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Friday, 23 June 2006


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Why call it the case betwen Fru Ndi and Muna when it concerns the two factions of the party? Is Fru Ndi the SDF or is Muna the Ngwasiri faction? They should stop personalising these things, because putting personalties ahead has proven to be detrimental to democracy within the SDF and in cameroon.

Aaron Agien Nyangkwe


I agree with you. But all this noise about personalized factions is the handiwork of a sensational press.
Never mind, solutions to what is called SDF problem will emerge from the judicious study of discernable reality. This is what will happen.


My problem with Fru ndi supporters and his lawyers centers on how sdf matters are treated.
Lawyer Sama is urging the judge to rush judgement,probably favouring fru ndi so the decision of the yaounde appeal court is null and void when it does come out.

What the lawyer is failing to realised is he who comes to equity must come with clean hands.The suit in the yaounde court was first tabled before that of bamenda,and its outcome must over rid that of bamenda.

So if sama and co are trying to buy their way through the courts,too bad.Who says this sdf matter is not too sweet to led go.



Cheboy, it is called a case between Fru Ndi v. Muna et al. because none of them is agreeing to be a faction. the faction issue is what these court cases would determine. besides as far as a i know there exists only one SDF that is authorized to operate as a political party per the Ministry of Territorial administration. It is after these suits that we'll know whether there's de facto and de jure a faction and who's gonna register their own faction with the government.


What is happening in SDF is ridiculous for a party that was, and still is, at the forefront of oposition in Cameroon.
Fru Ndi has clearly offered the opportunity to his opponents to challenge him: non-organization of a congress since 2002, abusive application (according to me) of the famous 8.2, (almost) systematic exclusion of rivals for the post of chairman, etc.
SDF should reflect the image of a party that is ready at any time to come to power. The total absence of democracy within CPDM and any other political party in the country should not serve as a pretext to slip into that bad habit. SDF must continue to be at the forefront of democracy in Cameroon.


Note that the author of this article is merely giving his opinion or speculating on the reasons why Barrister Sama wants the Judge to rush judgment. Barrister Sama did not specifically say they wanted a hasty ruling so that the outcome of the Yaounde court will be void. The problem is Muna & Co. go about using the SDF logo, SDF letterheads and making communiqués in the name of the SDF, thereby causing more confusion. You’ll agree with me there is some reason to be alarmed at this point. Barrister Bonu still not seeing any fire in any house might just be playing delaying tactics enabling the Muna camp to achieve their ultimate goal i.e. cause more confusion in the SDF.

King EL

Nih John Fru Ndi will without doubt go down in history as one of the most popular advocates of democracy in Cameroon. Unfortunately, just like other African leaders he has tasted the sweetness in power and wants to continue sucking on it. If I were him, I would step down as chairman and give the chance to someoneelse. If I decide to be loyal to Muna et. al it is because I support the fact that SDF needs a change. Pa Johnnie, with all due respect, for the sake of your political career and for the sake of what people will say about you when you are no longer there, please step aside and give others a chance. If they perform worse than you, the people will ursher you back in grand style. You are getting old and going back and forth to court is not going to help you.

What a baby sees sitting down, an adult cannot see even if he/she lies down on their stomach.

Muki StoneHall

Vally of England,
I totally agree with you that the SDF needs a change of leadership but you still did not give me just TWO simple reasons why you feel Muna should be the next leader.I have always admired you as someone who stands for legality and authenticity.But permit me draw your attention to the fact that no matter what Muna stands for,no matter what Muna plans to achieve,his so-called SDF faction was born out of an illegal meeting and has so far been striving for survival by drinking from the cup of confusion,blackmail and misinformation.
Muna WAS NEVER ELECTED!We all know that all democratic leaders must be elected.He was merely acclaimed.The total population that acclaimed him was not even up to the 1475 votes that Fru Ndi had in Bamenda.His so-called convention lasted less than two hours.By this simple but logical reasoning Muna should not in any way pose as a national chairman.If he wants to win my support and that of other thousands of Cameroonians,let him assume the title of "Interim leader".He should re-scheduled a two-day convention where delegates from all ten provinces will willingly attend(and not bribed!).At this convention he should stand elections for the post of Chairman.If he wins then nobody will have any case against him.Until that his done,he remains nothing but an illegal impostor who has nothing but the destruction of the SDF at heart.
In the mean time I still want to get from you TWO reasons why you feel Muna will perform better than Fru Ndi.
Lets keep our hearts and minds open.

