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Thursday, 29 June 2006


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Let those who have been reading my posts see what i was saying.i told you that fru ndi has bribed all the magistrates in bamenda.that is an act of talibanism
now sama will be judging the case.This is an act of talibamism.
ben muna will surprise many people and fru ndi will be banned from sdf.
wait and hear from me.i will uncover the round bottom liews of ben muna and azong wara.


Maybe this story will please those who are happy with just anything in the name of SDF as long as Ni John is leader of a faction even if it's confined to Ntarikon.

SDF : Riddled With Internecine Wranglings

(Cameroon Tribune, June 29, 2006)

Highlight: Many frontline militants have been bouted out for daring to express views that rattle the supreme powers of its founding chieftain. University dons, lawyers and many of that ilk, who may have given up everything in favour of the party, have somewhere down the road been thrown out. Siga Asanga, Asonganyi, Ngwasiri, Ben Muna, and many others have stories to tell about the internal regulatory mechanism of the SDF. The creation of a "second" SDF party with Ben Muna as President is a direct consequence of the re-enforcement of powers and attributes of its founding chieftain.

By Emanuel TATAW

Of all the political parties created in Cameroon since the advent of democracy in the early nineties, none has witnessed a bloody and chequered record as the Social Democratic Front, (SDF).

Begotten by revolt and consistently nourished by civil insubordination, the SDF has successfully carved out a niche for itself with specificities, methods and particularities not known anywhere in the national expanse.

At inception in Bamenda, the party acquired an image of defiance in a context and period of political quakes in neighbouring countries.

The SDF was launched on a public highway in a provincial capital and its leaders got away with it, in spite of its illegality.


When political pluralism was eventually legalized, the SDF that had earlier hit the ground running, raised a lot of expectations, and to many grassroot supporters, it was poised to give "power to the people".

As the years rolled by, the image of the SDF took a bashing, violence, bloody disagreements appeared to be glued to its reverie and breath of view. Intrigues, schemings and schisms became the party's stock in trade and gradually but surely, the frontier of the party has been narrowing by the day.

One year to the next municipal and parliamentary elections, the SDF is becoming a party reduced to one province and riddled with internecine wranglings, cleavages and intolerance.

Only the SDF, we are told, transforms a diction of violence into practical expression when it comes to managing disagreements. In their peculiar methods of conflict resolution when confronted with differing views, expulsions, violence, and dastard mutilations of opponents, appear to be the norm.

Last month, the public witnessed a ghoulish spectacle enacted by hired thugs from fortified bases that saw eyes literally plucked off, while many others were maimed in internal party wranglings.

The UPC, UNDP, LDP and many other political formations have been rattled by ruptures, but no blood has ever been shed and no one killed. Only the SDF, we are told, settles political scores through "reprehensive acts which tarnish the image of our democracy".

In its management of "power", the hierarchy of the SDF has throughout the years given credence to the aphorism of Sophocles Antigone. "But hard it is", Sophocles said, "to learn the mind of any mortal, or the heart, till he be tried in chief authority."

Many frontline militants have been bouted out for daring to express views that rattle the supreme powers of its founding chieftain. University dons, lawyers and many of that ilk, who may have given up everything in favour of the party, have somewhere down the road been thrown out.

Siga Asanga, Asonganyi, Ngwasiri, Ben Muna, and many others have stories to tell about the internal regulatory mechanism of the SDF. The creation of a "second" SDF party with Ben Muna as President is a direct consequence of the re-enforcement of powers and attributes of its founding chieftain.


Ahead of 2007, the Social Democratic Front is obviously in divided rows. In its first electoral contest, the SDF reaped about forty two Parliamentarians in 1997.

Five years later, in the 2002 elections, the numbers took a nose dive, slashed into two with a paltry twenty two or so Parliamentarians. In the municipal elections, the difference between the two electoral dates is obvious.

The party that initially had adherents in a few provinces has today seen dwindling returns, with frontiers narrowed to its founding fief.

With the CPDM making spectacular inroads into that divided fief, future electoral result sheets may further reflect the Social Democratic Front's slide into the nadir of the political limelight.

The market place of conflicting ideas, inextricably linked to our national character does not appear to find expression in the SDF where violence and blood letting have ineluctably split the formation into two with the attendant consequences expected in the upcoming elec toral exercise.

It may be too early to toll this party's political obituary but it is evident that it may eventually narrow down to a divisional formation. The party's outmoded methods of conflict resolution remain its Achilles heel.


