type of statement should came out from these Landlock countries that dont have anything in relations with cameroon not france that had crippled our economy. We shall always remain stupid by being the underdogs. If there is a
means france will drain Cameroon share of the ocean. Let wait and see.

Ernest Chi

I am tired of African nations always running to the door steps of Europeans when it entails major developmental projects.

Contract awards go to foreign companies from where the money loaned originated. We have to find a way of developing Africa, using African technologies and brains. We must learn to be independent, we must learn to take our fate in our hands and stir it towards our own goal.

All the foreign money which is borrowed and then repatriated to the same countries leaves me wondering what claws foreign nations have on Africa that we cant seem to be able to break free.

We design our educational systems to be based on colonialists reforms where people are taught to render services rather than be inventive and innovative. We learn to memorise and regurgitated rather than be pragmatic in the application of learnt skills.

That accounts for out inabilities to administer ground breaking technologies streamlined to suit our needs and resources because we lack that sense of perceptive implementation of strategies under a sound and economically tight scheme without bowing in to accesses!

When will Africa stop being a teenage dependant and when will Africa grow up to design befitting technologies comparable to western standards?

I am not saying this should be realised in a day because we are economically, infrastructrally and technologically behind by several 100s of years but we have to start from somewhere and we are yet to start. Singapore is a clear example of what nationalism can do to revamp a third world economy in one man's life to a first world standard!!! DISHEARTENING!

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

Good commentary Ernest Chi!

We need to revolutionise our educational system to provide the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary for such independence.

We also need to bring back Cameroonian Diasporans with the necessary skills and integrate them into the society.

At the same time we shall still need to maintain the various partnerships with the international community so that we can continue to learn from them.


Economists should help me here; the taxes for the rehabilitation of the bridge are to be paid to who and for what reasons? A tax is levied by the government on excess company profits or on any profit generating activity as a source of revenue for the running of the government.In this case I canĀ“t figure out what they are talking about.
Or are they refering to taxes that are levied on the material that is used for the project or insurance of workers?,if so, then that is just part of the cost of the project.
Waiting for someone to through light on it.

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