Seseko moh Tabiewube

SDF,UPC,CPDM, UNDP... Fru Ndi, Ndam Njoya, Muna... I wonder if Cameroonians are not tied of this names and words. Muna like his father is just looking for a chance to eat his own share of the cake. His father did just same to Foncha and Jua. If Muna think he is popular and can convince us of his ability and quality as a survivor (which Cameroonians are in dire need)he should form his own party. Other did so and are now enjoying the cake with the CPDM. Seseko think it is better to disvirgin a forest and starts life with than to be trying to inherit an old age farm. Cameroonian politics is a bore. Muna should stop behaving like his father. We do not need another prison in Southern Cameroons.

Seseko moh Tabiewube


Muki stonehall,
Firstly, let me accept with you the fact that the sdf generally have to move on with someboy other than fru ndi at the helm.I do not want to talk of Muna because that will come later.

I have honestly said here time and again that normally we would not have love Muna to move the sdf forward.Fru ndi has pushed all to were we are today.In his decision to remain chair at all cost even when he has failed the party after being given 16 years to create institutions,and other structures that will move and keep the party even after his exit means he is not realistic.

What do we have?Militants who are now doing all in die need to see fru ndi exit the stage,even if this mean dinning with the devil short term.Fru ndi as at now is even worse than the devil.

Muki,as of now Muna has been chair for less than two months,Fru ndi had 16 years and not delivered as expected,he has to quit the stage for somebody else.Unfortunately due to fru ndi's fault that person is Muna.We are bound to follow this untill Muna fails us.That's the unfortunate situation the sdf now fines itself.

As Muna leads then can we fine his fault.


Zuhmboshi Eric Nsuh

Dear Supporters of Ben Muna,
For the past weeks, I've been reading all what you say against Fru Ndi & the SDF. You've criticised Fru Ndi from all perspective. You've even gone ahead to say he's a dictator & doesn't follow the constitution of the party. But what I discovered with all of you is that none of you was able to quote an article from the SDF constitution that Fru Ndi has gone against. I can now understand why Ben Muna & his clique keep pulling you & deceiving you. If you read the SDF constitution well, you'll realise that Ben Muna has NO CASE. I thereby challenge all the supporters of Ben Muna to read the SDF constitution. In this way, they'll be deceived with the lies Ben Muna & co. are telling.

The SDF constitution is to the party as the Bible is to christianity. If you've not read the constitution of the party, you better keep quiet, because you know nothing about the party! It is unfortunate Ben Muna & co. called themselves intellectuals but find it difficult to speak the truth. I challenge anybody of the Ben Muna faction to have an online debate with me or if the person wishes, he can call my number 7667847 so that we meet in person & debate on the issue.

Cheers & don't be deceived by political rascals.


Vally of England,
I was at the Mfoundi High Court on Thursday June 22 & couldn't see Ni Ben or any of his co-dissidents. This is an indication that they're increasingly coming to terms with the basic reality that, they're fighting a lost battle. Again to justify my standpoint, Ni Ben said in The Herald of Friday June 23 that if he's defeated, he'll formed his own party. I'll advice him to go straightaway & form his party, but unfortunately, he lacks the tact & eloquence as a politician.

I'm very convinced Muna past thru education but education didn't pass thru him. Not only him, but his co-dissidents. The case in court is too just to be lost! In other matters, Chairman Fru Ndi will be a guest on the CRTV programme "Inside the Presidency" on Monday June 26 at 10 p.m.Earlier in the day, the case against Muna's piracy of the SDF logo will be trashed for once & forever.

I'll advice Vally's myopic comrades to follow the interview & hear how a leader of a political party speaks!!!!

I'll be back.


I say eh, dis cry-die nova stop? Or are you waiting to see the grave decorated? Keep lying to yourselves and believing your own lies. Truth is elsewhere. And you all know it. That's why you are crying. Cry louder!!! There's more crying ahead. Very soon. Bet.


Posted by: BenB | June 23, 2006 at 06:39 PM


Why I Mourn for this Forum (I)

Well, we all thank The Post newspaper for creating Postnewsline and making it interactive so that WE THE PEOPLE can have a voice, even those of us who have nothing to say; even those of us who just want to see our names on the forum; even those of us who want to “win” online while those with better ideas are winning control on the ground and rescuing our great party from the pangs of COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS who had traded it to the devil for 20 pieces of silver; even those of us who “like BenF/B keep contradicting themselves on this forum”.

We thank The Post for giving a voice to people who had been denied a voice in a party for which they lost limb, life, family and career; those who had given all for the party but were pushed out by latter day freedom fighters who fooled Ni John – the people’s leader in the days of yore – into dining with Biya, causing Ni John to lose his voice in the process at the expense of the cause for the suffering masses.