Maybe this story will please those who are happy with just anything in the name of SDF as long as Ben Muna is laughingly mentioned as chairman.

North West Governor, Koumpa Issa has reassured the opposition, S.D.F militants that the wheel of democracy is irreversible in Cameroon because while the opposition is involved in the race the government is committed in the process to take democracy forward. Koumpa Issa was speaking to placard-carrying S.D.F District chairmen in the North West who trekked to the Up Station office of the governor yesterday to protest against what they referred to as attempts by MINATD to "frustrate or deprive Cameroonians of an independent electoral commission." Provincial chairman, Tabali Bernard led the protesters who peacefully sang democracy songs with placards requesting "free and fair election laws because Cameroon is not C.P.D.M property".

Other placards read " Mr. Biya don't change your mind about the independent body", "free Cameroon from the chains of electoral fraud," Tabali Bernard handed a memo to the governor in which he decried "bad faith by MINATD in building fences against the progress of democracy". The memo denounces what it calls "a bill tabled in the National Assembly to stifle the birth of an independent electoral commission".

Governor Koumpa however hailed the peaceful nature of the protest and said that though he was not mandated to speak about the electoral commission the memo will be transmitted to appropriate quarters. He reminded them to respect State institutions and the rule of law. The militants later retired after appreciating the down to earth approach of the governor who received them in the courtyard of the his office.



How long will it take them to know that Fru Ndi has ruined the oposition and consequently their lives? There still move to court attack any person against the man who has been chairman for 16 years and still fighting not to quit. Can these young men and women of Bamenda open their eyes and minds and go out for their interest and not that of Fru Ndi? Violence has no place in a modern society and sdf members are supposed to know this from past experience. Get up and use progressive ideas to success.
look around Fru Ndi's closed associates and tell me which of them has the problems you have.
Certainly those who follow Fru Ndi to court are jobbless or invited for dinner after court sessions. Time will tell. My loyalty to the resolutions of the Yaounde convention.



J M Mbandi,
You're welcome on board! This is the first time I am reading from you. I don't know whether you've been reading my postings or not. In one of my postings, I said the worst SDF managed Council is better than a CPDM best managed Council. And again, I did say it's thanks to the SDF MPs that we know of the yearly 8 millions FCFA for micro-projects. I want to remind you that this money was being given to MPs since 1958. If the SDF was not in the National Assembly, we won't have known this, though the "moderate opposition" has been there since 1992.

I don't think Chairmain FRU NDI launched the SDF because of his children. He did it for the well-being of all & sundary. The STRUGGLE FOR CHANGE is and has been for the betterment of Cameroonians and not some people's children. The Founding Fathers of the United States of America did same for ALL the American people & NOT for their children. Besides, how many of George Washington, Andrew Jackson, etc., children & great grand-children have had the opportunity to enjoy what their parents fought for? A good father brings up his children the way his wants - you too won't be different sending your children to study in schools of your choice? We will be doing ourselves some good if we centre our write-ups on issues rather than personalities.

Brother J M Mbandi, don't join the bandwagon of threadbare analyses being led here, by BenF & Mukete. What a patriotic Cameroonian like you should do is propose ideas which move the SDF forward. The struggle to forward Cameroon forward shouldn't be personalised. If tomorrow Chairman FRU NDI is not there, you can be the one to lead; I won't start complaning that your kids are studying abroad; you're renting houses to foreigners, etc. or I and my kids won't be part of the struggle. Also, remember that Sowetans fought (harder) against APARTHEID but today everyone is enjoying this freedom including Cameroonians in South Africa. The struggle to free Cameroon from French neo-colonialism should be fought with all our might. Some will die as usual, but at the end of the day, Cameroon will be a better place for our children & children's children.

Mr. MBANDI, DIBOULE was NEVER killed by the SDF. It is true that there was confrontation at the secretariat, but he was found lying dead in fornt of Mess des Officiers. Up till today, this dictatorship can't prove that the SDF killed him. Holding our militants in detention is just a way of trying to blackmail our leadership. We want this matter to be taken to court so that our opponents should come testify against us.

This is the most propitious moment to free Cameroon from 46 years of neo-colonialism. This dictatorship has agreed "in principle" with the Commonwealth to create an Independent Electoral Commission or IEC, between NOW and the END OF THIS YEAR 2006. IEC will have to conduct ALL ELECTIONS beginning from next year. It's not yet time to start celebrating! We should ENSURE & ENFORCE that this "agreement" is respect to the letter.

Cheers & let's keep preparing for 2007!

Belstaff Outlet Online

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

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