We thank The Post because it won’t edit the stuff we post here; it lets our stuff go verbatim as we write it so we can see the junk some of us – professed journalists and journalism consultants – were writing when we were supposed to be journalists; when we laid all the blame for our failure in journalism on the shoulders of our “malicious” editors.

We thank The Post because our sloppy use of English and poor analysis on this forum now exposes us as some of the dullest journalists, political scientists, lawyers, jurists and social scientists that ever existed in Cameroon.

Some of us weep for our parents who sent some of us abroad because all we show on this forum is total failure in our careers: be it teaching in the east and feigning we are in prestigious institutions in the west or dropping out of school because we wanted to play life and looking for ways to blame Pa Muna or his sons for our failures.

Some of us think everyone has forgotten that we used to be propaganda stooges (hit men) and errand boys for Albert Dzongang – Ni JOHN’s bitter opponent. We wish everyone had forgotten that we were sanctioned by our so-called malicious editors because they wanted professional stuff not propaganda that we presented as news. Today, like typically frustrated hit men, we have found “last fight” in Ni John’s suicide mission.

We thank The Post because we know what to expect from such gutter journalists who are planning to bounce back in Mbah Ndam’s The Heron to teach Ben Muna the lesson of his life.

We thank The Post because they have opened the way for some like BenF/B to have a job as Muna’s online propaganda officer for good pay, since Ni John’s njohs and Mbah Ndam’s bats speak out of conviction and only Muna’s mourners must be doing so for money. Short sense pipo!

We Muna supporters thank The Post because di money di sweet tam no dey. Man wey e vex make he cam chop he own too.

Yes we thank The Post for all this, the same reason why we MOURN for this forum.

(In search of appropriate title: Chief Mourner or Professional Mourner? Whoever wins the contract to find me an appropriate title will get good pay. I’m earning a lot from Muna for my propaganda work, you know.)


Why I Mourn for this Forum (II)

Poor fellows of The Post/Postnewsline. It’s like a golden ring they’ve put on the nose of a pig. What do the so-called young intellectuals here use it for?

See what forums like this elsewhere are used for. The best ideas are floated there. The most critical, non-complacent young men use it to make their voices heard. They are the intellectuals: they are the ones warming up to take over the relay baton. They ask the hard questions. They put their leaders on the hot seat over issues touching on their destiny. But not on this forum; not where those supposed to be firebrands are nothing but numbskulls. They’re all tongue-tight, these future leaders we are grooming on this forum.

I mourn for this forum because you only hear people sing loudest during songs of praise for their idols or when insulting the person they hate seeing in their dreams. Look at this story on the CPDM-dominated parliament dodging debate over independent electoral commission. Did any of the loudmouths on this forum say a word? You know why? At least two reasons:

1.) They know Mbah Ndam has no moral authority to question Biya’s foot-dragging over independent electoral commission. You must come with clean hands if you seek equity. My friends here know that Mbah Ndam’s hands are soiled not only with dirt but also with blood, as his calculated resistance to Asonganyi’s good intentions to put together an independent electoral commission within the SDF spiraled to his Diboule bloodbath.

If the SDF had its independent electoral commission, it would have had moral grounds to speak to Biya’s face. But Mbah Ndam would rather have people killed than have free and fair elections in the convention.

On what grounds could he challenge Biya’s foot-dragging? My young friends here see that but remain tongue tight because any word they could utter on the subject would shame their idols.

2.) My young friends here know that the Mbah Ndam-Yoyo walkout over the independent electoral commission was just drama to fool our poor people. They know that Mbah Ndam and Yoyo are Epeses – they’ve already sold the match. Every ball they kick is just an indirect pass to set up Biya to score, though they pretend to take sliding tackles.

My young friends know that these COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS, reinforced by Kwemo and Awudu Mbaya have since sealed their deal with Biya through Gregoire Owona and just have to continue acting drama to fool the people that they are fighting. This band of COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS know that if they make any genuine noise Mbah Ndam’s FEICOM file would be brought out (remember his motion of support to Biya after Ondo Ndong’s arrest?). An Epese won't continue being parliamentary group leader when this silly legal battle is laid to rest...soon. George (Atanga) no cry!

As for Yoyo, only a small state auditor fresh from ENAM would be sent to check his books as Questor (one of the financial controllers so to say) at the National Assembly. Let’s leave Kwemo’s case for now.

I mourn for this forum because of the calibre of people, so-called social democrats whom so-called young intellectuals on this forum condone. Those are the people they expect to bring change to Cameroon; the people they expect to speak to Biya’s face and wrestle with him for the independent electoral commission.

I mourn.

(Has anyone found an appropriate title for me?)

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